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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Please share to save a life!! Stay safe y’all! Always ask the driver’s name and don’t tell yours!

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polite japanese greetings

おはようございます お早うございます (o•ha•yo•o•go•za•i•ma•su) - good morning

  • this is said in the morning, or occasionally when you see someone you know for the first time that day.

こんにちは 今日は (ko•n•ni•chi•wa) - good afternoon/hello

  • this expression has many meanings, but most commonly it is used to say hello or good afternoon.

こんばんは 今晩は (ko•n•ba•n•wa) - good evening

  • this is said in the evening and night up until you are going to bed.

じゃあまた (ja•a•ma•ta) - see you soon

  • many people learn さようなら (sayoonara) as a way to say goodbye, but it has a negative connotation because it is used when you expect not to see someone for a long time.
  •  this expression has a much more common use, and it is used to say goodbye to someone you expect to see in a short time.

おやすみなさい お休みなさい (o•ya•su•mi•na•sa•i) - goodnight

  • this phrase is used before you go to sleep at night.

ありがとうございます (a•ri•ga•to•o•go•za•i•ma•su) - thank you

  • this is a polite way to say thank you when you are talking to a stranger or someone with a higher social status than you (i.e. your teacher, a policeman, your boss, etc.)

すみません  済みません (su•mi•ma•se•n) - excuse me/sorry/thank you

  • this is a very common phrase in japan because it has three meanings making it very useful. 
  • (excuse me): used to get someone’s attention
  • (sorry): said to apologize for causing trouble
  • (thank you): said when you are not expecting the favor done for you

いいえ   (i•i•e) - no problem

  • this is said in response to すみません. it means no problem, or the literal translation, no/not at all.

いってきます 行ってきます (i•tte•ki•ma•su) - i’ll go and come back

  • this is said when you are leaving the house.

いってらっしゃい 行ってらっしゃい (i•tte•ra•ssha•i) - please go and come back

  • this expression is said in response to いってきます.

ただいま 只今 (ta•da•i•ma) - i’m home

  • this is said when returning home.

おかえりなさい お帰りなさ (o•ka•e•ri•na•sa•i) - welcome home

  • this expression is said in response to ただいま.

いただきます  頂きます (i•ta•da•ki•ma•su) - thank you for the meal

  • this expression is used before eating.

ごちそうさまでした ご馳走様でした (go•chi•so•o•sa•ma•de•shi•ta) - thank you for the meal

  • this expression is used after eating.

はじめまして 始めまして (ha•ji•me•ma•shi•te) - nice to meet you

  • this expression can only be used the first time you meet someone.

よろしくおねがいします よろしくお願いします (yo•ro•shi•ku•o•ne•ga•i•shi•ma•su) - i look forward to working with you.

  • an alternate meaning to this expression is “please treat me with respect”. 
  • you can say this in the place of はじめまして if you have met the person before.
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Me and my friends when people ship Bakudeku, Tododeku, Kiribaku, and Todobaku, but as soon as Kachako or Izuchako is even mentioned they say Kacchan is abusive and doesn’t belong with her, or she’s in the way of their yaoi ship

I personally don’t ship half of these ships and I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s the truth

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Kacchako Kamisama KISS AU!

Kamisama KISS is very dear to my heart, and was one of my first anime’s! I feel as if Tomoe and Nanami’s relationship is fitting with this pair 🌸

I referenced an official art of the show, to make the piece look more authentic- the reference is on my Instagram!

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