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Tumblr media
Pepa mi amor ⛈♥️
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Okay so maybe i dont hate the honoko costume AS much
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tfw you have a friend who you told you weren’t interested in relationships and they’re still low-key trying to flirt with you/get you to go on a date with them/pity them for their lack of love interests/etc.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sooner or later ill draw something serious abt them i promise
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I have a request
Levi's wife y/n and 4 or 5 year old son get kidnapped by kenny and the military police. They get taken to the crystal cave with eren and historia. So when levi comes to save them he is livid and is quickly taking down every mp in his way. Luckily both y/n and her son make it out safely with levi and his squad.
Levi, y/n, and their son have a soft moment and they all hug and give kisses 😚😚😚 and day squad teases them
(I added my own little spin to this where Y/N is playfully argumentative and sometimes wild with Levi. Hope that's ok! I also thought it would be cute if Levi and Y/N’s son was named after Levi’s late friend Farlen.)
"We have more than just Historia and Eren now." Levi grunted, facing Hange. "My son and Y/N were taken as well."
"We can't wait then. We'll leave as soon as possible."
Levi squeezed the paper Hange had given him earlier in his grasp as his squad whooped and hollered behind him. Kenny probably wouldn't kill them, they were insurance after all. Which was that much worse for Levi.
He already knew if he didn't manage to calm himself before they got to Kenny he would lash out recklessly. The one thing he'd told his wife and son to never allow themselves to do.
"Oi." Levi stepped closer, concern etched onto his face. His eyebrows scrunched where he looked into his wife's eyes. "If you continue moping around our child's health will be at risk and yours. The doctor already told you that."
She turned, eyes narrowed and lips tight where they were pulled into a frown. "What else am I supposed to feel? The father of my baby is running around dodging death. Am I supposed to be happy Levi?"
Levi rolled his eyes, his hand already coming up to the bridge of his nose in expectation for the upcoming brawl of sorts. "I'll be alive for the birth of our son."
"Will you though?" She stepped closer, challenge rising in her tone and eyes.
"I'm not leaving you or the soon to be kid we've made. And you already know that." He fought back. "I'd sooner go back to the underground."
Her hands ran up to his collar tugging him closer. And he let her, let every bit of fury trapped beneath those stone cold eyes run over his spine like a flash of lightning all with the same neutral expression.
"I'm so serious you wouldn't even believe. If you don't come back one of these days and I have to raise this baby all on my own. I'm gonna bring you back to life just so I can kill you again. Do you hear me Levi Ackerman?"
Levi let out a little huff and a small smirk ran over his lips. She let him go and he straightened out his collar. "You get scarier everyday." He remarked "Way scarier than any damn titan."
He grabbed her wrist, pulling her down the mostly empty corridor. "You saw the doctor again today right? Tell me what happened."
"We've got a healthy Ackerman on our hands. He's grown bigger than he's supposed to be at this stage actually." She smiled softly as she placed a hand on her belly. "Probably cause he has your blood."
"Tch, moron. He's already his mother. Constantly kicking every time I touch your belly. He's gonna be a brat just like you."
"I hope he gets my height and not yours."
"For his sake your height instead of your mouth would be good."
"My mouth has gotten you through many long nights so I wouldn't complain if I were you."
Levi playfully rolled his eyes as Y/N's soft laugh filled the corridor. Her eyes shining brighter than they had her whole pregnancy. It was weird Levi had always heard about new parents being scared but he barely was.
When he'd found out he'd been more surprised than anything but he'd barely even had the time to over analyze the situation until that night. This unbelievably wild girl was the mother of his child. What more could he want.
Fear did dawn on him. Knowing he'd have something new in this world that needed his protection. Something so precious and small to protect. But another part of him knew that kid would be safer if he got his mother's fighting spirit.
"Hey, you better not be thinking about other girls." Y/N huffed as she poked at Levi's forehead.
Levi grabbed her finger. "Dumbass, no one else would be able to handle you if I left."
"Just sounds like you're making excuses so that you don't have to tell me, you adore me and could never find anyone else who brings you this much joy."
"No." That barely even scratched the surface..
"Do you have a location on them?" Hange asked
"There're a whole bunch of military police and Kenny's squad is surrounding the entire area. But no sign of Kenny himself or any of the people who were taken." Sasha replied
Levi huffed, brain not wanting to retreat to the worst possible scenario. Besides the conversation currently developing in front of him there was a sort of quiet drifting in the atmosphere.
"We have a plan right?" Armin suddenly asked
And Hange nodded, "You're gonna need these." Her hands clasped around the cool metal of the signal flares.
"Signal flares??" Jean stared in disbelief
"Don't worry, we're getting out of here alive hostages and all." Hange stated before turning to Levi. "They're ok."
Levi blinked, slowly but surely uncurling his fists. He looked around to the others their faces a mix of concern and in certain cases glee. But they all had the same sentiment.
"Put the plan into motion." Levi stood
It went surprisingly quickly. From the barrels they'd deployed to the signal flares being shot off. Sasha and Mikasa taking out the military police like no one's business but Levi could already feel his Ackerman rage growing.
Where the hell was Kenny? He thought.
His question was soon answered when a bullet flew past his cheek immediately drawing blood. The next bullet striking an ice pillar with a hard crack as he ducked for cover behind it.
Levi paused repositioning himself to jump and land behind one another of the thick pillars searching for the source of the bullets. "Where the hell are they?" He grunted voice raspy, thick and loud where he called to the only person that would be behind this.
Kenny's laugh was boisterous, heavy where it bounced between each pillar. The amount of sweat that had collected on Levi's palms had his weapon slippery in his grip and the vein in his forehead was close to popping.
"I think you have other things here you should be concerning yourself with."
In the blink of an eye Levi's head shot backwards, Jean's scream mixed with the heart shattering sound of Hange hitting one of the pillars caught his attention. A bullet releasing her blood as she slipped and rolled over against the ground like a discarded toy.
"Levi! Oi you should be worried about me. After all. Your little family dies by my call!"
If Levi was boiling before his blood was erupting now. With incredible skill and speed he bounced his way around the pillars dodging each bullet as Kenny shot them out. His agility raised as he flipped over Kenny's form and behind him. In an instant Levi was tossing a bag full of flammable liquid in time to meet his next shot.
When the bag tore open Levi flew forward, through burning flames created by Kenny's gun tossing his blade. The motion caught Kenny off guard but he managed to dodge it, his hat flying off into a nearby pillar along with Levi's blade to hold it up there.
Levi's heart was hammering taking the advantage he'd managed to get he flew at Kenny with incredible speed slicing through his torso almost like it was butter. In the heat of adrenaline Levi watched as Kenny's body fell to the ground of the cool cavern.
He landed with a hard breath before retracting the odm gears hooks. He couldn't wait any longer. He couldn't stop himself from running forward no matter how stupid and dangerous it was.
He heard bits and pieces of speech behind him. "Follow Captain!" And "Wait, hold on!" But none of it stopped his feet.
He skidded in his pace as he heard soft calls of, "Dad! Dad!"
And he was immediately headed for it. A bit of relief flooding his chest as he heard the faint sounds of odm gear clanging behind him. His squad clearly keeping good pace.
When he arrived he instantly locked eyes with his five year old son and wife.
"Dad!" Farlen's voice echoed. He didn't look injured from what Levi could tell and neither did Y/N. Farlen's hair tosseled as if he'd merely been running outside.
"Where are Historia and Eren?!" Mikasa called as she ran up behind Levi.
"Guys!" Historia's voice boomed. She slunk forward barely supporting Eren's weight. His shirt gone and his face covered in blood.
Levi quickly ran to untie Y/N and Farlen immediately embracing Farlen when he jumped into his arms. If he were any other kid Levi would probably be questioning why he hadn't shit his pants and why his face was tearless. But he definitely wasn't any other five year old.
"Geez, you guys took forever." Y/N remarked, stretching her hands above her head. "I was about to wreck all these Military brats butts for you." She said with a smirk at Levi.
Levi huffed, rubbing his son's back. "Next time you can save yourself then." He remarked giving Farlen a soft head rub.
"Ugggh Mom.. Dad not now.." he sighed
"There won't be a next time!" Y/N fought back. "I'll never get caught up like that again."
"Tch, whatever."
"Are you challenging me Mr. Ackerman?"
"You're a brat, Ms. Ackerman."
