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rafescoke · a month ago
Drunk ; Rafe Cameron
Pairing: Rafe Cameron x reader
Summary: Someone who could take her away from all her problems.
Warnings: Pure fluff!
A/N: listen to apocalypse- cigarettes after sex to experience a better journey while you’re reading drunk!
oh my god i missed writing and everyone in this blog wtf but i’m so glad i’m back!! i’m so sorry if this wasn’t what everyone expected but i wasn’t feeling so great lately and all i need is some sweet rafe cameron where the reader and him isn’t in some kind of a toxic relationship
At first glance, Rafe was mesmerised by the sweet scent of the girl passing him to get to the other side of the club.
But he knew better than to approach her right away, because he was determined to make it right this time. He stared at her swaying body, (H/C) hair falling from her shoulder and dimples reflecting under the lights.
There was something about her.
“Birthday boy! You’re not supposed to be here alone!”
Rafe let his new college friend pull him to the secluded VIP corner, and his eyes quickly caught the figure of the girl from before.
What’s your name?
He sighed, allowing himself to be patted down on the seat all while thinking about all the unanswered questions toward her.
Passing the beers, Rafe laughed at some joke someone brought up. His head tilted to one side, exposing his long neck and he had the hesitant thought to down every drink on the table.
But he won’t. Not when he has a certain mission to get done tonight.
His head turned to the dancing floor, searching for the certain girl again, but she was nowhere to be found. Rafe frowned a little at this, but the expression quickly subdued when he realised how he didn’t even know her name, or how she looked like under the sun.
She might even have a boyfriend whom she loves.
“Gonna go smoke,” he said to no one in particular, standing up from his seat and walking toward the smoking area. The light breeze of NYC hit him squarely on his face, pushing away his blonde locks from his forehead and making his hair even more messier. He sighed when he noticed the lack of beanie in his pocket, which he usually brought with him anywhere.
I never caught your name, he thought, taking out a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it. He threw his head back against the brick walls, letting out the smoke and sucking in a new fresh air.
“I’ll be home soon, mother, please,” a voice called out, getting some attention from the other smokers, but not Rafe. He was staring at the orange light from the ceiling, thinking how it resembled a lot to the one outside of his favourite restaurant in Obx.
“Stop! You’re screaming at me for no reason,” the voice cried again, and there was a sound of a bag hitting the floor and heels clacking.
Rafe’s eyes turned to the commotion, and he was surprised to see the girl from before on all fours.
“Fuck,” she muttered, scrambling everywhere for her belongings now all over the ground. Her phone brightened not far from where she was, but her sight was slightly blurry so she fumbled for it.
Her mother’s angry voice could be heard from the small device, though she didn’t put it on speaker. She groaned, bringing the phone closer to her ear, “Mother, I’m going to end this call. Please, I’ll come back home, just—”
“And what is a pretty girl doing on the floor alone?”
Her eyes caught the sight of a tall guy, but she was used to this. She rolled her eyes, ending the call quickly and stuffing her phone into the small bag.
At least help me if you’re going to flirt, she thought, as she quickly gathered her cards and lipsticks.
“Not interested,” she mumbled, standing up slowly from the floor and feeling herself swaying to the side. The man laughed at this, and she felt so annoyed she could punch the shit out of the man.
“Come on, let me take you home.”
She felt a strong grip on her arms, and god, how could he touch her over her new Chanel dress?
She flinched at the touch, pulling a face, and swayed once again.
“I can help you, my car is just—”
“Babe, you’re not supposed to go out without me,” Rafe sighed, pulling the girl to his side and causing the unnamed girl to gasp at the sudden impact.
“Babe?” The man raised a brow, looking from the girl to Rafe, and back to the girl.
“I’m sorry, did she do anything?” Rafe faked surprise, and turned to the girl. “I told you not to drink so much.”
She opened her mouth, trying to shoot back something at how she doesn’t need this handsome guy’s help, but her body balance wasn’t on her side. She fell to Rafe’s side, causing him to quickly wrap his arms around her.
“My bad, bro, I’m sorry. I thought she needed help. You have to take care of your girlfriend, man, especially a pretty girl like her.”
Rafe could feel the bitter taste at the tip of his tongue; he wondered what would happen if he hadn’t come to the now lifeless girl.
He wished he could punch the man before him, but he too was slightly dizzy from all the booze that he knew he wouldn’t last long in a fight. He chose to be nice today, and gave the man his thanks.
“What’s your name?” Rafe asked, wrapping his arms around her waist gently so as to not make her so uncomfortable. She was already groaning, forehead damp and hands cold.
“Where do you live?”
“Around here,” she whispered back, head against Rafe’s shoulder and eyes looking up to the tall buildings surrounding them.
“I need you to be more specific,” Rafe grunted, pulling her up slightly when he could feel her slipping, and groaned. “How much did you drink?”
“3 shots. Maybe 4. Maybe 15.”
“Jesus Christ,” he mumbled, stopping entirely in their tracks and turning to look at her. “Do you want me to catch you an Uber?”
She made a noise with her throat, to which Rafe had a sudden instinct to laugh, but decided against it. She didn’t answer, head still against his shoulder, and Rafe had no choice but to walk with her leeching off of him again.
Back in Obx, he never had a problem with helping Sarah or maybe Topper getting into the car while they were drunk. Maybe it’s the fact that he wasn’t as gentle with them as he was with (Y/N), but it was taking him forever to place the girl in his Mercedes.
When she was finally secured in the seat next to him, head against the window and mouth slightly open, Rafe had no choice but to drive her back to his apartment.
He couldn’t believe that his birthday night would end just like this; with a drunk girl by his side, and his muscles aching hungrily from having to carry her all the way from the club.
The traffic light turned red, and he took the chance to glance at the sleeping girl beside him.
Her chest heaved peacefully, lipstick smudged, eyeshadow still glimmering.
. . .
When (Y/N) woke up the next morning, she was surprised to have the smell of omelette wafting into her nostrils. Her bedroom changed too, because it wasn’t her pink greeting her back.
“What the fuck?” She shuddered, bringing the comforter to her chin. Her bedsheet was different too, it was no longer the flowery pattern her mother bought for her in Italy but rather a dull grey.
Oh my god. No way.
With all her might, she looked under the covers, only to find herself still in yesterday’s night clothes. She sighed in relief, but her whereabouts still left a nervous feeling inside her.
She wrecked her brain, trying to find an answer to all the questions in her brain, and groaned.
The huge window overlooking NYC was pattered with rain, and (Y/N) sighed when she noticed that she was in the upper east side of NYC, just close to where her home is.
“Good morning,” a voice greeted her, and she yelped before bringing the comforter around her again, as if shielding her from whoever this man is.
Handsome, man.
His brown locks were dishevelled, and he was wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt from some kind of a surfing competition back in 2015.
“We didn’t do anything, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he answered, confirming her thoughts, and she glared at him as he placed a tray with a plate of poached eggs, toast, omelette and baked beans on the bed.
So inviting.
“You were drunk, and I was just helping you.”
His face was sincere, but one thing that (Y/N) believes in was all men are liars.
“Do you remember what happened?”
Her hands reached for the toast, and her mouth was filled with the savoury taste of butter as she munched on the breakfast.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be outside when you’re ready to come out.”
Why was he treating her so well?
He left her alone in this gigantic room overlooking the city, and she rested her back against the headboard of his bed.
As she was enjoying the free breakfast, her phone rang somewhere near her and she scrambled for her bag.
“I know I can never trust you to be in a big city like New York, (Y/N),” her mother’s voice rang, and she bit her lips.
“You just missed your first breakfast with the CEOs of your dad’s company, (Y/N), Jesus Christ,” she screamed, “And you’re probably somewhere out there with some guy who doesn’t even know your name!”
Her breath hitched, and she could feel her hot tears slowly streaming in her eyes.
“I hope you’re happy being the disappointment of the family.”
The call ended right then, and she felt so angry and disgusted she could throw all the breakfast and the drinks she had up.
Of course it’s business over her first. Her own mother didn’t even ask if she was okay.
She met the nice guy again, now in the living room, and she guessed he could see her red eyes and nose as he quickly backed away to give her space.
Thank god.
“You’re okay?” he asked, still keeping his distance.
“Thanks for taking care of me,” she smiled weakly. “I’ll head out. Sorry if I wasted your time or anything.”
Rafe quickly held out to her, “I can take you home. If you want.”
“Are you sure?” She raised a brow, “I don’t want to make anything hard for you.”
“I’m free today. I’ll be happy to send you home.”
She could remember the scent of his car from the night before now, but she was still very weary of the man. The ride to her home was silent, and she wished he would have turned the radio on so the atmosphere would be less awkward.
When the Mercedes parked right before her home, they sat in the warm silence for a few more seconds.
“I never catch your name.”
Rafe turned to look at her, “It’s Rafe.”
“Thanks, Rafe,” she breathed. “I’m so sorry—”
“It’s nothing, really,” he smiled.
So they sat staring at each other again, and Rafe felt the longing feeling to reach out to her, to ask for her contact details and to ask her out for a coffee the next day, but he couldn’t.
To (Y/N), Rafe was the perfect embodiment of a boyfriend. So handsome, so gentle, so perfect.
Ask me on a date, she thought.
She pulled the door open, letting the cold weather of NYC in mid February engulf them as she pulled the cardigan around her tighter.
“Wait—” Rafe reached out across the seat for her wrist, and she gasped. “Would you like to go for a coffee with me?”
She smiled.
“It depends. Are you married?”
“With three kids,” Rafe smiled back, and his heart warmed. “Are you?”
“With two kids.”
“Sweet. Now we have five.”
(Y/N) laughed genuinely, liking how his humour matched hers, and closed the door before he could tease anything back.
The sound of a door opening and closing brought her attention once more, and soon enough the scent of the handsome man stood beside her.
“You forgot to leave your number in my phone.”
“You know where I live,” she nudged her shoulder to the grand estate in front of her. “Do you still need my number?”
Rafe grinned, “I’ll see you soon, (Y/N).”
As she walked back to the door, she could feel his stare at her back. She felt nervous, so giddy, like a schoolgirl with a crush.
Someone to take her mind off her problems. Someone who doesn’t need to know about her family troubles or anything that deemed her as fucked up.
Someone like Rafe.
. . .
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azucarian · 6 months ago
hey ^_^ I was wondering if you could do a mitsuri Kanroji reader with angry and hakkai, if not that's fine!
Mitsuri isn't my favourite Hashira but I adore her she's adorable (*hides bc being a Giyuu kinnie is tough* LMAO) ~
The story of their love - and their s/o’s crazy obsession with cute things
Characters — Souya "Angry" Kawata, Hakkai Shiba
Tumblr media
✰ tbh you two are the cutest fuckin couple ever - even smiley grows soft at the sight of you, and he’s a sadistic mf
✰ when you first met souya you made the stupidest face before just, cupping his face in your hands and shouting “you’re so cute! you look like blue cotton candy!” ✰ boy has never gone so red before (like, literally, becomes the definition of the hot and cold color pallette) - nahoya bullied tf out of him for a week because souya couldn’t get the courage to ask for your number, so, like the good big brother he was, he got your number for him
✰ dates between you both usually consist of visiting places that are definitively cute - like pet stores, zoos, plushie stores, etc. ✰ he’ll never say it but he loves the way you jump from one thing to another and calls it your ‘cuteness overload’
✰ i feel as if angry would have slight communication issues under normal circumstances (and, any previous relationships he’s been in have ended because of his struggles with communicating) ✰ but, with you, he doesn’t feel stressed or scared to express his feelings :( because he knows you love him and adore him and want to be the best for him - you’ll never ever judge anything he says or worries about
✰ you’re 100% on pda - he’s not, but he’ll deal with the embarrassment because he knows physical affection makes you really happy ✰ has pushed you away once before, and the look on your face (the one of pure, unbridled restraint) was one he never wanted to see again - and the fact you refrained from physical affection all week because you thought you made him uncomfy
✰ he confronted you and told you he loves your cuddles and kisses (with a big FAT BLUSH ON HIS FACE) but he’s not big on showing other people bc he thinks it’s a private thing </3 ✰ you guys compromise - only side hugs, cheek kisses and hand holding in public because it suits both of your needs (your need for affection, and his desire to keep public affection to a minimum whilst also keeping you happy)
✰ you’re a cuddle bug in bed - you two will occasionally have sleep overs and, ofc, share a bed; and you’ll both wake up in a mess of tangled limbs ✰ you lowkey recorded it one night bc you wanted to know how you ended up so tangled together ✰ video shows you worming your way between souya’s arms, head on his chest, arms around his back, and legs intertwined tightly ✰ also shows souya tugging you closer (you fangirl, he dies inside a little)
✰ nahoya is extremely defensive over you both - he now has two people with hearts of gold to care for, and he will fight anyone for you ✰ you’re going to become his in-law at some point any ways >:( you promised him you would
✰ overall, very cute relationship - 100/100, i crave this kind of relationship GIVE IT TO ME ✰ your fam def think the worst of him at first, but then realise he’s just got a grumpy face and that he’s actually the sweetest boy on the planet <33
✰ hakkai is the best boyfriend and i don’t take second opinions - he’s the youngest brother so he knows what it’s like to be doted on, and, finally, when he has the chance to dote on someone else, he a c e s it
✰ you guys first met when you accidentally stumbled into one of toman’s fights and hakkai lowkey saved you and you just stared at him ✰ he thought you were grossed out by his scar :(( ✰ until you said “oh my god you’re so adorable! and your scar is so awesome! i love you already! i’m (name)!”
✰ everyone just paused and stared - because wtf this cute girl?? just unintentionally flustered hakkai shiba?? like it’s not difficult to make him blush because he’s already girl shy
✰ did not surprise anyone when you started dating him though - y’all were made for each other ✰ you definitely brought out the flirty, confident side of him and even the toman members were shocked by that
✰ prime date spot? the hedgehog café - you both fucking love it (you brought the kawata twins with you once - never do it again, nahoya literally launched a poor hedgehog at souya and y’all got kicked out)
✰ you become mitsuya’s best friend and always offer to babysit mana and luna because, and i quote, “they’re too adorable to not babysit!” ✰ hakkai wants to marry you on the spot bc you’re amazing with kids (lowkey forgets he’s still in middle school, shh)
✰ also, just bc you’re shy and very much into cute things doesn’t mean you can’t get violent - case and point, taiju fucking shiba ✰ you’re like, half his size and yet he will not utter a single fcking word in your presence because you just g l a r e at him - his opinion is irrelevant and you will not tolerate his bs under any circumstances ✰ nothing is scarier than being on a nice persons shit-list
✰ yuzuha loves you, you love yuzuha - sometimes hakkai wonders if you’re actually dating his sister and he’s third wheeling (sob)
✰ surprisingly?? cuddly?? definitely instigates in pda - actually adores it because of how happy and flustered you get as a result? ✰ back hugs, kisses, sitting in his lap, hand holding, etc. ✰ everyone’s jealous (hakkai deadass tells them to cry about it)
✰ all in all, you’re a sweet couple - you two are hardly separated from each other, and, even when you are, you’re either texting or calling each other 100/100 ✰ kiss his scar and he will fall so hard he won’t know what to do with himself - might self destruct and bury his face into your chest
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samnuo · a month ago
Tumblr media
Let's think about mikey with a chubby tall girlfriend. He met her through baji. Her and baji both worked together at the pet store along with chifuyu and kazutora and baji being the little shit he is, wanted to play cupid— and it worked.
She's not extremely tall but tall enough that everytime mikey hugs her, he's always head first between her boobs and he doesn't mind at all cause they're like pillows and he probably has fallen asleep on them while giving her a hug standing.
Ok so due to her height she never had a problem reaching things in her apartment but mikey, poor mikey, he has to ask for her assistance if he wants something on a higher shelf since she scolded him about climbing on her couters.
He's still very much a man; her height doesn't affect his masculinity in the slightest because he doesn't care. He'd be mad if she points out their height difference and makes fun of him but he won't feel any less of who he is. Whenever they go on dates he tries to assert dominance because he has heard comments from nosy passersby in the lines of 'she's probably the man of the house,' but stops not even thirty minutes later because he's too preoccupied with making her laugh and actually enjoying his time with her.
And to top it off she is kinda the man of the house... and he knows that... she does almost everything since mikey is a lazy piece of shit BUT he does try. But also he doesn't see their relationship with that (the man of the house thing) because he doesn't care, yes he is aware of it if someone were to point it out but ultimately... he does not care and it's not something he thinks about at all.
He does at times think he can do much more for her and he gets kinda down for that reason.
He doesn't like to get into arguments with her because she'll place his things on the highest shelf which he can't reach on his own without using the counter and remember... he's not supposed to use the counter. But he uses it anyway because... it's mikey, he's annoying.
Mikey has those moments where he just looks at her and just smothers her with affection. Literally out of nowhere mikey would be sitting next to her, staring at her with the boredest (that's not a word but it is) look on his face, thinking: I wanna rub up all over her right now.
Literally hurls himself onto her and starts rubbing his face againt her chest and face, squishing her boobs in the process and wiggling his entire body on her like a fish out of water. She probably panics at first then realises it's mikey doing his thing: being mikey.
She'll be like... wtf and he'd look at her and say nothing. He just loves her <3
Tumblr media
isn't this cute? it is : > but i wanted to post something and this has been in my mind for a minute so I hope you enjoyed.
Tumblr media
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jamaisjoons · 11 months ago
dark chocolate snap ⤑ ksj & kth | m.
Tumblr media
⟶ 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦:〝 the last thing you’d expected a few days before valentine’s, was a text from your friends’ with benefits telling you to meet them at a hotel. however, with all the tasty tricks up their sleeve, you’re sure that valentine’s day will be extra sweet this year. that is, as long as you survive the night with the two men ravishing you as if you’re their last meal… or dessert. 〞friends with benefits au. valentine’s au. pwp au.
❥ 𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: seokjin x reader x taehyung
❥ 𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒: fluff ∝ smut
❥ 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡: 15.5k
⟶ 𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: heavy bdsm themes, hard (but softer than tae)dom!seokjin, hard dom!taehyung, big cock!seokjin, big cock!taehyung, slight bratty sub!reader, threesome: mfm, public indecency yeehaw, use of sex toys: vibrators, exhibitionism, humiliation, use of blindfolds, grinding, female masturbation, voyeurism, teasing, biting, dirty talk, degradation, finger licking/sucking, fingering, wet and messy, minor breast/nipple play, spanking, face slapping with cock, cock rubbing, rough/sloppy blowjob, choking/gagging on cock, praise, food play: melted chocolate, temperature play, licking/eating food off of a body, power dynamics, pain kink, mild ass worship, pussy eating, deep throating, hair pulling, clit torture, throat bulge, face fucking, slight objectification kink, minor choking, crying, orgasm control, orgasm denial, disobedience/punishment, oral fixation, cock worship, anal play, cockwarming, multiple orgasms, impact play: paddle, some truly inspired use of chocolate, begging, forced orgasm, squirting, overstimulation, unprotected sex, riding, minor male masturbation, ass eating, anal fingering, spitting, anal sex, double penetration, rough sex, deep dicking, creampie, anal creampie, aftercare because yn is a trooper an deserves it for her performance
➵ 𝑎/𝑛: ahhhhhhhh i have no idea wtf is happening in this but either way i love taejin... also this is ACTUALLY pwp because the plot and or background to their relationship is non existent
⤑ edited by my lovely @shadowsremedy​, beta read by the sweetest @yeoldontknow​, @kithtaehyung​, @softyoongiionly​, @yoonjinkooked​, @sunshinekims​, @nottodayjjk​, and @vari8tions​
⏤ written for the bon appetit collab
Tumblr media
Big Daddy 🍆
        Princess Suite. Crown Plaza. Sowol-ro. Hannam-dong. Reserved under Kim Seokjin. Taehyung and I will be waiting.
You stare at your phone for a couple of moments, making sure that you’ve got the correct address, as well as the hotel, before looking up at the imposing tower of steel and glass that looms over you. The words ‘Crown Plaza’ are emblazoned at the top of the building; the flavescent neon lighting proudly shimmering against the late-evening sky. Eyes skimming to the entrance, you pull your lower lip between your teeth, before anxiously chewing on it. Currently, you’re in the warm comfort of your Uber, the driver patiently waiting for you to exit her vehicle. However, the harder you scrutinise the length between the door of the cab, to the hotel’s front door, the more you feel like turning tail and running away. And that’s nothing to say for the way the distance seems to increase with each passing second; though, you’re sure that’s more to do with your apprehension than anything.
Turning to the Uber driver, “Is there any way you can get closer to the entrance?” you question. The woman looks at you strangely before shaking her head.
“This is the drop off,” comes her laconic response.
At her words, you bite your lip harder - hard enough to almost draw blood - before nodding your head. For a second time that evening, you consider asking the driver to take you back home. Nonetheless, you know that’s not an option: Seokjin and Taehyung most likely waiting for you in the hotel suite. Though, honestly speaking, your tentativeness is all thanks to them in the first place. After all, who the hell ordered their lover to go to a hotel completely naked, with only a winter coat to keep them covered? Answer? Seokjin and Taehyung. Of course, it’s partially your own fault. Mostly because, you’re the one who told both your friends’ with benefits that you wanted more spontaneity and thrill in your relationship. Although, this was not what you had in mind; i.e. Seokjin texting you the moment you’d gotten home from work to strip and get to the hotel.
“Are you getting out? I have other customers,” the woman prompts, and realising she’s grown impatient, you send her an apologetic smile before nodding. Well, there’s no turning back now.
Taking a deep breath, you tug the coat tighter around you - ensuring each of the buttons are securely fastened, lest you unwittingly flash someone - before opening the door and exiting the Uber. The moment you step outside, a gust of wind blows by. It carries the brisk chill of the winter on its back, and skimming through the heavy tweed of Seokjin’s coat, the gale kisses your skin, leaving the surface gelid under its touch. Instantly, a violent shiver runs down your back, the wintry breeze causing you to huddle into the little warmth offered by the jacket. Under its sharp bite, your nipples twist to hardness, almost painfully, the sudden ache causing you to suck in a sharp breath. Surreptitiously, you chance a glance towards your chest, only to let out a breath of relief. With how thick the jacket is, the hardened peaks of your breasts are hidden - the bulky material effectively hiding them.
For a brief moment, you contemplate getting back in your Uber, but, just as the thought crosses your mind, the car behind speeds off, leaving you alone in the cold. With your choice made for you, your next option is to simply run towards the hotel lobby, because - now that you look at it - the distance isn’t that great. Nevertheless, you know that’s simply not an option. And that’s thanks to the second demand your paramours had asked of you. The remote control vibrator resting just within the walls of your sex. Courtesy of one, Kim Taehyung. It’s small, and motionless right now, but paired with your naked body, and the sight of people simply milling about, the feel of it inside you is prominent - inescapable.
With the fear of the toy falling out of you, and alerting everyone to your lewd, depraved actions, you gingerly begin making your way to the entrance. As you walk, you keep your thighs clenched together, in a bid to retain the silicon toy inside of you, though, that’s easier said than done. Each of your steps has the silken lining of Seokjin’s coat sliding against your naked skin; the soft touch, paired with the thrill of your brazen actions and the biting air, causing your walls to intermittently convulse - threatening to push the toy out of you. Nonetheless, after long, drawn-out moments, you finally reach the front doors.
Just as you take a step to enter the lobby, however, another gust of wind blows past, and this time, after ruffling through Seokjin’s coat, it brushes against your bare core. Automatically, a soughed whimper falls from your lips - the chilled air against your heated sex making your skin prickle with goosebumps. The sensation has your inner walls clenching inadvertently, and under the reflexive movement, the feel of the rounded vibrator inside you intensifies. Against your will, you feel your cunt release a fresh wave of arousal - the wetness trickling out of you and along your thighs. Skin flushing with humiliation at the slickness that coats your flesh, you swiftly open the front door and step into the hotel - the sooner you get to the suite the better.
A pleasant heat assaults your senses as soon as you enter; the warmth a stark juxtaposition to the frigid cold you’d just escaped from. Before you can enjoy the welcomed change, however, the vibrator inside you flares to life. Viciously, it thrums inside you and as the intense vibrations stimulate your inner nerves, your walls unintentionally pulse - a second, thicker gush of wetness slipping out of you and down your thighs. The reverberations take you by surprise, and automatically, you clench your legs. Unable to stop yourself, however,  you let out a high-pitched squeak. Beside you, the doorman gives you an odd look, and cheeks flushing with heat, you turn away from him. Rather, your eyes skim across the foyer.
Surprisingly, despite the lateness of the evening, a hoard of people occupy the hotel’s reception - all of them dressed to impress as they casually mill about - and eyes landing onto the sign at one end of the lobby, you understand why. The hotel is currently hosting some form of speed dating event. Seeing the crowd, an inkling of despair flits through you, especially when you feel the pulsating toy shift inside of you. You continue looking around the palatially decorated room, yet, no matter how many times your eyes sweep across the floor, you can’t seem to locate either of your lovers - whoever it is blending in with the throng of people that loiters around the foyer. Just as your gaze lands on the reception, your pocket buzzes, and pulling out your phone, you look at your newest text.
Dr Dick 👅
        Go straight to the reception. Don’t be late.
Then, as if in a warning, the vibrator’s reverberations intensify for a short moment, before coming to a halt. Unwittingly, a small mewl slips from your lips, and sucking in a deep, steadying breath, you cautiously make your way to the reception counter. As soon as you approach them, the two employees rise to their feet and greet you with a smile.
“How can we help you?” one of them asks. The second you open your mouth to respond, however, the vibrator inside you suddenly begins moving - this time, at a much higher setting than before. The unexpected movement forces a gasp out of you, and body going rigid, you watch as both the receptionists look at you in alarm. Thinking on your feet, you quickly morph your gasp into a forced cough.
Corners of your lips twisting into a weak smile, “Sorry about that. I’ve, uhh, got a reservation under Kim Seokjin,” you respond. Your voice is shaky, and higher than you intended it to be, and responsively both of them look at you oddly. Nonetheless, rather than commenting on your strange behaviour, they nod their head, and turn back to their computer.
“Just give us a moment to find your reservation,” one of them responds, the other beginning to type out something. Feebly, you nod your head, your hands moving to casually drum on the countertop.
Despite your nonchalant demeanour, however, internally you feel your resolve slowly begin to crumble. Molten desire pools within the pits of your stomach with each passing moment, the vibrations of the toy stimulating the deep erogenous zones inside of you and causing bristles of pleasure to prickle at your flesh. Discreetly, you look around, the sight of the crowd causing your blood to bubble with pleasure. They mindlessly mill about, completely unawares to the way the vibrator rhythmically pulses inside of you. Walls rippling, you feel the contractions threaten to push the vibrator out of you, and muscles locking in alarm, you discreetly clench your thighs - willing it further inside of you. Thankfully, on one hand, the movement has it retreating back into the safety of your walls. Thanklessly, on the other, it pushes in deeper, causing your breath to unwittingly hitch when it brushes against a particularly sensitive spot.
“It’s the Princess Suite, you can find it on the forty-third floor. Here’s your key,” the employee states all of a sudden. Their voice draws your attention, and you watch as one of them slides a golden keycard across the marble countertop, “We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Checkout is midday tomorrow,” they continue.
As soon as you pick up the keycard, the vibrator comes to a still. Letting out a quiet exhale, you smile wanly at both the employees, and, “Thank you,” you reply. Then, turning on your heels, you quickly stalk towards the elevator. With each step, the sticky slipperiness of your thighs grows more apparent - your wetness dripping out of you and along your flesh. The sensation causes you to pick up speed, and before long, you approach the lift. Luckily, just as you reach the doors, they open - a young couple exiting out. Not wanting to waste any time, you quickly make your way into the amber-lit chamber and click the button that leads to your floor.
As soon as the elevator doors shut, a tinkling chime ringing through the air, you let out a deep breath of relief. Somehow, you’d done it. Somehow, despite your own embarrassment and consciousness, you’d managed to walk into the hotel completely naked - even with a vibrator pulsing inside of you. Now, you just have to make it to your room. The elevator ride is short, in spite of how high up your reserved suite is, and before long, a familiar bell resounds through the air - signalling your arrival. Lift doors opening, you walk out into the short corridor. Two doors meet your eyes, one one either side of you; and eyes skimming the gold plaques, you locate the one that has ‘Princess Suite’ embossed in black into the surface.
