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carpisuns · 2 days ago
Pls tell me more of the luxy agenda
ok u literally asked for this!! lol
so this moment is where it all starts. it’s so gay. look at that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but if u wanna know my in-depth reasons for liking this ship, read on under the cut lol
for me the core of luxy is twofold:
1. Some characters need a conflicting personality to make a really interesting ship dynamic.
2. Some characters are garbage and need someone really insightful and patient to help them get better.
Personally I feel like Luka’s potential as a character is best served when he is met with opposition. That brings out a side of him we don’t get to see often and provides a challenge he can grow into as a character. Like in Silencer! He’s a very chill dude but when you piss him off, he hisses lol. And I think that is interesting and I want to see more of what Luka is like when he is challenged. Because of this, ships like Lukanette and Lukadrien aren’t really my cup of tea personally (no salt if that is your thing tho!), but ships like Lukloe and Lukagami and Luxy intrigue me because of the personality clash. Luka’s generally very understanding, compassionate, and intuitive, so he can have a softening effect in a ship that could really benefit someone who is a little more emotionally stiff/closed off than he is. And on the other hand, someone with a strong opposing personality could have a fortifying/stretching effect on him, inspiring him to be a little more direct and active and state his needs and wants clearly.
So Luka and XY are already perfect counterparts for this kind of opposites-attract ship. And they also have some key similarities that make them potentially able to relate to each other while also still driving that central conflict. For example, they’re both musicians, but they go about it in opposite ways—creating original, organic-sounding stuff vs digital remixing (and also straight-up ripping off lol). They also both have crappy dads, but Luka's was AWOL his whole life whereas XY's basically controls his life.
Ofc for Luxy to work as a ship, XY has to have redemptive potential, which is very easy for me to invent for him based on this one moment lol:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
XY is clearly a terrible person in canon lol but this 1.3-second clip provides just enough to fill in the rest with headcanons that could make Luxy sail 😌 Here are my personal favs:
XY actually is a surprisingly talented musician/DJ in his own right, but his dad discourages him from making his own stuff because he wants to stick with the formula he knows will sell. XY is basically just a face to make money off of, and deep down he is dissatisfied with his father's creative control. He wants to stop stealing and make original music instead, but because of his dad's snide comments, he's afraid he's actually no good anyway.
XY is in the closet but struggles with internalized homophobia because of his homophobic dad. Whenever he tries to talk with his dad about it, Bob shuts him down, makes disparaging remarks, and implies that XY's career and life will be destroyed if he comes out.
XY's fame grants him a wide but shallow social pool. He has lots of fans and a group/posse his dad keeps around him for influence, but he has no close friends and no one he can be honest with about his feelings. Underneath his gaudy bling and scientifically impossible hair, he is just a lonely, scared little boy 😔
So when you mix this all together, what do you get? A enemies-to-lovers slowburn that inspires character development on both sides (and a whole redemption for XY), with plenty of room both for crack/clownery and angst and hurt/comfort. And there is also some great symbolism involved, with Luka being the hero of second chances. Very tasty, in my humble opinion 🤠
If you made it this far and you're actually interested in seeing content for this ship, here's some of my fav stuff!
"Pretender" mini animatic by @gabriel-agreste-has-no-rights
Macaroni mini animatic by @bugaboo-n-bananoir
Heartsong (Needs More Bass Drops) by @gabriel-agreste-has-no-rights
Luka and XY's Excellent Adventure by @gabriel-agreste-has-no-rights, ft amazing art by @bugaboo-n-bananoir!!
Aged-up domenstic Luxy by @bugaboo-n-bananoir
Viperxy by @bugaboo-n-bananoir
Luxy frenemies by @bugaboo-n-bananoir and @gabriel-agreste-has-no-rights
Urinals by @lllluka
Luxy guitar by @kagamitsu
Luxy bike ride by @gabriel-agreste-has-no-rights
Luxy week drawings by @landturtlealyce/@daily-miracuclass
I Can't Help Falling in Love With You by @janaikam
there is actually a surprising amount of great content for this ship haha, much more than i could fit here, so i would recommend checking out the #luxy tag for any of these blogs 😎 also @janaikam created @luxyweek earlier this year, so you can check that out too!