"How about I show you how much of a brat I can really be?" She chuckled with a dark smile etching over her features. She pulled him closer, hugging his and Farlen's form with a firm hand on Levi's lower back.
"Don't start something you can't finish." Levi whispered back.
"Ewwwwww.." Farlen mock gagged between them.
Y/N just laughed loudly. "You'll understand when you have someone you love to hate, Farlen."
"Yeah.. I'm with Farlen. That's eww." Connie remarked with a shake of his head.
The others soon joined in with their own little laughs and teasing words. "I can't believe how soft Captain can be." And "They're such a cute family I hope I get that some day."
Levi repositioned Farlen on one arm ignoring all the chatter. Though his cheeks bloomed a rosy color that was extremely unmistakable "Historia, where's your father?"
"He escaped before you guys got here. He's headed toward the wall." She replied
"We've gotta hurry then."
(I'm so sick of people on the internet rn I swear🙄)
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The Edison Escape...
Tumblr media
Rating: Mature/explicit
Warning: mentions of sexual memories/talk, anxiety, frustration, panic attacks
Word Count: 3,025 approximately
A/N: This chapter continues from “The King’s Ransom”
He had disconnected her wrist restraints from the chain suspending them above her head, but not freed her from the cuffs. She has to find this key. Was this all a ploy to drive her mad, just before returning to confirm that she was indeed being held captive? “Riley, how could you be so stupid as to put any trust in him?” She admonishes herself further as she moves about the room, attempting to find this key to free her hands.
The intercom crackles to life as she hears Edison’s voice, providing a clue… She hopes that this is just some sick ploy to exhaust her, that he won’t truly keep her here… “Time has begun to unravel, will you become judged by the gavel? ... You rule with great pride, strength and honor… That pleases me, my Queen… But the truth of your wit has yet to be seen…”
The sound of his voice sparks an internal rage. She would love to take a page out of Olivia’s book, having hidden blades to take the very breath from him… “Focus, Riley… focus…” She looks about the room, repeating the words in her mind. “Time has begun to unravel... A clock!” She eyes the clocks in the room. One is an old antique clock, one is digital, and one has no face, only the hands.
She assumes that to be the most odd, and quickly examines the clock, not seeing any easy way to open it… She smashes it against the wall. Careful of the broken glass, she picks it up, moving  the hands about quickly… With no luck, she spins them counterclockwise… but nothing happens. Flipping it repeatedly, expecting a key to fall free, her anxiety builds until she finally throws the clock across the room with a frustrated growl, “Ugggh!”
Attempting to not lose self control or more time, she takes a few calming breaths as she walks toward the old antique clock. She gently opens the door by its small handle, fearing poisoned darts or some other Nevrakis trap. Moving the long hand over the short hand, she moves them slowly… but nothing happens… Frustrated, she turns to look at the digital clock, but just before she steps away, she turns back, spinning the hands as fast as she could.  “Time has begun to unravel... Spin the hands, Riley... Time out of control … Unraveling! …”
Tumblr media
She hears a slight pop, and a key falls from the clock. She kneels to pick it up, hurriedly checking its fit in the handcuffs, receiving a bit of joy as the cuffs spring free. She immediately tries the lock on the mouth restraint and neck collar, but unsurprised when the key didn’t unlock either. She sits the key on the stand, remembering the other piece of the riddle.
“... Judged by the gavel… Rule with honor…”  She roams about the room, wondering how much time this will take her to figure out, and how complicated his riddles could become… Finally, the words judged, gavel and honor leap out at her from a painting on the wall… The picture is of the Royal Court from a period that she is unfamiliar with… “Damn, I wish that I hadn’t zoned out so much when Liam took me through the Rhys archives… Note to self, review Cordonian Law history…”
She smooths her hand along the painting, feeling for protrusions or something that would be out to character for the painting… “Come on… come on… speak to me…” Meanwhile, Edison is in a nearby room, watching her naked frame move about the room. His intrigue over this fascinating woman increases … The ease at which she uncovers the artifacts of this enticing game proves more satisfying than expected. 
She removes the painting from the wall … raising it above her head as if she is going to shatter it against the floor (the smashing giving a cathartic relief to her anxiety and frustration). She then lowers it, tearing away the paper backing to reveal a note… She delicately removes the aged parchment, careful of any tearing as she opens it. 
This was not one of Edison’s clues. He sits forward, curious to what it is that Riley has discovered. He listens intently, hoping she will attempt to read it aloud, even with the ball restraint in place. The look on her face as she reads almost causes Edison to end the game to find out the letter’s contents. She places the letter near the key … unsure if this is a clue found out of sequence. Returning to the painting, she leans in close to eye every feature painted… She notices that there is something in the painting that is in the very room in which she stands.
Tumblr media
One of the ladies in the picture holds a golden pair of spy glasses. Painting in hand, she moves to the bookshelf, picking up the glasses, but clueless as to what to do with them. She leans the painting against the shelf… Again, studying the painting, she notices that the woman is looking opposite everyone else. She lifts the glasses to her eyes, and looks opposite the bookshelf, slowly sweeping the wall for any sign of a clue.
Tumblr media
Almost imperceptible, she notices a discrepancy in the eyes of a ginger haired noble in a single portrait… The same man was found in the painting she held earlier. She crosses the room, reaching the painting in seconds… Feeling along the eyes, she notices that one is actually a button. Hesitantly, she presses it, a loud buzzing sounding out. She backs away, immediately startled as Edison’s voice booms out over the hidden speaker once more… “You buzzed, my clever Queen?”
“Your games are grating on my patience, Edison! Just give me the next clue !!!,” she muffles out. “Tut-tut! Patience, my beauty. You’ve done splendidly so far, only a short time has passed. With your skill, I have a few minutes to toy with you.” She stares daggers, not aware of the camera embedded in the chandelier above.
“Alright, alright … You know I have trouble resisting your demands, it’s so arousing…” She huffs as she exhales, awaiting the next riddle. “Her heart carried her from New York to Europe without a second thought… Wanting the hand of the future monarch of these lands. Around the world she'd boldly fly, uncaring of anything left behind… Soon her enemies would have an axe to grind… She’d find her journal, missing pages with answers she’d intend to find… But what’s in the home of the one future King’s mother… wouldn’t you like to discover?...”
“Ohmygod, that was too long to remember,” she inwardly panics. He’d watched on as eyes darted around in attempts to sort his riddle as he spoke. He’d decided to make each clue longer, challenging her patience and ability to retain the facts each time.
She closes her eyes tight… breathing deep and steady… letting his voice repeat the phrase in her mind as she ponders the room… It circles around slowly as the words repeat… Then it stops… “The globe!!  That’s it!”
Her eyes flit open. She looks about the room, hoping the other parts of the riddle would become apparent. Reaching the world map, she turns it to North America - her starting point in this new life of hers… She slowly turns it towards Europe… “What the hell am I looking for?”
Tumblr media
This puzzles her at first… but then the riddle brings her mind to her sister, Dahlia… She’d play with magnets as if obsessed… The pendant on her necklace would gravitate towards the magnet, as if performing a witches' scrying… She knelt down, allowing the globe’s pull of the chain until it completely slowed to a stop, the chain touching Auvernal… “Eleanor! The home of the once future King’s mother…,” she gasps.
Standing, she stares at Auvernal’s landmark… Once again letting his voice repeat the riddle… “New York to Europe… wanting the hand of the future monarch… missing pages…”
Hands gripping the globe tightly, nothing comes to mind… Tears welling within her eyes, she suddenly thinks of Liam’s proposal at the Statue of Liberty… a gift from France to the U.S. … She shakes away her tears, looking around the room again… 
On the mantle, there is indeed a replica of the Statue of Liberty… Her posture slumps, allowing the pressures to ease from her tensing muscles… “Your love for me saves me yet again, my love…” Her thoughts of Liam put a smile on her face, as much as allowed due to the forgotten restraint.
The statue seems affixed in place, but as she increases her pull, there is a loud click, which causes her to fall backward… To her shock, the fireplace begins to slide backward, giving way to an unlit hallway.
Her first thought is to run into it… but what lies on the other side… Realizing that she still has an unsolved portion of the riddle remaining… “Enemies would have an axe to grind.”
As she throws her head back in aggravation, she notices the camera in the chandelier … Squinting her eyes tightly, barely open, she sends the silent message that she will be coming for him… The vengeance in her heart builds quickly with each moment that passes.
