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#shadowhunters commentary
  • I love when they are at the book quotes in for Magnus. “It would be like Beyoncé riding through Times Square on a dinosaur. People would notice.”
  • Also something you pick up when you watch the same episode like five times about a minute and 46 seconds in is this really high-pitched giggle when Clary calls Luke a mummy. And she looks at Magnus
  • You’re more than just a hook up - exactly what every girl wants to hear the morning after an ‘amazing’ night.
  • I feel so bad for Izzy in this ep. but she still looks absolutely stunning
  • Slept at Magnus’ place?
  • Didn’t do much sleeping - ha!
  • Hey, I talk to you - he’s so relatable to me
  • Even with everything going on, he’s still so worried about Izzy
  • I’m the guy about to be disowned when he finds out Jace and clary are still out there doing god knows what - Alec is such a big brother
  • Watching Clary and Jace is really painful for me but I love her ‘plan’
  • You son of a bitch
  • You cheated on me?
  • I uh what? I did not
  • God their entire plan cracks me up
  • Also badass police captain gets another point in my book
  • The way she defends clary
  • The matching tattoos
  • Don’t worry about it, I get it. You always fall for the bad boys right? Or is that just me?
  • I love her so much and I don’t even know her name
  • I have no idea why but literally everyone except for Simon Jace and clary are so loveable like even the waitress at Java jones is so adorable
  • Where’s what’s her face? Latte no whipped cream girl
  • Also is just getting a whole pot of coffee an American thing?
  • Okay the blood filling up the French press thing is seriously creepy
  • I’m gonna bring Alec with me next time, I don’t think he’s ever slapped me in the face
  • This is a disaster
  • Hey, demonpox is a disaster, this is an inconvenience
  • Simon are you okay?
  • I don’t know, I haven’t been kidnapped yet today - first off mood, second off, if I were Simon I wouldn’t leave the house
  • I’ve got a great plan
  • Oh great - I really don’t think clary gets to say that after her disaster before
  • Oh and don’t worry, in my plan, no one gets slapped
  • I feel bad for the IA guy, I don’t know why
  • Noooooooooooo badass captain! She’s the best!! Also I finally know her last name: Bargus
  • Oooo family intervention!!!
  • Simon’s sister is so relatable and when she argues with her mom
  • Also clary picked the worst spot to draw a tattoo. her entire right arm is free, and that design isn’t that hard to draw. like even i could do it. and i can’t draw a stick figure. so there.
  • I wish Izzy was my lil sister. the way she teases Alec, god, i wish i had someone like her growing up.
  • You come here often?
  • I work here - I love Alec so much. Also what do you think he did with the pamphlets?
  • Also Jace must have insane upper body strength to get himself up
  • You’re pack leader now, you don’t need to ask - Luke’s second is such a great character too I wish they all got  more character development
  • Cmon wicked grandmas?
  • What the hell?
  • Language. Not in front of grandma. I miss book!Jace
  • Also it’s weird how clary knows all these runes. Like it’s fine in the books cause they actually show her training but there’s never a single scene within the first scene where they actually teach her runes
  • Don’t worry. It’s not like this is the first time Alec’s saved your life. I doubt it’d be the last. Izzy has no time for this bromance
  • Is she serious? She’s just gonna apologise in the middle of running away? and she really needs to work on her stamina
  • Clary really needs her own sword
  • Ugh demons are ugly
  • Where the hell is she running? AND SHE DOESNT HAVE A SWORD
  • And now she gets the cup out. I’m sorry, I have no patience for clary
  • “Simon, you alive in there?” I mean are vampires alive though?
  • Dear god his room looks like he’s been kidnapped…again
  • Omg how’d she know Jace was a demon though? I watched it a few times over and there’s no sign
  • I mean everything he says sounds like Jace
  • And where’d she get the sword from? Like her first instinct is cup with demons, sword with Jace
  • The logical thing would be reversing but this is ✨shadowhunters ✨ so what is logic anyway
  • Also someone explain why clace moments always happen at the worst moments
  • Like Simon thinks he’s becoming a vamp but clace kiss 💋
  • Nooooo where’s Raphael?
  • Why does no one listen to Raphael? Simon would’ve been fine if he hadn’t gone back to that creepy ass hotel ugh
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I love the beginning of this episode it’s so chill and domestic even with everything going on, the song fits the mood perfectly

Alec, you’re pretty bad at lying

So…the Institute has a head chef who’s capable of better food than pancakes?

