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angermango · 2 months ago
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just remembered Tricky has a PhD which means a zombie party clown is more qualified than I’ll ever be.
and a bonus thing:
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terracyte · a month ago
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a lava lamp lit anniversary dinner <33
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koinotame · 2 months ago
actually wait wait this is kind of a mix between sagau and modern au but hear me out: basically the self aware characters manage to find a way to your world, but any memories you or anyone else had of genshin get wiped and they all end up in different places. they remember you, and they'd be able to recognise you anywhere, but you no longer have any memory of them.
anyway so childe somehow, very luckily for him, ends up as your roommate. you're wary at first because of the reputation he's amassed, but the more time you spend with him, the more you realise he's not that bad. he basically trips over backward trying to please you and get on your good side. he's polite and kind while also being friendly and sweet, he's always cooking for you and he does pretty much all the chores (even insists on it, let him take care of it! you can do it next time, okay? but you both know he'll do the exact same thing every time), he's always offering to help with anything, and you've caught him trying to slip money into your wallet before. he's always getting you random gifts that you know are a lot more expensive than he makes them seem.
(this part's a little gross) you're worried he's doing something weird with your laundry so you check a couple times but the most he does is sniff a shirt of yours occasionally, which is weird and he looks super embarrassed when you catch him but nowhere near as bad as you were thinking. you do catch him trying to sneak his (clean) clothing into your wardrobe, though
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odinsblog · 28 days ago
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The perfect steak
#lol #the perfect steak #🥩 #food #steaks #cooking #the 1st time i went to paris #i was in a fancy hoity toity restaurant and ​i ordered my steak well done #and the waiter looked at me like i had just assaulted his mom #and he said - sir that isnt necessary we know how to cook here #he said that shit with some attitude too - but i insisted on well done #and he let out a long ass audible sigh #lowered his head and went back to the kitchen #visibly annoyed with me #and within moments the head chef!! came out to my table and said #sir did u want your steak well done? your waiter doesnt speak english very well #and when i assured him thats exactly what i wanted he looked like #he saw a unicorn or something - and he shook his head and looked over to the waiter #and the waiter had this *see?!! i told you so* look on his face #and tbh i was kinda amused at it all #i wasnt even a little bit mad - i understand how some artists get all up in their feelings abt their craft #and when the steak came the waiter made a big fuckn show of it #he was all like - here sir is your *well done* steak #practically yelled it lol #and that shit was sooo good too #and the service was on point #i made sure i left a super big tip bc i didnt wanna be *that guy* the shitty american #also - the 1st meal i ever cooked for a date looked *exactly* like that #luckily she liked me and actually tried to eat it - i took pity on her and ordered pizza bc my shit looked like congratulations #ended up being a really good 1st date. anyway this twitter thread just reminded me of all that
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pierreparker · 3 days ago
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ANDREW GARFIELD photographed by Brian W. Ferry for Mr. Porter, November 2016.
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gabreig · 6 months ago
Some person (maybe me):  I'm only watching Dune for that hot guy.
Other person (maybe my mother): Oh yeah, Timothee Chalamet, rigth?
Me: Yes...the age approriate, conventionally attractive man...DEFINITELY NOT...
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gayavenga · 2 months ago
I just watched cap civil war again and I’m so triggered for/on behalf of steve. Team Ironman always blames steve “for breaking up the avengers” but IRL, Steve refused to sign. He did not tell the team wat to do. Tony gaslit ppl to sign, and blamed Steve. Steve wanted to Talk to to Tony after finding out the winter soldiers, but Sam said that he knew a guy (aka get clint/Scott). Meanwhile, Tony forced Ross to let him go after Steve and Nat said, they needed a team. They ALL made their OWN choices
i think one of the biggest problems with the civil war plot (other than the fact they made steve’s final trilogy movie all about the everyone else rather than him) was the fact that people were all focused on the wrong issues esp when it came to the accords. like.. steve never broke up the avengers or gave them all an ultimatum, he simply made his own choice with the rights of enhanced people and others in mind and in the context of his fairly recent experience with corrupt government control (that tony wasnt even there for but if they were such BFFs should have known about!). bucky literally had nothing to do with the accords so the fact that everyone makes it out that steve was being selfish by “choosing bucky” over the avengers is so strange 😭 bucky came into the picture AFTER steve refused to sign the accords and had nothing to do with lagos. when tony tried to kill bucky and steve, it had nothing to do with the accords and everything to do with his own personal interests that while semi-understandable when it came to getting upset, were not justified in action. when steve kept bucky from being killed or captured by the government, it was because he knew bucky wasn’t capable of that/wanted to give him a chance to explain that he knew he wouldn’t get otherwise. when the airport battle happened, steve only fought to leave because he was trying to go take care of what he thought was a world threatening issue with the other winter soldiers. those are justifiable reasons, even if some of the execution was flawed. tony trying to insist enhanced individuals hand over their autonomy because of his own guilt and then trying to kill steve and bucky because of what bucky did while under hydra’s control and because he insisted steve knew what happened with his parents… that’s not justifiable. that’s attempted murder and manipulation. that was all about personal interest.
