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lewis learning french to keep up with charles and pierre while playing call of duty PLEASE
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football charity match - may 24, 2022
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Cannes 2022 - Pascal Le Segretain
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pierre ballin
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Our Little Secret - Pierre Gasly x Reader
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Pierre Gasly x female!reader
Requested? Yes/No
Anon: hi! i am obsessed with your max fic, dog days. it’s chef’s kiss. i was wondering if u could write a fic about pierre, something along the lines of being best friends (including charles! that friendship can’t be broken!) but neither have confirmed in the past that they’re together but a win from pierre confirms their relationship? thank u in advance ❤️
Word Count: 3K
Warnings: Slight smut, swearing, fluff, mentions of having kids???
The friendship between you, Pierre and Charles was stronger than ever. The three of you had been friends since you were five. You would all go on holiday together and support one another at karting well, you were the cheerleader for the pair of them. Your brother was very much into karting before football slowly took over his life, hence how you met the two but rather than going to support him in his matches you stayed with Pierre and Charles. You basically became their shadow, following the pair of them around with your support. 
Nothing changed as the three of you grew up. The pair of them were both in Formula 1 and you were still their cheerleader. The three of you were close but you were closer to one of the boys you’d grown up with and that was Pierre Gasly. 
Pierre had always taken a shine to you and throughout your teenage years, Pierre did everything he could to outdo Charles not only for his future career but to impress you. The moment he decided to make the move was when he was fired from Red Bull in 2019. He was sat in his private room, head in his hands yet full of rage. You went in to comfort him and at that moment Pierre thought fuck it and took you in his arms and kissed you. You sunk into his touch and from that moment the two of you were a couple but the thing is, no one other than your families knew and not even Charles knew. 
Keeping it from Charles killed you but now the pair of you had been together for almost a year and it was certainly getting to you. You were sick of sneaking around the hotels after dark, always on edge when he came into his room that someone would spot the two of you and always having to look out for the press when the two of you went for dates although most of the dates you and Pierre went on were held in his or your house. 
The press had their speculations and so did fans but every single time those rumours crept up Pierre would always shut them down, hoping everyone would leave you both in peace.
You understood why the pair of you kept it silent for so long. The way some fans go after their partners was something Pierre never wanted to happen to you. Ever since the day he met you he always felt a sense of responsibility to keep you safe, whether it was moving you away from the road when you were walking alongside him or bullying fans online that made fun of you. Not to mention the biggest reason was Charles. The three of you had gone through a lot together and both you and Pierre were afraid that Charles would turn on you both. 
It was the weekend of the Italian Grand Prix, you were laying on Pierre's chest, his hands running up and down your back as his face glowed with love at the sight of you meanwhile you were taking in the beauty of the Italian sunlight that was pouring through the gaps in the curtain. 
“What are you thinking about my pretty girl?” He moved one of his hands to lift your jaw from his chest so that you were now looking at him. “Hmm?” He bent down and took his lips into yours for a short sweet kiss. 
“Just the race.” You mumbled against his lips. “Are you feeling confident?”
“I’m doing okay but I know you’re lying.” His eyes didn’t leave yours as he spoke. “What’s really on your mind?”
You huffed, your eyes falling as you contemplated on telling him the truth but this is Pierre Gasly, he’d find out. “Pierre we’ve been together for nearly a year now, I can keep this from the press for another good few years but not from Charles.”
Pierre took a deep breath, he knew you were right. He always felt so guilty keeping it from his best friend. “You know if he takes it well he’ll be even more protective over you than he is now.” 
You smiled at the comment, moving your head back down to his chest. “At least you won’t have to worry if I’m not with you.”
Pierre now mirrored your smile. He always panicked when you weren’t around him. Because the pair of you were yet to announce it to the world he always worried that a guy would take advantage of you or try and flirt when he wasn’t around. Deep down Pierre wanted to tell everyone that you were his but he was just scared. 
“I think we could keep it from him forever you know.” He teased. “Reckon when I put a ring on your finger he won’t even realise.” You shifted to look back up at him with a smile. 
“He has his moments but he’s not that dumb.”
“Well…” Pierre couldn’t hold back a small laugh. “A baby bump might be harder to hide.”
“Thinking that far ahead already Gasly?”