I’m sorry but the ring is so UGLY but that also fits perfectly because it’s the Lightwoods and it was family tradition to be boring until Alec and Izzy were born

I probably shouldn’t giggle at Jonathan in that muffler thingy

@ the writers: could you please stop throwing epic but heartless clace lines at us without ever giving us any kind of development of their relationship?? Like…are they even dating at the moment??? Because you’ve never given us anything that looks like a relationship except cliché lines that all account to ‘we were meant to be’

I don’t know if it’s on purpose but since they threw the incest stuff at us I see everything Jonathan says to Clary as flirty and se*xed-up and that makes me highly uncomfortable

Jonathan falls for the oldest trick in the world. But then again, he probably didn’t get to watch that many movies in Edom

Oh yay flashbacks

I actually really like this Edom set but I kind of think that Asmodeus would fit the décor better lol

Okay so…how exactly did it happen that Jonathan was so burned he looked like demonic burned lasagna man??? Because that’s only like…half of his face. Or was he burned when he came to earth?

Exposition Lilith

Izzy doesn’t have a second

I don’t know why but that whole “I’d do anything for Clary” thing Simon has going on is getting pretty old

Alec is A BIG MOOD

This still is not a plan. It’s the beginning of the plan, it’s around 30% of a plan. But they still go through with it and funnily so it kind of works out in the end.

Clave prisons are…charming.


Oh yay, muffled screams coming from a menacing door this is great

Exposition guard man

Still would have enjoyed Raphael’s character a lot more without the addiction plot with Izzy that the writers and showrunners just can’t let go of

I thought these were telepathy rings?!?! Why are they suddenly talking out loud??! Especially Izzy??? Wtf???

This is such a stupid way of hinting at Aline’s, Alec’s and Izzy’s friendship, that comparison doesn’t work

Now THAT’s how you do a good parabatai scene.


And again…exposition Lilith!! Ya know, if you’re only going to use her to tell the viewers random information they need without it making any sense you can just as well not have her on the show

I knew we didn’t see the last of this Aldertree asshole

I really enjoy Helen in this

I want to puke as soon as I see his face and now Izzy has to be nice to him to keep him distracted. Ew.

How exactly was she able to save these sketchbooks after her whole flat burned down in season 1? And in such good condition, no less.

Okay now I’m really confused. So. How much older than Clary is Jonathan?? Because he was grown in the flashbacks and she’s talking about a dream she had of him when she was younger. And okay, maybe his demon blood keeps him from aging further but I also don’t think that there was such a big gap between Jocelyn’s first and second child??

And now Simon will proceed to freely walk around the whole Gard and make a lot of noise and have nobody come to get him because suddenly all the guards are gone and there are also no surveillance cameras or anything

This little thing with Magnus and the grey hair is so unbelievably cliché

“Don’t let him out of your sight” WELL….

Of COURSE Iris is there

Am I the only one who thinks that this whole “taking away their demon blood and their powers” thing the Clave does to downworlders is…really lazy writing? Because exactly the same has happened to Magnus already…twice I might add. Like. Couldn’t you have thought of some different kind of torture or whatever?? Or given Magnus a different plot?? I feel like all we’ve been dealing with concerning the Downworld is downworlders losing their powers in some kind of way. It gets boring after a while. And also kind of plays down the repercussions of Magnus losing his magic because he’s not the only one it happened to?

Victor Aldertree is both the worst and best villain this show ever made

I REALLY love Helen

Bye Iris I guess

This whole plot is so anticlimactic. Like. They solved the whole thing in one episode. Everything went way too smoothly. That’s what happens when you focus the time of the episodes on things that don’t bring the plot forward and then realize you have to solve everything in one episode. This is a mess. The Clave plot was there for a few episodes but all that ever happened were 20 seconds of talking about the new thing Izzy found out and that’s it.


