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#Bob Schofield
boxoffrogz · 7 months ago
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By Bob Schofield
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bobschofield · a year ago
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me and the boys out celebrating our new lives as the champs
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bobschofield · a year ago
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Inktober #28-31: Slip up, Grasslands, Waltz, Flying Object
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lunchboxpoems · 2 years ago
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uutpoetry · 3 years ago
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The Saint of Screen Fatigue
Bob Schofield
Looking up from my copy of The Lathe of Heaven I am suddenly a very blue feeling in a plastic bottle. A jellyfish heaving backwards, against my own chest towards Cézanne’s Apples Piled on a Desk. Are you living your best life here? As the trains rattle through Oostplein station? Are you content in your sleeveless T-shirt of a Russian cat? Brave and terrible is the shimmer of the evening smartphone Brash are the zeppelins and the hard candy monk. Obfuscation arrives. We lay out stale chips and salsa. The paintings make less sense now, as do the sunsets. As pillars of smoke rise, we paw our pale glowing squares.
Prompt: O'Hara 1.
Bio: Bob Schofield is an author and illustrator from New Orleans. His latest book is The Burning Person, a surrealist novella. In his next life he hopes to come back as a whale or beautiful tree.
art by mariana abasolo
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danielriddlerodriguez · 3 years ago
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MOON FACTS --Bob Schofield
FACT #001
THE MOON is not a friend Or your lover
We should just clear that up right now
THE MOON is simply itself
Simply a rock massive and pale as it looks downward
in the exact shape of your dad
Two bottomless arms wrapped around you
whispering that it's time to take a crucial leap
And get a goddamn job
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lifeinpoetry · 3 years ago
I used to be a dim outline in the cold, attempting to steer impossible ships.
Bob Schofield, from “I Know Because It Works,” Man Bites Cloud
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theblogofomega · 4 years ago
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Kuroshitsuji + Quotes (9/?): Jim Macken
If they solve just one murder it’d be nice if it’s mine.
-  Bob Schofield,  NIGHTMARES, Inc. #006: THE DOUBLE
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januaryhoney · 4 years ago
I'm not crying hysterically because the whole world fell on top of me. I'm crying hysterical because who knew it looked this beautiful up close
Bob Schofield, 2016: The Resolutions
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lunchboxpoems · 4 years ago
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beaboutitpress · 4 years ago
Lately I’ve forgotten my old language. I’ve been letting the sky speak through me instead. I’ve been walking the glass walls of my prison. Learning to love my jailer. Letting her love me in return. I've been doing a thing where I build lots of small furniture with my two smaller hands. I’ve found myself in strange places. I caught one Pokémon and named him Bruce. Been buried alive under a mountain of blue moss. Navy and royal blues. Been hard to breath at times. Been scraping it clean from the walls and light fixtures. Piling it up and lighting it on fire. Been trying to warm my hands on it. Cradle that heat. Keep it all on the inside. Been sweating through layers of false skin. Last night I threw all my devices into it, like maybe that would change things. Like maybe it would make the flame big
- Bob Schofield is the author and illustrator of The Inevitable June, Man Bites Cloud, and the chapbook Moon Facts. He lives in Rotterdam. He likes what words and pictures do. He wants to be a ghostly presence in your life.
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uutpoetry · 4 years ago
Cloudy w a chance of meatballs Starts flashing a big neon 'NOPE'
A Poetweet sonnet generated from @bobschofield’s Twitter handle.
Here’s how I found out about this.
Put in your Twitter handle to crate your own sonnet.
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apagandose · 5 years ago
Ligeramente destructivo*
Todos mis poemas están a medio cocinar
en este, puedo ver tu futuro
en este, mando una señal de fuego al otro lado del mundo
en este, la luna me parece una metafora, en vez de un piedra muy aburrida y muy muerta
en este, la niebla puede protegerme
en este, le corto la lengua a todos nuestros miedos
desearía poder escribir como vos
dejando moléculas de cocaína en cada parte
siempre terminamos ansiando un poco mas
en este, todos nacemos con hemofilia
en este, lo que toco se vuelve caramelo
en este, hay lobos viviendo en el patio de mi casa
en este, puedo meter mis manos entre tus costillas y remoldear tu alma
es una formula matemática que nunca aprendí?
un secreto para la élite de nuestra generación?
un instinto extra que no venia incluido con el modelo de mi cuerpo?
en este, dios se esconde de mi
en este, fantaseo con como van a matarme
en este, las estrellas me critican en código morse
en este, aprendo algo nuevo todas las tardes
envidio el poder tan real que tenes
esta nueva forma de hacer magia.
