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Would you like a lantern bug to guide your way? @creatures-and-stuff drew and designed this fun fakemon, thank you so much!

I am so tired today, even more so then normal so now im 2 days behind again lol. I plan to try to catch back up soon so stay tuned.




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Lanturn are popular Pokémon with divers, since not only do they provide light, but are comfortable in the depths that can be uncomfortable for Pokémon used to shallower water. They’re also big enough to safely carry their diver back to the surface and can learn to slowly surface so as to not give them the bends.

The biggest downside to diving with a Lanturn, however, is that its light will attract other Pokémon, who can range from just getting in the diver’s way to knowing that Lanturn is a predator in the wild and attacking.

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