*giggles obnoxiously about the Heline scene*

But…especially in the case of vampires, if they wanted to be a vampire again they could just be turned again, right? For them it’s pretty easy to get their demon blood back if they wanted to

Jace’s little grin when Alec excuses himself is like “YEAH MAN YOU GO MAN :DDD”

Sizzy is cute but pretty far from ‘We’re totally in love’ so…how they’re gonna do that is still a mystery to me.

How does Luke Baines always manage to make me feel sorry for Jonathan, he’s honestly just a little boy who was thrown around, left alone, and tortured all his life. Of course he’d latch onto the little hope for love he has with Clary.

Oh boy…Magnus is late…that can’t mean something good.

Oh Magnus…

Magnus Bane shading every Shadowhunters writer who ever was

Okay that absolutely broke my heart but in my opinion, this was way more important than a proposal would have ever been in the current situation. They needed to have this talk and Magnus needed to open up and see that Alec would still be there for him. And Alec made him stay and held him and that’s a way more important bond than a ring on the finger could have ever been. Magnus needed this and Alec needed this and their relationship needed this and even if it hurt like HELL, this scene is one of the biggest proves of their love there ever was.

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So…Jonathan is suddenly as powerful as Lilith?? The actual queen of hell?? Good to know I guess??? Does demon blood usually give you the powers to relocate your apartment to a far away country?? Because that would be NEAT.

We put the Eiffeltower there for you people to recognize this as Paris!!

Did….Jonathan just compare Clary to big artists like van Gogh??? I mean…yeah, she can draw but…what???

I mean…you really do kind of owe him a chance but I have the feeling you’re lying to get out of the apartment.

Okay so…I love Sizzy. But Izzy scared of rats and hiding behind/clinging to Simon is such a teenage-romance-movie thing and it’s seriously getting old. By now they have big best friends energy and I’m actually curious how they’re gonna make them into a couple.

OH WOW okay that was a jumpscare LOL hi, Cain!!

I deeply relate to Alec’s grumpy face at being woken up.

“Why are you dressed?” he says “Why am I not getting my morning cuddles?” he means

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Alec wanted a longer and deeper kiss than that peck, poor baby is getting denied his boyfriend time

And also, Magnus is so adorable for a centuries old guy. Let me put him in my pocket and keep him as a comfort warlock.

“Morning exercise” he says “morning s*x” he means

So you’re really going to give us the training scene RIGHT AFTER THIS??? You’re really gonna be like that???? I enjoy it.

I don’t really have much to say about this scene except asjijwiuhfjoidjahfkdjkdj we actually got a whole scene of bantering boyfriends training together and showing their competitive sides, we got Alec’s “brew me a bottle” voice, Magnus teasing, Alec bodily pushing his boyfriend against a pillar and making out with him in the middle of the institute. Such a power move. I’m impressed. Please give me more.

Btw I yelled when Magnus danced away from Alec he is SO EXTRA and I’m HERE for it. Also, “black belt in name-dropping” hwauihdisahdhwaiudjwaiujd I both hate and love them.

Magnus acting all unbothered and then skipping after Alec to his bedroom is the best thing that ever happened.

Conversations that start with “we need to talk” usually don’t end well

I’m always here for interactions between Luke and the boys, no matter who

Hello again, Cain!!!

It’s so convenient that Lilith left some clothes there and that they’re conveniently Clary’s size.

Oh boy we’re really doing the inc*st plot, huh? Again??? What is it with these books and their love for inc*st.

Wow, glamouring does really terrible wigs

Could you PLEASE stop writing Jonathan and Clary all flirty?? They are siblings. And I know that the whole mistaking platonic love for romantic love stuff is important for Jonathan’s character arc but you don’t have to make Clary be flirty back. That just makes me terribly uncomfortable.

So, I’m a huge nerd for the whole Cain-Abel-Lilith etc biblical stuff and I am SO THERE for new versions of that story.

Wow, now I gotta add Cain to the list of people I wanna protect and give a hug to, huh? What a twist.

Okay it’s a bit unrealistic to me that Cain who’s been suffering from this mark for several centuries would be too scared to die to attempt the removal?? I mean…the chances must still be pretty good for him to survive and live a more or less normal life, right?