this was probably much more than you bargained for but you did ask for it and i was not going to turn this opportunity away :) lol
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no-encores · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lady-of-the-lotus · 6 months ago
Nothing quite like soft characters going feral and feral characters going soft
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silvercrane14 · 2 months ago
Family doesn’t always have to be a mom, a dad, and two kids. Sometimes family is you, the street urchin you adopted because she stole your purse, your mortal enemy who wanted to kill you but now kinda has a crush on you, and your childhood friend who you gave your eyes to and haven’t seen in several years
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guqin-and-flute · 29 days ago
I wish you would write a fic where Xue Yang went to the Burial Mounds to learn from the Yiling Laozu when he was young and he grew up decent and with a baby brother (Lan Sizhui) but then everything happens and he and Sizhui end up with Lan Wangji anyway. And he doesn't usually go for help when he's in trouble, but Lan Wangji manages to gain his trust enough that he starts to go after him for help, in a shy and maybe even petulant way and Lan Wangji starts to smile like the snow is melting to him and Yue Yang it's kinda thrown off by that smile because the only other person who would smile like that to him was Wei Wuxian and he misses his gege so much. And they start to really really bond, and when he's like 18 he's glued to Lan Wangji and whenever Lan Wangji has to go out, he goes with him, unless he has classes because then Lan Wangji is not that cool to let him skip classes.
[OoOoO. This made a little scene pop into my head, so here's part of the first meeting. No promises to continue but this has intrigued me as an idea, so who's to say! I've obviously played with the ages since in either canon, Xue Yang is at the very least a late teenager when Wei Wuxian is known as the Yiling Patriarch. You know me, I look canon in the eye and backflip out the window, that’s just how it is. Xue Yang doesn’t know exactly how old he is and he looks younger because he’s all malnourished and stuff, so he’s anywhere from 8 to 13, here.]
"Gongzi. There's someone watching us."
Wei Wuxian cracked an eye, wincing at the stab of sunlight that had apparently peaked above the roof behind them since he had closed his eyes. Raising his arm against it, he rolled his head to follow Wen Ning's gaze.
Down the street, a boy stood at the mouth of an alley, feet planted, openly staring. He looked somewhere around...ugh, Wuxian was horrible with kids ages. 9? 11? He was skinny and short, as many street kids were--which he unquestionably was. His clothes were several inches too short and of that indeterminate color that meant years of dirt and grime that would never completely wash out. His hair was unkempt and half balled up on the top of his head in a ratty topknot. And it was something in the eyes. Too old and too sharp for such a young face. You could always tell by the eyes.
"Hey. What?" Wuxian called without sitting up.
The boy said nothing, unmoving.
"I see you just standing over there like a weird little goblin. Are you trying to hide? You're doing a terrible job, you're literally out in the open. What? Do you want a radish? We're selling them. Do you have money?"
The boy was still silent.
"Do you...we have lots of them, do you want one?" Wen Ning called hesitantly, holding out the vegetable he had been waggling hopefully at passerby's.
Wei Wuxian tapped Wen Ning's wrist with the ChenQing. "Don't give him the huge one, he'll make himself sick trying to eat it all at once. Give him a smaller one." As Wen Ning turned and fumbled in their sack, Wuxian sat up. "Hey. Come here, you can have a radish, if you want. Just don't tell your friends, we're trying to make a living, here."
The strange kid tilted his head, eyes narrowing, focused on Wuxian.
"You're a creepy little thing, aren't you? Fine. No radishes for you. If you learn some manners and come over here to talk properly, then you'll get one." With that, he turned so most of his back faced the kid and bellowed, “RADISHES! FRESH, AMAZING RADISHES!”
When he glanced back over his shoulder, the mouth of the alleyway was empty.
“You know, if we grew potatoes, we would have sold so much more. Why does your sister undermine my economic prowess? Why--what?” He stopped, catching ChenQing mid-spin between his fingers as he felt Wen Ning stop behind him, the squeaky wagon wheel going silent.
“I think he’s back, gongzi.”
“That boy. I think he’s followed us.”
Wuxian turned and peered around, but couldn’t see anyone in the gloom under the trees. “Why?”
“I keep--I keep hearing footsteps behind us, but...but they’re very light.”
Shrugging, Wuxian leaned down and scooped up an apple off of the pile of offerings people kept leaving on the giant stone that marked the beginning of the wards to the Burial Mounds. “He’s probably just seeing if he can catch us alone to rob us or something. Whatever. He’ll probably just take the food here and leave,” he raised his voice so it echoed off the trees. “‘Cause he won’t be able to get past the wards and I don’t suggest he try. Though it would be hilarious, so what do I care.” Crunching into the apple definitively, he set off again, trusting that Wen Ning would follow him up.
“What the fuck,” Wuxian growled groggily, swaying upright.
