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#anti acomaf
feyredarlinq · 20 minutes ago
i guess we’re ranting again
if elain is so boring and useless and with no personality ... why do some people keep using elain and elriel aesthetic, canon and foreshadowed moments for their crack ship’s theories and headcanons?
elain is important to the inner circle and is now part of it.
elain is the one that will spend time with nyx, like it already happened at the end of acosf, because she is feyre’s sister and rhysand’s friend.
elain symbolizes light and the light x dark trope belongs to elain and azriel (“...light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two.”)
elain is the one to make azriel happy like no else ever could and she will continue to do so (“... i’d never heard such a sound, deep and joyous”)
elain is nuala and cerridwen’s friend.
elain is the one azriel shadows like and protect and no lightsinger hints twisted as romantic content will ever change that (“... no one spoke, though shadows gathered in the corners of the room, like snakes preparing to strike.”)
elain is foreshadowed to be azriel’s true mate and, again, no lightsinger hints could ever change that (“if anyone can sense if something is amiss. it’s a mate” ... “azriel answered, the cauldron has made you a seer.” + so much more, that’s what happens when you’ve got four books of build up with actual canon content)
elain is the one connected to truth teller (“never, rhys said. i have never once seen azriel let another person touch touch that knife.”)
elain is the one connected to the spying plot. (“she scanned elain from head to toe, wondering if she’d been taking lessons in stealth from azriel or the two half wraiths she called friends.”)
i could go on for days with this but the point remains the same: elain is going to be the next main character, elain is getting her own book and elain is getting her own happy ending with azriel.
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kayla-2 · 21 minutes ago
Rant about Feyre in Acosf
I can’t even re-read acosf for Feyre moments because of how nesta badly treated Feyre.
Feyre is arguably the only person in the inner circle (beside nestas mate) that stuck by her side acosf (not that’s it’s the IC obligation) Feyre is the only person in the fucking series who continued to save her life over and over. She has done more for nesta than nesta parents combined. And all she did was berate and mock Feyre in her point of view.
Wanting her to die over elain, complaining about a painting when she told Feyre to piss off about her house, blaming Feyre while she was PUSHING and ARGUING with amren and Elain, her dropping to her fucking knees to apologize to Amren who has defended her for ONE year, but not her sister who never left her side.
People say “we can’t be upset over things that happen when they were children” they aren’t children in acosf, they weren’t children in the events of acotar either.
And than that damn Amren Apartment scene, I can’t get over it. Amren and Rhysand were the only people who voted against giving her the weapons, Feyre automatically said yes, she was heavily pregnant, and haven’t berated or done a anything wrong to nesta the entire book.
Trauma is an explanation to why you act the way you do and treat people the way you do NOT a justification. Not making it okay.
Amren was making points and Nesta got backed into a wall, and her first thought was to tell her sister she was going to die… we rightfully talk about IC actions as leaders and how they react but you think reacting like that is a Queen? A leader? Someone who should wield unimaginable power? Nesta AGREED to keep it a secret. So to turn this scene into anything else that nesta continuously using Feyre as some sort of punching bag is wrong.
Nesta knew she was wrong, she saw Feyre face crumbled and the words written is that says that Nesta didn’t care.
And EVEN AFTER her sister use her death and nephews death as an argument point. She maturely and correctly maintained her anger towards her Rhysand, who should’ve explained more of the risk of the pregnancy (as Feyre already knew it was going to be a hard birth) The only thing that should come out of that scene is Shaming Rhysand for trying to find a solution without telling Feyre.. NOT praising nesta for telling her that way. She did nothing right in that scene.
Please don’t come in the comment section arguing. I truly don’t care. People pick and choose what they want to be angry about and what they want to ignore. And people ignore that nesta had no right to treat Feyre like that. If Feyre was random or even her sister who did nothing for her than who cares. But as nesta sole provider since they were children, Feyre deserved more respect.
Don’t come into the comment section talking about the IC, because I’m talking about Feyre. Anything you believe the Inner Circle has said to Feyre, Nesta has said to Feyre. For example, She literally called Feyre an animal for having sex, She told Feyre that no one will remember her. She threatened to slit Feyre throat. But will you ever hear anyone calling her out? Nope.
I can’t even enjoy the book. The next book will at least give me some peace when reading about Feyre.
