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insfiringyou·2 days agoAnswer

Is Da eun the new headcanon girlfriend of Taehyung?

We aren’t really going to jump that far forward for a while since we need to explain what happens in between such as how they met and also the dynamic between Cassandra and Tae after he comes out of service and they start co parenting. But yes, at that point in time in the future, Da-eun is his girlfriend.

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insfiringyou·2 days agoAnswer

How does JK feel about YS moles and birthmark? I was re-reading 'Can we work out more often?' And though most of the time their fics show her point of view, i noticed that he gets a bit shy over her body/apperance just like she does with him. After seeing her solo draw is clear that she is an outstanding beauty. As once you mentioned that Tiffany was the closest person in look terms you could think of, i think she is a beautiful mix of her and ulzzang Yoon Sun young. Do you have plans on more draws of this couple?

He just finds everything about her stunning and has a particular soft spot for the trio of small moles between her breasts. I think she’s quite insecure about the one on her face and she can get quite insecure about her body. She’s someone who enjoys working out and staying in shape, so when she puts on weight throughout her relationship as most people naturally do when they get older, she’s quite upset about it, but Jungkook actually finds her sexy with a bit more meat on her bum and hips. I think she’s the target demographic for a lot of Korean beauty products and sort of buys onto a lot of the standards, so she’s a bit more susceptible for being insecure.

Yes I think admin N plans to keep drawing all couples.

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insfiringyou·3 days agoAnswer

What was the inspiration behind Taehyung and Cassandra's baby name?

It’s actually a bit of a nod to the Pre-Raphaelite painters, who often turned to religious themes, along with European legends such as that of King Arthur for their works but also were kind of the rock stars of the Victorian era - inspired by the romanticism of the poets and writers from the first half of the 19th Century. 

We think both V and Cassandra love the Victorian aesthetic of home decor and art, such as having William Morris wallpaper and Taehyung’s tapestry sofa which has been mentioned a few times. Dante Gabriel Rossetti was one of those artists who actually had an affair with William Morris’ wife. Cassandra is definitely the kind of Pre-Raphaelite beauty he loved to paint. I also believe Rossetti had a pet lobster he used to walk on a lead, which I am sure Taehyung would admire in its eccentricity. 

They also both have that whole bohemian romantic ideal of love, sex, passion, liberty and death which was prominent among this group.


(portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti)


(some works by him)


Jane Morris (wife of William Morris and lover of Rossetti)

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insfiringyou·3 days agoText


Original ‘straight’ BTS fanfictions, scenarios and original art created by Admin M and Admin N. 

[Due to tumblr having a limit on the number of posts we can add to one page, we have created a separate masterlist for our ‘most likely to’ posts, preferences, original quizzes and fun extras which can be found here.]


Our goal is to create and explore the 7 members in their personal lives and relationships in a realistic and mature way. Some of our works cover troubling or controversial topics and we do our best to portray our characters and the boys as realistically and as humanly as possible. We encourage you to dive in and explore and hope that you love our world as much as we do. Feel free to ask questions, leave comments, reblog and like :)

While all of our works can be enjoyed by themselves, some are part of our headcanon universe and an ongoing story line, taking place with their girlfriends (original characters). You can find out more about our ongoing storyline here and more about their girlfriends here.

To read each member & their girlfriend’s headcanon universe fics in order, follow the links here: RM   /   Jin  /   Suga  /   J-Hope   /   Jimin   /   V   /   Jungkook

*Or to read all headcanon fics chronologically, follow the link here*

We can be found on Archive of Our Own here & on Deviantart here

If you wish to and are able to support us, you can buy us a coffee here

Original fan art by Admin N (art based on our headcanon fics marked with *)

Scenes from fics:

Queen of the Fairies (V x Cassandra) * - A scene from the day they met 

Suga and Jeong-sun making love in his car * - A scene from our fic ‘Stranded’

Suga smoking * - A scene from our fic ‘Suga and Jeong-sun break up’

Jin and Min-Seo * - A scene from ‘Jin’s stag (bachelor) Party’ of him and his fiance 

Jin’s Wedding (OC girlfriend reveal) * - A scene from Jin’s Wedding depicting J-Hope, Nana, Young-soon, Cassandra, Ji-eun and Ara

Other half (RM x Ji-Eun) * - Namjoon reads to Ji-Eun during a late night discussion.

Your Turn (Jimin x Ara) * - Jimin and his girlfriend enjoying some alone time with home beauty treatments

Suga introduces Jeong-sun as his girlfriend * - A scene from  the fic ‘A Reunion’ where Yoongi finally reveals his relationship to the members

Settling Down (Jin x Min-seo) * A scene of Jin and his wife while she is heavily pregnant.

Candid Afternoon - (V x Cassandra)  - Taehyung casually photographs his girlfriend in the nude on a lazy day.

