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fahc myatt is the best cuddler and every time he sits on the couch for anything, one of the others will always end up buried against his side. but matt is both chill enough and lazy enough to just let it happen. (and maybe just enjoys the constant closeness and reminders that he’s loved)

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Shoutout to @miss-ingno​ for kicking my ass into gear and making me start to take the trash out.

I started to scrub any mention of J/R/H out of my works. That is a long and tiresome process but honestly, it feels pretty darn good.

I will not be able to do that with all of my works. He’s too ingrained in some of them and replacing him with another character would need a complete rewrite.

Yes, unfortunately this includes the Project NEON series and that sucks. I’m sorry.

However here is a list in case you want to re/read some of my works without him in it:


Gloria Regali

King Geoff Ramsey has a flourishing kingdom, a dependable advisor and a promising heir to his throne. Everything would be perfect if there wasn’t someone trying to poison him.

Setting Sun | Rising Moon - two sides of the same story

King & Lionheart

A Breath of the Wild AU with Michael as Link and Ray as Zelda

Carve Your Heart Into Mine

Mavin Mermaid!AU; Read the tags for warnings

Short Stories:

Little Old Me

Short horror ficlet

Deep Water

introducing Fiona into the multiverse

Golden Boy

“You never wondered why I’m called Golden Boy?” 


Diamond Eyes


No Grey

“I’m gonna rule this city,” Geoff told her. In the setting sun her hair was on fire.
She had his only joint between her fingers, the nails in the same red as her hair as she blew the smoke into the air.
“You know what?” She spoke slowly, thoughtfully. “I think you might.” 

Geoff collects his crew members like strays


Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well. 


If there’s a mention/implication I missed please let me know! Inbox is open to anons

I am not yet done with the process and I hope I can update this list soon!

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(i love all your lil ficlets! you’re doing amazing and im glad you’re feeling more confident!)

and yess i adore the fakes being this strange poly mess haha. they’re not all together, its a lot of these people and those people and that group, all mixed and intertwining. and everyone’s relationships between each other is different. but they love it the messy way it is.

and yessss love jeremichael!!! they absolutely push and pull, fighting but not to hurt. just loving to pin and bite and scratch. if jeremy wants a sparing partner, they go to michael and the same is there for roughing it in bed haha. love it!!!

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It was based off a scene from a fic I was writing in the fake universe, but the idea of those bastards ever combining brains is,,, powerful.

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Title: Patron of the Poor, Protector of Outcasts
Ship(s): None
Rating: T
Warning(s): Language
Words: 1,874 words
Summary: “I am Midas, God of Gold. Patron of the Poor and Protector of Outcasts. Wherever poverty and the downtrodden go, I’m needed. And Los Santos was full of it.”
Notes: Huh. Two fics in two weeks? Am I feeling okay? I also have a third planned, and my lovely co-creator Pchew has one going as well. We like this AU bit too much. Anyway, enjoy!

Gavin didn’t like showing off what he could do. The more you played close to yourself, the more people underestimated you. That’s how he got such a reputation as a bumbling idiot. No one suspected the dumb one to swindle you out of everything, now did they?

But something was endearing about the childlike wonder Michael and Jeremy watched him with when he used his powers. Even the smallest thing seemed to capture their attention. His fellow Lads were so curious about what he could do, and, honestly, it was refreshing. Normally people regarded the gold from his hands with distrust and fear.

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im feel bad anon, u keep sending me all this sweet juice stuff and here i am barely able to write smut at all haha. this is v good. love some classic mavin and i absolutely agree they love having so many toys to play with ;) i love gavin being the one to take michael apart. tease and play with him (while always keeping a sharp eye for doing too much. gavin can always read michael perfectly, even tho they of course have safe words and such). gavin just loves making michael a pleading mess and then giving him everything he wants in the end. with lots of praises and cuddles afterwards.

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sorry for the constant hiatus es, just havent felt motivated. just wanted to doodle some fahc michael

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the adventures of rim(my) tim!

rewatched the 2011 tintin film and this little visual gag just wouldn’t leave me. i like the idea of fahc au rimmy tim as an entheusiastic journalist (with a loud wardrobe) who goes around los santos with their trusty kitties who help them discover their next big stories

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okay, but the idea of crew medic michael is really funny to me

like this small, blood thirsty, angry cryptid man who wants absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything, hellbent on the death and destruction of every living thing,,,,, also has a doctor’s license. and makes sure everyone’s healthy and taking care of themselves. and santizes the entire base weekly to destress. and uses unorthodox medical precedures because he can’t work in a hospital anymore. and he’s mad about it >:(

grumpy doctor mikey. love him.

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i really wish the fahc had its own show or movie or something cause i can only imagine how epic an amv of ‘whats up danger’ would be

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I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Of course, I’d love to do more content of the three.  Hope you don’t mind that I posted the piece on its own and tagged you rather than as an answer to this ask.

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@sorcererinslytherin asked for more Geoff,Gavin,Michael content so I decided to dive a little deeper into the kidnapping scene from this piece.

Summary: A look at events from Michael and Gavin’s points of view.

Word count: 1,622

Warnings: Mention of blood and violence.

Rating: PG-13

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I really want to write more but I don’t have a lot of ideas atm.  So if anyone wants to request anything I’m free.

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