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Such A Nice Day (which ends) : Chapitre 21
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yeth-tis-ze-gayeth · 2 days ago
did it feel nice? to finally have an episode with more adrien screen time? did it hit so very different?
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familyagrestefanblog · a day ago
Okay but does somebody wanna talk with me about how much of a manipulative edge CatWalker has? Because my GOODNESS Adrien seriously channeled the hell out of his father at certain point and I absolutely love it, because I don't think he noticed that AT ALL!
It's delightfully concerning lol
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I think Gabriel\Hawkmoth and Adrien\Cat Noir double live dynamic had the potential to be such a good plot in the show if only Gabriel was written more loving to his son. I mean how interesting is having a bit neglectful and strict but loving father who wouldn't dare hurt his son unknowingly fight, despise and put his own son who's Cat Noir in danger. And have Adrien unknowingly fight his own dad as Cat Noir and not know his own dad is the scourge of Paris, the man who put so much people in danger, the man he despise so much and wants to put a stop to. Like imagine the emotions the audience and the characters could have when Adrien actually finds out his dad is Hawkmoth and when Gabriel finds out his own son is the super hero he tried killing so much times? Like just imagine that?
And Gabriel would have the perfect opportunity to be sympathetic the way the writers wanted him to be. He would be actually complex and conflicted when he finds out his son is Cat Noir and would probably leave audience wondering what he is going to do now?
But no, we don't see any of that in the show whatsoever. Like the minute Hawkmoth finds out Adrien's Cat Noir, he just uses his own son's emotions for his own deeds and as Gabriel, he's so awful to Adrien and he often puts Adrien in danger. Like akumatizing people that wants to hurt Adrien like um, what?
In the series, I actually hate to see them finding out each other's identities but if it's written the way I showed, I would try to wonder what would happen next and actually feel sad for both characters when they find out to be honest. I'm trying to say in the canon show, the way dynamic is written, the only character that feels something is Adrien when he finds out his dad his Hawkmoth but I don't feel anxious when he's breaking down because Gabriel was never a good dad to him so him finding out makes me go, "Finally you realize your dad is an awful man" and not "Omg, he found out the person that loved him so much is evil, that must suck. It's so angsty and sad."
Sorry for the long post but yeah, Gabriel\Hawkmoth and Adrien\Cat Noir dynamic potential got so wasted here so much, it's probably more wasted than the Love Square.
Don’t worry, I understand it, and there’s not much else I can say that you haven’t already said.
All the show does is tease the potential developments in Gabriel and Adrien’s relationship because of their identities that never get revealed without being undone in some way. Like with the Love Square, just teasing a reveal instead of ripping off the bandage won’t be enough to keep people interested.
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billiejean485 · 2 days ago
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If Emilie doesn't turn out to be a loving and caring mother when she wakes up, this kid needs a new family, pronto!
I don't CARE if anyone out there thinks families need to get mended instead of torn - this is NOT the kind of surrounding any child should live in!!
Also wth are you doing to poor Natalie??! Let the woman rest!
INSIST if she doesn't want to!
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gg-ladybug · a day ago
Fuck everything in cannon, give me Hawkmoth and Mayura having a ‘Last Dance’ moment, especially now we’ve finally seen Nathalie walk with her exoskeleton aid. Are they actually dancing? Are they about to have a beautiful fight scene together one more time? The type where they kick ass, and only worry about the consequences of their actions later if they don’t die? Couldn’t care less. Give me a villain’s last stand instead of a boring defeat
(This is absolutely a beg for fanfiction to meet my demand, before I write it myself, please ya’ll I’m desperate)
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profexorsstuff · a day ago
Flustered much Gabe?
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pizzective · 2 days ago
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This is the funniest scene in the entire show
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magical-awesome-kid · 2 days ago
You ever think about how un-redeemable as a character Gabriel Agreste is?
Like he goes on and on about how he loves his son and his family but he's so... absolutely terrible? Negligent? Downright abusive? And like, we've seen, over and over again, that as soon as he finds out Adrien is Chat Noir, he'll destroy the boy's life to get what he wants.
Even worse, he never cares or even notices anything about Adrien unless it interferes with his plans or is related to the Miraculous. He notices that the ring looks familiar, but not that Adrien really wanted him to come to career day? Even after all the other parents put in so much effort? Never shows up to any event Adrien asks him to, but will notice Adrien calling Marinette a cute name in an alternate timeline and suddenly piecing together that his son is Chat Noir? Forgets his birthday and bans his friends from the house, but will absolutely use them for his own plans?