Can I help? (J-Hope x Nana) * - A scene of them cooking together

Better Together ( Jungkook x Young-Soon) * - A scene of them after a workout

Comfort (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Set post marriage, they take a moment together while she studies for her nursing exams

Girlfriend series (individual portraits of each girlfriend):

Ji-Eun (RM’s girlfriend)*   Min-Seo (Jin’s girlfriend) *   Jeong-sun (Suga’s girlfriend) *  Nana (J-hope’s girlfriend) *   Ara (Jimin’s girlfriend) *   Cassandra (V’s girlfriend) *   Young-Soon (Jungkook’s girlfriend) *

Quick sketches:

A sketch of Jungkook  A sketch of RM  A sketch of J-Hope (tear version) 

I’m a King (Agust-D Daechwita sketch)

I’m a Boss (Agust-D Daechwita sketch)

All Member / Multiple Storyline  fanfictions and scenarios (headcanon marked with *)

7 Minutes in Heaven (all members) * - The boys are invited by Supreme Boi to a rowdy party, where an alcohol-fuelled game of 7 Mins in Heaven takes place, leading to life-long bonds with some of the girls in attendance

Boat Party (all members) * - Despite having reservations since Supreme Boi’s last party, the boys and their girlfriends join him on a yacht to celebrate his birthday. Drunken encounters, break-ups and tender moments take place during the course of the evening.

The Play (all members) * - V invites the boys and their girlfriends to the theatre to watch his girlfriend in a controversial performance. A shocking reveal, stolen kisses and a drunken handjob ensue.

A Celebration to Forget (all members) * -   V throws his girlfriend Cassandra a surprise party at a suburban hotel to celebrate her getting a part in a stage production of Cats. The alcohol-fuelled party acts as a catalyst for regretful acts, a breakup and a new relationship being formed.

Jin’s Stag (Bachelor) Party (all members) * - A week before his wedding to Min-seo,  the members of BTS go out to celebrate while his bride-to-be has her own party with Ji-eun and Cassandra (RM and V’s girlfriends). Unfortunately, Jin’s send-off does not go quite as planned when Supreme Boi and Slow Rabbit show up. 

Jin’s Wedding (all members) * - All members of BTS are present as Jin marries Min-seo. Their girlfriends are likewise in accompaniment, forming their own bonds.

Refuge (V x Cassandra) and (J-Hope x Nana) * Following the disastrous events of V and Cassandra try roleplay / use their safeword, Cassandra seeks refuge in Nana’s apartment, unintentionally interrupting a special night with Hoseok while he is on vacation from the military. 

Trouble in Paradise (Jin x Min-seo) and (RM x Ji-eun) * -  Jin and Min-seo and RM and Ji-eun go on vacation to Cyprus to mark the start of RM’s upcoming military enlistment. The vacation, however, is not the escape from their marital worries Jin and Min-seo are hoping for.

A Reunion (all members) *Set a few weeks after Jeong-sun and Yoongi make love for the first time following their reunion, he introduces her to the other members and their girlfriends as they gather for a very special dinner, to welcome J-Hope back from the military. 

They orgasm unexpectedly (all members) * - Set shortly after ‘A Reunion’ for all members and their headcanon gfs.

Expecting (Jin x Min-seo) and (Suga x Jeong-sun) * -  Yoongi and Jeong-sun fulfil their promise to visit Jin and Min-seo for dinner at the couple’s home before the birth of their first child. 

Playing House (Suga x Jeong-sun) and (J-Hope x Nana) * - Jeong-sun invites Hoseok and Nana over for dinner, determined to prove herself in the kitchen.

If they made a sex / intimate tape with their girlfriend and how the fans would react (all members) *

How they would ask you / their girlfriend for a blowjob (all members) * 

You ask them to ‘make love’ to you (all members) * 

They react to you being insecure about other girls around them (all members) *

Visiting an adult toy store with you / their girlfriend (all members) * 

Food play with their girlfriend (all members) *

They get distracted by you when working (all members)

You catch them masturbating / ask them to masturbate for you (all members) *

They have phone sex with you / their girlfriend (all members) * 

They use sex toys with their girlfriend (all members) *

They celebrate Valentine’s Day (all members) *

Non-Headcanon (all members)

You feel insecure about a certain part of your body and they reassure you (all members) - Only Jungkook’s part here is headcanon. 

How they would react watching a supernatural documentary with you / their girlfriend (all members) 

They accidentally hurt you during sex (all members)

They react to being caught ‘doing things’ with you / their girlfriend (all members)

They react to their girlfriend having a sex tape released to the press by her ex-boyfriend (all members)

They catch you masturbating (all members)

RM fanfictions  (Read all of RM’s headcanon fics in order here)

First time having sex with RM (RM x Ji-eun) *

RM makes up with his girlfriend following an argument (RM x Ji-eun) *

Jungkook accidently catches RM’s girlfriend naked on webcam (RM x Ji-eun) *

A late night discussion in bed with RM (RM x Ji-eun) *

RM’s girlfriend teases anal sex (RM x Ji-eun) *

What’s Important (RM x Ji-eun) * - Following the turn of events in ‘They Orgasm Unexpectedly’ Namjoon makes a call from his military base, expressing some worries he has been bottling up for a while

A Late Night (RM x Ji-eun) * -  As part of a series of short scenarios inspired by the prompt of failed erections/premature ejaculation/interrupted sex.

How RM would give you oral

Jin fanfictions (Read all of Jin’s headcanon fics in order here)

One night stand with Jin (Jin x OC) * 

You lose your virginity to Jin (Jin x Min-seo) *

Jin makes you orgasm for the first time (Jin x Min-seo) *

Jin proposes (Jin x Min-seo) *

Jin leaves for the military (Jin x Min-seo)

Family Ties (Jin x Min-seo) * - Min-seo is overdue in her pregnancy, and has some worries regarding her relationship with her estranged sister

At Your Side (Jin x Min-seo) * - Min-seo is in labour

Under the Covers (Jin x Min-seo) * -  As part of a series of short scenarios inspired by the prompt of failed erections/premature ejaculation/interrupted sex.

