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Day 2/100 days of productivity

I had a bit of an off day today, but I started research for a paper I need to write for Government, and cleaned my room. It’s startling how much cleaning up your environment can help distress. It’s also a good anger management tool for me, like power cleaning haha!

That’s all for today, but tomorrow is a fresh start.

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I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the new people who have joined. we now have 1,054 people with us. 

In this time of ‘crisis’ i just wanna make sure everyone is safe and staying clean. And if anyone needs to talk my Pm’s are always open so just message me and YEAH love you babies and thank yoooooou xxxxx

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The start of cleaning your room feels like such a drag, but once you’re in it is exciting to see what you have and where to put it then seeing the end result is so relaxing. It feels like an area where you can breathe again and just have a clear mind. It removes the toxicity and the clutter not just from the room but from your mind and emotions, as well.

I enjoy having a clean and tidy room. Mind you, I get messy sometimes especially when I’m in a hurry, but once I finish cleaning and putting things away, I’m a happy camper and I don’t want to leave my room.

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