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daisybrekker · 53 minutes ago
Hiii, so gwynriels have been saying 3 brothers with 3 sisters are unbelievable and will be boring and cliche. There's no way sarah will let that happen. What do you think about that?
Hey anon!
I honestly laugh it off because in this case, it would make perfect sense, especially with SJM's theme of 3s in the series which is clearly something significant.
3 Sisters
3 Brothers
3 Mountains (UTM, Ramiel, and The Prison)
3 Friends (Feyre has Amren + Mor, Nesta has Gwyn + Emerie and Elain has Nuala + Cerridwen)
3 Old Gods (Koschei, Stryga and the Bone Carver)
Also, let's look at the literal definition of 'cliché'
is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
"Overused" - If it's so overused, then I'd love for the antis to name several, well-known, stories where a group of sisters get together with a group of brothers?
"Betrays a lack of original thought" - So if Elain was to break the bond with Lucien so she'd be able to choose Azriel (and for Lucien to choose Vassa) that wouldn't be original? Last time I checked, every couple with the mating bond in the ACOTAR universe decided to keep the bond and stay together. When we finally get Elain who decides to break it, it'll bring something new to the series and will show us the process, aftermath, etc. instead of just telling us about it, Therefore disputing the "lack of original thought" theory.
Furthermore, even if it was considered a cliché, why does that stop SJM from making Elriel endgame? Before the release of ACOSF, I saw plenty of readers post that if Feysand somehow has a child, they'll hate that arc as they considered it a cliché, and yet SJM made it happen.
In SJM's other series, Throne of Glass, the main character, Aelin, had multiple male characters (Sam, Chaol, Dorian, Rowan, Ilias) who were romantically interested in her AND she was involved in a love triangle (between Chaol and Dorian). Is that not 2 clichés right there?
Trust me when I say that the antis are trying to come up with any excuses why Elriel won't work out because they see that their ships are sinking🤭We have nothing to worry about😌
Also, if you may still be confused about the theme of 3s and how it links together, I touch up on the foreshadowing about the sisters' journeys here if you'd like to check it out!
I also believe that since we've seen Feyre conquer UTM and Nesta conquer Ramiel, we'll most likely see Elain highly involved with The Prison, once again linking back to the theme of 3s!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
Have a lovely day🌹
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worldsnotsaid · 13 hours ago
it baffles me when people who consider themselves feyre stans defend rhysand’s actions. like they’ll go to such extents to bully other characters/people for doing the smallest thing to feyre, but can somehow overlook/justify how he abused her. aren’t y’all supposed to like her???
Hey anon!
I agree!!!
I honestly think F/eyre stans are more “Anti F/eyre” than actual antis, just because they refuse to acknowledge R/hysand as an abuser. And in their attempt to defend him, they literally write off his abuse. There are people who literally say that they can understand what he did in SF because he’s “going through a lot.” So fuck F/eyre’s feelings? How that would have made her feel? And was this not the same predicament T/amlin was in? Like nearly identical? Wasn’t T/amlin freaked out by watching F/eyre die? Scared because she was in a situation that he couldn’t get her out of (i.e. her abuser trapping her in a life-long bargain)? And did that justify his abuse? Making decisions on her behalf? Fuck no.
I feel like R/hysand’s abuse is always an after thought because he’s a charismatic character (or he’s supposed to come off that way), and his abuse is always framed as a Good. And admitting that F/eyre is still a victim in that dynamic undermines the story. But people never criticize him. F/eyre stans praise him for “saving her”
F/eyre's biggest abuser was -- and continues to be -- R/hysand. And the fact that people are willing to forgive and excuse his actions for the same reason they criticized T/amlin, makes me believe that F/eyre's well-being isn't honestly the real concern.
When it's Rhysand s*xually assaulting F/eyre twice, groping her, harassing her, mentally doing these exact same things, it's okay because he's misunderstood.
Then in MAF, he constant banters with her s*xually despite the fact that [1] he s*xually assaulted her just three months before [2] knows she’ll feel some attraction to him because they are mates, but still doesn’t disclose that information because he’s “afraid of her reaction.” Like what??? And F/eyre actually internalizes this attitude. She’s like “I’m a coward for rightfully being angry that this guy not telling me something I deserved to know.” And she’s attracted to R/hysand and she doesn’t honestly know why. This guy who assaulted her. And she admits to have wanted him during UTM. When he was S*XUALLY ASSAULTING HER.