How Jin would give you oral

Suga fanfictions (Read all of Suga’s headcanon fics in order here)

Suga’s first girlfriend cheats on him (Suga x OC) *

Wine - (Suga x Suran)* -  After receiving an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night from Shin Suran, Min Yoongi invites her around to his studio to work on a song together.

Suga looks up Jeong-sun in the phone book * - Set after the events of 7 Mins in Heaven and between the events of ‘First Date’

First Date (Suga x Jeong-sun) * -  After first meeting during a rowdy game of 7 Minutes in Heaven, Yoongi invites Jeong-sun on a date

You visit Suga’s apartment for the first time & he performs oral on you (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Suga visits your apartment following a date & fingers you while you are on your period (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Suga discovers your / his girlfriend’s tattoo (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Your first time having sex with Suga (Suga x Jeong-sun) * 

You ride Suga’s face for the first time (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Suga tells you he loves you for the first time (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Art gallery date with Suga / he fingers you in public (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Drunk sex with Suga / you try anal (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

The Pharmacy (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Set during various times in his relationship but the final scene is around 8 months in. Involves a pregnancy scare. 

Stranded (Suga proposes to his girlfriend) (Suga x Jeong-sun) * 

Suga and Jeong-sun break up (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

Suga reacts to seeing his ex girlfriend (Jeong-sun) with a new boyfriend  (Jeong-sun x OC)

One Night Stand with Suga (Suga x OC) * - Suga has sex with an African-American woman he meets in a bar.

Suga and his ex speak for the first time since their break up (Suga x Jeong-sun) *

2 Years Later (Part One) (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Yoongi bumps into his ex girlfriend, Jeong-sun, for the first time since his military enlistment.

2 Years Later (Part Two) (Suga x Jeong-sun) * -  Jeong-sun telephones Yoongi. This is set the day after PART ONE takes place where Yoongi and his ex girlfriend, Jeong-sun, meet for the first time since his military enlistment.

A Change of Plans (Suga x Jeong-sun) - Set a few days after the above fic, Jeong-sun is forced to cancel the coffee shop date as she experiences a boiler leak. Yoongi insists on helping and finds himself back in her apartment for the first time in three years. Mentioned in this fic is the marriage of another member to his headcanon girlfriend.

Coffee Date (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - A week after Suga fixes her boiler, they finally go on their planned date to a coffee house.

Pillow Talk (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Set a few days after their coffee date was interrupted. Yoongi realises it is Jeong-sun’s birthday and visits her apartment to give her a card.

Becoming Exclusive (Suga x Jeong-sun) * -  Set the day following the events of ‘Pillow Talk’, Yoongi and Jeong-sun go out to dinner and finally establish that they are wanting to give their relationship another try.

Beginning (Suga x Jeong-sun) *Set shortly after the events of ‘Becoming Exclusive’, Jeong-sun asks Yoongi to stay the night.

Breakfast in Bed (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Set the day after Yoongi and Jeong-sun make love again for the first time in years in ‘Beginning’, Yoongi makes Jeong-sun breakfast in bed and they talk about their relationship, with Yoongi making a sincere confession.

A Discussion in Bed (Suga x Jeong-sun) * -  Set following the events of ‘Expecting’, Yoongi and Jeong-sun discuss her aspirations and the financial challenges she faces in changing careers

An Overnight Stay (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Yoongi and Jeong-sun travel to her childhood home in Gwangju for an overnight stay with her father.

Suga’s Birthday Present (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Jeong-sun asks Yoongi what he wants her to do to him for his birthday. His answer: whatever you want.

F to F Sharp (Suga x Jeong-sun) * As part of a series of short scenarios inspired by the prompt of failed erections/premature ejaculation/interrupted sex.

De-Stress (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Set around 10 months after they meet again following Yoongi’s military enlistment. Jeong-sun helps Yoongi calm down after a long day at work. Smut.

Suga helps Jeong-sun check her breasts (Suga x Jeong-sun) * - Set around 11 months after they meet again following Yoongi’s military enlistment. Yoongi assists Jeong-sun in her monthly health check.

J-hope fanfictions (Read all of J-hope’s headcanon fics in order here)

First time having sex with J-Hope (J-Hope x Nana) *

J-Hope fingers you for the first time & makes you squirt (J-Hope x Nana) *

First argument with J-Hope (J-Hope x Nana) *

J-Hope and Nana’s three month anniversary (J-Hope x Nana) *

Home Again (J-Hope x Nana) *- Hoseok and Nana spend an evening together following his discharge from the military, reflecting on the events a week prior at a group dinner and on their love for one another.

A Soft Embrace (J-Hope x Nana)* -  As part of a series of short scenarios inspired by the prompt of failed erections/premature ejaculation/interrupted sex.

Flower Arrangements (J-Hope x Nana) * - Set four months following his discharge from the military, Hoseok and Nana spend some time together on her birthday. 

