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Hey there! You can call me Anne! I'm an artist who loves to draw character designs! Welcome to a blog that's trying to post more art

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🐝✨Angel Mayfield✨🐝

✨Meet Angel Mayfield, she’s an adorable white sand wasp toon

Angel works as a waitress at the Black Diamond Day/Night club with Roxanne, Corbyn,Andre, Quentin and one more employee along with their boss Trinity Cook

Angie is a little clumsy when it comes to her job and breaks glasses often besides Andre whom breaks a lot when he’s mad but despite her little quirk she gets the job done.

Angel has a friendly, kind-hearted, exciteable, clumsy personality but will show aggressiveness to when it comes down to it

She’s a cutie you’d love to meet✨💖

Angel @artisticdreamer

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Drew my new witch frog adopt I got from @youronlydrpepper , her name is Dot.

Dot uses magic crayons to make things come into reality

She loves gummi worms and has a cute firefly sprite for a familiar

She’s a cutie with a beam of light personality

Working on more doodles of her✨

Dot @artisticdreamer

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lazyfrogget·2 days agoAnswer

Good! If someone mentioned you with that post, just ignore it and make sure you warn others about it so they don’t get hacked either

Alright thanks! I’ll tag people: @lazyfrogget @froppy-butterflyfan2000 @discopanda81116 @paimania @raesbrokenworld @friku8706 @venus-doe and more!

Important!!: if you see a post that mentions you and is showing something about glasses ignore it’s a trap!

Thanks to this anon I didn’t press the link but warn people about this if they haven’t or have been mention and warned!

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Yeah long story short I broke my charger like a fool.. but I’m hoping opening commissions will help me get a new one! It’s surviving… for now… but needs to sit in a certain position to charge properly so ehh-

Receiving commissions will also help me prepare to visit my girlfriend soon!

!Only doing 1 person commissions!

What I will Draw




What I can’t won’t draw


-Furries (I suck I can’t draw them)


-backgrounds (I need to do simple and fast commissions for now!)

-detailed characters

I receive payment through a site called Ko-Fi! Further information can be discussed via dms

Buy AlfaArtz a Coffee.

ReShares are beyond appreciated!! I need as much help as I can! Thank you for reading my long post-

Hope everyone is having a good day/night!

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✨Avery Beckett✨

I was inspired by @duck-roulette to make a tanuki boi

✨Meet Avery, he’s a pink~peach colored tanuki

Avery works as a barista at a coffee shop, he’s very timid and has a tsundere personality. He’s also studying to become an animator in college

He loves cute things, sweets, movies\ cartoons, the color pink and making friends✨💗

Avery @artisticdreamer

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💐Adeline Grinsly💐

This is another oc I’m bringing back.

Meet Adeline Grinsly, she’s an Abyssinian cat.

Adeline works as a florist at her family’s flower shop, since her parents are getting up in age; She works there more frequently.

Addie’s love for flowers have no bounds,She makes all the bouquets and flower arrangements all by herself and knows what every flower signifys.

Adeline has a very Sweet, friendly, gently and caring personality. She really loves making friends too.

Adeline @artisticdreamer

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✨Meet Boo, she’s a shadow monster

Boo works as a henchman for Jilyia; running errands for her, next too looking for clients in desperate need of her powers.

Even with her physical state, she’s much older then she seems.

Boo is the epitome of gluttony (having three mouths to feed) and will eat anything she can possibly get her hands on

Boo has a very gleeful, mischievous, friendly,gluttonous, sadistic personality✨

Boo @artisticdreamer

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lazyfrogget·12 days agoPhoto


Little roll achievment! 

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Soooo this is what I’ve been up to all month long (plus school but whatever) and yeah that honestly sums it all up. I can’t believe I actually put effort into drawing this and cleaning up the sketches but I don’t regret it. I had fun and to be honest I just miss drawing silly things. 

Anyways this is based on the new short video that Thomas Sanders posted like yesterday and it’s fucking hilarious. I love him so much. 

So yeah I’m back on my bullshit and later this week we’ll be back to our regularly schedules programming… maybe… I dunno. no promises. 

10/10 most relatable damn thing I know

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The others meet Nico and are ready to just keel over and die of joy. Nice (Click for better resolution)

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