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I don’t wanna die,

His head was fuzzy

I don’t wanna die,

His eyes were blurred

I don’t wanna die

Was it something he took? He didn’t remember anything –

So you’re gonna have to.

Oh. Is that all that it would take? Just once – and the blur would go away? The blur always went away when he played along…

I don’t wanna die,
I don’t wanna die,
No I don’t wanna die
So you’re gonna have to.

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Ego/whumptober Day 11

Prompts: Strong, Psych 101

Trigger warning: strangling, blood

Characters: Darkiplier, Actor Mark


Dark sat in silence, rope binding him to a chair as the Actor spoke. He had gotten the other man talking, and was currently listening to an angry recounting of all that had happened in the manor that night, from Mark’s perspective. He had heard it all before, of course, from the perspectives of everyone that had been there, but this bought him the time that he needed.

“Don’t you understand?” There were very real tears running down Mark’s face as he stopped to look at him, and Dark gave his best sympathetic nod.

“Of course I do. You were hurting. You still are.” His voice was soothing, understanding. And he did understand. At least, some part of him did. But the parts of him that wanted vengeance, the twin souls, the Entity, they didn’t care. He was playing his part right now, but he would kill Mark, and the anger of Damien and Celine would finally be quelled. At Dark’s words, Mark stopped for a moment, looking at him with an unreadable expression. Then he took a breath, wiping the tears from his eyes, and began to pace, continuing his story.

Dark continued to listen, slowly working away at the ropes that bound his wrists. He wasn’t strong enough to break them, but the thickness of the ropes gave him an advantage in that they were fairly easy to untie. After a few more minutes, they were untied indeed, and Dark sat waiting, his gaze piercing and calculative. 

As Mark paced back in front of Dark, Dark made his move. He stood from the chair abruptly, rope gripped in his hand, and whipped it around Mark’s neck, grabbing the other end with his opposite hand and pulling tightly. He did this in one fluid movement, and Mark’s sentence was cut off, a choked sound of surprise escaping his lips. He pulled at the rope, trying desperately to get it off, but Dark’s grip was steadfast. 

Determining that that method of escape was useless, the Actor lengthened demonic claws, his eyes flicking completely black. He drove his hand backwards, plunging the claws into Dark’s side and dragging upward, creating four nasty gashes. He pulled his hand away as Dark cried out, trying his best to keep his grip on the rope. But blood was rushing down his side, staining his undershirt red and soaking into his pants and suit jacket, and his grip loosened just enough for Mark to take a gasping breath and wrench the rope out of Dark’s hand. Mark turned to Dark, whose eyes blackened to match Mark’s, and he lunged at the bleeding man. Dark dodged the attack clumsily, urging the wounds to heal quicker, they should be healing by now- 

When Dark glanced at his wounds, he paled. There was black liquid oozing from them along with the red, and he suppressed a gag. He could deal with the wounds later, he decided as he looked away from them. Right now, the immediate threat was the Actor. He needed to focus.

It was as those thoughts crossed his mind that he was tackled to the ground. He gave a grunt of surprise, using the momentum to throw his attacker off. The movement had his body screaming in protest, and he pressed a hand to the claw marks as he stood, stumbling. Still, he growled at where he’d thrown Mark, and tendrils of darkness whipped forward, wrapping tightly around the Actor, restraining him. He moved forward as the Actor struggled against his hold, the tendrils lifting him from the ground, ignoring the screaming pain in his side as best he could. He stopped, eye level with Mark, black eyes meeting his own, and Mark laughed weakly. “You can’t kill me, Dark. Any more than I can kill you.” Dark snarled at the other man, aura flaring around him.

“I will find a way. I will remove your Entity piece, and I will take my vengeance.” Dark said this with absolute determination and confidence, as if there wasn’t a more sure thing in this world. And for him, there wasn’t. It was the thought of such vengeance, the need for it, that drove him to do the things he did. Mark only laughed again, a strange, distinctly inhuman sound, before melting into what seemed to be the same thick liquid that had been in Dark’s wounds. Dark’s eyes widened, and he tried desperately to stop Mark from escaping, but it was no use, as Mark disappeared completely from the room.

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