“I would be lying if I said it hasn’t crossed my mind.”
“Well, I would like some time as the two of us as a couple before we even think about children.”
“Noted.” He kissed your forehead. “You think Charles might forgive us if we make him the Godfather?”
“Ask him.” You winked before sitting up. You straddled him, smiling as his hands ran up and down your sides. 
“God, you’re beautiful.” His hands went underneath his oversized shirt which you were wearing. His hands went towards your boobs, slowly squeezing them gently before taking each nipple into his hands, pinching and twisting, making you moan. 
“Pierre…” Your voice was at a whisper. “We don’t have time -” He removed his left hand, stretching over to the nightstand to check the time on his phone. He flashed the screen towards you displaying the time for you to read.
“We have time.” He winked before setting the phone down and grabbing the bottom of your shirt, pulling it off swiftly before reaching up and attaching his mouth to your right nipple, biting down making you grind your hips against him as your hands went to his hair encouraging his actions. 
He didn’t waste time, he flipped you over so he was now on top. He grabbed your underwear and slowly removed them in a teasing manner before rubbing his thumb on your clit making your eyes roll back. 
“You’re gonna need to be quiet baby, otherwise Charles will find out in a way you’d rather he didn’t.”
You always left Pierre's room first and thankfully for you the F1 teams were dotted around all around the hotels meaning it was a rarity that Charles would bump into you. He always followed a couple of minutes later so nothing looked suspicious to anyone who saw the pair of you walking down the hallway with one another. You were currently walking along to the garages trying to find Charles and wish him luck for the race ahead. Pierre was slowly trailing your footsteps keeping an eye on you as you met the brunette. 
“y/n!” Charles smiled as he saw you approach, completely unaware of Pierre watching on from a distance. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.” He kissed your cheek, something Charles had always done but the action alone made Pierre grit his teeth. He knew Charles had no ill intent behind the action but it still made his body tense up. 
“I would never miss either yours or Pierre's race.” You smiled up at him. “Nervous?”
“When aren’t I?” He turned his head and scanned for Pierre, catching his gaze he waved him over. “Pierre!” He now engulfed him into a hug. “How are you man?”
“Good good, and yourself?”
“Yes fine, nice to see all three of us in the same space for once.” He looked between you both. “I swear I have seen less and less of you two for like what a year now?”
You froze up at his words. It was true, there were times when you would excuse yourself early from drinks or nights out to go home and Pierre would leave a while later and make his way to yours so he could spend some time alone with you. 
“Could say the same about you man.” Pierre jumped in before you could speak. “I swear you sneak off when no one’s looking, got yourself a girl?” The pair of them smiled as Pierre teased yours and his best friend. 
“Well what are the pair of you doing after the race?” You spoke up, looking between them. “If you two are free we could go for drinks after, just the three of us?”
Charles smiled down at you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder before pulling you into his side. “Only if you pay.” He winked. 
“No I think whoever finishes with the fastest lap time should buy the drinks.” 
“That’ll be Charles then.” Pierre spoke, a small amount of sorrow laced in his tone. 
“You never know.” Charles smirked. “It’s a deal then, it’s evident who won’t be paying.” His eyes caught yours. 
“Yeah well, the pair of you owe me for the all years I’ve supported you two.”
“What would we do without our biggest fan?” Charles messed up your hair, causing you to pull away from him, glaring his way as you fixed it. 
“Both of you would be lost without me.” You checked the time on your phone before speaking again. “You two best get going, be safe, both of you.” 
“Always.” The pair of them spoke together. 
“I’m going to get a drink but I’ll be back to watch you both -”
“I have some water in my private room if you just want to grab that?” Pierre spoke up. 
“If that’s okay.”
“Anything for our biggest fan.” 
“Oh piss off…” You huffed before turning on your heel. “Good luck Charles!” You called out as you walked towards the garages, Pierre following close behind you. 
Most girlfriends of the drivers would always watch the race from their boyfriend's garages however, the world was yet to know about you and Pierre and ever since you were a child you always wanted to hang around the Ferrari garages so when Charles joined them he asked you if you wanted to watch the race in there with the rest of the team, much to Pierre’s dismay. 