How J-Hope would give you oral

Jimin fanfictions (Read all of Jimin’s headcanon fics in order here)

Drunk sex with Jimin (Jimin x Angel) * 

First date with Jimin (Jimin x Ara) *

You lose your virginity to Jimin (Jimin x Ara)  * 

You take your bad mood out on Jimin (Jimin x Ara) *

Moving in together (Jimin x Ara) * - Ara reveals her insecurities to Jimin and discusses losing her mom at a young age and being bullied at school

Creature Comforts (Jimin x Ara) * - Jimin and Ara bicker over laundry and share a conversation about her career as an aspiring Idol

A Frantic Plea (Jimin x Ara) *As part of a series of short scenarios inspired by the prompt of failed erections/premature ejaculation/interrupted sex.

How Jimin would give you oral

V fanfictions (Read all of V’s headcanon fics in order here)

Your first time having sex with V (V x Cassandra) *

First time having anal sex with V (V x Cassandra) *

V fingers you in the kitchen (V x Cassandra) *

You take your bad mood out on V (V x Cassandra) *

Make up sex with V following an argument (V x Cassandra) *

V watches another guy fuck you (V x Cassandra x OC) * - V’s receipt of his service letter causes him to question how his girlfriend will cope without him and drives him to extreme measures.

V and Cassandra try roleplay / use their safeword (V x Cassandra) -  V and his girlfriend Cassandra are inspired when watching the 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’ to try out historical roleplay as Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar. Unfortunately, things start to become too real and Cassandra is forced to use her safeword.

‘One Last Time’ - V Leaves for the Military (V x Cassandra) * -  Cassandra seeks closure on their relationship before he enters the military.

‘Reaching Seoul’ (V x Cassandra) * - An unexpected phone call sees Taehyung taking military vacation and rushing back to Seoul

‘Past Lives’ (V x Cassandra) * - 2 days following the events of ‘Reaching Seoul’, Taehyung and Cassandra meet on neutral ground in a cafe

‘Over Paradise’ (V x Cassandra)* - Set 2 months following the events of ‘Past Lives’ and during Taehyung’s military enlistment. Cassandra gives birth to a baby boy.

How V would give you oral

Jungkook fanfictions (Read all of Jungkook’s headcanon fics in order here)

Valentine’s surprise gone wrong (Jungkook x Jia) * - Jungkook returns from Japan to find that his girlfriend, Jia, has prepared a surprise romantic evening for him. But things quickly go south as they introduce a little kink into the bedroom.

Jungkook and Jia (first girlfriend) break up (Jungkook x Jia) *

The Elevator (Jungkook x IU) * - Jungkook’s well-known crush on IU was the cause for much teasing among her friends and family. Now, he is trapped in a lift with her and refusing to meet her gaze…

One Night Stand with Jungkook (Jungkook x OC) *

Your first time having sex with Jungkook (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

Jungkook and Young-soon establish their relationship (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

Jungkook reacts to you wearing sexy lingerie for him (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

Jungkook helps you move apartment  (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

First time having anal sex with Jungkook (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

Jungkook tells you he loves you for the first time (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

Jungkook accidentally catches RM’s girlfriend on webcam (Jungkook x Young-soon) *

Aftermath (Jungkook x Young-soon) * - Set a few days following ‘A Celebration to Forget (all members)’, Young-soon finds out about Jungkook’s moment of weakness at the party

A Phone Call (Jungkook x Young-soon) * -  The first time Jungkook and Young-soon speak following the events of ‘Aftermath’.

‘Can we work out together more often?’ (Jungkook x Young-soon) * - Set six months after Young-soon finds out Jungkook cheated, she joins him for a workout session in his new home gym.

Missing You (Jungkook x Young-soon) * -  A series of events between Jungkook and his girlfriend Young-soon, set at various points between the events of ‘A Phone Call’ and ‘Jin’s Wedding’ as they try to come to terms with the mistake that Jungkook made a few months before and what this means for their future together.

Finding Solace (Jungkook x Young-soon) * - Young-soon’s father is taken ill, and Jungkook agonises over how to support her during such a difficult time

Early Morning (Jungkook x Young-soon) * - Set after they move to Incheon together, they discuss Young-soon putting off going for her smear test 

How Jungkook would give you oral (first time)

Threesome scenarios (straight threesomes between two members and one girl) (headcanon marked with *)

The Bed and Breakfast (Suga / J-Hope / Female OC) * -  Suga and J-Hope become separated from the other members during the Uk leg of their tour and end up in a sleepy B&B where they meet a mysterious stranger at dinner.

The Party (Jimin / V / Female OC) - Both attracted to the same woman they meet at a party, Jimin and V decide to both have her

BTS discussions / conversations (headcanon marked with *)

BTS discuss: How many girls they have had sex with * 

BTS discuss: Jimin’s new relationship and sex life *

BTS discuss: Their girlfriends’ boobs and cosmetic surgery *

BTS discuss: Jin’s wedding and marriage *

BTS discuss: ‘Never Have I Ever’

BTS discuss: Boob size and periods

BTS discuss: Giving a girl oral sex

BTS discuss: Shaved vs Natural girls

BTS discuss: Period sex and Love Island 

BTS discuss : Porn and female orgasms

BTS discuss: Jungkook having a love bite


Find more of our work here including Most Likely to / preferences / quizzes and fun extras!


We hope you enjoy our work! Likes, follows, comments and reblogs are always super appreciated and loved!!! 

