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#anti mor

Queer people: umm what you’re saying sounds insulting, please don’t say that

CisHet people: n-no hhowww couLd you sAy that 😡😭 haterr 🤬😤 aanyone who cri-itises mee iis a-a-a a haterr. ttimee too h-have a tEmp-per tanTrumm 😰😰😰

It has come to my attention that there’s been someone, or plural people, in the anti mor tag, that don’t understand basically how to function as human. So I’m going to leave out some very basic instructions for them.

If a QUEER person tells you, a CISHET person, that you’ve said or done something insulting, be quiet, apologise, and try to do better. Don’t argue with them, or call them a “hater” because then you just look like a fucking idiot. Even queer people themselves can be homophobic/transphobic/etc, and they should also take criticism when it’s directed at them, because everyone can fuck up. Just because some queer ppl don’t find something offensive doesn’t mean we all don’t find it offensive because I sure do after seeing so many bullshit bigoted posts in the tags. I don’t care how many queer friends or relatives you have, you can still be homophobic/transphobic/etc.

This isn’t a death sentence so stop acting like it is. Get your head out of your ass, and at least try to learn to distinguish the difference between hate and criticism. The fact that I need to explain that is mind boggling. Actually, no, it’s hilarious. I feel like I’m talking to a child. As this is directed at the anti mor ppl, I’d like to point out that this isn’t for all of you. If you don’t like her or find some of her actions and SJMs portrayal of her criticism-worthy, then go ahead and do your thing. This isn’t about you. This is about very specific ppl within that tag that “criticise” Mor in a quite CLEARLY lesbophobic/biphobic/etc way.

Disliking Mor doesn’t make you a lesbophobe/biphobe/etc. But some of the criticism I’ve seen directed at her is very much ingrained in lesbophobia/biphobia/etc. Some of you really need to unlearn that behaviour.

The audacity. The ignorance. *chefs kiss* amazing, you hate to see it. And it’s really funny how everyone likes calling themselves a safe space for queer people but when queer people point out the harmful things cishet people say, suddenly it isn’t such a safe space after all. I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you’ll learn from your mistakes and do some research to better understand queer people, because right now you just look like a clown. Get your act together. I don’t need to single out who this may apply to, but if you think it does, then get off tumblr for a hot minute, go outside, smell the grass, and get your shit together.

If anyone clowns on this post or makes another post clowning on me for being concerned, they’re getting blocked. I won’t stand for bigotry, and I’m tired of sitting back and not saying anything ❤️

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Stop attacking me with the homophobia.

Just because I don’t like MOR, does not mean I am lesbophobic/homophobic.

Stop attacking others with HOMOPHOBIA


Stop with the you don’t like MOR, clearly your reasons are Homophobic.

Go fuck yourself.

You barely have eyes to read the posts. But you have full potential to give out hate anons.


You are not being wise, you are being mean.

And you are WRONG.

I don’t hate Mor because she is a lesbian. I hate Sjm’s rash writing, and not providing enough details.


I hate Mor because she is a hypocrite. She doesn’t help the residents of the hewn city.

And this doesn’t mean I am homophobic because I hate a lgbt character. Clearly you Mor fans or whoever the fuck you are just assume that my hate is directed towards her because she is lesbian.

That’s how your mind works, so stop infiltrating mine.

If you hate me or my opinions so much then block me.

I don’t care. This is my safe space and you can’t just attack me with your stupid assumptions or anons.

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First of all I am not homophobic .

I don’t have a problem with Mor being a lesbian at all. Infact, i really like LGBTQ characters, except that in this one It felt like Sjm forced Mor to be one.

Infact if she was Bi, which may I remind you stands for b in LGBTQ, would not be a problem , because it would have been far more realistic than being a lesbian.

And no, this does not imply that I am lesbophobic . Mass’s Mor coming out was sudden , which seemed forceful.

Either she should have made Mor flirt with Feyre, or something atleast as an indication


That Mor should be Bi. Why? Because she prefers females over males, but likes sleeping with men. Basically a homoromantic bisexual.

