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Bue x MC headcanons Part 4?
Blue loves to straddle you if you're laying on your stomach so he can kiss up your spine. It's oddly intimate and doesn't lead to sex as often as you think.
He also loves to kiss the nape of your neck, shoulders, and the spot between your eyes.
Blue doesn't kill as often as his counterpart. You caught him cleaning up after one of his more gruesome executions. He froze in place, afraid that you'll leave in horror, and by the look on your face, it was likely you would.
Instead you gently asked if that was his and if he was alright. He hesitantly said no.
"Please don't lea-"
"I'm not....just don't do it too often...please? I don't care about them I just don't want anything to happen to you."
If it was possible for his heart to grow 3 sizes, combust from an arrow hitting it, go back to normal, and do it all over again. It would.
Blue still wakes up in a daze sometimes. Sometimes he just feels really shitty for no reason. Please just hold his face in your hands and guide him back to you. He'll feel so much better if the first thing he notices while coming out of the fog is you.
You'll see his eyes light up. Literally just light up with clarity and you might see them gloss over. He just loves you so much and you make him feel whole. Complete. Perfectly in place. You're his anchor 馃挋.
I imagine that if he's doing something and you wanted attention you could pull a drama queen card and get it like that 馃憣.
"And here I thought you'd never replace me. I just feel so *fake sniffle* neglected yknow? It's ok. You don't have to love me." With the arms over your face like a damsel in distress or something.
And he'd just, cock a brow and smile while staring at you. "Don't even darling." He'd say while pulling you too him.
Blues loves it when you get excited over something. He could already sit there for hours and watch you do something or listen to you talk, but to see your eyes light up and you stumble over your words because of how excited you are is the possibly the best feeling in the world. And he'll retain every piece of info you give him.
He also loves it when you express yourself. Emotions, fashion, makeup, art, anything. There's a certain edge in everything you do and he loves to see it more often.
Please compliment his eyes and his smile. He'll cry. Like, come up to him and hold his face with both your hands and just stare at him. He'll smile at first but get super flustered the longer you do it. And if you gently smile at him and compliment him while doing it, he'll just
Tumblr media
I cannot see him drive a beat up old dusty crusty ass free candy van. My blue would NEVER. Just cause he has no regard for himself does not mean he doesn't have some type of standard. I can see him driving an SUV. For some reason, a truck doesn't fit him. And a car wouldn't actually FIT him cause of his long legs.
I can specifically see him driving either a 2007 Toyota Rav4. Or a 2006 Ford Explorer. The older model vehicles really work for him. Add a couple of dents or scratches somewhere. Maybe some paint pealing off in certain areas. And a few BVB and MCR sticker outlines, because he tried to take them off after he left his phase.
If blue has to talk to literally anyone that's not you, he looks agitated. Annoyed even. A million things he'd rather be doing to you and here he is having to socialize.
Could you imagine waking up to hear your kid cry in the middle of the night. You get up to go comfort them but blue gently pushes you back down saying that's he's got it and you needed sleep.
So you're just laying there listening to the monitor because you can hear blues voice and he's baby talking the lid and the baby isn't crying anymore. It's so sweet to hear but you end up falling back asleep.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
he鈥檚 trying his best
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Uh the new carrd's almost done. May just rename a few of my tumblr blogs and maybe my instagram to something else. Then add links to them in the carrd.
Also experiments of insanity my dsaf au had Henry and Jack together by force btw, and the swirl dsaf au had legacy and Henry dating. they are together by there own choices with each other. Though legacy and Jack in that one are separate from each other (as in something made Them separate and they both have their own bodies and personallies. )
So besides that I may make both aus oc stories or just have oc versions of these stories that are separate a bit from them. Like for eoi the name depending on if I wanna keep it would be experiments insanity without of for the oc one and the swirl au would be Swirling Apocalypse. I'm not really as interested in dsaf as much so I want to do something like separate them or just make a separate one from them I could have. The dsaf versions of the stories and character designs will still exist I just may not make much for them as I did before. I also have some designs from when I was first in dsaf and was gonna do a ask blog for a lot of the characters and had a wattpad book on a older account. May update the designs from that so if I do make anything dsaf not from experiment or swirl au I would most likely use those ones or at least draw them better if I don't update them.