That’s abuse. And people don’t want to admit that.
It’s not just that either. F/eyre’s fans refuse to hold her accountable for anything she does. Like when she destroys the Spring Court, or when she abused N/esta, or when she is responsible for the siege of the Summer Court. Or when she mind-invaded T/arquin and stole the book after manipulating him, when she could have just asked. When she gaslighted M/or into coming out. [edit: and F/eyre was absolutely responsible for the fall of Spring. She implanted fake memories into a sentry, and made him believe it to be truth. That’s not just “letting T/amlin make the decisions” that’s her actually lying about about a situation and then invaded sentries mind to see it through]
People go into leaps and holes to defend her and that’s why SJM will never write her to be anything more than a glorified-s*xualized self-insert. She can never actually be nuanced because she’s never held accountable. There’s never any tension in her character.
F/eyre has been constantly abused by R/hysand, and most of people’s dislike for F/eyre’s character honestly stems from R/hysand, and it’s partially sad because she’s intolerable because people refused to call out her biggest abuser.
But at the end of the day, it’s scary because this story seems to validate s*xual assault, gaslighting, physical assault because the leading love interest did it, but says other characters like L/ucien, N/esta, or E/lain are beyond redemption because they were all in tight situations? Or when they’ve changed?? Like no. Just say you’re all R/hysand stans and give it up.
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daisybrekker · a day ago
I just read acosf and get to the point where Nesta narrated that Gwyn is shimmering with light or radiating with light and that her voice is beckoning and summoning. And then we have that specific description of what a lightsinger is in the earlier chapter. I don't think it is a coincidence at all, that a new creature is introduced without we will ever see them. Before this, I was skeptical about Gwyn being a lightsinger but now I am 100% convinced she is a lightsinger. Also, don’t come at me for just finishing acosf, I put down the book for quite a while after Nesta intentionally hurt Feyre that she and her baby will die.
Cassian explained three monsters lived in the bog: witches (who we can already infer ourselves because it's pretty common), kelpies (who we do eventually see right after), and lightsinger (which we haven't seen, yet very much explained thoroughly what it can do to you). As a shadowsinger Azriel deals with shadows however those shadows can be gone from him when he doesn’t use them (without Azriel losing his shadowsinger ability ofc). With the same comparison, a lightsinger i believe will radiate light only when they use their power or to lure their victims. I have zero doubt that Gwyn appearance in his bonus chapter is to further hint her power or what she actually is (a lightsinger) not her and Azriel as romantic pairing. Gwyn is sus.
Hey anon!
You've got it spot on.
The thing that mostly convinces me is the description of the lightsinger itself and how it constantly relates to Gwyn:
“There are lightsingers: lovely, ethereal beings who will lure you, appearing as friendly faces when you are lost. Only when you’re in their arms will you see their true faces, and they aren’t fair at all. The horror of it is the last thing you see before they drown you in the bog. But they kill for sport, not food.”
Gwyn's Appearance:
“She was young—almost coltish, with her slender, elegant limbs. High Fae, and yet… Nesta couldn’t explain the way she sensed that there was something else mixed into her. Some secret beneath the pretty face.”
Hints towards something darker beneath her pretty appearance = true nature
Her involvement in Azriel's Bonus POV:
"Appearing [...] when you are lost."
After Azriel being upset ("lost") due to what Rhys said about him and Elain, the first person he sees is Gwyn. Coincidence? No.
Gwyn's Origins:
“My grandmother was a river-nymph who seduced a High Fae male from the Autumn Court. So I’m a quarter nymph [...]”
“Before they drown you in the bog [...]”
I'm not saying that Gwyn will drown Azriel, but once again, I doubt it's a coincidence that Gwyn is a quarter river-nymph when we then have Cassian saying how lightsingers drown people.
Gwyn's known abilities + her glow:
“Gwyn’s hair seemed to glow brighter with her song, skin radiating a beckoning light. Drawing any listener in.”
“Gwyn sang, chin high, a faint glow seeming to radiate from her.”
"Something beckoned in Gwyn’s song, in a way the others’ hadn’t. Like Gwyn was calling only to her, her voice full of sunshine and joy [...]"
