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This has been a great read, I $1 binned probably 99% of this series over the course of 2 to 3 years. I kind of sat on it and put my attention to other things Lobo was in. I’ve decided to crack my floppies open and dive into Legion ‘89. I kind of regret sleeping on it for so long, this isn’t an adult book, but it’s not for kids, it reads at a faster pace which is great for reading the series in chunks like me. So far I’m neutral on Strata, the Durlan comes off as weak to me (but he looks great), Lyrissa Malok is a character I want to like, but she’s not for me, Garryn Bek is the token wimp and I love seeing the main man pick on him, Stealth is a total babe and bad ass, and Vril Dox can suck the main man’s d*@! for what he did to our guy. If you haven’t read this series, pick it up in digital or $1 bin it.

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Durlans, 20th Century invaders of Earth as members of an Alien Alliance

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