You can support us by buying admins a coffee here (if you wish). :)

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insfiringyou·3 days agoAnswer

Da eun seems sweet and innocent but I'm still hoping for V and Cass. Is it the end for V and Cass? I miss them together. I hope they can still be together now that they have child. Btw, Is Cass in a relationship like V?

Yes she is in a relationship. In the Valentine’s Day fic, Da-eun hears Taehyung asking Cassandra on the phone whether her bf will be there with her when he comes to pick up Gabriel and then says he’ll wait.

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insfiringyou·3 days agoAnswer

In your own opinion. Do you think Jungkook would ever enjoy a "normal life" alongside Young-soon? He is the youngest member and performing is all he has known. Wouldn't he miss being in the spotlight, perform, and travel?

I don’t really think he fully can appreciate what normal is and so his version of normal would probably still include people recognising him and wanting to take pictures of him etc. But I think he would certainly take his role seriously if he were to get married or have children, so he’d be less likely to go on tour or do anything which would require him gone for so long. I do think he’d still do guest performances on TV shows and variety style appearences. I can also imagine him having a big comeback a few years down the line. But I think he’d not especially notice his life wasn’t ‘normal’.

In contrast, I think Jin and Suga could genuinely live a normal-ish life if they wanted and think they sort of do in the current timeline. I think Jin, like Jungkook, would occasionally go on variety shows etc. But I think unless the members unanimously agreed to a reunion, Yoongi would be happy producing music for other people and never performing again.

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insfiringyou·3 days agoAnswer

I noticed how Jhope wouldn’t have sex with nana while she was upset and how this is different from what some of the other couple might do, like maybe cass x v or ara x Jimin where they take out their mood on their bf. What other couples would or would not do this ?

Yeah that’s a really interesting observation actually. I kind of think it might be different if they were both upset, they might find comfort in sex, but with her being really needy I think the power dynamic of Hobi being more emotionally stable than her might make him too uncomfortable to be able to get an erecrion. You might think Hobi is the type to try and ‘cheer up’ someone when upset but sometimes he knows all they need is to be held and loved.

I don’t know because I think there’s a really thin line between being upset but finding comfort in sex or being upset where someone having sex with you would be a bit advantageous of your vulnerability, so I guess it depends on what had happened and just what that person’s needs and wants are in the moment. As Nana says, her motive which Hobi picks up on is to 'take her mind off things’ which he knows won’t work or make her feel better, whereas in contrast as just one example, In 'The Pharmacy’ Yoongi and Jeong-sun have sex on the couch after she hears her friend Yu-jin is moving away and Yoongi notices she’s been crying when he runs his lips along her face. In that instance, I think she really wanted and needed Yoongi to hold her and make love to her.

But also it’s worth mentioning the boys ways of 'making love’ would objectively look and feel different from one another. It’s not like Hobi is ALWAYS frantic and energetic during sex, but I think it would still be quite intense even if he was being slow and gentle. The same would be the case for V and Jungkook, while I think Jin and Suga can be really lulling when they want to be, to the point it doesn’t even really feel like sex anymore but a close, intimate hug. RM and Jimin would be somewhere in between. In fact, I remember when we wrote 'Beginning’ where Suga and Jeong-sun have sex again for the first time since their breakup, we commented to each other that it doesn’t even really feel like sex to them but that they are getting as close to each other as is physically possible.

Hope this all makes sense.

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insfiringyou·4 days agoAnswer

Do any of the girls have hip dips?

Yeah, we refer to them as ‘love handles’. All of them would except maybe Ara and Nana who are really slender and would have quite bony pelvises.

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insfiringyou·4 days agoAnswer

Hi! I was wondering if jeonsun would change her last name after getting married?

I don’t think it’s customary in Korea to do so (and interestingly, in a lot of countries including quite a few European countries, it’s actually not legal) . Rings are also not traditional, but more common among younger couples. The matter of the rings is discussed briefly between them in the fic ‘they use sex toys with their gf’.

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insfiringyou·4 days agoAnswer

So excited to read all the upcoming fics you have planned, but especially any with Yoongi/JS :D Yoongi is my bias, so that's part of it, but I love how you write them! The 'F to F Sharp' fic was so sweet and funny.

Thanks, we can’t wait to write more of them since we have so much that has been planned for months and months. In fact one upcoming fic we actually outlined almost two years ago but couldn’t write until they move in together! But the dialogue for one scene is literally all written. 😂

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insfiringyou·5 days agoAnswer

V is so hot 🤯🥵. I’m just so drawn to his intensity. I’m glad to see him learning how to channel that energy better. It’s such an alluring quality, but I want him to be safer/happier. Here’s to hot sex AND continued growth lol. Da-eun seems very sweet!! I just hope he’s not too much for her (anxious he’ll feel ashamed about his desires if she’s not into it or thinks it’s bad). But so far exploration seems to be going ok. (How am I so invested like...🤔😳😳😳😆) Clearly love the characters 👍

Maybe 😂

Glad you are liking since we have known for soo long that he would meet someone else and how it pans out.

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Please don't mind this in a hateful or disrespectful way, it's a question. Why the majority of times the updates of your contents are about Suga and Jeong-sun? It's not that i personally dislike them, but every inch of their story was shown while the others don't even have half of fics they have. Even the ones who met before.