But also, keep going.

Wow, Magnus, I thought you were more of a gentleman than getting out of bed like 5 seconds after. Give your boyfriend his cuddles, damn it.

On another note, I know that this is a deeper issue and I really hope they won’t just brush it away like they did with every mental issue Magnus had/has

This tells me that Magnus has a Twitter account. I find that exhilarating.

I know that they’re being deep and sweet but they’re both still a little sweaty and my mind is going places

I love them so much you have no idea

Well, at least THEY’RE dressed for the weather.

How convenient that some of her hair got stuck on that tree

Well, tbh, Paris isn’t /that/ pretty

“the most beautiful boy” well, you can’t tell me that Jonathan isn’t at least a little bit bi

Alec reminding Magnus to cherish the moments they have is such a sweet scene and…Malec casually dropping wedding vows once again. They are adorable. I just wish they gave us another angle and more light on that kiss.

Also, Jace cockblocking even from another country!! That’s some talent right there.

I can’t believe they spent all this money on filming in Paris for a little bit of scenery.

It’s still amazing to me how easily Shadowhunters are robbed of essential things like knifes and Steles. And also, how convenient that a random Shadowhunter walks past in just that second

Call me crazy but I have a feeling that Simon-Izzy-Meliorn is a thing that could actually work lol

“I’m not one to name-drop” HE IS SO PETTY AND I LOVE IT

I’m sorry but the whole Clary-Jonathan plot this episode is so boring I would really like to skip this scene

Jonathan, you gotta make a little small-talk before asking someone to show you their sword

God all these fake French accents are annoying the hell out of me

And also, convenient Shadowhunter is convenient

Jonathan, that KILLS people!!!

I love how everyone is just watching like it happens every day that a Daylighter does a possibly deadly ritual to get his mark off

So, they’re really gonna make Izzy risk getting back on her addiction and make it a romantic sacrifice? I see you, writers, and this is bullsh*t.

No, it’s not okay. I hate this.

How is Clary still shocked about Jonathan killing people?

Oh look, it’s the Eiffeltower!!! Are we in Paris????

Wow, we don’t call our sister a little b*tch, Jonathan!!!

That scene is so stupid and anti-climatic I can’t even bear watching it

Where are Luke and Alec? Are they just…kinda there watching? I mean…Clary IS Luke’s basically-adopted-daughter and he’s just standing there like “oh nice, she’s not dead! Cool!” and all of that just because they didn’t want to spend the extra money to bring Isaiah and Matt to Paris. All of this is so, so stupid.

“Make sure to get this shot of them kissing in front of the Eiffeltower, Marty, we paid a lot of money for this!”

Well, I’d say Jonathan is not happy.

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Magnus' magic is *always* demonic because its core is his demonic blood. So it coming out red or purple wouldn't be about it showing his 'demonic side', it'd probably be about his emotions or something else.

i’m aware, anon :) magnus is meticulous with keeping hints of his demonic blood layered behind his physical appearance, though. he’s been deeply scarred by people who were terrified of him because of those elements that identified him as not human. he doesn’t hide his cat eyes because they don’t match his shirt, he hides his eyes because he has been, and still is, a victim of violence and prejudice because of his demonic blood.

since we haven’t been told in this universe what color magnus’ magic naturally is (if it is, in fact, only one color at all), it’s still possible that the unglamoured color of his magic is red. or, yes, it’s possible it changes color with his emotions when he’s overwhelmed.

magnus was overwhelmed, but he didn’t lose control. he was frustrated, yes, then baited by raj, but still in control. he made a statement, an angry one for sure, but merely a hint of what he is capable of doing. and with every other aspect of his posture and his words reflected in that scene, i find it hard to believe that when he went after raj, he wasn’t choosing for his magic to be red as well. whether that was his natural magic color coming through or a physical manifestation of his mental state is what we don’t know.

but the key here is that blue is a serene color. it speaks to healing and comfort. red is a color of blood and anger. the color red would remind someone very quickly who and what he is.

and if anyone knows the power of appearances, it’s magnus bane ♡ xx

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Yeah, I’m still watching “Shadowhunters.” I am currently annoyed at Luke. On a certain level, I get it. In Simon, Luke sees another guy who was on the outside looking in, loving someone who was with someone else. He sees himself.

