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zivazivc · 6 months ago
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whenever i hear hawky transform all i can think about is “you just say ‘dark’ bacause it makes you sound more villainous”
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juicyspacesecrets · 2 months ago
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Happy Halloween! Goblins and Ghouls, have you eaten your fill of sweets??
(I never post on time but at this point it’s to be expected....)
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choppersincoming · 11 months ago
i am once again thinking about walter “radar” o’reilly going home to his mother in his class a uniform looking about a decade older, with no teddy bear, yelling at people on the phone. he wakes up earlier than her, now, and sometimes she looks out her window to see him standing alone in the pale blue quiet of dawn in the wide, flat fields of iowa, with his head tilted to the empty sky. listening for something.
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el-im · 6 days ago
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coop sketch 
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heavenscigarette · 3 months ago
I'm so tired. Tired of not doing anything, of not having the courage, the strength of even start. Tired that the happy moments will eventually end and fade in an ocean of everything and mentally tear me apart. Tired of not seeing my friend enough, of not reaching the enough score to make my parents proud, tired I'm not enough to move even a bit. Tired that every time I see her I still care and I still don't hate her, even though it would be the easiest thing for me to move on. Tired of the voices in my head that tell me I'm worth nothing, tired of not making myself happy. Tired of not knowing what is wrong and yet having the certain feeling that somewere is written in bold letters for me to read. I just want to sleep in a way that waking up dosen't make me desire that I were still sleeping every fucking day. Please
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bagawkingkween · 11 days ago
I've been noticing that the quality of the Wonderland performance determines the quality of the whole show for me and it got me thinking
I think it's because it's a song that shows us how the kids interact in regular everyday life, without the presence of adults. It establishes the characters' friendship and dynamics with each other, and that's something so central to the emotional appeal of bapo imo. The stronger their relationships are portrayed, the more heartbreaking it is to watch it all fall apart.
I definitely favor productions that pay attention to all the relationships. Promise hits harder when you've made Peter and Ivy's (canonical!) close friendship clear, just to name an example.
Not sure if I made my point clear but TL;DR: Wonderland can make or break a show for me
Btm did not have Wonderland
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titans-trash · 4 months ago
Honestly, I don’t even care if Tim drinks coffee or not, but at this point coffee addict Tim has become so synonymous with tropes i hate in fanfic if i see him drinking that stuff i just leave. 
Like a good 75% of the time if Tim’s drinking coffee the fic is also going to contain (rant under cut):
1. Character bashing Dick for taking away Robin and kicking Tim out of the family without acknowledging any of Tim’s faults (ie physically throwing Dick over his shoulder and demanding he be left alone before going off to find Bruce)
2. Character bashing Damian for making uwu little boi Tim feel so unsafe in his home again without acknowledging any of Tim’s faults (ie punching Damian in the face after he finds out Damian is Robin) 
3. Some combination of either Damian and/or Dick apologizing to Tim for things the author has clearly not read the source material for.
4. Cass doesn’t exist and instead the person to find Tim while searching for Bruce is Jason for some reason. Bonus points if Cass is there only to point out how sad a character is and basically be a therapy dog.
5. If Young Justice is there to sweep Tim off his feet into the arms his loving friends, it’s only Core Four and we ignore Greta, Anita, and Cissie because they aren’t core despite Cissie and Greta being there for almost the entire comic and Anita being an absolutely wonderfully kind person who was there for at least half the run
6. Tim is the smartest one of all, bow before his intelligence, he wasn’t grasping at straws he was just right the entire time, everyone is mean and terrible for not believing him.
7. Tim is the most sad, most traumatized member of the family, and this justifies all his behavior, no one else (except maybe jason) is allowed to have trauma that may have influenced their behavior. Jack and Janet are the worst parents in existence and Tim was always so lonely why did no one notice (companied with we’ve made Tim’s backstory even sadder for dramatic effect, growing up in boarding schools is not traumatic enough)? Everyone is terrible for not recognizing his trauma, they have no excuses for not doing so. 
8. I haven’t stumbled into any of these fics with Steph but i’m gonna guess since you clearly didn’t read the comics your about to either ignore their entire relationship, or not admit that Tim infantized her a ton (you can’t be a hero but i can, stay where you’re safe, etc.). Maybe she’s just here to throw bricks at Tim or smth idk.
9. Tim never apologizes, ever. For anything that happened in RR. Every mistake that other characters made is still canon in this fic, but none of the things Tim canonically did are.
10. There’s no way in hell Duke is going to make an appearance in this fic - we don’t have to include him because he wasn’t in this timeline. Okay but nice!Jason wasn’t here either so... where’s Duke? Cass?? Cass was in the comic but she’s not here either? And Damian’s a demon too? Huh. Wonder why the only “caring” person is Jason, who was a serial killer at this point in the comics. Maybe like reflect on what makes Jason different in comparison to the others.