Swiping your keycard through the slot, a low beep alerts you to the bolt unlocking, and without further delay, you enter the room. Automatically, the lights flicker on, and as the space is flooded by croceate lighting, your breath catches in the midst of your throat. The suite is opulent to say the least - rich shades of gold, ivory and walnut meeting your eyes. As you take in the lavishly decorated front room, you can’t help but wonder how much Seokjin and Taehyung shelled out in order to reserve the suite. It must have cost a small fortune. The thought of it causes your stomach to twist, and involuntarily, butterflies bloom within your abdomen.
At the remembrance of your two lovers, your shoulders perk up. You step through the entrance, and after crossing the living room, you make your way to what you assume is the bedroom. Luckily, your guess is right, and immediately, you’re met with the sight of a large four-poster bed - adorned in goose-down pillows and draped in satin sheets. Nonetheless, as inviting as it looks, there’s only one glaring thing missing: Seokjin and Taehyung. From their texts, they’d made it seem as if they were waiting for you. But, apparently, that hadn’t been the case. Corners of your nose scrunching, you move to pull out your phone and call Seokjin, however, before you can, something catches your eyes.
Approaching the mattress, your eyebrow quirks at the sight of the small envelope casually resting at the edge of the bed. Easily recognising the handwriting on the surface, the thin scrawl belonging to none other than Seokjin, you pick up the letter. It’s thicker than you’d thought, and as it rests in your hands, you feel something soft nestled within it. Curiosity piqued, you flip it over, and opening it, you pull out two items - a broad, silk ribbon, and a small piece of paper. ‘Put on the blindfold and wait. We’ll be there for you soon.’ Eyes tracing the words over and over again, a small frown forms at the edges of your mouth. You had to wait even longer? God, whatever they had planned better be worth it.
Despite your slight aggravation, you slip the note back into the envelope and place it back on the bed. Then, perching on the edge of the mattress, you tie the blindfold around your eyes and begin your waiting game. Hunger churns through your bloodstream, your neediness growing with each moment that passes. It doesn’t help that the silken lining of Seokjin’s coat presses flush against your sex, the sleek material clinging to your folds thanks to the lubricious wetness that slicks your cunt. The musky heat at the apex of your thighs grows uncomfortable, and hips squirming, you try to get into a more comfortable position, only to let out a whimper when your pussy glides across the silk-like fabric.
Entrance rippling, you feel your clit throb for attention and a low mewl of wanton need escapes your mouth. Repeating the action, you grind your cunt further into the jacket, and this time, when the fabric brushes against your engorged clit, you let out a hoarse cry. With nothing to distract you, and no one to stop you, you spread your legs a little wider and push your hands between your thighs. Pads of your fingertips grazing your swollen bundle of nerves, a spark of electric pleasure jolts up your spine, and throwing your head back, you groan out in ecstasy.
Hips writhing, you begin grinding into your hand, your fingers dancing across your slit as high-pitched keens intermittently escape your mouth. You can feel how wet you are, a dense film of stick slickness coating your walls; stringy trails of your arousal oozing out of your entrance and onto the sheets. Digits gliding through your cunt, you begin rolling your clit in deep circles, your thighs beginning to tremble. With each roll of your hips, the vibrator shifts inside of you - its surreptitious movements causing your frustration to build up - and unable to bear it any longer, your desperation growing to urgent levels, you lay back on the bed.
Spreading your legs a little wider, you move your hand back to your sex, your fingers slipping past the heavy tweed of Seokjin’s jackets. For a few moments, you trace the outline of your sex - running your fingers across your slit and over your clit - and once the lengths are sufficiently wet, you dip two fingers into your dripping walls. Easily, your entrance accepts the intrusion, and fingertips coming into contact with the toy, your head lolls back and your mouth falls open in a ragged cry. You hook the crook of your second knuckles around the loop attached to the toy, and once it’s secure, you begin pumping your digits in and out of you; simultaneously dragging the smooth silicon toy through your folds. When your fingers push particularly deep, the vibrator pressing flush against your sweet spot, a heavy moan resounds through the air, and knowing your body well, you can feel your orgasm draw nearer.
Fingers picking up speed, you thrust them quicker in and out of you - using both, the pleasure of your digits plunging in and out of you, along with the vibrator stimulating your g-spot - to bring you closer and closer to the brink of pleasure. You have no idea how long passes, with you sitting there, your clit grinding against the silken lining as your fingers pump in and out of you, but soon, you lose yourself in your own pleasure. Thick ropes of arousal drip out of you, pooling under you and percolating into the jacket, undoubtedly leaving a puddle of your arousal in the material. Just as you feel yourself teeter on the precipice of pleasure, your thighs trembling uncontrollably, a low voice cuts through the air.
“Oh? Now, what do we have here?”
Shoulders tensing at the sound, you let out a whimper, your hand immediately coming to a still. Blindfold still wrapped around your head, you can’t see who it is, nor where they are. But, you don’t need to see to know who it is. From the rich, sweet tenor, and the slight wry intonation to his droll, you already know it’s Seokjin. Footfalls pad against the carpet, and as the noise draws nearer to you, you feel your body tremor with anticipation and excitement. Lifting your back, your elbows falling to either side of the mattress as you brace yourself, you look ahead, your head tilting to the side as you’re met with the darkness of the blindfold.
“Seokjin...” you breathe out heavily, the tenseness in your shoulders alleviating as you relax. The older man simply hums, the timbre of his voice resonating through the quiet room. His heavy presence draws nearer to you, until you can feel it loom over you, the hair at the back of your nap standing on edge. Instinctively, even though you’re blindfolded, you tilt your neck up; blindly searching for him. “Where’s Taehyung?” you ask, your head tilting around the room, your ears on alert - searching for any sound that would signal you to his presence.
One hand falls to your stomach, and slipping through the buttoned seam of your coat, you feel long, cool fingers dance across your naked skin. Deft fingers flittering over your bare stomach, “Right here, Kitten,” he drawls, the deep tremor to his voice causing your stomach to quiver.
“Took you both long enough. I’ve been waiting for a while, you know,” you pout, your lower lip jutting out.
“And yet, you couldn’t really wait, could you?” Seokjin hums.
Before you can reply, you feel a pair of plump lips graze across the outer shell of your ear. Warm breath fans across your skin, the feathery sensation causing a shiver of anticipation to run down your spine. All of a sudden, a sharp sting jolts through you, and feeling Seokjin bite down on the tip of your ear, you let out a small yelp. “Hmm, I don’t think either of us told you to play with yourself, did we, Taehyung?” Seokjin questions, his voice low and dangerous. As he speaks, you feel a pair of hands trace the placket of Seokjin’s coat, dexterous fingers systematically unfastening each of the buttons.
“No. I believe our instructions were to ‘Put on the blindfold and wait’,” Taehyung responds, a playful lilt colouring his voice.
With each clasp undone, more and more of your body is revealed to their eyes, until all of a sudden, the material falls to either side of your body - revealing your naked figure. The warmth you’d built up from the jacket immediately dissipates, and cool air descending over your bare flesh, you feel your nipples twist to hardness. Two sharp inhales fill the air, the sounds identical as Seokjin and Taehyung suck in a breath at the sight.
“At least she listened to one of our orders,” Taehyung chuckles, and though his sentence is light and airy, you easily pick up the slight edge to his voice.
Breath hitching, you feel him trail his hand down your abdomen and towards the apex of your thighs. Reaching your pubic mound, he begins tracing lazy circles into your skin, the teasing sensation causing you to mew in pleasure. When his fingertips brush against the hood of your clit, you gasp out his name, your hips autonomously bucking up into his hand. Not wasting a moment, he pushes his digits between your thighs, and swipes them through your dewy lips. A guttural groan spills from your mouth, your head falling backwards as you feel Taehyung delicately toy with the slick creases of your pussy.
“Oh? You’re fucking soaked. Did you enjoy being a nasty little slut?” Taehyung coos; thick derision dripping from his voice, like viscous honey.
On the side of you, a hand trails along your arm, and gently encircling around your wrist, he picks up your own hand. Bringing your fingers up to his mouth, he - Seokjin, you think - begins swiping your wet fingers across the soft folds. Voluptuous lips wrap around your digits, and feeling them enveloped by a wet, warm mouth, your skin flushes with the heat of desire. Seokjin’s tongue begins swirling across the lengths - and between his velvet appendage swiping over your fingers, as well as his mouth intermittently suckling - he cleans off your own arousal.
Releasing them from his mouth with a wet pop, “I think she did,” Seokjin chimes in with a low chuckle. Then, languidly twirling his tongue around the tips of your digits, “Our Princess is a depraved little whore, isn’t she? Getting off while walking around in public naked, with a vibrator inside her,” he continues. Their words have the tips of your ears tinging with heat - this time, with mortification.
“B-But you made me-” you try to argue. As soon as the words slip past your lips, however, Taehyung plunges two fingers inside of you, before splaying them wide. The unexpected intrusion has the vibrator pressing further into you, and paired with the burn of the stretch, your words are quickly morphed into a throaty groan.
“But no one told you to enjoy it so much,” he remarks, a sadistic inflection to his voice, and though you can’t see his face, you can practically feel the smirk that crawls onto his face.
“Enjoy? I-I didn’t-,” you try to counter. One of your nipples slots between two crooked fingers, and twisting them between his knuckles, Seokjin immediately stops your protests. Responsively, you moan, your back arching off of the bed.
“Don’t lie to us, Princess,” he hisses in warning. Then, soothingly stroking your nipple with the pad of his thumb, “We can already tell how much you enjoyed it. You’re so wet I can smell you from here,” he drawls. The vulgarity of his words has your spine tingling, and involuntarily, your entrance quivers around Taehyung’s fingers. In response, Taehyung starts to indolently thrust his digits into you, his thumb simultaneously pressing to your clit as he rolls it in light circles. Pleasure rippling through you, your hips squirm, and you push your sex further into his hand.
Above you, you feel someone’s head dip close to your abdomen, the silken ends of long hair tickling your bare flesh. The man presses a soft kiss to your stomach, just above your naval, and after swirling his tongue through the indentation, “You really are wet…” Taehyung comments. His fingers pick up speed, and hearing the clear squelching sounds of your pussy, Taehyung and Seokjin laugh. “Messy girl,” Taehyung coos.
Seokjin presses his nose to the side of your breast, and after lightly nipping the skin, he languidly swipes his tongue over your hardened nipple. “But we can get you messier, can’t we?” he murmurs.
With that, both of them suddenly draw away from you. Their warmth dissipating from your body, you let out a low whine of protest. Nonetheless, it doesn’t last long, because without a moment’s hesitation, they flip you onto your back - undoubtedly using Seokjin’s coat for help. Thanks to your blindfold, the gesture is unexpected, and startling, you let out a surprised shriek. One hand drags the hem of the coat up, revealing your bare ass to their gaze, and before you can say anything, another hand drops down onto your plump flesh. Pain flares across your skin - the sensation heralded by a sharp slap echoing through the air - causing you to hiss and push your ass back towards the hand.
“Take off the coat,” Seokjin orders,
“Then, get on your hands and knees,” Taehyung commands, their voices resound through the air back to back, as though with practiced ease. Though, realistically, you just know it’s from the amount of time you’ve spent together.
Your body moves on its own, as if trained to obey, and after shedding Seokjin’s heavy coat, you manoeuvre your body onto your hands and knees, your ass sticking in the air. In front of you, you feel the mattress dip, and when the sensual, spiced scent of nutmeg and musk fills your senses, you know it’s Taehyung; another presence behind you alerting you to Seokjin’s positioning. Thanks to your new position, you have no doubt that your body is bared to your lovers in the best way possible, and core trembling - another wave of arousal leaking out of you - you whimper out their names.
“P-Please,” comes your soughed plea.
In front of you, you feel the bed shift, and lifting your head up, you attempt to peek through the partial slit at the bottom of the blindfold. Before you can make out anything, however, you feel someone gently cup your chin between the side of his hand and his thumb. Carefully, yet firmly, he tilts your head downwards - the gesture filled with domineering authority. Pad of his thumb brushing against your lower lip, you feel him delicately trace the outline of your petal.
“Such pretty lips,” Taehyung murmurs. His hold only lasts a few moments, because the next thing you know, he’s letting your chin go. “But do you know when your lips look the prettiest?” he continues. The bed shifts once again, before the rustle of clothing fills the air; the sound accompanied by that of Seokjin rummaging behind you. Before you can comprehend what’s happening, however, Taehyung’s placing his large hand on the back of your head and lowering your face. Within moments, your mouth comes into contact with the leaky velvet of Taehyung’s cockhead; his precum staining your lips.
“Ah,” you gasp, the barest hint of his heady essence tinging your palate.
“It’s when they’re wrapped around my cock,” Taehyung purrs. Mouth watering, you instinctively part your lips and dive forward - blindly. Eyesight obscured, your cheeks slap against the side of Taehyung’s cock, and above you, he laughs, “Such a desperate, cockhungry kitten.” Suddenly, a thud resonates through the air, and feeling the heavy weight of Taehyung’s cock slap your cheek, you let out a little whimper. “Do you want to suck my cock that badly?” he coos.
Nodding your head furiously, you press your cheek further into the velvet hardness and stroke your face against it, “Please, can I?” you question. Laden with a mix of heavy lust and desirous need, your voice has Taehyung’s chest rumbling in approval.
“That’s my Kitten. You’ll be good and take me into your mouth, won’t you?” he asks. Again, you eagerly nod your head. Chuckling, “Open, slut,” he orders.
Not wasting a single moment, your mouth parts open, and with a pleased hum, Taehyung begins to feed you his cock. The moment you feel the weight of his cockhead on your tongue, you seal your lips around his girth; autonomously creating a vacuum-like seal.
Bit by bit, Taehyung pushes his cock into you, one hand faithfully on the back of your head as his shaft presses further and further into your silken wetness. With each inch, the underside drags against the flat of your tongue - dousing your palate in his potent flavour; the taste only causing your mouth to water - and with the aid of your spit, his length easily fills your mouth. Mere moments later, the lip of his cockhead grazing against the back of your tongue, Taehyung’s crown bumps against your tonsils. The feel of his cock pressed against the entrance to your throat causes you to choke, and spluttering around his shaft, you feel your eyes begin to sting with tears.
“Oh… Fuck yeah… Such a pretty cock-stuffed mouth. You always look so good filled with our cocks,” Taehyung moans, undoubtedly relishing in the velvet warmth of your mouth around his girth. Under his praise, you preen, a flutter of pride rippling through you, and in response, you forcibly will your oesophageal muscles to relax.
Out of the blue, and just before you can swallow, you feel a trickling, hot sensation drip down onto the curve of your spine. Heat flares across your flesh, and feeling the sharp sting, you cry out - the sound stifled by Taehyung’s cock. Taken by surprise, you arch your back, the movement inadvertently forcing the shaft further into your mouth, and as a result, you gag. Head jerking in surprise, you try to pull off Taehyung and turn your head towards Seokjin. Nevertheless, keeping a steady hand on the back of your skull, your lover keeps you in place. Swiftly, the heat dissipates, only to be replaced by the soft sensation of Seokjin’s tongue tracing the length of your spine as he licks up whatever it is he’d dribbled onto you.
“W-What is that?” you question, the words muffled as your tongue strains under the velvet weight of his girth.
“Melted chocolate... Spontaneous and thrilling enough for you?” Seokjin murmurs. As he speaks, he runs his tongue over the outline of your backbone, and when he reaches the top of your ass, he grazes his teeth against the plump flesh.
“Oh, fuck yes,” you breathe out, your core quivering in a mix of anticipation and excitement. The blindfold, paired with Seokjin’s actions, has the pits of your abdomen flooding with liquid lust.
Behind you, the older man notices the way the ringed entrance to your cunt pulsates, and with a light chuckle, “You like that, Princess?” he asks. Unhesitantly, you nod your head, the motion causing Taehyung’s cock to jolt within your mouth.
“We thought you would,” Taehyung hums, his fingertips affectionately stroking your scalp. “Now, my Kitten’s going to let me fuck her throat, isn’t she? All while Seokjin plays with you,” he coos, and again, you nod your head. For a brief moment, Taehyung pauses, and then, “I’m going to remove your blindfold now, Kitten. But I want you to keep your eyes on me okay?” he continues.
“Wait- I thought we were going to leave it on?” Seokjin asks. Taehyung shrugs, or at least, you think he does. All you feel is the slight movement of his body.
“I was. But, she looks so pretty when she looks at me with her mouth full of cock,” Taehyung responds.
Exhaling a breath of amusement, “That she does,” Seokjin agrees.
Taehyung slips the blindfold off of you, and lurid beams of flavescent gold flooding your vision, you immediately squint. You blink carefully, allowing your eyes to slowly adjust to the light. It only takes a few moments, and growing accustomed to the luminance, your gaze immediately comes into contact with Taehyung. He sits above you, his back casually pressed to the walnut headboard, and completely naked. Under the croceate lighting, the deep golden undertones of his skin are highlighted, causing his body to be encapsulated by a gilded halo. Thick thighs are spread on either side of your face, the bulging muscles bunched up and spread across the mattress - only making his limbs seem broader.
Through the thick of your lashes, your eyes still slightly blurry from when you’d gagged around his cock, you stare up at him; the sight causing Taehyung to groan in pleasure. Hand slipping from the back of your head to your face, he cups your chin, and angling it up slightly, “Mmmm. That’s one of my favourite sights,” he purrs.
Behind you, Seokjin drips more of the melted chocolate onto your body. Drop by drop, he drizzles the liquified confection along your back, and with each gesture, you feel your skin smart with the heat. Pain interweaves with pleasure, the sharp stings making you hiss and writhe while your walls rhythmically clamp around the silicon vibrator still resting inside you. Your lover allows the chocolate to trickle down your back, forming small, heated rivers of cocoa, and once it cools, he soothes the burn with his tongue - licking and nipping as he leaves his own marks onto your flesh.
With each whorl of his tongue, he effortlessly sucks the drying confectionary off of you, his plump lips dragging across your body. Under his ministrations, your skin turns febrile, and sensitive - from more than just the molten chocolate. Each dribble is erratic - the timing random, and unpredictable - and with Taehyung keeping your eyes firmly locked onto him, you simply can’t foresee when Seokjin is going to dribble the next dollop onto you. Especially since there’s no real pattern; some coming in quick succession - his teeth scraping and biting your flesh, leaving it tender under his ministrations; while others come slowly, with long delays between them - his lips and tongue roving over your back as he licks you up.
Gradually, however, Seokjin trails his way down your spine, until you feel his lips drag against the tops of your plump cheeks. Suddenly, Seokjin pours some more chocolate onto you - this time, directly onto the rounded flesh, and at a much higher volume. It drips down the surface, all the way to the sensitive tops of your thighs, making them quake as you feel it lick trails of fiery pleasure across your skin, only for the swelter to dissipate with moments - leaving you with nothing but the prickling stings of heat. Crying out in pleasure, you thrust your hips backward; directly into Seokjin’s waiting mouth. Silken wetness flat against your cheek, he licks up the molten confection sensually - practically making a meal out of you. His tongue tracks a broad line from the bottom of your ass, all the way to the top, and when he’s cleaned it all up, he harshly bites down on your plump globe.
Hissing in a mix of pain and pleasure, your head automatically moves to look at him. However, gripping your chin firmly, Taehyung tuts at you. “Eyes on me,” he reminds you, punctuating his words with a harsh thrust of his hips. Tip of his cockhead ramming against your tonsils, you splutter around his girth, the reaction causing pools of saliva to surge around your tongue. Inadvertently, it causes you to soak his shaft in your spit, small trails oozing out of the tight seal of your mouth and down his shaft.
Meanwhile, behind you, Seokjin drops his hands to the backs of your thighs, and thumbs pressing to your ass, he spreads you open for him. Nether lips saturated with your wetness, he unabashedly takes in the sight of you: the way the tight ring of muscles twitches, the vibrator threatening to spill out of you, and how your flesh oozes your arousal. Thin, filmy strings of your essence leak from your cunt, the threads clinging to your folds and hanging in the air. Flicking his tongue, he catches one of the ropes on its hollow, and as your laden taste bathes his palate, he lets out a deep groan.
“Mmmm. You taste even better than the chocolate… Such a sweet cunt,” he groans, his lips tickling your pussy with each word. Wrapping his mouth around your folds, he teasingly sucks for a fleeting moment - pulling more of your wetness into his mouth - before releasing them with a wet pop. “I could eat you forever,” he adds with a purr.
Placing the tip of his tongue flat on your pulsing bundle of nerves, Seokjin licks a broad line up the length of your pussy; from the hood of your clit, along your slit, and towards your leaking hole. As your heady taste deepens - the thick slickness coating his taste buds and leaving them heavy with your flavour - he purrs in pleasure. The vibrations dart up your nerves, stimulating every single one, while simultaneously setting them aflame with lust. Your eyelids flutter at the sensation, and loosened by your pleasure, your pharynx eases slightly; allowing the crown of Taehyung’s cock to slip further into your throat.
Seokjin runs the tip of his tongue through the creases of your fold, and after swirling the point around your quivering entrance, he pulls away. Abruptly, he smacks your ass, and biting down harshly onto your ass cheeks - hard enough to leave the indents of his teeth into the surface, “Spread yourself,” he orders. The sharp impact has you yelping around Taehyung’s cock, and flesh of your mouth vibrating along his shaft, his head lolls back in pleasure as he lets out a guttural moan.
You dig your knees further into the bed - using them to both anchor your body, and your weight - before doing as he says. Fingertips digging into the flesh of your ass, you spread both cheeks for Seokjin, bearing yourself wide open for him. The new position causes you to fall further onto Taehyung’s shaft, and as his blunt head pierces into you by another inch, you feel your throat constrict - protesting the intrusion. Responsively, you gag, the stifled sound of you retching around his length filling the air as the tears welling in your eyes thicken.
By now, he’s got just under half of his cock buried into the velvet cavern of your mouth; his cockhead pressing mercilessly against the aperture of your pharynx - threatening to slip past the ring of muscles and into your oesophagus. Pools of spit seep out of the straining seal of your lips, dribbling down your chin and over his shaft, leaving your skin glistening under the amber light.  Taehyung takes in the sight of your misted gaze, and spit-stained face, and letting out a derisive coo, he indolently strokes your cheek. Thumb moving to brush your eye, he swipes one of your tears away.
“Such a messy slut,” he purrs, the snark to his words undercut by the affection that colours his eyes.
Deft fingertips tease the folds of your slit, Seokjin running his fingers through your soaked pussy. He hooks his knuckles around the small loop sticking out of you, before harshly tugging at it. As it pulls out of you, your walls stretch around the rounded girth, and easily, it slips from your cunt - aided by the copious amounts of your arousal that coat it. Despite its small size, the moment it’s out of the walls of your core, you whine in displeasure; your pussy feeling empty. However, your dissatisfaction doesn’t last long, because suddenly, an acute sensation of feverish pain floods your senses.
Out of the blue, Seokjin pours a dense stream of the liquified chocolate over the swells of your ass, the deluge flowing down the contours of your plump cheeks and towards your inner thighs - dangerously close to the lips of your cunt. Pained pleasure flares across your flesh, the heat radiating from the chocolate mixing with that of your cunt. Involuntarily, your back arches, and pushing your hips further into the air, you thrust your bare cunt towards Seokjin. Seizing the opportunity, Seokjin drags the broad of his tongue over your flesh, sensually lapping up the chocolate from your body. When his velvet appendage teases the lips of your sex, you moan in pleasure. Muscles of your pussy convulsing, your cunt releases a thick gush of wetness, your juices trickling down your slit and towards Seokjin’s tongue.
Humming under you, Seokjin places the tip of his tongue to your clit. Then, licking a line through your slit, he gathers your arousal onto the dip of his appendage. Your heady essence pools onto his palate, and your innate flavour mixing with the sweetness of the chocolate, Seokjin groans in pleasure. He presses his face deeper into your cunt, and tongue plunging into your rippling entrance, he buries it as far as he can into your internal walls. Feeling the agile muscles glide into your depths, your hips jerk in pleasure, a muffled cry of bliss resonating through the air.
Euphoria blurs your senses, and eyes fluttering shut, you feel your blood bubble with ecstasy. In response, your pharynx eases, and with a well-timed thrust, Taehyung pushes his cockhead further into your throat. Unwittingly, you swallow, and with one smooth motion, Taehyung buries the entirety of his cock into you - aided by the contracting muscles of your throat, and the spit coating his length. The thick of Taehyung’s girth pushes into your silken tightness, and with each inch he forces inside of you, the muscles of your oesophagus stretch - pulling apart around the shape of his member - until your nose is pressed against his abdomen.
“Ah- Fuck yes. That’s my Kitten,” Taehyung praises. Hands moving to grip your head, his fingers card through your scalp, only to fist around the roots of your hair.
Underneath you, Seokjin begins plunging his tongue in and out of you, accentuating each thrust with a whorl of his appendage through your walls. Each swirl has him tasting your pulsating cunt, stroking your inner flesh, and stimulating your nerve ending. Spikes of frenzied want lance through you with every ministration, and body prickling with heat, you sink further into pleasure. Nails digging into your ass, you spread your cheeks wider - purposely allowing Seokjin better access to your dripping entrance - before rocking your hips into his face.
Voluptuous lips tugging into a lopsided smirk, Seokjin retreats his tongue from inside of you. A moan of objection bubbles at the top of your throat, however, just as it starts to spill out of you and around Taehyung’s cock, you watch as the younger man exchanges a look with the older one. Curiosity colours your being, but before you can ponder their interchange, Seokjin suddenly presses something familiar flat against your clit. Abruptly, the vibrator flavours to life, and with it held to your sensitive, needy bundle of nerves, you shriek in pleasure - the sound straining around the shaft buried in your oesophagus.
Your shriek reverberates around Taehyung, and groaning at the stimulation, his hold on your hair tightens. A predatory, borderline sadistic, smirk curls onto your lovers lips, and watching the smile, your stomach somersaults. His eyes flash with mirth, and having known Taehyung for a while, you already know what’s coming - you can tell from his reaction. Without any semblance of a warning, Taehyung retreats his cock out of your throat. The veined underside drags against your tongue, and when his head reaches the aperture of your pharynx, you feel him roughly thrust back into you.
In one, fluid motion, his cock pierces into your throat once again, the feel of his blunt head ramming through the soft tightness of your oesophagus causing you to groan. Immediately, you gag around him, the lewd sounds of wet retching echoing through the air. Nevertheless, your gagging - paired with the rhythmic pulsing of your throat, and its welcoming warmth - only urge Taehyung on. One of his hands moves to wrap around your neck, and thumb pressing against the bulge of his cock, Taehyung begins gently stroking the outline.
Roughly, he begins thrusting in and out of your mouth; using your throat as his personal cocksleeve - as though it was made for his own pleasure. With each snap of his hips, his blunt head rams through your oesophagus, the smooth muscles straining around his girth, and causing your flesh to turn tender. Thumb pressing further onto your distended neck, Taehyung relishes in the feel of his shaft plunging in and out of your mouth. In response, he tightens his hold on your throat, just enough to further feel the shape of his own cock buried inside of you.
“Fuck. You’re so good for me, Kitten. Such a good cockhungry Kitten,” he grunts, each word punctuated with a particularly hard snap of his hips. “Ugh. God. You like this don’t you? You love it when I use your throat like this. When I fuck it hard, and raw,” he continues. The vulgarity of his words causes you to keen in pleasure, and tears spilling freely from your eyes, you look up at him imploringly. “Shit. Look at you. Crying while I bruise your oesophagus. You’re so good for us, Kitten. Fucking- shit,” he moans, his head falling back to rest on the headboard.
Between your thighs, Seokjin relentlessly presses the vibrator against your clit, and as it intensely thrums, you feel your clit smart with pleasure. With how hard it’s pressed to your throbbing bud, the reverberations jolting through every single one of your nerves and setting them on fire, you feel your skin flash with heat. Liquid lust floods your stomach, an intense knot forming deep within its pits. Your thighs quiver on either side of Seokjin’s face, and feeling the intensity of the toy’s thrumming, another wave of tears floods your eyes. As much as you enjoy the pleasure, it’s too much all at once - your neglected clit overly sensitive by now - and as a result, you sob around Taehyung’s cock - even as he continues thrusting it into your throat.
Vehemently, your hips squirm, in a bid to get away from the ferocious vibration. However, Seokjin is stronger than you, and all your struggle does is cause him to press the vibrator even harder into your engorged, weeping bundle of nerves. Heat blisters your skin, hot spikes of euphoria lancing at your being as your orgasm draws nearer and nearer. From the way your entrance erratically convulses, the quiver matched by your thighs and writhing hips, Seokjin knows you’re close. Tongue darting out, he presses the tip to your ringed entrance - relishing in the way it contracts around his appendage - before he tantalisingly traces the outline of your leaking hole.