Yet, Luke is, for all intents and purposes, Clary’s father-figure. He’s spent a lot of time with her. He must have seen how Clary interacts with Simon. She’s not into him. It’s perfectly okay for her not to be into him.

Encouraging Simon by letting him know that Clary and Jace are apparently brother and sister is not doing anyone any favors. It’s simply relaying facts, yes. Simon would have found out eventually. The delivery of the facts, however, is what’s important. In that smile, almost wink-wink nudge-nudge delivery, Luke is telling Simon that his time is now and not to let this opportunity pass him by. Clary’s available and he should totally go for it.

In all of the years that Luke has watched Simon and Clary, Simon had tons of chances to make a move and Clary could have, at any point, developed romantic feelings for him. Neither of these things were the case. What makes Luke think that she’s going to change now just to fit a narrative he wishes were true in his own case?

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled Tumblring while I turn my focus to my favorite relationship on the show: Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane.

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Omg, I can’t believe it’s already the season finaleeeeeeeee

Remember that one time Malec happened, I do

#MoodyJace  A pair of baby booties won’t change my moodiness!

I guess it’s a good thing that Shadowhunters are more racist than homophobic…? Also Alec can kiss all the warlocks he wants. Gosh Lydia ruining banter by being unconscious on the ground

Okay is it me, or does punishment rune sound too much like punishment room? Which is too much like 50 shades of grey #no

Why would Valentine leave his super cool Chernobyl lair to go to a shipyard, definitely a downgrade…and he has a tank of evil lemonade…? And why would be the first person you make into a Shadowhunter be an old man?

Poor Hodge, he got a plotline and even a cool looking weapon that is functionally pointless but it was never going to end well for him

Oh good Jace, pick up the dismembered hand, that’s a great idea. Time for some Daddy issues! blah blah blahhhhhh

Camille is looking fine in her cute red outfit. Why not be locked in a coffin while looking super cute?


What a very nicely placed beam of light Izzy


Why is there like never any urgency? Valentine literally is making an army of Shadowhunters and everyone is just like chilling on side quests

Find the book of the white, look look look #boringbook Oh Hey I’m Clary and find it in 2 seconds

Family reunion! #worstdadever 

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #byejace

Okay Clary’s weird chain ring thing is distracting. Also distracting are Izzy’s heels? How does she even stand in them?

Couldn’t have put a table under Jocelyn?

So Jace is evil? Idek but we’ll have to find out next season!!!!!

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Let’s have a board of all the warlocks’ headshots

And nothing wrong with having a wedding when some guy wants to kill everyone

gahhhhhhhhhh #malecfeels

So much angst, no one can be with their true loveeeeeeeee

Just time to be work buddies

What’s the point of a wall of fire if some people can walk through it?

For an episode about Malec it certainly isn’t 42 minutes of straight Malec

What if we stopped giving stuff to Jocelyn to hide? Like how is that a good strategy? It doesn’t work…ever


No Jace, let Clary be horribly not-subtle and accuse Lydia of treason, that will work so much better

Oh Lydia, Alec’s honor can’t satisfy you in the ways you need

Bachelor parties…strippers, booze, and bffs

Oh Rangor’s not dead, I don’t think I care

Time for some para-BAE-tai time, we need to reforge our bro-bond. Let’s compare incest and being gay…totally same thing. Alec is that even a word? Your sujklajsfdn??

What a nice wedding, this will totally go well. Not a bad dress for a last minute wedding








okay the rest of this episode is unnecessary because it’s not Malec

Oh no! They got the cup..darn

Clary your mom did not carry a giant ass unwieldy box with her everyday

Malec <3 <3 <3

hodge is evil!

thank god he had a purpose as a plotline! 

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 Thank god Clary just asked how they got there because I’m super confused too

Confusing portal explanation 

And Izzy is back to wearing not real clothes!

