#i truly hate it here
servegrilledcheese a day ago
sitting in my room shirtless in front of my little electric fan trying to cool down after getting drenched in sweat after a 10 minute walk to the grocery store
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jyizhou 3 months ago
all of us are dead spoilers
people who hate nayeon but love gwi nam ... i hate you like i rlly do. like literally dni??
nayeon was the most selfish student throughout the whole season and turned gyeongsu into a zombie because she was petty and wanted to win an argument because no one would listen to her. she also just generally has a nasty personality which people in general do not like. ( i don't like her personality either.)
but she felt guilty for what she did. she was obviously very upset at what happened as she kept seeing hallucinations of gyeong su no matter where she went. she wanted to give the other students the food and drinks from the storage room she was hiding in but stopped when she heard them shit talking her (which was deserved btw 馃槶) she wanted to give them a whole bag of food and the drinks on the rooftop and genuinely wanted to help them in the end. her teacher would've wanted that. and she did too.
but .. gwi nam ate her ass 馃拃
people dislike her and rightfully so!! i just don't get why you like gwi nam of all people instead. yeah he's probably the most interesting character in the show and the actor did an amazing job but you all overlook the things gwi nam did. you know why? because he's an attractive male character and y'all hate women, like there's literally no other reason for this.
gwi nam sexually harassed a female student on multiple occasions, took video's of her where she was half naked against her consent, was prepared to post it no matter what just to get some money. this had been going on for a while too, which you saw in the memories of eunji. she was constantly bullied, harassed by the bullies and by the boy (who's a fucking loser btw) she liked.
gwi nam was constantly ordered to do this yes, but did you see him? he's not afraid of those students. he killed the zombies on his way. he literally killed the principal for fucks sake why would he be afraid of the other bullies??? he literally killed the principal and blamed cheong san for it even though HE slashed the principal in the neck. HE was the one with the knife in his hand. he was threatening in the first place idg why he was blaming cheong san for it.
he's also the indirect reason for why that teacher started experimenting on his son which is the whole cause of the zombie outbreak. that means he has been a bully long enough to lead multiple students to actually want to die.
he was so vengeful and literally caused more problems for everyone for no reason other than that he felt like a god roaming through these hallways.
cheong san attacked him in self defense. gwi nam acted in petty revenge, you are literally a hambie in this zombie apocalypse and instead of trying to become a better person you decide to become even shittier???
and you might think, user li4ues, he's just a fictional character, let us like him in peace!! why are you so heated up about this?? it's not that deep and the answer is sorry, no!!! because this is a recurring problem in literally every fandom there is.
oh a woman has a nasty attitude and is not letting people walk over her like a doormat and she did one (1) crime and what does the audience do? they hate her.
oh a man has literally committed 17374848 crimes and also has a nasty attitude like the woman but he's attractive, what does the audience do? they like him. they love him even.
case in point, niiragi from alice in borderland. he almost r*ped usagi but what do the fans do??? they like him like wtf i like the actor too but y'all need to learn how to separate the actor from the character like im begging atp PLEEK. i thought it was common sense to not like the sexual offenders in shows??? but like i guess not.
this also happens often in the music industry like kpop. the difference between a male idol scandal and a female idol scandal is gigantic. the industry is incredibly biased and netizens are ruthless against these idols. a male idol gets the best legal team there is and even if they go to jail their sentence is incredibly short. a female idol ... gets nothing really.
y'all hate women over the smallest things but when a man does something far worse y'all are like 'my little meow meow did nothing wrong !!!'
women can't be the happy go lucky girl because the fans think theyre annoying (e. g. uraraka from bnha) they can't have too much autonomy either or else the fans think she's annoying too. they have to fit into this mold the fans have created for female characters. they need to be badass. they need to be not feminine. they need to be this. they need to be that. and if she's not, she's useless, bland or whatever. just say you hate women and go.
(notice how female characters are far more disliked than male characters? like just pick any fandom really and it's immediately very obvious. e.g genshin impact, a female main character such as lucy heartfilia. female side characters such as sakura from naruto. how the fandom views jules vaughn vs cal jacobs after his backstory in euphoria.)
im actually appalled with all the simp posts i have seen for niiragi and gwi nam like?! show me clear signs of mental illness without actually showing me clear signs of mental illness. ( this is not meant personally btw bc i too am mentally ill !)
anyways it's almost 2 am. i have school tmrw and there are probably so many grammar and vocabulary mistakes in this but i needed to get this off my chest.
stop with the double standards im begging you. like we get it, you have internalized misogyny or ur just insane! we get it!!
and no i won't ever stop ranting about this because my women deserve better from y'all!!!
