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Am I the only one who loves the new covers but thinks Joe’s hair and beard in Jacopo’s cover is just…wrong.

It’s neither Marwan or Comic!Joe inspired…?

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Daan singing “Eternal Flame by The Bangles” for Paolo.


[Do you feel the same, Am I only dreaming, Is this burning an eternal flame, Close your eyes, give me your hand, darlin’, Do you feel my heart beating, Do you feel the same.]


[Plot : They got into a bad argument, Paolo cried, Daan felt bad and run to apologize, sing this song that usually will cheer Paolo up instantly because they both know that singing is not Daan specialty it’s more of Paolo thing, Paolo forgave him because it was just a misunderstanding and saw Daan’s effort to apologize right away after making him sad.Daan : Let’s not fight again, the two of us. Paolo : Sí (Yes.) ☺️]

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That Nicky from the cover art is 100% inspired by Luca in Martin Eden and you won’t convince me otherwise

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Basically Jacopo Camagni, the artist of joenicky cover wrote he made Joe and Nicky more or less as a compromise between comic and movie. Indeed we can see some similarities between the couple in his style and Luca&Marwan ♥

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thinking about how the joenicky kiss wasn’t your typical big romantic movie kiss… they were both smiling and it was a little awkward and it was cute and giddy and just a happy moment where two people who are in love just want to be close and kiss just to kiss, mouths closed, but somehow the most heartfelt and romantic thing i’ve ever seen in my life… incredible 

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whatever you do dont imagine Nicky always complaining about having cold feet and Joe'z never ending mission to keep his husband warm and happy

don’t imagine Nicky tucking cold toes underneath Joe’s warm thighs when they sit on the couch

don’t imagine Joe learning to knit just so his Nicky could have thick wool socks in the middle of a cold war zone

don’t imagine Joe buying Nicky novelty slippers that Nicky happily wears

(Headcanon brought to you by this ad:)


don’t imagine Nicky baking Joe bread in thanks whist wearing bread slippers

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alright artists in The Old Guard fandom!!!! It’s your time to shine babes!!!! This pic but with Marwan and Luca ;)

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oh the joenicky story is being written by a he/they thank fucking god he/they joenicky rights 

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thinking about marwan and luca acting out the joenicky tales through time story and flirting with each other in a bar in post WWI berlin… imagine the raw power in that cover scene alone… luca’s nicky lighting his cigarette off of marwan’s joe’s… netflix please if you have any guilt about cancelling so many queer shows or writing bad rep… please give us this….. and make the andromaquynh explicitly clear while we’re at it…….  

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