So Clary is going to another dimension, idk why

Nerdferatu- ha, ha

Here Clary, have fun in the other dimension. Melior (sp?) totally has a jalapeno on this face, and you can’t convince me otherwise 

Clary totally good at keeping it cool in other dimensions…not

Stupid Lydia trying to arrest Izzy, that will work well


Oh sure Simon, attack the cop, that’s a great idea

Alternate reality Magnus needs more glitter

Lydia’s belly button is an innie-outie and it’s distracting 

Clary impersonating Magnus’ flourish is the best thing she’s ever done, ever

So at first I thought Simon’s plan was stupid, now that he’s fake shot, that’s pretty smart

What’s the point of being a Para-BAE-tie if you can’t find them with your special connection? Oh hey nvm Alec is shirtless

Alternate reality Malec is just as adorbs as normal reality

OMG Melior slapping unconscious Jace is fantastic 

Who needs fancy shiny swords when you have broom handles?


So Jace’s dad has been locked in utility closet this entire time…okay

Well there you go, can’t wait until next week!

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Originally posted by dailyshadowhuntersgif

I love Izzy so much, going out of her way to make Clary feel better and ask her about her mother. And the hand holding!

Maryse hugging Jace but not Isabelle. I already hate her.

Meeting Mrs. Lightwood, you start to understand why Alec is so emotionally repressed. Technically, almost all of the Shadowhunters are. Like Jace. That probably also has to do with being raised as soldiers.

When you’re too Straight™ to realize your best friend is in love with you: “C’mon, we’re brothers!”

Alaric shifted back into a human and he was fully dressed. So where do werewolves’ clothes go when they’re in wolf form?

You can tell they had a smaller budget because (other than the bad special effects of course) whenever they visit the Seelies, it’s just a tent with minimal furnishing and a lot of rugs that we don’t get to see the outside of.

It was cute how excited Meliorn was to see Izzy…before he realized Jace was there.

Every time Valentine starts talking my brain shuts off.

Love how Jace blames Alec for Clary sneaking out. Worst best friend ever.

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Originally posted by eva-noora-isak-sana

Does anyone really flail around and make noises when they have a nightmare? You see that a lot in movies and tv, but personally I’m pretty quiet when I have bad dreams.

Simon is being stupid as shit. You’re worried about being safe? Then why not stay with the f*cking demon hunters who saved your ass?

I love Izzy, so I will not blame her for saying “someone needs to get slayed”. I will rightfully blame the writers for making me hear that absolute bullshit pun.

I have no patience to sit through any of Valentine’s generic villain scenes.

His henchman just killed the spies with his bad breath. I can’t…

The name Alaric just reminds me of The Vampire Diaries. Which isn’t a good thing. I don’t want to be reminded that that show exists.

Spread the word: Magnus Bane is a bisexual king.

Maureen needs to ditch Simon. He’s not worth the time.

“With a body like yours, everything’s your color.” Clary don’t do this to me. Don’t make me ship you and Izzy. Stop it.

When he needs you to hold his hands and stare into his eyes to help him track a warlock but you’re in gay love with him and he treats you like shit because he’s in love with a girl he just met. Poor Alec. 

Magnus making a shitty pun and then flirtatiously introducing himself to Alec during the middle of battle is accurate bisexual representation.

Magnus had sex with Michelangelo! 

This memory demon is lowkey homophobic, trying to out Alec like that. Though it’s not like Jace would pick up on the meaning of being Alec’s most loved person anyway. He is too Straight™.

It was awfully easy to kill that “Greater Demon”. Just one stab, didn’t even try to fight back.

Jace is wearing a jacket without a shirt on underneath! Just like Hodge last episode! Why is this a thing?

My internet connection was fine, but Hulu froze like 3 times when I was watching this. The universe really didn’t want me to finish this episode.

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Originally posted by dailyshadowhuntersgif

Am I fond of Alec because I relate to him? Yes, I too am an all-black-wearing moody bitch that was in the closet for years who caught feelings for my best friend.

I know Shadowhunters dress Edgy™ but I like their fingerless gloves. I’m sure that says something about me but I’d rather not know.

First date idea: take your girl to the cemetery and teach her to wield a magical blade.

Vampires can pause people?

Isabelle and Meliorn together is bisexual solidarity but with benefits.

