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#hoo series
simpingforpjo · 2 days ago
*Piper and Leo arguing *
Leo: oh yeah? Without using a calculator or paper right now, what is... 90 x 783?
Piper: your mom's body count-
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stanning-reyna · 2 months ago
Percy with baby fever headcanons for his b-day:
- He’s always been good with kids. As a 12 yo he would protect the younger students from bullies at school and became the 3rd graders favorite person
- At Camp, he deals with the Ares cabin when they start picking on younger campers and now all of the younglings love him
- Annabeth always thought Percy was hot, but when he’s giving a bunch of 7 year olds piggy back rides he just gets hotter
- After Estelle is born, Percy wakes up in the night when she’s crying almost more often than Sally. He usually can’t sleep anyway and is more than happy to take care of her
- He spends SO MUCH time playing and cuddling with Estelle and pretty soon he’s saying “great now when do I get mine”
- And then Sally, who raised a child on her own at age 20, immediately shuts that down for the time being. She convinces him and Annabeth to at least wait till they get through college to start having kids
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angelsodreamy-no2 · 2 months ago
realistic teenage things that must've happened in the books because i refuse to believe they didn't do that many chaotic things :
a game of truth or dare to get to know each other when they all first met in the argo 2
having bets on what insane thing will happen next, annabeth wins this game a lot
cooking instant noodle at night and just eating while their on patrol
drawing a moustache on coach hedge's face with a marker
buying a polaroid camera to take pics
shopping. (other than frank stealing clothes and going shopping with piper once in BoO)
gossiping at night.
playing board games, taking mirror selfies, listening to taylor swift ?!
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pjo12fan · a month ago
Leo: tell me what makes you happy
Percy: pfft that’s easy
Percy: Annabeth
Leo: tell me what makes you happy
Annabeth: world domination
Leo: care to elaborate?
Annabeth: well Zeus has had his time up there…
Annabeth, cracks knuckles: and the world is ready for this queen to take over
Leo: I’m gonna go get Percy-
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the-half-blood-nerd · 3 months ago
Y’all stick with Jercy as Percy and Jason’s ship name cause y’all know that Person sounds just plain weird lmfaoo
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astrababyy · a year ago
If Percy Had Fallen Into Tartarus Alone - Part One
You know what would’ve been awesome? If Percy had fallen into Tartarus alone and lost himself in the dark side of his powers. All he wanted to do was kill, kill, kill.
And you know who would’ve saved him?
Because Ares is the god of war. He’d remind Percy that war isn’t a game. He’d remind him what he’s fighting for. He’d tell Percy that the worst tragedies in war are the ones where the soldiers are so broken that the only thing that’s keeping them from being driven insane is their thirst for blood. Those are the type of tragedies where the soldiers lose sight of what they’re fighting for. And now they’re just... fighting. And they don’t know why.
And then he’d give Percy his blessing and Percy would rip through the entire army in Tartarus with the skill of Achilles and the strength of the sea.
Because, gods damnit, battle strategy is within the domain of war. Because there’s a reason love and war go hand in hand. Because Ares isn’t just some mindless brute and it’s ridiculous that he was written that way.
Then, when Percy got out, he’d sacrifice something valuable and rare to Ares as thanks and, after losing all of it in this last war, he’d gain just a sliver of respect for one of the gods.
Because how amazing would that have been?
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sodamnbored · a year ago
You know what I still find hilarious? In HoO, in BoO when Solangelo have their first back and forth and Nico chews Will out for not being stealthy enough cause of his blonde hair.
But, unless I missed a pivotal changing scene, Nico is still wearing that loud ass Hawaiian shirt from Puerto Rico.
It’s funny enough that he’s wearing it in the big fight at the end, and that he’s sneaking up on the Romans in it, that he has to intimidate the Romans and Octavian while wearing it - and awesome that it WORKS. They don’t even blink at the shirt cause he’s scary. I swear reading all those scenes focusing on the fact that Nico is in that shirt makes it so much more fun.
No wonder Will isn’t taking his shit though. No wonder he’s teasing him and not at all intimidated by this tiny skinny grumpy little boy in a loud ass Hawaiian shirt.
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watch-out-for-tables · 4 months ago
It's piper mcleans birthday so i just wanted to wish her
bc she's amazing and if i don't aphrodite will curse me with acne
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simpingforpjo · 6 months ago
Riordanverse characters as book dedications no one asked for
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stanning-reyna · a month ago
Just think about 14 year old Percy wearing a baggy black hoodie, ripped jeans, and dirty converse while skate boarding down the sidewalk of New York. He’s probably listening to Fall Out Boy on his ipod and giving off the biggest rbf imaginable
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angelsodreamy-no2 · 5 months ago
ok but i just remembered that piper became the crew's private google when it came to giants et cetera since annabeth became too busy being the boss of the ship lmao. i also remembered that leo took all of percy's humour but anyways. ooh we also can't forget abour piper being the first person that leo told to about calypso and the whole talk about calypso being abandoned with percy during some random duel to death. also hazel defending nico when jason and leo were about to abandon him. can't forget about frank killing a bunch of smth idk just to save hazel (and nico, kinda). piper taking frank clothes shopping was also nice. leo randomly saying "i love you" in morse code when he misses his mom. the whole scene where percy and leo joked about adidas shoes until nike actually showed up + them kidnapping her and leo talking to her when he's bored. bob. percy chocking a goddess with her own poison. how drew has actually wanted to go on a quest. leo and frank going to an underwater camp and receiving baked goods from it but frank couldn't eat it because he was lactose intolerant + how percy was upset that he couldn't see the camp because they lowkey hate his dad. idk it's just those little underrated info and moments that never makes me bored re-reading that series.
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pjo12fan · a month ago
Does nobody think about how Percy -the last person you’d expect to be good at gardening- kept the moonlace Calypso gave him on Ogygia, and imagine when the seven and Calypso are hanging out at Percy’s house, like normal teens (cuz they deserve to be happy), and Calypso is just talking to everyone happily when something catches her eye - moonlace, and she points at the it and says “I can’t believe you planted it” and Percy just shrugs like it’s no big deal and replies, “well yeah, I promised”, pretending like he totally did not beg Annabeth like a million times to help him look after it properly, and made her promise she’d come over every few weeks to check he was doing it right?
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the-half-blood-nerd · 3 months ago
Octavian: *Speaking*
Percy: Shhh
Octavian: Um, excuse me? Did you just shush me??
Percy: *Rolls eyes* Do you even know what “sh” stands for?
Octavian: No?
Percy: It stands for SHut up, which is exactly what I want you to do right now
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sallys-dam-blue-food · 6 months ago
Something that I think of 24/7 is Frank saying something like “where do we keep the cutlery”
And the rest of the Argo II being like “the??? WHAT???”
Or them just taking and bonding and being like “what’s ur favourite chip flavour or candy bar?” And frank says something like Aero, Coffee Crisp, ketchup chips or all dressed chips and everyone else having absolutely no idea what he’s taking about.
Then him saying something like “that was a close one, eh?” (Because that’s how we say eh, like at the end of a question not every 5 seconds)
And everyone is dying inside because they’re like “WHAT LANGUAGE ARE YOU SPEAKING?” When he says something like clicks or some other thing like let’s get ‘er done.
I’m living for this, and there’s probably more for the others but I’m Canadian so please repost this with ones for the others.
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