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#joe x nicky

(15,000 words/Explicit)

GO. READ. THIS. FIC. Right the eff now.

I beta’d this thing and it is GLORIOUS. An instant classic. A modern, magical AU: Joe is a witch and Nicky is his familiar.

But WAIT. It gets better.

Temporary amnesia!!!!!!!!!!! Executed PERFECTLY. And I should know because I am a total unrepentant slut for temporary amnesia.

Vorp has such a way with words and everybody who reads this ends up gushing over it so head over to AO3 and treat yo’ self.

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Andy *over the phone*
how is the honeymoon going
Nicky got drunk last night and tried to burn our marriage certificate
good luck trying to return me without the receipt
Joe *sighing*
I love him so much
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Scene Caffeine #3: Joe likes to sleep. Always has and always will. When Andy sent him a text yesterday that they were all coming tomorrow morning at 8 AM sharp, he had set his alarm for 7:55. His morning routine was fairly simple and he was confident that he would be able to get ready by the time they arrived. 

They should have left the cuffs in the drawer last night. 

Edit 1: Changed 2nd gif from half an hour to 5 minutes

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That time in the ‘70 where a pair of pants almost screwed up a mission, because someone couldn’t stop thinking about the man wearing those pants and Venice.

my creation

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the truth about this ask is that I first thought it was the best ask I have ever received (are you the same hand behind the ask about Nicky’s smiles? >.>), then I started panicking because this evoked in me memories of oral exams in my high school career. I panicked, so ignored this ask like a boss. Now here I am.


First, a disclaimer: I know I talk a lot about Nicky, being somewhat Italian and catholic (canon is complicated) so closer to my experience than other immortals, but I want to state how I relate to Joe a lot, and how I love both characters dearly. So I’d love questions about Joe someday!

Now, I love that Nicky is caring. That’s it, the easy answer. Nicky cares so much, and not just for Joe. He is, just like the other immortals, part of the family, and you can see how he loves all of them a lot. I love how he hugs Andy, how he loses against Booker, how comfortable he is when they’re in Goussainville having dinner and Nicky has an arm thrown over the chair? It’s just a little detail, but I live for that. It shows how comfortable he is around his family.

I love that he is the one who begins Quynh’s story, while the others, Andy, Joe and Book, are all reeling from Nile’s words and they need a moment to recover, all three for different reasons (that scene is maybe one of my favourites in the entire movie, I have a post somewhere in the drafts about it). I love that he talks first and then lets Joe take the lead for the story, because by then Joe is ready to talk about her.

I love that he is not afraid to be optimistic believing in a higher motive behind their shared existence. That he is, both as a character and as a movie character in a film industry that looooves cynicism and gritty reboots, unashamedly hopeful. That he cares so much for Nile as soon as he meets her, for the girls they’re supposed to save in the beginning of the movie.

I love that he is… soft? (for how much he can be soft while also being a 900 yo soldier with a terrible past). I love his warm voice when he says: ‘The love of my life’.

Now, I want to specify that most of the things I love about Nicky can also be applied to Joe. Whenever Nicky does/says something, you see also Joe backing it up in actions or words. Joe shines throughout the movie. Those two have been in a relationship for 900 years, I think they agree on a lot of important things. BUT, the movie does something different with the two characters because… Nicky actually talks more? Joe does the van speech, but Nicky talks a lot in the rest of the movie. I’m probably a bit influenced by what I read in the comics (I skimmed them), but Nicky is the one who cooks and the one who worries a lot. He is the hopeful one, at least in Greg’s eyes that’s how he was written. If you look at the movie with fandom lenses, you see that these characteristics are actually shared for the most part with others in some capacity, but Nicky is the hopeful worrier. He cares a lot. And that’s why I like him so much. (another thing to talk about on a later date: Joe got a lot of character development by the fandom because he had a lot of potential and we had less to work on at first? maybe it’s a wrong impression but they gave us less outstated aspects to work on when it came to Joe)

AS FOR THE SECOND QUESTION… see, it connects to what I said before. Nicky talks in the movie,  he is not as shy as so many fics write him. He says Joe is the love of his life to a complete stranger AND in front of his oldest friends (teasing I don’t fear you) withot batting an eye. So he is, in my personal opinion, a private/quiet person, but he wouldn’t be afraid to leave a message for Joe on the kitchen table with a messy ‘I love you’ scribbled on it. I think he definitely cooks for Joe & the others and food is a big love language for him. I also imagine him to be very protective of Joe but at the same time he knows how good Joe is at what they do so he doesn’t show his worry when it’s not needed. If he knows Joe can handle it, Nicky worries inside, even if Joe can still read the worry in Nicky’s eyes. Nicky would also be Joe’s biggest fan and I imagine him supporting Joe’s hobbies and activities with all his being in 1000 different ways, in any universe. THIS GOT SO LONG I’ll stop rambling

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For @blood-suits-and-tears – I hope you like this one, love. It has few of your favourite things, Kaysanova, Booker and my very own Booklet, Joseph. Happy birthday darling! May it be the best birthday yet!

