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f1incorrects · a day ago
Kevin: Awwww, you’re so adorable! Give me a hug~
Kevin, recording: This is so cute.
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acrosstobear · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
love when the team sets Mick’s steering 10 degrees off from the normal position 🙃 love that both drivers were given bad setups for qualifying and both of them went out in Q1 🙃🙃 amazing
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jibrus · a day ago
this will be a long messy ramble, but i do feel like i need to put it into words. i apologise for grammar mistakes since english isn’t my first language!
it’s been for quite some time now the trend to call out people who say wrong things. which is good, hold people accountable for wrong doings! but when you target the people around them, especially their family, who have nothing to do with it is.. wrong.
what nelson piquet said was wrong. there is no excuse for him. he is wealthy and privileged enough to have been travelling across the world, experiencing other cultures, meeting new people, he has the means to educate himself on this if he so wanted, to improve himself as a better person.
same about jüri vips. a racial slur shouldn’t just slip like that. i do know that unfortunately, the slur is quite normalized in estonia and it’s thrown across left and right, and people might not even know that it’s a slur or that it’s wrong to use it. but jüri has no excuse on this, he also is wealthy and privileged enough to educate himself on this, and i’m sure he already knew that it’s wrong.
i’ll wait to see both of them change their behaviour, because actions determine has someone improved themselves for the better, not an apology. (even though piquet’s apology was half assed so i’m not keeping my hopes up …)
what i’m trying to point across.. i’ve been thinking about what is actually wrong and what is right, what’s forgivable. and who chooses what’s right or wrong? is there a moral meter? who or what determines that? is it me? is it you? or f1? someone/thing else?
moral education is so different across different countries, and even within countries, the differences can be huge. the way someone has been raised, the time they grew up in, ”the moral compass” during that time society taught might have also been different. society evolves every day, and with the way our world works, the working, middle aged people might not have time to think about evolving their mindsets. or they don’t have the resources. but is it excusable? maybe? difficult to say ..
see, i have this big dilemma in my head every time i think about what is wrong and right, what is the line between and what decides that, what are the factors why my mindset is different from yours. am i the right person to say something someone did is in the wrong? is sebastian vettel in the right to talk about climate change when he is a formula 1 driver? are you in the right for calling out max for saying that he thinks that nelson piquet isn’t racist (according to him)? or is max in the right saying that piquet isn’t racist, to his experience? but is it better to stay silent? we know that silence is violence, it encourages unwanted behaviour.
is f1 right to say that ”we race as one” when they race in countries like saudi arabia, azerbaijan, bahrain, china etc.? is it right for us, as fans to call it out? since we do contribute to the problem, don’t we? subscribing to F1TV and such, consuming F1 media, they get money out of it. it’s quite hypocritical, don’t you think? but is it actually our fault? is it their fault?
is it wrong for a white person to say what is racism against people of colour? since racism against a certain race is always a different experience. is it wrong for a black person to say what is racism against white people? is it wrong for me, a white european, to call out someone being racist against han chinese, while the said victim doesn’t think it’s racist? but it’s also wrong if i stay silent, right?
i do think that the conversation is so important about racism, and not just that, about everything! keep the conversation alive, speak, speak, speak, bring out your opinions, keep an open mind, try to educate. blocking someone isn’t solving the problem, start a conversation about it. ask why, what is their mindset, so you can understand what are the factors, challenge yourself and others to think critically. that’s the most you can do against racism, online especially. i know it’s difficult, i don’t want to hear someone’s mindset either who is a complete asshole, but if i can even try to change that mindset, i will try it, maybe even succeed, and have one less racist, misogynist, homophobic, whatever in the world. some people don’t have the resources to educate themselves. the media is very biased, it always tries to affect your feelings, try to stir shit up. media literacy is so important, don’t base your opinions on just rumours. research, think critically, make your own opinion.
sigh, i guess what i’m trying to say in tldr; try to reflect yourself on someone’s situation, how would you act, what you might say in that person’s environment, and then your owns. thank you for anyone reading this far, i hope i can stir up some good conversation out of it. please stay respectful to each other even if your opinions differ.
stay safe.