Because we they were the first couple we established and who we wanted to tells story. We actually didn’t originally plan to write a ‘storyline’ for all members but Jeong-sun was the first girlfriend who felt real to us. The first scenario we ever came up with was the events which happened in 'Stranded’, but as this takes place nearly a year into their established relationship, we needed to tell their story up to that point before we could write that original idea we had before we even started this blog.

Also, while they have a lot of fics focused on them there is actually a lot untold. For them and all the couples. It’d be impossible (especially with us both having full time jobs outside of writing where we work 40+ hours a week in quite stressful environments) to write the entirity of what happens over the course of years and years. We do actually discuss together a lot of things that haven’t quite made it into fics, but we think adds to what we do write, since it helps us understand why certain things need to happen or why the characters feel the way they do etc. But we try to share with readers what is important. Even if sometimes the moments are small and a bit mundane, because actually these moments are sometimes more important in a relationship.

Also, simply, we love writing them as their dialogue always comes most naturally to us and never fails to make us laugh (and sometimes cry!) while we discuss and outline the fics.

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How does Ara deal with the dyspraxia issues as an idol? Things like singing while dancing, learning choreography sequences and synchronizing with the others.

She’s brought it up a few times that she’s a lead vocalist since her lack of dancing skills held her back from taking on a more active role. She’d find it hard, though not impossible, to coordinate herself during complex choreography. But also, like a lot of people with dyspraxia, especially women, she’s grown out of some of the more ‘clumsy’ aspects of the disorder. I see her group as mainly taking on ballads rather than upbeat songs. And also she initially felt really guilty at how easy she had it compared to the other girls in the group since she got quite special treatment due to her connection with Jimin.

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Are you guys gonna write a proposal for Yoongi/JS like does he do the whole getting down on one knee thing or is it more casual? Tbh I don’t see him putting on a whole show but idk maybe he might? Is this a plan you guys will have for future stories? Thanks!

You will have to wait and see 😘 of course, he already proposed once to her in ‘Stranded’ so it will definitely be different this time. Also, he was serious when he told her in ‘Breakfast in Bed’ that he’d marry her in an instant.

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Ahhh I’m so excited for the upcoming fics, you guys are feeding us well!! Lmao omg I’m so excited for Yujin to return, I really liked her 🥺

Yeah it’s amazing how she was actually only in one fic but made such an impression on everyone! I guess also she’s the closest thing to a best friend Jeong-sun has (other than Yoongi who I think she’d consider her best friend as well as lover)

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I rembember you did a post right before Jungkook cheated and Jin's wedding spoiling that these things would be happening soon without saying with who. Can you do a new one with the uocoming events?


It’s a little harder to do, since the timelines are all over the place at the moment, but the next few fics will be (though, keep in mind we sometimes spontaneously come up with new ones, such as the recent set of mini fics were only imagined last Wednesday):

- Jungkook and Young-soon’s fic from the mini fic scenario inspired by the prompt ‘failed erections/ejaculation’

- Suga and Jeong-sun move in together

- V goes for his first day out with baby Gabriel

- A past RM/Ji-eun smut set around the time they moved in together, including a little roleplay

- A past (pre-breakup) Suga/Jeong-sun smut set between ‘A Celebration to Forget’ and ‘Stranded’ where he frantically visits her between concerts, still in his costume

- A conversation between V and Ara where she sets him up on a blind date

- Jeong-sun and Yoongi have Yu-jin around for dinner

Also, some art :)

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Contains: Smut. Dirty talk. New experiences. 

*Contains spoilers for scenarios not yet written* Set a few weeks after ‘They Celebrate Valentine’s Day’

As part of a series of short scenarios inspired by the prompt of failed erections/premature ejaculation/interrupted sex. Though this scenario took on a slightly different turn.

You can find out more about our headcanon universe and ongoing storyline here and more about our headcanon girlfriends here.

To read each member & their girlfriend’s headcanon universe fics in order, follow the links here: RM   /   Jin /   Suga /   J-Hope   /   Jimin   /   V   /   Jungkook & our full masterlist of fanart and fanfictions can be found here

If you wish to follow all member’s storylines in chronological order from the beginning, you can find them listed here.


Rated content below the cut

“Does this feel good?” 

Her palm was light across his covered crotch, brushing the denim between his thighs and gliding across the visible bulge beneath. Her voice was little more than a whisper; the loud grunt he gave in response contrasting sharply. Taehyung perched on the edge of the bed, hands pressed firmly into the duvet behind with Da-eun sat beside him, reaching over. His eyelids were heavy and he stared at the place where her hand met his body, mouth parted in a frustrated cry. 

She looked anxiously at his flushed features. “Is that a yes?” 

He nodded, urging her to continue. She hesitated before moving her fingers across him once more. Her motions were broad; unconcentrated and he held his body still, resisting the urge to buckle upwards. Instead, he brushed a strand of hair away from her face with his index finger, prompting her to meet his dark gaze. 

“How do I feel?” He whispered. 

She gulped softly. “Hard…”

His mouth trembled at her response and he felt himself twitch, though he doubted she would notice; her touch was so gentle. “Give it a squeeze.” He suggested, licking his dry lips. 

