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Arima: Every time I have a conversation with you I waste hours of my life. You’re just too interesting.

Eto: I can stop being interesting. Watch this.

Eto: *freezes*


Arima: Hello?


Arima: Okay, well now I have to stay here and see how long you can keep this up.

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Eto, seductively: Take me, Kishou

Arima: Where? I’m low on gas and you need a jacket

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Hello, non! I think you’re asking me for headcanons, but I’m bad at coming up with fic headcanons on the spot so I’m going to give you a meta instead. Arima and Eto are foils, and exact opposite which is what makes their relationship an interesting one. Basically it all revolves around the idea of control, Eto takes control whenever she can, and Arima lets himself be controlled by others. I’ll cover more under the cut. 

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Arima: I don’t know what the vibe is between Eto and I. I don’t know if she wants to kill me or seduce me.

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Arima: *Accidentally brushes Eto’s hand with his own*

Eto: *Aggressively holds Arima’s hand*

Eto: Fucking commit to it.

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Arieto hc? Or aritake if you ship any of them

oh yes i remember this ship, i loved it when tg was still going! i wish we got some form of interaction like more please— ah i did arieto!

  • they read books together late into the night together meaning they’re gonna fall asleep leaning in one another to
  • eto constantly stealing arimas glasses and he’s always looking for them only to find them in her
  • arima’s office door is locked for a while when eto comes around cOUGH! i’m not tryna day they’re doing the do but that’s exactly what i’m tryna say here without saying it
  • i don’t know where this came from but imagine eto just wanting arima’s attention so she’s always bopping her head over his papers or she’s just staring at him as he does his work until he gives in
  • eto having to jump and tiptoe just to give arima kisses because we love a height difference

you guys are making me miss tg ahhhh!

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

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Arima: *kisses Eto’s cheek*

Eto: What the fuck was that?

Arima: Affection.

Eto: Disgusting.

Arima: …

Eto: … Do it again.

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for @kingkishou‘s birthday. this is belated, but happy birthday!! thank you for being my friend this past year and i wish you so much good fortune and health in your year ahead! <3

~1300 words, no content warnings. excerpt:

One day, they plan out all the next year’s meetings in advance. Arima agrees readily to it, and when Eto begins listing off the dates he simply listens, and nods, and when she frowns at him and asks if he can really remember each one without taking notes, he simply repeats each date and time back to her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll remember,” he reassures her, misinterpreting her deepening frown, as usual.

“I’m not worrying,” Eto tells him. Sometimes the amount of empty space he has in that head of his just bewilders her.

“It’s better for us to leave no trace.”

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I got inspired after listening to Cult by Reol & Seventeen by Marina and the diamonds. I couldn’t sleep until I got this out of my system.

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fururize with angst and comfort

content warning for Washuu family abuse, because The Washuus.

Setting: AU where Fruit-chan still helped Rize escape, but the steel beams were an attempt to stop V from finding her, and he missed and hit Rize instead. Rize recovered with Yomo after he freed her from Kanou, and Furuta re-met her through Mr. MM. They struck up a romance, but she does not know he’s responsible for that accident. 

And now Tsuneyoshi caught Fruit, just prior to Rushima Island. 

Tsuneyoshi grabs Furuta by his arm, twisting and twisting until Furuta feels as though his bones are about to snap. “I see. You’ve been helping yourself to my breeders.”

He smacks Furuta in his head as his son grinds his teeth to keep from crying out in pain. “You’re a half-breed. You defile them.”

“No,” Furuta whines. 

“No?” Tsuneyoshi mocks, shoving Furuta against the wall and kneeing him between his thighs. “No? You’ve betrayed me.” 

Furuta’s eyes harden, but he forces himself to chuckle. “You don’t know the half of it.” 

“I could not bear the thought that she was raised to be raped by disgusting old men,” he seethes. “From the moment I found out she was raised for rape and me to die, I swore I would end it all. And I will, Father.”

“Is that a confession?” Tsuneyoshi asks.

“It’s enough for me.” A crimson rinkaku pierces Tsuneyoshi’s midsection. 

Rize stands behind him, eyes blazing. “I’m not your object, Father. I chose Souta, no matter his species or relation.”

“How cute,” Tsuneyoshi gasps, spitting up blood and struggling in vain against his impalement. “Did he tell you how he dropped the beams on you?”

