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#mystic messenger Jumin

👉🏻👈🏻🥺 hey so


So Uhm, I made a custom MC!! Uh.. Very loosely based off of me and what I want to do with my life, Dance!! :D

Uh, I hope y'all like it!! 👉🏻👈🏻

I used Avistella’s Template which you can find on their DeviantArt!

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Omg i actually got one of these 🥺

  1. My pets, but most especially my kittens!
  2. Talking to my friends about the most random shit at 3 am
  3. Mystic messenger right now is one of the high points of my happiness too, but more specifically Saeyoung And Saeran🥺
  4. Listening to broadway and singing my heart out to the songs in the bathroom at 5 am.
  5. Art! I love being able to draw anything in the grasps of my imagination! Being able to express myself like that is the best thing tbh.

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  • he finds out in the first date
  • “would you like a beer or something fancier?” 
  • is kinda shocked at first but after hearing the reasons is totally fine
  • makes sure to always have options at his house
  • soda and juices for you
  • so everytime he invites you there is some new thing to drink
  • “I found this! I know you like the flavor so I hope it tastes good” 
  • having you there actually makes him drink less and less
  • rinde he finds it fun to taste different non-alcoholic drinks
  • eventually his house doesn’t have beers at all
  • he eventually finds himself drinking only on weekends or even after two weeks
  • and actually likes it
  • his body feels much better without the beer


  • when he invited you to the farm to try some new wines 
  • you tell him
  • “Oh…” he says
  • but after a few silent seconds he smiles
  • “I believe they have other products too, with no alcohol”
  • so you go to the farm with him
  • he does the testing anyways
  • but makes sure you have something to do in the meantime 
  • he keeps talking about wine, but try to find different topics about it
  • “This bottle is rather aesthetically pleasing, isn’t it?” 
  • so every “wine talk” turns into a different and interesting thing for you now
  • also makes sure to have like a million different drinks
  • “I found this cocktail, it’s made with soda and juice I think you can find it interesting”
  • makes sure that the party offers a lot of non-alcoholic options 
  • invest in a company to make non-alcoholic drinks that are as fancy as wine 
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“This is gonna sting a bit,” you warn him, as you do routinely with everyone that you treat no matter if they’re the smallest child or if they’re the strongest adult. “So, grit your teeth if you can and hold it together for me.” 

He listened to your orders but you could tell that he was gritting his teeth just a smidge. Well, at least he was good at masking his pain. A sturdy guy like this was determined to show only the hard side that was fraught with nothing but professionalism. 

You wouldn’t have ever assumed that he would be like this. Honestly, the last thing that you expected when you went out to work that afternoon was to find Jumin at the waiting end of your ambulance. 

Well, it wasn’t the weirdest thing that had ever happened to you but it certainly took the cake today. 

You weren’t going to ask him any details as that was up to authorities to chat with him about the incident, and your job was to make sure that he wasn’t too banged up. 

He wasn’t that injured but he got lucky all things considered. 

A few scrapes, some bruises, nothing that would really hurt him but he was lucky that he didn’t have a broken arm from the impact. You gently scolded him, but he was surprised to see you be the one to treat him. You sanitized what you could reach and dressed what you could, mind wandering to places where it shouldn’t have. 

He could have gotten a lot more injured. 

Jumin Han was a lucky man, a stupid man today, but a lucky man nonetheless. You sighed when there was the smallest tremor in his hand. 

“You don’t have to pretend it doesn’t hurt,” you told him. 

Jumin blew out a breath that he had been holding in for the longest time, and then looked back at you. “It isn’t becoming of a CEO to complain about such things,” he told you, sincerely, as if he was resigned to the lack of feeling. There was likely a lot of guilt on the back of his own mind given his actions.

You weren’t going to judge him. 

“Everyone gets hurt and everyone has a right to cry,” you said with a firm nod of your hand as you wrapped his arm. “I’m not going to judge you for it if you do it, you know? I’m more surprised that you were able to keep such a stern face this entire time. The tough-guy act isn’t really becoming of you, that seems more up Zen’s alley.”

With a firm nod of your head, you leaned back in your chair and made sure that you had taken care of everything that you could. It’s not perfect but hey, at least he wasn’t dealing with road rash. 

He wouldn’t need a hospital run as far as your examination told you but hey, it was up to him what he did. “I’ve done what I can. You’re really lucky you didn’t hurt yourself more, Jumin.” 