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tvxcue · a year ago
okay but looking at how dean acts in s4 compared to s1-3 it’s SO clear it’s abt what happened in hell. he was tortured for 30 years and when he gave in and became the torturer to protect himself that meant the next 10 years he was in the process of becoming a demon. and when he gets back and he finds out sam is drinking demon blood and using his powers and training under a demon dean is terrified that the same thing is happening to sam. “at least he died human” is literally what dean wishes he could have done, he’s so ashamed of what he did and traumatized by it and he wishes he hadn’t, wishes he’d stayed himself instead of letting hell change him. and what sam is doing looks so familiar to him, he’s desperate to stop him, desperate to pull him out before it’s too late for him like it is for dean.
and actually! this makes the mark of cain arc so much more intense and if they had actually leaned into the fact that they’re talking about THEE biblical cain who was a brother THEE biblical abel and that cain commits the first murder by killing his brothers, especially since they changed THEE bible so that cain killed abel to save him from lucifer, from hell, and gave himself in his place, they could have done so much work with dean and sam’s relationship and deconstructed the dynamic they’ve been building up since s3. the older brother gives himself in exchange for the younger, the older brother tries to protect the younger from lucifer, the older brother ensures that his brother “dies human” and becomes a demon in his place. what was that like for abel? to know he is in heaven because his brother took his place in hell? to know his brother killed him for this? is it enough? is it worth the betrayal? is he ashamed of himself? is he angry? why didn’t they fucking cast abel????
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worstloki · 6 months ago
In episode 5 Main Loki talking about Sylvie to the other Loki's and saying "she NEEDS me" at the end, is it me or does that give up sexist vibes? And mostly something Loki would not say at all?
i am very grateful that the camera went straight to kid loki after that because
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me too, kid loki, me too.
the entire "there's only one female variant and she's different and better and terrifying" spiel annoyed me because that isn't genderfluid rep and im not sure about sexist but it definitely reeks of 'look we're so woke we have a strong girlboss #feminism' energy to me since Loki monologued badly for a minute and then she's the only one moving the plot onward
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icekingandbetty · 4 months ago
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gumbaldia + astral plane + the pajama war
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chrookrit · 3 months ago
Based on this post
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ah yes, the things Chris does so Leon and Ethan can potentially frick
For example sitting undercover at the table directly next to them so he can watch Ethan and still make sure that those two have a nice date :)
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sierra-roe · 3 months ago
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klaasje is much nicer to harry than he deserves. kim does not feel the need.
bonus content from fayde:
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comradekatara · 9 months ago
mai and ty lee meet cute where they’re both reaching for the same book in the library and mai takes out one earbud and ty lee is like “omg ur listening to my favorite musician. i love this song” and the song in question is some pomo atonal screeching noise (that would kill prince philip instantly). and then they spend the rest of the day sitting in the library both reading the same copy of sebald each with one earbud in
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solace-seekers · 2 months ago
yes Will has slammed his car door into his face while opening it multiple times. don’t ask questions, listen it happens
#did i do this two days ago? no comment #but also my head is in a lot of pain and to be fair i was asleep like two minutes before it happened #i need to stop giving myself head injuries. haven’t had a concussion yet but. with my record it’s gonna happen soon #hoo #pjo #pjo/hoo #will solace #also sorry i’ve been non existent #being sick sucks and it should go away #also i was volenteering for old ppl and getting treated like an incompetent two year old by the person running it #and also got passive aggressively talked to when stopping for two minutes to eat at 4 when only like 5 guests were there #and i had only eaten like a sandwich for the entire day so it as starving and the smell of all the food cooking was making my naseuous #also kept having to deal w uncomfortable shoulder touches and because a guy friend had invited me to volenteer w him ppl #kept trying to set us up or like insist that we were dating #and apparently one of the dudes took my friend aside and when he kept denying that he was interested in me said #‘well if she was naked what would you do?’ which. i cannot even express how disgusting that is. yea #and i would literally be in the middle of doing a task w one of my friends also volenteering not doing anything because he wasn’t given a jo #and stupid man would come up and pat me on the back and tell me to do something instead of my friend 😐 like what? #but in the end we got to split an order of ribs between the three of us cause someone ordered extra and we got free pie and cookies soooo #great times. tbf the ribs were like. very very good #anyway. that’s enough ranting on a pjo post
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starbuck · 6 months ago
Inspired by @nysscientia​‘s excellent meta, I’m thinking about how the “I am your king,” line from 1x01 was not part of the early draft of the pilot script and instead that whole speech was replaced with the Odysseus monologue from 1x02, because I feel like the way it was ultimately written in the show is a really great case study into the phenomenon the linked post is discussing and it’s long-term negative effect on Flint’s plans.