The repetition of the words "glow" and "beckoning" when Gwyn sings puts emphasis on these words = foreshadowing
Keep in mind that Gwyn glows when she sings. It's literally in the name of the creature. Lightsinger.
Nesta always seems to be transfixed by Gwyn's singing ("ethereal beings who will lure you")
Azriel's Shadows reaction to Gwyn:
"Could have sworn his shadows sang in answer."
"Her breath curled in front of her mouth, and one of his shadows darted out to dance with it before twirling back to him."
The common mistake many Gwynriels have decided to make canon is that his shadows dance and sing around/with Gwyn. As you can see, it's a blatant lie. They dance and sing around her breath which once again I believe is foreshadowing.
Also remember the fact that Nesta's powers "grumbled in answer" to Gwyn too. I think we really need to focus on the "in answer" part of both quotes. When you do something 'in answer', what it generally means is that you're responding to someone's request, therefore emphasising how Gwyn's powers called out to THEIR powers.
Overall, the main point is that Gwyn's involvement in Azriel's chapter was not there to foreshadow a new romantic pairing, etc. It was there to foreshadow her powers (+ potentially her as a villain?)
Besides, keep in mind that Azriel's shadows are a seperate entity from him, so them being "curious" about her has nothing to do with his feelings.
If you ever have anything else to ask, feel free!
Have a lovely day🌹
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worldsnotsaid · 2 days ago
Can we talk about what R/hysand did to F/eyre before, during, and after UTM? What that looked like to everyone else, and how just how traumatizing it would have been for F/eyre and even T/amlin?
trigger warning: s*xual assault, physical violence, drugging. handle with care! sorry for typos!
Before UTM:
R/hysand, unprovoked, visits T/amlin to chastise him instead of conspiring with him. He walks in, and realizes that there's somebody else staying with him, and then threatens L/ucien's mother. All of this while being on his own, without any of A/marantha's cronies around him. He realizes that there's somebody in there with both T/amlin and L/ucien, and then it is revealed that the guest is F/eyre -- his mate.
Now, R/hysand is faced with several opportunities.
[1] He can walk away from the manor, say that he found nothing and return back to A/marantha. He can lie -- something he already did on Calanmai. Mind you, R/hysand asked A/marantha to come to the Spring Court, not to help, but to see F/eyre. Not to help, to aid, or to do anything, but to frolic.
[2] He can pull T/amlin aside, curtly -- they don't have to be cordial -- and tell him that it would be in his best interest to get F/eyre out of P/rythian. He can either tell T/amlin or just tell F/eyre that there is vague darkness in the land, and T/amlin is powerless to stop it. He could even be mean if it's a dire situation.
[3] He could just speak to F/eyre directly in her mind, and tell her that there's danger coming -- or he can talk to T/amlin mind to mind. He can show T/amlin A/marantha's plan with his mind daemati abilities, show him information that's pivotal. And seeing as T/amlin is actually a good leader at this point, I don't think there wouldn't be any debate.
But he doesn't do any of those things. None. You know what he does?
He insults F/eyre's mortal status, insults the status of lesser Fae as a whole. He makes T/amlin bow as he infiltrates F/eyre's mind, his mental touch bordering on s*xual assault. He then tells F/eyre's deepest desires to her shame, humiliating her in front of everyone. He leaves F/eyre almost sobbing, he nearly kills her. He does all of this without ever revealing (a) why he does it and (b) that there's a threat coming. Because what if T/amlin hadn't sent F/eyre home??? And if he knew that T/amlin had enough love and common sense in regards to F/eyre -- why could he not just tell F/eyre???
But more important, R/hysand's abuse would have horrible effects, realistically. F/eyre should have been traumatized at her mind being invaded. At her body not being hers to control -- and I say that because that's literally how she feels with T/amlin in MAF. How the hell does she not for R/hysand?? Because they're mAtEs???
But let's look at what that looks like for T/amlin and L/ucien? It looks like R/hysand is abusing her in front of him, controlling her mind, something that actually matters when discussing T/amlin's response to R/hysand during MAF. And I haven't even gotten to his behavior UTM.
During UTM:
R/hysand knows that L/ucien is helping F/eyre heal UTM, but then mocks both L/ucien and T/amlin when A/marantha makes T/am whip L/ucien. He laughs at F/eyre's pain. He does this when no one is around.