“…Sorry to have worried you,” he offered, quietly. 

You brush back a strand of hair from your face that had fallen. 

“You should apologize to Seven, at some point,” you responded.“You did give me a scare. The last thing that I want to see when I’m working is any of the RFA, Jumin… I was… scared that it was going to be much worse and I… wouldn’t be able to do anything.” 

Your tone is matter-of-factly but there’s a tinge of pain in it that you’re hiding underneath your sheer professionalism. The idea that any of the RFA could have been there in trouble and you couldn’t help them? That was the last thing that he wanted to do. 

Jumin looks at you, “I see… I understand. I won’t do this again. I don’t wish to make your job harder.” 

“I’m glad you’ve learned your lesson, then. I’m used to this, Jumin, but if you really wanna repay me, keep that promise. I don’t want to see anyone that I love, especially you, on the waiting end of my job.” 

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Okay but

Hear me out.

Imagine This song but its VxJumin and it’s Jumin singing about V.

And the music video but K.Will is Jumin and The groom and Bride are V and Rika respectively.

Now Cry with me

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Flayn was gone.

Kidnapped. Flayn had been kidnapped. There was almost no question about it. They hadn’t been hearing rumours about a dark knight stalking the streets of the town to not even consider the possibility.

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New Rules & Increase of Characters

Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for supporting my blog for the past few months. Without you guys, I would not be able to simp for our beloved hee hee man this much. 

This is supposed to be a 900 followers special but I am an idiot and didn’t check the count and we are now at 940 but whatever. I would like to announce that I will now be writing for the other characters from different fandom as well. Don’t worry. I will still be writing for Muzan coz this blog is called Leon is a hoe for Muzan for a reason hhahaha.

So, the characters I will be writing and the rules for each of them are as followed! Please do ask away !!!

Disclaimer : I will or I will not write your request depending on whether it inspired me or not.

Kibustuji Muzan (Kimetsu No Yaiba) - Masterlist


Originally posted by knysource

Things I would write : Everything but those mentioned in things I would not write. 

Things I would not write : Incest, Grooming, Pedophilia, X character fics and anything controversial.

Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji) - Masterlist


Originally posted by dejasboo

Things I would write : Everything but those mentioned in things I would not write. 

Things I would not write : Incest, Grooming, Pedophilia, X character fics, and anything controversial.

Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach) - Masterlist


Originally posted by allaboutbyakuya

Things I would write : Everything but those mentioned in things I would not write.  

Things I would not write : Incest, Grooming, Pedophilia, X character fics  and anything controversial.

Jumin Han (Mystic Messenger) - Masterlist


Things I would write : Everything but those mentioned in things I would not write. 

Things I would not write : Incest, Grooming, Pedophilia and anything controversial. 

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no worries! thank you for requesting, this’ll be my last request for now! im closing requests for now because i wanna work on some fanfic that has been eating at my brain real quick lol. should be back open in 2 weeks ish (as of 5/20/20)

sorry these are on the shorter side again! i hope you like these! i tried to make these pretty general, but if anything i wrote is offensive/inconsistent/etc please feel free to let me know!!

trigger warnings: eating disorder


  • he is very cautious and makes sure that he doesn’t say anything to offend you, even if what he’s saying is out of genuine love and concern
  • he knows you’re hurting and doesn’t want to unintentionally hurt you more
  • he checks up on you a lot and feels bad that he can’t be around you 24/7 
  • lowkey feels sad when it’s a really challenging day for you and you won’t eat his cooking
  • but he understands 100%
  • he knows that you are healing and will do the best he can to help you as much as possible
  • though, when you need space…he would struggle with that but eventually realizes that it’s hard for you if he’s attached to your hip, and learns to give you your space when you need it


  • at first he’s very parent-like
  • not as careful with the way he words things as yoosung is, and kinda nags you sometimes
  • the others have to nudge at him and tell him to be more sensitive and empathetic when you don’t have the strength to tell him yourself
  • it takes him time but he does get around to communicating his concerns for you in a better way
  • and once he learns what helps you vs what doesn’t, he’s like an angel
  • he pampers you in every way possible and does his best to make sure you feel comfortable
  • if/when you relapse, he will do everything in his power to help you
  • he reminds you that it’s all part of the healing process, and you’re doing the absolute best you can and he’s very proud of your progress


