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Ada berbagai cara untuk menghemat pengeluaran konsumsi sabun cuci piring, salah satunya dengan membuat sabun cuci piring sendiri di rumah. Lho? Kok bisa? Ya, bisa dong! karena disini kami menyediakan biang sabun cuci piring berkualitas lho. 

Mau tau cara membuat sabun cuci piring jeruk nipis ala sunlight? Yuk, langsung saja simak cuplikan videonya berikut ini dari awal sampai selesai :D

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Review:  This Bathroom Foamer Cleaning System Starter Kit by Clorox is safe and very easy to use. The kit includes a reusable bottle (10+ years) and 2 refill cartridges. This system is super easy to combine and use. One just needs to add tap water up to the fill line and then place the cartridge into the bottle. The color will then automatically start to turn purple. Close the sprayer back on. Turn on the knob and spray through the nozzle. This foam is effective too because it cleans surfaces like sink, bathtub and shower wall very easily. It can also be used on surfaces such as ceramic tile, grout, fiberglass and even shower curtains, toilets, etc. I like that this product is environmentally friendly since it uses 75% less plastic. It’s also safe to be used around kids and pets. It has a nice scent to it that feels natural. It’s bleach-free with a clean mist scent to it. It is also free from harsh chemicals. But care must be taken when using the product as in if it can go into the eyes or onto the skin, then one must rinse with water for up to 15 minutes. I like that the paper box packaging as well as the bottle (without the label) are both recyclable. I’d recommend this product for its convenience, safety and simplicity. #ad #FreeSample

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recommendation: listen to 1989 through helmet speakr system while riding motorcycle. Especially Clean. it sounded so different. if I were musical I would try to do a cover of how it sounded, it was hauntingly beautiful. (as it is, the sound has completely left my head now. wish I could recreate it.)

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Can’t believe I have gotten here, but today I am six months free of self harm, I really never thought I would make it this far and although it has been incredibly difficult the past few months I’m so relieved and happy to have been clean for the longest time in a decade ❤

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