Like this guy is the worst. How in the hell did Emile ever see anything in him? How does Natalie continue to do his bidding? She's become crippled!
My thoughts? If Emilie is not a good person, I am going to personally book a trip to Paris, France, hunt down Zag, and drag whoever approved of this through the Sine before tossing them off the Eiffel Tower.
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judyhopps934-mt-zd · a day ago
I know that this is the end of the world, but...
Tumblr media
It reminds me so much of
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AU where each person Hawkmoth akumatizes turns into Stormy Weather
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sassyduckqueen · 2 days ago
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So this is what R.O.A Hawkmoth actually looks like. I didn't intend to change the design but my friend @naruwitch actually pointed out to me that I've never actually described him even during heroes day so I thought why not. I hate Canon!Hawkmoth's look anyway and this works with the shadow moth design I did.
Anyway I'll put a snippet of Luka's thoughts on this at some point.
Random fact about Gabriel's tailcoat. The design on it is the pattern of a Death's head Hawkmoth
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familyagrestefanblog · 2 days ago
Adrien???!!?!? Plagg?!?!!!!!?!
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Can you please NOT create visual evidence of Adriens secret identity in his very ROOM? Adrien your parents are the VILLAINS!!!!!
Okay but what if this leads to Gabriel and Nathalie finding out that Adrien is/was CatWalker? But since Chat Noir seems to be back at the end of the episode Adriens involment as the Black Cat would have only been of temporary nature in their eyes, so their reaction would be a foretaste of what's to come when they find out for REAL?!!!?!
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immaturityofthomasastruc · 11 hours ago
What's up with people manipulating, abusing or blackmailing Chloe? I mean she was blackmailed by her bulter to be nice, Hawkmoth manipulated her to join him and her mom definitely abuses\neglects her and her dad neglects her. Yes, her dad is neglectful, he doesn't give her proper affection and love, he only gives her material things so he doesn't have to spend time with her. And then Thomas acts like she's not a victim or she doesn't have problems.
I'm not saying she is justified because a lot of people act like if you mention Chloe's abuse, your saying she's justified being a brat.
Believe me, I’m a strong advocate for Chloe redemption, and I don’t condone a majority of the bad things she’s done in episodes like “Queen Wasp” and “Miracle Queen”. 
My problem is with how Astruc’s team portrays her as a character by setting up two parents who are neglectful in some way (Audrey doesn’t care to know her daughter’s name, and while Andre tries to be nice to Chloe, he only buys stuff for her instead of actually acting like a parent) and saying “Chloe isn’t abused! She’s rich, and rich people are always happy.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even though a recurring theme with Adrien as a character is the emotional neglect he suffers at the hands of his father, yet we’re always supposed to feel bad for him because he’s a main character. Seriously, I spend a lot of time ragging on Adrien, but even I know Gabriel treats him like crap to the point where he abused him so hard, he caused the world to end (Cat Blanc). 
Why is it okay to brush off the poor upbringing Chloe had, but Adrien gets all the sympathy in the world? Just because Chloe gets a lot of privileges as being part of the 1% doesn’t mean she had an okay upbringing. Both her and Adrien have been treated poorly by their parents in some way, but while one’s poor treatment isn’t acknowledged, the other’s poor treatment is constantly acknowledged. 
Obviously, this doesn’t do much to lessen the “Miraculous Ladybug is sexist!” argument.
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buggachat · 6 months ago
what if Pigella used Gift on Hawkmoth to see him bring back his dead wife, and she just goes "I have no idea who this lady is"
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anon thank you so much for the brain food
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ouiraculous · 7 months ago
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Uh oh!!!!!!!!!!
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makaira-art · 8 months ago
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Based on this textpost by @pipiezexal
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myriamsaviniart · 5 months ago
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Adrian's Wall, part 1/? > Part 2
Pre-reveal, they discovered Hawkmoth identity and that's it, Sentimonster Adrien ""AU"".
Soooo, how is it going, Miracolous fandom? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
Sometimes ago I made the mistake of watching ML ironically, and now I'm down the tunnel of crazy theories and angsty stuff! Weeee
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aerequets · 2 months ago
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the pictures the characters in this show have on their devices....... How ???
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jascurka · 5 months ago
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someone explain to me why hawkmoth doesn’t look like gabriel 
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