The scroll he had fallen asleep reading slid down his chest and clattered to the floor beside his nest of blankets. It was dark, the candle he’d lit on his bedside rock burned down to a cold stub. And someone was trying to mess with the wards on the mountain. They weren’t very good at it and they were absolutely nowhere near successful. But it was like a mosquito buzzing in his ear, a little zing in his spiritual awareness that had him scratching at his scalp like a louse-ridden mutt. It was probably that damn waif from town.
Wei Wuxian had sympathy for him, as a former street rat from that city himself. It was a fucking horrible and hard life he wouldn’t wish on anyone, let alone a kid. But he was definitely less sympathetic at--he squinted out the little sky light for a clue, but it was cloudy, obscuring the moon and stars. He grumbled again, scrubbing his face--at stupid-middle-of-the-night-o’clock. He was the fucking Yiling Laozu, dammit, and that should at least gain him enough terror-induced respect to not have to deal with rude little punks in the wee hours of the morning.
If he was still there in the morning, Wuxian would go down and give him what for. But right now, he could fuck right off. Turning over, he yanked the blanket over his head and grumpily clawed after sleep.
“Whoever he is, I’m going to drop kick him back down the mountain,” Wei Wuxian groused over breakfast, pinching A-Yuan’s cheeks as he sat in his lap and clumsily fed them both congee.
Both Wen siblings traded an annoyingly knowing look with each other and ignored him, Wen Ning turning away with the empty congee bowls and Wen Qing sipping her water.
Wen Qing pulled an innocent face and shook her head. “Nothing.”
“You think I won’t? That little asshole was there all night--”
“What asshole?” A-Yuan repeated curiously in his lap.
“Hey, never you mind, potty mouth, don’t say that, who do you think you are?” Wuxian demanded, as if appalled, covering the whole of the child’s face with his hand.
A-Yuan squirmed and pawed at it, giggling. Wen Qing rolled her eyes and sighed. When A-Yuan managed to peel his palm away, Wei Wuxian curled his lip at the boy as if disgusted until he offered up another spoonful of congee, which he faux-reluctantly stooped down to eat. “I’m ‘onna ‘o ‘own vere an’ deach ‘im a resson,” he warned Wen Qing around his mouthful.
“Then go,” she put her chin in her hand, watching him with bored eyes. “Tell me how it goes.”
“I will!”
There was no one, his voice echoing impotently off the spindly, bare trees. Except there fucking wasn’t, the little pest, and they both knew it. “Hey, get out here.”
Wei Wuxian crossed his arms and glared down at the pile of offering food--it was definitely about half gone, the buns and fruit and even some of the spices gone. “You little twerp, I know you’re out there. You either come here right now, get lost, or get cursed. I have powers beyond your mortal comprehension and I’ll turn every one of your bloodline into a newt.”
Nothing but the wind whistling through the trees. Until, “Yeah?”
The tone wasn’t scared or pitiably thin or even cowed. It was one of interest and it came from above his head. Wuxian left his arms crossed and looked up to see the boy squatting on a thick tree branch, peering down at him with bird-bright eyes and the ghost of an insolent smirk. Stepping back so he didn’t have to crane his neck, Wuxian scowled up at him. “Yeah. What do you want?”
“Can you really?”
“Can I what, you impertinent little shit--I asked you a question! Respect your elders!”
“Turn people into things.”
“I can turn them into corpses just fine, so don’t test me. What is your deal?”
“So. You’re the Yiling Laozu.”
“I didn’t say that.”
“Are you?”
Wuxian snorted. “You don’t get an answer until I do, little man, I don’t just give away information.”
Those eyes slowly scanned down the length of him, that smirk widening. “You don’t look like much. But I guess you must be.”
“And why is that?”
He raised the hand that wasn’t steadying himself on the trunk and pointed to Wuxian’s waist. “Flute.”
Despite himself, he automatically gripped ChenQing, then snorted, twirling the end of her tassel. “Lots of people have flutes. Ever seen a Lan? They’re practically bristling with instruments.”
“No what?”
“I’ve never seen a Lan. What’s a Lan?”
“It’s a cultivation sect. Don’t you know anything? Who raised you?”
Slowly, the kid tilted his head. “No one.”
Aha. They were getting somewhere. Wuxian kept up his aggrieved frown. “Well then you’ve never heard of Hanguang-jun, which is a shame, because he’d probably have a lot more patience for a little delinquent like you. Why are you looking for the Yiling Laozu?”
He blinked slowly, like a lizard, that little smirk still on his lips. “To teach me.”
“You really don’t know anything--everyone knows he doesn’t take disciples.”