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racinggirl-interacts · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Basically Kevin driving the driver while the driver acts like the actual driver.
Do you get it? I don’t. Love him tho
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ricciardobadger · 19 hours ago
Here we go again Silverstone  Qualifying Edition
As you might know, I’m a big Daniel Ricciardo fan and after the last races I had some hopes that he is over the disastrous struggels but fuck this shit came back for this weekend so far.
But let’s start from the beginning.
First this HUGE gap between Daniel and Lando. It’s frustrating. As I said before, I thought it will get better but no. Daniel ist struggeling again and just no pace at all. But I won’t quit my hopes. I will support him no matter what.
Can we talk about Nicholas Latifi outqualified Albon who has got the update on his car and Latifi not? This is absolutely crazy. Latifi in Q2 and Albon out in Q1. Seems like an alternate universe to me somehow xD Unfortunaetly Albons cute helmet ( I love this one soooo much <3) wasn’t a good lucky charm, huh?
Aston Martin. Ouch. Another really hurtful topic for me.I love Seb so much and I know he IS a fantastic driver but this damn car. I can’t even call it a car today. I mean we have Stroll on P20 and Seb on P18. This green hell of a shitbox.. I guess a snail would be much faster than the Aston Martin.
Actually I said everything on the McLaren topic before. I’m so sad that Daniel was out in Q2. I know its hard tu improve in such conditions but damn he was so slow. Fuck! Please dear god of formula one. Give him some pace and solve everything why he is struggling so much because he IS a good driver and I can’t imagine that he just lost it. Please do me this favour :( But well done Lando of course! He was amazing so far and I hope for some nice Points tomorrow <3
Latifi in Q3. Never expectet that. I think not many would have. But wow. Good job Nicholas. Well done! I had a bit of Spa vibes. But I hope the race won’t be canceled like Spa last year xD
Alpha Tauri are struggeling as well. Why are the most of my favourits have so much problems right now? Daniel, Seb, Mick and Pierre. Damn my poor heart needs them doing well!
Bottas. The next driver who is doing a lot worse than his teammate. But I’m happy for Zhou because he had so much bad luck with many retirements due of technical issues. He deserves it to be in the top 10 <3.
Holy shit this spin from Max. And what an fantastic save and he still did a nice time with the spin. Here you can see that Max is an extraordinary and talanted driver. I guess not everyone could have managed this the way Max did. And it looked quiet sexy to be honest! :D I’m glad that nothing bad happened and he saved it so well.
Carlos... CARLOS! He was literally flying! Wow Carlos! Congrats to your first pole and let’s get your first win tomorrow. When I can’t have Daniel in the front, I wanna see Carlos first ever win at least and I will freak out about it. You’ve been warned :D
Well done Lando. I hope we get some papaya points tomorrow. And I’m happy for him because it’s his home race this weekend and I want to see him dooing well at it of course! Go for the points Lando!
Lewis! So so so happy for him! Like Lando he is having his home race and after this shit start into the season it’s great to see him on P6. And as you never know what the weather will be like in Silverstone, I think a podium would be possible. I wish him a good race and as much points as possible!
All in all, Q3 was really intens and very exciting in the end. A really close fight and I’m quiet excited  for the race tomorrow.
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champagnepodiums · 22 hours ago
British GP IG Gains: Post-Quali Report
Hello, hello, I am back with another update. If you'd like to catch up on my other posts from this weekend, those can be found here.
The first number is the weekend total while the number in parentheses is what was gained between the end of FP3 and Qualifying!
