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Hello, thank you so much for the ask and I’m glad you like my blog! <3 I enjoy doing the translations. I find translations fun and they help me practice and stay sharp with my Japanese. 

As for the names, an interesting thing is that they are given non-kanji names. Their names are hiragana only. The only other characters that have this with their names are Kagome and Rin. This was likely done with Rin because hiragana only names are viewed as cuter, but they also lack a confining element to them as well. 

What I mean by that, is some modern day Japanese view names that use kanji as placing expectations on their children. Hiragana only names are often viewed as being “more freeing,” so to speak. So, it makes sense that Kagome’s name is in hiragana, just another indicator that she is from a different time. For Rin, it would fit with the fact that we know very little about her actual origins - like her parents or anything like that. 

In the case of Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa, this was likely done to not give away any possible clues about the characters and to not place any preconceived ideas or notions on them. Their names are all words that exist in Japanese:

諸刃 (moroha) means “double-edged, double-edged blade” and is made up of the kanji for “many, several, various” and “blade, sword, edge.” It can also be written using the kanji 両刃, which mean “both, two” + “blade, sword, edge.” It can be used in the idiomatic way of “a double-edge sword,” but on its own just means a sword with blades on both sides / edges.

When I looked up possible names for Moroha using kanji on, this is what I got:

諸羽 - various, many, several + feathers, wings

諸葉 - various, many, several +  leaves, blades (of grass), pine needles

萌絽羽 - show symptoms of, sprout, bud, malt + silk gauze + feathers, wings

This does seem to be a very uncommon name though.

As for Setsuna, her name as a word means “moment, instant” (刹那). It’s interesting because the kanji for “setsu” 刹 looks very similar to the “se”  殺 in Sesshomaru’s name. There is also a secondary meaning to the word setsuna, which means “ kshana.” It is a word that can be found in Buddhism and means “the shortest moment.” Think of how we say stuff like when we “snap” our fingers to indicate that something happened “just like that!” Or “in a flash!” that kind of moment.

The way 刹那 (setsuna) is a word that often isn’t used in every day conversation, though it will show up in writing. It indicates a super short period of time, the site 例文 (reibun) (dot) jp says it’s as short as “75th of a second.” This site also makes mention of the Buddhist meaning and notes that it indicates “the smallest unit of measurement.” 

Unlike with Moroha, there are a ton of different kanji variations for this name. I used a Japanese baby naming site to search their names. Moroha’s name came up with nothing. The one’s I got above came from jisho (dot) org, but Setsuna’s name came up with 29 different ways of writing the name, based on the kanji used. Some of the name variations were:

世(se)津(tsu)奈(na) - This name is made up of the kanji for “world, society,” + “haven, port, harbor,” +   “nara, what?”. The last kanji 奈 (na) is the same “na” found in Naraku’s name. Though, this 奈 is often used with names, especially female names, and is also used for a lot of place names (Nara, Kanagawa, etc.). It’s long been viewed as a beautiful and lovely kanji, which is why it gets attached to female names a lot nowadays.

Now, for Towa’s name. Towa (as a word) is written like this: 永久, but, it has too different readings that have two slightly different meanings/ideas/concepts to them. The word, itself, means “ eternity; permanence; perpetuity.”

永久 can be read as towa or eikyuu and over on this Hi Native post ( someone asked what the difference was between the two of them. The answer:

towa - indicates the far future and the idea of constant motion, to live on. The example given was “hoping for the future.” So it is an abstract type of eternity. Another example I found on the site furigana (dot) info was where towa was used to indicate someone’s permeant place of rest (upon dying, etc.). It is indicating that that is the place of rest for perpetuity, etc.

eikyuu - indicates a continued state of being, being in a certain state forever. Like being in an “eternal sleep” etc. Or, at least, that was how I understood it.

As for the possible kanji names that can be found for Towa, the site I used listed over 50!! Some of the common kanji that I found were ones associated with the number 10, wish/pray, peace, feathers/wings, sound, and more.

The Baby Name Site that I used to search for the kanji possibilities for Setsuna and Towa was this one here:

And…that’s it! This turned into a massively long post. If anyone read through all of that, I thank you! In conclusion though, the kanji name options for the girls’ names are fun to look into and at, but they don’t really apply. Their names have a meaning, but not in the same way that kanji names do. They likely chose to go with all hiragana names for them to keep the girls more mysterious and the mystery surrounding them more vague.

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Please stop and enjoy

All these posts are like a game of telephone. People hear it from one person and that person passes it along and some people assume it’s fact.

We’re only 3 episodes in, calm down. Nothing is written in stone and you’re all getting agitated over a picture or what you’re hearing without checking sources.

Also fighting each other, really? When we’re all in the same Fandom and have a new sequel we can enjoy? We should be united and not fighting. You wanna enjoy something and people wanna enjoy it with you but you being negative won’t attract others.