I literally have no issues with Tim being a depressed coffee addict it’s just why do people use that as an excuse to bash characters for things they did (taken completely out of context) or things they never did? Or belittle the role of Cass in his life. Idk if you’re gonna “fix” a comic, maybe read the source material?
#had to get the fanon hate out of my system after reblogging that last post sorry #negativity #fanon critical #coffee tim is harmless it just comes with so much baggage i hate it #at this point its just a red flag for me #the tim characterization that comes with it isn't even that bothersome it's just like... #why the hell is jason the only person allowed to be a good brother in this fic #when Dick was a good brother during the era and y'all ignore those bits #and Damian would have been better if Tim didn't PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE #in the first issue #and ALSO CASS IS RIGHT THERE #but smh cass isn't allowed to be a human in this fandom #i legit hate therapy dog Cass so much like wtf is wrong with y'all why would you write her like that #just make a therapist character or OC use someone else cuz that aint it #anti tim drake #tagging anti just in case #i literally don't even hate canon tim i just read his comics and was like there are more interesting characters #canon tim's fine he's literally just a dork he's got some cute scenes #he plays video games with Barbara and locks Dick in her simulation room #but like fanon tim is just so annoying at this point #mostly because every other character is butchered into oblivion #i don't think i've ever seen legitimate criticism of any character on this website other than like Jason and Bruce #because the people writing criticism haven't actually... read the source material #so you're criticizing the character based on things other people said they've done with zero context for any reason they did it #i swear if i ever see someone call duke boring cuz he's the sane one i think i'll lose my goddamn mind #yall made him boring 😤 #he's perfectly not boring in the comics 😤 #rant post
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redrobin-detective · 4 months ago
I want to know what is up with patients refusing care lately. Half my patients yesterday were saying No to everything from the mundane (finger stick checks) to the the clinically important (refusing IV access and blood draws to determine treatment) and, with how exhausted and overworked all of us are now I don’t have the time or patience to get on my knees and talk them through every single nitpick they have about the food or bedding or whatever. 
Hospitals are overflowing and overrun and even my good will and patience can run out. Here is what I want to say to my patients who come to the hospital and won’t let us help without explanation: Go Home. Stop taking up a bed someone else desperately wants if you don’t want us to treat you. We told you what we need to do to get you better, multiple people have come in and explained in varying different ways. I don’t have the time or energy to cater to your every little desire, to wait on you hand and foot like you’re at a day spa. 
I am here to fix or at least manage your medical condition and if you will not let me or others do what we need to in order to get you to that point then Leave.
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botls · a year ago
percy jackson would definitely make one of those “reasons why my girlfriend is mad at me” tiktoks where it’s just ridiculous reasons that he says “yeah that one’s on me” to every time
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glitzybunny · 21 days ago
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I’m making stuff and things for stuff and things
So have this Kel with some of his favourite drink, Orange Joe >:D
Edit: added headspace Kel with milk and retook the screenshot of Kel w/Orange Joe cause no one has seen this post yet lmao
Also Happy Birthday Hero, sorry I drew your brother instead hahahahaha
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cheesytrishy · a year ago
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im sorry
i just had to post this
but heres my thing for the coffe shop au that belongs to @doodledrawsthings
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fangirltothefullest · 7 months ago
I just want a job in a little off-the-wall, non-mega-corp coffee shop or a job in a little book store, is that too much to ask?
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gardenerian · 2 months ago
I just rewatched 7x12, and can we talk about fandom thinking only Ian cares Monica dies—because the other kids care, too! They each have a complicated relationship with her, but they're all feeling something at her wake when they speak. We only hear Fi's eulogy, but it's about as complimentary as it could be, given the circumstances. Then they all dance at her funeral afterparty (a concept Monica would have loved). If Ian was the only one who cared, the other kids wouldn't have shown up, wouldn't have spoken, wouldn't have called Grandpa Bill, wouldn't had gone to the hospital to hear her fate. I didn't remember the ep well, so my interpretation was solely through fics and Tumblr, but rewatching has reminded me it's worth going back to the source (it's also the last of the consistently good seasons, so worth rewatching for that alone).
7x12?? in my inbox??? i could kiss you.
i think the difference is how they care. that's what sets ian apart, and he knows it. he spent more time with her. he knows her in a way they don't - it's not necessarily a good way, but it bonds them in a way the other siblings don't really feel. plus, he's connected with her in a way they can't understand.
you're right, of course they care. but in a huge way, the episode is about how her death touches them. how their traumas collide, how their memories resurface, how it brings them all together. the scene where they dance (she would have loved that, you're right), the montage at the end - it's about them, how they grew up, and how they're gonna go forward. that's totally understandable, and it completely makes sense given the kind of mother monica was to them.