*** a follow up on sir, hold my hand – where “Mr. Icky” aka Nicky helps little Joseph find his “Unca Yufu” and Papa, aka Yusuf and Sebastien, and ends up tripping into meeting a stranger who captivates him in a way that maybe, akin to falling in love ***

aka the return of Mr Icky and Unca Yufu

read on ao3 here

from me, to future you

They find Joseph’s Papa, and Nicky bids them goodbye not long after that.

But not before Yusuf tugs on his hand, as it remain in his, and smiles at him softly.

“You need to take my number,” he says, voice gentle, as he gives Nicky’s phone back to him. He had used it to contact Sebastien after his own had died, like planned. “I’ve already entered it in your phone, but I want you to send me a text so I have a nice surprise when it turns back on again.”

Nicky feels his mouth go dry as he takes the phone, and looks down. He swipes through his contacts and sure enough there’s a new entry.

Yusuf “Joe/Yufu” al Kaysani. 

He snorts, and finds himself writing a message as requested, almost immediately.

Hi, it’s Nicolò “Nicky/Icky” di Genova. Dinner sometime?

Nicky sends it and pockets the phone immediately, and looks up at Yusuf tilting his head curiously.

“What did you say to my future self?” he asks, and Nicky grins. This man is adorable.

“Your future self would just have to wait and see,” he replies, smoothly, he hopes, and Yusuf lets out a soft whining sound before nodding and squeezing his hand again, before finally, finally letting go.

And already, Nicky misses it.


“Oh I’m definitely looking forward to it,” Yusuf says, before winking at him, and then turning to jog towards where Sebastien and Joseph are, the two of them waving at Nicky then, Joseph bouncing and grinning, little curls bouncing with him.

“Fank ‘oo for hep, Mista Icky!” he screams, and Nicky laughs, unable to help it.

“You’re most welcome, Joseph. Nice to meet you!” he says, and Sebastien grins.

“Oh I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of you!” he says, and just narrowly avoids a slap on the head from Yusuf just as Nicky flushes red.

It only takes about half an hour before he gets a text message from Yusuf.

Hello, Nicolò. Dinner sounds wonderful. Meet me tomorrow at this park around 5:30PM and we’ll walk together? Let’s go down James Street. 

There’s a pin on the park close his own workplace, which is about a 15 minute walk to James Street, a street lined with the best places to have dinner at. Nicky stares at the message, feeling like Yusuf can somewhat read his mind, or is just the most perfect person to exist. 

Nicky blinks.

Oh no, he definitely has it bad. He can hear Quynh giggling in his head, and he honestly can’t wait to see her over the weekend to tell her all about this dinner that hasn’t even happened yet.

He smiles, and then swipes to reply, and when he walks to the kitchen to make something to eat, he feels like he’s bouncing.

I can’t wait, Yusuf. See you very soon. 



Nicky blinks, and then laughs when he sees Joseph running towards him, his Papa and Yusuf right behind him. Well, it’s more like waddling, little fat chubby legs just working overtime to get to where he is. He meets him majority of the way, and crouches immediately to greet him, smiling.

“Hello, Joseph!” he greets, and finds himself making an “oof” sound when the child barrels right into him, hugging him tight around the neck. Nicky keeps them both balanced, and smiles when the child pulls away.

“Unca Yufu shays you has a date wif him! Wassa date? Ish it fun? Josefee hash date wif you next?” Joseph asks, and Nicky chuckles, glancing at Sebastien and Yusuf now, who are both smiling down at them.

“Well, we can definitely have that arrange, I think? Do you mind if hold you?” he asks, and immediately, Joseph beams, nodding with bright eyes that are not unlike his Papa’s.

“You asky wike Papa anna Unca! Yesh pease, Mista Icky,” he says, and Nicky smiles, taking Joseph gently in his arms and standing up, walking closer to the other men.