* Bob Schofield me arruino la vida
*versión 1
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januaryhoney · 5 years ago
the moon is learning to use chopsticks so it can pluck those tears off your cheeks
Bob Schofield, MOON SLEEP
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flusteredpoet · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
delighted with Bob Schofield's "Moon Facts"
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lanternlitecomicnight · 5 years ago
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Comic: Super No by bobschofield and carabellasands
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beachsloth · 5 years ago
moon facts by Bob Schofield
The moon needs more light. It looks a little pale. Sunlight tries to help. Whenever the moon can the moon steals the sunlight, more in the winter, less in the summer. This is the way the moon operates. Even though the moon can’t love in the typical ‘love’ way it cares. Far below it people rest their weary heads and the moon wishes it could tuck everybody into bed. Due to time/space issues the best the moon can do is work those tides, helping to cover the shorelines over and over again with blankets of water. Childhood looms large over the moon. Earth grew up had people while the moon sat alone in space staying in the Earth’s orbit but never being as close as it wanted to be.
Many opinions are held by the moon and those opinions orbit around the moon. Space debris does that. From the Earth, the space debris lingers. Traveling by ship, preferably space ship, humans landed on the moon. The moon distinctly recalls not inviting humans to check it out. Humanity took pieces of the moon back to Earth which the moon was a bit happy about. Various countries competed to get to the moon. By far the cutest thing the moon saw was that dog the Earth sent into space. The dog looked so cute and so oblivious to the fact that it was in a dark empty void. Dogs never get worried about anything they are simply dogs.
Bees on the other hand worry. Bees worry a lot. Every day more bees die. A few bees paid Richard Branson for Space X to build a bee colony on the moon. Mostly rich bees were able to pay for the expense with the lesser-off bees content to simply protect that sweet delicious honey. Of course on the moon the bees languished, being unable to pollenate much of anything. No plants, no flowers, no trees, not even a halfway decent chain restaurant was on the moon, the bees soon realized. The bees on the moon had a choice: eat at Subway (Eat Fresh) or die. They choose death. It was a wise decision.
From the moon’s perspective the world is a sitcom. It is always changing though there appear to be similar themes throughout history. A lot of the earlier seasons of the world were a little atmospheric, not enough going on hence the moon kept it on in the background. Unfortunately the world gets a little too melodramatic for the moon’s tastes which is when the moon opts to stare out into the infinite space. Nature remains fascinating to the moon and the moon wonders how such a boring race as humans got the supposed upper hand when there are foxes. The pale light of the moon is the nightlight for foxes and other nocturnal creatures. It is the sun for everybody else.
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alltherumisgone · 5 years ago
Moon Facts, you lunatic.
MOON FACTS is a story full of smaller stories about you and also about the moon. Are they facts or are they secrets? Sure. With each moon phase, you are also changing slightly and subtlety and then all at once.  Schofield transmutes the mundane magic of our closest celestial body into verse. Calling it surreal would be doing the work a disservice.  It is instead, ultra-real. The truth of each entry drips from the page and covers the reader with sticky sweet awareness.  It is difficult to describe the feeling of being captured by the author’s unique style.  His writing is something that stays with you, inhabits you, and demands to be shared.  Schofield writes, “THE MOON travels exclusively by old wooden ship.”  Yes. You say to yourself.  Yes, that is true. You want to befriend the moon, you want to fight with the moon, and you certainly don't want this book to end.  Which is great, because it never does.
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reptite · 6 years ago
so good so good
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hornedhearttribe-blog · 6 years ago
Bob Schoefield is on fire with his New Years Resolution poems. I'm gonna reblog a couple of them for sure but you should go read all of them, particularly if you love surreal poems that have that sudden powerful line that punches you in the throat. 
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