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#test subject

Originally AU of Alter, now main persona. Basically me irl if my life were a bit more fantastical

Original name dropped, changed to Alter (commonly referred to as HIPSter Alter)


Test subject, fursuit maker, streamer, voice actor. Various other jobs you can do from home, depending on his weight.

He loves making jokes about things, even himself and his weight. He likes to flirt and hit on people, even if they aren’t attracted to massive fatties. He enjoys his food and his weight and won’t hear a thing about losing it. He loves going outside and enjoying nature when he can fit out the door.

An ex-college student slowly going broke after dropping out of school, Alter went to the science department at the local university when he saw a posting about being paid for testing purposes. The tests were simply to try a new pill for a year and record the results, Alter assumed they were diet pills and thought he would have it pretty easy since he was only slightly chubby at the time.

After a couple weeks, he woke up one morning and discovered that his body had turned deep red, the doctor that was running the tests gave him some other pills to help “fix” the side effects, which after another couple weeks turned his skin and hair from red to purple, other pills the doctor gave didn’t fix this, so Alter resigned himself to being purple (which he was fine with since it was his favorite color and he convinced himself he liked not being tied down to a conventional skin color)

While all this was happening, he noticed he’d find himself craving more food and more variety of things than he usually likes to eat. He held out for as long as he could, but as summer ended and fall began, he just couldn’t stop himself and he started to gorge as if he were getting ready for hibernation. Each day eating more and more food. By winter he had put on a several hundred pounds, most of it going to his butt, hips, and thighs. Too scared to call the doctor again, and stuck inside his apartment, he tried to force himself to diet as the new year rolled around.

Miraculously by the time spring came he actually lost a majority of the weight and was down to a more manageable size and when the year of testing ended, he was only 100lbs heavier than when he started. He returned to the university with his results, a little worried that he might have thrown off the statistics with his weight swing. The doctor then revealed that the pills weren’t diet pills, as much as they were “desire enhancement” pills, he knew most “normal” people desire to be thin and in shape, so he made a pill to strengthen that desire and motivate them to achieve that goal.
He guesses that Alter must have more desire to be fat than thin which is why he was able to gain so much before winter, but then his desire to not mess up the test made it that much easier to lose the weight in the spring. This makes the test a success in his mind.

As he runs some blood work and other physical tests on Alter, he finds that the pills he took all year, as well as the extra ones he took to try and fix his skin, have given him an extra “hardiness” so to speak, meaning his body won’t feel the effects of extreme weight as badly as normal people, but unfortunately means he’ll gain weight a lot easier too if he falls into eating like a maniac again.

The doctor gives him an option to take a stipend and be a test subject for a few more years or to let him go home and move on. Alter decides to take the deal and see where this leads him…

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The Test Subject 

It took him a long time to get used to the nudity. The doctors and scientists were too clinical to bother with his dignity. While the guards even used it as a punishment for the first few months. If he misbehaved his medical gown was taken away and he was left to cower in his cell like an animal. In the moments he was allowed to wear it, it was a small comfort defending him from them.

But eventually he realized the thin layer of cotton didn’t matter, with or without it, he was always exposed. Once he realized this, it didn’t bother him anymore, but then again, not much else did either.

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Test subject whumpee doesn’t need to be trained. Almost immediately he submitted to tests and treatment. He doesn’t flinch and he doesn’t scream.

The doctors and scientists favor this test subject. They can poke and prod as much as they care without him making noise, hyperventilating or sobbing like the others.

But the guards are unnerved. What happened to him before he came here to make him like this? What could be worse than this?

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