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#gabriel agreste
edorazzi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The aftermath of “Gabriel Agreste” and the de Vanilys’ return to London!
Felix still has friends (though he’ll never admit it), and they may have put in the effort to get close to him but the payoff is ridiculous! 😬
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sidsinning · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
He was the real princess all along
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Every day I laugh at the insane differences in power levels of the Miraculous. They're like, the Ladybug Miraculous is one of the MOST powerful miraculous EVER! With the power of creation, she can materialize any inanimate object and must figure out how to use it with her wits!
ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴀᴛ ᴍɪʀᴀᴄᴜʟᴏᴜꜱ ᴅᴇꜱᴛʀᴏʏꜱ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ɪᴛ ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜᴇꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇᴅᴜᴄᴇꜱ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴛᴏ ᴀꜱʜ :)
The Bee miraculous freezes you! Teehee! Pigella cheers you up when you're sad.
The Rabbit travels through time and space, witnessing vast alternate realities and watching multiple points in time, acting as guardian over them with the monumental task of preventing apocalyptic events.
Hawk Moth can give any superpower he wants but has to farm his own butterflies.
The peacock creates sentient human life.
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miraculouspegasus · 2 days ago
i think not enough fics consider the idea of adrien just going full jeanette mccurdy after his dad either dies or after adrien cuts him out of his life. just spills the details on the abuse he was under before fully quitting the industry. marinette can be the queen of the haute couture scene but adrien's at home in socks and crocs having regained his rightful chub after a lifetime of being taken in by the dupain chengs cheering for his girl on tv because he's been to one too many red carpets and he has no more time for that universe
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anxresi · 20 hours ago
Hmm Imma take a minute to answer this post...
Tumblr media
It’s not ‘bad’ characters I don’t appreciate, its ‘bad’ writing. If you want the audience to think Chloe’s evil, I dunno... maybe not make her such a great superhero, don’t have her show her emotional side to demonstrate she has a conscience, don’t let her have so many close relationships with people she genuinely cares about, don’t give her two sh*tty parents so that people will sympathize with her behavior, but most of all... DON’T MAKE HER 14 YEARS OLD! 
Generally, children that age aren’t ‘evil incarnate’, a fact that Thomas seemingly wants us to forget in his disturbing grudge against a teenager and in the disgraceful bio written for her on the official Miraculous website. Compare her entry with Hawkmoth’s, and you’ll probably come away thinking she’s the spawn of Satan and he’s just a mild-mannered guy with a totally plausible reason for causing city-wide terrorism. In fact f*ck it, I’m gonna post the pics again...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spot the difference. One is full of barely-hidden condemnation and spite, the other... just a standard description (it doesn’t even mention his terrible parenting, talk about a whitewash!) In fact, by implying that Gabriel is threatening murder and mayhem in Paris because he wants to ‘bring his wife back to life’, the one who wrote it is almost giving him praise for his inexcusable actions. ‘Oh, you were responsible for nearly 100 incidences of violent possession and manipulation, as well as almost bringing the entire country to its knees, but you did it all for your comatose lover! Ssoooo romantic! All charges dropped! In fact here... take this medal, a million euros, the key to the city.....’
You might thing I’m joking, but when you read and re-read those two passages, who can possibly say? No chance of ANY redemption for Chloe, she’ll ALWAYS be a brat (apart from the plentiful moments in the first three seasons when she wasn’t) and then later they introduce a ‘perfect’ half-sister for her to show her newly ramped-up horrible attitude in an even starker light. What a lot of nice people Zag has working for them; that they would choose to downplay a murderous madman’s actions in favor of hyping up a troubled teenager’s angst so that SHE becomes the ‘lost cause’. Not the career criminal. Bless their hearts.
So, yea. I appear to have gone off track a bit here in my lengthy tirade, but the bottom line is: you CANNOT give a character like Chloe all this fascinating complexity and these sympathetic moments so we feel for her plight, and then do an about-face and expect us all to hate her indiscriminately! And then compound your error by suddenly making her a MUCH more horrible individual in S4 even compared to S1 to emphasize the new dynamic, as if we have such bad memories we’ve forgotten all her development the past three seasons which has just been unceremoniously dumped. If she’d been an ‘evil’ character from the start and consistently stayed that way throughout, I think MAYBE you’d have a point. But we all know that consistency is not something this show does, and by giving us a relatable and interesting character for the vast majority of the show, then pretending none of that ever happened and she was ‘bad to the bone’ and shallow all along ain’t gonna wash I’m afraid. Lastly, giving her superhero role and best traits to a ‘surprise sister’ introduced from nowhere only adds insult to injury. 
