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#i'm so pissed right now

I’m so freakin’ pissed right now….

I was driving home and making a u-turn at a street that regularly has folks standing out with signs and asking for money. Nice folks, most of them clearly having hit hard times, and not bothering anyone. I’m sitting and waiting on the light and I see someone roll their window down and the guy limped over because it looked like the driver was going to hand him money. Instead the driver dropped (not handed, dropped) a napkin out the window at his feet. There might have been some change in it, but seriously… what an asshole move.

So I do the flip around and come back to see if the guy wanted me to grab him some dinner at one of the fast food spots nearby. Try to offset some of the assholery that had just happened. I pull up, as out of the way as possible, and I’m asking him about dinner, if he had any dietary restrictions, etc etc and a guy driving by screams at us either ‘fuck you’ or ‘get out of the fucking way’ or something. Hard to hear under an overpass, but the gist was definitely understood, and I can only imagine that if those two things happened back to back in my line of sight what that poor guy hears every day of his life. 

You know what, it costs absolutely nothing to choose not to be a dick. I get it if you don’t have it or don’t want to help every person out that has a sign on the side of the street. Personally, I have a no cash unless I know you rule, so I get it. But there is zero reason to throw your trash at the person. Zero reason to cuss at someone just for stopping to talk with the person. 

What the hell is wrong with people? Be kind, and if it’s not within in capabilities in that moment, just be silent and don’t go out of your way to be an ass.

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i put 5 fucking years of hard work into getting to the place i was i put 5 years into this and all i get back is this stupid return to my stupid little dysregulated high school self and i ‘m fucking going to lose it truly and honestly

edit: just like the fact that it’s been 5 years of working so hard only for it to get thrown back in my face, it feels like

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Katherine Heigl ruins everything. 

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Sixteen goddamn seasons and this is Alex’s departure? 

I know it’s always tragic when characters are killed off on Grey’s and it’s gut wrenching and awful and it hurts. 

They should’ve killed Karev instead of THIS.


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Sooo whoever handled my box full of rental books I was returning “misplaced” it. So now my books are BEYOND overdue and are costing me over $300 to pay because the company doesn’t have them. How do you misplace a big ass box with nineteen books for college??? Help me understand that shit.

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Are there even normal Thor blogs out there that don’t ship Thorki?! I just want to see some posts of my fave without having to see incest every second post. And blocking tze tag won’t work because apparently it’s totally fine to tag posts that don’t have anything to do with this f***ed up ship and that I would actually enjoy, but not to tag the actual incest!!!!

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It’s 4 am and I have work in six hours but I can’t sleep because I was hit with a very sudden realization that made me very angry and now I’m gonna rant. Usually I’d go to my personal blog to rant but I haven’t used that blog in months and this is more of a personal blog than that one ever was. So if you don’t wanna hear my dumb angry rant about being gay then don’t read it or whatever.

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besides all worries fat people have concerning beauty it’s fucked up how all the practical stuff ruins your life too. want a bra? you gotta pay double so it fits you. wanna borrow your friend’s cute dress? oops you ripped it trying to put it on. wanna squeeze between places? get ready to feel shame for barely passing through. when i say “i hate bring fat” i don’t need you to say “oh, but you’re beautiful!!” nah man i just want my life to be easy like it is for skinny people

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