“Don’t cum,” he orders, a playful lilt to his voice as he practically sings out the words. Despair intermingles with your pleasure at his words. You need to cum. In fact, with how close you are, you don’t think you even have the will to hold off. Something you know he knows. “If you cum, Taehyung will punish you,” Seokjin drawls. As he speaks, his tongue plunges further into your cunt - impaling you on the velvet muscle - and sliding into you, the vibrations of his words spark through your internal walls.
Despite his warning, between the unrelenting vibrator against your clit, and Seokjin’s words reverberating through your internal walls, you feel yourself careen off of the brim of pleasure. Ecstasy surges through you, the overwhelming euphoria of your orgasm flooding your entire being, and causing your blood to bubble within your veins. Body falling forward, your hands fall from your ass and onto the mattress, your toes curling while your fists ball into the sheets. Above you, Taehyung rips his cock out of you, and senses overpowered by rapturous bliss, you barely register the pain of his cock retreating from your oesophagus. Rather, you fall limply onto the bed, your cheek pressing to Taehyung’s thigh as you weep in pleasure.
As you drift off on the wave of your climax, Seokjin pulls the vibrator from your clit, and instead, he begins gently rubbing your clit with his thumb - drawing out your orgasm. Gradually, though, you slowly come back to reality, your breathing ragged as you gasp for air. Muscles still trembling, the fog of your orgasm clears, and you still when you realise you’d disobeyed one of Seokjin’s commands. Lifting your head, you look up at Taehyung through teary eyes, your lover simply looking down at you with a wide grin. Fingers threaded through your hair, he gently strokes your scalp. Yet, in spite of his affectionate gesture, from the dark glint in his eyes, you already know what’s coming.
“Did we give you permission to cum, Kitten?” he coos, his voice deceptively sweet.
“N-No,” you stammer, your voice hoarse, and weak - undoubtedly from when Taehyung had fucked it raw. Behind you, Seokjin bites down onto your ass, the sharp pain causing you to whimper.
“I specifically told you not to cum, Princess,” Seokjin purrs, his lips trailing kisses up your spine.
“I’m s-sorry,” you stammer, though, you already know it’s too late. Especially when you see Taehyung’s smirk widen, something wicked twinkling in his eyes.
Gently stroking your hair, “Sorry? Oh. You will be, Kitten,” he promises.
With that, the two pull away from you, and swapping places, Taehyung moves behind you, while Seokjin moves in front of you. Just like Taehyung, Seokjin is completely naked, and as you take in the sight of him lounging against the headboard, you find yourself drooling. Though, that could just be from when Taehyung had fucked your throat. Seokjin is much more built than Taehyung, sinewy muscles - honed from his time at the gym - rippling under his taut flesh. They accentuate his broad shoulders, and long limbs, somehow making his already imposing figure seem bigger than it already is.
Strong arms encircle your body, and with careful movements, Seokjin moves you back into position - getting you on your hands and knees once again. Limbs still shaky from your orgasm, however, you simply flop in his lap, your shoulders drooping to press against either of his thighs, while your face rests against the corner of his hip. Despite his dominant aura, Seokjin smiles at you, tenderly stroking the sweat-matted hair out of your eyes and behind your head. His affectionate gesture has you purring in contentment; only for the sound to morph into a rumble of wanton need when you spot his throbbing erection.
It stands at full attention between his thighs, tall and proud. His cockhead is an angry shade of cherry-mauve, and sticky with the precum leaking from his slit. From your position on his hip, it somehow looks even more daunting than it usually is, the angle of your head making it seem impossibly thick. Prominent veins streaking his length, they pulse intermittently, the surreptitious movements drawing attention to his immense girth. Mouth salivating - and this time most definitely because of him - your lips part and you whimper.
“Does my Princess want my cock in her mouth?” Seokjin coos, his fingers mindlessly toying with a strand of your hair. Nodding your head, you shift into a more upright position, your mouth impatiently hovering over his crown. Seokjin’s hand trails down to your neck, and when you wince - the internal muscles still raw - he delicately strokes the column, “Taehyung was rough with you, wasn’t he?” he murmurs. You simply nod your head in response.
“She liked it,” Taehyung chimes in from somewhere in the room, and hearing his voice further away then you’d thought him to be, you turn your head to find him. Nevertheless, this time, it’s Seokjin who stops you.
“Uh-uh. Taehyung’s had enough of your attention. Now it’s my turn,” Seokjin tuts. Hand moving from your neck, he grips the base of his shaft before smacking your lips with his cockhead twice. “Come on, Princess,” he urges.
Not needing to be told twice, your head dips forward, and tongue darting out, you drag a kittenish lick around the circumference of his glistening crown. Taste buds dragging over his cockhead, his salted precum coats your palate, and you moan in pleasure - the sound emphasised by Seokjin’s own growl of approval. Encouraged by the sound, you repeat the action -  your tongue slower this time. Placing the flat of your muscle against his slit, you lap at it, relishing in the way his arousal leaks out of him and directly onto your tongue.
Watching the action with dark eyes, “Do I taste good, Princess?” he chuckles, causing you to eagerly nod. “Then how about you worship my cock, huh?” he asks, his fingers weaving into your hair.
Warm lips brushing against his frenulum, you place a soft kiss to where his cockhead meets his shaft. Then, while keeping your eyes firmly locked onto his, you delicately trace one of the more prominent veins that ridge his shaft. Rhythmically, it pulses under the weight of your wet muscles, and savouring the discernible throb, you repeat your action. Following it to the hilt of his shaft, you take one of his balls into his mouth. You roll it gently in your mouth, revelling in the way it sits on your tongue - heavy, and full of cum. The entire time, you stare up at your lover; Seokjin’s eyes growing more and more tumultuous with each reverent action.
You release his sac with a pop, and lips dragging over the length of his underside, you track your way back to his cockhead. Mouth parting, you wrap it around his tip, only to teasingly suckle at it. Your action has Seokjin’s head lolling back, and with your gazes still locked onto each other, you take more of his head into your wanting cavern - until the entire cockhead sits just inside the seam of your lips. And it’s at that exact moment, that Taehyung returns - only to push something against the rim of your ass.
Eyes bugging out, a cry of pleasure tears from your throat - your mouth falling open around Seokjin’s cockhead. Relentlessly, Taehyung presses the toy into you - the tight of your walls gradually opening around the rounded, lubed up object. The widest part of the item strains against your puckered entrance, and feeling a light smart of pain, your body jerks when the entirety of it slips into you - your muscles swallowing it up. Fingertips brushing against your asshole, Taehyung grips something, only to twist it - and feeling the toy spin inside of your ass, you let out a moan.
Your pleasure doesn’t last long, however, because soon enough, Taehyung is pressing the elongated protrusion right up against your clit. Feeling the silicon rod nestled between the folds of your pussy, and the silicon pad against your bundle of nerves, you let out a whimper. You know exactly what it is. An anal vibrator paired with a clit stimulator. As you recognise the item, your cunt gushes involuntarily. Whatever punishment Taehyung had planned for you was undoubtedly going to be exciting - if a little intense. Though, that only has anticipation colouring your veins.
Dark gaze transfixed to your ass, Taehyung revels in the sight of your asshole quivering around the toy, and unable to help himself, he spanks your ass - hard. The sharp slap echoes through the air, causing you to cry out and jerk forward, Seokjin’s cockhead dragging across your lips and over your chin. Watching the flesh of your plump cheeks ripple, Taehyung places either of his hands onto each globe before kneading them open.
“Your ass always looks so fucking hot when it’s filled up… Can’t wait to fill it with my cock,” he murmurs; the compliment causing you to croon out his name.
However, you don’t have long to relish in his appraisal. Because, all of a sudden, the vibrator comes to life. Fiercely, it begins thrumming, stimulating the inner muscles of your ass. At the same time, the protrusion along your folds and clit begins to vibrate - the tremors stimulating your slick folds and throbbing bundle of nerves. With your recent orgasm, your cunt is still sensitive, and pleasure bolting across your sensitised nerves, you howl in pleasure. Jerking over Seokjin, your head falls onto his abdomen - his erect cock inadvertently slapping your face - while your hips writhe wildly.
“Oh fuck- Taehyung, too much,” you gasp, your ass thrashing reckless as you try to get away from the pleasure. Regardless, no matter how hard you try, the vibrator is firmly embedded inside of you - making it impossible to shy away from it.
“Too much? You don’t know too much just yet, Kitten,” Taehyung drawls. Still, even as he speaks, “Remember Princess, your safe word is ‘Roses’,” he reminds you.
“And your safe signal is snapping your fingers,” Seokjin adds. You nod your head, letting them both know that you remember.
“Good girl,” Seokjin praises with another caress of your hair. Then, lifting your head, he places your mouth above his cockhead once again. “Now, why don’t you warm my cock in that pretty mouth of yours, while Taehyung punishes you for being a disobedient slut,” Seokjin purrs.
Whimpering at his words, you do as he says, your lips automatically pouting as you take him into your mouth once again. Jaw straining around his girth, you stare at Seokjin through the thick of your lashes, basking in the heavy weight of his length against your tongue. Sooner than you’d like, his crown bumps into the back of your throat, a choked gag warning Seokjin that you can’t fit any more of him into you - lest he repeat Taehyung’s actions and force himself into your throat. However, knowing your throat needs some respite, Seokjin simply keeps himself within the confines of your mouth; revelling in the wet chasm of your silken cheeks and velvet tongue.
Out of the blue, using the moment you audibly splutter around Seokjin’s cock as a signal, Taehyung pours a considerable amount of melted chocolate onto you - all over your ass. Back arching, you hiss as the sweltering heat trickles all over your plump cheeks: trails of blistering pain flaring over your flesh. The stinging ache, paired with the intense vibrations of the toy inside your ass and against your clit, has your eyes rolling into the back of your skull. Entire body convulsing under the intense sensation, you’re suddenly flung over the edge of your orgasm, and straight into bliss.
Orgasm unexpectedly flooding through you, the unadulterated rapture surges through your nerves, invigorating each and every one of them with euphoria. Eyes screwing shut, you wail out Taehyung and Seokjin’s names; the sound coming out animalistic, and inarticulate. Responsively, the walls of your sex clamp: your ass muscles tightening around the vibrator - unwittingly causing the vibrations to intensify; while the flesh of your cunt contracts around nothing - emphasising the growing emptiness. Watching you cum, the vibrator suddenly comes to a halt, and gasping for air, you suck in a ragged breath.
Gradually, your orgasm washes through you, leaving you a trembling mess while you mindlessly suckle at Seokjin’s cock. Cool hand pressing to your thighs, Taehyung tenderly strokes the supple lengths, the repetitive motions somewhat soothing. The heat from the molten confection slowly dissipates, and through the haze of your ebbing climax, your eyebrows furrow - especially when you feel the chocolate begin to dry and harden. Sucking in a shaky breath, you look up at Seokjin curiously, your lover simply shrugging in response - already knowing what you’re asking.
“Don’t worry, Princess. Just focus on my cock, hmmm?” he reminds you. Blinking owlishly, your eyes light up with recognition - the fog of your euphoria completely clearing. Tongue flicking against his ridged underside, you begin suckling at him once again.
Without warning, Taehyung spanks you - from the tops of your thighs, to the plump flesh of your ass. Unlike before, when it was just his large palm, this time you feel a hard surface impact the supple skin, and eyes widening you recognise the sensation of the paddle. The abrupt ministration has you mewling around Seokjin’s cock, and eyelids fluttering, thick tracks of tears roll down your face. Once again, Taehyung repeats the action, though, this time, he brings the paddle onto your other cheek. Hips undulating, you push them back into him, another hoarse resonating through the air. Under his action, you feel the hardened chocolate crack, a few pieces falling to the mattress.
Taehyung shifts behind you, and picking up one of the chunks, he runs it through your pussy. Teasingly, he strokes it through your slit - the touch light, and feathery - and bringing it to your honeyed hole, he slicks the jagged slab in your arousal. A shudder runs down your spine, the tantalising caress of his fingers and the pointed edge of the chocolate causing you to groan around Seokjin’s shaft. Once the piece is sufficiently coated in your wetness, Taehyung draws it away from your cunt. Instead, he reaches around your body, Seokjin tugging your hair and pulling you off of his cock.
Dissatisfied whine of protest erupting from the midst of your throat, you unwrap your mouth from Seokjin’s thick shaft - just in time for Taehyung to drop the slick-coated chocolate directly onto the older man’s length. Pupils dilating at the sight of the dark confection against your lover’s shaft, your tongue darts out, and thoughtlessly, you lick your lips. Seokjin watches the movement, his eyes shining with mirth at the ravenous hunger sparkling in your eyes.
Stroking your hair out of your forehead, “Are you ready for your punishment, Princess?” Seokjin questions.
“This is punishment?” you counter, the words spilling from your lips before you can stop them. Hearing your words, Taehyung immediately brings the paddle onto your ass. The impact hits harder this time, a heavy smack resounding through the air while more of the dried chocolate falls from your body. Sharp pain erupts over your tender flesh, causing shockwaves of smarting pleasure to ripple across your veins.
“I’d be careful if I were you, Kitten,” Taehyung warns, the edge of the paddle running down the seam of your ass, only for him to press it against the toy in your ass. His gesture has the vibrator pushing in deeper, and head falling forward, your chest rumbles in bliss.
An airy laugh tremors from Seokjin’s throat, “Your punishment is Taehyung paddling that pretty little ass till it’s nice and tender,” he purrs. Then tugging your head towards his cock, the piece of chocolate still resting precarious on his throbbing erection, “This is just for fun,” he continues. “Now, suck.”
Face lowering, you wrap your mouth around his cock once again, Seokjin slipping the chocolate between your teeth just before you enclose your lips around his girth. Instantly, the creamy sweetness of the cocoa bursts onto your palate, the sugary essence mixing with the heady one of your own wetness, and the slightly salty bitterness of Seokjin’s precum. They mingle together onto your tongue, the tastes blending together into an inebriating flavour that has the inner flesh of your cheeks salivating. Moaning around the heavy intrusion in your mouth, you expertly manoeuvre the piece to the underside of Seokjin’s cock, and pressing the flat of your tongue against it, you begin lapping at both the chocolate, and his shaft.
Gathering your hair into a makeshift ponytail, Seokjin angles your head to look up at him. Turbulent eyes, rife with desirous hunger, take you in, before he lets out a low growl, “God, Taehyung was right. You really are pretty when you look at us with a mouth full of cock.” You purr in response, your tongue dragging over the chocolate and towards a pulsating vein that runs along his length. Out of nowhere, the vibrator inside of you begins humming. The suddenness of it has your body jerking, your spine contorting as your mouth falls open in pleasure.
“O-Oh f-fuck,” you raspily weep, your eyes screwing shut at the mingling sensations. Simultaneously, the vibrations stimulate the tight muscles of your ass, along with the throbbing bud of your clit. Unadulterated bliss floods your nerve endings, your stomach quivering in tandem to the pulsating toy within you. Breathing turning ragged, you distractedly suckle at Seokjin’s chocolate stained cock.
As the vibrator pulses inside you, Taehyung brings the paddle onto your ass again in four rapt slaps, alternating between each of your cheeks. With each impact, the punishing force increases, aided by his strong arms, and causing a strangled cry of pain and pleasure to bubble from your throat. Every collision of the hard surface against your soft cheek has more and more of the dried chocolate cracking and falling off of your skin. More of your bare flesh revealed, the next of Taehyung’s spanks lands directly onto your plump muscle, and though the fatty tissue absorbs some of the impact, your ass still flares with heat.
“P-Please… T-Taehyung,” you cry out, the words hoarse and slightly broken.
Between the intense reverberations of the silicon toy, and the powerful spanks of the paddle, you begin to sob and moan: the blistering pain interweaving with euphoric rapture. Tears well within your eyes, thick tracks of salt running down your cheeks, as you lose yourself in the juxtaposing sensations. Taehyung’s eyes drop to the side of your raw ass and puffy cunt. Filled with the silicon toy, your puckered rim twitching intermittently - the tight muscles threatening to push out the object with each contraction. Just below, thick strings of your arousal seep out of your pussy, the filmy ropes hanging in the air and sticking to the sides of your thighs.
“Do you like that, Kitten? The way I spank your ass raw while you suck Seokjin’s cock?” Taehyung intones, the derisive lilt heavy in his voice. You merely let out a garble of affirmation, your tongue loosened by pleasure, and weighed down by the velvet weight of your other lover’s shaft.
The overwhelming ecstasy soon grows far too intense, and wildly, you begin writhing your hips. Deliberately, you attempt to evade Taehyung’s paddles, while simultaneously trying to push the vibrator out of you. Nonetheless, as if locked onto your plump globes, Taehyung strikes you with practiced ease; alternating between the harsh spanks and pressing the edge to your ass, keeping the toy pressed into the snug heat of your ass. A sweltering heat overcomes you, your nerves set afire by Taehyung’s ministration, and thighs shaking erratically, you sob out the names of your lovers.
“T-Too m-much. It’s t-too much,” comes your distorted whine, your nails scratching the mattress.
Hearing the inarticulate garble of your words, Seokjin coos, “Aww, has my Princess had enough of her punishment?” Through the thick fog of pleasure, you vaguely register his words and nod your head. Behind you, Taehyung brings the paddle onto your cheeks - right in the middle - causing you to howl.
“Are you sorry, Kitten?” he questions. Barely able to form coherent sentences, you nod your head while blubbering. Nonetheless, despite your answer, Taehyung spanks you once again. “Why are you sorry?” he asks.
You suck in a shaky, jagged breath, “I’m s-sorry for cumming w-without your p-permission,” you weep.
“Good Kitten. Now, cum,” Taehyung orders, pressing the paddle’s edge to the toy. His ministration forces the thrumming vibrator further into you, and as the silicon protrusion presses against your clit - intensifying the reverberations - you wail out both their names.
Dry sob emanating from your lips, the heightened pleasure hurtles you off of the edge. Viciously, your body trembles - every muscle quivering with ecstasy - as you come undone between them. Mouth falling open, you release Seokjin’s cock, your cheek falling listlessly onto his thigh as your orgasm rockets through you. White spots blind your vision, and the knot in your stomach unravelling abruptly, your body stills. Then, with an ear-piercing shriek, an intense sense of rapture overwhelms you, only to be replaced by an intoxicating sense of relief - powerful gushes of your cum squirting out of you. Feeling your arousal pelt his thighs - the deep scent of your sex deepening - Taehyung lets out a groan.
Immediately, he rips the toy out of you - the sudden stimulation making you sob harder - only to press his fingers to your clit. He furiously begins rubbing your clit, his ministration drawing out your orgasm even further. The pain of overstimulation grips at your cunt, and eyes screwing shut, your jerk your hips - in a bid to get away from him. Seeing the way you shy from him, along with your fucked out state, Taehyung takes pity on you, allowing you to flop bonelessly onto the mattress as you come down from your high. The tide of your climax ebbs through you, and drifting down to reality, you inhale a deep, ragged breath. Cunt trembling erratically, you whine when the ache between your thighs grows prominent - your walls desperate to feel something fill it up.
“F-Fuck me,” you stammer, your words weak and raspy - the tender muscles of your throat straining under the sound. Delicately, Taehyung’s fingers flit down your spine, and tracing invisible shapes onto the surface of your skin, he bends over and presses a kiss to the nape of your neck.
“Climb onto Seokjin,” he urges.
Strong arms wrap around you, and feeling Seokjin gather you into his arms, you allow him to place your body onto his lap. Once your thighs are straddling his hips, Seokjin grips the base of his thick shaft and runs the head through your folds. A wanton mewl spills from your mouth, your sex splaying around his leaking cockhead as he stains your saturated flesh in his own precum. Hips squirming, you attempt to position him at your entrance and take him into you - your desperation rising twofold. Letting out a throaty chuckle, Seokjin leans forward and nips your jaw, your eyes fluttering at the sensation, before he lowers you onto his cock.
The blunt pressure of his crown presses up against the ringed muscles of your entrance, and your head falling backwards, you feel his head pop into you. Your body twitches, the sudden, thick intrusion causing you to croon in pleasure. A searing burn ripples through your cunt, your muscles protesting the way his immense girth stretches out your inner walls. Behind you, Taehyung places his hand onto the middle of your back, and pushing it, he causes you to fall forward. Your hands instantly move to brace themselves on the headboard, on either side of Seokjin’s body.
“God, you’re so fucking tight. Such a tiny little cunt. Are you going to be able to take my cock, Princess?” Seokjin taunts, a playful, lopsided smirk teasing at his lips.
Keening in pleasure, “I can take it,” you respond, the words coming out higher pitched than you’d intended.
“Then take it,” he growls.
Utilising your new position, Seokjin’s hands trail down to grip the swells of your hips, and fingers digging into them, he lowers you further onto his cock. Inch by inch, he fills you up - the broad width of his shaft spreading your innermost walls, shaping them around his cock. As his cock pierces into the warm sheath of your body, his length seems almost unending, and soon, a dull pressure builds up within your abdomen. Dropping your gaze down, it trails past the ripped expanse of his torso - each muscle rippling under his taut skin - and towards your entrance.
Guttural groan spilling from your throat, you relish in the sight of Seokjin’s cock impaling you - your walls clenching involuntarily when you realise he’s only about half way into you. Walls of your cunt tightening around his shaft, Seokjin lets out a growl, his fingers digging further into your hips - hard enough that you worry he’ll bruise them. Behind you, Taehyung’s dark eyes are fixated onto your cunt, his gaze soaking in the way the muscles of your entrance stretch thin around Seokjin - your cunt clearly straining to fit the large intrusion. It’s almost too erotic for him, and his erection becoming almost too painful, he begins pumping it with his fist.
“Fuck. Look at the way that pussy stretches. Such a greedy little hole,” Taehyung purrs, his hand palming his cock faster.
Seokjin continues burying himself into your velvet depths, and as he pushes deeper into you, the dull ache in your stomach morphs into a blunt ache. Mouth falling open in a strained cry, your fingers curl around the headboard - in a bid to find some much needed purchase - your knuckles turning white under the hold. Breath turning harsh, your hips start to writhe, your body looking for a sense of reprieve from the unrelenting hardness piercing into you. Nonetheless, all you do is cause Seokjin to slip further into you - your trembling walls rhythmically gripping his walls in a pleasurable massage.
Unexpectedly, with a sudden thrust, Seokjin sinks the remainder of his cock into you. In one fluid motion, the crown of his cockhead bumps into the soft walls of your cervix, your ass simultaneously pressing flush against his thighs. The sudden plunge has your muscles locking, and back contorting viciously, you cry out in pleasure. Pain flares through your insides, a blistering heat flooding through your cunt as your internal walls are forced to stretch around his girthy shaft. Underneath you, Seokjin hisses - your sheath gripping him almost painfully - and leaning forward, he roughly bites down onto your nipple.
“Oh fuck- you’re so fucking wet… and tight,” he groans.
“Mmm, her cunt looks so good stuffed with cock,” Taehyung hums. Dexterous fingers moving to where both you and Seokjin are connected, the younger man begins tracing the tight seal of your entrance. The feathery motion has you crooning, your ringed muscles twitching under his touch. Taehyung lets out a soft laugh, and trailing his fingers up, he begins circling his digits around the puckered rim, “But… you’ll look even better with my cock in your ass,” he continues.
Hands curling from your hips to your ass, Seokjin palms both of your plump globes into his hand, and fingernails pressing into your skin, he pulls them apart - splaying you open for Taehyung. At Seokjin’s gesture, the younger man lets out a hum of thanks. Bed dipping behind you, Taehyung shifts further down the mattress, until his face is level with your spread ass. Boldly, his tongue darts out, and then placing it to your cunt, he licks at both your spread pussy, and Seokjin’s thick cock. Twin sounds of pleasure echo through the air, Seokjin’s groan intermingling with your moan, both of your hips bucking into Taehyung’s face.
Corners of his lips twitching, Taehyung smirks, and repeats the action - the velvet appendage moving slower this time. Teasingly, he laves at where your sexes are connected: the point of his tongue tracing the outline of your straining ring of muscles, as well as the girth that splits it open. Heavy strings of your arousal pool onto his tongue, your wetness oozing through your sheath and onto Seokjin’s balls, and he gathers as much as he can onto the hollow of his palate. Then, trailing his tongue upwards, he licks through the seam of your ass. Breath caught in your throat, your oesophageal muscles tighten, and when you feel him flatten his tongue against your asshole, a deep moan emanates from your chest.
“My Kitten loves getting her ass eaten, doesn’t she?” Taehyung laughs, his voice lowering by a few octaves. Each word has his warm breath wafting over your ass, causing you to shudder and nod your head. With another laugh, Taehyung spits onto your asshole - dribbling a concoction of his own spit and your arousal onto the tight entrance.
You feel the mixture tail along your asshole, and down towards your filled cunt - the combined fluids slickening your puckered rim. Through rapt fascination, Taehyung scrutinises the sporadically twitching rings of muscles. The entrance of your ass slightly gapes, and as the muscles contract, they inadvertently suck in the mix of juices into you. As though entranced by the sight, he drags his finger through the sloppy mess and lubricates his finger in as much of it as he can. Then, slowly, he presses the tip of his forefinger against your asshole.
Body perking at the sensation, you sit up slightly - the movement causing Seokjin’s cockhead to ram further into the groove of your cervix. A gasp of shock falls from your lips, the sound mingled with pleasure, as you feel Taehyung slide his finger into your ass - the length aided by the makeshift lube - until it’s hilt deep in you. Experimentally, he wriggles it inside of you, and feeling the hot muscles of your ass stimulated, your body falls forward once again. Seizing the opportunity, Seokjin’s mouth encloses around your pert nipple.
“A-Ah. Hyungie…  Jinnie…” you moan, a shudder running down your spine at the mix of sensations.
Seokjin’s cock is still completely sheathed inside of you - his pulsating member stroking every single one of your erogenous zones. Meanwhile, his teeth harshly tease your nipple - his tongue languidly whorling around the hardened buds outline, while he bites and suckles at it roughly. At the same time, Taehyung thrusts his finger into you, twisting it intermittently as he tests the pliancy of your ass. Tingles of pleasure race up and down your spine, and noticing the way your cunt clenches - pulsating in tandem to Taehyung’s finger plunging in and out of your asshole - Seokjin grins against your breast.
“Come on Taehyung, hurry up and prep that cute ass so we can fuck her,” he urges. Words vibrating against your tit, you gasp in ecstasy, a fresh wave of arousal dripping out of you and down Seokjin’s balls.
Emboldened by the older man’s words, Taehyung presses a second finger into your back entrance. Under the ministration, your features twist into a wince - a dull sting rippling through you at the stretch. However, from the amount of times both Seokjin and Taehyung have fucked your ass, it quickly dissipates, morphing into blissful euphoria. Taehyung begins thrusting two fingers into your ass, alternating between wiggling them and plunging them hilt deep into you. Over and over again, you feel his digits drive into you, the sensation stimulating Seokjin’s cock and your pussy through the thin lining that separates your cunt from your ass.
Out of nowhere, Taehyung splays his fingers, and feeling your ass stretch around, you let out a hollow moan. Taehyung immediately thrusts his tongue into the gaping hole, and feeling his wet appendage stroke the inner walls of your back entrance, your hollow moan transforms into a guttural groan. Expertly, he licks your ass, his velvet muscle whorling against the internal flesh as he douses them in a thick coating of his spit. His actions cause your blood to bubble in your veins, and heat prickling at your skin, unbridled pleasure flits over your being.
Pulling his tongue out of you, Taehyung pours something into you. A cold sensation floods your ass, and feeling the lube slide into your depths, a soughed croon spills from your lips. Digits pumping into you once again, Taehyung spreads the substance over your walls - leaving them slick in a mixture of his spit and the lubrication. Once your ass is sufficiently wet, he spreads his fingers one final time, only to spit into your ass. The thick blob slides into your open hole, and as the warmth of it runs along your walls, your puckered rim twitches. Fingers retreating out of your asshole, Taehyung suddenly spanks your fleshy cheek.
Hand palming at the cheek, “There we go. Nice and prepped,” he murmurs.
“Taehyung… please,” you whimper, and urgency evident in your voice, both your lovers laugh.