Instead of helping F/eyre, he lashes out grabs her bone, and twists her bone until she nearly passes out, he does this to make her agree to his bargain -- which is a self-indulgent one.
He then marks F/eyre's skin, without her permission to locks her into a bargain that is to last her lifetime.
Later, he and his attendants dress F/eyre up -- to the point where she is nearly nude, pains her skin, and parades her in front of the entire seven courts.
R/hysand drugs F/eyre, and gropes her all night. Even when she is sore and aching, she is still forced to dance. And when F/eyre doesn't want to drink, R/hysand forces her to drink the wine. He degrades and humiliates her in front of all of the courts.
And then he puts her in the cell -- while she's still basically naked -- and subjects her to the brutal cold. It's so sad because it takes L/ucien to relate the events of the night to F/eyre. And it's only because L/ucien comes that she gets something to wear. Because of the wine F/eyre drinks, she can even keep the little food she gets down.
He then forces himself on F/eyre, and kisses her, and only apologizes for -- "not making it good for her" not because it was...idk, wrong!!
Not only that, R/hysand's plan keeps A/marantha's eyes on her at all times. He does this, every night, in front of T/amlin and the entire court, and T/amlin should just be...okay with him???
So much of the trauma and pain F/eyre faced UTM was caused and facilitated by Rhysand, yet people say that T/am and L/ucien were horrible UTM??
T/am's silence quite literally saved F/eyre's life. It was the best strategy because A/marantha didn't pay attention to F/eyre until she was made R/hysand's "plaything" -- something the story literally admits (there's an honest to god quote). T/am's indifference saved F/eyre's life! And L/ucien helped F/eyre because T/am asked him to. That's also something that's literally quoted in the text. I love L/ucien, but he admits the main reason he was helping was because he T/am made him swear to protect her (remember, L/ucien was standoffish towards her because he wanted her to stay longer to break the curse).
And I'm just confused on why SJM figured R/hysand's antics were anywhere near helpful. She even states how logical T/am's reasoning was, and then she makes F/eyre angry about it?
Yet, F/eyre is only selectively sad about what happened UTM. Which is purely SJM refusing to hold R/hysand accountable for his actions. She never addresses as she makes F/eyre "fall in love" with R/hysand. F/eyre is ready to accept R/hysand without him ever explaining himself. She's angrier at the Spring Court citizens than she ever is at R/hysand. It takes R/hysand to seek her out before F/eyre ever asks about his behavior. Like, eww.
But everyone saw him treat her like that. It's so unrealistic that Tarquin isn't suspicious of F/eyre being with Rhysand after he did all of that in front of everyone. Everyone should be very wary of that after seeing him do that to her UTM. Everyone saw that. Like how the hell is every just like -- "seems cool to me". Tarquin doesn't think that looks crazy? That R/hysand literally threatening him not to tell T/am that F/eyre is at the Summer Court is super sus? That he may be controlling her mind???
I'll continue this later when I talk about R/hysand's abuse after TAR (because he's still abusive in MAF and WAR -- especially).
The way people talk about R/hysand just makes me so annoyed because I just can't understand how T/am and Even L/ucien are seen as evil when we literally have R/HYSAND.
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kayla-2 · 2 days ago
I read every scene about the Archeron sisters father with a straight face. I truly did not feel for him..Acosf trying to paint him as anything but neglect, useless, and unnecessary literally did nothing for me.
I could only stomach reading about him as to how much his death and uselessness affected nesta but that’s it!
Feyre painting of him, showing Nyx to him.🙄🙄🙄
Giving him an entire scene at his grave at the end!!! We could’ve had a scene of Rhysand’s lavish mating bond ceremony for Nessian at the end. But no...
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kayla-2 · 2 days ago
Feyre is not responsible for her sisters. She has never been. I wish Feyre realized this more than anyone else 🙄 I truly consider this one of her glaring flaws.
We only see this type of argument when someone is defending Nesta and Elain for not being active in their own survival. And I totally agree. They are not responsible for Feyre. It was on their parents (fuck them) to provide for them and keep them safe when they were literal children. Emphasis on When they were children!
But stans can’t criticize Feyre with the notion that she automatically suppose to care for her sisters. She doesn’t. Everything she does for them is a privilege not an automatic right. Even when she makes it seem like they are suppose to be taken care of by her. Even when they act like it...