Pierre closed the door to his room, the two of you alone as he handed you some water from his mini-fridge. “Please be safe out there.” Your tone was soft as his arms wrapped your waist, pulling you into his chest. 
“I’m always safe.” He mumbled as his head fell down so he could connect his lips to yours. “You know I’m always safe for you.” His thumb traced across your bottom lip before he smashed his lips onto yours. His hands came up to cup your jaw as his tongue slid into your mouth, deepening the kiss as you moaned. 
“Pierre -” You whispered against his lips. “You need to get in that car.”
He rests his forehead against yours. “I know…” He stood back. “Enjoy the Ferrari garage.” A smug grin with a paint of jealousy. 
“Oh, I will.” You stepped forward and pecked his lips. “Good luck.”
“Thank you, my love.” 
The pair of you exited his room, giving one another one last goodbye as you headed back to the Ferrari garages to watch both of the boys. 
The race was about to start, your eyes were glued onto Pierre as he blessed himself and muttered a prayer before climbing inside the car. He was starting in P10 and within seconds of the race starting, he was already sandwiched between cars and made contact. You didn’t near to hear him to know he was frantically asking if everything was okay. In the twentieth lap, he boxed just as a safety car was deployed. In the twenty-second, the pitlane reopened and many cars started to pit except him. Pierre jumped to third whilst the safety car was still out on the track.
In the twenty-fifth lap Ferrari engineers huffed in and groaned in despair as Charles crashed into the barriers. Your heart stopped, hoping you’d hear him on the radio or at least see him move. The race was red-flagged and drivers prove back into the pit lanes, getting out of their cars as they waited for the race to begin. You placed the headphones you were once wearing down and ran down the pit lane. 
Pierre caught sight of you, his heart beat faster as he saw you run towards him. He stood up and held his arms out to steady you as he noticed your worried expression. “What’s wrong?”
“Charles crashed -”
“I know, I know, he’s okay.” Pierre took your hands into his, evidently not caring who could see you both. “He’s in the medical tent.”
“That’s where I’m going.” You looked up at him with love in your eyes. “You’re doing so well, you could win this.” 
Although he was wearing a mask you could tell he was smiling underneath it. “There’s a chance -”
“Go and prove them wrong Pierre.” 
“I will.” He stepped closer for a hug, his arms wrapping around you making you feel safe. “Go look after Charles, make sure he’s alright.”
“I will, I’ll see you on the podium.” You stepped back with a smile. 
“We’ll see.” 
You headed down to the medical tent just as the race started again. Charles look defeated, his head leant against the wall as he took in deep breaths. 
“I thought I told you to be safe.” Your words grabbed his attention, making his eyes snap open at your presence. 
Smirking at your stance he spoke. “I’m still here aren’t I?” Rolling your eyes the pair of you gave one anther a hug. Charles leant his head on your shoulder, huffing as he calmed himself. “It was going well…” 
“I know.” You moved your hands up and down his back, soothing him. “But you’re okay and that’s all that matters.”
He smiled as he pulled back. “Is Pierre doing okay?” 
“He’s in P3 -”
“You’re joking!” His smile grew. “No way he is in P3.”
“Well the race is starting so maybe you should go see for yourself.” You and Charles headed back towards the Ferrari garage. Hamilton went to pit in the twenty-ninth lap meaning Pierre was leading the race. Pierre had held the lead for four laps, he was getting a lengthy gap between him and Carlos. 
Carlos had started to slowly catch up and there was one lap remaining. If you were this nervous just watching the race you couldn’t imagine how your boyfriend was feeling. Pierre was now on the last straight, he was going to win it. The Alfa Tauri staff were running to celebrate. Charles caught sight of your expression. 
He knew. 
“Go.” He broke you out of your trance. “Go and celebrate with him.”
“Are you coming?”
“I’ll follow.” He nodded as you ran towards the podium with the other staff members. 
Pierre had gotten out of his car, screaming in delight as he hugged the engineers with happiness. He took his helmet off and caught sight of you. If it was even possible his smile grew as you ran towards the barrier. 
“You fucking did it!” You smiled but Pierre didn’t say anything. He grabbed your jaw and kissed you. Your arms found their way around his neck as you pulled him closer. You slowly relaxed in his touch, as he deepened the kiss slightly before pulling back. 