Not one to disappoint, Taehyung shifts closer to you. With Seokjin still keeping your ass spread, the younger man grips his cock and presses the head to your puckered entrance. Feeling his leaking cockhead stroke your lubricious back entrance, you mewl in wanton need and purposely buck your hips into you. Palm dropping to the small of your back, Taehyung keeps a heavy hand onto your body, the firm pressure causing you to still. Then, he begins pressing forward. The moment he applies pressure to your asshole, however, your muscles autonomously clench.
Bulbous cockhead pushing against your back entrance, Taehyung groans, “This is going to be a tight fit.”
All of a sudden, with a strong thrust, Taehyung squeezes his cock through the tight ring of muscles - the crown only slightly fighting the constricting hole. Walls flaring with a searing burn, you shriek out Taehyung’s name - your asshole rendered even tighter by Seokjin’s immense girth buried into your cunt. Face lowering, Taehyung’s plump lips graze over your shoulder, and pressing a kiss to the nape of your neck, he gently hushes you. Below you, Seokjin soothingly lavishes kisses along your sternum, his hands caressing your ass in comfort.
“B-Big,” you shallowly gasp, tears stinging at your eyes once again.
“You can do it, Princess,” Seokjin murmurs, his words rumbling between the valley of your breasts.
Thick by thick inch, Taehyung feeds his unyielding hardness into your ass, pulling the flesh apart and around the shape of his cock. With every part of his length that impales you, your pliant back entrance stretches - his blunt cockhead spearing further and further into you. Halfway buried into you, you let out a whine of pain, your fingernails digging into the wood of the headboard. Between Seokjin’s cock in your cunt, and Taehyung’s shaft pushing into your asshole, you’re sure that you’re going to split apart.
“So… fucking… tight,” Taehyung breathes out, short pants breaking the words apart, the restraint heavy in his baritone.
In spite of the pain that floods through your sex, you whimper in pleasure - an undercurrent of euphoria weaving the stinging ache as your lovers fill you up in a way only they can. Their hard cocks stretch you out, their lengths carving their shape into your waiting, and welcoming, depths. Eventually, however, Taehyung bottoms out within you - the hilt of his shaft pressing to your puckered, while his hips slap the plump cheeks of your ass. Throat tightening at the overwhelming fullness, your lips part in a silent scream.
“T-Taehyung, S-Seokjin” you whimper.
Nuzzling his nose into the back of your hair, “I’m here, Kitten,” Taehyung mutters.
“Me too, Princess,” Seokjin follows, his own lips pressing a tender kiss to your nipple.
Sucking in a sharp breath, you voluntarily clench your ass around his their cocks. As your muscles tighten, “Fuck-” they groans.
“Please… fuck me,” you urge. Simultaneously, as if they’ve practiced, they both inhale a deep, steadying breath.
“Shit. Hold on then,” Seokjin remarks.
“Get ready, Kitten. We’re going to fuck you till you cry,” Taehyung warns.
You open your mouth to retort, however, at the exact moment, the both of them retreat out of you - their lengths dragging against each other through the thin lining between your cunt and ass. Then, abruptly, they drive back into you. Instantaneously, the words on your lips die. Instead, a strangled cry of ecstasy is forced from the base of your throat. Without any further warning, they snap their hips, their cocks hammering into your warm, heated depths. As their lengths surge into the sheath of your body, you scream out their names.
Their pace is stilted for a few moments, their rough thrusts causing your body to jerk and bounce over them as blinding ecstasy overtakes your senses. However, swiftly, and with practiced ease, they quickly fall into rhythm with each other. Each movement has them plunging their cocks as deep into you as they can, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh filling the air, and with each sound, they elicit a moan from deep within their chest. A fierce pressure builds in the pit of your abdomen from their brutal thrusts, and toes curling in pleasure, you allow them to practically rut into you - their cocks slamming into your depths over and over again.
“F-Fuck… H-Harder,” you urge, in spite of the sharpening ache that builds within your stomach.
At your behest, they somehow increase their movements, and their new, borderline punishing pace, has your eyes rolling into the back of your skull. Their change in motion alters their rhythm, and instead of plunging into you at the same time, now, when Seokjin thrusts into your cunt, Taehyung pulls out of your ass. Only for Seokjin to then retreat from your cunt, and for Taehyung to pierce his shaft into your back entrance. Mercilessly, they use your body as their cocksleeve, and their veined cocks drag against every single erogenous zone buried in your innermost walls.
A mix of desirous need and blissful euphoria courses through your bloodstream, and feeling spikes of white-hot heat lance at your being, your body begins trembling. Delirious with pleasure, and as a result of their cocks constantly slamming into you, your low moans morph into slurred sobs. The fog of euphoria descends upon you, and as its haze clouds your mind, you lose yourself into the relentless pleasure they reap onto your body. Soon, your walls begin rippling around them, and as both your cunt and ass grip their shafts, both your lovers let out throat groans.
“Fuck, I’m not going to last long. Your ass is so... fucking... tight,” Taehyung intones deeply, each word emphasised by a harsh thrust that drives his cock further into your back entrance.
Below you, while mouthing at your bouncing tit, “Same here. God, you’re so fucking wet… and your cunt won’t stop tightening around my cock,” Seokjin breathlessly adds before biting onto your nipple.
“C-Cum in me. P-Please,” you stammer, and tongue loosened by pleasure, your words come out distorted. Nonetheless, understanding them, your lovers quicken their pace - something you’d thought wholly impossible.
“Are you close, Princess?” Seokjin questions, causing you to nod your head furiously.
Taehyung’s hand curls around your body, and pushing it between your thighs, he begins furiously rubbing your clit. Lips falling to your shoulder, he bites down - hard enough to leave the indents of his teeth into your flesh - and, “Cum,” he orders.
That one action has you suddenly careening off of the precipice of your climax, and diving head first into sheer, unadulterated pleasure. A croaked sob falls from your lips, and blubbering out their name, you feel hot tears stream down your cheeks. Veins sweltering with burning euphoria, you feel the heat of your orgasm flood your entire being. Between them, your entire body begins convulsing, and back contorting violently, your walls clamp around them in a vice-like grip. Throughout your orgasm, your lovers continue fucking into you, their cocks spearing into your cunt and ass respectively, paired with Taehyung ruthlessly toying with your clit, you feel the knot in your stomach suddenly loosen.
High of your orgasm consuming you wholly, you feel an overwhelming elation sweep through you, and carrying you on it’s tide, you float away from reality. Walls clenching almost painfully, Seokjin and Taehyung hiss as they feel powerful jets of cum squirt out of you - the wetness gushing against both their thighs, as well as Seokjin’s abdomen. As you gush around Seokjin’s cock, your cum soaking into the sheets below you, twin roars fill the air. Using your own stick juices as lubrication, both of them slam into you at the same time - burying their cocks as deep into you as is humanly possible.
Without any warning, their cocks swell inside of you, and viciously pulsating, they begin to cum. Thick rope after thick rope of their warm essence floods your depths; Seokjin emptying himself deep into your cunt - his seed spilling directly against your quivering cervix - while Taehyung’s own cum pours straight into the rippling depths of your ass. Through the blurry haze of your orgasm, you vaguely register their warmth enveloping your guts, their heavy seed painting your flesh white. Responsively, the walls of your pussy and ass clench around their cocks, the battered muscles milking as much of their cum out of their lengths and into you.
The three of you sail down from your ecstatic highs, and as the euphoria ebbs away, you’re left basking in the post-orgasmic haze that enshrouds the three of you. Chest heaving for air - in a bid to satiate the dull ache in your lungs - you bonelessly flop onto Seokjin, every ounce of your energy dissipating from your bones. Automatically, Seokjin’s arms wind around you, a small mewl slipping from your lips when you feel his warm chest press flush against your own. Body still wired, you tremble in his arms - your muscles quaking intermittently as the aftershocks of your orgasm continue sweeping through you.
Gradually, the blurry fog clears from your mind, and brain kicking into gear, you let out a small moan when you feel the way their cum fills up your depths. You don’t get time to relish in the feeling, however, because soon, Taehyung begins pulling his cock out of your ass. Flaccid shaft slipping from your depths, you flinch, his length dragging across your raw inner flesh. The moment he retreats out of you completely, his cum rushes out of you, and as it leaks from your gaping asshole, you let out another groan. Eyes dropping to the sight, Taehyung lets out a growl of approval.
“Sloppy slut,” he coos, and despite the derisive words, the affection in his intonation causes you to preen. Then, with a kiss to your naked, sweat-soaked shoulder, you feel Taehyung climb off of the bed.
With the younger man disappearing, Seokjin takes the opportunity to gently flip the two of you over. Body weary, your muscles protest the movement, a displeasured groan emanating from your throat. Seokjin only chuckles at the sound, and when you're firmly on your back, he slowly pulls his own cock out of your battered cunt. Once again, you let out a wince, your thighs trembling at the sensitivity in your core. Bending forward, Seokjin presses a kiss to your forehead, before murmuring a gentle apology. You sigh at his gesture, a sleepy smile tugging at your lips.
In a matter of moments, Taehyung returns to the two of you, a glass of water and a damp towel in his head. As he approaches the bed, he hands Seokjin the cup, the older man pulling away from you and towards your side, while Taehyung takes his place between your thighs. Perching beside you, Seokjin lifts your back using his strength, and after he’s propped you up, he places the rim of the glass to your lips. Coolness of the water teasing your lips, your throat suddenly feels dry, and swiftly, you gulp down the drink.
“Slowly,” Seokjin warns, his hand automatically lowering the glass. You merely nod your head, before slowing down.
Meanwhile, Taehyung spreads your thighs, pulling apart your puffy folds, he begins swiping the warm cloth through your sex - clearing up the mess. Delicately, he runs the towel over you, from your leaking cunt, to your dripping asshole. It only takes him a few moments, and once you’re thoroughly clean - every trace of your mixed fluids soaked into the terry cloth fabric - he presses a soft kiss to the top of your mound. As his plump lips caress your oversentised clit, you moan, your hand autonomously moving to push his head away as your thighs clamp shut.
Laughing, “Sorry,” Taehyung apologises.
“It’s okay… Thank you,” you murmur, your nose wrinkling when the raw muscles of your oesophagus strain.
Seokjin places the empty glass on the bedside table, while Taehyung haphazardly throws the dirtied towel on the ground. Then, the two of them climb into bed beside you. Warmth of their bodies flanking either side of you, you snuggle further into the sheets, your eyes begin to droop from your exhaustion. Seokjin’s hand drops to your bare abdomen, and mindlessly, his fingers begin flitting over the soft flesh. At the same time, Taehyung nestles into your side, and face burying into the side swell of your breast, he gently nips the skin.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, ____,” they both murmur, Seokjin pressing a kiss to your temple, while Taehyung presses one to your breast.
Eyebrow furrowing, “It’s not Valentine’s Day. Not for another couple of days” you respond, causing them both to laugh lightly.
“It was supposed to be a spontaneous surprise,” Seokjin answers, and this time, you giggle.
“Was it as spontaneous and thrilling as you wanted it to be?” Taehyung questions, his lips twisting into a lop-sided smile against your skin.
“Mmmm. Definitely…” you sigh in response. Then, after a brief pause, “Although… I’m going to be fucking sore tomorrow,” you grumble. Once again, the two of them laugh.
“Well… you know the best remedy for that...” Taehyung begins, one of his hands teasingly wrapping around your thigh.
“Is to continue working through the soreness,” Seokjin finishes, his own hand moving to palm at your breast.
“Oh my god. You’re both insatiable,” you gripe, your hands batting their hands away from your body.
“Only for you,” Taehyung quips.
“Yeah, I’m already starving again,” Seokjin growls.
“I could go for another round of dessert,” Taehyung nods.
At their exchange, you simply shake your head. Sighing, “Later. I need a nap first.”
“Hmmm. We’ll hold you to that,” they reply, and as the twin sounds echo through the room, you sigh in exasperation. Valentine’s Day or not, you’re sure they’re going to run your body ragged before letting you out of the hotel suite.
Tumblr media
a/n: anyway : ) i hope : ) you : ) busted : ) a : ) fat : ) nut : )
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misora-msby · a year ago
embarrassing moments with inarizaki
Tumblr media
inarizaki always looks so cool but you know they’re actually dorks and i am here to provide you the content to show theyre clowns. enjoy the headcanons :)
Kita Shinsuke
firstly. kita shinsuke being embarrased? making a mistake? unheard of.
he’s a perfect man and we all know it.
you two were having a nice dinner out together. 
it was a pretty fancy place so you decided to dress in a different style today
but you were beginning to wonder if kita liked it or not because he seemed to keep looking past your shoulder instead of at you
he was an observant guy so you were wondering if something had happened behind you
but you couldn’t hear anything weird so you assumed not
you decided to just stay quiet about it at first but now it was beginning to become annoying! 
why wasn’t he looking you in the eye to speak?
midway through your dinner, kita finally spoke up tho
“y/n, your shirt is slipping... yer bra’s showing.”
right. you were wearing your off-shoulder top.
“o-oh. shin, it’s that kind of shirt, you know?” you had to explain your outfit to ur bf with a pink face.
“oh... that so... well it’s cold these days so if yer feelin’ cold lemme know. i’ll give ya my jacket.”
Ojiro Aran
another man with next to no flaws.
but nature says everyone has to make some mistake.
so it was a regular school day, our aran has just come to class from morning practice and there’s still some time left until class starts.
all the girls in class are gathered around a table
he’s not sure why, it’s probably watching an idol video
but ur man wants to be a little romantic!!
plus he just showered so he smells Great uwu
he goes over and hugs you from behind, placing his chin on ur head.
“hey, bb whatcha ya doin”
all the girls gasp.
he doesn’t get whats wrong, it’s not like it’s a secret y’all are dating
pda to this level aint bad either
especially compared to his teammate miya atsumu
“ojiro aran.”
why is your voice behind him
he looks down and nearly faints when he sees he hugged the wrong girl.
to be fair she looked a lot like you from behind, just maybe 1cm shorter.
“i’m so sorry!” he keeps apologising to literally everyone and all the class is giggling bc they never seen their school’s ace so red before.
“didn’t think i’d come back from the toilet and see my bf cheatin”
hes so funny i swear
the volleyball team hears of it and it gets even better 
Miya Atsumu
it’s not a secret that miya atsumu, setter of the inarizaki volleyball team and invited to national youth training camp, had a gf
he was very much in love with u 
the whole class knew it because he’d show it off whenever he could too
so here comes valentines day
last year he received like... 50 different gifts from girls and guys aiming to win his love.
you didnt even give him one lmAOOOOO 
but this year, he had been not so subtly trying to hint that “i better not receive any chocolates this year when i’ve got a gf!”
he reaches school and plops into his seat.
there’s an anonymous box of chocolates with “please accept my love, miya-kun! <3″ on it
“the hell’s this?!”
“oh? chocolates?” - osamu who just popped his head into the class to shove into his twin’s face how much chocolate he got.
especially since the blond was off limits, the grey-haired twin had a bigger following now.
“do they not know i have a girlfriend...”
“well, ya might as well eat it. ya dont know who to return it to.”
“that’s like receivin’ their love!”
“no it ain’t. it’s just food.”
atsumu couldn’t argue with that and popped a piece in.
it was very delicious. the chocolate practically melted on his tongue and was the perfect sweetness and was filled with a delicious ganache too.
it was perfect
but he couldn’t accept this!
“it ain’t even good. too sweet and the filling’s sticky.”
“ah. really? is that what you think, tsumu?” you ask from the door where you had been watching the exchange take place.
“y/n! look at this! some weirdo gave me some choco and like... samu said to test it but i’ll toss it out, promise.”
“tsumu, i made that... i wrote it anonymously because i thought you’d know it was me and i wanted to tease you a little.”
osamu: “yeah actually i went over to her place to teach her how to make it.”
atsumu: “you said you went to suna’s place?!”
osamu: “i went there later but i first went to help her.”
you: “anyways if it’s not good i don’t mind if you toss it out...”
you: “you just said-”
“you’re always so honest though... are you sure?” you were having your fun teasing him now.
he still cringes at the memory 4 years into ur marriage
Miya Osamu
osamu would DEFINITELY make home made dinner dates a regular thing.
this alone shows he’s the better twin - miya atsumu stan
he loves cooking and eating with you so sometimes when he’s got a day off you guys’ll set aside the afternoon to make a real nice dinner
imagine candlelit dinner with miya dorito body osamu in a suit
of course some fun stuff happens after too ;)))
and today’s your third anniversary!!
so osamu adds lots of ‘natural aphrodisiacs’ to the meal
i’m talkin
garlic bread and soup for an appetiser, a nice juicy steak with garlic and red wine sauce for the main, and chocolate coated strawberries for dessert
mm yummy
you two cleaned your plates completely (it was very delicious) and as you were washing the dishes, osamu comes up behind and wraps his arms around your waist
“yes, ‘samu?” 
“i’ve already prepared us a nice bath with yer favourite scents.” he’s got his head resting on ur chin
“really? thank you~ i’ll be there in a bit”
but he doesn’t let go of you while you’re still scrubbing at the baking sheets.
“osamu, you can let go for now.”
“don’t feel like it.”
“i gotta wash the dishes since you did most of the cooking.”
“mmm, i’ll do it if ya gimme a kiss.”
you roll ur eyes bc what a cutie 
u turn ur head to give him a kiss but suddenly he 
he burps
that garlicy wine smell is just kinda there
“ew! ‘samu!!”
his face is real red but he’s also trying not to laugh because he’s still a dude and this is absolutely hilarious to him
“want another?” he starts teasing
“i’m not getting in the bath with you.”
“wait wait wait i’m sorry, i’ll go brush my teeth and give you a proper kiss”
Suna Rintarou
you two were taking the train home today
it was quite late due to practice going a little longer than usual, so he insisted he walked you back home today.
sunarin can be a good boyf sometimes ok
it was getting a little crowded on the train tho, since people were heading home or going out for dinner
luckily you had already grabbed seats so you were quite comfortable sitting side by side. 
you and suna have the type of relationship were you dont have to talk all the time
silence is v comfy.
he’s just scrolling through twitter on his phone while you’re looking around the car, lost in ur thoughts
suddenly you notice an old lady standing a little bit away from you and you stand up
“baa-san, please take my seat.” you whisper in the crowded carriage
“oh how kind of you. thank you, dearie.” she smiles and takes your seat while you stand in front of her and suna instead.
suna doesn’t realise this exchange has happened tho
(he’s on his phone as usual)
probably starting some fights on twitter
he decides to try to be a little romantic and pretends to stretch his arm around (who he thought was) you.
why is your voice right in front of him?
“young man, i appreciate it but i’m married.”
suna jumps as he sees someone he did not recognise next to him.
he looks up and notices you had moved.
you’re giggling
the granny’s giggling
atsumu and osamu sitting opposite on the carriage look like they’re going to cry because they’re trying not to laugh
“i was just stretching. really.” he mumbles and crosses his arms, face red as a tomato
he’s so embarrassed.
Ginjima Hitoshi
sometimes the inarizaki vbc would go for an after practice snack at the nearby family mart
they were really hungry after an intense preparation for nationals which was in two weeks so kita insisted they all get something to fill them up on the way home
but lucky lucky ginjima hhehe
you (his classmate who he had a crush on) were working at the cash register today.
“welcome!” you greet everyone as they enter
he cant help but stiffen up a bit 
why are u so cute and cheery today
the 2nd years already know what to do.
“heyy, i think last week i bought ya that ramen right? ya owe me my konbini snacks today!” - atsumu
“yeah. you lost a bet to me last week so u gotta pay up. a pack of jelly fruit sticks please.” - suna
“forgot my money today, mind payin’ for my snacks too?” - osamu
“like hell i’m paying for all of you. especially you, osamu. you eat too much all the time.” 
aran’s noticed what’s going on,
“hey, if it’s just for today you can do it right? if ‘samu don’t pay ya back tomorrow i’ll nag him ‘til he does.” 
“fine...” his basket is full when he goes to the counter.
he’s trying his best not to have a red face while watching u scan the items, ur hair swaying slightly as u look back and forth between the objects and the screen.
“alright. 4,890 yen please!” GOD he hated how expensive it was, that’s almost all his weekly allowance but bc it’s u and ur voice saying it it’s kinda ok
“mm, ok.” he still has his eyes on you while he takes out his wallet and puts it on the counter.
his wallet, not the money
“...” “...”
“excuse me, sir. this is...”
he almost slaps his face wtf he’s so embarrassed.
“s-sorry. just a little absent minded after practice.” he starts pulling out his cash.
“it’s fine! i know how hard you guys practice!” you smile while performing the rest of the transaction and pass him his big bag of goods. “good luck for nationals, ginjima-kun!”
he almost runs out of the store and is about to fight the rest of the 2nd years for watching and (suna) recording
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marvelfansince08love · 10 months ago
“Come Here, Cutie” - Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word count: 2k
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader 
Warning: Make outs but mainly pure domestic fluff 
Summary: You decide to help your girlfriend with her make-up for Tony’s party but you didn’t realise you’d be helping the drunken assassin remove it by the end of the night. 
A/N: Just a little something I came up with! Hope you enjoy! x credit to my wonderful girlfriend for the title and for always allowing me to remove her make up after a night out and vice versa 💋
Tags: @canarypoint @nervousspiderling @imnotasuperhero @bechloesupercorp @the-enamorando-deity @paulawand @natasha-danvers @waitingfortheendtocome @swords-are-cool @cruelsummerindeed @bluevelvetbitxh @mymarvelwomen @nat-romanoffdanvers @help-wtf-am-i-even-doing​ @natasharomanoffswife​
Tumblr media
“Come Here, Cutie” - Natasha Romanoff x Reader 
“Stop squirming or I’ll end up smudging it, dummy,” you grumble, sticking your tongue out in concentration as you make a neat flick on the side of her left eye matching the winged liner to her right one. Natasha sticks her tongue out in response to your words as she keeps herself in between your legs as you sit on your countertop in your shared kitchen. Her hands place themselves onto your waist to steady herself as she flinches away from you as you make the final touches. 
“I’ve seen Morgan stand stiller than that when she gets her hair done by Pepper on the school run,” you playfully scold the redhead, chuckling at her glaring expression and her adorable pout. 
“You know there’s a lot of trust going into this, I wouldn’t let just anyone stick things close to my eye,” she murmurs, finally looking at you with her emerald eyes. You smile sheepishly, flustered at her adoring expression. 
“You are such a dork, Romanoff,” you tease, pushing her shoulders lightly as she chuckles before leaning in and kissing you sweetly. Rubbing her nose softly against your own she continues to attack you with brief but sweet kisses until you squeal. 
“Nat stop!” you demand through your laughter, leaning back away from her enticing mouth. She stops at your demand before pulling you close again, nose against nose.
“I wish you were coming tonight,” she admits, sadness evident in her voice making you feel guilty for turning down the invite in the first place. 
“I know me too baby but I have to get this proposal done and ready to present for the Expo tomorrow,” you explain, wanting to join in on her pouting fest. Natasha had already been away for three weeks prior to the party tonight and you’ve missed her but work never stops for the famous group of superheroes. 
“You know I could just skip tonight?” she suggests, with a sharp eyebrow raised. You smirk at her suggestion knowing she would if you asked her to but you wanted her to relax and enjoy some time with the team that didn’t consist of them fighting against impending doom. 
“I’d never live it down, Romanoff. Now pucker those lips, I have the perfect shade for you,” you say excitedly, reaching around to grab the lipstick from your make-up bag. Squinting slightly, you watch as you trace the shape of her lips with the deep shade of red mesmerised by the colour and how well it suits her complexion. Pulling back you take in your handy work, grinning smugly. She stands in her dark blue dress that reaches just past her knee with a small slit down one side that hugs her figure in all the right places, matched with her dark blue heels the view takes your breath away. 
“Beautiful, baby.” you compliment as she pouts her lips at you, making a funny face in the process causing you both to laugh. 
Natasha steps back and reaches for your hands helping you down from the counter before pulling you in close ready to kiss you but you pull back and place a finger close to her red lips. 
“Not on your life, Romanoff. That’s still drying,” you warn, watching a small glimmer of mischief cross her eyes making you leap out of her arms moving slowly backwards as you keep a trained eye on her movements. 
“Nat I swear-” 
“Come on baby, just one kiss. I promise I’ll be gentle,” she taunts, moving incredibly slow towards you like a predator, you scoff at her words. 
“Oh please you could never be gentle-” you words are swallowed by her mouth as she kisses you delicately with such tenderness before pulling back smugly with an arched brow.
“You were saying,” she says smugly, as you gape at her, feeling flustered at her actions before clearing your throat as you nod. 
“Yeah I’m gonna have to ask that you leave before I call Tony to cancel for you,” you admit, grabbing Nat’s clutch from the table and passing it to her, keeping your distance as you try to force her out of the apartment. The sound of the awaiting car outside announces Steve, Bucky and Sam’s presence causing you both to roll your eyes fondly as you hear Sam holler out of the window to you both hearing him through the open window. 
“Have fun,” you blow her a kiss which she pretends to catch placing her fingers to her lips before walking out of view. Moving over to the door you close it with a heavy sigh already hating the silence of the apartment without her, the sound of the boys shouting outside gives you pause as you move over to the front window that views the street outside. A smile graces your lips as you wave at the trio just as Nat descends down the steps of the building subtly going straight out of the window as they all cheer at her arrival. 
“Dorks, all of them,” you mutter to yourself, as you wave your last goodbye at the group before closing the curtain and heading for your office space. 
‘It’s going to be a long night ahead,’ you think, as you look at the scattered papers at your messy desk. 
The sound of grumbling and cursing makes you stir as the sound of footsteps stumble around the living room area awakening you fully from your slumber. Tensing you look over to check the red digits on your nightstand that shows it’s just after two in the morning causing you to relax as the familiar sound of Russian cursing reaches your ears announcing Natasha’s arrival home from the party. 
Climbing out of bed you head for the door dressed in only a long shirt and bed shorts as you take in the drunken state of your girlfriend, chuckling under your breath as she stumbles slightly into the side table by the sofa, her eyes turn at the sound of your laugh. A small squeal leaves her lips as she races towards you crashing into your front causing you to stumble backwards slightly at the impact. 
“God woman, you may be small but damn you got some force behind those legs,” you grunt, your sleepy state no longer existing as you wrap your arm around her waist, steadying her. Your only response is a sloppy kiss to your cheek as she snuggles into your shoulder. 
“I missed you tonight,” she mumbles into your shirt that now has the lightest shade of red lipstick on the material. You ignore the stain and chuckle finding her drunken state too endearing to be mad at it and deciding to guide her over towards the kitchen island where you help lift her up onto the kitchen counter with you standing in between her legs, mimicking your earlier position except with a drunkenly, sleepy Natasha on top of the counter. 
“I missed you too, Lyubimaya. Think you’ll be able to stay awake long enough for me to remove your make-up?” you ask, watching her eyelids drop before opening again as she nods. Taking that as a win you grab the make-up wipes from your make-up bag that still sits on the kitchen counter next to her from earlier on and begin to wipe gently at her eyelids, whispering  gentle instructions to her as she closes her eyes for you to remove the rest of her eyeshadow. Once you had removed her eye make-up you move onto her lips noticing the shade had already faded from tonight's drinks. 
“Did you have fun with the team tonight?” you ask, hoping the conversation will keep her awake long enough to help guide her over to the bedroom. 
“Hmm, we got Steve and Bucky drunk,” she mumbles, leaning forward slightly as she goes to rest her head against your shoulder kissing at your neck lightly causing you to shiver. 
“Mmm, wow so you guys finally found the drink that did it huh?” you ask, before groaning at the feeling of her lips upon your neck before gulping. 
“It was Thor’s mead that did it,” she whispers, close to your neck giggling softly. The feeling of her warm breath against your skin makes you tense but you push forward helping her down from the countertop and guiding her over to your shared bedroom. 
“I would have paid big money to see that,” you comment, chuckling along with her as she leans heavily into your side. 
“Tony got it on record for blackmailing purposes,” she informs you before hiccuping causing her to burst into a fit of giggles. You chuckle softly while looking fondly at the drunken assassin wondering how you got so lucky. 
“Come here, cutie.” you mumble, pulling her tight to your side as you make your way to the bedroom. 
“I’m not a cutie, I’m a deadly assassin I could kill you with a toothpick without blinking an eye,” she grumbles, hiccuping once more causing her to snort at the sound as you shake your head amused by her antics. 
Laughing with her you gently guide her to the foot of the bed keeping her standing as you help her remove the dress allowing the material to drop down to the floor in a heap before grabbing hold of her hands and helping her step out of it. Now just dressed in her lacy underwear and heels, you allow her to sit herself onto the foot of bed as you search for her long shirt, sighing as you struggle to find it you instead use a spare one from your own drawer. Turning back you watch amusingly as Nat attempts to remove her heels.
