wilbursoot-updates · 2 days ago
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Wilbur is in Shubble’s tweet!
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clowntrio · a day ago
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pacificwaternymph · 22 hours ago
Things i want to see in Empires SMP season 2:
Katherine with a giant ass, anime level of impractical sword
Princess Alliance (Katherine and Gem)
Badass Jimmy
Joel and Lizzie getting married, AGAIN
Badass Jimmy
Fwhip being a nuisance to everyone and everything
Give Jimmy A Gun
Another Joey and Shelby friendship (seriously why are they always so cute)
(look I know we like to make him the butt of the joke all the time but i legitimately think his character this season is cool and I want him to have his badass moments that arent immediately overshadowed by another player.)
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saffsketches · a day ago
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must be a real drag trying to move all your witch stuff through a mangrove swamp ..
click for better quality ;;
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ya-ynot · a day ago
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The Worst Best Witch, Shubble!
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empires-s2-headcanons · a day ago
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amostfoolishgold · a day ago
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Little swamp witch and her toad
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jazstudios · 2 days ago
Tordus & Shubble! They shall be the greatest empire known to mankind!!!!
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i think i spelled Tordus wrong
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shibbydoodles · a day ago
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My first drawing of empires smp season 2!
I don't know why, but Shubble seeing a white frog got me inspired immediatly!
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killmebythebeach · 19 hours ago
First words of all the characters in my mystery wip (empires s1)
Pix: MISS! You'll be okay- you've got to be okay I can't do this again I- I
Xornoth: Come on!
Scott: there's got to be something to get rid of this thing... think, THINK-
Jimmy: Lizzie? Where's dad? What-
Lizzie: He's coming- but it's important we get AWAY from the water.
Joel: so let me talk for myself, apparently I can do all the things a sixteen year old human can do. All the boring stuff. And sculpting. Sculpting is fun.
Katherine: *am I like them?*
Shrub: Uhm-
Joey: I was just looking ul at the sky, look how pretty the sun is through the fire temple.
Sausage: I am ten years old.
Gem: I'm NO wizard.
Fwhip: oh my GOSH- okay okay okay. You're good you're good.
Excited to release the first chapter soon ;)
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wilbursoot-updates · a day ago
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Wilbur is in Scott's IG post!
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pinkypastal · 2 days ago
Shubble and joey are besties again!
Can't wait for more shenanigans of pirate joe and shelby the witch!
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manifold-updates · 2 days ago
Jack replied to Shelby!
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ellism219 · 2 days ago
Empires SMP S2 Theories,Headcannons, and Ships
[1] The current world of Empires Season 2 kinda looks similar to the map in season 1. In Pixilriff's video he said how the new season kinda takes place 100 years after the events of season one, so it kind of confirms that for me. A simple justification for the biomes is things like erosion, climate change, and tectonic plates. I'm not a geologist though, so don't come for me. [2] I think that a lot of the newer characters from season 2 could be descendants from the old empires in season 1. For example, Lizzie could be a descendant of the lost empire because she's a feline. I also think that Shelby could be from a now Crystal Cliffs. I think that could be possible, but then again, it just sounds really cool. This also gets me thinking that maybe the empires from season 1 could have survived the rapture because there seem to exist kingdoms/empires in season 2. [3] Joey x Sausage, I don't know where to start. Besides this being a cute ship. Joey and Sausage were making jokes about ... eating each other's ass, so its basically cannon lmao. Also, doesn't surprise Captain Joe has had other gay relationships. (He's a pirate) Joey x Shubble When I say this I mean platonically. In Joey's video, I like their interactions with each other. And a pirate-witch duo sounds so cool. Katherine x Gem Warrior princess x Sun princess, what else do you need to know.
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lmanburs · 23 days ago
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empires-s2-headcanons · a day ago
ok ok so i was looking through your blog and i saw the post about scott being descended from mezelia and it got me thinking; what if all of them are from s1 empires??? here’s some of my ideas on the topics :)
Scott’s from Mezelia (the other asker was right)
Joey’s from the Ocean Empire (ocean, pirate, y’know?)
Shelby’s from the Crystal Cliffs! (magic!!)
Lizzie’s from The Lost Empire (idk I just feel like she is, also im pretty sure she’s a cat person and the villagers from there were cats)
Joel’s from Pixandria (again, just a feeling, mostly just from the fountain? he could also be from the Crystal Cliffs because of the magic??)
I’m not sure about the others!! feel free to chip in :) -🌙
Personally Y’know what I say?
Gem - Pixandria as well!
Sausage - For some reason he gives me undergrove vibes. Maybe it’s the similar backstory.
Katherine - Shes related to the Overgrown royal family!
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mcyt-cats · a day ago
Most ominous photo of Starlord I have ever seen
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yyuuraii · 13 days ago
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yellow yaks mccp22!!!!!
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bee--soup · 11 days ago
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echotunes · 11 days ago
grian the token straight <3
A clip from Gem's POV of MCC Pride 22.
Gem: We have the girls and the gays but no Grian. Shelby: (unintelligible) —the Grian. (laughs) Gem: Where's our ally? Scott: No, he was deafened! Gem: Where'd he go? Scott: Where's our— where's our token straight? Shelby: Our al— our token. (laughs) Gem: We need our emotional support ally! Grian: (unintelligible) Scott, jubilantly: Token straight! There's our token straight! Gem: (laughing) Shelby: Yaaay! Grian: Had it. I'm just— Scott: Our emotional support straight man! You're here! Grian: I don't—I am, I'm on time—
end transcript.]
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