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someonehasstolenmybrain a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
that sums it up
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actually-yikes 3 months ago
today鈥檚 reason why i鈥檓 emotional about bad buddy: the last frigay peak is about to leave my tumblr activity graph forever because it鈥檚 been almost a month since bb ended
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theboundlessxvoid a month ago
i鈥檓 afraid they were serious with the scorpion and the frog story and the romeo and juliet references folks
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winnie-the-monster 26 days ago
Are they ever gonna stop punishing Landon for no good reason? Like this man has done nothing but make sacrifices and help people. And he keeps getting punished, I'm so sick of it. He died to help Wade believe in himself and active his powers( which Wade credited to Hope 馃槕). He linked himself to Lizzie so she wouldn't die bc of the merge. And after that he got punished by being stabbed with the Golden Arrow taking his powers away. Then he spends all of season 3 going through one trauma after another and then gives up his life to save everyone else. What does he get, stuck in limbo where he continues to get screwed over, but he's fine with it bc he gets to help other people leave limbo. What does Landon have to do something terrible and completely ooc for him to finally stop being punished?
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elektranhatcios 23 days ago
girls, i think it's time we dismantled the champions league
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gothgh0stface 4 months ago
sometimes I stop and look at the sky and I'm like wow. there's so much beauty around me and I'm always so busy to appreciate it. being alive shouldn't be all about paying bills and working 24/7. we're all part of something so beautiful, there's magic around us and we don't even have the time to admire it. it's quite sad isn't it
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stuhde a year ago
i bloody hate this country
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professionalfoodstalker a year ago
*Lupin, tries to abandon his wife and unborn child* Harry Potter Fandom: Everbody makes mistakes 馃し馃従鈥嶁檧锔
*Snape, in a moment of panic and distress, insults his bestfriend who truly didnt actually give a fuck about him* Also the Harry Potter fandom:
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babydillpickle 10 months ago
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[ID: Hannibal Buress meme edited to say "But I was so caught up in the euphoria of having so many likeable players that for like a minute I lived in a world where the irredeemable toxicity of the nhl as an institution didn't exist". END ID]
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softlenaluthor 10 months ago
The thing about my counselors is that they know how noise sensitive I am, and yet we鈥檙e having these meetings in loud ass public rooms where other residents are milling about with their own music on. Never mind the fact that we鈥檙e discussing private matters in public, loud noises literally trigger me. They鈥檙e never attuned to what I need or understand the things that bother me, instead they do things like send me late texts that they鈥檙e sick and after they鈥檙e sick they鈥檙e on vacation so the text literally reads like, 鈥淚鈥檓 sick, we don鈥檛 have an appointment today. I鈥檓 going on holiday after, I鈥檒l see you after 4 weeks.鈥 That was yesterday, and today someone else was like, 鈥淥h I鈥檓 going on vacation too for a week and then I鈥檒l be back and then I鈥檒l be gone again, so I鈥檒l see you in 3 weeks.鈥 No bye, no take care, no replacement person, just鈥.that.
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redrcses 2 months ago
has brady collabed with logan paul?
why do you choose to inflict this kind of mental abuse on me. / @emotionalhighs
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kadtherine 10 months ago
the waves of racism and hatred toward mbappe and rashford after their losses. this is truly disgusting.
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frechiiie 11 months ago
why the hell are people comparing 鈥渃all me by your name鈥 and 鈥渓uca鈥?????? what the fuck????????
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phantomofthehoepera a year ago
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based on
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bebecue 11 months ago
forgot to tell yall btw but my army friend (shes in her late 40s) calls herself "noon-army"
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jailbot 11 months ago
i cant believe ive been on this site for almost 10 years and its only now in this year of our lord 2021 that ive been... infected聽
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thecyndimistuff a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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garlicdyke 3 months ago
i just saw someone say like "we as americans should remember that people are not their government, as we hoped others would do for us from 2016-2020" as if when biden was elected the rest of the world started respecting americans 馃槀馃ぃ馃槃馃榿馃槅馃槄馃槀馃ぃ馃槃馃榿馃槅
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