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#edited to add context
luthienne · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Mahmoud Darwish, from Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982 (tr. Ibrahim Muhawi)
For context: this is written within a work regarding the siege of Beirut in 1982. “Memory for Forgetfulness is an extended reflection on the invasion and its political and historical dimensions. It is also a journey into personal and collective memory. What is the meaning of exile? What is the role of the writer in time of war? What is the relationship of writing (memory) to history (forgetfulness)?” (x)
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temaporal · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Stills from The Hobbit (1977)
Despite having last seen this movie when I was six or seven, so many elements of it are immediately familiar: Bilbo’s distressed squeal, the kaleidoscopic deaths of the spiders, the rings of rage in Gollum’s eyes, Smaug’s kitty cat face. The opening theme, “The Greatest Adventure (The Ballad of the Hobbit)” by Glenn Yarbrough, was particularly evocative for me.
The movie was produced by Rankin/Bass and animated by the Japanese studio Topcraft, a precursor to Studio Ghibli. Some details (the ‘70s folk, the title typography, the character designs for the men of Lake-town) are reminiscent of the movie’s era, but it never feels at odds with the overall texture of the world. I’d choose it over the live-action version any day.
[This post was edited on 9/8/19. I had wanted to add some context for a long time but avoided it because the post had already accrued a lot of notes. If you’d rather reblog the version with just the photos and the movie’s title, you’ll easily find it somewhere in the first 650 notes.]
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rp-memes-atyourservice · 2 years ago
assorted lyric starters.
taken from various songs, edited as necessary. feel free to change wording, pronouns, or add context!
“You may not remember me. I was a child.”
“I will relate to you how our histories interweave.”
“Find him, tie him to a pole and break his fingers to splinters."
“The captain of his ship was known for wanton cruelty.”
“What providence, what divine intelligence that you should survive as well as me!”
“How we kissed so sweetly- how could I refuse a favour or two?”
“They’ll never catch me now.”
“We will escape somehow.”
“That mouth's no good for you.”
"I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm just trying to put some meaning into the struggles that we're going through."
“I could tell you it’ll change but it never does.”
“You’re the reason that I got this far.”
“It’s coming, the moment we waited for so long.”
"Let get this over with."
"I keep on thinking it's time to move on."
"Now I'm sort of happy, most of the time."
“You’re never getting rid of me.”
"You own me. There's nothing you can do."
"I dreamt about you nearly every night this week."
"How many secrets can you keep?"
"I'm constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you."
"I don't know if you feel the same as I do."
"We could be together, if you wanted to."
"Tell me if somehow, some of it remained, how long you would wait for me?"
“And the nights were as dark as my baby - half as beautiful, too.”
“Oh, but you’re good to me.”
"You know better than to talk to it like that."
“Don't let me in with no intention to keep me."
"Jesus Christ, don't be kind to me."
"I know who I am when I'm alone. I'm something else when I see you."
"You don't understand, you should never know how easy you are to need."
"I see what you're doing here. You're looking to disappear."
"You belong to someone."
"I don't even quite belong in your life."
"No, I don't want you to go. But I don't know what other avenue is open to us both."
"I know what you think of me."
"Maybe you were wrong."
"You knew very well what was coming next."
"I don't owe you anything. But you owe me something: repay me now."
"You should not go to them. Let them come to you."
"I want him to touch me." 
“That voice whispering you down.”
"I don't know the loneliness you've known." 
"I can't read your mind, though I'm trying all the time." 
"I'm left in awe of the woman I adore."
“I’m in love with you.”
“Your secret is safe with me.”
"Sweetheart, you look a little tired." 
"You know you had it coming, my friend."
"When you move, I can recall something that's gone from me."
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camilastuf · a year ago
Day 2 - Touched -  EDIT : my sleep deprived self forgot to add the context   context : ‘‘ Jumin tries to wake you up after last night’s  heated love session , but you decide to mess with him by not waking up and trying your best to pretend to be alseep ‘‘ translation : WARNING : I don’t know korean, I just used the exact translation in the game: 00:42 - ‘’Dear’’ 00:46 - ‘’princess’’ 00:54 - ‘’yes/ That’s right’’ 1:01 - ‘’ I’m up’’ 1:02 - ’’hm’’? 1:04 - ‘’That Face?’’ 1:09 - ‘’Are you playing with me?’’ 1:13 - ‘’oh, are you pretending to be asleep?’’ 1:22- ‘’I like seeing you make that face’’ 1:27 - ‘’But I enjoy looking at your wide eyes more so I will wake you up with a kiss’’ 1:49 - ‘‘How about it’‘ 2:03 - ‘’ Do you understand my struggle now?’’ 2:11 - ‘’ Your face is red. Are you having a fever?’’ 2:18 - ‘’Well.. I tend to have a lower body temperature’’ 2:27 - ‘’So you’d be the perfect temperature in my arms’’ 2:33 - ‘’ ..Why don’t you come closer? just a little bit.’’ 2:38 - ‘’ Hm?…I don’t want that…don’t turn your back on me’’ 2:44 - ‘’ Yes, keep your chin up like that’’ 2:49 - ‘’I want to see you’’ 3:00 - ‘’Too late to regret it now .. you’re the one who started it..Come to me’’
I might be too late for the party but I said I would be participating in @juminweek2019 and damn it I will, time zones can sometimes be a god send  it’s not the best of quality it’s been almost a year and i still don’t know what i’m doing   but in all honesty I enjoyed making this little clip. I’d like to thank my amazing friends over at discord especially the amazing 💝💖 @fandomplethora 💓💓 and the insanely talented artist that reached to me and give some much needed material 💓 Franjipanitree [Anj] 💗  i still can’t believe i got to talk to both of you   💗💝 thank you all for helping me and answering all of my pointless random questions, love you all. 