Also because one oc story already has a character named Henry and Jack I may need to change the names for both eoi and swirl versions of the character for the story when I make the oc one. May rename eoi to Andrew and change a lot about it to separate it from dsaf, make change how the chemicals work too. They still exist I'll just make them different then what I had previous, if still similar may try to explain them better if I can.
Swirl Apocalypse is well what I wanted to do with the swirl dsaf au, it takes plan before and after the zombie apocalypse is started.
(1) I'll have swirl dsaf and eoi still exist if I ever wanna try again with them though or if idk people wanna see me draw them with other characters and ocs. Because the interacts could be fun to see.
Besides all of this, after I write the information for my oc stories and the oc versions of the experiments of insanity and swirl au story I'll put it on the oc carrd. Depending on some information I can put a warning for the stories that have darker elements I would need to warn for. I for a few of them might have a hard time figuring out what to put or if it'd actually need one.
#pinkie yells #also if you see a button in my social media/contact section called friends carrd. #the button links to a carrd for it's server. if it wants me to remove the carrd it can dm me so I can. #I mostly included a link so if anyone else who follows me who likes a server or #like fir half life. hlvrai and other half life servers they could join it. thays mostly if they want to though. under or above #that is my oc carrd. I'm figuring out some things of how I want it to be formed and such #I could link my main carrd now but I wanna wait till I have at least the oc one does since once its public and you update it #it takes awhile to update. #also my friend I'm mentioning goes my it/its/itself pronouns and isn't comfortable with she/he/they/them and I'm doing my best to use the #ones it uses. even though they may not have tumblr anyways I just wanna make sure. #sorry for this post being after a more serious one by the way. #also eoi henry is a sugar daddy btw (it was said by a friend. he is just that without the money part) #(1) because ford and eoi henry are similar in how they like to flirt. ford with his flirting to will and henry would flirt with his parners #and other people (anyone else that isn't his partner he does it to bother and annoy them) #eoi henry has a few other similarities with will as well. not much though. the main one is how violence they would be when angry at someone #almost immediately attacking them. will is more aggressive then henry though as he takes for offen if someone were to start shit with him #then henry is. and will isn't the person to like flirting. be it doing it himself or someone else trying to flirt with him. it just makes h #very uncomfortable. ford has the flirting and a few stuff from Henry and will has the anger. both take aspects from eoi henry rhat I like i #a character that I would want to explore in my stories. I'm also trying to not have all my stories as dark. some of there d #some of there stories are like that because I want to explore a few aspects for it like counting decades. it has more darker elements then #all of them. the second/third place would be experiment and swirl. swirl because torture and zombie apocalypse. experiment because #the experiments and what the character does after it effects him greatly. I'm having it to be that the chemical took over his brain changin #how he acted before to his friends and co-workers. he has trouble being in control but he lost himself the moment the creature gave him #something he could use. the spell would be to make them more powerful and to hurt everyone thinking it could help others. that is the thing #plan anyways. although my pony story is in mlp's universe I want to use and have other ocs besides Emily in it and go off from there with i #the mlp story is not as dark as cd-experiment- or swirl. it does have those elements like torture. blood and so on but those won't be the #main ones I wanna focos on. i also have royal blue which is the name I gave to Prince's story. its gonna not have anything dark or as dark #in it. the main dark subjects to expect are what you would find in fantasy stories like curses/witches/light mentioned of off screen death/ #ect. so it wouldn't be as dark as my other ones. I'm figuring out a name for my shape ocs's stories as well and that would also be light #as well. I'm willput info on the oc carrd then & for non cd characters redo there designs again. also make refes of cd designs to be update
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鈽 饾拤饾拹饾拲饾拲饾挌饾挊饾拹饾拹饾拝 | 饾拕.饾拞.
