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wheredafandomat · 3 hours ago
Post Mission 🖤
Y/N loved coming back from a mission.
The relief of knowing everyone was fine. The comfort of knowing she’s coming back to her comfortable bed. The high-fives her and the team would exchange. The adrenaline. The post mission sex. Loki’s adrenaline. Their heavy breathing whilst driving their pent up adrenaline into each other. The orgasm. Nothing beats a post mission orgasm.
Walking into her room, Y/N began to undress whilst walking into the bathroom. Standing over the sink, she looked into her mirror and made eye contact with him.
“Aren’t you a pretty sight” Loki said seductively whilst his eyes hungrily scanned her body
“Aren’t I just” she replied still looking at Loki in the mirror
“Untie your hair”
Obeying, she undone her hair still whilst maintaining eye contact with Loki in the mirror. His eyes darkened taking in her resplendent form
Slowly he started walking towards her grabbing her hips when he got close enough
He began to press his bare growing erection against her back as he began to message her breasts. Kissing her neck, he then started to bend her over.
“You truly are a queen but right now I’m going to fuck you like a harlot” he said tersely
Before she even had time to react, her hands reached out and gripped the sink in front her as he began to take her from behind
When he fully entered her, they both moaned and his grip on her tightened as he tried his hardest not to just cum right then and there.
“You are so tight. Aren’t you?” He asked through gritted teeth as he thrusted deeply into her again
“Fuck Loki”
“Who do you belong to?”
“SAY MY NAME!” He said as one of his hands fell from her hips and snaked found her to make contact with her clit.
“LOKI! Fuck I’m going to cum let me cu—”
“No. Just a little longer pet I want you to feel every inch of me filling your wet cunt whilst my fingers circle your throbbing clit”
“Loki don’t ssstopp”
“Come on pet you can cum now. Cum on me. Cum with me”
At these words, y/n felt the fast approaching orgasm begin to wash over her as she felt Loki’s hot seed spill into her
Right here right now was y/n’s favourite part any mission. Her and Loki standing breathless, sweaty, dirty, in a post orgasmic haze.
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enchantedbyhiddles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not usually like this. But this acting deserves all the awards.
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