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colorsofvoid · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@interstellar-bandit sent me a bunch of messages about a new meme that was basically just pictures of the green knight except his face is really fucking small (Please reblog this with your edit Sugar it really adds to the context) Also this comic is incredibly shitty, do what you want with it. There's a reason I didn't sign it. If my handwriting isn't ledgible enough, let me know. I'll write out the words on the images.
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hyourinmaruice · a year ago
So this song is such a bop? I edited to exclude talking. I know it adds context but sometimes I just wanna hear our villian singing.
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lazywitchling · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
SEC. SECCCC WHAT IS THIS SHIT. @asksecularwitch
On the one hand, wtf, the spell clearly says seven days and this is definitely day 12, so let’s not get too excited here.
On the other hand, in 29 years of being in this family, we have NEVER. ONCE. HAD. PEACH. COBBLER. IN. THE. HOUSE.
Edit: I should add context. I did not mention peach cobbler to anyone at all, I have not requested it, I have not talked about it at all. I came home from work to find this on the counter. Mom picked it up on a grocery store run because “... I don’t know, it just sounded good?”
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mineshaft-birdie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“I know you didn’t mean it.” Isn’t a good line. It just isn’t.
Edited to add tags:
#within the context of muriel and lucio's relationship it's really fucked up#in muriel's route#everything lucio does is written as intentional#every person he kills has a purpose#to aid his rise to power#writing muriel's enslavement off as an oopsie is so bad#like so so bad#Lucio may be a fool but he isn't a dumbass#hes 40 years old ffs#and from a writing perspective the line plays off on a lot of bad tropes#by not having muriel condemn what lucio did to him the devs are essentially having muriel forgive him#it's a cop out plain and simple
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medusasmemes · 8 days ago
♥️     𝐍𝐄𝐂𝐊 𝐃𝐄𝐄𝐏 𝐋𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐒     [   𝚂𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝚃𝙰𝚁𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚂    ]    ♥️
sentence starters inspired by lyrics from some of my favorite Neck Deep songs !! some lyrics have been slightly modified to be more usable . feel free to edit  &  add context to your needs . have fun !!  ♥️
❝   Sometimes, at night I let it get to me.  ❞ ❝   I’m feeling numb.  ❞ ❝   I was such a little shit.  ❞ ❝   Don’t delude me with your sympathy.  ❞ ❝   I can do this on my own.  ❞ ❝   This won’t be the last time that I break down and wanna crawl to bed. ❞ ❝   The truth is, you’re the only voice I wanna hear in my head.  ❞ ❝   Carry me to nirvana...  ❞   ❝   I 'm blinded by my faith.  ❞   ❝   You missed every call.  ❞ ❝   You don’t give a fuck.  ❞ ❝   I hope you get your ballroom floor.  ❞ ❝   I'm the last thing you’d remember.  ❞ ❝   I wish I knew less was more.  ❞ ❝   It’s been a long, lonely [December].  ❞ ❝   I hope [he’s] better than I ever could’ve been.  ❞ ❝   I miss your face.  ❞ ❝   You’re in my head.  ❞ ❝   There’s so many things I should’ve said.  ❞ ❝   I wish I’d called a thousand times or more.  ❞ ❝   Don’t say everything’s meant to be.  ❞ ❝   Can’t help but feel like it should’ve been me.  ❞ ❝   I can picture the times we won’t get back.  ❞ ❝   We don’t belong here.  ❞ ❝   Make peace with your demons.  ❞ ❝   I’m thinking about more than just the next week.  ❞ ❝   I hate when you’re leaving.  ❞ ❝   I’ll go where you go; wherever you go.  ❞ ❝   I’m all out of faith.  ❞ ❝   I don’t think it’s worth suffering through.  ❞ ❝   The world is full of possibilities.  ❞
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