Her pupils seemed to widen and he thought for a moment he had pushed her too far, but she looked down a moment later, tracing his outline with her eyes before wrapping her digits around the long, pronounced length. “Like this?” She asked, looking to him for reassurance before cupping her hand. The sound he made was clearer; a more obvious moan, and she took it as a confirmation to keep going; gliding along his hardened cock with quicker, more precise movements. 

His breath increased as she picked up speed; her confidence growing as she found a rhythm to the strokes. Turning to look at her, he saw her smile; finally appreciating the effect she was having on him, and he groaned loudly at the sight. “I want you…” He admitted, voice low and shaky. His unexpected outburst took her by surprise and her grasp on him loosened, causing him to gasp at the loss of contact. “Don’t stop…” He urged, placing his hand upon hers, eyebrows furrowed deeply into his forehead. “Don’t stop Da-eun…”

She nodded. “Okay…” He pulled away, encouraging her to take over and she moved back to the bulge, noticing it had grown considerably over the past few minutes. “Am I doing it right?” She asked, glancing in his direction. 

He was quiet for a moment before answering. “Could you stroke it?” 

She frowned, confused. “I am stroking it.” 

Reaching out, he brushed his thumb tenderly across the back of her hand. “I want to feel your hand on my cock.” He clarified, anticipating the moment of shock before it came. She fell still; having never heard him call it that before. The word felt primal and strangely adult; something she hadn’t imagined would have come out of his mouth. Her heart raced at the thought, though it wasn’t entirely unpleasant; a bout of nervous anticipation fell over her at the thought of seeing it…seeing his thing. She knew he had one of course, all boys did, and the fact of him having fathered a child had played at the back of her mind on the few occasions she had allowed herself to think about it. But he seemed so sweet; so playfully innocent when he was with her…she sometimes forgot how it was he made the baby in the first place. 

“I’ll show you how…” He murmured, waiting for her to respond. She thought for a moment before nodding. His hands moved automatically to the metal button on his jeans which he fumbled with expertly, unfastening himself and tugging the blue denim down a little to free the thin, white fabric between. Their eyes met and, taking a deep breath, she felt along the cotton. He choked back a cry as she moved up his erection, fingers skimming the enlarged, swollen head which seeped a little precum when she brushed it. Her mouth was open, eyes fixed on the noticeable shape of him, unable to draw away as she felt along the elasticated band of his underwear and slipped beneath. He could feel her heartbeat through her fingers as she closed her hand around his centre. His cock was warm and a little wet, and she was surprised by the texture; of the grooves which lined his length and of its curvature; reaching upwards towards his bellybutton where a thin, wispy line of hair trailed across his skin. 

“You can move…” He eventually nodded, making her realise she had been holding him for the past minute. Reaching down, he slipped his underwear further down his thighs, uncovering himself. Her eyes widened at the sight; taking in the flushed, angry colour of his head and the darker tone of his testacles beneath. She had stumbled across foreign porn on a handful of occasions, particularly when overseas with Ara’s group where the internet services were a little less thorough in blocking adult content, but it still felt strange to see him so raw and bare. Slowly, and a little too cautiously, she raised her hand to meet the tip, stopping when her thumb unknowingly brushed his frenulum and he whimpered beneath her, eyes bolting shut.

“Does it hurt?” She asked, knowing it wasn’t supposed to but surprised by his reaction. 

He opened his eyes and smiled softly, letting out a small, breathy laugh. Realising, a second later, that she might think he was mocking her, he stroked her cheek. “No, it’s fine…” He whispered lovingly. “Do you like it?” He asked curiously. 

“I…” She stuttered. “I have nothing to compare it to…” 

He nodded kindly. “I know…” Sensing she felt tense, he trailed his thumb across her cheekbone, eyes roaming over her small, pretty features. “Do you feel okay?” He asked. 

She looked down at the part of him she was currently holding, not quite believing it had gone this far. When they entered his bedroom half an hour before, they had been looking for his 35mm Nikon camera so he could show her how to use the dark room. “I’m nervous.” She admitted a little shamefully, stomach sinking. She realised how pathetic she sounded but his reassuring touch a moment later as he leaned over to kiss her softly told her he wasn’t offended.

“You’ve got nothing to feel nervous about when you’re with me.” He said, murmuring against her lips. 

She shook her head. “I don’t want to disappoint you.” She confessed the fear that had been tugging at her mind from the moment things had escalated. “I know I’m not your first…”

He was silent for a moment, before she felt his breath, warm and sweet, against her lips. “It doesn’t matter to me.” He kissed her again. “I’m with you…”

Pulling away, he leaned back and Da-eun, comforted if not entirely confident in his assurance, tentatively resumed her strokes; getting the hang of how he seemed to like it, and she tightened her grasp a little as she met the base, where the dark, kinky hair tangled against his bunched underwear. 

He watched her expression closely as she pumped him. “Do you like how I look?” He asked. 

Biting her lip, she thought for a second. “I didn’t think you’d be so big.”

He closed his hand around hers, encouraging her to hold him tighter. “Does it bother you?”

She locked eyes with him apprehensively as he sped up her movement, the low, throaty groan in his throat expected now she had grown used to it. “Will it hurt?”

His frown increased, confused. “When?”

Da-eun blinked, as though the answer were obvious. “When we do it.”

A moment of understanding shadowed his features; realising that, naively, she was believing this to be the next step; the natural progression of the evening. A small smile crept onto his lips. “I wasn’t thinking about doing that today.” He admitted. 