Pulled back from her growing rage by the digital clock’s alarm, she stands… Hearing Edison’s voice call time, “Two hours remaining until you’re all mine!” Motivated, she looks for something that would light her path… On either side of the door Edison had taken his exit through were historical torches. She takes the only torch able to be removed, walking over to the fireplace to light it. Once lit, she quickly enters the hallway.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Its fire illuminates other sconces filled with oil as she passes, lighting each one as revealed, which causes  a trail of fire to race along the stone, lighting the way ahead… She walks faster, fearing the lighting may only be for a short time. As she comes to a stairway leading to an indoor labyrinth, signage informs her that she has the remainder of her time to find her way through, dousing the torches found at the center in the proper sequence to unlock the door to the exit… “Don’t forget to locate the axe… It must be presented to the guards before being escorted to me. Leave the torch here.”
“Damn it! A fucking maze !!! You have got to be kidding me !!!” As she places the torch in the slot designated, the time is announced… “You now have one and a half hours to complete the last phase of your escape room.”
Tumblr media
“Shit !!!” She makes her way up to the stairs, her heart nearly beating through her chest. She finds a sheer robe and slippers with a note that says, “Tick, Tock!” Slipping both on, she moves frantically through the maze… “Ohmygod, I’m never getting out of here!” After reaching what felt like the hundredth dead end, she drops her head… Tears fastly dripping from her face… “I love you, Liam! Please forgive me…”
Her words are an instant trigger. She remembers Liam blindfolding her and forcing her to find her way to him at the center of the hedge maze located at the Palace. She had become so disoriented that by the time she made it to him, she was starting to have a severe anxiety attack. It was then that his words guided her. “You’re trying to use sight to get you through this maze… You need to feel yourself within the maze… Remember, we have walked this maze continuously… Walk through memory, my love.”
Closing her eyes, she remembers Liam telling her that all mazes have the same pattern to reach its center, it is the exits that slightly differ… Walking by memory, seeing Liam’s body turn every corner to the correct path… remembering the days of playing Maze-Tag with him… she finally reaches its center…
Tumblr media
Here, she must now extinguish the torches in the correct order for the door to the eit to be revealed. She removes the long handled snuffer, preparing to extinguish the self lighting torches. Dousing the flames in no particular order, only alternating the sequence, she begins to lose track of the patterns she has already tried… exhausting of this impossible task. She throws the snuffer down, losing all hope of beating the clock, which has now wound down to nearly thirty minutes remaining.
Rubbing her face roughly, she cries out for Liam in her head… “What do I do, Liam? How would you handle this?” Turning to face the flames of her torment, she catches a glimpse of a jewel embedded in the pedestal. Walking to each to examine the markings and jewels, a flash of an old tome the group had come across in Eleanor’s private quarters gave her a clue… “What’s found in the home of the once future King’s mother… wouldn’t you like to discover!” They were the same stones, just out of order. This was the system Eleanor used to gain entry into her hidden study.
Riley gathers the snuffer once more, this time taking care to keep to the pattern forming in her memory, extinguishing each flame slowly. With each correct flame doused, the wheel on the ornate exit door spins. This goes on until she is down to the final two …  Giving a silent prayer, she extinguishes the next flame… which causes the last torch to extinguish on its own, and the wheel to finally spin the lock free…
The door slowly eases open, and she begins to make her run for the exit… skidding to a stop when she remembers the axe… Turning back, she runs to examine the pedestals, coming up clueless yet again… Running her hands swiftly through her hair and looking around frantically, she catches a sparkle out of the corner of her eye. She rushes to the last pedestal, and there at the top where the flame had been was a small axe. She grabs it, clenching it tightly, and runs for the exit again… Once through the remainder of the labyrinth, now clearly lit for the path to the exit, she barrels through the door just as it begins to close…
Tumblr media
Time had run out, but luckily she was on the right side of the closed door. The two female guards approach her, just as Edison had stated they would… One handed her proper attire after removing the mouth restraint and neck collar… the other leading her to a room to await Edison’s entry, hearing the door being locked behind her.
She is left in an elaborate suite. Expecting that she wasn’t to simply dress, she explores the massive suite until she finds the shower room. It is clear that pure wealth is backing this plan of Edison’s to overthrow Rhys rule… but for now, learning who these people are would have to wait.
She enters the shower, bath cloths and towels lie in a marble shelving built within it. The bath gels are located in a fancy dispenser near the controls for the showerheads. She studies the controls for a moment, then by random guessing, she turns on the water flow. Thankful to have escaped the room in time, she allows herself to relax, enjoying the luxurious feel the massaging waters provide… the scent of the bath gel reminiscent of the spa room in the Royal Palace.
She finally exits the shower, toweling herself dry before the floor length mirror. Thoughts of Edison moaning her name in total pleasure… driving into her… telling her that she was slowly becoming his… Liam’s territorial claim being erased… Regret fills her heart, her body pulsing with memories of Edison’s touch. Tears begin to form, but she suppresses them at the sound of the door closing.
Tumblr media
“My Queen!” Edison enters the room, walking up to Riley, who’d covered herself in the plush towel. His closeness raises goosebumps along her body, as he reaches around her to open the towel… taking in her view in the mirror… “Liam’s a very fortunate man…,” he says as he places a gentle kiss on her shoulder.
Looking over her shoulder, she questions, “So does this mean you’ll keep your word? … Will I return to Liam?” He stares deeply into her eyes, but soon answers with a nod of “yes”. Her breath of relief almost gives way to lingering fear. Putting on a strong front, she insists that he provide her the information in which she came for. Holding her clothing to assist her dressing, he tells her that he will give her what she has come to him for.
Once she is dressed, they enter the suite and he directs her to the single velvet chair next to the letter desk. He hands her a dossier labeled, “The King’s Ransom.” Inside, there is a thumb drive taped to the folder. “You can have that, but the dossier stays with me. It contains all of the information that you will find inside.”
She looks at him… He’s the epitome of her knight in shining armor… but in the same token, her gravest nightmare. “Thank you for this… I can’t express how much this means to me…” He squeezes her hand, “Let’s just hope it provides all that you need, my Queen… Tea?”
She declines, anxious to review the contents. Images flash through her mind as she hungrily reads through each page. When she finally comes across the missing pages she’d been in search of, she receives the shock of her life !
Tumblr media
“Eleanor !!! She’s … alive !!!”
Tumblr media
To be continued...
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rainbow-dot · 6 months ago
Things about Black Widow that I loved
ofc spoilers
(I loved every single minute of this movie, but these are the things that i stuck out more for me)
The god damn opening scenes. I got chills, the music made it even more perfect.
Nat deceiving Ross, I love when Marvel shows Nat’s high intelligence. We didn’t get much of that before so i love to see it through the movie.
Yelena going down the wall in Morocco (it might be stupid, but i just love that part)
O. T. Fagbenle
“Fanny longbotom? what are you 12?”
“Budapest.. ssshht”
Nat citing the movie in real time 😭
The bridge fight was also amazing, specially when she took the shield i died.
The extra sibling fight. (i don’t have a sibling but if i had one that’s how i would fight them lmaooo)
Nat and Yelena sliding on the rooftop (as well the nameless widow)
Nat trying to save the nameless widow on that tower :(
“You want me to chase him down and un-steal it?”
Nat and Yelena sliding down the thing in the subterranean train. i don’t know, but for me that was so cool.
“Great plan, i love the part where i almost bleed to death”
Clint in the vent lmaoooo
Yelena talking about her amazing vest and Nat just listening to her with a smile 😭
Nat and Yelena ganging up on O.T. Fagbenle (bro he didn’t have a name or i just forgot it???)
Yelena eating that bar and going “is dry, really dry” while O.T. looks worried lmao
“You are a very annoying individual” i don’t know, i just love that sooo much.
“You are such a poser”
Nat and Yelena bickering while saving Alexei.
“We are both doing a great job 👍😀”
Yelena casually causing an avalanche and going “this is a cool way to die”
Nat saving Alexei from the avalanche.
The whole joke about the uterus and the fallopian tubes. (it’s their pain so they got to joke about it)
The hug and Nat acting like every elder daughter while Yelena gives in but seconds later she goes “No, let go of me, you smell really bad” (She wanted the hug, but not the smell 😞😂)
Alexei one sided rivalry with Captain America kills me lmaoooo I wonder if he knows about Bucky lol
Melina and her pigs and her mind control thing (not saying it was good, but it was a great twist to know that yelena’s pain was in part thanks to her)
The four of them siting at the table in the same way they did all those years showing us that they are still bonded to those days. Also, the similarity in the set killed me.