Enough said. F*ck this show. I mean that with utmost sincerity. Ciao. ^^
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familyagrestefanblog · 13 hours ago
Oh my God I just noticed that the conflict between Gabriel and Félix in "Gabriel Agreste" is a DIRECT parallel to Gabriels and Adriens conflict in "The Collector"! I mean its kinda obvious that these two episodes are linked to each other but I only now realize how MUCH dialog, scenes and other elements are DIRECTLY mirroring each other!
I have way, WAY too many ml essay-posts in the working again and I just can't add another one to the list now. So I'm just letting you guys know of this observation and hope somebody else will pick up on this so I can latch onto someone elses post to add my points lol
Still here are some bullet points for some else to have an easier start (in no particular order):
At the end of "the collector" Marinette gives Gabriel the Grimoire and at the end of "Gabriel Agreste" Ladybug gives SentiGabe a protection charm. Both of those items are the reason why the villains have a solid advantage over the heros
Both Adrien and Félix incorporate a variation of the reasoning "I don't know you but I want to" when they are confronted by Gabriel. Both of these sentences are the point where Gabriel escalates on them. With Félix he agrees that, no, he doesn't know him and that's the only reason why Félix even DARED to try to trick him, which was then followed by Gabriel "opening up" to Félix about how dangerous of a man he actually is and that Félix is better off NOT knowing him. He did all of this to trick Félix into doubting his suspicious of Gabriel being Hawkmoth while also trying to akumatize him through it. Whereas in Adriens case that line basically brought the conversation to an immediate end for Gabriel, basically completely shutting off from his son. After he let Adrien know that he won't go back to public school again Gabriel came up with a plan on how he can cover up his tracks and punish Adrien into obedience (and him not snooping around in his office again) at the same time. In both episodes the akumatization of the collector comes to be because of either Adrien or Félix angering Gabriel and him weaponizing said anger, but in Adriens case he felt outright BETRAYED by his son, emotions he doesn't have with Félix.
Both episode have Adrien hear Gabriel say that something is the last thing he has left from his wife. In Félix case it's the ring and for Adrien it's the Grimoire and Adrien himself.
In both episodes Adrien is left of with a false positive impression of his father. In "the collector" Marinette asked Gabriel to not let his son know that SHE was the one who gave the Grimoire back to Gabriel and pleaded with him to let Adrien go back to school. So Adriens things Gabriel just saw reason on his own when he gave him the permission to go back to school at the end. In "Gabriel Agreste" Adrien is made to believe (by some SERIOUSLY BOLD lying by the Graham de Vanilys and Gabriel having to play along to save face lol) that Gabriel gave Félix the twin ring by his own choice, only tried to take it away from Felix again this episode because of sudden grief but then came around again to give it back to Felix. Basically, both episodes left Adrien off with a false positive impression of his father that will be crushed in the future.
That's it for the moment. There is so much more but I can't write it down right now, but I will add more to this post here or someone else's post in the future
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theluckiestlb · 2 days ago
As much as Gabriel deserves a prison sentence and actual consequences for his abhorrent behavior, we know deep down that the writers are going to let him off scott-free.
What’s the rationale for this prediction? The gabenath relationship setup.
I think it will unfold one of two ways:
a. Gabriel miraculously sees the error of his ways (vey ooc) and ends his quest to revive Emilie. He moves on and Nathalie’s love is no longer unrequited. Thus, they prance off into the sunset with Adrien. The end.
b. Nathalie is used as a scapegoat for Gabriel’s ““redemption””. She falls from grace due to her unrequited love and threatens the Agrestes, but is eventually defeated. Emilie is finally revived and the family prances off into the sunset—the impact of Gabriel’s domestic terrorism is simply ignored and that’s that. Adrien forgives and forgets. Gabriel’s abusive behavior is miraculously cured.
Both scenarios go against the core themes of the story and the equivalent exchange concept. The powers of creation and destruction can be selfishly used without consequences. Death is no longer permanent/an obstacle.
See these posts for a deeper analysis of Gabriel’s character.
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billiejean485 · 2 days ago
The fact that Gabriel can't sense Adrien's negative emotions because the boy buried them so deep down he doesn't even let himself feel them - but the moment he realizes his so called 'son' is Chat Noir and that he's probably been burying his emotions all this time and that he can use that to his advantage, I --
..... Can I strangle this man?