“You want some help?” 
“No I- ugh I got it,” she mumbles, fiddling with the strap of her heel that settles around her ankles. Moving over, you crouch down and help remove the strap and slide the heel off her foot before proceeding to the next one, all the while still aware of Natasha’s intense gaze. 
“Thank you for looking after me,” she whispers, her voice still slightly slurred but her eyes show her seriousness for a brief moment. Shaking your head you go to stand and find the head of your spare shirt before placing it over her head watching her redhead hair bounce back into shape once her head has popped through the hole before giving her a moment to remove her bra from under the shirt. 
“Of course no need to thank me, my love,” you tell her, bending down to kiss her crown and then her temple before attempting to step away but arms quickly make their way around your waist, pulling you closer causing you to yelp out at the sudden movement. Natasha looks up at you with her chin resting lightly against your stomach, a wicked grin spreading across her face. 
“Baby, you're drunk,” you warn her before she can breathe a word of her intentions. She pouts adorably at you making you look away knowing you cave far too easily to those doe-eyes. The redhead slowly stands, keeping her body close to your own as she finally reaches your face, her lips brushing against your parted ones. 
“But I want you,” her words so full of arousal and need that you physically look up to the ceiling seeking for mercy. 
“Baby, I-” 
“Shhh less talking,” her voice hoarse as she traces a finger along your jaw hypnotising you to her every movement. That small moment of weakness gives Natasha her opening as she quickly flips you around and pushes you into the mattress making you gasp at the quick change, your head swimming from the change of position and your aroused thoughts. Natasha crawls up your body and settles herself in between your legs attacking your neck with soft meaningful kisses making you groan. The act continues for a few minutes as you surrender yourself to her lips before frowning at the lack of contact, your ears straining to hear the small whispers from her lips. 
“You're the cute one,” you hear her whisper under her breath before she sags against you. 
The only feeling against your skin is shallow breaths causing you to glance down at her face, noticing her eyes are closed shut and her lips parted as the sound of light snoring reaches your ears. You gape for a second before chuckling to yourself. Blindly searching for the blanket that lies at the foot of the bed, you move lightly to grab the cosy material and lay it across her back as she remains cuddled up on top of you, stirring only momentarily before softly snoring again. 
‘My girlfriend, the terrifying assassin, everyone.’ 
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iwaizumiya · 8 months ago
ohkay hi! may i just say, that i've just encountered your blog and i am already LOVING IT period. i just love it. it's amazing.
alright, i was thinking maybe you could do something like first meeting headcanons. and hopefully for the manager of karasuno 👀 (i was mainly thinking of the manager being a second year but ig it's not that important) it could be something like meeting at a training camp, or at a game, or at nationals, something like that. and i was thinking kuroo, oikawa and atsumu i love that man so much fml
that would be it ly! 💘
Tumblr media
includes - kuroo tetsurou, oikawa tooru and miya atsumu
a/n - hi bub!! hehe thank you for your support i love you <33 i loved this req lmao hope you like it!
Tumblr media
- bro lets be completely honest, he is an absolute stuttering mess when he first meets you
- he doesn't even realise that you can see him just staring at you for a solid five minutes
- this man has 0 experience with picking up girls so he will just be saying the worst pick up lines ever or some random fact that no one cares about
- it was the first day of the tokyo training camp with karasuno, nekoma and fukurodani and you and some of the other manager's were in charge of making lunch and dinner
- since you were in the kitchen basically for the entire day, you never really had the change to meet any other the other players
- once dinner arrives, they all flood into the cafeteria looking a little bit... dead?
- you serve them their food, only receiving a toneless "thank you"
- until kuroo walked in, as rowdy and loud as he is
- when he arrived in front of you to get his rice and soup, he just stopped and looked at you
"good work today! here's your food"
kuroo: o-o
"um is there something on my face?"
"im sorry"
- when i tell you the silence that just filled up the room
- and then he just awkwardly runs away to his table where kenma was and just plopped on the table, his face hiding in his arms while kenma is just very uncomfortably patting kuroo's back in comfort
- the next day at breakfast, you sneaked your number onto his food tray (that was on a piece of paper) and he didn't even notice it was there until he nearly ate it
- from that day on, you'll just see him awkwardly trying to make conversation with you
- when you switched with yachi to help out the boys during the day like filling up water bottles and shit, kuroo is trying to impress you but is also doing incredibly shitty at the same time
- he pulled a hinata a couple times and got hit straight in the face by bokuto
- but to his surprise, you were already in the nurse's office because tanaka starting waving his shirt around and accidentally hit nishinoya right in the nose
- kuroo acts like he had a broken arm or something just so you can baby him
- he genuinely believes in love at first sight and asks you out at the end of the training camp lol he has no patience
- it was at the spring high preliminaries and both teams were warming up
- it was his turn to spike when boom bam he hits you straight in the face
oikawas brain: oh no i hit pretty girl. i should ask pretty girl if she's okay. pretty girl really pretty
- while daichi is trying to stop noya and tanaka from ripping oikawas hair out, he was already running towards you, asking if you were okay
- you insisted you were okay as you were kind of embarrassed with the crowd watching you, and soon after, the game had began
- oikawa was already thinking of 12 ways he could apologise to you but for now, he had to focus on the game
- whenever there was a timeout or break, he noticed the small twitches in your eye and the bruises that were faint, but still there
- although the game had resulted in karasuno's win, oikawa couldn't help but feel worse when he saw you wince in pain when hinata excitedly pulled you into his chest for a hug
- kiyoko recommended you go to the nurse's office but there was no point since you were about to leave anyways
- like kuroo, this man acts as if no one can see him staring at you like a creep for afar
- you rolled your eyes for the 30th time that day when oikawa approached you again as you were about to get on the bus
"hey you! are you sure you're okay?"
"im fine, thanks"
"are you sure? is there something you want me to do for you?"
- he doesn't really know how to continue this conversation so he just stands there, waiting for you to say something
"you seem a little desperate oikawa-san"
- he turns into a blushing mess when you tease him and you cannot tell me otherwise
"what about a date then? as an apology. i don't think i can sleep at night if i don't at least try to make it up to you"
"sorry not interested"
"OH right.. sorry i just thou-"
"i was just joking oikawa-san, tomorrow at 5?"
- on the date he keeps mentioning how nervous he was because of how pretty he thought you were and how he couldn't sleep
- love sick bitch
- he also tries to be so damn smooth as well and he thinks that it's working but it really isn't
- pls for the love of god just boost his ego he needs it
- i swear you could be celebrating your 3 year anniversary but he will still be mentioning that day, telling everyone how it was fate or whatever
- and you could be on the side like what mf my face hurt for like 3 weeks shut up
- yay we're at nationals
- anyways the venue was fucking massive so you'll end up getting lost right?
- well yes, but you didn't really expect it to be when you were trying to escort hinata to the fucking toilets
- it was only 20 minutes until their match against inarizaki was gonna start and that mf was still in the bathroom
- and you can't exactly enter the men's bathroom so you just started pacing in front of the door like a psycho
- conveniently atsumu and suna were walking to the bathroom and saw you just muttering to yourself
- he honestly thought you were some time of perv and hella weird
"OI CREEP, what the hell a ya doing?" says the man with piss hair and reeks of axe
- and like a movie, you turn around, hair flipping in the wind and he can hear angels singing and a bright light surrounds you
- mans is on the flooring crying because wtf he just saw the most beautiful person he's ever seen
- pls snap him out of it, ur friend is probably shitting his pants in the toilets behind you and you need to see if he's okay
- he cannot keep eye contact for the life of him
- you could just be like "i'm really sorry but im the mangager for karasuno and one of my friends are in there, so can you just check on him pls"
- and he'll just smile and nod at whatever you say like "mhm yeah totally karasuno? mhm thats hot, wanna go out with me?"
- atsumu is like a demon possessed him and suna out here watching him like tf i just need to take a piss man shut up
- yeah you left with atsumu's number and left hinata all alone
- he left the bathroom and almost cried when he realised he got ditched for dick
Tumblr media
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popittypopkins · 7 months ago
aot females + hange react to you calling them 'mommy'
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
includes: mikasa, annie, ymir, historia, hitch, hange, pieck.
warnings: suggestive content.
it takes her a moment to realise you're speaking to her.
when she does, she frowns a little in confusion as if trying to figure out whether you said it on purpose or not.
judging by your suggestive expression, she realises you're trying to be seductive and simply chooses not to respond- smirking a little at your reaction.
she secretly likes the pet name, already devising ways of making you say it again.
her eyes narrow slightly as she gives you a look of "wtf".
you sheepishly grin back, realising the mommy thing is a no go.
"i'm your girlfriend, not your mother." she states bluntly, her tone unfortunately not able to disguise the small red-ish tint in her ears.
she goes back to whatever she was doing without further discussion.
unbeknownst to you, she's replaying your words in her head.
she immediately cocks an eyebrow.
"damn, say that again."
you regret everything as you soon notice the hungry glint in your girlfriend's eyes.
"uhhh...lets keep watching the film."
"nuh uh, get your ass over here...baby."
lets just say your words ignited a passion within your girlfriend.
her cheeks immediately blush a bright pink as her eyes dart towards you, searching your face for any evidence that would suggest what you said was a mistake.
historia's taken aback by your suggestive expression once she realises you said it on purpose.
your girlfriend dives into full-flustered mode as she stumbles on her words.
you feel a little bad for teasing her but her cute expression makes you giggle.
"god, you're such a tease!" she finally states with a huff, slapping your arm playfully before going back to laying her head on your shoulder.
her eyes widen for a split second before she breaks into a wide grin.
"aww you have a mommy kink?" she teases, your plan backfiring as she ignites a blush in your face.
she relishes in your embarrassment for a moment before pinching your cheeks.
"don't worry I can work with that...babygirl."
their face scrunches into a confused, questioning stare.
"I called you mommy." you reply honestly.
"oh...why?" they question, clearly not understanding the supposed effect of the name.
"nevermind." you simply state with a sigh as their eyebrow raises in question.
"am I meant to call you daughter or something?"
"GAH, NO!"
"ok ok...son?"
"sorry sorryyyy."
"yes baby?" she replies softly, not even raising question over the name.
her head turns to you, a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips.
you didn't really expect for her to be so prepared but you weren't complaining either...
"...nothing." you mumble, lost for words or a suitable comeback.
"hm...whatever you say...baby."
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pr0dbeomgyu · 5 months ago
Took You Too Long
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bestfriend!beomgyu x reader
word count: 1.2k
genre: fluff, mutual pining, bestfriends to lovers
warnings: light kissing, mentions of spiders and fire
She was thinking so deeply when she felt a quick peck on her lips. Beomgyu had woken up from his sleep and kissed her on the lips which made her brain dysfunction. By the time she processed whatever had happened, Beomgyu was already at the door, his back facing her, “You took too long,” as he left the room.
Y/n’s phone buzzed.
Annoying dolphin: Y/n, HELP! SOS! Answer ASAP! FIRE! SPIDERS!
Y/n sighed as she wonder what does her bestfriend roommate’s dramatic ass wants this time.
Y/n: What do you want, Ningning?
Annoying dolphin: Beom is sick!!! like sick SICK
Y/n: WTF you texting me for? Take care of him????
Annoying dolphin: YOU take care of him!
Y/n: You’re HIS roommate.
Annoying dolphin: I had to go somewhere.
Annoying dolphin : Please y/n
Y/n: no
Annoying dolphin : Pleaseee :<
Y/n: I’m busy
Annoying dolphin : Please, Ningning’s gonna cry :’(
Y/n: sounds like a YOU problem,
Annoying dolphin : Please
Annoying dolphin : Or I’ll tell Beom you have a big fat crush on him :0
Y/n: be there in 5
Annoying dolphin : Not so bold now, aren’t we
Y/n: fuck you
y/n made her way to beomgyu's bed soundlessly, not to disturb him. she placed the back of her hand to his burning forehead.
"God, he's hot,"
“I know right, thanks,” he mumbled.
Y/n’s eyes widened, as she slapped her bestfriend’s cheek lightly.
“That’s not what I meant, you lil piece of shit,”
She was about to leave his bedside to grab a cloth to sponge his burning body, but was stopped by Beomgyu holding on her wrist.
“Wait, y/n-ie, I’m sorry, don’t leave me alone,” He said while pouting.
How is it even possible not to love this adorable boy? She asked herself.
“I was gonna grab a cloth to sponge you, beommie, why? Miss me already?” she teased while pinching his cheeks.
“Yes,” he answered, looking directly into her eyes.
Y/n was caught off guard, her heart skipped a beat.
“Gyu don’t flirt with me like that, I might fall for you”, she tried to lift off the awkward situation by joking again.
“What if I want you to?”
Y/n was flustered, she felt a blush crept onto her cheeks, so she quickly left the room.
“What has gotten into him today?” She mumbled alone.
She crept into the room again, but now with a cloth and a basin of water, silently praying that Beomgyu is sleeping, so she doesn’t have to handle any awkward situation anymore.
To her luck, Beomgyu has already went to dreamland. She started by sponging his forehead and face. He stirred in his sleep, furrowing his brows a bit because of the sudden coldness, but did not wake up fully.
Y/n sighed in relief as she finished sponging Beomgyu successfully, without waking him up. She placed the cloth gently on his forehead, caressing his fluffy hair afterwards.
“What if I told you I like you?” she thought to herself. She was caressing his fluffy hair for a moment, but her eyes got distracted by his plump lips. She wondered how does it feels like, kissing him. He must be so gentle, she thought, just like kissing a feather. She stared a little bit too long, and without her realising, she was leaning in for a kiss.
Y/n’s nose was already touching Beomgyu’s nose when she stopped leaning in abruptly. She was hit by the reality that they were nothing more than bestfriends. She felt guilty for her actions as she backed up a bit, increasing the distance between them, but not too far. She was staring at Beomgyu again, but this time she was having an internal conflict of
“I should have just kissed him,” and “That was close, I could’ve ruined our friendship,”
She was thinking so deeply when she felt something soft and warm on her lips. Beomgyu had woken up from his sleep and pecked her on the lips which made her brain dysfunction. By the time she processed whatever had happened, Beomgyu was already at the door, his back facing her,
“You took too long,” as he left the room.
Y/n could sense the smirk on his face even if she’s not even facing him. She took a few minutes to cool down from the emotional mess she’s in, before finding Beomgyu on the sofa at the living room. She could feel that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.
“Hey Beomgyu, what’s that supposed to mean”
He looked at y/n, acting confused.
“Don’t act dumb, you know what I’m talking about!”
“I don’t really understand, what are you talking about?”
“You know, about what you said earlier!”
“What did I say?”
“I’m not gonna repeat what you said!”
“Then I’m not gonna talk about it,” he shrugged, he trained hid eyes to the TV again.
“When did I say that?”
“You know, after you- I- we”
“After we what?”
“Ugh, are you seriously doing this to me, Beom,”
“Oh, after I did this?”
Beomgyu pecked her lips again.
“What shouldn’t I do, again? This?”
He kissed her lips once again. Looking at Y/n’s shocked and mad face, he laughed loudly.
“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.”
Beomgyu took a deep breath and started talking again.
“You know, I wasn’t even sleeping at all ever since you came into my room,”
“Hey! Why didn’t you tell me!”
“Yeah and let you dysfunction every single second? No thanks. I really thought you were gonna kiss me, you know, but when you started having second thoughts, I thought, why not I initiate it first? At least I know that you liked me back,”
“You knew that I like you? Wait, you like me BACK?”
“Yeah, Ningning isn’t the best in keeping secrets, you know, and yes, I like you, a lot, actually.”
“That dolphin bitch…”
“Don’t blame him, I forced him to it. Well at least, I got the chance to do this now,”
“Do What?”
“Ask you to be my girlfriend,”
“Wait what? When?”
“Y/n will you be my girlfriend?”
She gazed at Beomgyu sadly.
“Gyu, I am sorry, but-“
“Oh, it’s okay Y/n, I totally understand,” He cut y/n off.
Beomgyu’s heart shattered as he heard Y/n said sorry.
“Damn, did I went too fast?”
He thought to himself, as his attention was on the TV again.
Y/n sneakily pecked Beomgyu’s lips, causing Beomgyu to look at her confusedly.
“HAHA dumbass, you thought you were the only one who could do that?”
He came to a realisation that Y/n was pulling his leg all along.
She laughed again as she ran off, with Beomgyu chasing her.
It was a whole 2 minutes of them running around the house, and finally y/n surrendered.
“Okay, okay, I surrender, I am sorry,” she said, raising up both of her hands, out of breath.
Beomgyu slowly approached her, looking into her brown orbs deeply.
“Hey, don’t look at me like that, I said I’m sorry,”
He's now in front her, caging poor y/n with both his hands on the wall behind her.
“T-this isn’t a drama, gyu”
“Yeah? How would you know,” he said with a teasing smile on her face.
Y/n was thinking of a reply, but with Beomgyu’s breath on her face, her mind went blank.
He was about to close the distance between their lips completely when,
Hueningkai: “Damn, it’s finally happening, huh? Took them long enough. It was so torturing to look at both of them being so oblivious with each other’s feelings,”
Soobin: “I know right, my babies has grown up,”
Taehyun: “Won’t y/n get a fever too, though,”
Yeonjun: “I mean, if they made out, surely she will,”
Beomgyu: “You guys know we can hear you, right?”
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strawberry-sunflower · 9 months ago
First off you have such a pretty name omg ❤️❤️ and second pretty pleaseeeee write that essay on the last google feud
Ahhhhh you are such a sweetheart, thank you so much!! 💕
Ohohhoo ok you asked for it - I’m gonna break down my top *mumbled noise* questions/observations about wtf is happening in the final feud video:
1. so I started getting a friend of mine into dnp a couple of months ago and we watched a few gaming channel vids together to start her off (I think we watched Santa Banta and Heartthrob or something). anyway then we watched the final Google feud video and the FIRST thing out of her mouth was ‘are they on something?? why do their voices sound so slurred?’ – this girl knows NOTHING about dnp and even she picked up that something was amiss. Dan is more obvious because he’s just all over the shop lmao but Phil really trips over his words in this video too and that to me is MORE weird. they had 100% been drinking before they started recording, like those are some DRUNK-ass voices (I know the idea that they’re high has been thrown around too, especially as weed is legal in Canada, but I don’t think that’s their style tbh)
2. what’s with the weird sticky-up patch of hair on the back of phil’s head?
Tumblr media
It’s only on one side and specifically on the back, so it’s not like he’s been running his hands through it, it’s more like he’s recently been lying down. On that very obvious double bed in the background (that has absolutely been lain on because you can see the head dip on the pillow in the middle of them both lol). why was phil just casually lying down right before a video? suspicious? yes definitely 👀
What’s even WEIRDER is it disappears after the pizza interlude lmao so I’m gonna run with the assumption that one of them noticed and Dan sorted it out for him
Tumblr media
3. while we’re on the same lines, phil is VERY flirty. Like even more so for him gbjhdkjgfd the multiple use of bedroom eyes? The lip bites? He has the vibe of somebody who has been teased with the concept of sex before the video started, or has recently had sex and can’t help but let us know about it
Tumblr media
4. dan is even louder and wilder than usual, which just goes to prove dan would absolutely be a look-at-me drunk HAHA. Drunk people usually don’t realise how loud they are, as we can see when he makes that stupid noise and phil has to remind him to shut up because they’re in a hotel, and drunk people also tend to run the same joke into the ground, like the valley girl voice gjffdfd
5. the pizza thing was really sus too? Just casually ordering a pizza when you know you’re about to do a video?? These bitches got the drunk-food cravings, as highlighted when phil was like “that was so good, why was that so good?” – it’s because you’re tipsy and everything tastes much better when you’re tipsy, bitch
6. I counted at least five weird little touches?? Which is significantly more than normal lol. I have documented them here (not even counting how crazy close they’re sitting like boys do you even need two chairs at this point):
When phil came very close to touching dan’s hand on the back of the chair and missed it by THAT MUCH because he realised at the last second that they were still recording lmao (timestamp: 5:16)
That weird ass-slap noise off screen when phil says “go she’s waiting” (timestamp: 5:21)
When Phil was very obviously gonna give dan a little boop on the face with his fist but then it CUT AT THE LAST SECOND WHAT THE FUCK BOYS (timestamp: 12:10)
Dan throwing his arm out to catch onto Phil’s shoulder and phil giggling and holding onto his arm (timestamp: 12:15)
When Phil leaned in against Dan’s arm and like… flopped over him, that was v cute (timestamp: 15:25)
7. let’s talk about the game show folder, can we talk about the game show folder, I am DYING to talk about the game show folder. Wtf!! First of all the fact that it exists in the first place, like omg phil just having a secret ideas folder full of all his big plans and concepts is the most beautiful wholesome thing and I want to watch them all. But then dan said “what else is in that folder phil?” and pointed to himself and phil did the weird horny lip bite and now I am SCARED AND CONFUSED
In conclusion!! These bitches were drunk and thought it would be a good idea to film a video and plot twist it was the BEST IDEA. Dan is officially a loud drunk who just never shuts up, and Phil is officially a horny drunk. CASE CLOSED
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loltooru · 10 months ago
haikyuu boys toxic traits
—characters; suna rintarō, atsumu miya, osamu miya, kuroo tetsurō, kenma kozume.
warnings; ghosting/ignoring, being used, cheating, manipulation, slight nsfw, guilt tripping, being put down/someone making you feel bad about yourself, shouting, mention of an intrusive thought if you squint, cursing/swearing.
Tumblr media
—suna rintarō
> he ghosts/ignores you
> and very often
> whether it’s in real life or over text, he still ignores you some way or another.
> it sparks a lot of arguments in your relationship
> sometimes he doesn’t mean to, he sees the message and forgets to reply.
> but other times, he knows what he’s doing.
it’s middle of a warm tuesday afternoon and the inarizaki volleyball club has practice. a game between karasuno high school is approaching and the team needs to come up with as many tips and tricks to beat them as possible.
but right now they’re taking a short break.
suna rintarō, number 10 on the team, is currently scrolling through his iphone to pass the time whilst his teammates chat about all all sorts of topics. whilst doing so, a message pops up from you, his girlfriend
y/n: hi rin!! i hope practice is going okay! i thought we could have take-out tonight as i can’t be bothered to cook, what do you think? love you, see u later <3
seen: 14:29pm
suna sighs.
he loves you- of course he does, or else he wouldn’t be with you. but he doesn’t feel like speaking to you right now.
y/n: ooh how about that new place down the street!! my friend told me it’s really good! we should go there baby.
seen: 14:32pm
y/n: babe?
seen: 14:35pm
y/n: suna wtf? stop leaving me on read!
seen: 14:37pm
suna clicks off his phone and decides to make conversation with osamu instead of replying. he knew it’d end up being an argument and he couldn’t be bothered right now.
later, when suna arrived home at 7:20pm, you’re sat on the couch watching a movie with snacks and a blanket. he spares you a glance, not noticing how you light up at the sight of him but realise you’re upset with him and pretend not to care.
“you’re late. i thought practice finished at 6:30.”you say, bitterly, not looking at him.
“i was busy.” he mumbles, “i’m going to bed.”
“fine. whatever.”
and that’s how you’re relationship stands. he barely responds to you, and if he does it’s one-worded and half-assed. you knew that if things continued like this, you would break up and that hurt you. suna had changed a lot, you didn’t know why, but the caring rintarō you met back in middle school was gone now. he was different and distant- he probably didn’t love you anymore or care if you left or not.
which broke your heart, because it all did was love him..
Tumblr media
—atsumu miya
> he uses you
> he really loves his ex and wants her back
> and what better way then use another girl to make her jealous?!
> and he found you
> so whenever you’re not in public or at school, atsumu is giving you little to no attention at all.
> it sucks really, to know he doesn’t really love you..
“a-atsumu! please, aah!”
atsumu rolls his eyes. he’s currently giving you hickeys on your neck, biting and sucking the soft flesh to create purple marks on your skin. he doesn’t really want to do it, he just wants his ex to see and get jealous that he’s kissing someone else.
he knows you’ll try and cover them tomorrow morning with concealer but he won’t let you. he wants her to see. he wants her regret dumping him. he wants her to hate you and take him away from you.
he doesn’t give a shit about you really. he doesn’t like you at all, he thinks you’re really annoying and clingy- isn’t attracted to you at all and can’t wait any longer because he doesn’t wanna be with you. he’s only sucking on your neck for another girl. strange, right?
you met atsumu at the park after his girlfriend had broken up with him and you hit it off really well. so you thought. in your head, you were using your flirting skills to “make him forget about his ex and then fall in love with you”, but in reality- atsumu wasn’t smirking at your flirty words that day, he was smirking at the idea of using you, in his head.
now, the next day, there are so many hickeys on your neck it’s actually worrying. they hurt a little bit and they were impossible to cover. so lucky atsumu didn’t even have to convince you to not cover them, because even with 3 layers of concealer on them; they were still noticeable.
you and tsumu walk to school together, then to class. you get so many looks from classmates and other citizens from the bruises on your neck and collarbones, it’s embarrassing actually that people know what you two got up to last night.
atsumu’s plan works though. yua, atsumu’s ex, comes up to him in lesson and confronts him.
“atsumu.” she says, standing before him in her tight shirt, shirt skirt and thigh high socks.
“yua.” he smirks, leaning back in his chair, “how may i assist ya, darlin.”
she rolls her eyes, “i see that you and your girlfriend- whatever her name is, got up to some..stuff last night. care to explain why her neck is literally a different colour to her face?!” yua questions.
“her name is y/n, and do i really have to tell ya the details?” he winks at her, feeding her lies and lies.
yua squints at him and her chest physically quickens as she angers. she’s obviously jealous, not that she’d ever admit it, but she was.
“well, she looks ridiculous.” yua spits, “but, i hope you’re happy because she’s in detention because of it.”
“oh, really?” atsumu smirks.
“meet me after class, yua, darlin.”
...you get out of detention late that evening, and start to walk home. you’re annoyed that you got detention, but excited to see your boyfriend again. you had missed him. you normally walk home together but since you couldn’t, he probably walked home alone. you decide to text him, letting him know you’re almost home.
y/n: hi baby, i’m almost home, see u soon ! ♡︎
seen: 16:53pm
but, little did you know that the text didn’t put atsumu’s worry at ease, because he wasn’t sat on the couch waiting for you and wondering where you are. he’s actually aware now, to cum fast, telling yua that they need to be quick before you get home..
Tumblr media
—osamu miya
> he’s guilt trips you
> he will use anything
> one tiny thing you do and he will accuse you of not loving him
> it’s extremely toxic and he knows he’s doing it
> he’s asshole and he wants to hurt you for no reason
today was your first day back at work. you work at a little café in tokyo, it’s super cute and you get a lot of costumers so you have to work extra hard.
since today was the re-opening day after a long time, lots of people came to have a small drink and a cake. you were on your feet all day, on the tills, then serving, then cooking- you were exhausted. you completely forgot about your boyfriend, osamu miya, at home. you knew how he got when you were late home but he slipped your mind and you were asked to clean up after work since another worker needed to get home to their child.
you were 20 minutes late when you arrived back at your apartment that night. osamu was waiting on the couch, watching a tv show peacefully. you were tired and wanted to go to bed straight away.
you sigh and smile, “hey, baby. sorry i’m lat-
“where were ya?” osamu snaps, interrupting you, a blank and angry look on his face.
“i- uhm, my co-worker needed to get home to her kid and she asked me to clean up for her..” you answered honestly.
“wow.” he whispers, fake tears welling up in his eyes. he’d mastered that trick months ago, “ya such a bad liar, y/n. so who were ya having sex with, huh?”
“w-what?!” you exclaim, utterly confused and shocked, “samu-
“don’t!” he cries, shutting you down, “i spend all day here, worrying about ya. if ya safe, if any costumers are being rude to ya, if ya anxiety’s bad. god, y/n- all ya do is care about yourself. i was so worried about ya, i was scared that ya had god stuck at work somehow but to know that ya were actually sleepin’ with someone else? wow.”
“no, samu, i swear i didn’t cheat on you!” you cry out, your voice begging him to believe you. he often over-thinks a lot of things and you felt bad in the end, blaming everything on yourself..
“please, just, leave me alone.” he whimpers, tears falling from his eyes.
he turns and begins to walk off, he smirks and fights the urge to not laugh. he loves doing this to you, it’s so fun to watch your face fall and then end up making you feel bad and apologising.