Alexei and Yelena singing “Bye, Bye Miss American Pie”
The widow training in sync. While is bad bc of mind control, i think it also cool having all these women being badass in sync.
I’m sorry but i can’t help but love taskmaster and the way she can mimic very well every avenger. Specially T’Challa (listen i cried when i saw that, i was actually expecting the wakanda soundtrack to pop out. it hurts)
Nat using the same tactics she used on Loki and Dreykov hitting her while she doesn’t have a defense. That showcase abuse from men into women.
Nat breaking her nose and then putting it back again?? girl i’m her and i faint lmaoo
Melina’s intelligence while fighting is still perfect for me. She choosing the smarter way all the time.
Yelena doing Nat pose and then going “disgusting” 😂
Also Yelena on the operation table going “This is a less cooler way to die” (i mean she is not wrong, imagine if the open your head to meddle with your brain, ugggh)
The fact that Nat took out her batons to fight a bunch of widow while she knew she didn’t stand a chance. (Steve getting ready to fight Thanos army :(((( ALONE, best friends shit)
Yelena and Nat bickering until the final moment. When she went to Nat “I take it out in 3” and she just takes it out without counting and Nat looks at her like “Bitch???”
Nat letting Antonia out?? even tho she knew she was gonna try to kill her? amazing
Yelena sacrificing yourself
But Nat won’t let her die so easily so ofc she jumps in a perfect form to save her little sister.
Then Nat let’s go to go for Antonia. (GIRL STOP BEING SO CONFIDENT WHILE FIGHTING)
Yelena “we are both upside down) and their hug.
Alexei recognising that he have been screwing up everything until the last moment so in the end he opts for take Nat hand and shut up.
Yelena giving Nat the vest, let me cry, let me cry 😭
The whistle LET ME CRY, LET ME CRY.
the widows coming back for Yelena and Antonia 😭😭😭
The ending while Nat drives away and the Avengers music plays 😭😭😭😭😭😭
“Let’s go Fanny”
Yelena in her own amazing style, showcasing that she finally gets to make her own decisions 😭
The whistle and the tomb (and me waiting for a whistle back 😭😭)
Also while i know that this maybe have nothing to do i will like to think that it has a lot to do.
When Alexei was giving the speech and saying “You should only sacrifice yourself for something...” probably “bigger” or “important”
I like to think that Yelena heard that so she did the sacrifice.
At the same time I like to think that Nat also heard about it, that maybe he told her in the end so she kept that in mind in “Endgame”
It could be only Marvel fucking around, but i like to think that they both heard Alexei’s speech.
Anyways, i’m gonna go cry now.
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palbabor-writes · 6 months ago
i've said it before and i'll say it again lmao, the differences between anime dabi and manga dabi are so wild. anime dabi for some reason got broader shoulders and a wide chin that probably tries to emulate his dad, and makes him bigger than he actually is. Bones clearly doesn't love him because they also gave anime dabi those stoned ass eyes that make him look like he's been tripping balls for days and a tiny head stuck between those wide shoulders. so you get a man that looks like
Tumblr media
i mean i suppose if there's one thing that i can appreciate, it's his tits. but i honestly do prefer manga dabi, who has the delicate, rounded face he inherited from mama Rei lmao
1000% agree. and you are so right to say it my friend!
plus, lovely anime tits aside, dabi just isn’t a bulky guy. nothing in his appearance & clothing choices suggests that either.
he’s a limited, short burst fighter who prefers sneak attacks to drawn out battles - his bodily incompatibility with his quirk also makes a long fight fairly impossible - so he’s not going to be brawny. he’s just not. & Horikoshi doesn’t draw him that way.
Tumblr media
his clothes hang and he has his belt notched to one of the furthest loops. this, to me, implies that he’s got more of Rei’s build than his fathers. so imma give BONES 3 outta 10 for that part of his design.
warnings: spoilers for upcoming anime bits/manga spoilers from 219 on below the cut
speaking of Rei! i love the reflection of her in Dabi’s panicked stare with his fight with Geten.
Tumblr media
and here’s Rei right before she splashes Shōto with boiling hot water.
Tumblr media
they’re so much alike & we love to see it.
but my biggest, uggggh, with the anime has been the Dabi/Endeavor fight.
like come on.
it’s already outta order, & should have been shown in season 4, but i was so bummed with how he looked during that all important appearance.
we got this:
Tumblr media
when we had the beauty of this:
Tumblr media
the shading. the steam that’s curled around him. the intricacies of his staples, jacket, SKIN. he looks so freaking good - like you could reach out and touch that roughness & raw anger that’s simmering beneath the surface. it’s just… ugggh.
so once again, manga dabi is vastly superior to anime Dabi. in every way. and his animation makes me so nervous for Tomura’s arc. please BONES, toss us all a bone and make him look nice. please :(((
OH! and one last thing…while i got you.
loathed that this was cut out ENTIRELY:
Tumblr media
wah! gimme my Frankenstein reference. i was ready & waiting for it. so why u cut?? why hurt me like this?
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mamisolohd · a month ago
mshd s2 spoilers! 🚨
Tumblr media
Hey @gabxe07 (I'm replying like this because this blog is a side blog and I can't reply in the replies I hate tumblr ugggh), I did!!!! I didn't want to post it here cuz I couldn't find the videos on my Netflix. Mine’s still on s1 😫 Anyways who cares!!! Ceci!!! I love her so much!!!! And Ro too<3 I'm really liking how they're developing the kids, looks very promising! But apparently Ana remembers everything?? Her whole 1x09 vibe in general, being so close and touchy feely with Mariana, the gazes, the vows at the baptism like she did all that knowing she kissed her? lmaoo oh Ana, she'll be in denial for a while. And she's SO defensive. We'll give her some time. But how does she know though? Did someone tell her or does she only remember that part? xD Also her accusing Mariana for drugging her, like???? The nerve. Idk what happens next but from the clips at least, I'm exciteeed!
Man I wasn't expecting any of this happening. I thought Ana wasn't remembering any of it and she would be annoying Mariana with the whole confundida thing until Mariana eventually would tell her maybe halfway through the season. But from that short clip I'm really loving how it all went down. With with the kids there and everything, possibly in the very first episode? The chaos of it all... I liked the overall vibe from all the clips. Seems to be like in s1!
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peralta-guaranteed · 5 months ago
the series started with jake and amy so it should end with them too. maybe jake will go to the office after his shift and say something like "captain". the camera swings around and amy smiles at him and says "detective" or whatever he is until then and she grabs her bag. they go and we see photos on the shelf behind her chair of the 99 family.
Tbh now that people mentioned it I'm really rooting for Jake to get an FBI job... Like.. Getting out of the cop business while still doing the investigative stuff he loves.. I know the FBI irl is not much better then the NYPD but still 😭
Maybe something about Capt. Santiago having her squad work with the FBI on some case and everyone's all Ugggh they gonna steal the case... And she's just 'nah. I know the agent. 😏'
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lucky-svn · 4 years ago
bitch i’m fucking crying
i love bts so much
i just want them to get the genuine recognition they deserve because they deserve so so so much
like wtf i’ve never felt like this about artists who i don’t even personally know
i just love bts so much 
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not-close-to-straight · 3 months ago
UM WOW I JUST FINISHED SUGAR SEEKING SUGAR & I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY! I made the mistake of starting it at work so I was pretty much useless my whole shift. ALSO I got a second job and I’m so close to blowing my whole paycheck to commission you for Buck/Nat/Clint sequel 😩. The perfect amount of angst & fluff. STEVE TAKING CARE OF TONY JESUS FUCK I love them sm. I think my absolute favorite part was when Steve was about to kick Bucky’s ass for using a comment (need me a partner like that 😭) Howard???? What a dick I always hate him bc he reminds me of my dad where he can’t take responsibility for his fuck ups let alone acknowledge them 😤 but Steve not even letting Peter see him ! As he should the best Papa. Also the part where Tony started crying bc Peter willing went to Steve ugggh my heart melted. How’s life? I haven’t been on Tumblr much bc Life™. How are the #useless animals? I also need some pics of your baking so I can drool over them pls 😩. Do you need anything rn? I also wanted to send you something but I wasn’t sure what you need/want? Any funko pops you were looking @? I just bought 4 Hamilton funko pops bc I’m such a nerd. I’m scrolling through your AO3 & I have plans to binge read so I will be squealing more at you tmrw lmao love you 💜💜💜💜
I was just thinking about you the other day, about how I hadn't seen you for a while and I was hoping you were doing alright!