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harriyanna · a day ago
since i deleted my ao3 account (and idk if i wanna go back) i am gonna put my gabenath fic here after i get some rest
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flightfoot · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gabriel: Adrien, I’m just not feeling well enough. You’ll have to represent me.
Adrien: But father, you’re launching your hundredth collection tonight. You’re the one the journals want to interview, not me.
Gabriel: *twists ring* Adrien, I am your father, and I’m giving you the responsibility to attend this press conference. Under NO circumstances will you leave that room until it’s finished. All I’m asking is that you honor my work, and the memory of your mother. Do we have an agreement?
Adrien: Yes, father.
Oh WOW I didn’t notice this part before! The English dub makes it clear how Gabriel’s manner of speech changes while he’s twisting the ring. He sounds like he does when he’s akumatizing someone: stating their name, saying who he himself is, and what he wants from them, as well as any conditions attached to it.
And you know, it DID seem kind of strange to me that Adrien wouldn’t try to come up with SOME sort of excuse to get out of the press conference during the akuma fight, he’s never missed a fight before unless he physically couldn’t get to it without revealing his secret identity. And judging by the way Gabriel worded his command and how he was twisting that ring, Adrien STILL hasn’t missed a fight unless he was incapacitated or unable to attend without exposing his secret identity.
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nathalie-catalyst · 2 days ago
nathalie and gabriel have this common trait of tunnel focusing on a person they love and decimating / neglecting everything else in their life and in their path as a result and i don’t know whether that makes them more or less toxic of a pair. these two somehow make each other worse and better at the same time and it feels way more complicated than it is
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dazedinspaze · a day ago
MLB Theory
So what if, the real Adrien and Felix died very young together. Like they were playing, found the peacock miraculous and broke it by accident causing them to die. Emilie is the only one that knows about this. So she covered it up by making two sentimonsters using the twin rings. The emotion to create them is fear and grief. She gave the ring back to Gabriel, to not cause any suspicion on his side and the two boys lived their lives. Emilie sheltered Adrien by not letting him go to school in fear of losing him again. Both Gabriel and Amelie don't know that their sons are sentimonsters but slowly start to pick up signals of things not being right. Amelie talks to her twin about Felix and out of guilt Emilie tells her the truth. Amelie then wants the ring that holds Felix's Amok, but Emilie can't give it to her because it's on Gabriels finger!! Amelie tells Felix the truth and encourages him to get that ring from Gabriel.
Gabriel, always having doubts about Felix and his suspicion is confirmed when Felix steals his ring. Now after Gabriel started wearing Emilies ring, things with Adrien stopped making sense. In Mega Leech the first doubt in Gabriels mind started to grow and in between ''Mega Leech'' and ''Ephemeral" his suspicions are confirmed. When Gabriel finds out that Adrien is a sentimonster and that Emilie has kept this from him he feels hurt and betrayed thus growing closer with Nathalie. He sees how Nathalie grows sicker and Adrien is just an empty vessel with little to no dreams. He sees all the hurt that has been caused and becomes more determined and slightly delusional to make things right. He can now cross the boundaries he had set in S2 because Adrien isn't really Adrien. And so he is doing whatever it takes to get the miraculous to make his wish. He will use his wish to set everything right and get rid of all of the hurt his wife caused him and Adrien. He will save Natalie from her sickness. He will proof that he is a good father.
And so he wishes for a reality where they never found the peacock and butterfly miraculous.
In this new reality he will have no memory of what he has done, or what his wife has done. Nathalie will have never used the peacock miraculous. The boys will be saved, Emilie will be saved and his marriage will be saved. His life will be perfect again.
Boom. Gabriel Agreste: The anti-hero
Tbh, there are lots of plot holes in this theory. I don't really think that Adrien is a Sentimonster and canon Gabriel isn't really fleshed enough for me to make a solid theory on him. This was just for fun so don't take it too seriously!
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whataclawtastrophe · 2 days ago
hey y’all, i’ve been sued for defamation and slander by gabriel agreste himself
so i retract all of my previous statements about adrien agreste being chat noir
i’ve realized that i was wrong and that my joke was very offensive to the agreste family (this white man just hates to see a woc living her life 🙄)
i’ve been shown the errors of my ways and i encourage the rest of u to follow my example
after i post this my phone will be taken away so i’ll make another post when i get it back (should be by tomorrow)
see u later 👋
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buggachat · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this joke has almost surely been done already but ever since i saw ephemeral i can’t stop thinking about it
bonus, alt end:
Tumblr media
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