I seriously do not understand, in 2021, especially after everything she’s done in ACOSF why this is not grasped. Just because she took care of them for years- and now. she was not obligated to. They are grown women, they were grown in the events of acotar and they are grown now. treat them like it.
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feysandandnyx · 2 days ago
I read a comment from one person comparing the lie Amren told Nesta (about her still having obligations to the night court for not being relieved of her charge) with Tamlin lying so that Feyre would go with him to spring court. I think the first thing to mention is that they are completely different contexts. Tamlin kidnapped Feyre because he wanted Feyre to break her curse. Amren wants Nesta to agree to take care of herself. Then thinking about it, I remembered that she used the same strategy with Feyre in ACOMAF, after Feyre couldn't get into prison because of his trauma with confined spaces. So we have this in chapter 18:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then in chapter 28
Tumblr media
Amren lied to Feyre for the same reasons, especially since she knows Prison better than anyone else. Basically, she used psychology with Feyre. Believing that she was protected by Amren's amulet, Feyre was able to return to Prison and face her traumas. In ACOSF, Amren lied so that Nesta would accept to take care of herself and face her traumas. Amren also lied to Feyre during ACOWAR, before she entered the cauldron. Please stop making Nesta a victim of IC, you make the story very boring ✨
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Can we acknowledge the fact that in the methods to “help” Nesta the inner circle and Feyre didn’t think it was a good idea to offer her a therapist? Like for fucks sake, the girl is experiencing trauma from her life and the war and you think the best idea is to send her to a war camp?
And also what’s even worse about them making the decision for Nesta is the fact that she never had the ability to choose throughout most of her life. Like how her mother literally groomed her to sell her off into a marriage. (Trigger warring SA) And when she was assaulted by Thomas to which he tried to make her feel like she couldn’t say no to him. Her freedom to choose what she wanted has always been violated by the people around her. And it’s even worse knowing the the same people who claim to care about her are doing the same things as her past abusers did.
Throughout the entire series no one acknowledged the fact that nesta is a victim, instead they treated her like some burden they needed to fix. And for Rhys to have the audacity to judge her after all the shit he’s done is so baffling to me. She did some bad things yeah, but she takes accountability for her actions. Rhys has done far much worse and yet here he still is being seen as some fucking saint.
And don’t even get me started on Cassian who claims to care about her yet always defends Rhys when he’s attacking her. It’s like he’s Rhys’ bitch. You’re her fucking mate, do something about the way she’s being treated. Instead he agrees with everything making her feel like shit. I’ve experienced gaslighting before and it’s unfortunate to see that it’s what he’s doing to her. He’s making her feel guilty for everything, while she’s drowning in her sorrows.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Acosf wasn’t a book about self healing. It was a book about a victim being torn down and forced to change who she was in order to be accepted. This is why it’s so hard to find badass female characters in books who are unapologetically nasty to the people around them. Quite frankly I wanted nesta to stay being the bitch that she originally was - just wanted more depth to it. And other authors have done it so nice before. Like Zoya from the Shadow and Bone series. She’s bitter and an absolute bitch and in the end still stays the way she is, which I love about her.
It’s just makes me so angry looking at books and seeing how much females that aren’t considered kind or nice are put down. Not just in the book but also by the fans. Why does a female character need to be “good” or a “hero” for her to be liked? Why is it when a male character acts like an absolute asshole for no remorse for his actions people eat that up. But when it’s a female it’s suddenly looked down upon. I’m so mad with how Nesta ended up at the end of the book. I’m so tired of these women always being put down and not accepted for who they are. The only time they are accepted is when they “change”.
Ngl I just wanted Nesta to be this anti hero throughout the series. I wanted her to still be horrible but I also wanted explanations for why she did the things she did. I wanted her to be that cruel and vicious person she was always meant to be. I honestly don’t even want her to be part of the inner circle. Why be with a group of people that have insulted you and threatened to kill you?
It’s just so interesting how people treat male characters vs female characters. I’m so tired of seeing my favorite female characters change because of these men.
Sorry for the rant! This got me so heated 😗
I didn’t know you could put this many characters in an ask.
i like this ask tho. For me, i agree. I love cassian but nonnie you are completely correct in saying he acts like Rhys’ bitch. Your also correct in saying ACOSF was not a book about healing. I think I’ve said this before on my blog but the moment I finished ACOSF I was so confused because it felt like I was reading Feyres story from the perspective of a side character. The book was so disappointing.
