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Does that mean I brighten your day, Snape? :D Aww!

Why is he gossiping about me to some Puffle?! XD she looks so confused! “uhhh I was just asking questions about my assignment but go off I guess?”

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to be honest, i would love that. i’d love to fly to his state, sit down with him, offer him a cup of coffee, and then chris hansen-style hand his ass over to the police. if he’d like to shoot me his number, i would do it in a heartbeat. here’s the issue: ren isn’t his real name, obviously, and the only person who knows his irl identity are a handful of his victims. “jill” isn’t even the only person he did this too. before “jill”, he was dating another girl on the same site and he did the exact same thing to her.

the blog isn’t because of ren’s disappearance. it’s because when he came back, he told his victim he was going to write a novel about what happened on his site and the character, aaron, he pretended to be while they were dating. i shouldn’t have to explain why that would be extremely traumatic. after his victim begged him not to do it, he promised her he wouldn’t and they went their separate ways. then, in the last month, ren posted on his blog saying he was going to do it.

that’s why this blog is here. before this blog, he was asked to stop. this isn’t something sudden, this has been building for years. i’m actually confident that if i went to the police myself and gave them what i know right now, they would definitely find him, and he wouldn’t be the first arrest made connected to the string of websites he’s been on. 

but here’s the thing: she lives in a different country from us. could they charge him for something here? i definitely think so. would any of those people want to be witnesses? probably not. would her country charge him with anything? you tell me, her country doesn’t have a great track record with taking down pedos. the case would be far more nuanced, and painful, than it has a right to be. i still remember sitting in a room with a therapist and a police officer asking if i’d be willing to testify against the man who abused me, and i don’t think i’ve ever been as paralyzed in my life.

“jill” doesn’t want to seek legal options at this time. i would personally urge her to do so, but i’m not about to tell a victim what she should do or feel. one of the worst parts about being abused, period, is how small your abuser makes you feel. they make you feel worthless. they make you question yourself. they tell you no one will ever believe you, and that you have no right to be heard or seen. for “jill,” having him called out in a tangible way separate from herself means something. every ask or follow or reblog is another person saying “i see you, i hear you, i believe you.” if that’s what she needs, then this is enough.

but the offer is still open, ren. let’s get some coffee and talk, because i’ve got a lot to say to people like you.

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The Walcott Family


Dennis Quaid as Walter Walcott

Walter is the only son and youngest of 4 children born into an English Pureblood family called the Walcotts. They are known for their connection to the House of Black and for being sorted into Ravenclaw.

Walter played Keeper for the Ravenclaw quidditch team and his favorite subjects were Ancient Ruins and Potions. In his 7th year, Walter begins dating fellow Ravenclaw, Margaret Diggory. They get married soon after graduating from Hogwarts and go on to have 4 children. Walter is a very supportive and loving father, even if he’s a little oblivious sometimes.

Walter is the Head Archivist at the Ministry of Magic until his retirement in 1995. He has a vast library filled with books on a wide range of subjects.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Margaret Walcott (née Diggory)

Margaret is the first of 2 children born into an English Pureblood family called the Diggorys.

At Hogwarts, Margaret was sorted into Ravenclaw where she was a Prefect and known for being skilled in Transfiguration. She worked at the Ministry for the Department of Transportation until her retirement in 1994. She enjoys socializing and spending time with her granddaughters.

Margaret and Clary butt heads sometimes, but she means well and really just wants the best for children.


Adelaide Kane as Amelia Walcott

Amelia is the oldest of the Walcott siblings. She is 7 years older than Clary.

Amelia embodies all of the best Ravenclaw qualities; she’s intelligent, creative, and accepting. She was a Prefect and Head Girl during her time at Hogwarts.

After Hogwarts, Amelia works with her father as a Ministry Archivist where she meets Graham Runcorn who is working for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. They eventually get married have 2 daughters together, Ruby and Thea. Aside from her beautiful daughters, Amelia’s marriage is not a happy one.

In the fall of 1997, Graham takes the Dark Mark. This finally gets Amelia to divorce him and she has to flee the country with her young daughters for the duration of the war.


Jack Quaid as Greg Walcott

Greg is 2 years younger than Amelia.

He’s a little on the reserved side, but was always kind to the younger students he tutored in Charms. Not only was Greg both a Ravenclaw Prefect and Head Boy, but he is also an excellent pianist.

After Hogwarts, Greg works at the Ministry for the Committee of Experimental Charms and lives in Cornwall with his husband, Finlay.


Dylan O’Brien as Morgan Walcott

Morgan is 3 years younger than Greg.

He’s the most outgoing of the Walcott siblings and was pretty popular in school. He played Seeker for the Ravenclaw quidditch team and was also a Prefect. Morgan is still a little resentful towards Bill Weasley for beating him out as Head Boy.

After Hogwarts, Morgan lives in London and works for the Department of Magical Games and Sports.


Natalia Dyer as Clary Walcott

Clary is 2 years younger than Morgan.

Clary’s a Seer whose abilities allow her to see snippets of the near future when she’s unconscious. Her “dream visions” occur most frequently leading up to and during the second wizarding war.

Clary has always been very fascinated by Muggle culture and her most prized possessions are her Muggle film camera and Walkman. She also likes quidditch and plays Chaser for Ravenclaw in her last 2 years at Hogwarts.