The kid rested his chin on the heel of his palm, his elbow on his knee, hooding his eyes as if bored. “If you’re really half as dumb as you’re pretending to be, maybe I don’t want you to be. There’s a banner people put here, all fancy and black and red. Offerings everywhere. Wards on the mountain he lives on. Who else would you be?”
“Maybe I just live here, you punk. You can’t even read.”
He shrugged. “Don’t have to. Pretty obvious. Teach me.”
“Teach you what?”
“Demonic Cultivation.”
Wuxian threw back his head and laughed derisively for far too long. When he petered off, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes, the brazen smugness was gone from the kid’s smile, leaving it cold and more of a sneer. But his eyes were narrowed and burning. Aha. A little shit with pride and spice. “Like I said, little brat--I don’t take disciples. And you have a lot of audacity to think that you could handle it.”
At this, his eyes lit, the sullen danger bleeding from his face into intent and he leaned so far forward on the branch, Wei Wuxian’s arms immediately unfolded and began to raise to catch him before he stopped himself. “I knew it! It is you! Teach me. I’ll do anything you ask--I’ll dig up corpses, I’ll kill your enemies--”
“Good gods, you just jump straight to murder! Do you think that’s all I do? You saw me selling radishes on the side of the road and think that my top priority is hiring a 5 year old assassin? What do you want to learn this for, anyway?”
The boy eagerly swung down, dropping to the ground before him with a thunk that made Wei Wuxian wince in sympathy for his ankles. “Destroy my enemies. Make them wish they had never met me--like you.”
“That’s hilarious. What kind of enemies would a toddler even have, anyway?”
That flash of anger came into the kids eyes again and he bared his teeth. “I’m not a toddler.”
“How old are you, then?”
He shrugged--and Wei Wuxian could see he was missing the pinky finger on his left hand, leaving a gnarled scar. In fact, all the fingers on his left hand were slightly misshapen, some joints overlarge, some digits crooked at the end. Wuxian’s stomach twisted slightly. It was old. It happened when he was a much younger child. “Dunno. Does it matter?”
Kneading his temple, Wei Wuxian let out an annoyed sigh. “What is your name, twerp?”
This time, his face split into a wide grin, eyes burning and intent. “Does that mean you will?”
Wuxian glared down at him, hands on his hips. “It means I want to know who the hell kept me up all last night so I can spell your name correctly in my curses.”
Not looking in the least bit worried, the kid mirrored him, hands on his hips. “Xue Yang.”
“Xue Yang, you are nosey and obnoxious.”
With a grin, Xue Yang came forward and grabbed the cuff of Wuxian’s sleeve, tugging. “Yiling Laozu, shifu, gongzi, teach me to make them die screaming. I’ll do all your dirty work. I’ll never complain. Teach me, make me your disciple.”
Wuxian pursed his lips down at him, wrinkling his nose. “No.”
That smile widened, sharpened, and he tugged hard, once. Then, his hand darted out and before Wei Wuxian could stop him, Xue Yang yelped and reeled back a few steps, cradling it to his gut, his sharp little face hard and set.
Snatching ChenQing from his belt, Wuxian brandished it at the kid and bellowed, “You little idiot! What did you think was going to happen?! ChenQing is a first class spiritual tool, of course she’s going to fucking bite you if you try to steal her! Why would I take on a thief who doesn’t know the first thing about cultivation in the first place?!”
Xue Yang’s nostrils flared and he stayed where he was, still holding his chastened hand. “I’ll learn. Teach me.”
“I’ll do anything you ask.”
Wei Wuxian threw his hands in the air and turned his back on him. “Anything like steal my flute? Get lost.”
He hadn’t taken 2 steps when the kid yelled at the top of his lungs, “Teach me! I’ll do anything! Anything at all!” His voice was raw and strained with the edge of a crazed laugh. “I’m not leaving! I’ll test your wards all night, every night! I’ll spoil all the food offerings! I’ll--I’ll shoot anyone who leaves this mountain! You’ll have to kill me!”
Geez, this kid was obnoxious! Scowling, Wei Wuxian whirled around. “You think I won’t?”
Breathing hard, his eyes alight, Xue Yang grinned with all his teeth. “Then do it. You’ll never get rid of me, otherwise. I’ll make your life a nightmare. I’ll find a way to get in and steal your secrets and kill you.”
Wuxian rolled his eyes. “Wow, that’s a super compelling argument to make me want to live with you. I’m sure you have many friends.”