Sugar Seeking Sugar was GOOD right? I love every word of how that fic turned out and I love how many of my readers LOVED it!
Congrats on the second job but also yikes, make sure not to get too burnt out especially pre-holiday season when all the Crazies show up ready to unleash undeserved wrath on customer service people!
Life has been... exactly how 2020 and 2021 have been lol I'm ready for the next part?? The pets are okay, Mocha turned 13 this year (as best as i can tell, it's hard to get correct age with rescues) and after surgery last year to remove a huge growth on her neck, she's just been going downhill. She's barely walking most mornings, absolutely stone deaf and I think her visions fading too and that makes me very sad. Misha is as predictably useless as ever and my shoulder is absolutely maimed with scratch marks because I don't believe in declawing and Misha believes in leaping onto me from any available surface because its Winter Robe season and she loves to cuddle my robe. So you know, good things!
Oooooh Funko pops! I always get a couple for Christmas from my readers and this year I'm totally eying the Black Widow/ Yelena ones because I don't have any yet. ALSO I really want a Black Panther/Okoye one because I don't have those either.
I hope you're doing good! Miss talking with you!
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blackhakumen · 6 months ago
Mini Fanfic #808: Enter Team Dark (Sonic X SSBU)
10:34 p.m. at Game Guy's Casino.......
'Loud Sirens'
Shadow, Rouge, and Omega starts running away from an angry Game Guy and his group of security guards and hounds.
Guard Hounds: (Barks Angrily at the Running Trio)
Shadow: Rouge, this is the last time we're ever letting you take charge in gambling. Or even going to anymore casinos for that matter....
Omega: I agree to that motion.
Rouge: ('Sigh') Okay, look, before you boys starting pointing fingers, just know that none of this would've happened if that stupid Game Guy didn't try and cheat first.
Shadow: Does the saying "Two Wrongs, Doesn't Make a Right" never occur to you throughout your life? You didn't have to stoop to his level to begin with.
Rouge: (Starts Rolling her Eyes) Well, excuse me for having a weaker moral compass than yours, DAD! But you know just as well as I do that I don't let that kind of thing slide.
Shadow: (Starts Rolling his Eyes Himself) Yet you have no problem trying to steal the Master Emerald.....
Rouge: (Glares at Shadow) Hey! I don't do that anymore. That's all behind me now.
Shadow: Is this all because you're dating Knuckles?
Rouge: You're goddamn right. And as much as love to tell you how much that handsome knucklehead of an echidna means to me, I think now will be a perfect time for you to warp us out of here.
Shadow: Can't. I left the Emerald back at home.
Rouge: (Eyes Widened in Complete Shock) You WHAT!? WHY!?
Shadow: Because I thought since we were going to a relaxing, trouble and stress free vacation, I wouldn't have any use for it. Guess you proved me wrong.
Rouge: ('Ugggh') What are we going to do now? We can't out run them forever!
Omega: Fear not, companions! I have just now thought of a perfect plan for our escape!
Shadow: (Turns Back to Omega Along with Rouge) You have?
Rouge: What's the plan, sweetie?
Omega: (Pulls Something Put From his Fanny Pack) We can use these Dimensional Rings to sent us away from our current location.
Rouge: (Eyes Widened in Shock) Wait. You have them this entire time? How!?
Omega: Futuba Sakura had given them to me before our departure from the airport. She informed me to use them to visit her and the rest of the Smash Family in Isle Defino.
Shadow: Since when did you two started interacting with one another?
Omega: We have interacted on multiple occasions. She even invited ROB and I to Dungeons & Dragons on most nights. (Smiles Brightly) We are known as highly skilled alchemists of our party.
Shadow: (Smiles Softly at the E-Series Robot) That sounds great, Omega.
Rouge: (Already Started Gushing Over Everything Omega Said) Awwwww~ My baby's making new friends!~
Shadow: Okay. (Takes One of the Dimensional Rings From Omega's Claw Hand) I think it's time for us to leave now.
Shadow turns himself back around to throw the ring in front of them, causing it to enlarge itself while creating a portal.
Shadow: You two are ready?
Rouge: Yep.
Omega: Affirmative!
Shadow: Great. Let's go.
With a simple boost in speed, Team Dark has successfully when into the ring, leading them to their requested destination. It wasn't long until the ring itself managed to disappeared right in front of Game Guy's Eyes in time.
1:45 p.m. at Isle Defino......
It was a normal day in the tropical, resort like island....That is until a Giant, Rotating Ring sudden appears in the middle of it before slowing down stopping while showing Team Dark jumping out of it.
Rouge: (Starts Getting Herself Up From the Ground While Stretching her Back a Little) That.....was a close one.
Shadow: (Sighs While Getting Himself Up While Picking the Ring Up From the Ground) Yeah. Too close for our comfort.... (Turns to Omega) Are we at the right place, Omega?
Omega: (Uses his Eyes to Briefly Scan Around the Place) According to my sensors.....(Turns Back to Shadow and Rouge with a Thumbs Up) We are, indeed, in the correct destination.
Rouge: (Starts Looking Around the Place) So this is Isle Defino, huh? (Smirks a Little) Looks lovely.
Shadow: I can agree to that. Oddly enough, this is the place where father has gotten arrested at in the past.
Rouge: (Turns to Shadow with a Bit of a Surprised Look on her Face) Seriously? What did he do?
Shadow: Nothing. According to mother, he was falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit.
Rouge: ('Sigh') Ah jeez..... Well, here's hoping bygones be bygones for then I suppose.
Shadow: Agreed. But in the meantime, I'm gonna find ourselves a hotel room to stay in. (Walks Away) You two are welcome to come along if you like.
Omega: I will accompany you. (Follows Behind Shadow)
Rouge: You two go on ahead! (Walks Away in the Opposite Direction) I'm gonna a take a tour around the place.
Shadow: 'Kay.
Few Minutes Later at the Beach Side of Isle Defino.......
Rouge: (Sighs Relaxingly While Sitting on the Laid Back Bench Tail While Wearing a Bathing Suit) This is true paradise~
????: Enjoying the tour?
Rouge: (Looks up and See Shadow and Omega Looking Down at Her) Oh very. If I'd known this place would be this nice, I would've convince you to come here sooner. Did you boys find us a room?
Shadow: The hotel manager told us that the entire rooms are full. So we decided to rent one of the cottage houses nearby.
Rouge: Neat. So you two have any plans here in the meantime? I'm already planning on relaxing here~
Omega: I plan on exploring and learning about this island as much as possible!
Shadow: (Place his Hand on his Chin) I haven't really about it until now.... But I guess I could start by finding where everyone else is at first-
?????: (From the Distance) HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS! Shadow, Rouge, and Omega are here!!
The trio turns and see a few familiar faces (Sonic, Amy, Tails, The Phantom Thieves, and etc.) making their way to them while sone cheering Shadow's name.
Rouge: There's everyone.
Shadow: I can see thATT! (Immediately Gets Pulled into a Group Hug)
Futuba: (Happily Rushes Over to Omega and Hugs Him) Omega-Kun!~ You came.
Omega: (Smiles Brightly While Gently Patting the Top of Futuba's Head) Yes. That I have, Futuba Sakura.
Futuba: (Giggles Softly) Dude, come on. You don't have to keep calling me by my full name. Futuba is fine enough as it is.
R.O.B.: (Happily Claps his Mechanic Hands Together While Making his Way to the Duo)
Omega: (Smiles Brightly at his Robotic Friend) R.O.B!!
Sonic: (Place his Arm Around Shadow With a Playful Smirk on his Face) It's been a while, faker.
Shadow: Sonic. (Starts Rolling his Eyes a Little) I see that your as hyperactive as usual.
Sonic: And you're just as moody as you've always been.
Tails: What made you guys come here in the first place?
Shadow: Well, due to a.....(Glares at Rouge) "certain" incident that happened back at the Casino.....
