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I know my friends dye their hair a lot and I want to as well but the damage I could get from bleaching would kill me!

I fell like that’s how Ash would be to Eiji’s hair. Protective as hell over it. I like the idea of Ash and Eiji just growing their hair out as they get older. They often brush or braid each others hair, Eiji is very good at doing this since he grew up with a little sister and braided her hair before school.

But here was have SHORTER

He sees Eiji and Ash’s longer hair as a new canvas and since he dyes his hair a lot and probably damaged it a few times he wants to give their hair a go.

I feel like Sing has been on the other side of Shorter’s hair dye bottle and is actively against anyone getting their hair dyed by Shorter Wong.

His frosty tips could attest to that.

Thanks so much for this!!!

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Omgomgomg I fucking LOVE THIS!

Akira often visits Eiji and Ash in New York for the summer and she and Sing get along very well since the start. Ash obvi sees her as a little sister and Akira sees him as her American older brother. Each year it gets more obvious she’s growing up but Ash still sees the little girl he picked up at the airport with Sing many years ago. He often laughs to himself remember the surprised look on her face when he spoken Japanese to her.

It wasn’t until one night, when Akira was staying with Eiji and Ash, that Ash realized what was going on between Akira and Sing when Shorter mentioned something to Eiji about it. It was like



I remember reading a fic about Ask meeting Akira. Basically Garden of Light but… y'know Ash is there. And it was so fucking cute BUT I CANT SEEM TO FIND IT RN BUT I WOULD LINK IT IF I COULD

But seriously. If there are any writers out there, could I commission you 👀

I’ve been thinking about this a lot now. THANK YOU


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Fictober/Fantober2020 -

Day 15 - Birthday


“Eiji, that’s a terrible idea. He’ll kill us! Don’t you remember the Halloween incident?”

Kong stood there as if he’d rather wanted to be anywhere else but here and never stopped looking at the hallway where Ash was still talking to Alex in a commanding tone, giving him orders that he would pass on to the rest of Ash’s gang later.

Kong’s voice was barely a whisper as he stood there with Bones, trying to stop him from putting his plan into action. Both desperately tried to explain their reasoning to him.

Eiji felt a bit bad for them, but at the same time, he thought it was hilarious how scared they were of Ash. Not one of them saw the hurting teenager. They only saw the ruthless gang leader, his cold-blooded leadership, his iron willpower.

“Boss hates his birthday and doesn’t care for it at all. If he even remembers it.”, Bones said in a low voice while gripping Eiji’s shoulders to put some sense into him.

“The last time Shorter surprised him on his birthday, Ash threw the cake into his face. Shorter had expected that reaction, though, and the cake landed in my face instead.”, Bones complained. “Although the cake was delicious.”

Eiji grinned. “That sounds like Ash.”

“But that’s not the point, Bones!”, Kong chastised him. “Don’t you remember what happened after that?” Bones paled and put his arms around himself while shivering.

“Don’t remind me. I’ll never forget that for the great of my life.”

“What happened?”, Eiji asked curiously.

“After that cake incident, Ash announced that the next person trying to surprise him on his birthday would play Russian roulette with him.” Bones’ voice cracked at the end.

“You didn’t see his eyes, Eiji. They were glowing ominously like pure poison. Deadly.”, Bones eyes were bulging out of their sockets, and there were beads of sweat on his forehead.

“And he had that vicious smirk on his face as if he wished that someone would challenge him.”, Kong elaborated further, who looked as scared as Bones, which was pretty funny given his bulky appearance.

“That was just a joke. Don’t you think you’re overdramatizing things?”

“Overdramatize? Our boss doesn’t joke. If he told you the consequences for your actions, he would hold you to that. Without mercy.”

“He’s a wild beast, not a damn kitty. He’s the perfect example that looks can be deceiving. He may look frail and handsome, but he’s stronger and more deadly than anyone I know. And I don’t want to mess with our Boss, that’s for sure. No one pulls the trigger as fast as him. His skills are beyond human.”, added quietly.

“While grinning like that, Ash had turned his revolver’s cylinder a few times and then had fired to prove his point. The chamber had been empty, but I’ve never trembled so much as on this day. He had aimed right next to my face! It had sent shivers down my spine. He had looked like a prince of darkness. Or the Lord of the underworld. It was terrifying. It’s a miracle we’re still alive. Please, whatever you’re planning, don’t do it. We’ll suffer the consequences, not you!”

“You’re exaggerating. Ash is just bad at displaying emotions. He’ll enjoy his little party.”, Eiji said, radiating pure confidence. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”, Eiji winked at them. “Ash is one of the good guys. He has always protected you and had your back, right? Don’t you want to thank him?”

“He’s only nice to YOU, Eiji.”, Bones reminded him.

“But he does have a point. Ash saved us plenty of times.”, Kong whispered to Bones.

Seeing their resolve was breaking, he grinned and put his arms around both of them.

“I can count on you, right?”, Eiji asked them with shining eyes. “Ash won’t be mad; he’ll love it. I promise.” He let go of them and waited for an answer, knowing perfectly well they wouldn’t say no to him. They spent a lot of time with him as his bodyguards and were close friends by now, so they wouldn’t refuse him.