“Your son just asked me out on a date,” Nicky says to Sebastien who grins, punching Yusuf on the shoulder lightly, who whines, pouting a little.

“My son’s got game, Joe, and he’s after yours,” Sebastien says, with such pride and Yusuf shakes his head.

“Hush up, Book. Baby, Nicky’s my date,” he explains, motioning for his godson now, and Nicky gives him with a smile, watching closely. Joseph giggles and nods, poking Yusuf on the cheek with a grin.

“I knows. Buh I go wif him afta. Unca, I foun’ Mista Icky,” he says, and Nicky finds that he’s completely enamoured with the child, smiling.

“Baby, technically, he found you,” Sebastien starts, but Joseph is shaking his head fiercely, his curls slapping his Uncle on the cheek, who just takes it to stride like it happens all the time.

“Nu! I did!” Joseph exclaims, and Nicky nods then.

“Actually, that’s true. He approached me and asked me for my help, while I was on my lunch. So, he did find me,” he says in a soft voice, and he finds Sebastien smiling at him, while Yusuf out right grins, before turning his attention back to Joseph, who is all puffed up at being proven right.

“Well then. My apologies, dear godson. May I go on a date with Mr. Nicky first?” Yusuf asks, tone actually apologetic, pouting at the child who was giggling at him, and nodding, leaning in to kiss his forehead.

“Oh cosh, Unca! Anna we go afta, yesh, Papa?” he says, to which Sebastien just nods.

“Of course. Maybe we can go to the art museum?” he suggests, and Nicky smiles, tilting his head at Joseph who looks at him with excitement.

 “I’d love to go.”

Yusuf nudges his godson’s cheek then with his nose, blinking at him. Nicky glances at Sebastien to find him rolling his eyes with a smile on his face.

“May I join the date at the art museum?” Yusuf asks, and Joseph doesn’t even hesitate, he nods, and plants another kiss on his godfather’s forehead.

“Yesh, oh cosh! ‘ow yous go wif Mista Icky!” he says, extending his arms towards his Papa now. Yusuf relents his hold, and plants a kiss on Joseph and Sebastien’s forehead then, the man just smiling as he holds his kid. 

“Have him home by 10PM!” Sebastien grins, winking at Nicky as he blushes, again. Yusuf squawks beside him, but Nicky just grabs his hand then, and waves at Joseph, who was frantically waving then as his Papa starts to walk.

“Say bye-bye, Uncle Yufu,” he whispers to Yusuf, who laughs, waving in unison with him now.

“I’ll see you soon!” he says, and they do it until Sebastien rounds the corner. Only then does Nicky turn to Yusuf, to find the man already looking at him and smiling.

“You and your family are hilarious,” Nicky says to him, and Yusuf throws his head back in laughter, squeezing his hand and pulling him then to walk towards the direction of James Street.

“They’re ridiculous but I love them. We go for walks together after work every other day, and I didn’t want to miss it, hence meeting here,” Yusuf explains, and Nicky shakes his head. 

“It was nice seeing them both again,” he whispers, smiling. “Being called Mr. Icky keeps me humble. 

With a snort, Yusuf squeezes his hand again and flashes him a smile that Nicky already adores.

“Thank you for asking my future self, now past self, to go to dinner, Nicolò,” he whispers, and Nicky finds himself staring then, for a moment, before nodding and nudging the man slightly on the arm, then slipping his arm under his and holding close. How adorable.

“You’re adorable,” he says aloud, and Yusuf just chuckles. 

He feels a kiss on his forehead then, feels Yusuf melt against him, and Nicky can’t help but feel like he’s floating this time. Closer and closer to this man that he just met.

“You’re most welcome, Yusuf.”

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With the amount of pstd that zuko has and the fact that sokka hates waking up early, I would say that zuko is not the little spoon but the knife. Need an example? Joe and Nicky from The Old Guard. You see this? THIS is the zukka dynamic that I need

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Son of a preacher man

Joe works at a flower shop and is completely enamored by the adorable young man with the shy smile that’s been visiting him.

Read @AO3

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Hello TOG fandom. <3 Please tag your posts with #discourse if your are talking about tog discourse. I am currently filtering my tags to avoid #discourse and this is also a reminder that you could too! The discourse has been really disheartening and tainting my biggest source of fun and enjoyment for the past year. Fandom should be our escapism from things like this and I intend to keep the TOG fandom that way for me and hopefully, for others as well. Thank you. <3

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Long reply ahead - sorry!