Then there are two reasons why I don’t like MOR:-

1) She is a hypocrite . She doesn’t do anything about the people of the hewn city, and is against them, coming to Velaris, which is just evil.

2) yess, in one of my posts , I did say that She should come out. Infact, I also wrote the reason that WHEN SHE CAN TRUST A GIRL WHOM SHE MET MONTHS AGO,THEN WHY CAN’T SHE TRUST HER FRIENDS/FAMILY , FROM 500 YEARS AGO ? That I do not understand at all. Infact , no such logic has been provided in the books, so I have a say in this topic that why ? What’s the reason ? It’s not like I am Shaming her into coming out ? I just want to know the reason ? And how’s that me being homophobic ?

And this question is directed towards sjm, which became a straight hateful point towards Mor.

She wrote a 6- ass page monolouge, but gave no specific reason as to why she doesn’t trust anyone else.

Hell, she didn’t even portray the IC to be a bit of homophobic, which would atleast explain that. So it’s all complex , and incomplete.

Fine if she doesn’t want to come out , because she is not comfortable right now . Then why is she after Cassian , ignoring Azriel ?? Why is there such a chaotic relationship between them, which is not healthy at all ??

Why can’t she flirt with someone else in Velaris?? Don’t they love the inner circle?? Is it because they are low males ? Wasn’t Cassian one lowly born bastard ? Any reason ??

Many of these things are unclear. So I just want to know, and of course we’ll be getting a possible book on Mor, where we’ll find out, so if someone still hates that whole story about Mor, then they are homophobic/ lesbophobic.

As for your irl example:-

1) I have no buisness in their coming out, because I would know atleast something about their history or something.

2) even if I don’t , that does not mean that I will Harass them to come out. Obviously if they told me about them being one of the LGBTQ members , then it means that they trust me.

3) you trust someone when you know that they support you. And that they’ll help you even in your darkest of times.

And if you compare me with Feyre being supportive to Mor like I am to people in real life, then you are completely wrong !!

We don’t know if the IC is homophobic. Infact Cassian might be Bi, after the acowae deleted scene.

I am not against Nesta or Cassian being Bi, because they didn’t say anything in that topic. And, it was in a deleted scene from acowae .

Mor was unexpected , which seemed forceful. Hell, even Thesan’s lover’s name was not mentioned. So can I call them as forced characters as well??

But it’s not like I hate them. Because I don’t know them.

The 1st reason I hate Mor for, mentioned above, is the major reason, while Sjm’s rash writing which turned out to be incomplete just added fuel to this fire.

And Fyi, Many people irl are homophobic. We know that because we see , and meet them everyday.

So please don’t compare such situations. They are completely different.

And this blog is safe for all LGBTQ people. Please feel safe here.

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It’s going to literally hurt my heart to read all the scenes in which cassians going to put the inner circle first. The hurt that Nesta is going to feel makes me almost get an anxiety attack. Also I getting a free trial of audible so I can read the ACOSF for free ☺️

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Im genuinely interested in how Azriel finds his lovers. Mor minding everyone business ass once said that he has a lot them but in secret. But how because homeboy is confident but shy at everything but torture. So I can’t see him approaching a women much less propositioning her for BDSM sex. LMFAO I still love him. I do. I swear I do

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Feyre believes that Rhysand is the best High Lord among all the courts in Prythian. But does she even know how to spell High Lord.

This girl hasn't learned anything about the other courts for her to come to this conclusion, if she had we would know more about them reading from her perspective. 

Imagine the winter High Lady and Lord protecting the children left from Amarantha reign. Viviane protected the court for 50 years, she earned her spot while Feyrug fucked to the top. Which I would have no problem with if she didn’t act so offended when someone doesn’t give her the same respect as Rhysand. She wants the privileged that comes with being High Lady but what does she do? She paints.. everyone. She does the role a lady of the night court would do. 