“It was an accident!” cries Furuta.

Rize merely laughs. “You’re a dumbass, old man. You think I’d fall for that? I know, because I’m smart. I’m capable. And I’m not your object.” 

Furuta gapes at her. She smiles slyly and readies another kagune tentacle. 

“Allow me.” Furuta struggles to his feet.

“No,” says a calm voice behind Rize.

To Furuta’s amazement, Arima Kishou sends his father’s head flying. Behind him stand Eto Yoshimura, Hirako Take, Kaneki Ken, and … Fueguchi? The Raven? Two Rabbits?

“We broke out of Cochlea,” explains Kaneki.

“We know a bit about forbidden love, too,” Eto adds, grabbing Arima’s hand.

“Oh god no,” Furuta says, as appalled as everyone else in the room.

“Souta.” Rize rushes over to him. “I know, okay? I know you dropped the beams.”

“Now I do, too,” adds Kaneki dryly. 

“There’s a part of me,” Furuta whispers, grasping at Rize’s hair like she’ll disappear, “that thinks I hit you on purpose. Because I was jealous you’d forgotten me.” 

Rize shakes her head. “I never forgot you. Never. I just stayed away to keep you safe, see if you couldn’t get back in that old fart’s good graces. How could I forget you? I love you. And I know you better than that.” 

“Me?” Furuta realizes there are tears on his cheeks. “Rize.” 

Rize’s breath tickles his ear. “If you marry me, you can take my last name.”

“Now kiss,” Eto orders.

“Not if you want it, hag!” Furuta shouts.

“That hag is your sister in law!” Eto yells back, kissing Arima.

Furuta’s scream is silenced by Rize’s soft lips on his. 

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Unless I’ve deleted this post (obviously I haven’t if you’re seeing this) there’s no time limit to send a prompt. There also is no limit to the amount of prompts you send long as you’re okay with patiently waiting for them to be filled.

1.) “How could you be a ghoul?”

2.) Kaneki writes letter(s) knowing that with the life he leads he’ll die.

3.) “And that kids is why you shouldn’t go on a date to a bookstore.”

4.) “Okay but could -”

5.) “I love you and that’s why I got to-”

6.) Time travel.

7.) “How did I meet you father/mother? Well -”

8.) “I am human.”

9.) “So I bet you’re wondering how I/we got into this situation.”

10.) Graveyard.

11.) Meeting Haise.

12.) “Accidentally is the key word - aka it’s the word you mentally highlight.”

13.) “Hate you? Why? Because you love him/her like I do?”

14.) Meeting Kaneki’s aunt.

15.) “You taste like copper.” Or he/she tasted like copper.

16.) Strained smile.

17.) “You don’t get to die you hear me?”

18.) Flowers.

19.) Kaneki’s fingers dug into his chin as he lied.

20.) “You can’t keep every promise you make in life.”

21.) “Don’t feel pity for the dead - they’re gone. It’s us - the living, the ones left behind - that you should pity.”

22.) Wendigo

23.) “Lets go home.”

24.) Counting.

25.) Soulmates.

26: He/She grinned but there wasn’t any humor in his/her eyes, “You’re an idiot.”

27.) Nightmares.

28.) Pretty words for pretty lies.

29.) “You’re our Hermione!”

30.) There was an unnerving amusement in her/his eyes.

31.) Cuddles.

32.) “I hate you all.”

33.) “So haunt me.”

34.) “He/she/or they’re the stray(s) that followed me home.”

35.) Amnesia.

36.) He/or she stared at the sip from empty coffee pot as though it mortally betrayed him/her.

37.) What an odd group they were.

38.) “Did you just kidnap a kid?”

29.) “We’re in Game of Thrones.”

40.) “Don’t idolize me.”

41.) Lies were wonderful while the truth was cruel.

42.) Pay.

43.) “You’ve seen me naked before.”

44.) “Did you just sniff me?”

45.) “Giving you something to live for.”

46.) Love was nothing short of war.

47.) “Then make me understand.”

48.) The tone was one he/she recognized: falsely cheerful.

49.) Entangled.

50.) “Nothing happened to me, I choose to happen.”

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My OTP can kill you with a pen.

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Oh, your mask is slipping - milkywaywide - Tokyo Ghoul [Archive of Our Own]
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