The cover should’ve been our first warning, her publishing company can eat my ass for that one.
Hate to the publishing company not the artist. I actually do like the cover but not for this series.
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worldsnotsaid · 4 days ago
Thinking about how A/mren and M/or had so much power during the reign of A/marantha, yet neither did anything to help P/rythian. A/mren — a literal god sat on her ass for fifty years. Honestly, the whole IC sat on their ass for fifty years.
R/hysand has the strongest court in all the land, but saw it fit to keep them hidden from the rest of the court. Thereby depriving the court of their military leader, and the its next in line political leaders (M/or and A/mren). And since C/ass and M/or overlook important areas of the court (CoN and Illyria), they essentially allowed both to fall into chaos.
But yeah, R/hys is the best High Lord...
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feyredarlinq · 4 days ago
short part II of this x
a brief summary just in case you don’t have time to read it: some people, as usual, act like azriel is in “lust” only with elain and i explain why that’s not true at all.
i keep seeing a lot of the same stuff already adressed in my previous post, so what i wanted to add is: let’s say that, for some reason, all the elriel build up pre acosf doesn’t exist and it is true that azriel doesn’t care for elain and he only feels physical attraction for her. first of all, isn’t that how nessian started too? (i’m referring to their bonus chapter) actually, wings and embers was even worse imo. he doesn’t like nesta’s personality, he thinks multiple times that she’s a bitch, yes there are also obviously some hints that he feels/will feel more for her but in that chapter he’s mostly lusting after her and that’s it. 
but let’s make another example. again, let’s say azriel feels lust only. do people honesly think that an author would write a story (or in this case, a bonus chapter) in which two women are pitted against each other and one will be used just for sex only -and that’s the only reason to include her in said chapter, to highlight that what the man feels for her is nothing but pent up sexual frustration- and the other (she’s different, “she’s not like other girls” bla bla bla) will be the man’s true love. because that’s what gwynriel as a ship is (mostly) based on (that, or lightsingers/whatever else gwyn is hints twisted as romantic content) most of them (not all of them, i hope) acknowledge that, yes, there was something there bewteen elain and azriel, but it is just him lusting for her and after he realizes that she’s nothing but a means to an end to relieve his sexual frustration and/or they hook up he’ll move on to another girl, in this case gwyn. 
let’s take a moment to let that sink in. 
the year is freaking 2021, the author is a feminist ... but the romance is based on reducing one woman to sex only while the other one will be oh so different. imagine how tired we are. if you really can’t wrap your head around the fact your crack ship will never happen, for the love of god, or at least have the decency to keep elain out of your misognystic headcanons.
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daisybrekker · 4 days ago
So I read acosf twice and I still don’t see any romance between Az and Gwyn. There’s no attraction between them which is needed in an adult fantasy series. The pov showed she was a lightsinger and the Elriel part of the pov was enough to say they are endgame. I just don’t see how Gwynriel is romantic because he laughed and snorted at her .
Hey anon!
I'll tell you a funny story actually😅
So I pre-ordered ACOSF but unfortunately my copy didn't come before or even on the release date (As you might have seen on social media, many people received their pre-ordered copies way later after the release date) so before I got to read the book, I already saw some spoilers flying around on social media and the main thing I got from them was that Elriel was clearly "destroyed" and that Gwynriel is the new ship, Azriel is in love with Gwyn, etc.
Obviously, I was a bit upset as I liked Elriel from the start but I decided to see what would be my personal opinion on Gwynriel after reading ACOSF and the bonus chapters, and let me tell you, I was never more confused.
There's been no hints that either Gwyn or Azriel are attracted to eachother, no chemistry, no signs of a hidden mating bond. Nothing. So for me it's obvious that most of the fandom simply romanticised every little thing they could just to make a new ship and try to invalidate Elriel. (It's no secret that Elain is a widely hated character in the fandom so obviously many don't want her with Azriel who's a popular favourite)
I mean, do you guys remember how Emerie made a small appearance in ACOFAS and readers started shipping her with Cassian (due to their hatred for Nesta) or with Azriel (due to their hatred for Elain) when she didn't have any sort of romantic moments with either of them? It's the exact same.
The difference between all Elriel and Gwynriel interactions, is that most Elriel moments are romantically coded, meanwhile not a single Gwynriel moment was romantic.