In the final version of the 1x01 scene, Flint only focuses on rallying Billy against the looming threat of England (“Civilization is coming and it means to exterminate us. If we are to survive, we must unite behind our own king,”) as opposed to explaining his actual plans for Nassau’s future. No indication is given whatsoever that Flint has any end goal other than to be The King in question.
To Eleanor, however, Flint actually DOES open up quite extensively about his vision for a reformed, stable Nassau (“We could build ships to defend our shores and train new men to sail them. We could work the land, grow crops and raise cattle,”) and then adds the Odysseus monologue on top of that which ends with his declaration that all he really wants is just “to walk away from the sea and find some peace.”
Accordingly, throughout seasons 1&2, Eleanor’s support of Flint is centered around achieving something good (a stable, reformed Nassau), whereas Billy’s support of Flint is centered around preventing something bad (England’s return and subjugation). Of course, there’s a whole separate discussion to be had about how their opposite areas of focus reflect Eleanor’s assumption that she was in no danger of being hanged as a pirate vs. Billy being someone with no such luxury, but I’m mainly referring to how they view Flint himself which, although colored by their respective backgrounds, cannot be fully explained by that.
Eleanor views Flint as a trusted partner towards a mutually productive end goal because he repeatedly explains the details of that goal and his intentions to her. Billy views Flint as a necessary evil to defend the people he loves from a more powerful threat because that’s the extent to which Flint opens up to him about why his leadership should be valued.
And this is why Billy, who, considering his history, should have been the easiest person to rally to the cause in s3, is lost before it even begins. The storm and its aftermath lead him to conclude that Flint is not protecting them from anything and that his only real intent is to endlessly force them into fruitless conflict until they’re all dead (thanks, Silver). And so, with Flint making no attempt to convince him that he actually has higher goals than that, a Flint-led war against the British Empire that they were all conscripted into against their will is the last thing Billy is willing to commit himself to by that point.
#black sails #which brings us to the whole other point of Flint's constant insistence on making unilateral decisions #which wouldn't be an issue if his men trusted him which they would if they believed in his vision for the future #but they don't really have much of an opportunity to do that when he's unwilling to explain it #and it's so frustrating to watch bc i swear i could make a whole list of times when someone comes to Flint with a concern on the level that #what he really should have done is said 'I completely understand your concern and why don't we sit down and discuss it further?' #but what he says instead is something extremely dismissive (or that could be perceived that way) and that's the end of the discussion #99% of the examples coming to mind being conversations with Silver and Billy #and i'm over here banging my head against the wall like Flint!!!! My dude!!!!! Please make a fucking effort!!!!!!! #with Silver at least Flint Sort Of Tried... Eventually... #with Billy tho I have no idea what Flint was thinking #I really don’t think he would have been that hard to convince if Flint had properly explained Literally Anything #especially if he'd been willing to show Billy any respect whatsoever - that's what Billy wanted more than anything imo #and the bar was underground so i don't feel like it would have taken much #even just Flint's being willing to talk to him like a human person at all might have done the trick #it would have been So Easy for Flint to prevent all of the problems before they happened #but ig everybody's got a blind spot... #doesn't make it any less depressing tho #failure of communication is the worst kind of tragedy because it's the most preventable in hindsight #but as it stands - the conflict between Flint and Billy is the same in 4x01 as it was in the first episode #Flint is dismissive of Billy because he doesn't respect him and Billy distrusts Flint because he doesn't understand his long-term goals #and it just Didn’t Have To Be Like That...