If anything it just makes me excited for Acosf because I know that Nesta is going to work harder than anyone. And that her “eat the rich” mentality isn’t  going to let her adapt as easily as Feyre. 

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Mor acts like cassias jealous ex-girlfriend. And cassians accepts it because he’s this buffer between his brother and Rhys cousin. Idk maybe it just me but that doesn’t make sense. Maybe he just likes the attention. She’s the safe option. Why doesn’t this fandom hold the MaLeS accountable? The only reason he slept with her was because he was jealous that Mor was taking Azriel attention away from him

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The Night Court put on devil masks when they face the other courts all to protect Velaris. Ummn? but who cares because they have a barrier protecting that starlight city from danger. So why do they continue pretending to be the villains after Amarantha was gone. Specifically in Acomaf and Acowar.

The night courts inner circle pretended to be villains so much that they actually became it.

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Rhysand: Acknowledges wing clipping is unjust and bans it.

Also Rhysand: *Doesn’t nothing to enforce this ban* *Lets thousands of Ilyrian women losing their heritage.* *Lets his wife appropriate his culture, the culture of his mother. While she does nothing but paint*

Rhysand Stans: Omg what a feminist!

Feyre: Hates that Tamlin kept her in the manor and stopped her from training.

Also Feyre: *Exiles her own sister to Illyrian camps so that Cassian can supervise her* *Allows Nesta to be in Cassian captivity without having anywhere else to go.*

Feysand deserves each other. No shit that they are mates.

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So is anyone else going to search key terms when they get the ebook version of acosf. I was thinking “rhysand” and “emerie” and “mate”. Just to be safe because my heart can’t handle the strain :(((

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Do you ever think to yourself that Keir’s only condition for joining the war with his army was entry into Velaris, not because he wanted to destroy it or take advantage. But because he knew how prosperous Velaris is and that civilians from the Hewn City could of been helped with those riches. 

And how disappointed he may have been to find out that Rhysand double crossed him and wasn’t letting him in. That the people he may have wanted to help, poor and starving are left to die. 

And if Velaris had to repair itself in acofas, even with its riches, then the Hewn City was in utter destruction and Illyria an abyss

Im not crying you are

36 notes

Rhysand wants equality amongst the lesser Fae and high Fae. He decided to spare Tarquin in acotar because he was a High Lord that believed the same. But  is he ever seen fighting for these “lesser Fae” rights? No because the world is hard and people are stubborn.

Rhysand only dreams about helping the lesser Fae.

Rhysand wants equality among men and women. But, he only puts those he considers family as leaders not those actually capable and wanted by the people.  And everything he does to Feyre UTM. sexually assaults, uses force to almost break her arm, and forces her to make a deal only to piss off Tamlin.

Rhysand only dreams about being a feminist. 

Rhysand wants to put an end to wing clipping in Illyria. So he bans it, but does he enforce his own law? No because Illyrian men are brutes and won’t listen to anyone. And when Feyre asks him in the bathtub why doesn’t he force his will on the warlords. This man… this man says “that’s a line he won’t cross”. So he has a boundary here but not with the all the other bullshit he has done. Wheres the boundary when he steals from the summer court, sexually assaults Feyre, favoritizes one city over his other territories, enables Feyre behavior when she destroys the spring court, offers up his best friend of 500 years to his mate “for fun”. 

Rhysand only dreams about helping the Illyrian women.

The court of dreamers is such a fitting name for the inner circle because they only dream and pretend that they can help but they only make things worse.


The people of Velaris are living so peacefully and privileged at the expense of Illryia and the Hewn City. Velarians are required to be apart of an army, they arn’t required to pay taxes. To live in tents. They don’t know what it's like to be demonized. To be treated like dogs because Rhysand only dreams and acts for them. 

Feel free to add on sweets :))))

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I’ll never forget when mor started crying at the prospect of allowing people from hewn into Velaris. Shes so selfish.