It took her a moment to catch up and she opened her mouth clumsily. “I just thought…”

He shook his head. “You’re not ready.” It wasn’t quite a question but she nodded in agreement; his stare intense as they locked eyes. 

He moaned again; breath coming in unevenly as he nudged her thumb across the tiny opening on his angry, bruised tip and smearing the clear, lubricating substance along the length as he moved her back down. “When you are…” He sighed, running his tongue deeply across his dry lips. “I’ll rub your little clit…until your pussy’s soaked beneath my fingers…” His voice took on a whimpery, dreamy quality and her mouth lulled open breathlessly, shocked into silence. “And then I’ll sink them in slowly, so no…” He paused, shaking his head softly. “It won’t hurt.”

She felt dumbfounded; struggling to take in or quite believe what he was saying, and the warmth which spread over her cupped hand a moment later made her gasp loudly. Dazed, she looked down, uncurling her fingers slowly from his length and staring stupidly at the thick, white substance which covered her palm. There was a little dangling between her fingers in stringy lines and she felt her stomach twist. His mouth crashed against hers a moment later, blanketing her thoughts as he opened his lips passionately. It took her a while to catch up, by which time he was already pulling away.

“You’re incredible Da-eun.” He muttered sincerely. 

She felt herself blush. “I am?”

“Look…” He gestured towards his cock which she saw was already softening against his lap. “You made me cum.”

She blinked slowly, observing the dark look of lust in his eyes. She had only seen it a handful of times before and never quite knew what to make of it, but now it seemed obvious what it meant. “I think you did most of the work.” She admitted; cheeks and ears radiating with heat.

“No..” He reached over and touched the edge of her helix which, she realised, must have been red. “It was because of you…” He sounded awe struck and she looked again at her hand, still resting against his twitching cock. She closed her hand and opened it again, watching his seed run between the lines of her palm; both fascinated and, if she were honest, a little repulsed by its feel. 

“How do I clean it off?” She asked tentatively, looking up at him and hoping he wasn’t upset. She wasn’t sure how long was deemed polite or appropriate to keep it in her hand. 

He smiled softly, fingertips moving down to stroke her earlobe. “Soap and water.”


Thank you for reading. To read each member & their girlfriend’s headcanon universe fics in order, follow the links here: RM   /   Jin /   Suga  /   J-Hope   /   Jimin   /   V   /   Jungkook

& Our full masterlist of fics and original art can be found here

& Our masterlist of preferences/most likely to/quizzes and fun stuff is here

You can support us by buying admins a coffee here (if you wish). :)

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Working women anon again—I know MS is loving being a mom (& she’s great at it😭😍!!!) & that (I think I saw before?) YS would likely stop working once pregnant. What about the other women? Besides JS who isn’t planning on children ❤️, would a few of the other women keep working even after having a child? Like Nana and Ji-eun maybe?? Happy with whatever you write, but, I’m biased hahaha, and hope a few girls stay in the working world!! The balance between the women’s goals & interests IS AWESOME!

(In theory as we haven’t yet revealed if they will have children) I think Nana and Ji-eun would continue working in some capacity. I think actually they would both be able to handle working in a senior position and being a mother at the same time, and I actually can see both RM and J-Hope staying at home for the most part while the children are young. 

Ara would probably work a few hours a week but I think she’s actually a homemaker at heart, which we have hinted in a lot of our more recent fics. 

Min-seo has never really had much ambition in turning her degree into a career as I think she felt that she should go to university rather than it being something she was super passionate about. We think she’s happy to work from home on her sociology blog, even if this doesn’t really contribute much to their income. 

Young-soon would probably debate going back to work and probably would once her children were old enough, but I don’t think she’s someone who especially loves her job and so I think she’d sort of welcome the time off. 

I actually think if Jeong-sun and Yoongi did have children, she might stay at home to raise the baby, more because I don’t think she’d want to pass it along to someone else. We haven’t thought too much about this scenario since they know they don’t want children, but I think being a nurse would be too demanding also with a baby at home. Yoongi would probably be up for dad duties if she wanted to work, since we know he’s pretty happy in a domestic environment, but I think she’d know too that he loves music too much to give it up completely, so it would be more of a carefully thought out decision on who should pay the bills etc. 

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I respect & enjoy reading about all of the GF’s choices re career vs home-based lives/work! Both are meaningful choices ❤️! Personally, I will say I’m happy that a lot of them have pretty intense careers! Just to see the working woman represented and included in a romance story so naturally! Loved recent updates: hearing how Ji-eun’s project is going, about Nana’s continued love for her students, how busy (& popular!) Ara has gotten! How is work for JS? Is she a nurse yet? Or in school? Thanks ❤

We are so glad you like this aspect. We actually feel that the women in our fics are sort of more important to the storyline than the boys in a lot of ways as it’s their journey and coming of age, I think, that most of the readers can relate to. While all of their careers aren’t necessarily glamorous, I think they reflect the type of women (outside of other famous people) we see the boys as going for, and respecting in their own ways. In the current (pre-marriage) storyline Jeong-sun has not yet agreed on Yoongi’s offer of supporting her becoming a nurse. I think the last we heard of it in the current timeline was when her dad mentioned it to Yoongi in ‘An Overnight Stay.’

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