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cisthoughtcrime · 2 months ago
when I was a toddler and my younger brother and sister were born, we'd go for walks with my parents pushing them in a dual pram and people would say "aw so cute, are they twins?" and I'd say "yes! this is my sister and this is my brother" and they'd say "oh are they identical?" and, just like my 'if-we-have-kids-they-can-deliver-punchlines-for-us' parents had taught me to, I'd say "no, one has a penis"
#maybe i was destined for terfistry 😔 #this also is so far from the funniest thing they set me up to say #when i was 4 and adorable my dad got me to call his boss's boss a convicted predatory monopolist to his face #at 2-3 i had a playdate with another kid whose mom was proud of the fact that he could identify his body parts when she prompted #like 'wheres your nose? very good!' #so of course in a return demonstration my parents say '[name] wheres your clavicle?' and i point to it because it's just training your kid #a few years ago we went back and watched some home VHS tapes from my infancy and holy shit the stuff they were saying aroundme was so funny #there was a cop at a playground and they had me toddle up to him and drop a bag of playdoh and insist it wasnt mine and he had planted it #i stopped playing along by the time i was 7 or so because i almost got in trouble with my grandparents #my parents' whole courtship (genuinely how they refer to when they were dating) was prank-based #when i was born i was playfully weaponised #in the late 90s my mom sent me to interrupt my dads work holding a giant magnet and threatening to wipe his hard drive with it #in return my dad taught me songs that always get stuck in my mom's head #when he proposed to her in a horsedrawn carriage he was totally serious for once but when he opened the box the ring bounced out because #the ride was bumpy and she almost dumped him because she thought it was another prank but they laugh about it now #when they got a second dog and she reluctantly let him name it (because she assumed it would be a joke) she was pleasantly surprised #he named the dog Tucker and the payoff wasnt until a year and a half later when the dog was big enough to jump on the counter #so my dad could yell 'Tuck off!' and and my mom cried laughing #so she got a laptop sticker that said 'dog mom' and referred to herself in front of him as 'mother-tucker' for a while #i have infinite more stories like this but i think it's just on the brain cuz they just had an anniversary and we did a reminiscing vidchat #anyway oversharing in the notes over
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bluehairperson · 2 months ago
Happy birthday!!!!! Here's a quick Val headcanon:
Valerius is adept at playing a surprising amount of instruments, but in particular he kills it on the piano. When he gets a little tipsy he'll be like "Hey MC check this out" and plays that ridiculous Death Waltz (you know the one)
Thank you for the wishes 😌💙
AA, I headcanon the same! I like the idea of him having being trained in a lot of stereotypically noble people's hobbies and activities when he was a child because of his parents. Like fencing, horse riding and playing the piano.
So Idk, maybe he wouldn't be an exteme fan of it because of how he was forced to learn it, but I imagine him being able to play pretty much any song without trouble.
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worstloki · 7 months ago
Ragnarok Loki is Loki actually making moves toward growing up bye
Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean it’s Objectively Bad Actually. I Statements are your friend.
Anon darling, I would like you to tell me one move Loki made towards “growing up” that wasn’t ‘Loki let’s go of the issue he had with X’ because what I’m seeing when the movie skips over development to frame the conclusion of ‘Loki’s fine with being jotun and having been lied to and being treated unequal to Thor and punished unfairly’ as something implicit I’m not seeing anything but Loki's narrative being sidelined to the point where breakdowns were tantrums and holding a grudge (which he in my opinion had every right to do if he wanted to) is an overreaction.
That Loki’s ‘moving on’ features resigning himself to continued bad treatment but now no longer complaining about it... shouldn’t be where the character ends up or what he amounts to neither generally or as a continuation of his arc from the previous movies in my opinion, not when he had legitimate grievances that still haven’t been so much as acknowledged.
Just because you like a thing doesn't mean it's Objectively Good Actually either. It is very clear you haven't taken the time to look into posts/interviews detailing why, objectively, the film is a retcon, (along with a majority of posts which thoroughly make clear when things *are* a matter of opinion) but I see that you are happy to criticize whilst not using any 'I statements' yourself.
If you see character changes as consistent continuity that's fine! I've got to remind you that being critical is okay though, and that everyone is free to how they see things.