to me, it really feels like most of their actions re: the funeral planning, etc. comes from their sense of duty. this is our family, this is what we do. they give her that day, not due to any real desire to celebrate her, but because it feels like the right thing to do. they resent her, but she gave them life. she gave them each other. they give themselves space to remember and feel that. i've said it before, but that shot of carl at the funeral is one of my favorite shots of the whole series. she hurt them, and they're feeling it together. you're right, it's complicated. it's not pure hatred they have for her, but her death is a chance for them to come together and grieve something so much bigger than her.
but ian.... ian mourns her. it goes deeper than that, of course. but ian holds onto her in a way the others don't. by season 8, they've put on a stiff upper lip and moved on. fiona is surprised to hear that ian is still struggling with it. they'd mourned what she was to them and what she could have been a long time ago, way before she died. but ian doesn't want to forget her. monica scares him, and he resents her, but he still holds onto her. i think of that moment in 7x09, where he's so hesitant to see her, but he still reaches out to touch her. plus - he missed those last days with her. his last moments with her were so angry, i'm sure he regrets that. they do all care in their ways, but ian keeps caring. and it leaves him feeling very lost.
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m0e-ru · a month ago
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Mini Izanami Swap AU archive! An old au I thought of a year ago where a friendly and amiable lady weather reporter shakes your hand in the middle of a broadcast, and a familiar, sort of gas scented kid you met sometime ago is in the Velvet Room introducing himself as "Shellie"
you're here bc u want to learn more dont u. well i'll be nice!! /desperately looks for old au ideas and see if i still remember them/
Marie's a weather reporter who first meets Souji at the train station before he meets Dojima and Nanako. A hatless Shellie meets him at the gas station who passes him a memo he dropped before he leaves.
For discussion I'll be referring to Marie as normal despite being the "Izanami" in this au, and Mim as "Shellie." But there's always swap!Marie and swap!Mim or Nami or however you want to call them. And just like Mim, I toss their pronouns around according to the occasion.
"Shellie" from "Mary Shelley." While Velvet Room attendants follow the scheme of being named after characters of Frankenstein, I like to derive it from the author herself, and the fact "Mary" is similar to "Marie." To keep the connection between the two even in an AU
From Marie's literature aspect as her art as a poet, Shellie being a "photographer" was a concept but I was more inclined to use "artist" to make parallels as a graphic art.
Tumblr media
Margaret calls Shellie "brusque" for their rambunctious behavior compared to Marie's antisocial brattiness. But still just as socially inept and curious and peculiarly (frighteningly) averse to the topic of "bonds" and "truth."
Their Social Link is still about searching for their memories after warming up to the idea of living with truth and bonds. While Marie, being "Izanami," watches everything from afar and may even give comments through the weather channel similar to the gas station attendant facade.
if i ever DO come back to this au i might as well throw in my social link swap with the adults than just Mim and Marie sdhaqkgytresbkfhdj
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theavatarspirit · 2 years ago
im sorry but this is the funniest picture from doctor who ive ever seen 
Tumblr media
why does this judoon look like hes applying for a job at starbucks. why is he two seconds and a green apron away from taking orders for a venti non fat half-car vanilla soybean frappuccino. when he calls out order names every single one is “jo ho do” and yet everyone gets their right order. hes the best latte artist the starbucks has ever had every drink has a different galaxy in the foam. 
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deimosatellite · 10 months ago
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laurenxgerman · a year ago
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jj + emily: work wives pt 3
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aheartandashirt · 8 months ago
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Adachi Kiyoshi from Cherry Magic! (2020)
Amemiya Hotaru from Hotaru No Hikari (2007 - 2012)
Choi Han Gyul from Coffee Prince (2007)
Teh Krittikorn from I Told Sunset About You (2020)
Frances Halladay from Frances Ha (2012)
Julie Steffans from Lady Bird (2017)
I was very kindly tagged by quan @ipytm 🥰 Thank you so much and I’m so sorry that it took me this long to make this set!🙏🏽 I tried but for whatever reason photoshop wasn’t cooperating with me so my gifs didn’t turn out as good as I wanted them to 😔
i’m gonna tag @geyikligece @loudspeakeer @michyeosseo @gorlpower @kchive @arinaviz @eyepietime @yioh 💕 (no pressure but i’m nosy so i would love to know who you guys’ comfort characters are. it doesn’t have to be in gif form obviously!)
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catboybottas · 3 months ago
Lance Stroll talking about his teammates, Felix Rosenqvist and Jake Dennis, at Prema in 2015
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yes-feratu · 5 months ago
alfred is 100% a trophy husband, a real nice piece of eye candy (who arthur loves) and everyone is always questioning how a man like alfred is still with a man like arthur and he's just like "SHHH i dont think he knows he can do better"
look arthur doesnt have a high self esteem WHATSOEVER but i think that alfred being his man is the nail in his coffin...not bc hes jealous of his looks or anything but that he feels like al could do SO much better than him and that thought worries him to the core :(
al knows this tho and he does everything he can to make sure arthur knows his heart belongs to HIM and ONLY HIM
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