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#caught in between

idk how many more sexual scenarios i can push, but i am loving on the character and relationship development. @kindahoping4forever​ cheered your girl on as she always does.


Ash comes home from work early one day, neither you or Luke were expecting him. You just knew he’d been tired a lot and there had been a lot of late nights at the office and him coming in and collapsing in bed with you and Luke. You can only remember one night he spent in his own bed since the three of you had the incredibly intimate night, and that was only because he had zero energy to join you. 

You’d made note and made sure anything you and Luke wanted to do was done before he got home. He seemed to need to be with the two of you, re-energized by the closeness, at least enough to get through another crazy day. 

But he was in high spirits. He grins at you, calls for Luke and collapses with you on the couch. Luke looks confused when he walks in, handing you a sandwich wrapped in a napkin and a bottle of water and sits on the other side of Ash, taking a bite of his own sandwich.

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Something felt off. Ever since Minho had woken up that morning, she had the strangest feelings and the most disorganized thoughts. Despite these issues, there was something more pressing that seemed to consume her very being. Perhaps it was being stuck in that female body or perhaps it was something much worse than that.

Pain seemed to plague the small frame she took ownership of once she was rendered out of her true body, her male form; the real Choi Minho. For now, she was simply just a shell.

Wandering down the empty hallways of the castle, her heels were the only sound that could be heard as the clicked against the marble flooring. Walking seemed to be all that took the edge off of the burning sensation that continuously ran up her spine. She couldn’t even maintain her human form. Her piercing yellow eyes seemed to burn brighter, a lengthy tail flicking behind her.

Within an instant, excruciating pain racked through her, causing her to let out a loud scream that reverberated off the walls. It felt as though flames had begun to consume her. Had she been back to her old self, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference what was about to happen.

The pain began to circle around her shoulder blades, that all too familiar pain of flesh and bone expanding, cracking as it did so. As it intensified, she was brought to her knees, pressing her fingertips hard into the floor. She gasped for air as her heart began to race, the rapid beating causing her to feel her pulse in her throat.

Consumed by a dark aura, she felt in that moment that her body would be torn apart. The worst part about it was she was nearly correct. She felt her flesh tearing open, the warmth of her blood running down her back. Her eyes brimmed with tears that fell slowly as she felt the additional extensions to her body. With one final agonizing cry, she hit the floor as the dark aura dispersed in a burst of heat that traveled through the castle, slightly raising the temperature.

There she laid; a whimpering mess. The pain was still there, but it slowly faded away leaving her feeling ill. Despite the discomfort she felt, weakly she reached a hand back, touching what had formed. Wings? Her eyes widened before she closed them tightly. She was certain that what had formed made her hideous and she immediately felt self conscious.

Forcing the wings to close around herself protectively, she remains still afterwards, lying within the blood that had pooled beneath her when the skin broke away completely. She hoped that nobody found her.

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I’m currently caught in between being grateful for everything that I’ve been able to get this past year and being pissed off at everything that I’ve given up or had taken away from me this past year. Is my anger really justified? Or should I be understanding and not complain? Yeah, I’m stuck in the middle. Not sure whether I’m right or wrong. Or if there’s even a right or wrong answer..

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