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Hi @mewbotz​ apparently I can’t reblog the post where you tagged me, maybe op @fierovends accidentally blocked me? ;P, so I’m answering you this way.

First of all, I want to say that I am happy the conversation is staying civil. It should be normal but it often isn’t, so good for us. 

Secondly, once again I don’t want to attack anyone, and I appreciate the edit OP added, but while they say they don’t want to tell other people what to do, they guilt trip them into not doing certain things. What should I call this, gentle policing? OP talks about tips for ppl who don’t want to fall back onto homophobic things, and even writes a incomplete (!!) list of things to avoid or watch out for when writing a mlm couple.  They’re telling people, literally, “if you don’t want to be homophobic, or even racist, write/draw this and don’t write/draw that”. And if you did it in the past you’ve been omophobic. Then they graciously forgive us for our ignorance. All of this, based on which autority? Nobody knows. And how do you think other people would feel reading something like that?

If so many people feels like this fandom is being policed maybe there’s a reason 

Why would anyone, me, you, OP or anyone else, be in the position to teach others what is homophobic, based on the amount of smut or romanticism in a fanfic is also beyond me. Honestly just writing it sounds funny ^^‘’ we are not talking about slurs or moral judgement, we are talking about how often somebody who is not even real tops somebody else in a fanfic!! Why don’t give us an exact percentage for an acceptable amount of topping, since they’re at it?

I’ve been constantly in fandoms since the 90′s I know how communities are and how they evolve btw. So what can I say, I red OP opinion, yours as well, and gave them both the due consideration. But still I disagree. 

However, I also think it’s true that everybody needs to properly tag posts, fanarts, fanfic and so on. It avoids a lot of problems and costs literally zero.

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i only watched the first two seasons of this show back when they came out, and this scene stood out to me just because of how absolutely hysterical it is, so i decided to mercilessly pillage it:

“You don’t seem very surprised to see me,” Joe says as he pops the champagne bottle open.

“I’m not,” Nicky tells him. He looks remarkably calm for someone who’s just found a professional assassin in his kitchen in the middle of the night.

“Arrogance doesn’t suit you nearly as much as you think it does.”


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Professor Joe al-Kaysani has been trying to get a grant for a research project for years. Enter the young habilitation candidate and new lecturer who snatches the money away from him on his first day at work. It’s the beginning of something great, even if it doesn’t look like it and takes all of Quynh’s matchmaking powers.

a first meeting in 3 parts.

Chapter One

‘Why are board meetings always at lunch time?’ Joe fell back into the chair, pulled the plate with nibbles and snacks closer to himself to secure some biscuits and stuffed them into the pockets of his jacket before biting down on a chocolate one, ‘I’m starving.’

‘Because we’re teaching the rest of the day,’ Andy sat down at the head of the table and thumbed through the stack of papers she had carried under her arms, ‘and you are the one who needs to get back to class earlier than others so stop whining.’

‘Thanks for reminding me, boss,’ he grinned and crossed his arms behind his head, ‘what is on the agenda today?’

‘Not too much, don’t worry, only the new colleague in the English department and the annual grants for the faculty and department projects. Did you hand in your application for the redesigned Renaissance architecture project this year?’

‘You know well enough I did, Ms chairperson-of-the-finance-committee,’ Joe greeted a group of other colleagues coming into the assembly room with a wave and a grin, ‘come on, Andy, please tell me I can do it this time. It’s the third time I’ve applied for the grant, the art faculty really needs the boost this year, we have enough enrolments to compete with the classics and history for once, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to get my project funded for the art department.’

continue reading on ao3

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21 Kaysanova icons from The Old Guard, all made by me because I wanted a cute festive icon but I can’t make one and stop. All of these are from the Kiss SceneTM! Please leave a like or reblog if you download/use these!


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So, the idea for this AU comes from @alaskandawn beautiful edit (go see her edits, they are all beautiful). 

Pt.1 of ??