Rouge: (Sticks her Tongue Out at the Black Hedgehog)
Shadow: We decided to come here for the rest of our vacati-
Before he could finish his sentence, Shadow suddenly felt something hugging the lower half of his body. He looks down and see that it was none other than his adopted little sister, Hat Kid.
Shadow: (Chuckles Lightly) Hey there, you. It's been a while. (Gently Ruffles the Top of Hat Kid's Head) Did you miss me?
Sonic: Like crazy. The poor kiddo has been like that since we first got here.
Shadow: Really now? (Turns Back to Hat Kid) Is that true?
Hat Kid: (Happily Nodded) Mmhmm.
Shadow: (Chuckles Lightly Once More Before Kneeling Down to Hat Kid's Level) Well, you have nothing to worry about now that I'm here. And I can assure you that I won't be going anywhere else soon. So let's continue to enjoy the rest of the vacation together now, okay?
Hat Kid: (Nodded in Agreement Before Hugging Shadow Lovingly Again) I love you, Shadow.
Shadow: (Finally Hugs Hat Kid Back) I love you too, little siste-
?????: MY BABY!!!!~
And with that, Shadow suddenly gets hug tackled by Mario and Peach. And all was good in the world.
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darrenpillowscriss · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Fitz in pain breaks my heart
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rikalovesrice · 10 months ago
This a Magical Siblings ficlet written for my wonderful friend @nikibogwater
Prompt : Sick! Douxie
For nine hundred years Douxie had somehow evaded death. Nine hundred years of protecting the material plane. Fighting monsters, taming monsters, falling from great heights trying to run from monsters.....And not to mention going toe to toe with the Arcane Order, a zombified King Arthur, and Jim Lake turned mind-controlled hulking brute of a beast.
But no. A bloody fever is what was going to do him in. 
Had the Plague been this bad? In his current haze of feeling way too hot and burning aches in his everywhere, Douxie couldn’t even remember. 
“Ugh, this is bloody the worst,” Douxie groaned, long and loud, running a sweaty palm down his warm sweaty face. Even in the thinnest tank top he had and roomy boxers and the airiest bedsheet they could find, Douxie was burning alive. He coughed harshly into his fist and rolled over. Archie, who was sitting next to his head, bent down and gave Douxie’s temple a lick.
“Nari will back in just a moment,” Archie said, then chuckled. “Always mewling like a kitten when you have so much as a stuffy nose.”
“What, I do not -- ugggh....” The slight but quick motion of Douxie angling his head to glare at Archie had his head pounding and spinning. With a huge huff, Douxie lazily rolled back onto his back, wincing as he went, took a deep breath, and droned out to the ceiling, “Naaaaaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiiii.......”
“I am here, I am here!” Her soft voice trickled in from the hallway through the ajar door. Nari peeked in before stepping inside, holding a silver tray of cold medicine, a cup of soup, a glass of iced tea, and a fresh wet towel. 
Archie hopped across Douxie and landed next to his side as Nari placed the tray on the bedside table. Nari got to work helping Douxie sit up, propping his pillow behind his back just enough to where he wasn’t lying flat. She then held out two tablets of cold medicine and the tea, at which Douxie grumbled as he took them into his own hands. Gods, he despised taking medicine. But at the expectant looks being thrown at him by his feline familiar and a small forest goddess, and the fact that this was centuries better then blood letting, Douxie chucked the tablets and chugged the iced tea down his gullet. The bitter taste of the meds was quickly washed away by the more than welcomed coolness of the iced tea. The cup was empty in seconds.
“Very good, Douxie,” Nari said, taking the cup. Next was the soup, a small vegetable medley of sorts. Douxie could make out chunks of celery, carrots, potatoes, and shreds of tomatoes floating in a red, tomato-y broth. Nari scooped one spoonful, blew on it gently, and brought it towards Douxie’s mouth.
“Say ‘ah’!” Nari said, opening her own mouth wide.
Douxie couldn’t help but snicker. “Ahhh....”
It wasn’t the most flavorful thing he’d had, but the pleasant warmth of the soup coursing through his body soothed his aching bones. 
Archie scoffed. “He listens to you nicely, Nari.”
“Maybe because Nari’s nice, Arch,” Douxie retorted, a teasing glint in his eye. Nari giggled, feeding Douxie another spoonful. When the soup was gone, Nari held Douxie’s shoulder and placed her other hand on his chest as she helped ease him back down. Douxie sighed as his head was cushioned once again and smiled softly when Nari placed her little hand on his forehead. He closed his eyes as she began to run her fingers through his damp hair. Archie settled into a loaf position right next to him, nuzzling Douxie’s neck and chin.
Nari fetched the wet towel off the silver tray and began to gently dab around Douxie’s face, shoulders, and collarbone. The coolness of the towel was overwhelming relief against his heated skin. Douxie’s gaze wandered over to Nari. Just looking at her made Douxie’s heart swell with endearment.
“Thank you, Nari,” he managed to croak out. Douxie let out another blissful sigh when Nari folded the towel into a neat rectangle and set it across his forehead. “You make a wonderful little doctor.”
Nari giggled. “It is my delight, Douxie. I have tended to many sick creatures before. So of course I shall care for you.” Douxie’s turned his head to look at her straight on as she cupped his cheek, the towel on his forehead slipping ever so slightly. Her eyes grew soft. “It is what I promised, after all.”
Douxie smiled, holding her little hand on his cheek. “Likewise, Nari.” Archie began to purr beside him, curling into the crook of Douxie’s neck and shoulder. 
“I shall put these away,” Nari said, looking over at the empty dishes on the silver tray. Before she could pull away, Douxie gently held Nari’s hand a little tighter. Nari raised a brow. “Yes, Douxie?”
“Stay?” he said, flushing a bit because maybe Archie was right and he was kind of being a baby. The little menace chuckled next to him.
Nari was still for a moment, then she smiled softly. “Yes, Douxie. I will stay.” Nari pulled up a chair and crouched atop of it, holding Douxie’s hand as her other hand once again combed through his hair. She knew he loved it when she did that, evident by the look of complete contentment on his face.
A few moments later, Douxie was snoring softly.
Nari couldn’t help the rush of affection that swept through as she watched Douxie’s sleeping face. Her poor Douxie never got any rest, though he certainly needed and deserved it. There was a pang in her heart, as she knew she was now part of the reason why Douxie couldn’t afford hardly one peaceful moment of rest. 
Thank you, you had said. 
Nari ran her fingers through Douxie’s soft hair one more time before cradling his cheek, smoothing her thumb over his many freckles. She leaned over the edge of the bed and placed a kiss over Douxie’s brow. Then she stood and quietly picked the tray up off the table, ever light-footed as she stepped out of the room.
It is the least I can do for you. 
But when the time came, and long, long after into the rest of forever, Nari knew she would do so much more.
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mywritingonlyfans · 3 months ago
HEY SARA (you're the same person from the going out with someone who looks like victoria, tight) UGGGH THAT'S LOVELY TO READ, I'M REALLY GLAD FOR YOU BABE ♥️♥️
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pinepickled · 21 days ago
Tokyo Ghoul for the fandom ask? ^^
Thank you for the ask elm! I love doing these~
Favourite Female: Yoriko! She was always such an interesting character, always trying to look out for Touka and having a very mellow personality, even with an inner strength. I would have loved to see how she fit with Touka more, but sadly Re kind of did her dirty :( I have an au where she is a serial killer and is so because she wants to be able to feed Touka properly, but we'll see if it ever gets written.
Favourite Male: Hide~ Another friend of a ghoul who didn't get as much screen time as he should have, I loved how Hide was so important to Kaneki and how he was able to convince his friend to keep living even if he wasn't there- or was he?? Dun dun dun~
3 Other Favourite Characters: Amon, Uta, and Renji! They're all so interesting as characters, especially Uta and Renji. Their pasts in the 4th ward, their relationship to each other, the way they became who they are and their little quirks- like Renji praying over a dead body and Uta's whole thing- were all so cool!
3 OTPs: Kaneki/Hide, Touka/Yoriko, Uta/Renji X) unsurprising
Notp: Kaneki/Touka. I just didn't like how it was done in the manga, it felt bland and rushed and just... like the mangaka wanted his hero to get the girl without doing any of the work to make it work.
Funniest character: Tsukiyama lolll he never failed to deliver a laugh with extra dramatic flair!