Lewis Hamilton: +35,491 (+2,530) followers
Charles Leclerc: +17,720 (+1,452) followers
Daniel Ricciardo: +15,432 (+793) followers
Roscoe Hamilton: +13,533 (+807) followers
Lando Norris: +12,664 (+916) followers
Carlos Sainz: +9,822 (+3,096) followers
Sergio Perez: +7,918 (+735) followers
Max Verstappen: +7,764 (+810) followers
Pierre Gasly: +5,845 (+445) followers
Fernando Alonso: +5,717 (+471) followers
George Russell: +5,294 (+520) followers
Alex Albon: +3,392 (+268) followers
Yuki Tsunoda: +2,594 (+237) followers
Valtteri Bottas: +2,499 (+258) followers
Zhou Guanyu: +2,341 (+380) followers
Esteban Ocon: +1,952 (+216) followers
Mick Schumacher: +1,553 (+206) followers
Nicholas Latifi: +1,461 (+832) followers
Kevin Magnussen: +1,123 (+119) followers
Lance Stroll: +834 (+114) followers
Sebastian Vettel: +0 (+0) followers
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chuckyleclucky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello here's your reminder that regardless of your background, race, gender, sexuality, etc that you are welcome as a formula 1 fan ❤️
And I really hope some fans don't ruin the experience for you, trolls and twats aside, I've made lots of great friends through my interest in this sport and I wouldn't change it for the world x
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c2stan · 2 hours ago
not kevin driving the car instead of his driver in the driver's parade lol
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palalabu · 2 hours ago
Is kmag driving his own car?
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kl-13 · 23 hours ago
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Kevin Magnussen (British GP, Qualifying - July 2, 2022) (x)
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absurdt · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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acrosstobear · a day ago
MICK SCHUMACHER and KEVIN MAGNUSSEN are in deep discussion during the autograph session on Saturday morning at the 2022 British GP (via Haas IG Stories)
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f1errari · a day ago
curious about what Kevin told Mick here
Tumblr media
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f1inphotos · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kevin Magnussen meeting fans in the paddock ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone.
(Photo by Jose Breton)
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champagnepodiums · 2 days ago
British GP IG Gains: Post-FP1 Report
If you'd like to catch up on what I've already posted this weekend, the master post can be found here.
The first number is the race weekend total while the number in parentheses is what was gained during FP1!
Lewis Hamilton: +17,073 (+1,631) followers
Charles Leclerc: +9,246 (+673) followers
Daniel Ricciardo: +8,040 (+982) followers
Lando Norris: +6,212 (+662) followers
Max Verstappen: +3,875 (+253) followers
Sergio Perez: +3,774 (+301) followers
Carlos Sainz: +3,401 (+253) followers
Pierre Gasly: +2,998 (+205) followers
Fernando Alonso: +2,936 (+257) followers
George Russell: +2,175 (+270) followers
Alex Albon: +1,550 (+492) followers
Yuki Tsunoda: +1,520 (+118) followers
Valtteri Bottas: +1,191 (+161) followers
Zhou Guanyu: +1,166 (+113) followers
Esteban Ocon: +914 (+131) followers
Mick Schumacher: +670 (+141) followers
Kevin Magnussen: +606 (+47) followers
Lance Stroll: +352 (+44) followers
Nicholas Latifi: +339 (+28) followers
Sebastian Vettel: +0 (+0) followers
I'll see y'all after FP2 with another update!
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mcgnussen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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antogioamoremio · 3 days ago
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SILVERSTONE: Kevin Magnussen of Haas F1 Team arrives at the circuit on thursday ahead of the 2022 British GP [photos by Mark Sutton via Motorsport Images]
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aweirdfan · 6 days ago
Fun little fact about Jan & Kevin Magnussen. Jan ( Kevin’s dad) here in Denmark has the nickname Big Mag and then Kevin is little mag. But for Kevin most use k-mag. Still a interesting fact.
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acrosstobear · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
MICK SCHUMACHER and KEVIN MAGNUSSEN participate in the driver’s autograph session on Saturday morning, ahead of FP3 at the 2022 British GP (by Andy Hone)
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