When the inspiration fails to come, Yusuf closes his notebook and opens youtube. It is still embarrassing for him to admit the effect that Nicky di Genova’s soothing voice has on him. His sister would make fun of him: a twenty-four year old man emotionally invested by a white boy singing love songs. After years of making fun of her for being a Belieber, she would never let him live with it.

As soon as he opens the youtube page, the algorithm suggests him a new video, an interview with Nicky released for a niche music channel. He clicks on the video and his heart is warmed by the sight of Nicky in his flannel shirt and his scruffy hair that covers the earring. He looks so domestic and yet so hot.

What are you, a teenager? Come one, Yusuf!

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21, from this prompt list. 
Read on ao3

Andromache wasn’t sure what to make of the two new ones.

They were different from anything she’d expected. They didn’t bear the usual world-weary exhaustion, and if it hadn’t been for the near century spent dreaming of them, Andromache would have thought that they were young.

No, they didn’t carry a century’s worth of weariness. They didn’t even seem to carry the violence they’d witnessed, still managing to hold their heads high and smile at the sight of kindness. They still walked through the world like it was good and new, like it hadn’t torn them apart and put them back together—

But despite her initial confusion, it didn’t take long to work out what made them so different.

Because unlike any other immortal that she had ever met, they had never felt the weight of walking the world alone.

They’d found each other on a battlefield, killed each other, and then… they’d simply decided to stop. It wasn’t quite something that she could understand—even after living as long as she had, enmity still ran deep through her veins. A sense of warrior’s vengeance was one of her long-standing bedfellows, and it wasn’t so easy to shake.

Meeting Quynh hadn’t been like what they described. It had been a pleasure, a joy, a relief. She’d been almost knocked over with the knowledge that she was no longer alone, and time allowed them to grow from there. She and Quynh forged a relationship that was burning passion and raging fire, but these two… they barely seemed to simmer. And yet, they had never been, never were apart—and there was some kind of energy between them that Andromache just couldn’t wrap her head around.

It was irritating. She wasn’t used to finding something new, and she wanted to know. She wanted to understand, and even their sweet and cloying explanations hadn’t been enough to sate her curiosity.

Nothing had been—until she saw them fight.

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I have no excuse except it had to be done

[ID: A screenshot of Yusuf Al-Kaysani during the van speech scene, tears in his eyes and raw emotion on his face. Beside his face there’s a tumblr post by user ‘rosecrystal’ saying: ‘if you say “i love you” a lot it loses its meaning? bitch does the sun lose its light just because it rises every morning?’ End ID]

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@eurythmix​ said any mutuals who saw their post should consider themselves tagged in the ‘last lines of your WIP’ meme, so here goes. Yes, this is the Joe/Nicky Aladdin (2019)-inspired defenestration fic. Yes, this is getting a bit out of hand. Yes, I really need to crack on and finish it. No, I regret nothing.

“What do you think, my lord?” the guard, frumpy with strawberry-blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, asks the bishop. “Should I teach him a lesson? If he is possessed, maybe this will free him of the demon, too?” He asks it while smiling, and Yusuf feels a sickening twist in his gut—

“I knew Nicholas,” Yusuf blurts, on a whisper, knowing that although he will survive his throat being slit, it will hurt so much, and he is carrying enough pain with him already—

The bishop’s eyebrows slide up his forehead in surprise. Yusuf breathes a sigh of relief as the blade-point draws back.

“You knew Nicholas?” the bishop asks, incredulous.

“Goffredo,” says Strawberry Ponytail—

“That’s The Reverend Lord Goffredo to you, sire—”

“Listen,” Ponytail presses, ignoring the Reverend Lord Goffredo’s protestations, “if he can’t die, maybe—maybe he did know Saint Nicholas? And he stole his lamp and used it to keep himself alive?”

Since I’m trash and can’t really keep track of my mutuals—if we follow each other and you write stuff, consider yourself tagged!

