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#in tags I guess

“Beyond the Inferno” is such a heartbreaking episode for both Roy and so sad n a really different look at their characters and just such a good episode abt their relationship…and then there’s just wenvy (worm envy) crying n being ugly as shit in the back

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i luv boyz…

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I hope in season three we get to see allura being lesbianistic w alien gals

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(1)Ok but its obvious why u can be gay and ace, not straight and ace! Saying " u are only straight if u are cis hetero etc" is like saying " not all white ppl".

(2) This means that they are trying to distance themselves from the fact that they’re straight and have privilege over us. Gay and ace ppl are only used as a gotcha in arguments lmaooo

t b h……… they act like being straight means heteroaesthetic heteroromantic heterosensual hetersexual when like………. thats not what straight is….. straight just means u like the opposite binary gender thats literally it its wild my friend i wish i could understand it i really do but why the heteros dont wanna admit theyre straight is like Out There

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idk man idk this has been a weird brain day and an exceedingly weird body day I’m gonna take a shower and see if I can remember what my body is even made out of and that I do in fact inhabit it

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Hehehe I will absolutely use this power for evil and force you all to endure me talking about new monster son sweet baby boy dante >:)

Previously talked about this with the ever lovely @teaofpeach @thesadvampire @captainsamwlsn and @mostly-megan but i will happily word vomit here for you also adding the stellar @max–phillips cause I know you love monster children 

Warnings: angst, mentions of giving labor, attempted drowning, attempted infanticide, smut, sex work, 

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