“samu, please! wait..” you say, running after him and grabbing his arm. his face falls back into a faux sad expression and he turns to you, frowning.
“i’m sorry, i’m so sorry. i promise, i didn’t have sex with anyone. sakura needed to go home early to help her child out, her little daughter is sick and needed some attending to. so, sakura asked me to clean the café. that’s why i was late. i swear to you, you’re the only one i love. i promise, i love you, i love you, i love you. i’m so sorry. please don’t cry.” you beg, your eyes pleading with despair and your hands clutching at his shirt.
osamu nods, “okay, i forgive ya. but, next time, don’t be late, okay? i missed ya so much.” he tells you, lying straight through his teeth.
you nod desperately and hug him tightly, “i love you samu, i’m sorry.”
he hugs you back, smirking so wide but you can’t see, your head is in his chest, “i love ya too, and it’s okay, just don’t do it again.”
“i promise.”
he knows he’ll think of another thing to use against you tomorrow, but for now he’ll hold you and lie to you again and again.
Tumblr media
—kuroo tetsurō
> he makes you feel bad about yourself
> always making things about him and puts you down
> insults
> (he would never actually do this this is just a drabble ☺️)
your new dress arrived in the mail whilst kuroo was at work and you were so excited. you bought it to surprise your boyfriend when he arrived home. you were hoping for him to praise you with compliments and tell you how good you looked, you couldn’t wait.
you tried it on and it was a perfect fit, it hugged your curves perfectly and made you look so beautiful, you were definitely keeping it for a lovely night out with your girls or a date with kurō.
when 6:30pm rolled around the corner, kuroo tetsurō grumbly trudged through the door. lazily throwing his coat on the stand and kicking his shoes off, not caring they were in the complete wrong place.
he walked around the corner, and saw you stood in the middle of the living room, wearing a dress he hadn’t seen before. you were smiling brightly, your eyes glistening excitedly.
“ta-daaaa!” you giggle, twirling around, showing him your dress from the back as well.
“what is that?” kuroo asks, venom laced in his voice as he emphases his words.
you gulp, not liking the way he spoke to you, “oh, uh, it’s a new dress that came today. i thought i looked nice and so i thought i’d show you!”
“well, i don’t agree. you look awful. the dress doesn’t flatter you, it makes you look flat and it’s not your colour at all. send it back, i hate it. you look hideous.” he snaps, brushing past you as he spoke.
your chest stung at his words. you thought you looked so good, yet the person you bought it for thinks you looks disgusting. it wasn’t fair how he treated you sometimes; some days he would be kissing you and telling you how much he loves you, and the next it’s a day like today. a hot tear slipped down your cheek as you took a shaky breath, everything was gonna be okay.
you turn around and follow kuroo into the bedroom, he’s already in his comfortable clothes, his pyjamas, and he’s sat on the bed, scrolling through his phone.
“ah, see, look at this babe.” kuroo suddenly says, making you jump.
“w-what is it?”
“don’t stutter it makes you sound like an idiot.” he comments, grimacing slightly at you.
you fight back tears, “sorry.”
kuroo turns his phone towards you and a super model wearing the same dress as you is on the screen, “now, this is an example of someone who looks good in this dress. you don’t, so return it because someone who looks fine as hell, like this chick, can buy it instead. damn, this girl looks so hot, doesn’t she?.”
“yeah, she does..”
you rub your eyes, everyday was the same. kurō making you feel awful about yourself, him putting you down after anything you do. you didn’t know how long it would take until you snapped. you can’t take the insults any longer, they hurt you so bad. you thought about leaving him but he’d probably say so many harmful things that you’d never wanna do anything ever again. you knew how bad kuroo can get when he’s angry, and he scares you at times, so you would be too scared to leave him anyways.
he had changed rapidly. in high school, kuroo would praise you like a goddess. everyday of school, he would tell you that you looked gorgeous even though some days you knew you looked bad, the sweet boy would still compliment you. and it built up your confidence so big that you would wear all the things you wanted and didn’t feel embarrassed because you had kuroo by your side. but now, he scolds you and puts you down, and when you have him by your side, you feel the exact opposite to what he did back in middle school.
Tumblr media
—kenma kozume
> he lashes out at you
> he has anger issues.
> can’t control his anger and takes it out on you a lot of the time.
you and kenma are both at your apartment. it’s the weekend and you’re reading a book in your room, just minding your own business and having some free time by yourself.
kenma, your boyfriend, is playing a video in his room as you can hear the buttons on the controllers moving and the quiet sound of him cursing under his breath. he’s on call to his best friend, and your brother, kuroo tetsurō, and you’re pretty sure they’re playing minecraft together.
after a couple minutes of silence, you hear a loud bang and kenma shouting loudly. you jump in shock. you mark the page quickly on your book and close it, then run into kenma’s room.
his controller is smashed to bits on the ground and kenma is seething by the window, his chest heaving and his fists clenched.
“babe, what the hell?!” you exclaim, worry and confusion laced in your voice.
kenma doesn’t answer you, only closes his eyes, screwing them shut tightly.
“shut up!” he screams, his voice loud and sudden. you flinch, your eyes going wide, “shut the fuck up! god, you stupid bitch, can you just leave me alone for once in your fucking life? you’re such an annoying little cretin! i wish you were never fucking born, you useless cunt!”
tears prick at your eyes, blurring your vision. kenma had never lashed out this aggressively before, and that’s why it hurt so much. kenma has always been a natural quiet yet snarky person, which you didn’t mind- the little comments here and there are enough for you to handle, but this was a whole other level. he has never said anything quite this bad, ever, but the only thing you were used to, was the shouting.
he often shouted at you.
whether it was raging over a game or being upset with someone, he would take it out on you. he would never hit you, he would just scream insults and get extremely angry. it scared you, you had to admit, but bringing it up to him scared you even more- you didn’t know how he would react.
kenma’s breathing quickened as you say nothing, he runs a hand through his hair and throws himself on the bed. you don’t even say anything when you turn and walk out the door, you were speechless.
you felt humiliated and worthless. you had always been insecure about yourself and had some questionable thoughts sometimes, but hearing kenma blatantly insult you that way was utterly sickening. you felt disgusting.
you and kenma didn’t speak for a week after that. you packed some essentials and whisked off to your brother, kuroo’s, house. you cried to him about kenma and he comforted you, saying he’d let you stay with him for as long as you wanted. kenma didn’t bother to text you or call you, or even try and find where you were- he didn’t care and that stung too.
you returned home at 9:25pm on a thursday night. kenma was playing a game in his room, just minding his own business when he hears the door open and close, he’s confused. surely you’re not back? he thought you’d gone forever, that’s why he didn’t look for you.
he paused his game and walked out into the living room. he’s met with you quietly placing your coat on the coat rack. you see him in the doorway and fear floods your body- he’s gonna be angry.
there’s nothing but silence for what feels like forever.
but, kenma finally speaks up, “so, uhm, where did you go?” he asks calmly. he seems okay, not angry or annoyed at all, so your body relaxes. kenma notices the way your shoulder slouch slightly, not tensing anymore, after he speaks and he silently cringes.
“my brother’s.” you whisper, “sorry i left.”
kenma shakes his head and walks slowly towards you. he embraces you in a hug and pecks your forehead, “don’t apologise. i should be the one doing that. i said some things i shouldn’t have and i’m sorry. i don’t know when to stop sometimes, i promise it won’t happen again.”
you nod, but the both of you know it’s a lie. he’s gonna do it again soon, lash out then apologise a while later. was staying with kenma even worth it anymore? you didn’t know, but you stayed in his arms nonetheless, ignoring all the problems and just forgetting the world. but you knew that world will come crashing down again soon, as it did a week ago..
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ezra-yes-bridger · 7 months ago
Episode 7 - Battle Scars
[Star Wars: The Bad Batch]
Episode seven.... oh, episode seven.... you little bitch...
The way Tech said “That depends on when Echo plans on getting the drive back online” I fucking love these two.
Omega naming the lizard
If anything dares come close to Wreckers head again I will lose it
How has Hunter managed to become not just the dad of Omega but Wrecker too?? Gosh
Tech, I love you. Cid, please never stop calling him goggles.
Rex you little shit
How did Echo mot recognise the white and blue 501 armour??
Rex looks so fucking short wtf
Hunter, why u gotta sit like that? U need ur back to not get fucked up
Ah Wrecker, keep hugging people. I need a hug
Did she just call Rex old?
Oh god Echos little grin at Rex and Omega, my heart
Wrecker is a leg bouncer too
Omg Omega translating Techs words into basic clone
Why have Echo and Tech switched roles?? Isn’t Tech the pilot an Echo the co-pilot??
(in Anthony Mackie’s voice) Rex, man your lookin good, man oh man
I am constantly stressed about Tech’s lack of thigh armour
Rex and Echo being best buddies🥺
Tech, please stop walking so far behind
Question for the class: How the fuck did they tie the cable on the other side???
Wrecker stop dying, please
Tech’s little head shake after he fell🥺
Can Tech stop being gorgeous?
Tech being scared of Kamino🥺🥺🥺🥺
Omega.... you’re making me cry... HUNTER FUCKING HUG HER!!!! HUG HER!!!!! SHE NEEDS COMFORT GIVE HER A FUCKING HUG!!!!!!!
No, stop, don’t blur their voices I know what that means
i will come for you
how the hell does omega shake him that much?
Can the animators stop being so goshdarn great at making face expressions on Rex?
AH! Wreckers little head pat on Omega!!!!
Okay but to be honest Tech doesn’t really need to have his hairline abused any more than it’s already been
he looks kinda punk with the side shaved
WHO is Rex talking to????????
No, okay honestly fair but like all that hair is definitely in the way
Holy shiiesh this episode was a whole ass panic attack.
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melanied2 · 3 months ago
Desert Island Diaries
An extra page…..
Dear diary,
So I had a dream last night which seemed significant and full of portent, so I thought I’d better document it.
It was a beautiful night on my island…..the sky was full of stars, a beautiful sparkly, ebony living thing which wrapped around the island like a warm blanket.
The moon was full, hello Mr Moon, and The Coconut and I were walking along the beach by the edge of the sea which glowed with luminescence the way the Caribbean Sea often does. The sound of the lapping waves was carried away on the warm breeze as we strolled. The Coconut always walks a step behind me, which for a long time I thought was him being gentlemanly, until I realised he likes to stare at my ass as I walk.
Anyway, in the distance we saw a figure walking towards us. As we drew closer, I realised it was a woman, walking bare foot, carrying her shoes. She saw us and waved a perfectly manicured hand…..bugger me backwards and call me Nancy if it wasn’t Ariana Grande! As she got closer, I realised she was dressed as she was in the ‘7 rings’ video (hey, it’s my dream ok).
She smiled and said, hey aren’t you Melanie from ‘Desert Island Diaries’? ‘And this little fellow must be the famous Coconut. So this is your island? It’s beautiful, just like you’ (like I said, before you snigger it’s my dream). She hummed a few bars of 34 + 35 as she played with her hair. ‘I was hanging out with my girl Dojo, we were just about to get naked when I was suddenly here’. I smiled, ‘yes Ariana Grande dressed like in the 7 rings video, this is my island, welcome’. Ariana looked coy, ‘would you like to roll with me in the surf, like in ‘from here to eternity’, kiss me all over and perhaps make sweet, sweet love, yno, fuck me ‘til the daylight’ ? She hummed again .
I looked at my watch……..Emmerdale would be starting soon, but, wtf, ‘oh go on then Ariana Grande, I have ten minutes’.
She looked confused, then embarrassed, as she bit a perfect red lip, ‘actually Mel from Desert Island Diary, I was talking to The Coconut, sorry babe, but he’s so…..nutty’. The Coconut walked forward and took her perfect hand and the two walked into the night.
Noooooo…….I woke with a start, sweating and breathing heavily! The little fucking bastard! He always does that! And Ariana, my love……
What a bitch!
The Coconut lay there with a huge smile on his smug hairy face!
A girl marooned with a bastard of a Coconut 😳
Please reblog
Tumblr media
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yzkyzkuniverse · 8 months ago
Pairings : Husband!Min Yoongi x Wife!Reader
Genre/Warnings : headcanon, fluff, mention of sex, crackhead energy, dumbasses kinda in love, cursing, funny? idk.
Words: 1312
Summary : a jealous Y/N is a feisty Y/N. I mean, feistier than usual 🤠🤠🤠lol
Tumblr media
who tf does this bitch think she is?
“nah nah nah i’m done with this bullshit” You shook your head cuz wtf???
hoseok turned to look at you talking to yourself
as usual
he ain’t even surprise no’mo’
“what’s up” he asked cuz lmaooo 
You see
you tagged along with your husband to this HYBE opening party or something 
you don’t eeven knoooooooow
all you know is that there’s free food and your hubby’s bandmates you hadn’t seen in a while 
you love them :)
they’re family 🤜🤛
so you were having a good time alright
you were at the buffet with Hoseok 
y’all finished the muffins cuz that shit gooood
that’s when you spotted your baby talking with someone
specifically a girl
specifically a bitch shamelessly flirting with your man
“🤠well well it’s time to murder a bitch”
hoseok: 😀what
you: 😃you heard me
“are you talking ‘bout that girl who’s eyefucking yoongi-hyung?”
“so you saw it too😃😃😃😃”
“well i think everyone’s seen it actually”
he’s right lmaoo
u can see the other members looking at them too
and no one’s doing anything
guess it’s your time to shine🤌😎😎😎😎
the members:😀😀😀shit is about to go down
was all they could think lmaooo
they’ve seen you jealous before
and that’s not good
you don’t give no fucks lmaooo
and yeah better not be around when you’re on jealous wife mode 
hobi: poor yoongi, bout to suffer again😔🤘
“whaduyu mean poor yoongi? he’s letting her flirt of course imma beat his ass :)”
u did not waste anymore time cuz she’s—omg what is she doing?— she’s going for a hug? lmaoo pardon?—
“well well well if it’s not such a nice party right? AHAH-how you doin’ btw i’m y/n😺😸”
great step 1. introduce yourself without being too threatening
step 2. tell her he’s take—
did she just roll your eyes at you? 
a bitch is on.
you turn to yoongs F A S T
“Yoongi?😺😸care to introduce me to your little friend here?😀😃”
sweet wife voice on lmaooo 
yoongi: uh…😃
poor man already knows what’s going on
he knows that tone
he been knew
suffered from your warth😾🤲
ahahha her eyes widened
in your face biaaattcchh
why ain’t she leaving tho?
wthe heck???
“I’m a good friend of Yoongi. Who are you?”
The nerve of this hoe 😀
You flipped your hair
Cuz mama didn’t raise no biaatch
“I’m his wife. Are you sure you’re a good friend? ‘Cuz I never heard about you from my hubby? 🙈Aren’t you trying to flirt with him when he’s taken instead🙂🙃?”
The girl scoffed and walked away like nothing happened
“yeah that’s right bitch, stay in your lane.” You shouted lmao who gives a f at this point
Yoongi does 😺😺😺bahaha
he put his mouth over your hand
*author re-reads herself*
*sees mistake*
“he put his HAND over your MOUTH”
my bad💀💀
hilarious tho i might leave it like dat
anyway back to the story—
“omgg don’t scream woman”
You immediately turn to face him cuz wtff??😃😃
yoongi: please im tired dont do that right now🥲
y/n: oh sorry… didn’t know U had THe Right TO fLIRT wiTH othER WOMEN When you’RE TIRED MY bAD,—IT’s okay, i’ll just let you and go back to-
yeah jealous y/N is a bitch
petty and mean :(
and yoongi does not like it
he likes when you’re happy :(
protect this man cuz he’s so patient with yo ass 
he still sighed tho cuz-
“that’s not what i meant baby and u know it😃so let’s move on.”
“so she really a gooooooooood friend huh?” you crossed your arms and basically stomped your foot lmaooo r u a child throwing a tantrum??
maybe 🤡🤡🤡
“i barely know her she works at HYBE and i’ve seen her on set a few times that’s it, now can we pllleaaaaaase go back to the buffet i’m kinda hungry then i wanna go home and sleep.”
“ooohh my baby wants to be fed and cuddled to bed🥺🥺🥺🤧🤧🤧??”
“Yes please😸😸”
“Then go ask that friend of yours. She may help you.”
Yoongi: ….😀💀
“Why are you soooo mean to me dammn- I didn’t do anything 😩😩😩😭!i just want to rest! I don’t care about that girl omfggg”
You grumbled cuz
…maybe he’s right☹️
And he thinks ur mean to him :(
And u realise ur actually being a bitch
Cant show a guilty face tho ahahah
Y/n: Whatever😒😒😒
You joined the other members back at the buffet and Yoongi followed closely behind cuz u were oddly silent now
Yoongi *thinking*: maybe i was too harsh😕
y/n *telepathically hearing his thoughts and thinking*: no baby u WERE NOT I AM A BITCH😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧IM SORRY im like this😭😭🤚🥺
U and all the members kept chatting around until it was time for everyone to leave the party
On the way home
U both silent as fuck
Yoongi breaks the silence tho cuz he does not enjoy the tension
“Are you still mad at me?”
You* thinking*: WDYM AM I STLL MAD?? U should BE MAD AT ME WTFF
“Babe?😕r u ignoring me now?”
he stops at the red light
He aint wasting no time and checks up on you
“Baby…wait, wa- Are you crying?”
a bitch IS CRYING
u did not even realise bruuuhh
u touching ur face now to confirm that 
ur more surprised than him bahahha
“🥲🥲🥲now that is embarraaaazingggg🤚🤚”
“☹️what do u mean baby u know u can always cry in front of me”
*u sobbin more*
yoongi is ✨panicking✨
“Omg noo sorry is it because of me—”
Yoongi: 😺uhm…???
“i’m sorry i was a mean bitch :( i was jealous :( u still love me right?”
he laughs
why is he laughing
is it funny that ur guilty and crying
y/n: wut🤖
“you’re cute baby.” 
and now he’s rubbing ur head like ur some pet
the disrespect
but u dont say anything
cuz u like it
yes ur a hoe for min yoongi
yo the tears stopped wow !!magic🤩🤩🤩🥸
“i know how u get when ur jealous, don’t worry.”
and now he’s kissing where he rubbed
you: *don’t go soft, don’t go soft, don’t go soft*
“but i was a meaniiie to yoongi🥺🥺🥺🤧🤧🤧”
you: *damn it y/n! u slut*
he smiled
“you’re always annoying, brat. I know how to handle you.”
“i’m sorryyyy :((((”
“i know you are, that’s why you’re doing the dishes for the next two weeks.”
“that’s the point🤌😼😼😼”
normally you’d argue ‘til u get ur way
but you’ll let it slide this time………
for his stoopid ass 😒😒😒
CUTE stoopid ass
“aiighht i’ll do it🙄🙄🙄🙄only because I want to.”
yoongi: sure you do.
the conversation is OVER
He turns up the volume of the radio
u still have a few minutes left before arriving home
and ur just going to admire ur husband in peace
cuz u can 😼😼😼😼
and he’s hot when he drives
and ur lucky to have him
and—godammm ur getting emotional again😩😩🥺
blame it on the period
but its alright for now🙄
y/n: i love you☺️🥺
yoongi: i love you more.
ur heart🤯
he always says that 😡😡😡😡
😩and u love it
y/n: car sex?👀👀👀👀👀
yoongi: 💀and there she goes.
A/N: dammn we’re already on part. 3 i am lowkey really turning this into a headcanon series 😭😭😭wasn’t even planned ahah but i love wirting about them tho :’) HOPE YOU ENJOY 🤩🤩🤧 byeeee luvs <333
Tumblr media
<<< previous
Tumblr media
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roonilwazlibimagines · a year ago
Hey! How are you sweetie? 🥺
Could do something for the golden trio era characters + Adrian to waking up to their s/o who’s having a wet dream about them? I think it would be just... ✨interesting✨
I am good baby thank you for asking ❤️❤️
Wakes up and is lowkey scared because he heard you and doesn’t know what is happening
But you don’t look scared and he kinda pauses
And then he can hear you soft breathes and little moans and he gets hard instantly
Probably doesn’t wake you up but definitely brings it up the next morning
You would probably reach out to him and grip him really hard and he wakes up lowkey annoyed
But then he sees your face contorted in pleasure and he is like oh
Watches you for a while just to admire you before he gets to horny
Has to wake you up and make your dream a reality
Is very concerned when he hears you and wakes up
Tries to wake you up but then realises what is happening
Gets really cocky about it 
Probably accidentally wakes you up somehow and now he is making you feel better
Is rubbing his eyes and confused because you woke him up
Realises what is happening almost instantly - he knows your moans very well
Listens to you and just admires to hear your pretty noises and tries to guess what exactly you’re dreaming about
Wakes you up because he is hard
Wakes up but it takes him a while so while he is trying to wake himself up he can hear you
Gets super cocky about it and probably starts kissing you awake
Teases you about it because even in your sleep you’re horny for him
Makes it into a reality
Is very concerned when you wake him up because you were moaning too loud
Realises what is happening really quickly
Admires you for a moment but gets too horny
Wakes you up softly and when you’re all flustered ensures you know he thinks its hot
Gets really really cocky about it 
Wakes you up almost instantly
Tries to play a fun game where he does things to you and he is trying to guess what happened in the dream
Thinks its really hot and tells you to dream of him when you fall asleep again
Gets really flustered but also really happy you’re thinking about him
Is in two minds about waking you up and goes to do it but then doesn’t
Probably waits until you wake up
Asks you what you dreamt about with the biggest smirk
Probably records your pretty noises
And definitely shows you in the morning
But in the moment he wakes you up with soft kisses
Promises to make you feel even better than what you did in the dream 
Probably starts touching himself
Until you wake up and you’re like wtf is happening
And he explains that he heard you
And then you probably have sex until morning
Will admire you for a long time before deciding to wake you up
Teases you a little for it but is ultimately more concerned with making you feel good
Is happy to spend the next morning cuddling in bed all day because you’re tired from the night before
Makes you go into explicit detail about your dream
Is too impatient to sit and watch you
Is waking you up and asking how your dream was with a big smirk
Makes you feel even better than the dream
Like he just completely rails you because obviously you can’t get enough of him
Definitely records it
And he wouldn’t show you it until like a week later when you’ve forgotten about it
Definitely wakes you up to make you feel good
Teases you a lot about it
Very shocked and taken aback
Also very flustered about it
Listens to you for a minute and just admires you
Might wait until the next day to make it a reality depending on the time and what you are doing the next day
Gets really confident and cocky about it
Will immediately wake you up because now she is horny
Teases you a little about it
Trying to make you moan louder than you did in the dream 
Is very confused about it at first and wakes you up because she thinks you’re having a bad dream
Then she would tell you all about some magical creature that causes dreams
And then once she finishes you tell what your dream was about
Somehow getting even more confused than what she was before
Definitely films you and wakes you up to show that she recorded you
Getting all flustered and embarrassed because she probably mocks your moans
But then telling you that she wants to make you scream instead
And fulfilling her promise
Thinks it is really cute and admires you for a moment
Might not wake you up depending on how she is feeling and the time and such
But she does bring it up and tells you that she thinks it is cute
Lots of reassurance when you get flustered and embarrassed
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nctsjiho · 7 months ago
NCT Can’t Take JiHo Anywhere (JiHo Clumsy and Funny Moments/Accidents)
Fan Video by “what you gon’ do with it?” on YouTube
Tumblr media
(indented text = comments added by the maker of the video) Hi hi o/
While watching back old NCT video’s I realised how clumsy JiHo can be some times or how she just spaces out and the boys have to bring her back to earth. So I made a little compilation of moments where the boys are genuinely worried about JiHo or just look like “wtf is she doing?” XD
Tumblr media
[ NCT 127 - LONDON CONCERT JiHo Gets Hurt On Stage ]
Okay so quick warning: even though you can’t really see it in this fancam, this is the concert where JiHo dislocated her shoulder. If you don’t want to see it/hear JiHo talk about it, please feel free to skip this part. She also swears in this. I’ve warned you ^^
NCT 127 is currently performing one of their songs as the members, who were on all corners of the stage, begin moving to the centre stage. While almost all the boys are gathered in the middle, JiHo is still making her way from the far side of the stage.
The girl decides to run towards the boys, but suddenly a loud thud resonates through the venue; the sound of JiHo’s fall had been picked up by her mic followed by a rushed “fuck-”.
The camera had picked up how JiHo mis-stepped off the platform causing her feet to get swooped from beneath her and making her land straight on her left shoulder.
Startled by the sound, the boys all turn around to see JiHo already pushing herself up. Before they can even go check up on her, she waddles of the stage with her right hand supporting her left shoulder.
It’s no surprise the boys don’t continue the song, continuously stealing glances in the direction JiHo walked off stage. By the time the song ends JiHo sheepishly returns to the stage, accompanied by a staff member until Johnny reached her and took her from the helpful man.
Once back in front of the audience she holds up one hand to ease everyone’s worries. “Don’t worry I’m all good, just took a little tumble.” She tells the fans - as well as the boys - in English.
Her French accent was a bit stronger back in 2019 :’( so cute~
“Did you get hurt?” Mark asks clearly still worried, but also seemingly confused. “Yeah~” She trails off, holding her left shoulder and the fans immediately responded with worried words. “Don’t worry though! It was only dislocated so I popped that sucker right back in!” A big grin spread across her face while Johnny, Jaehyun and Mark’s eyes all widen in shock.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Johnny asks. “Yes. I’m really okay guys. I couldn’t really feel any pain because of the adrenaline, but I’ll take it easy and will be careful with my shoulder. But I’ll definitely be fine and no need for me to sit this one out!” She beams and the concert continues, but not with the boys being extra careful with JiHo and keeping an eye on her as to make sure she doesn’t overwork herself.
I’m pretty sure Taeyong had a heart attack after Mark translated to him that JiHo dislocated and then went on to relocate her own shoulder. And yes! It was confirmed in a VLIVE she did it herself because she was “too impatient to let the staff and doctors check it out first” and “just wanted to continue to perform”. <3
Tumblr media
[ NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #1 ]
“What’s that?” Mark asks once he sees Johnny’s confused face as he stares at his phone. “JiHo…” Johnny mumbles causing Taeyong to perk up and look around. “JiHo? Where is she?” Without answering the question - he obviously doesn’t know the answer to - Johnny picks up his phone. He brings it up to his ear but remains silent, the confusion on his face only intensifying. 
“Hello? JiHo?” It looks like he gets a response since his head unconsciously bobs along with whatever the girl is saying. “Where are you though?” It’s silent for a few seconds. “Okay just stay there, I’ll come and get you.” A small smirk plays on Johnny’s lips as he tells the boys to stay put and that he was going to retrieve the lost girl with one of the staff.
 The camera then cuts to when Johnny comes back with a dazed JiHo tucked underneath his arm. Taeyong quickly pulls her by the shoulders and inspects her asking her if she was okay.
“You guys just forgot about me.” She squints, making sure to make eye contact with every member of her, so called, team. Jungwoo slightly chuckles yet apologises. “Well you’re so small, you’re easy to loose.” “You didn’t even realise I wasn’t with you guys!” She counters and Mark throws his laughing body at the girl, quickly hugging her and apologises as well.
The group then continues their adventure in the supermarket to get all their ingredients for their dish(es), but only after JiHo turns to Jungwoo and lightly elbows him in the side. “Also I’m not that small.”
Alternate name for this video: Johnny and Taeyong babying JiHo
Tumblr media
[ ⏱NCT 24hr RELAY CAM | 시간 정하기 ]
“I honestly think JiHo should play once.” Doyoung says once he finishes writing down another name from a member who just switched their timeslot. JiHo perks up from where she sat all the way in the back, next to Jaemin. “Ah, why~” She asks in almost a whine. “Yes! Let’s go.” Taeyong already pulled her up and brought the girl to the middle of the room. JiHo slightly protests in his hold and the boys all grin at the sight.
“Why are you doing this? I like my time slot.” She throws her hands up looking a bit dejected, while she motions at the screen projecting the filled time table. “This is content for the fans JiHo! Go along with it a bit.” Doyoung explains mimicking her whiney tone. She squints her eyes at her friend to which he only chuckled. “What are you going to do? Let me arm wrestle Lucas?”
At her “suggestion” the boys start to cheer and push Lucas on his feet as well. He stumbles to stand next to her with a sheepish grin and scratches the back of his neck.
JiHo audibly gasps and turns to the staff as if she’s looking for someone to back her up or tell her it’s all a joke.