Kong and Bones looked at each other one last time, then shook their heads in resignation.

“I have a bad feeling about that.”

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Fictober Fantober2020 -

Day 16 - Pumpkin Patch🎃


“A trip to Hokkaido?”

Ash looked at Eiji in surprise. “Why do you want to go there? And why now?”

“Because Hokkaido is famous for its beautiful landscape and its fall leaves in the most beautiful colors. There’s even a National Park with a lake that changes into five different colors. I could take some great photos there for my photo projects."Eiji patiently explained to him.

"And the best time to see the beautiful leaves in fall in mid-to-late October. There’s also a beautiful mountain similar to Mt. Fuji. You can see it from the lake, but only if the sky and the air are crystal clear, especially in the mornings.”, Eiji added, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

“That sounds beautiful.”, Ash replied. “But what are you hiding from me?”

“Nothing. It’s just… we have to fly there. It’s 800 km away from here.” When Ash’s eye widened in surprise, and he looked utterly shocked, Eiji continued quickly.

“But it’s still summer break, and we should enjoy it. It’s the last weekend before college starts again. Besides, I promised you to show you my country.”

“It’s that far away? Japan always looks so small on a map. Compared to the US, I mean.”

“It is, but we have many little islands. Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japan’s main islands. It’s also known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs and ski areas. The flight takes 3 hours to New Chitose Airport.”

“Fine, let’s go then.”, Ash said.

“Really, you mean it?”, Eiji beamed at him. “I thought it would be harder to convince you.”, he admitted honestly.

“Well, you’re right. It’s the last weekend before our summer break is over. Besides, I can’t say no to you if you’re so enthusiastic and excited about something. And I’d really like to see more of Japan.”


When they arrived in Hokkaido, the weather was great, so they enjoyed the sun and made a little walk through Akan National Park, where he took a lot of photos, and Ash admired the park’s surroundings. The National Park offered leaves in all shapes and colors, which looked beautiful. Still, fall arrived here the earliest, so he was relieved that Ash had listened to him and had taken a warm coat with him. The wind was colder here, and the sun didn’t spend as much warmth anymore.

The next day, Eiji dragged Ash out of bed early and had breakfast with a grumpy cat. However, it was worth it since the best view of the mountain was when the morning air was crystal clear. Later, clouds would cover most of the mountain, and it would be impossible to take some fantastic shots with his new camera.

Eiji took some photos of the mountain in perfect weather while Ash was more or less sleepwalking but slowly started looking around with interest. He stared at the Mt. Fuji look-alike and the lake in front of him.

“So, what do you think? Wasn’t it a great idea to come here? I think it’s the perfect end of our summer break.” Eiji pinched his cheek when he didn’t answer.

“Ouch! What was that for?”, Ash complained, rubbing his cheek.

“To check if you’re still alive and capable of understanding human speech.”, Eiji grinned in amusement at him. “Wake up, ok? The area is too beautiful to miss it. Let’s walk around for a bit.”, he suggested while Ash rubbed his eyes. Eiji put an arm around his waist, and they walked along the lake and enjoyed the sun.

“Wow, it’s true that the lake has different colors. It depends on the time of day and from which angle the sun reflects the water. It’s so beautiful.” Ash smiled at him.

“I hope my mood wasn’t that bad.”, he apologized to him. “You know I’m not an early riser.”

“Yes, I know that, but don’t worry. I’ll get my revenge soon.”, Eiji smirked at him devilishly before he took some more photos of the lake. Ash looked questioningly at him but didn’t ask him what he had meant by that.

“Let’s take a photo of us together, ok? A great photo of our trip together that we can hang in our apartment. I’d like to create countless precious memories together with you.”

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ash lynx isn’t materialistic, but the way his face lights up when he receives a letter and a gift wrapped perfectly by eiji on his birthday, tells how much of a kid he is inside. happy in his own little bubble, giddy, grinning widely.

ash lynx isn’t a hugger. but when eiji envelops him in his arms after a tiring day, he’s always the last to let go. he stays, in the warmth of eiji’s chest, he rests. he sighs.

ash lynx never says ‘i love you’. but when he sees eiji struggling to reach something from the cupboard, he’ll immediately get it for him without saying a word. he’ll wash the dishes when eiji cooks, he’ll say “i’ll do it” so eiji can rest for the night.

you see, with ash lynx, loving is something as quite and small as these things. little gestures of love and care.

ash lynx loves quitely, it’s almost as if a whisper, something that can get lost in between conversations, something you can confuse with the background noises and it’s the only way he knows how but it’s loud enough for eiji to hear. it’s enough for eiji. always.

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Started Watching Banana Fish…

Cherik X Banana Fish

The moment when they first met was the moment when I realised what I was about to get myself into. The love that was about to bloom as Ash and Eiji finds their way around each other.

I’m seeing a lot of Cherik vibes.. The sort of similarities between Charles and Erik with Ash and Eiji. The moment of the unknowni as fate brings them together.. I am seriously am so excited for this show. I haven’t seen it yet until now. I’ll keep updating this as I watch some more..

I know where my heart belongs, where I can see each other in their shoes.

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