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Where is are all the soulmate Joe x Nicky AU’s? 

  • The red string of fate 
  • The matching tattoos (Traveling together for months before they notice their shared birthmark/soul mark)
  • The name tattoo (Imagine a name written on your body in a langauge of your enemy?! Come on guys)
  • First sentence tattoo (’die heathen?’ ‘didn’t I already kill you?’ ‘stay dead, demon’ Come ooooon. If fandom insists on writing Nicky as the guiltiest Catholic to have ever existed, that’s a pretty solid reason to be guilty for the first 300 years)
  • The black and white gives way to color (this one particularly feels like it has a ton of opportunity because their vision flickers from color to black & white with every death)
  • Shared Injuries - the h/c writes itself
  • Shared emotions
  • Any and all soulmate AU’s (and recs) are welcome. 
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(Me, prompting myself under the shower : What if we take the popular “person A is drunk and asks person B to be their partner, person B laughs and answers by saying they are married already (without saying they are actually married to person A) and person A pouts” and add “what person B doesn’t know is that person A sees them interact with person C and thinks they are the significant other”)

So, I guess… enjoy???

(Now on AO3 !)

INTOXICATED (Nicky x Joe + the Immortal Family)

Their last mission in France had been extremely successful, so Andy wasn’t entirely surprised to find 2 cases of champagne in front of their safe house. She had to admit that, while at first she had been very reluctant to give Copley the address, taking the risk to share the information had paid off nicely more than once. He also really didn’t need to know that this was only one of the half dozen properties they had in Paris and its surroundings.

“Well, I guess we are in for a big celebration tonight!” Quynh was enthusiastically emptying the first box and passing the bottles over to Booker, while Nile and Joe were already heading to the kitchen to get some glasses.

“Don’t start moping, Nicky,” Andy gave him her signature half smile, “you don’t have to drink, if you don’t want to.”

Nicky looked almost offended by her suggestion.

“Just because I have a very low tolerance, it doesn’t mean I have to refrain from alcohol entirely, Andromache.”

She shrugged, completely unbothered.

“If you say so.”


From her spot on the sofa, Andy let out a self-satisfied smirk when she noticed that Nicky was curled up into the armchair, looking comfortable and completely gone.

“Hush, love,” Quynh pinched her very lightly on the arm, “stop making fun of him. After all, you where the one who instigated the drinking.”

Andy gave her a pointed look. “I merely told him that he didn’t have to, if he didn’t want to.”

“Because you knew exactly what his reaction would be,” Quynh retorted, looking back at Nicky with fondness in her eyes, “I still don’t get how he could be the fiercest warrior in the room and yet be totally unaware of the tricks you play on him.”

“I didn’t play any trick,” Andy shook her head, “and you know it. He knows it. Nicky has been too tense lately, and I need him to loosen up a little.” She got up, heading for the kitchen to refill her empty glass. “And you can call him the ‘fiercest warrior in the room’ only once I’m gone from this world.”

Quynh laughed quietly and scooped closer to Nile, who was lazily trying to engage Booker into an art debate. The frenchman was mostly content to listen, while resisting the urge to drift off to sleep.

Joe, who was sitting right next to him, was about to pitch in as well, when suddenly Nicky decided to get up from the armchair and drop himself unceremoniously into his partner’s lap.


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“Are you in pain?” Nicky asks, his voice steady.

“No, it’s not bad.”

“Really? Your heartrate is elevated.” Nicky pauses to look at Joe’s face, their eyes connecting.

Joe’s breath catches, momentarily trapped by the intensity of Nicky’s gaze. His face is so close. Joe has to look away, his gaze dropping to Nicky’s hands on his palm and his wrist. “Are you taking my pulse?” he accuses.

A tiny smile flickers across Nicky’s features. “Yes. Do I need permission for every step of treating you?”

Read chapter 2 of The Old Guard Firehouse AU. Read from the beginning.

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