It takes about a minute for the room to halt their laughter - for the most part at least - in which Ten notices how JiHo hadn’t moved at all. “Sweetheart, close your mouth. You’re going to catch flies.” He says in English earning laughs from those who understand. JiHo however doesn’t move, completely zone out in her own world. “I think she’s gone again.” Haechan laughs in the background.
Lucas then places a hand on JiHo’s shoulder and ask her if she was alright. Only then does she close her mouth and start to blink. The sight visibly seemed to melt Lucas’ heart as he pushes out his bottom lip while cooing at the girl. He pulls her into a back hug lifting her feet a good few inches off the ground. “Ah~ So cute~”
I don’t usually ship people, but LuHo is just so precious. The way JiHo also perfectly fits in his arms and he makes her look so tiny :’((( And the way she also just lets him do that :’(((((
Tumblr media
[ New Year But You’re Still Stuck With Us!]
Credits to JiHo and Yangyang for this extremely iconic VLIVE title
It’s the end of the VLIVE where the members decided to all thank the fans for the wonderful year that just ended. “JiHo, it’s your turn now.” Ten pushes the girl by her shoulder and she sits up a bit straighter.
 “Okay!” She claps her hands together and takes a deep breath. “Thank you so much Czennie, for making 2021 such a great year-” “2021? You mean 2020.” Yangyang snickers at the little mistake and it seems to take JiHo a few seconds to comprehend what she just said. “Right! I meant 2020.”
She, again, takes another breath to restart her little speech. “I want to take the fans for making last year so amazing. All of your support meant so much and it made it so that we could end 2021 on a high note. So-” JiHo turns around as she hears the rest of the English speaking members stifle their laughter. “What?” She asked confused. “You did it again.” Mark laughed. Noticing JiHo’s raised brow Yangyang elaborated. “You said 2021 instead of 2020.”
A deep sigh left from deep inside of JiHo’s chest and she tried once again. “Thank you guys for making 2021- I mean 2020... Damnit! I’m not doing it!” She groaned standing up and walking out off frame. The five men on the couch behind where JiHo previously sat were holding their stomachs laughing loudly.
A silent thump can be heard and Jaehyun quickly grabs the camera turning it to where the sound came from. He then goes on to reveal JiHo laying down flat on the floor, her limbs sprawled out next to her as she stares up to the ceiling. “I said what I had to say, I’m done talking for tonight.” She said her last words and the boys then went on to finish their own speeches with JiHo supposedly still laying on the floor next to them
Poor girl, but honestly seeing her struggle with her words without her realising was so funny
Tumblr media
[ Jeno’s Bubble Update ]
When we stayed over at JiHo’s new apartment, the dreamies moved all her furniture a few centimetres to one side O.O
I swear she fell, tripped and stubbed her toes at least 10 times since then (-_-;;)
The guys told me not to tell her, but they never said I couldn’t tell you guys right? You can let JiHo know why she’s suddenly hurting herself on her furniture...
I feel so sorry ㅠㅠ So please let her know ^^
Thanks Cziennie!
Once again, it’s confirmed that Dream can be absolutely cruel hahaha but Jeno is such a sweetheart for trying to help JiHo out. I’m sure that the members yelled at him for ratting them out tho.
I wonder who’s idea it was... Most likely Haechan or Chenle (maybe even Jaemin?)
Tumblr media
Okayyyy that was the end of the video, I hoped you liked it and let me know what kind of video’s you want to see in the future with JiHo <3 Salut~~
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trueshellz · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I hope this is okay! I tried to show her as helpful as possible but a little sparky too. They're not all the same length but I tried to use different scenarios too.
The first time he saw you, you were surrounded by 2nd years pestering you for your phone number and he truly felt sorry for those guys. You couldn’t have had a bigger ‘fuck off’ face even if you tried. As he walked over, he was getting ready to set them straight when he overheard you.
“If you don’t get away from me in the next 10 seconds, I will rearrange your face.”
He’d never seen boys run away apologising so fast in his life, his signature laugh being heard by everyone, even Kenma gave him a WTF look as they walked together down the corridor.
“Oya? You seemed to have put them right in their place.”
Still annoyed at the situation, you whirled around and glared at him, hands placed on your hips. You knew Kuroo Tetsuro, everyone knew Kuroo Tetsuro. Third year, Nekoma volleyball captain, signature smile and absolute flirt.
“You wanna go as well, pretty boy?” You huffed as he held his hands up in mock surrender, grin wide across his face.
“Woah there, sparky. I was coming over to help you.”
Hiking your bag up your shoulder, you purposely walked between him and Kenma. “I didn’t need your help.”
The second time he saw you, he was grabbing a book from the library and he saw you sat with one of the 1st year girls. Exam week was around the corner so the library was busier than usual, he could see some of his teammates in the back too, knowing full well if they failed exams they could be pulled from the upcoming games.
He could see the girl was stressed out from the way she was flailing her arms, her face red as she pointed at her books. He saw you smile as you leaned over, pointing to something before taking out a mini whiteboard and pen from you bag. You giggled as she held her arms up in the air, she must have got the answer right. He was momentarily stunned by your change in demeanor and he could feel himself smile as you clapped for your student.
When you were dating, Kuroo was more than aware of how people perceived you. He had the same issue to some extent, being perceived as a harsh captain with a scheming personality meant some students were often scared to approach him. But when you were alone, you would often curl up to him on the sofa and often acted cute in front of him especially when he came home after a game to help cheer him up. Packing bento boxes for his lunches with cute cut out fruit and animal shaped onigiri and leaving cute notes in his bags and books.
You would always come near the end of Nekoma practice matches with drinks or healthy snacks for his team, who loved you for this reason. Yamamoto more so than the rest, a huge flirt who tried to hug attack you every time only to get yelled at by your boyfriend and given clean up duties as punishment.
"Tetsu, he just wants a hug."
He mock pouted as he looked at you, his lip stuck out almost comically. "Those hugs are mine, he can't have any."
The manager and you got along well too, you would help them by sweeping up after the boys or tidying away the equipment. A few times you helped Lev out when he tore his uniform falling over or tripping on his long legs as he got used to playing volleyball. He would feel so bad too, looking at you like a lost puppy as you sewed up his hem or patched a hole he had in his shorts or t shirt. The one time he managed to rip the stitching of his t shirt up to his arm pit when he skidded across the floor trying to save the ball. Needless to say, it didn't end well and you were glad you had taken to carrying a sewing kit with you when you went to watch them practice.
"I'm so sorry!"
"It's fine, Lev. Don't worry about it."
Kuroo knew the saying: Don't judge a book by it's cover, but he didn't realise how true it was until he met you. He could have missed out on one of the best people in his life.
Bokuto was known for having a cheery outlook on life, yes he had his emo moments but it took a lot to get him down generally. But you always baffled him, whenever he saw you it seemed as though you were angry or annoyed. In class, no matter the task or who you worked with, you looked fed up. After school when you were walking home, you seemed frustrated. At lunchtime, you sat with friends but you seemed like you'd had enough. You were a conundrum to him.
After school one day, he was walking towards the local shop to grab some snacks and he saw you crouching on the ground, your face was a mixture of awe and sadness as you looked at a box on the ground. As he neared you, he could hear small whines and the scratching against the box and when he peered over your shoulder he could see some puppies in the box.
"Someone left them here alone?"
You jumped as you heard his voice, looking up to see him standing over you, he had his bag slung on his shoulder and was still dressed in his volleyball gear. You'd seen him around school, he sat on the opposite side of the classroom to you so you never worked together. You knew he was the captain of the school's volleyball team but didn't know much else about him.
"Yeah, it's so cruel. They're only babies too."
And that was how you two became started friends and eventually dating, bonding over your love for animals and disdain for the situation. He accompanied you to the local animal shelter where you dropped the puppies off, not being able to take them home. He was enthralled by your change in demeanor, you would always smile at him and act a lot more animated. You would help Akaashi get him out of his funk when he had a bad day or one of his moves didn't go to plan. He had taken to buying you the famous octopus plushie too and would use it to gauge your mood, you found it hilarious. If you were sad or angry, he would come bearing snacks or gifts and if you were happy, he knew he was able to hug attack you and smother you in kisses.
Attending every game, you would always dress in his team number and cheer the loudest for him. After school, you would help him unwind, either spending time giving him a massage or just cuddling on the sofa together. You would lay on him, arms and legs intertwined as you watched television or playing with hair as his head was in your lap. Even going as far to sometimes climb into the front of his hoodie so you would be skin to skin with him. You loved the feel of his heartbeat against your ears and his breathing would calm you. You spent more time in his lap, head buried in his neck than sat alone as you lived feeling his body heat against you. Thankfully, Koutaro didn't mind, he loved the attention and having you close to him.
Who knew such a angry little bean would become such a cute little sloth?
Every weekend like clockwork at lunchtime, you would walk in and order 2 meals. One to eat at the time and one to pick up at the end of your meal and take away. You always sat in the corner by yourself, flicking through your phone. You weren't rude or anything, but you had an aura of 'leave me alone' or else which usually kept people away from you. As Osamu watched, he couldn't help but wonder about you and your background.
He tried talking to you first, but apart from polite conversation you didn't seem to want to talk to him. He tried broaching lots of subjects but you just gave minimal answers. He was quite frustrated to say the least, Atsumu didn't help with his idea either. They just seemed to be annoying or potentially harassing, neither a great choice.
It was the end of the day when he was packing away, you had just left the restaurant and Osamu was packing all the left over food in boxes to give to the homeless people around the restaurant. He didn't like wasting food, not being one to be ungrateful and decided early on to donate it to those who were less fortunate. Carrying the snack packs, he started his usual journey down the roads and handing his packages out to anyone who was in need.
As he rounded the corner, he saw you leaning down speaking to an elderly lady who had a small child. She looked tired, her cheeks red from exhaustion and cold, the child looking equally cold in this weather too. They had been selling fruit from what he could see and he stared in fascination as you not only bought their remaining stock but gave them the second meal you bought that day.
"No, no. You always do this. It's not fair, we'll exchange. You give me food for my fruit."
"Auntie, no. You know very well that I don't expect payment for this. Its a gift. Take the food, go home and eat. Use the money for your daughter."
Nearing to you, he bowed quickly before leaning down and handing the child some onigiri. She smiled up at him, all toothy and he felt his heart warm up seeing her munch away at the rice ball. Looking at you, he could see the broad smile on your face as you bantered with the woman, seeing you like this was such a contrast to your usual stoic attitude.
This routine continued for a few weeks, eventually you would help Osamu out with his packing. Carrying some of the lighter packages to hand out to everyone, your conversation becoming more and more in depth the more you spoke to one another. You had more in common than you thought, including your selflessness you both had similar taste in music and movies.
One thing led to another and soon you found yourself dating, Osamu didn't realise how cute you were in real life until you moved in together. He remembered how shocked he was when you bought matching Pikachu onesies to wear and would take lots of selfies with him. His phone was full of cute pictures that he got during the day with little messages and lovey dovey quotes. The apartment was full of couple things like matching slippers and the progression of your relationship through little mementos strewn across the wall.
You would spend any spare time you had at his shop helping him, or trying to as you seemed to get distracted by how pretty your boyfriend was. Or you would come behind him and attach yourself in a backhug, Osamu wouldn't be able to get much done with a limpet attached so you compromised on a only doing that when he had a break.
What started as a fascination ended up being one of the biggest surprises of his life and he couldn't imagine his life without you in it.
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koulakoukoula2003 · 9 months ago
Thirst (Levi x f!Reader)
Pairing: Levi x You, Levi x Reader, Levi x OC, Levi x y/n Genre: Fluff Trigger Warnings: Swearing (cuz it's Levi, lol) Slight making out (it's only kisses cuz uwu) Summary: Moblit's and Hange's wedding day has finally arrived. You and your husband find it too hard to leave your shared quarters to attend the wedding. (AU where Moblit lives, goddammit) A/N: 50% of the fandom either hates the final chapter, and the other 50% loves it idek wtf's going on 😂😂 I'm just gonna say, we must all sink back in the safe world of our short fluffy scenarios and HCs with our favourite characters. Let's just be happy.
Enjoy! 🥰
Tumblr media
The wedding of Hange and Moblit finally arrived. Almost everybody was going to be there. (Y/n) found Levi staring down at the rings he had bought for them. They had gone out to pick them together a few days back, since Moblit had asked Levi to be his best man.
The rings were golden and plain. Hange’s had a tiny white diamond, but Levi just couldn’t help overthinking that maybe they weren’t the exact right ones for this. Hange and Moblit would go for something crazier than this. He knew it.
“Stop overthinking it, sweetie, they’re perfect,” (Y/n) caught his attention and he finally lifted his eyes off the velvet black box that he was holding in his hands.
They were in their room and Levi was sitting by the edge of the bed, ready and dressed in a suit with his ascot waiting beside him on the bed for (Y/n) to tie it around his neck. He lifted his head off the rings and back up to his wife and he wished he hadn’t. She was breathtaking. Well, (Y/n) had a habit of being breathtaking every day, but today she was just…
He knew she had undoubtedly bought that dress when she and Hange went out a few days ago to decide on wedding dresses. It was blood-red, complimenting all of her rich curves, long enough to reach her ankles. It didn’t cling on her body waist down, just like all her other skirts, but that was a full body dress. There was a v opening to her chest, but not too wide or deep to worry him about other men staring at her. The sleeves reached her elbows, and her lips were painted in that same blood red. Her shoulder-length hair were settled in waves and one of them landed on the left side of her forehead.
Levi found himself staring just a little longer than he was supposed to. (Y/n) finished putting on those stud, white pearl earrings. She noticed the silence that followed and his gaze was almost burning right through her skin.
“What is it, darli- WHOAH!”
Before she even knew it, arms were tight around her, and her body tumbled and crashed down on his lap. She let out a yelp of surprise which turned into a giggle. His hand slipped away from her waist and upwards to her back, her exposed shoulder blades. The perfect white skin of her back was exposed till her waist. His (Y/n) rarely put any makeup on or any fancy clothing, but when she did… oh God- when she did.
Levi leaned forward to catch those lips in his own but she pushed back with a gasp. “No! You’re going to ruin my lip-gloss!”
He chuckled and he avoided displeasing his wife. Instead, he buried his face in her neck. His nostrils met the sweet scent of her cologne mixed with her own. It drove him insane. He planted a few kisses there on her neck and she giggled a little more. Her fingers found his undercut, scratching softly and pulling him closer.
“There’s so many things I want to ruin on you right now,” Levi growled hotly against her skin and he planted a rough bite that made her whole body jolt back. Her hands pushed on his shoulders trying to pull him off of her.
“No bites! It’ll show! I can’t put on a scarf with this dress!” (Y/n) complained and he tried his best to hold back a grin. His little (Y/n) was so cute when she complained and she was so flustered.
“Do you have the slightest idea how fucking breathtaking you are?” Levi said as he lifted his face off of her neck and he met those wonderful eyes that stared at him behind her glasses. He did not miss that bright blush that spread on her cheeks. He bit his tongue, trying to keep himself from stripping her off her clothes this very instant.
“Oh c’mon!” (Y/n) giggled helplessly like an idiot. The tight way he was holding her, the way he was looking at her. His tongue that flashed across his lips. She had to press a hand on her cheeks to check the temperature and just make sure it wasn’t fever. She wanted to hide somewhere. Away from that piercing look that could have devoured her on the spot. “I- I’m not that pretty, you’re just exaggerating-”
“Oi, are you fucking blind?” He knew. He knew his lovely (Y/n) was never really fond of her looks, but he knew that probably her poor eyesight, and miniscule confidence were to blame for that.
(Y/n) grinned playfully as she tucked her glasses further up the bridge of her nose. “Maybe,”
He chuckled and he leaned in, pressing soft kisses on her chin, her cheekbone, her cheeks, around her lips. Never touching her lips just like she had asked. She cursed herself for asking that. She wasn’t the only good-looking one in the room. His black jacket rested neatly around those broad shoulders. His white, buttoned shirt was smooth beneath her fingertips, and his hair were a wonderful, raven mess between her fingers. Some of them fell on his forehead and only added to how perfect he looked.
She bit on her lip and she threw her head back, giving him more space in her neck. She closed her eyes, revelling at the soft, warm kisses that he pressed on her skin. His rough fingers traced her exposed back and she could only shiver and bite on her lip just a little more.
It didn’t take long before she realised, she had to find Hange. She had to find Hange, and Levi had to find Moblit, and they should both make sure that the two wouldn’t try to run off of their wedding. Her eyes widened and she pulled him off of her.
“Levi! We need to find Hange and Moblit!” (Y/n) cried out and she could almost feel him as he rolled his eyes and sighed in annoyance against her neck. He lifted his face back up and he looked up at her. She was probably right.
“Fine,” He forced out. She tried to escape his grasp but his hands only tightened around her. His hand found her hair, pulling her head back knocking a gasp out of her. His lips found her neck once more. “I’m going to ruin you tonight,” His breath brushed hot down her skin and she shivered. Damn.
She couldn’t help biting her lip. Damn you, Levi Ackerman. They wouldn’t show up to no wedding if she stayed. She had escaped his grasp before he even knew it. It frustrated him how she always knew how to do that.
She stepped up, with a playful smile on her lips. “Tonight,” She pointed out the fact that he had to wait at least twelve hours. He sighed heavily. What a fucking tease that woman was and had always had been.
(Y/n) hurried out of the room, closing the door behind and he caught his ascot. He’d have to tie it around his neck on his own so it seemed.
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18th: a little sentence exposes kita.
- in which you bump into kita in the streets, and you meet little yumi, the 6-year-old girl he’s babysitting. (she’s cute! she’s adorable! and she’s let something slip?)
no. of words: 1.3k
okay hi holy shit wtf i hope this is okay bc again i just wrote whatever came to my mind and wrote this is one sitting so i apologise if this is subpar or if this was horrible to read. i am so sorry. but i hope this is okay!! i hope you like this ;)
Tumblr media
you’re walking down the streets, hands laden with groceries when someone catches your eye.
it’s kita.
ignoring the fact that you had a major crush on him, kita’s always been such a great friend to you. he always helped you carry the water bottle bag on the way to practice, always helped you with your homework if he saw you struggling in class, always helped to carry your books to your locker after class, always bought you extra soybean milk that his grandmother made on days that practice started super early, always lent you his team jacket if you left yours at home by accident and was feeling cold, and always was willing to listen to you vent if you had something to talk about at 2am in the morning. he’s been so sweet to you, but you know it’s just how he was brought up. his grandmother taught him well, and you know that you can’t afford to throw this entire friendship away just because he was being decently nice to you.
when you stand up straighter and shift your groceries onto one hand to wave at him and call his name, you blink when a little girl pokes out from behind him and meets your eyes.
before you can even say or do anything, she’s running forward and hugging you tightly.
“hi!” you say, letting out a laugh, bending down to put the bags of groceries on the floor and hugging her back, “what’s your name?”
“yumi, what did i say about hugging strangers—” kita begins, but falls silent when he meets your eyes and smiles, “hey, (Y/N).”
“hey, kita,” you send him a grateful smile when he bends forward to pick up the groceries you’ve left on the floor.
“your name is yumi, then?” you smile, and pat the little girl’s head when she nods, “how old are you?”
she grins at you toothily, before holding up five fingers, “i’m six!”
you laugh, and pick her up gently, letting her wrap her arms around your shoulders as you shift her into a comfortable position on your arms, “six! wow! you’re so old!”
“another babysitting job?” you say, turning to face kita, who has a smile present on his face.
“well, she’s my neighbour, and i had time, so why not,” he says, before glancing down at the grocery bags he was holding in his arm, “helping your mom to buy these? are you heading home now?”
“i’m sorry, they’re super heavy, i can carry them if you want—”
“no, no, it’s okay,” kita waves you off with a smile, “i don’t mind. i can help you carry them home.”
“but what about yumi—”
“i was just taking her out for a walk. there’s a playground near your house right? we’ll just stop by there after we’re done.”
kita falls silent, and when he meets your eyes again, there’s a small blush dusting his cheeks, “if you don’t mind hanging out with us after you bring the groceries home. it’s okay if you don’t want to, of course.”
you smile, and try to ignore the beating in your chest when you hear those words, “of course i don’t mind, kita.”
“cool,” he smiles back, “let’s walk to your house then.”
“i’m a big girl now,” yumi says along the way, and you gasp, “really?”
yumi nods proudly, a pleased smile surfacing on her face, “yes! i learned how to sweep the floor yesterday!”
“good job! you really are a big girl, yumi!” you say, and yumi smiles again, “thank you! you’re very pretty.”
you let out a short laugh and smile at her, “thank you, yumi, you’re very pretty as well.”
“it’s very nice to meet you in person! you’re prettier than the pictures!” yumi says, and you tilt your head slightly in confusion when you hear that.
“in person? pictures?” you question, and you hear kita cough and choke.
“yumi—” kita begins, but yumi merely nods fervently at you and continues on, “yeah! did you know kita has a lot of pictures of you and him in his favourites album? i mean, there’s other people as well, like his grandma! and there’s also this guy with pee-coloured hair, oh, and this guy that looks exactly like the pee dude! only he has gray hair. he’s cool. there’s also this guy that has brown hair, but there’s a lot of pictures of you with him!”
you blink in surprise, and you feel your cheeks start to heat up, and kita sucks in a deep breath and shakes his head, “it’s really not like that, i just add my friends into the album—”
“and kita talks about you a lot! sometimes when he comes over i’ll ask him how his day was, and he always talks about you! he says you’re very pretty and nice! and sometimes, when i go over to his house to give him food, i overhear his grandma asking about you! and kita always talks about how nice you are—”
“yumi, that’s enough,” kita finally cuts in, and yumi falls silent, but continues to smile at you.
“i’m so sorry,” kita leans in to whisper to you as you guys continue to walk, “i sound like a creep. i swear i’m not.”
you laugh, “and that’s what all the creeps say.”
when kita flushes a little bit more and opens his mouth to apologise somemore, you shake your head and put out a hand to stop him, “don’t worry, kita, it’s okay. i know you’re not a creep.”
you smile when you see him relax out of the corner of your eye, and you take a deep breath to try to steady the rapid beating in your chest.
“hey, (Y/N)?”
the both of you were walking home now, after you guys dropped yumi off at her house. kita insisted that he walked you home, even though his house was literally right beside yumi’s. you knew you couldn’t win in an argument against kita because he was stubborn as hell, so you sighed and allowed him to walk you home.
“about just now,” kita begins, “i’m so sorry, i—”
“kita, relax,” you smile, and reach forward to pat him on the shoulder, “it’s okay. really. i know you aren’t a creep.”
kita laughs, but it sounds forced, and you turn to stare at him, “kita? you okay?”
he sighs, and shuffles his feet slightly before meeting your eyes.
“i’m afraid i haven’t been very honest,” he says, and you raise an eyebrow in confusion.
“i’ve liked you for a while now, (Y/N),” he finally says after a long pause, “but, i’m not forcing you to accept me or anything. i just wanted to let you know the truth. and the pictures? i just add nice pictures of my friends and i into my favourites album, i didn’t really realise that there were a lot of pictures of us. i also didn’t realise i talked so much about you to other people until yumi pointed it out. i understand if you think i’m a total creep and i understand if you don’t want to talk to me ever again.”
you let out a laugh, and it’s kita’s turn to look at you in confusion.
“you’re cute,” you say, and kita lets out a confused noise and widens his eyes.
“i said you’re cute, kita,” you grin, and you reach forward to wrap your arms around his neck, “you might not know this, but i kinda like you too.”
and when you pull back, his eyes are shining, and there’s a wide smile spread across his face.
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Uncalled they come to me, and told, they still won’t leave me (Din Djarin/Soulmate!Reader)
Spoilers for Chapter 9 (S2E1) of the Mandalorian
Summary: After the ambitious Toro Calican turns on you, his hired mechanic, in hopes of winning favour with the Guild, the mysterious Mandalorian saves your life. Now that you owe him a life debt, he’s stuck with you until you can save him back. It’s not so bad, having a free mechanic and babysitter for the kid, but things take a turn for the worse when both of you realise you might be catching feelings. For someone that might not even be your Soulmate.
Requested by Anon: Hello! How’re you doing? May I please request a Din x reader soulmate au? The one where you don’t see color until you touch your soulmate? It would be very difficult for Din to find his soulmate and I’ve always wanted to see how it played out. If not that’s ok! Thank you and have a wonderful day ❤️
Key: (Y/N) - your name, (h/c) - hair colour, (e/c) - eye colour Translations: vode - siblings, Ret’urcye mhi - goodbye (literally: may we meet again), mirshmure’cya - brain-kiss (Basic term, is Keldabe kiss. This is the soft one as opposed to the literal headbutt term) Asked to be tagged in this disaster: @pearlll09 Word Count: remember when i said this would be 4k? Yeah. It’s 6,478 words. What. The. Fuck.
Author’s Note: this is way longer than I intended it to be but I think u deserve it since u were the only one who saw my post begging for mando requests and actually sent one hksjlfdkj tysm!! I’m so happy I got to write a Soulmate AU for him tbh. Btw, I have it in my head that Yodito would’ve given him the ability to see green, as a familial Soulmate bond, but it wouldn’t work for this if your eyes are green so I just left it out. (Also wtf is up with the Cobb/Din shit, Cobb is clearly in a dedicated relationship with the bartender Weequay. I named them Sala :D) The title is from The Teller of Tales by Gabriela Mistral.
Read On AO3
“Do you wear those gloves all the time?”
The Mando gives you a look—one that you can’t read, obviously, but you get the idea that it’s drier than the desert you’re in.
Calican snorts, but you shoot him a glare and he shuts up. You’re only here because he’s paying well for your mechanical skills, enough that his request of an extra hand on his first bounty seemed reasonable. Finding out that he’s hunting Fennec Shand was...less than pleasing, but now that the Mando is onboard, you’re not quite so worried about the outcome. They’re supposed to be fearsome warriors, after all. And he was smart enough to figure out how to wait out Shand, which is what the three of you have been doing for hours.
“I’m just saying,” you continue, “between the armour and the gloves, it must be damn near impossible to find your Soulmate.”
He shrugs. Sort of. It’s kind of hard to tell, to be honest.
“Haven’t you heard the stories?” Calican asks, flopping back onto the sand. “Mandalorians don’t have Soulmates. They start seeing colour after their first battle; war is their only destiny.”
You roll your eyes. They’re folk tales, really, and ridiculous ones at that. Every sentient has at least one Soulmate, romantic, platonic, familial, or otherwise, and there’s no reason for Mandalorians to be any different. Still, the stories make their rounds. There are specific ones, too, like the one about the Mandalorian Jedi who made the Darksaber; he was said to see colour when he lit his weapon for the first time. Fett, too, was said to have seen a new colour with every clone that was decanted—which is mildly ridiculous.
“Maybe the Mandalorians of old,” Mando comments with a scoff. “Not many of us see battle these days.”
“Well, if you’re looking for it, I know a krayt dragon a few hundred klicks away,” you suggest lightly.
He snorts. “No thanks. I’ll take the assassin.”
“Speaking of,” you said, “you guys know I’m just a mechanic, right?”
There’s a pause. Calican nods, but the Mando is still.
“What?” he asks, displeasure in his voice.
“I mean, I’m pretty good with a blaster, but I’m gonna be useless against Fennec Shand.”
Mando whirls on Calican. “You paid a mechanic to be your back-up? Are you insane?”
He shrugs. “(Y/N) has a mean right hook.”
“That’s not reassuring,” Mando huffs. He looks over at you and you can almost feel him glaring through the visor. “Are you crazy?”
“I’m broke,” you scoff. “Same thing. Oh, hey, do you need repairs on that hunk of junk you pilot? I’ll be more thorough than that lady at the hangar.”
He hesitates. “We’ll see.”
You grin. That’s not a no.
“You’re a prick, did I mention that?” you hiss over your shoulder.
Calican shoves the blaster into your side. “Shut up and keep walking.”
The Mandalorian stands on the other side of the hangar, waiting for Calican to make his move. Seriously, this day could not be going any worse. After killing Shand, Toro Calican, certified dumbass, decided that kidnapping you and the Mandalorian’s—pet? Child?—passenger was the best way to go. Whatever the little weird thing that’s in your arms is, it’s pretty cute, and you’d rather he shoot you than the baby holding tightly onto your shirt. In fact, he probably will, because the kid is his ticket into the Guild—you’re just dead weight.
“Looks like I’m calling the shots now. Huh, partner?” Calican asks the Mando. “Drop your blaster and raise ‘em.”