Prettiest character: Kaneki, hands down. Sui Ishida has such a beautiful art style, and he really draws his protagonist to be such a handsome man. Like just look at this.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Most Annoying Character: ugggh, almost all of the new people in Re? I don't like stories that all of a sudden introduce new characters after a time skip like re did, it's just a trope that's not my cup of tea, so I didn't like most of them from start to end. Urie was okay, the rest not so much.
Most badass character: This is hard, Tokyo Ghoul has had some amazing fight scenes. I'd say it's like a 5 way tie between Arima, Uta, Renji, Touka, and Kaneki X)
Character I’d like as my BFF: Yoriko! She'd take care of me and i need more friends like that lol.
Female Character I’d Marry: Also Yoriko. We love Yoriko on this blog.
Male Character I’d Marry: Uta! I like the fun artist in him, but he's also crazy so idk ://// jk i love that about him. Uta definitely.
Character I hate/dislike/least like: Tie between Mutsuki and Saiko
thank you again! I love talking about Tokyo Ghoul but the fandom is kind of dead and I've been too tired to write fic X)
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rhonda-sayeed · 9 months ago
Bloodbound: Queen's Heart Book 2 Chapter 22
Kamilah x MC (written in second person prospective like in Choices)
I don't own these characters. They are the property of Pixelberry.
Warnings: A very much implied massacre.
1392 words
Tag List: @kamilah-is-queen @samanthadalton @somethindarker @danna-min-sinclair @witchesplayatnight @hellyeah90sbaby @glowriter @mrs-avamontjoy
Kamilah mouths ‘hemlock’ as you cringe, when looking in her direction. She can’t hide the worry through the bond.
Gathering yourself, you take his hand and let him lead you away.
As you suspected, the ‘tour’ truly goes nowhere but right into the closest bedroom.
“I know the tour was a little short. I just…” He puts on a play, with an awful wannabe prettyboy pout, “To think Kamilah would keep you to herself…”
You look around the bedroom. Candles burn everywhere, a fire burns in a fireplace. The shadows dance and loom around. Yeah, you’re in a Rice novel.
You spot some wine and glasses on a table by the bed. You immediately walk over to it. You make sure he is not watching you, as you carefully crush up the hemlock into his glass.
You pour the wine over it and take the glasses to him. He smiles at you, “You’re ever so attentive.” He sits down on a sofa. You try not to be too reluctant, when sitting beside him.
“It is quite odd for Kamilah and Adrian to show up, after all this time. Don’t you agree?”
Gulp. You take a sip of your wine to recover quickly, “Kamilah likes to spoil her mortal pet. When she told me that you were real and about your exploits, I knew I had to come meet you. And she can never quite say no to me…”
You are able to relax slightly, when he takes a big swig of the wine.
“Kamilah is very lucky. It makes me want to take you, myself.” He bats his lashes, “Perhaps you could be convinced?”
(Not in a million years, ass wipe.)
Your eyes flit down to his necklace, “I really love that jewel…” You heavily insinuate.
“Oh! Well… If…” He’s getting a little too excited, but he does remove the necklace and hands it over.
You clutch it in your hand, protectively and try to come up with a plan to make a hasty exit.
“Well…?” He stops and starts to choke and sputter. “…ugggh…” His eyes narrow at you. “Give me back the Eye.”
“Oh dear. Are you well?” You feign concern and hope it sells. You were never really good at acting.
You hurriedly get to your feet. Even drugged he is a little faster and grips your wrist hard enough, you already feel the bruises forming.
“Let. Go. Of. ME!” You twirl around and kick him right in the balls. His eyes roll to the back of his head and passes clean out.
As you make your way out the door, you hear voices. They come from some sort of walkie talkie, “Troops are in pursuit. Remember Balthazar wants Kamilah and Adrian captured alive.”
(What? Ooooh! Crap!)
Panic grips you, and you lift up the skirts to your dress and run out the room and make a direct beeline towards the others.
You hiccup and swallow, which only makes you choke. You clutch your chest. Kamilah is right on you, grabbing your shoulders.
“Shh… Shh… Breathe…” You shove the Eye into her hands.
“You got it! I am so proud of you.” She kisses your forehead.
“Never mind that! Dracula is working for the order. They are on their way. They mentioned you and Adrian by name. They want you captured alive.” You feel faint and Kamilah is there to catch you.
“This whole ball was a trap, that bastard!” Kamilah has never been so fierce with her frustration.
“We have to get out of here, NOW.” Adrian, too is just as mad.
“But what about the others?” Jax, as usual is more concerned for the other vampires.
“They can’t sabotage the mission; they are just here for us.” Kamilah answers.
She takes your hand and begins to leave through the back doors, “There is an underground tunnel, we should safely avoid them, when we get there.”
You catch the familiar glimpses of white, as they sneak around outside the castle.
And what luck too. There is a tapestry that needs your attention right now. You can’t ignore it. You let it slip into your hand.
You are somewhere in Europe, during the medieval period. In a warm bedroom. A fireplace is the only source of light.
…and under the covers snuggled together is no other than Kamilah and Gaius.
(No. No. No.)
You feel a supreme queasiness to your stomach.
He praises her in that manipulative way that he does. She really begins to question it. She wonders why he views her as his queen.
You have just enough strength to cover your eyes. At least you don’t have to look at them.
He explains why he thinks she is his queen. Then decides to speak of Rheya, how she is so great. Kamilah gets jealous or maybe there is something else. It is hard to tell.
He playfully admonishes her over the jealousy. She shakes herself out of it. You hear them shuffling out of the bed.
You open your eyes and see them looking out the window. Below the village is in ruins. Dead Order knights are strewn about, as well as half the village.
They speak of a feast and finish off wiping everyone else out. It is a brutal slaughter. You knew Kamilah had a dark history…
You don’t realize it, but you are trying to fight Kamilah. When you return to your body. You are screaming at her incoherently. At first, she is looking at you in horror.
“…all those people, Kamilah! With him! There is so much blood everywhere!” You hear your voice as so far away from your body.
She pulls your back to her front, and wraps her hand around your mouth.
The others are horrified and look at you both in confusion.
“She gets like this, every so often. I don’t know why. It is getting worse and worse.” The worry in her voice is unmistakable.
Despite being exhausted, you still try to fight against her. She holding you like that, makes your skin crawl. You want nothing more to wither away and die, just to get away from her.
“Amy!” You feel her squeeze your mouth a little harder until, it puts you to sleep.
You wake up on the sofa in Kamilah’s condo. It is just you and her.
“Amy. I am sorry.” You feel her heartbreaking, as she strokes the hair from your face. She is on her knees, beside you.
“You were freaking out; I had no other choice. If I had not, they would have discovered us.”
You take her hand and kiss her fingertips. “It is okay. Don’t feel bad. I don’t remember it.” You just remember her last words before she knocked you out.
“We need to figure out what is wrong. I think I know why…” She searches your face, as if it could come up with answers.
“Your mother…”
“Hm? What about her?”
You see her chest rising and falling, contemplating her next words, “You said, she would freak out about blood?”
You swallow heavily and shake her head, “Kamilah don’t please…” You know exactly what she is getting at. You start to sob and shake your head.
“Shh. I won’t, darling. I won’t.” She draws you to her lap and cradles you until you feel safe and warm.
Later, she helps you change and clean up. You go to her office, where the others warily wait for you.
Kamilah breaks the tension in the air and walks over to the desk, to hand you the Eye and open the Book of Blood, “Care to do the honors, Amy?”
You blink, “Oh! Uh! Sure.” Taking the eye, you hold it over the book and a map appears on the pages. “I see it! I SEE IT!”
“Impressive.” Smiling, Kamilah says.
“That is some Indiana Jones ish, right there.” Lily pumps a fist in the air.
“So? Where is it?” Jax asks impatiently.
“Um… Mydiea… Off the coast of Grease.” You strain to read.
“On it!” Lily boots up her laptop. “It says here that the entire island is owned by Labrys Industries.”
Kamilah sighs, and Adrian scowls.
“That is a shell company owned by Balthazar.” He says tiredly.
“…we never catch a break, do we?” You slump your shoulders.
“That we very much do not.” Jax agrees.
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I have an idea for something you could write is you are interested. Say someone on the team, maybe James, has a panic attack or on anxiety attack for the first time at practice. Then Remus notices and has to help them calm down and tell them what happened. If it's James it would probably make him realize that that experience is something Sirius has gone through a lot and maybe he would talk to him about it? I hope you like the idea! :)
So I’m having a ✨mental breakdown✨ right now and what better way to cope than this prompt, right? I truly do love this prompt and have been excited to write it since I got it and ignoring my biofuels midterm that’s due in a few hours seems like a great time to do so.