Additionally, I think you need to hear that a post detailing negative points of a movie is not equivalent to saying there aren't positive factors.
#''Just because you don’t like a thing doesn’t mean it’s Objectively Bad Actually'' ANON I ENJOY RAGNAROK BUT NO #THE MOVIE ACTUALLY DOES HAVE VERY CONVOLUTED MESSAGES AND A LOT OF IT IS DUE TO FRAMING #EVEN IF I COMPLETELY IGNORE THE ABSOLUTE DEMOLITION OF THE MAIN CHARACTER'S ARC AND CHARACTERIZATION AND ABUSE APOLOGISM #ignore the yelling #even if I ignore all that objective actions in the film everyone is free to interpret diegetic factors and build their own opinions #but as someone who enjoys both the critical thinking off and the analysis side of discussions #i do find the summation of a character who has (supposedly) gotten over his many issues as 'growing up' not good anyway #because there WAS legitimate trauma behind his bad actions and while it's not in any way an excuse for anything it made him compelling #ragnarok essentially decided that 'nah loki's over all that haha also treating him bad is funny bc he kinda deserves it' #after Thor 1 Avengers 1 and Thor 2 established Loki's villainous behaviour as unlike him to do #the movie was fun and loving it is fine! i don't mind the changes to loki even though marvel is generally insulting and sidelines abuse! #i think the main issue is that a lot of people insist that the characters are the same when even their previous actions are retconned #if you find the characters consistent well good for you! enjoy your film! but there IS objective proof that the movie is bad #where we're not defining 'bad' by how entertaining something is because THAT is subjective #it's not like Ragnarok is the only 'bad' marvel movie and criticism of the films is usually backed up with canon/proof #on the note of which you may realize that someone else saying a movie is bad doesn't mean you have to agree #you're allowed to look away or read about why they think that or skip the post because it doesn't matter and fandom is supposed to be fun #if you don't like seeing anything negative about marvel then ignore the posts #most of the meta i see is neutral it just doesn't praise the movie for stuff it didn't do :/ #feel free to send another anon in to argue or discuss anything i've said because i'm not trying to say it's bad to like the film #like... it's completely fine to prefer the Ragnarok characterisation?? the entire tone of the movie is more comedic so consider that too #marvel messes up loads of characters and their arcs idk why everyone likes to argue when people say loki was changed too #i think it might ACTUALLY be a case of ''i liked the thing so it's objectively good so don't say anything bad about it'' for a lot of fans #a lot of people know the character is different and still love/prefer the ragnarok loki #seriously everyything is fine no one is saying dont like the thing #no one is insulting you personally for deciding people who were abused/traumatised need to 'grow up' #it's about how Ragnarok acted as a standalone rather than something that was inherited as continued part of an established universe #and how that kinda maybe obliterated a lot of old stuff to recreate the characters #truly fitting for a movie named Ragnarok #i think I get why they called it that despite the limited links to mythology now
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mushroom-winners-proof · a day ago
Darkness Inc has a restaurant on level 13 of their probably-more-than-thirteen-story company building. Employees don't have to pay full price for their meals as long as they wave their ID to the waiter (their discount depends on their rank). Most people spend their lunch breaks here. This is also where the-KH-equivalent-to-christmas is held (considering Halloween Town I assume it's just Dark Christmas). Luxord is the bartender and will stop whatever he's doing to play cards. It'd bad for business but he hasn't been fired because no one else in the entire building has any knowledge on mixology. I'd imagine on birthdays they order cakes from the bakery but Riku insists on picking up the cakes himself cause he doesn't want Sora getting lost on the 7th floor or something and then being coerced into joining Young Xehanort's pyramid scheme (cough cough DDD)
luxord absolutely promises newbies to the bar that if they can beat him in a game of cards he'll give them a free drink and it surprisingly brings in a lot of business; luxord has a NASTY win streak and a lot of people are determined to win just ONE game against him if not for the drink then for bragging rights
riku definitely goes to the bakery personally for any and all orders no matter how big or small. he doesn't trust sora to deliver things personally because of Aforementioned Reasons and he really doesn't want anyone talking to him because he knows how wack his co-workers are. also it's just a nice getaway from the building even if it's only like ten minutes
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rebeccabinch · 4 months ago
sorry martin freeman's nasty white ass said fucking WHAT lmao
it was right around the time that elementary was premiering and people were like "it's a joke" but i really don't find it funny
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