Hi fren, thanks for reaching out. Just wanna let you know that I’m always up for a comfort chat to ease your mind if you wanted to pop into my dms <3 I don’t bite ^-^

As much as everyone’s feelings are valid on the subject, and I speak as someone who’s argued publicly with this individual (who I’m not tagging out of respect), I gotta say this: 

So far as I know, it’s only by happenstance that a mod from 2021 Big Bang was revealed, to my knowledge the rest are still anon.

They are your mods, they are there to create an event for you, help match you up with other creators for you to work with, create a space for you to post in, advertise your work to the fandom, help you meet your deadline and resolve any issues that may occur. 

Their job is not to judge you, they’re not gonna to remove your fics, they’re not gonna to treat your creation any differently to any other fic. There’s four mods and they’re all very professional in their dutites.

I say from experience, as a mod for separate events, it’s your primary duty to provide a safe and encouraging space for people to create. The mods of the bang have done that in my opinon. 

I’m now getting concerned that writers have taken so much time to create these epic new adventures, and artists have taken so much time to create these amazing visual pieces for them - only to lose motivation or not post it in the last few weeks of the bang. 

Please, please, please post your work!

The general etiquitte after big bangs is for mods to create feedback forms so poeple can let them know what needs improvement; if you’re bothered that a mod engaged in these discussions/discourse or feel they shouldn’t have been anonymous from the beginning, that’s the place to do it in my opinion. 

I’m still planning on posting my story, and so should you!

Be proud of what you’ve created!

Artists and writers, you have all done a terrific job! You should be hyping each other up as much as possible because, I mean, just LOOK at all the awesome work you’ve created! 

I’m proud as hell to be in this fandom, I’ve met some amazing people and made some very very good friends, and I can’t wait to dive into all those juicy stories and enjoy all all this beautiful art! (but I gotta finish writing/arting my bangs first tho sksksk)

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Due to the disgusting state of the fandom, I would like to say that my DMs are open to anyone who is afraid/anxious about writing TopJoe/AlphaJoe/DomJoe or anything of the kind. I understand how toxic and panic-inducing this atmosphere can be but remember: Fandom is your escapism, and we should write what we want/enjoy first and foremost. It’s about how you write it. That’s all. And Joe topping has nothing to do with racism, so fuck that noise.

Let’s work one step at a time to make this community more welcoming and healthy.

Feel free to contact me!!!!

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Scene Caffeine #2: A new guy just moved into the apartment across from Nicky’s. He’s insanely beautiful and ridiculously talented and Nicky has got it bad. After hearing a song on the radio about a girl looking perfect in his American Apparel underwear, he decides to make a mixtape of all his favorite songs to give to Mr. Beautiful Neighbor. It’s lame and he chickens out fifty times, but he eventually hands it over. This is their love track.

Aka what I think Mix Tape is about AU.

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anywayy this totally isn’t me projecting my little anxious self onto Joe but. That scene on the train where Joe wakes up and just scrambles to get everything down into his sketchbook, and it makes me think that Joe is really that creative type who will get lost/swept up in a thing and won’t stop until he gets it done. I’m talking- won’t eat, won’t shower, will just sit and do the thing until it’s done. And Nicky sometimes has to come in and remind him that he’s a person who needs water.

Furthermore, i hc that Joe’s also prone to giving up on stuff, not in a flaky way, but he will get frustrated when his expectations and vision don’t meet reality, and in a larger scale tends to get bogged down in the minutiae of things, and sometimes has trouble with seeing the bigger picture (i mean, his face when he looks at Copley’s board, fuck) and this is where Nicky really compliments him, because I think Nicky is far better at taking a step back, at methodically thinking these things through and being a stable set of hands for Joe when he gets anxious

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also, side note, Joe x Nicky porn incoming sometime this week, because nothing motivates me more than spite

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Coming Wednesday, March 3 to AO3!

  • Joe owns a bakery
  • Nicky is a professor
  • But he’s only in town for 6 months!
  • Will they be able to stick to their Friends With Benefits arrangement without developing Feelings?!?!
  • Hahahahahahhaha
  • Nope!
  • Featuring: delicious baked goods, cute dates, found family, a blanket fort, some angst, and a happy ending!!! Oh, and smut!! 😈
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Naples 1973, Nicky is on an undercover mission to catch some mafia men. But he takes the opportunity to seduce his husband once again 😆.

Obviously Joe is really receptive to Nicky’s look and he falls in love with his all and more all over again.

Yes Nicky style is based on Primo’s look form the TV show Trust FX because I start watching it and I really enjoy it!

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