They've blushed in eachother's presence which has romantic connotations
From the beginning, Elain was most comfortable in his presence
He's given her something he never let anyone else touch (Keep in mind that he's lived for 500yrs)
He literally put rocks in his snowballs out of fury for how Rhys basically ordered him to leave Elain alone
He knew he could've died going to Hybern's Camp but he didn't care, he just wanted Elain safe with them
He was the only person to realise that there was nothing wrong with Elain and that she was a seer. (Remember that Madja said that only a mate can sense if something is amiss👀)
When Elain gave him the powder for headaches, Feyre never heard him laugh so joyously before.
He then spent all his nights looking at said powder since then.
He's been confirmed to be an extremely private person, yet he himself initiates contact with Elain (volunteering to show her the garden, etc)
He was uncomfortable at the prospect of giving gifts for the Archeron sisters at the start but then we have him giving Elain a rose necklace (Not just any necklace, but a rose one, clearly showing that he thought about her likes)
Azriel has been shown to be self conscious about his hands, yet we have Elain who calls his hands beautiful. (Yes, Feyre wasn't sure if it was his siphons or hands but considering the context, I believe Elain meant his hands)
Azriel is known as this deadly fae male and we had a scene where Elain "did not balk from him". (Basically disputes the argument that she couldn’t handle his "darkness")
That's obviously not all of them as if I was to write every romantically coded Elriel scene, I'd probably write an essay😅
He doesn't even consider her more than a friend.
No hints that either of them have a romantic attraction towards the other.
When she was about to ask more questions, he interrupted her cause he didn't want to get into details, but with Elain he went onto talking about his wings. (He could've easily just given her a blunt, short answer but he didn't)
"You're the new ribbon" - Just as Gwyn was determined to cut the ribbon first, so too she wanted to wipe the smirk off Azriel's face due to her competitive side, so nothing romantic.
He's known her for 2yrs and never felt any weird sense of longing, etc. that mates have which disputes the "Gwynriel mate theory"
He literally gave her a necklace that he bought when he thought about Elain. It has a rose because it represents her. It's not "Gwyn's necklace"
His shadows danced around her breath, not her. This could hint at her being a lightsinger.
It's pretty obvious to me what SJM wrote as romantic and what she didn't, but people can ship what they want. At the end, one side of the "ship war" will be extremely disappointed and it's clear what one it'll be. (Hint, hint: The ship starts with a G😉)
Have a nice day🌹
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dreaminginvelaris · 4 days ago
out of all the archeron sisters, unfortunately its nesta i see myself most in. but instead of praising her bc she “reminds me of me/i relate so much to her” i see her for what she truly is and do not wish to praise, encourage or romanticize nestas behavior. its okay to see yourself in nesta, but its not okay to think nestas behavior is okay, therefore that your behavior is okay too. its not. nesta and i share similar attitudes but the difference is that i see what is wrong with nesta and myself and i choose not to excuse or justify it. i want to be better than nesta ever will be. i want to be like feyre, bc truly feyre is the best of both sisters.
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just-here-to-lurk · 4 days ago
back to post about f//eysand’s behaviour in the library because WHAT?!??
i’m convinced s//jm and her entire team NEVER understand the implications of what she writes cause why on earth would she write her oh so perfect protags to engage in any type of sexual behaviour in a safe space made for victims of sa.
it doesn’t even take a genius to understand the nuance of what’s going on here cause:
the way the library is set up in the novels, clotho has to grant access for anybody (regardless of status) to enter
this means clotho has trusted them enough to allow f//eysand into her and other women’s safe space
granting them access means clotho expects them to act with the utmost respect and dignity for both the space they are in and the people that are there
f//eysand continue to have sex (?? i can’t remember if they go all the way)
they’ve now broken clotho’s trust, disrespected the place they are in and the people there, as well as potentially exposed victims of sa to sexual behaviour without their consent
except nothing in the last point actually happens and s//jm just continues her novel as if nothing happened. as if this is completely fine. because apparently, s//jm’s #1 rule is that horny trumps all.
**p.s. there’s definitely more to this but i’m a dummy who can’t analyze and communicate properly
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gwynrielsupremacist · 5 days ago
MOST of e/riels : we don't hate Gwyn 😇
also them :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plz wtf happens with this girl?
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