The people coming into Velaris could be refugees, victims of forced marriages like her. People escaping sexual assault, people that are just looking for a better life. People that are running away from her parents rule who she and rhys appointed, mind you. So she and her cousin resigned them to be governed over by tyrants. Now when they wanna escape that, she wants to cry?? Really? Does she think that shes the only one with such a horrific story? She was the high lords cousin and she was treated so horribly so you can only imagine what is happening to people that dont have nepotism on their side. Shes such a bad person and bad leader period. Not everything is about her and her father but she chose to deal with all people of hewn city, innocent and otherwise the way she deals with her father. And that’s with hate. If she cant put her feelings aside and be objective then she shouldnt be in a position of leadership. Period.

They way she rules with her personal issues and feelings is the reason why people believe that women shouldn’t be presidents and occupy leadership in general. It’s so regressive.

(And yes the IC is enabling her. They’re all terrible people for allowing this.)

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Mor stans are a different breed guys, honestly. Nesta stans take any nesta hate and criticisms to the chin and keep it moving, rhys stans acknowledge his wrongs then justify them but mor stans deny any wrongdoing on her part from existence.

Saying mor used cassian to achieve her goal to escape marriage isnt slander, its a fact. Saying mor has been using cassian as a buffer from az for 500 years isnt slander, it’s a fact. Saying mor threatened Nesta on two separate occasions unprovoked isnt slander it’s a fact. Saying mor and cassian exchanged lingerie at solstice isnt slander, it’s a fact. Yet some of you guys want to act like those things didnt happen or if you do, you say acknowledging them is bashing her character. Which is bizarre.

Every character has commited wrongs and no ones free from critique, so I dont understand why the same can’t be expected for mor without her stans straight up lying and saying it didnt happen, or severely downplaying her negative actions to make them seem insignificant and essentially victim blaming.

Imagine nesta stans saying that nesta wasnt mean to feyre in acotar, or downplaying it to the point where it looks like it was feyres fault? There’d be pandemonium. This is essentially what some mor stans are doing and its wrong.

20 notes

I  absolutely HATE the fact that Nesta, our Nesta who never backs down from a fight, who never lets anyone talk shit about her or belittle her, not once but twice was degraded by Morrigan for absolutely no reason. She was soo messed up in Cassian’s love that she didn’t defend herself . She let Morrigan debase her because of Cassian, because of that stupid triangle.

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I hate how Azriel and Mor were retconned from “two people dealing with trauma and thus unable to be open with their friends” into “creepy neckbeard with anger issues that might be lesbophobic” and “mean girl that starts drama to perpetuate toxic friendship dynamic”

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You can still have sympathy for characters that you don’t vibe with

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I forgot to mention the last point you brought up: I’ve been noticing that, too. Whenever there’s a female character that doesn’t necessarily belong to the main cast, they’re demonized for being confident in their sexuality. Especially if they’re pocs. I remember Feyre tearing apart a member from Tarquin’s court for flirting with Rhysand when she herself was doing the same to Tarquin - and it was never again brought up and the fandom to this day hates this character and doesn’t acknowledge her at all. Tbh every female character that is sexually active and isn’t Feyre is either a sexual predator (Ianthe) or shamed for having those sexual encounters (Mor only sleeps with men to keep up her ‘straight-agenda’, Nesta sleeps with men to cope with her ptsd, this one character from Tarquin’s court was trashed for even flirting with Rhysand etc.). But the men could say the most abhorrent things to their female counterpart and it’s described by the narrative and fandom as quirky and funny and super hot. Call it what it is. Mysogony.

(with reference to this post)

1. hey anon I love you and your takes

2. yeah, I understand what you mean about Mor sorta lashing out. She’s incredibly protective of Cas and Az (and I think there was an explanation offered that she didn’t want Nesta to end up hurting Cas? Don’t quote me on that) but it still wasn’t a nice thing to do. 

But yeah, I do think Nesta stans tend to blow it out of proportion (and make it out to be more of an issue than the actually bad things Cas and Az have done) and end up saying very lesbophobic things.

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