The Mandalorian puts his hands behind his head. Next to you, Calican pushes Peli forward and instructs her to cuff him. With a huff, she moves behind the Mandalorian with the intent to follow orders.
“You’re a Guild traitor, Mando,” Calican begins. You consider sighing. This sounds like the start of a villain monologue. “And I’m willing to bet that this here is the target you helped escape. Fennec was right. Bringing you in won’t just make me a member of the Guild, it’ll make me legendary.”
In a burst of light, the Mandalorian sets off a flash grenade.
You yelp and tuck the little thing into your arms before tucking yourself over into a roll down the ramp of the ship. You fall into the sand just in front of the Mandalorian, who’s moved to fire a shot at Calican, sending him flying off the other side, smouldering.
Breathing heavily, you sit up, the child still in your arms.
“Are you okay? Is the child?”
You look up. The Mandalorian has his gloved hand held out, offering to help you up. Hesitantly, you take it and pull yourself off the ground.
“We’re both okay—I think,” you say hesitantly, holding the baby out to him. “Is he—?”
“Dead,” the Mando confirms, taking the child from you.
You frown. “Good riddance. Thank you,” you tell him hesitantly, though your tone is genuine.
“It’s nothing,” he murmurs.
He distracts himself by checking on the child, who coos up at him contentedly. You smile a little at the interaction, but put yourself back into focus.
“It’s not nothing,” you say firmly. “I owe you a life debt.”
He freezes. “What?”
“Where I come from, if someone saves your life, you owe it to them. Until I can save your life, I owe you,” you explain.
“That’s—you don’t need to do that,” he says quickly.
You cross your arms. “It’s like your Way. It’s my culture, my honour on the line. You’re stuck with me, Mando.”
“What? No. Can’t you...pay me, or something?”
“I’m broke, remember?”
“You saved the child’s life, doesn’t that count?”
Your eyebrows shoot up. “I rolled with him. You did the work, so, no, it doesn’t count, even though he’s your…” You hesitate, remembering the word. “...foundling.”
“You know, you’re kind of getting the better end of the deal here,” Peli pipes up, directing the thought at the Mandalorian. “A free mechanic, babysitter, and an extra blaster? That’s a bargain.”
“Uh...pre-warning, I don’t know much about child care,” you warn immediately.
He snorts. “Neither do I.” After a moment, he sighs deeply. “Fine. But we’re going to work on those blaster skills before you become a liability.”
“Fair enough.”
Sticking with the Mandalorian is probably the worst decision of your life.
Almost immediately after Tatooine, in need of more funds, he drags you into trouble with another group of bounty hunters and the New Republic, of all groups.
“Who is this?” someone asks, her voice sing-song as she enters the Mandalorian’s ship.
You don’t bother turning around, continuing your repairs on a hull panel. “The mechanic. Don’t touch anything.”
“You have a personal mechanic?”
A few people enter the ship, making you finally turn around. The first speaker is a Twi’lek woman and the second a Human, who squints disdainfully. From behind him, Mando pushes past their little crew—including a protocol droid and a massive Devaronian—to approach you, deciding to stand next to you rather than them, which brings you immense pleasure for some reason.
“No. (Y/N) owes me a life debt and, apparently, credits don’t cut it,” he explains shortly, sounding frustrated and exhausted.
You nudge him companionably—it’s an argument you’ve had a few times, the paying of your debt. He doesn’t want to be free of you, per se, but he doesn’t want you to be in his debt. Having that kind of power or hold over you makes him uncomfortable, you can tell, as every time it comes up he gets twitchy.
“Kinky,” the Twi’lek snickers.
You grimace. That would explain why Mando sounds like he wants to die. “Fun group. What’s the job?”
“One of theirs got caught. We’re getting him out,” he says. “And we’re using our ship.”
Our ship. Maybe it’s a slip of the tongue or maybe he’s making it clear that you’re with him, but either way, it brings a smirk to your face. The Twi’lek looks disgusted.
“Well, at least my hard work won’t be going to waste,” you huff.
“Mando,” the Twi’lek interrupts, “you haven’t introduced us.”
You can feel him rolling his eyes. “(Y/N), meet Mayfeld, Burg, Xi’an. Mayfeld is running point, the droid is flying, and the target is a New Republic transport ship.”
“Ugh. You guys better be good; I’m not getting arrested.”
“Mayfeld’s former Imperial,” Mando says before any of them can answer.
You scoff. “A stormtrooper? My shitty blaster skills would be better than his.”
“I wasn’t a stormtrooper,” Mayfeld spits, annoyed enough that he must’ve said it once already. “Let’s get this show on the road.”
All but the droid stay, scattered around the hull. Mando follows soon after the jump to hyperspace, having hovered over the droid while it set their course. He stops Burg from getting into the weapons cache right after he hops down the ladder and the two look like they want to kill each other.
“Someone tell me why we even need a Mandalorian,” the Devaronian grunts.
Mayfeld huffs. “Well, apparently, they’re the greatest warriors in the galaxy. So they say.”
“Then why are they all dead?”
They all laugh at that—Xi’an with a particularly nasal one, which is irritating beyond belief. You frown deeply, but try not to show how pissed their laughter makes you. That sort of shit isn’t to be made fun of; a dying race. It’s all too familiar these days, what with the death of Alderaan and the crater on Scarif.
When you come back into focus, Xi’an is talking in low tones.
“See, I know who you really are,” she says to the Mando.
You roll your eyes. Unlikely.
(Something in your brain goes: I do, which is stupid. You don’t know who he is, under that helmet, sure, but you’ve seen a lot of him through his actions. He’s reckless, terrifying, and a badass, but he’s also patient and...kind, in his own way. The way he treats the child is like nothing you’ve seen in another bounty hunter. It’s gentle, caring. The kid has really grown on him, you think. And the way he treats you is just straight up polite, even though you’re practically his servant in terms of a life debt. Still, he treats you like a person and doesn’t ask you to do unreasonable favours just because he saved your life. He doesn’t hold it over your head.)
And then they start goading him about the helmet.
Burg actually goes for it, which Mando beats him back for. You jump forward, but just as you do, the door to the sleeping cot flies open, revealing the child.
Instead, you rush to the child, pulling him into your arms.
“What is that?” Mayfeld asks, approaching.
“Back off,” you hiss.
He looks between you and Mando. “Wait, did you two make that?” When you scoff, he frowns. “What is it, like a pet or somethin’?”
“Yeah. Something like that,” Mando says quickly.
Xi’an frowns. “Didn’t take you for the type. Maybe that code of yours has made you soft.”
You snort. Soft. That isn’t a word you’d use to describe him, ever. You haven’t seen very much action since Tatooine, but you saw enough there.
Mayfeld reaches for the child and, without hesitation, you lift your blaster. The way he’s looking at the little guy makes you uneasy.
“Fuck off,” you warn instantly.
“Aw, c’mon, I just wanna hold him,” he teases.
Over the comms, the droid’s voice echoes. “Dropping out of hyperspace. Now.”
The entire ship shudders and shakes, sending everyone flying off their feet. You happen to ram into beskar, your face slamming into the metal, which makes you yelp. The baby wails in your arms as gravity makes to tug you away again. Before it can, Mando grabs your arms and holds you in place against him until the ship is steady once more.
“You okay?” he asks, helping you to your feet—again, you think miserably.
“Ugh, no,” you groan, putting a hand on the left side of your face. “That’s gonna bruise.”
Mando takes the child from you. “Sorry. We’ll deal with it after.”
You wave him off. “I’ve had worse. You worry about the job, I’ll watch the kid,” you say, taking the child back. You can’t help but smile when he coos happily.
“Right,” Mando mutters. For a moment, he watches you both, considering.
“Mando!” calls Mayfeld. “Let’s go!”
Before he goes, he puts a hand on your shoulder. “Be careful. I have a bad feeling about this.” You nod, which seems to appease him, and watch him leave.
Petting the child’s floppy ears, you wonder if he meant that to be as comforting as it was.
I should’ve known, Din thinks when Qin walks out of that cell.
I definitely should’ve known, he decides, returning to the Razor Crest to find a sparking droid corpse and a shaking child in your arms.
He tosses the cuffed Twi’lek to the side and rushes to yours, stepping over Zero’s limp form. You look relatively unfazed, for someone who’s just ripped a droid’s head off with their bare hands, but the child is rather distressed. The kid squeaks at the sight of Din and, much to his surprise, lifts your hand to show him.
It’s bleeding.
“What did you do?” Din questions, crossing the hull for his medical kit.
“I...may have tried to punch the droid,” you admit hesitantly. “It didn’t work.”
He scoffs, returning to kneel in front of you with bacta patches in his hands. “No karking shit.”
Your face falls as he reaches for your hand, pulling it toward him so he can patch it up. “It was gonna hurt the kid.”
“You did good,” he murmurs. “Stupid, but good.”
It never occurred to him that you might save the child again. You’re here out of necessity, after all, because you owe him, because your honour depends on paying that debt. The child is just another being in the vicinity, but you still saved him. Again. You’re either very stupid or very kind and he can’t decide which one is more concerning.
“Maybe you should teach me a bit of hand to hand, too,” you suggest warmly, wincing at the bacta’s sting.
Din makes a noise that’s sort of a laugh. “I’ll add it to the list.”
He moves to put bacta on the bruise his beskar gave you—He feels ridiculously guilty for that; here you are, paying off a life debt to him, and he still manages to hurt you—but with a hand, you stop him.
“Don’t waste it,” you say immediately. “I’ve had worse bruises, seriously.”
He frowns. “It’s not a waste.” Before you can protest, he puts the patch on top of the bruise.
You huff. “You’re a worrier, aren’t you, Mando?”
“Apparently,” he replies dryly. He hadn’t realised it, either.
“Will you stop flirting and get us out of here!?” Qin shouts from the other side of the hull. “The New Republic will be on our asses!”
You roll your eyes. “I hate to say it, but he has a point. Where are the others?”
“Dealt with,” he says simply. “It was a double-cross.”
“Well, I figured,” you shoot back with a knowing look. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
The drop is easy enough, especially since Din knows that New Republic signal is beeping steadily from Qin’s pocket. He escapes quickly, dipping back into the Razor Crest, where you wait at the top of the ramp, the child hanging onto your boot.
“Let’s go,” he declares, the ramp shutting behind him as he enters.
“Already?” you question with a raised eyebrow. “There are a few repairs I could make out of hyperspace that might be useful.”
He waves you toward the cockpit. “Later. We need to leave.”
“Oookay.” You frown but do as he says, plucking the child from off your foot. “C’mon, little guy,” you mutter to him.
Din waves away all your questions as he starts the take-off. Finally, when the Razor Crest is a safe distance away from the space station and X-Wings appear out of hyperspace, he glances back at you.
“Holy shit!” you cry as they open fire. You look back at him with a slack jaw, which makes him smile underneath the helmet. “That was you, wasn’t it?”
He shrugs half-heartedly, but it’s enough of an answer.
“You’re a maniac, Mando,” you laugh, watching the scene through the transparisteel.
Din thinks over it, staring at you for a long moment. There’s light in your eyes—maybe it’s the reflection of the explosion, but it’s captivating.
“Din,” he says.
You look over. “Hm?”
He clears his throat, trying to shove aside nerves. “My name. It’s Din.”
“Oh. Oh,” you repeat, eyes wide. Then, you smile, more genuine than he’s ever seen from you, he thinks. “You’re crazy, Din. You know that, right?”
He laughs—and that’s the first time you’ve heard a proper one from him. “Yeah. Yeah, I know.”
When Din drops a pair of gloves in front of you, you laugh.
“You’re telling me the gloves are out of convenience?” you ask him disbelievingly.
“The more skin you cover, the less likely you are to get cut up by a vibroblade,” he replies dryly. “Put them on.”
You raise your hands in surrender and take them, slipping them over your fingers. “Surprisingly comfy.”
It occurs to you that this is...sort of a big deal. You’ve kept your hands bare for as long as you can remember, mostly because you’re a romantic and finding your Soulmate has been at the forefront of your mind for a long time. But now, you think, it’s not such a big deal. You have a debt to pay and, besides that, you’re pretty happy with how things are now.
Life isn’t exactly nice with Din and the kid, so to say, but you’re content. You love the child and he adores you. The Razor Crest feels more like home than any planet ever has. And Din is...well, he’s something. Being around him is mildly addicting and whenever he’s gone, something feels incomplete.
“Better?” you ask, lifting your gloved hands.
“Much,” he says. Then, he holds out his own hand. “C’mon, up.”
You take the hand without thought, but before you know it, he’s swinging you around and shoving you to the ground.
“Ow!” you cry. “What the hell, Din?”
He huffs. “Lesson 1: Never take anything for granted.”
“Rude.” You hit his arm meaningfully, but he just rolls his eyes; just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you can’t tell it’s happening.
“You’ll thank me someday.”
“But not today.”
“Nope. Today, you’re gonna hate my guts.”
He’s dying.
It feels unreal, what with everything you’ve watched him survive so far. A newbie bounty hunter, a group of pissed off bounty hunters, lots of bounty hunters, and the New Republic but a group of stormtroopers is what gets him?
Moff Gideon is what really gets him, though. The bastard that helped destroy his people is going to destroy Din Djarin. Hearing him speak Din’s name makes you nauseous, furious, even. He gave you that name in confidence, trusted it to you, the only one of his handful of friends to even use it, and Gideon decides to declare it to Nevaroo in its entirety. It makes your blood boil, enough that you get out of the initial firefight mostly unscathed.
But Din doesn’t. And now he’s dying in your arms and you feel like you failed.
“Go with them,” he tells you, all croaky and half-assed.
“No. No, I’m not leaving you here,” you declare, carefully leaning him against the rubble.
Flames flicker all around the room and the child is crying. It’s not loud or consistent, but it’s enough to break your heart.
“You have to go,” Din says again. “You’ll die.”
You laugh ruefully. “That’s kind of the point. A life debt means I save your life or I die trying.”
A pause.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” he hisses through the pain.
“Afraid not, dumbass. You’re stuck with me, remember?”
He grasps your arm, his hands still gloved. If you’re going to die here, maybe you should ask him to take off the gloves. A part of you has wondered…
“C’mon, tell me it’s transferable—some ‘dying wish’ shit like that.”
You nod, though the action sinks uncomfortably into your chest. Leaving him here...that doesn’t sit well with you. But if he asks, then you’ll do it. “Yeah, you name it, but it’d better be a big one, something equivalent.”
The breath he lets out is one of relief. “Take care of the kid. Go find his people and return him to them. Protect him.”
“With my dying breath,” you swear, the words holding an air of ceremony.
Din grasps your arm tighter and pulls you down, your forehead meeting his helmet. You’re not sure what it means, but it must mean something because he mutters words in his own language, which you’ve never heard him do before.
“Ret’urcye mhi.”
May we meet again.
Din does what little he can in saying goodbye to you, as deeply as that cuts. You’ve grown on him, a little too much maybe, and it kills him to think that you’ll be without him now. You still can’t hit a headshot, he realises, suddenly worried for how you’ll fare.
And so he gives you what he can: a Keldabe kiss and a goodbye, instead of the action he wants to take. He wants to take off his gloves and see if he can figure out the colour of your eyes. On the other hand, though, he doesn’t want to leave you with that, of all things, to leave you seeing the red of his blood and the blue-tinged orange of the flames before any other colours.
You take the child in your arms and, with one last glance at Din, leave the room for the covert’s tunnels underground.
The child whimpers up at you.
You look down, sniffling, and pet his ears gently. “I know, little one. I’m so sorry.” You place a gentle kiss to his forehead.
Cara appears, tugging on your wrist. “C’mon,” she says gently. “We need to get out of here.”
It occurs to you, as the three of you and Greef move on, that Cara might help you with the child. For Din, obviously. She’s a good person and, frankly, she and Din seem pretty friendly. The second she saw you, she’d offered her bare hand and bemoaned the fact that her vision was still black and white, much to your amusement. It was all in good fun, but Din had looked a little uncomfortable, for reasons you didn’t know.
“(Y/N),” Cara says quietly, calling your attention back.
You shake yourself from your thoughts. “Sorry.”
She smiles sadly. “It’s okay. Just keep up.”
The small group turns a few corners before footsteps sound from behind. You immediately place the child in the bag hanging from Cara’s shoulder and draw your blaster, watching her and Greef do the same.
From the distant hall, two figures approach: IG-11 and—
“Din!” you half-cry, half-breathe out. Holstering your blaster, you meet them halfway to take more of Din’s weight from IG. “How—?”
“No living thing can see me without my helmet. IG isn’t alive,” Din says dryly.
You laugh, a partly manic sound. “Thank kark. You’re not getting out of this that easy.”
The noise he makes is both amused and resigned. “Wouldn’t dream of it. Where’s the—?”
“He’s with Cara,” you say, finishing the thought before even he can, in his groggy state.
It’s safe to say that when the Armourer gives him his sigil, Din almost considers correcting the Clan of two to a Clan of three. He doesn’t, reminding himself that you’re here because of a debt and nothing else, but the thought is there.
The months after Nevarro are more peaceful than the first week of your time with Din. 
You finally get to pull a proper sleeping space together for yourself. Well, it’s a hammock in the hull, but it’s better than the seats in the cockpit. The child gets his own hammock, too, though it’s in the cot space with Din. He loves it, so much so that he squeals when he sees it. That’s your proudest moment, for sure.
Most days, you tend to forget that you still owe a life debt. To be honest, it just feels like the three of you are normal. Din takes bounties, you take short mechanic jobs on different planets, and the two of you trade off on child-duty. It’s pretty regular, more than what your life used to be, anyway.
Din is still training you in hand-to-hand and blasters, of course. You’re getting better with the latter, but the first is difficult. On the way to Tatooine, where there’s supposedly another Mandalorian, he decides to have another training session.
“Fists higher, do it again.”
Huffing, you wipe your wrist across your sweaty forehead. It’s easy enough to obey the order—the first part, anyway. Getting into his guard is difficult, though.
One hit, two blocks—there. You slip under his guard and make an abrupt drop to the ground, sweeping his legs out under him with a fierce movement. He goes down in a tumble of beskar, joining you on the floor. As soon as he’s down, you flip over and straddle his hips, an arm over his neck in false threat.
He barks out a laugh. “Much better.”
“I’m not entirely hopeless!” you declare joyfully before bursting into snickers.
Leaning down, you thunk your forehead against his helmet. The gesture is fond, you’ve learned, something shared between close companions—or at least you think. Din told you that it’s called a mirshmure’cya in Mando’a, that it doesn’t have an equivalent word in Basic.
(Which is technically true. Literally, it means brain-kiss, but the outsider term for it is Keldabe kiss. It can be used for close companions—vode in arms, family—but it’s also used for romantic partners, so he’s mildly horrified at the idea of explaining its cultural significance to you and having to face his feelings for someone that may or may not be his Soulmate. He hasn’t gotten up the courage to ask if he can check. Or try to do it discreetly.)
A distant beeping starts up, coming from the cockpit. It’s the approach warning, which means the training session is over.
“I’ll get the kid,” you say, climbing off Din and offering a hand.
He takes it without hesitation, dragging himself up and making a beeline for the cockpit.
Tatooine is about what you remember. That is, it’s dry, sandy, and the worst planet you’ve ever been on. Stepping out of the ship and into the hangar makes you smile, though, at the not-so-distant memory of Din saving your life. It hasn’t been that long, but it feels like it’s been years.
“Oh, hey!” says Peli, after greeting the child—which is fair, he’s adorable. “You’re still with him! Haven’t repaid that debt yet, huh?”
Your face falls. “Uh, no, not really.”
On the way to Mos Pelgo, your thoughts linger on the life debt. One of these days, you’re going to save Din’s life—then where will you be? Will he want you to leave? What will you do if you have to leave? Your old life was nowhere near as interesting as this, nor did you have anyone close to what Din and the child are to you.
The dreary grey slopes of sand only make it easier to think of the worst possible outcomes. Now you remember why you hated Tatooine so much.
You don’t even realise the speeder is approaching the small town until Din taps your arm, which is wrapped around his waist. Jumping at the touch, you loosen your grip sheepishly and glance at the child, who looks like he’s enjoying himself immensely.
After the speeder comes to a stop, you take the kid while Din enters the cantina.
When you enter yourself, you find that he’s about to shoot someone, while the Weequay behind the bar looks rather distressed.
“Perfect timing, as always,” Din remarks without a glance.
You raise your free hand. “You’re the bad luck charm, I’m just here for the ride,” you retort teasingly.
“You brought a kid to a gunfight?” his opponent asks, raising an eyebrow.
Finally, you glance over at him and see why Din looks ready to kill him. He’s in Mandalorian armour but his helmet is off—clearly, he’s not Mandalorian. “You’re wearing beskar and you’re not a Mandalorian, buddy. I think you’re in more trouble than the kid is.”
“He is,” Din gets out, a twinge of viciousness in his voice.
Before they can even reach for their blasters, though, the ground starts to shake.
You grab onto the doorway for support, eyes wide as you grip the child. Din and the Mandalorian poser move toward the door, joining you and staring out at the street outside.
The entire planet feels like it rumbles and chaos reigns outside.
Something is moving the sand—coming toward the town.
“Holy fuck,” you whisper as it goes by, shifting the sand like it’s an ocean rather than earth. It flies out of the ground, sharp teeth the only thing you see as it consumes a bantha whole.
When it’s gone, the poser huffs. “Maybe we can work something out.” He turns to you, offering a hand, which is covered by fingerless gloves. “Cobb Vanth. I’m the Marshal here.”
You take it hesitantly, glad that things are still black and white when you make contact. “(Y/N).”
He notices your hesitation and chuckles. “The Weequay in there is Sala, my Soulmate. I’ll see if they can’t whip up something for the kid; I’m sure he’s starving.”
“Very,” you say, just before he goes to leave.
When it’s just you and Din, you look over at your companion. “Krayt dragon, huh?”
“Yep,” he sighs, already sounding tired.
You laugh. “I know I said I could bring you to one when we met, but I was totally kidding.”
He looks over at you and you can feel the low-level glare behind the visor, but it only makes you snicker. “I hate you.”
“You’re so full of shit,” you retort immediately.
You finally get to repay your debt.
It’s not what you’re thinking about when you shove Din out of the way of the krayt’s projectile venom, but it’s repaid nonetheless.
Din doesn’t think of it immediately, either, as he’s rather more concerned with the fact that you’re sent flying across the desert into a pile of debris and sharp rocks.
Before he can run to you, Cobb grabs his arm. “The dragon!”
To be honest, killing the dragon feels like a bonus when he pulls himself together and figures out a plan. When the great beast explodes, the Tuskens and the villagers cheer, but Din races back to the place he saw you last. He pushes aside the remains of one of those massive weapons they built to find you, laying on the ground. For a moment, panic clutches his heart, but then you groan.
“Am I dead?” you ask.
Din lets out a breath, hardly managing it, as he kneels next to you. “Dumbass.”
“Because it feels like I’m dead.”
“Dumbass,” he repeats, ripping your shirt away to find a deep cut in your side, just above your hip. “Of all the ways to pay your debt—”
You sit up, wincing. “Oh,” you say, as if you hadn’t realised it, “I guess I did that, too.”
Din’s heart is still beating a million klicks a second at how close you were to being dead, but for a second, it flips, realising that you hadn’t saved him just to pay the debt. And then, as he’s helping you off the ground and bringing you toward the others, who have bacta patches ready, his heart sinks.
Your debt is paid. You don’t have any reason to stay with him and the kid. As soon as you get back to the city, he’s going to have to watch you leave.
Shit. He didn’t think this through.
Meanwhile, you’re on the same train of thought. Does he really think you saved him for the debt? Does he want you gone that bad? It makes sense. You’re a pain in the ass, with all the training you need. But...well, you thought he might’ve—
“I’ve changed my mind,” you declare.
Din, terrified, attempts to sound neutral. “About?”
“The worst job we’ve ever taken. This is definitely it,” you huff as he helps you down onto a smoother boulder, taking patches from a Tusken.
He goes to use them, but you raise a hand.
“If you even think about getting near my wound with those nasty gloves, I’m going to skin you,” you threaten.
Frankly, Din is too shaken to even laugh. The silence lays there, stilted, as he removes his gloves and sits somewhat behind you, on another close stone. You’ve taken yours off, too, seeing as one is ripped all the way through.
He’s careful with the bacta patch and his bare hands, making sure not to touch your skin.
Now, of all moments, would be the worst time to find out that you really don’t have a reason to stay.
While he works, he thinks, briefly, that he should say something. “(Y/N),” he starts to say. “I—”
But that happens to be the moment he’s putting the bacta patch on. You suck in a sharp breath through your teeth, wincing. Your hand flies out, reaching for something to ground you. Of course, because something out there has it out for you, you grab his hand, forgetting that his gloves are, for once in his life, not there.
You realise, ridiculously, that his hand is warm.
And then the world around you explodes into colour.
The faded yellow of the surrounding desert is overwhelming with how it burns into your eyes alongside the brilliant blue of the sky. The surrounding Tuskens are in browns and greys, simple things, but so, so beautiful to your new sight. You breathe out, a shaky action.
Behind you, Din comes to see the same, but his gaze is stuck on the back of your head—the (h/c) of your hair and how the light catches in it, despite it being a complete mess.
You barely have the breath to gasp, but you do, whirling around to face him.
His beskar is beyond what you’d pictured: a shining, sparkling silver that could stand out on a star. No wonder rooms fall silent at the sight of him.
Din has the same thought about your eyes. On death’s door, all he’d wanted was to know what colour they are and now he knows, but it feels so useless now. He doesn’t even know what to call them. Sure, (e/c) would work, however weakly. You are...something else. You always have been, but now it’s like he can see it, the beauty of who you are so plainly painted into your features.
Din doesn’t even have the time to be afraid of your reaction before the words are slipping out. “I don’t want you to go.”
You just stare at him for a long moment, words processing.
It...kind of freaks him out.
He jumps when you fling yourself at him, arms wrapped around his shoulders in the tightest hug he’s ever gotten. Immediately, he responds, clutching the back of your shirt like it’ll save his life.
“Thank the Force,” you breathe out, just beside where his ear is under the helmet. “I don’t wanna leave.”
Din lets out a breath of relief and tugs you closer so you’re practically sitting on his lap. It can’t be comfortable, but you don’t seem to mind. When you do finally pull away, it’s to press your forehead against his helmet. It sends a swell of affection through him again, your constant Keldabe kisses. He taught you something important to his culture, to him, and here you are, using it without thought.
“Is it too late to tell you that this is the Mandalorian equivalent of a kiss?” he murmurs, more than a little embarrassed.
You laugh softly, arms reaching to rest around his neck. “And I thought you were so cool.”
“I just blew up a krayt dragon,” he argues.
“Oh, you’re plenty badass, Din,” you tease back, “just...not smooth.”
He huffs. “I’m gonna kick your ass next training session.”
A grin comes over your face and, for a second, he can’t comprehend why that would make you smile—until he realises that he just promised a next time. You’d genuinely believed he wanted you gone and Din thought you wanted to leave, but neither of you were right. 
A whine from below catches both your attention.
The child reaches up from the ground, making grabby hands.
You laugh, a noise Din echoes quietly, and pluck him from the ground, holding him in your careful hands. “Hey, buddy. Feeling left out?”
He squeaks a confirmation, his little hands—green hands, you realise, deeply amused—reaching for Din’s helmet. Once he has a comfortable hand, he bashes his head against the helmet.
Din yelps, not out of pain, but concern, grabbing for the kid, who wobbles dizzily.
“Oh, shit—” Din says.
“Woah, woah,” you get out between wheezing laughs. “Don’t do that! His head is much harder than yours.”
The kid makes a weak huff and curls against Din’s chest stubbornly.
“I think that was an attempted kiss,” you suggest to Din.
Underneath his helmet, he grins. Petting the child’s head with a gentle finger, he looks back up at you. “It was cute.”
“Very,” you agree.
Without prompting, Din reaches for your hand again, a little hesitant. You take his gladly, running your thumb across his knuckles, which makes him shiver.
“Clan of three,” he whispers.
You lift your gaze. “Hm?”
“The Armourer, she said, ‘Clan of two’ when she gave me my sigil,” he explains. “I wanted to correct her then.”
The smile on your face is beyond words. “Clan of three has a ring to it. You’re stuck with me for good now, Din Djarin.”
He snorts and raises your hand to his helmet, touching it briefly to the metal in lieu of kissing it.
Tatooine might be the worst place in the universe, Din thinks that it doesn’t matter so much where he is. Sitting here, with you and the kid, he thinks that this might be home.
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