After Hogwarts, Clary struggles to choose a career path but finds a lot of joy working for a non-profit that helps Squibs find jobs and adjust to life in the Muggle world (she also works at Florish & Blotts in Diagon Alley during this time).

Clary works as a Hit Witch during the war, and then goes on to help establish a new department at the Ministry for Muggle/Wizard relations under the direction of Arthur Weasley.


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— Bonus —

Graham Runcorn

Younger brother of Albert Runcorn, Pureblood, Hufflepuff, Ministry Snob, Future Deatheater

Graham marries Clary’s older sister when Clary is 15 and she has always kind of hated him for treating her like a child even after she’d been long graduated from Hogwarts.

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one day i’m gonna make a powerpoint of hogwarts mystery characters i think hooked up

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everyone has these really intricate storylines and headcanons for their characters, it’s amazing!! it’s awesome!! i love looking through the tags and being absolutely mesmerized by these fan posts!! y'all are so talented!!

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“jill” does know. it wasn’t exactly sanctioned outright, but i am talking with her back and forth. the minute she’s no longer comfortable or she wants it to, it stops. having people know has helped her to feel a bit more comfortable with herself, and feeling heard has been a benefit to her mental health.

why now? because ren is the sickest sort of bastard. it’s bad enough that he’s been tormenting her with blogs and fanfictions about a relationship that was extremely traumatic for her, but he decided to post on his blog that he planned to write a book about the actual events themselves. can you imagine your abuser casually saying they were going to turn the worst period of your life into a novel for publication? i can’t, and i can’t even start to express how angry something like that makes me.

so i asked her if i could do something about it. 

if it was just the hogwarts blog, “jill” probably wouldn’t have brought it up to us. she kept making excuses for him even as she was sobbing her eyes out over all the hurt he’s caused her. it has nothing to do with me, but the more i talk to her, the more i realize how badly she needs to be heard. this way, she can be, without having to be put in danger by directly interacting with her abuser.

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no one is disputing that young people can be abusive. feeling abused by a minor, under the age of consent, four years younger than you is complete bullshit. i have a full callout ready with screenshots off of several different sites that will be out soon; it doesn’t matter what happened, because “jill” was a minor.

also, that’s wrong. unless you have physical evidence to the contrary, then you need to sit down. ren knew the real age of “jill” while they were dating. give him my regards, because this is about to get very messy for him. did he think that just because her AS account got deleted, there wasn’t proof of his behavior?

i won’t be answering any other asks claiming that “jill” lied about her age without photographic evidence; which means that there won’t be answers to any other asks on the topic. you guys can have all your answers when 777 pages worth of this pedophile’s history is up soon.

i don’t have a vested interest in this other than exposing a predator. say whatever you like, but at the end of the day it doesn’t hurt me and only adds to the mounting evidence of pedophilia apologists in the HPHM fandom.

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Sometimes you gotta stop and ask yourself do you love Hogwarts Mystery, or the concept of Hogwarts Mystery?

do you love taking lessons, waiting 2 hours for energy to refill, pointless rigged events, ugly glitchy outfits, and half assed new features?


do you love the idea of Hogwarts from 1984-1991? the idea of going to Hogwarts with Bill and Charlie and Tonks? the concept of going on adventures with your friends? being so popular that you have three secret admirers at once?

do you love the idea of the new characters but wished they were elaborated upon more? do you wish gameplay was more dynamic and engaging? do you wish the plot was less filler and addressed more issues?

do you spend more time daydreaming and headcannoning than actually playing?

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jc at least let mc break down and feel smh theyve been through so much god damn give them therapy in year seven

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Wow the game really said “No. You are not allowed to do these missions anymore” huh

(Clicking on go does nothing, going to the LFW does nothing, I’ve closed and re-opened the app, I cleared app cache, I restarted my phone… Can y'all think of some other solution I may have missed???)

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today i found a post of ren (@hogwartsmystory) claiming that he was almost twenty-two years old on this website the year he met his victim. so not only was he 18 when he was actually dating a child, but he dated her, knowing her age, while claiming that he was nearly a whole decade older than her.

literally what the fuck, ren.

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hey folks. i was going to post a full callout on ren (@hogwartsmystory) today, but while doing research i uncovered a lot of evidence of his toxic and abusive behavior extending long before he even met the victim that this blog represents.

ren seems to have a lengthy paper trail of these behaviors:

+ threatening death/harm of characters
+ manipulating ships and character relationships
+ questionable age gaps in relationships
+ shipping of underaged characters
+ sexual conversations on public chat forums
+ questionable relationship dynamics

among other things. the ones that bother me the most so far are:

1. how manipulative his language was with people he was role-playing with. he had a gross, passive aggressive way of talking to people “[person’s character] needs to shut up. she’s confusing him” and “you’re my favorite, you made me so happy today” etc. the back and forth between passive aggressive outbursts and targeted praises is something that really just gets worse and worse as i read.

2. not only that, but i’ve found at least one significant case of victim blaming where ren suggested a young girl had done something to displease her father, and that’s why he wanted to disrupt her life. he even suggested she be nicer to him so that he’ll care about her feelings. like what the fuck?

i also discovered that i may know ren, after all.

please hang tight, because it’ll be a doozy.

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that’s a good one

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