Thank you for the prompts, y’all keep sending them in and I will do my best to get to them A-SAP!
I sort of took this idea and ran away with it, hope you like it anyway.
Credit to the amazing @lumosinlove​ for this amazing hockey family.
TW: Panic attack.
James had been off for the last few days of practice, but it was understandable. He had a two-month baby at home who had come down with something. Though it was almost without a doubt just a cold, he was really worked up about it. But that didn’t seem to be the sole reason. Every time anyone came near him in practice, he flinched away; each time he was hit, it took him a minute to shake it off.
They were doing some line work, three on three, and Nado lightly checked James into the boards right next to the bench. It wasn’t a particularly rough hit as it was just practice, but James was knocked down and didn’t get up immediately. In fact, he leaned his back against the boards and curled his knees into his chest, tucking his head against his knees, hands going to the back of his neck. His helmet, that hadn’t been quite secure, was a few feel away, knocked off from the collision with the boards.
As the game continued, James didn’t move. No one seemed to realize he had never gotten up until Sirius down the ice shouted for him to try and pass but then realized his line mate was no where in sight. His eyes scanned the rink quickly and found James. He shouted for a time out, making Remus look up to see what was wrong and following Sirius’ gaze to a hyperventilating James.
Remus hopped the bench and got to James, motioning everyone to stay back. “Pots?” He asked quietly, so not to spook him. “Pots, can you hear me?”
A moment passed and there was no other response that a gasp from James; it sounded as if he were holding back sobs.
“James, hey, listen to me. You need to breathe. Are you hurt?”
Again, no response.
“James,” Remus reached out a tentative hand and placed it on his shoulder. “What hurts? What’s going on? Talk to me, James.”
Another gasp as a sob escaped him. “Harry.” Was all he could manage to get out.
“What about Harry? He’s home. Lily said he was doing good this morning.”
“What- what if he- doesn’t get better? He’s not sleeping.”
“He will. He is. He’s going to be just fine. Have you been sleeping?”
“But. I need to be there for him. And what if I get hurt- Then what happens to them?” He gasped out.
“You’ll be fine. James, just breathe for me okay?”
“But if I’m not there for them…”
“James. No. Stop thinking like that. Breathe.”
“I can’t. I can’t stop thinking. There so much that could happen. If I lose them-”
“James.” Remus’ voice was more firm now.
“What’s happening? Why won’t it stop?!”
“James. You’re having a panic attack. Breathe with me, alright. Just listen to my voice and try not to think. I’m right here. Harry and Lily are just fine. They’re home, doing well. Lily texted me at the start of practice a picture of Harry finally down for a nap.” Remus reached into his pocket to bring out his phone, pulling up the picture and holding it out to James. “See? Sleeping, happy as can be.”
James slowly looked up, left hand reaching out to gently take the phone from Remus. His right hand moved to slowly trace his fingers over the image a Harry asleep in his crib, not a hour earlier. “He’s gonna be okay?” was all he managed to rasp out.
“Yes. He’ll be just fine. So will you, just try to take deep breaths.” Remus moved his hand slightly down James’ shoulder to start to pull away but James reached across is body with his right arm to catch Remus’ hand and hold it to his shoulder. The touch seemed to help ground him, so Remus gave his shoulder a squeeze and didn’t lighten up.
After another minute, James breathing returned to normal and he looked absolutely exhausted. This close, Remus noticed the dark circles under his eyes, a staple of most newborn parents.
“Let’s get you up, yeah? Take a walk to the PT room.” Remus suggested.
James only nodded and Remus motioned for Sirius to come over and help him get the drained man to his feet. Sirius offered a hand to both of them, pulling them both up at the same time. He instinctively moved to put an arm around James, who swayed a little, and helped him off the ice with Remus just behind them.
“Fuck. Is this… Is this what you went through?”
Sirius gave him a puzzled look, then understood. His first year or so with the Lions. When he first became friends with James, rooming with him on the road. He’s seen some of it. And what Dumo must’ve shared with him later on.
Softly, Sirius answered, “Oui.” It was all he could manage to say.
“How did you get through this? On your own?”
“Some days I really don’t know. The Lions, you guys helped. Dumo. You.”
“You never let me help you.”
“But you did. You just didn’t realize it. You where there. You became more than my teammate. Like a brother to me.” Sirius was still talking softly as he let James into the locker room and into the PT room where he sat him down on the exam table.
“Get some rest, mon frère. You’re exhausted, that’s probably what caused it.”
“He’s right. You need to sleep.” Remus spoke for the first time since on the ice.
“You two sound like Lily.”
“Smart woman, that one. She said to “have a sleepover at Cap’s house” tonight and get some sleep before we leave for the roadie in a couple days.” Remus said, tucking his phone back into his pocket finally.
“When did she say that? What about her? She can’t take care of Harry all by herself and-”
“She said it just now. I texted her. You can swing by home and drop me off while you grab some things to head over to our house. Though she most definitely CAN take care of Harry, I’ll give her a hand. By the looks of you, she could probably use some rest too.”
“No buts.” Sirius stated as he pushed James down to a lying position on the table. “Rest a bit, practice will be over soon anyway.” He turned to head towards the door.
“Nope. Don’t want to hear it.” Remus sing-songed.
“WAIT. Have you two ever… uh, here?” He pointed meekly at the table.
“REST.” They both said, walking out the door and blushing a bit.
“Ugggh.” James said, dropping his head back to the table.
By the time the team started to file into the locker room after practice, Remus snuck into the PT room to find James fast asleep. He closed the door as he left and told the team to keep it down for a bit. That mostly worked. About 15 minutes later, it started to get a little rowdy with banter and James emerged rubbing his eyes from the PT room. He silently moved to strip out of his remaining gear that he hadn’t already taken off and take a rather long shower. By the time he was done, he’d barely spoken two words to anyone out of pure tiredness and found the only people left were Sirius and Remus waiting for him in the lounge.
They headed out together and while Sirius drove home to get the guest bedroom made up, phoning Reg to get a start on finding the spare sheets, James drove Remus back to his where he was greeted by hugs and kisses at the door by both Lily and Harry. It took a bit for him to get his stuff and head out, with Lily having to practically shove him out the door while Remus held a once again sleeping Harry in the living room.
After a night spent reluctantly away from his little family, James had to admit he did feel loads better after a full night’s sleep. It was the first time he had experienced that in, well, two months. Lily, though still woken by Harry’s cries, was ushered back to bed by Remus who insisted on staying up with him to let her get some rest as well…
“But- do you know-”
“Lily. You’ve met Jules, right? My much younger little brother? Who do you think watched him? I got this. Just lie down. I’ll come get you if I need something.”
“If you need anything-”
“Yes, I know. Now go.” Remus let a sweet smile cross his face and Lily just couldn’t argue with that. And she really wanted to sleep, so she conceded and curled up in bed.
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allthingskakashi · a year ago
Sober Tsunade taking a walk and comes across Kakashi's house and hears Kakashi breaking Y/N's back? And she likes bullies them about it the next day 
I should create a series called Lady Tsuande reacts to Kakashi and Y/N ugggh I love her so much she turned me bisexual 😩
Ana edit : Ahaha dhdhsjdjdj okay so they're in her office the next and she's like "hey kakashi, y/n did either of you hear any disturbance around the neighborhood last night?"
And they're like really confused and like "what disturbance? Where? We didn't hear anything"
And tsunade is just taking her time, enjoying this and she goes "yeah? Are you sure? I was convinced i heard something near the training grounds area, around 9 pm last night. Isn't that where you live, kakashi?"
And now kakashi and y/n are sortaaa starting to get the hang of it and they're so red and exchanging sheepish glances and just trying so hard to pretend like they donno what she's talking about so kakashi is like "nope I didn't hear anything" and then tsunade is "oh? Well I must be losing my mind then. Because I was sure i heard sounds like a hyena screeching coming from your apartment" and then y/n is losing it and she's like "it wasn't like a hyena screeching!" And tsunade is "hmm? Sorry? I thought you said you didn't hear anything?" And kakashi is both flustered and trying to stifle a laughter shsbbshsdj
Also, totally create a series cause i love it
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