Anti or not, please either enjoy the series or see yourself out. We don’t need the negativity in the fandom.

(The theories are fun though and I’ve enjoyed reading them and the positive posts. We need more of that and laughter)

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The tumblr app is such a shitshow. WHO PROGRAMMED THIS ABSOLUTE FUCKING GARBAGE???! My same post was eaten for the fourth time and committing a murder would be extremely satisfying rn. Oh yes, let‘s programm this crap in a way that an entire paragraph gets eaten without warning and let’s NOT include any way to get it back. I just wanted to talk about how Hisui and Setsuna should be allowed to be characters (and KIDS ffs) first before they‘re being shipped and how this is once again proof of how heteronormativity is all-pervasive, boring and damaging af.

IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK @staff ??? Nevermind, it‘s not like you ever reply to IMPROVE the experience anymore, huh.

I mean, at least Sunrise studio is off the hook for 10 minutes while I fume at this utter disgrace of programming.

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OC Meme: Oldest OC

I had to dig pretty deep into my old DA account to check dates for these, wow.

Setsuna is apparently my oldest that I have record of, created in 2006. She has… absolutely no story lmao. I remember really wanting to try coloring red hair after seeing a “daily deviation” on devantART and thus, she was born. 

I think I drew her like 3 times in high school?… and then never touched her again, but here she is live and in color!!

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I‘m telling you! I can’t find the inital post I made about this months ago when the „sequel“ was first announced, so THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity to speak on this subject that is very dear to me INDEED. Seeing how some parts of fandom manage to bend anything into suiting their purposes I don‘t see how we can’t do the same and why Sesshoumaru‘s sperm can’t have magical properties, even if it‘s not with the „woman“ they want. We gotta be fair here and apply the same standard to everyone, no? The miracle of conception with a lady way beyond menopause would be the easiest thing in the world. Yes, if something doesn’t make sense, just slap magic onto it and you’re gucci. Her never dying is just a general boon, you may even throw a mating mark (shudder) in there if you‘re so inclined, but let’s be real, it’s probably just the dicking down lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes that really does the trick. I mean, she‘s one of the very few characters whose opinion/input Sesshoumaru actually respected. After watching Yashahime, we currently have more proof that Kaede is the mom than for any other woman on the show:

1) Sesshoumaru picked the babies up in her village. Rin was most likely there, yes, BUT:

2) Setsuna returned to KAEDE.

3) Kaede‘s memory is spotty at best, which makes sense, because while she may be immortal, that doesn‘t protect her from being senile tbfh. That being said, everyone seems to suffer from convenient memory loss, but all in all, she seems to remember more than others, just at the wrong time. She clearly was too busy giving birth to remember InuKag having Moroha, duh. After the birth, she told Sesshoumaru to take care of the kids because she ain‘t got time to bother with all that and Sesshoumaru literally does nothing all day. Very progressive, if you ask me.

As Sunrise so beautifully said: „Please pay close attention, it‘ll all make sense.“, aka please leave your money at the door and don‘t ask questions. Again, same standards for everyone, yaaay.

4) If we‘re pulling the same Mary Sue bullshit of „oh, the babies have both reiki and youki because we don‘t respect the rules in our own world where one is the literal antithesis to the other“ like Sunrise did with Moroha, Kaede also fits the bill.

5) She has actual authority and a life beside her potential love interest. Also, she doesn’t need to be protected because she never had a male ego in her life preventing her from being self-sufficient (you know exactly what ship I’m talking about). She’s independent, smart, a leader. She‘s clearly MUCH more than just a baby mama. Again, super progressive, now we know where Towa gets it from!

6) Kaede is QUEEN. Only the prettiest boys deserve her.

Tl;dr: Only Kaede deserves Sesshoumaru‘s magical badongadong and all current evidence points to her being the mother.

#sesskaede for LIFE.

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I kind of think that the mother IS Rin. Not because I ship it (I don’t), but because it seems like the easy/lazy choice. Like, ‘why make a whole new character when we have one right here! Half the fandom loves the idea, lets just go for it!’

If it WAS a new character who gave birth to the twins, they would have to come up with a whole ‘demon lord meets human woman’ story, MAYBE fall in love (or just get busy and somehow Sesshomaru is aware of the pregnancy and brings her to the village with Kaede) PLUS they would have to write how Rin feels about the woman, what’s her life like now, yadda yadda yadda.

Maybe it’s just my years of always being dissapointed by anime/manga writing, but I juuuust don’t see the above happening. It’s easier to find some excuse that Rin is somehow the ‘right age’ (she’s really not) at the right time. They already know each other, we KNOW that Sesshomaru is protective of Rin, so of course we’re expected to just ‘know’ that he would be fond enough of her to have children with her.

The only hope we have to cling to that it’s a different character is the girls’ coloring. Their eyes (red and purple) and the red streaks.

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