  • jaehee would try to be a good role model for you
  • she definitely believes that your surroundings can help you out
  • even if it’s a very minor change, positive change is good progress!
  • she’s like your personal cheerleader
  • and a very good listener
  • she’ll probably do research regarding your specific eating disorders in her downtime because she wants to be as helpful as she can be when she’s with you
  • she’d panic a bit whenever she has to stay back for work, but feels a lot of relief when you sit with her and talk
  • she’s overall very positive and reassuring, and does her best to make sure you can live as comfortably and healthily as you can


  • very similar to jaehee
  • except he has the ability to drop any of his meetings or plans if he feels like he needs to be with you instead
  • he is very reassuring and does his best to keep you as happy as possible
  • asks a lot of questions and is sure to provide you with only the highest quality doctor/therapist/nutritionist/literally anything you want or need to ensure you are as happy and as healthy as you can be
  • also similar to zen in the sense where at first he finds it hard to communicate his concerns and the other members have to tell him to tone it down and be nicer
  • he eventually becomes much more encouraging and positive in his tone
  • he also finds that through helping you, he can also use his resources to help other people with similar experiences as you
  • he of course keeps your personal business and whatnot private, but he smiles at the thought of you unknowingly helping thousands of people by simply doing your best to heal from what you’ve been through


  • he usually relies on humor to make you feel better, but is always ready to stop or try other things to help if he senses you aren’t in the mood or that it’s not helping
  • he doesn’t live the healthiest lifestyle himself, but he is like jaehee where he believes that your environment can have an impact, and creates a clean and healthy living space for you
  • he too is like your own personal lil cheerleader
  • created a progress journal for you, and doesn’t look through it as he feels it’s something too personal even if you do tell him it’s okay to look through it
  • he knows that materialistic things can’t heal you entirely or fix anything permanently, so he doesn’t go overboard with inventing stuff for you
  • but if he has a really good idea in mind he’ll follow through with making it and give it to you and ask you for your opinion on it
  • he just does everything he can to help you out and recover at your own pace


  • v is very careful because he doesn’t want to hurt you the way he feels like he hurt rika and saeran
  • asks the other members for help, especially jumin
  • never tries to force you to do anything you don’t want to
  • he’s kinda like a coach, where he is very encouraging and positive but can also be very stern and put his foot down if you turn back to anything unhealthy
  • always checking in with you and super encouraging in every way possible
  • he does get worried when he’s not with you, but comes off as calm and reserved to make sure you don’t begin to feel any stress or negativity from him
  • he always reassures you that the most important thing is he wants you to heal as much as possible, not as fast as possible
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… Apparently I never loaded this picture here back in the day???

Which is weird, because post-shower Jumin should be shared with everyone???


Art by Sake ~~ Visit my page for more info!
Please do not repost or alter my art. Share my original post instead!

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If Yoosung and Jumin Switched Places…

So, some time ago, I made this post about an AU where MC and Jumin switch life places, resulting in Jumin becoming a skeleton in Rika’s apartment.

Then I started playing Ray’s route, and witnessed Yoosung pretending to be Jumin in order to help Zen with his acting. That made me wonder what would happen if Yoosung and Jumin switched life places instead…

Yoosung obviously becomes the new chairman, and he gives Jaehee all the vacations. He falls in love with and marries MC. They still adopt Seven who has turned into a cat. Zen is still glad to not be hearing from Jumin anymore.

Jumin still starves to death and becomes a skeleton, just in Yoosung’s old apartment. Yoosung took his gaming equipment with him because he just couldn’t leave it behind and figured Jumin would find another way to occupy his time, such as… like… learning to cook or something. Yoosung continues paying the bills because now he can afford to. V occasionally visits Jumin, but of course still doesn’t notice that Jumin has died and has become a skeleton.

So either way, Jumin is doomed to become a skeleton.

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I can’t… Yoosung is cosplaying as Jumin TO HELP WITH ZEN’S PERFORMANCE

(He could have just dyed his hair black lol)

I remember seeing the CG out of context and thought that like… something actually bad had happened to Yoosung.

I’m just imagining like… Yoosung pretending to be super serious about all of this in the chat room and over the phone, but in person he can’t hold back the laughter and he and Zen aren’t making ANY progress because of it.

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