“I want the world to know you’re mine.” He smiled as you pecked his lips. “I don’t care if Charles hates me I’ll make it up to him.”
You kissed him one last time before speaking. “Go and get your trophy, it’ll be okay.”
Pierre left to be weighed and have a drink before he got onto the podium. Meanwhile, Charles was pushing through the crowd to get to you. He had seen everything although he already had a small suspicion. 
“How long?” He spoke, his eyes fixed on the podium. 
Your heart jumped at the sight of your best friend standing beside you, especially as he didn’t look at you. The last thing you wanted was you and Charles to fight. 
“How long have you been dating Pierre Gasly?” He turned his head to look at you. “And don’t lie to me.”
“Since he left Red Bull.” Charles nodded his head before looking back at Pierre who was now standing tall with a winning smile. 
“So nearly a year…”
“y/n why didn’t you tell me?” He sounded hurt and you couldn’t blame him. “I’m your best friend, you can trust me -”
“We were scared you’d hate us, Charles I’m so sorry.” You shared a gaze as he looked at you once again. “Charles I couldn’t live with the idea that you hate us, I can’t lose you -”
“You won’t.” He put an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. “Although I am upset you didn’t tell me. Who else knew?”
“Only our families, no one else.”
Charles to a moment to think as Pierre was given his award. “Do you love him y/n?” You looked up at Charles as he looked down. 
“And he loves you?”
“I’d hope so.”
“And you’re happy?”
“The happiest I’ve ever been.”
“Then that’s all I care about.” He looked back at Pierre. “Just know that if that man ever makes you cry then I will make sure he’s the one that’s driving into a wall.”
Pierre looked down and saw the love of his life and his best friend smiling and talking to one another. Pierre knew Charles knew and he was okay with it. It felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. 
He’d won more than just a race.
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careful they have rabies
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Cannes 2018, a tale on French pettiness
The OG photo:
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Esteban's picture vs Pierre's photo
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Charles Leclerc and Pierre Glasy in the Spanish gp Ferrari full access
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Coming soon
Hello everyone welcome to my new blog! I already have a few writings in other blogs but I really wanted to start writing for F1 so her we are. I already have a lot of ideas to start with but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in them so here they are. Pls let me know which ones you’d be interested in and I’ll get them done. Also if you have any requests feel free to send them!
Shadow (Arthur Leclerc x reader)
Arthur is trying to work out his feelings for you until he sees you talking with Charles. He distances himself from you to prevent the heartbreak because who wouldn’t choose the older Leclerc?
Set up (Mick Schumacher x reader)
Everyone is tired of seeing you and Mick pinning after each other so they take matters into their own hands.
Breather (Max Verstappen x Reader)
Max knew that he might be difficult to deal with when he was upset after a bad race, luckily you were never one to back down.
Spilled confessions (Charles Leclerc x reader)
You’ve been Charles’ best friend since you two were kids, until a weekend in Monaco and a drunk Charles on your doorstep decide to change everything.
Locked (Pierre Gasly x reader)
It was no secret that Pierre and you hated each other’s guts but Charles can’t stand to see his best friends fighting anymore so he decides to fix it.
Is it? (Pierre Gasly x reader)
Social media has been portraying Pierre as a player since his breakup. Tired of all the rumours Pierre asks for your help. Will fake dating bring the two of you closer or will it break your hearts?
Media (Lando Norris x reader)
You had worked on McLaren’s social media for a few seasons now and you had gotten pretty close to a certain British driver. When Lando finds out that you’ve received an offer from RedBull for the next season he is determined to make you stay.
Shaky hands (Carlos Sainz x reader)
He was known as Smooth operator so why couldn’t he form sentences correctly or stop his hands from sweating when you were around?
Tumblr media
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Pierre Gasly during the Stars Team and Pilots Formula 1 Charity Match in Monaco
Photo Credit: Pascal Della Zuana
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matching outfits. | 📸 via alphatauri's Instagram story
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World Stars Football Match 2022
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2022 Spanish GP
for @thepavementsings
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pierre saving yuki from the smallest pothole in existence 😇
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MONACO 2022; 📸: Peter Fox
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Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly talk to Canal+ after the 2022 Star Team for the Children Charity Football Match in Monaco.
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via pierregasly on instagram
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