Is Hodge wearing a jacket without a shirt on underneath? Do people do that? Sounds itchy.

The flying bike scene looks bad, but I didn’t expect anything different.

This episode really drew the line in the sand: you either have a vampire kink or you don’t. And oops, the cat’s out of the bag! Guess I have a vampire kink. And there Jace goes shaming me…

Clary and Jace being dumb hetero representation: discussing whether or not they’ve been in love while Simon is in danger.

Isabelle being supportive of Clary gives me serotonin. 

Is it bad that I’m actually having fun watching this?

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Originally posted by keira84

My first post ran a little too long, so here’s part 2!

Jace stopping while hunting a f*cking demon to talk to Clary is so dumb. He’s trying to stop people from being killed. There’s no time, you idiot.

Maybe it’s because Dominic Sherwood, who plays Jace, is British and is having a hard time trying to keep an American accent, but he sounds like a robot reciting his lines.

Clary sliding back on her butt after Jace shoved her away to protect her was really funny to me.

When you accidentally stab someone to death…

Their blades (I don’t know what the f*cking things are called) look so cheap. They look like knock-off plastic light sabers that you can buy at Walmart for $5.

I know that Clary was freaked out by the demon fight, but she’s an asshole for leaving Maureen and Simon behind at a club that she thought was too dangerous to be in herself.

POV: It’s your 18th birthday and your mom sets your bedroom on fire.

If you told me they found all the henchman actors on the street I would believe you. They’re not good actors. One of them f*cking growled.

Valentine is the king from CW’s Reign? And he’s doing experiments in Chernobyl???

You know, just a really REALLY convenient necklace that let’s you see whoever you want to see wherever they are. Why not?

Jace needs to watch how he talks to my boy Alec. Dude, he’s your best friend that you’ve known since childhood. Y’all call each other brother and this new girl shows up so you can get all pissy and standoffish? I don’t give a shit about how interested Jace is in Clary if it means he gets an asshole pass.

Anime protagonist Jace: *stabs a man* “This is for my father.”

I hate Valentine as a villian. And not in a good “he’s so evil that I love hating him”. Nah, he’s just cliche and boring as hell.

I think part of what makes things so awkward is that the writers are trying to cram too much information into what the characters are saying instead of just showing us. It’s like they think their audience is too stupid to put things together. They need to learn the rule of “showing and not telling”.

Shadowhunters is an inherently flawed show…but it’s fun, in a way, so I think I’ll watch another episode.

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I read The Mortal Instruments series years ago when I was in elementary school. I realize that the books aren’t that good, that they have some real problems, and that there is drama around the author, but I’m bored and I’m just watching tv for fun, so…


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A lot of people complained about the characters being aged up, but I prefer it this way. Now them running around the city and their romantic situations feel like they make a bit more sense. And hey, no sexualizing teens, thank god!

Okay, the special effects are a little iffy, but this is a Freeform show and I didn’t expect the budget to be high in the first place.

Oh man, Izzy’s white wig is atrocious! 

As far as I know, most of the characters were originally white, so I’m glad they decided to add more diversity (being Emeraude Toubia, Alberto Rosende, and Isaiah Mustafa)

For someone trying to get into a prestigious art school, Clary really gives no f*cks about carefully cutting her portfolio together.

Surprisingly, I actually like the actor playing Simon. Can’t wait until he gets a character arc that doesn’t have to do with following Clary around like a lost puppy.

I don’t like that they made Luke a cop. Isaiah Mustafa still could’ve been just as cool if he was a bookseller moonlighting as a werewolf.

Why the hell would Clary’s mom give her a magical object if she’s trying to hide the magical world from her? Convenience sake, for the bad writers.

That’s how you know something bad is going to happen to the main characters’ parent, when they say “we need to talk” but they don’t get to tell the important information.

Harry Shum Jr.!

The Clave being super high tech is really weird. Isn’t it supposed to look like a library or something?

I’m glad everyone doesn’t have unnecessary British accents like in the movie.

Simon singing “Forever Young” is actually good foreshadowing or I’m so bored that my standards are being lowered by the second.

I like the bit that Maureen and Simon’s band name keeps changing. And they’re all bad names.

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