Xue Yang’s jaw worked as he panted, his hands both fists. Then, he said in a tightly controlled, trembling voice, “I’ll do anything. I’ll listen to your every order. I’ll follow every rule. I’ll never question you.”
Coolly, Wuxian raised an eyebrow. “Anything? Dig latrine holes and grind my ink for hours? Stoke the kitchen fires and launder clothes? Babysit A-Yuan and sell radishes with Wen Ning?” he demanded dryly. “You have a really specific and grandiose view of my life, kid. I live in a cave on a mountain of corpses with 50 disgraced cultivators the world wants dead. It’s not a luxurious castle of malevolence. It’s all chores, up there. I don’t have work for you to do because I work alone. You’ll be my servant.”
“I don’t care,” he said, immediately. “I’ll do it. I’ll prove it to you.”
Pinching the bridge of his nose, Wuxian tilted his head back, fist on his hip. It was silent for a long while, just the moan of the wind up the mountain and Xue Yang’s harsh, slowing breath. There was a scuff and Wuxian tensed, ready for this kid to try stabbing him or something equally as “convincing” but he had simply dropped to his knees, looking up at him with a falsely beatific smile, all teeth and shining youth. “Please. Shifu. Gongzi.” He thought a second, then his smile widened and he tilted his head, all cutesy. “Gege.”
Wei Wuxian snorted, twirling ChenQing expertly between his fingers. “You’re way too old for that to work properly. You have to be A-Yuan’s age.” There was something when all that cunning and watchful tension was gone from his face, though, however insincerely. He really wasn’t very old. He was just a kid with nowhere to go, if his desperation was to be believed.
“Ugh. Get over here.”
Xue Yang scrambled to his feet, face eager. Wei Wuxian pulled out a talisman, bit his thumb to bleeding, sketched out a rough entry pass and shoved it into the kid’s dirty lapel. “You’re on probation. You step out of line, you’re out. You do something to endanger us, you’re out. You annoy me too much, you’re out. If I’m in a really bad mood, I’ll plant you in ground so you can feed our radishes. I’m not teaching you.” He added, forcefully as Xue Yang’s grin came back in full, triumphant force. “A kid your age has no business learning things like that. But you can have a roof over your head at night.”
“Sure, gege,” he answered, slyly. “Whatever you say.”
With a noise of aggravated disgust, Wei Wuxian spun on his heel and stalked back up the mountain, trusting him to follow. This little shit was going to try to steal his notes and spy on him for sure. What a hassle.
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sparklemotioneer · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not mine and probs already exists but I NEED to look at these alongside eachother
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mdzsincorrectquotes · 5 months ago
Xue Yang: I brought you here to play the deadliest game.
Wei Wuxian: *nods knowingly* Knife monopoly.
Xue Yang: ...
Xue Yang: I was actually going to hunt you for sport, but now I’m really interested in whatever knife monopoly is.
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ladyfreya123 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Biker AU. Chapter 1. Part 5.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 here | Part 6
Special thanks to:
@airi-p4 for the support and helping me with the dialogues 💙
@crescent-woods ​ for proofreading 💙
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carpisuns · 2 days ago
since i was on my luxy bs here is a short oneshot i wrote back in april for luxy week but never posted lol
Luka was used to time tick, tick, ticking—he wasn’t used to it standing still.
Or, XY asks for Viperion's forgiveness 57 times.
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no-encores · a month ago
Tumblr media
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crucios · 3 months ago
S3 of the donghua has brought a new wave of scandalised people desperate to know "how can people possibly love Xue Yang???" Fret not, I am here to offer answers: he's a funky little gay murder gremlin up to his eyeballs in trauma and I vibe, that's how. Hope that helped. Next stupid question.
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lady-of-the-lotus · 3 months ago
Xiao Xingchen made many enemies during his years cultivating with Song Lan.
Now that he’s blind, they come crawling out of the woodwork to get revenge.
Xue Yang secretly kills about one criminal lowlife a week when they come sniffing around Yi City. He keeps a lock of hair from each as a trophy of his having saved Xiao Xingchen. He considered keeping their tongues but decided to keep his personal and professional lives separate.
Xiao Xingchen is completely oblivious, it keeps Xue Yang happy and relaxed, and A-Qing doesn’t object because 1) She’s supposed to be blind and 2) If anything, Xue Yang protecting the daozhang actually helps endear him to her, though she could do without Xue Yang’s demented grin as he cuts their throats. 
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guqin-and-flute · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Text Post Meme: These screamed 'Xue Yang' edition
{ 31 / ? }
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tarmairons · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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