锝*:嗉咃健饾挊饾拏饾挀饾拸饾拪饾拸饾拡饾挃: 18+ smut/NSFW (vaginal intercourse, doing it in the bed of a truck, graphic/inappropriate descriptions), use of alcohol, language, cute Chris, ranchhand!Chris au
锝*:嗉咃健饾挃饾挅饾拵饾拵饾拏饾挀饾挌: Ever since you could remember, you dreamed of getting out of your family鈥檚 ranch and staring in movies, making it to show biz and becoming big. But when you miss your chores as a result of an audition, your family鈥檚 ranch hand covered for you. You plan on repaying him.
锝*:嗉咃健饾拏饾挅饾挄饾拤饾拹饾挀'饾挃 饾拸饾拹饾挄饾拞: Please enjoy. This thought wouldn't leave my little rat brain so I'm writing it out. It isn't entirely logical or makes complete sense, but I'm writing it anyway. This is literally just fantasy brain-rot so please excuse any plot holes or anything that doesn't make any sense.
Tumblr media
The wind blew softly, ruffling the rows of corn with a gentle pull, the golden blanket over the field ready to be harvested before anyone knew it. You watched it, letting it entrance you as you near the window, your leg bouncing up and down.
Any minute now, a red 1990 Ford pickup truck would travel its way down the road, transporting just the person you wanted to see.
Your family took great pride in their ranch. Everyone played their part, and if they didn't, there were consequences. Your parents had a strong sense of community, the land being quite expansive, most of the money being made off cattle.
But yesterday, you had broken the one big rule they had for you: finish your duties before you go out.
Yet, this was something you valued much more than just mucking the stalls of the horses and moving around bails of hay. Ever since you could remember, you wanted to be a star. A movie star. That's why you snuck off in the early hours of the morning, before anyone else was awake, to drive to an audition a few hours away.
You knew for sure that when you got back, your parents would be fuming and inevitably curse you for it. Yet when you got home that night, there was no such thing. Your parents were as normal as ever.
You had rushed to check the calendar, your mother being the queen of making too many lists to handle. In red marker, one single name was written.
Christopher Evans.
He had covered for you. Saved you from the terrifying and undefeated wrath of your parents. Did all your work so you wouldn't be scolded. You had only spoken to him a few number of times. Once a week at best, and even then it was either about his work or meaningless small talk.
You wanted to thank him, it was the least you could do. He did a kind thing, all so you could attempt your dreams.
So now here you were, your head perking up as you watched his truck drive up the way, the dust from the dirt road lifting up around it like steam would a boiling pot.
You watched the vehicle come to a stop, the driver's seat door opening to reveal only a silhouette, the dirt still too thick to make out his face. You watched the dust clear, only to see his back, his legs carrying him to the barn just a couple yards away.
You got up from the table in a hurry, rushing to the front door, shoving your boots on, and yelling out a quick goodbye to your mother. You flew the door open, and rushed down the steps, watching as Chris finally turned a corner and slipped into the barn.
At last, you reached the door, the sound of hay bails being moved around the only indication he was inside.
Your voice was smaller than you wanted it to be. It had a subtle tremor to it, making your face heat up just slightly.
"Hey, Hollywood," he smiled, winking at you.
Ah, your beloved nickname. During one of the far and in-between conversations the two of you had, you told him how badly you wanted to leave the ranch. Become a star. Make your own large amount of income. Hence the nickname.
"So uh... I just-," you paused, realizing you hadn't really planned out what you were going to say.
"If it's about the chores thing, don't worry about it. I already got all my stuff done, thought I would help you out. I know how your parents can be, and I have a pretty good idea I know why you left. You wouldn't have gone if it wasn't important to ya."
A smirk graced your lips at the slip of his Boston accent.
"I just wanted to say thank you. You didn't have to."
"I know I didn't have to. I wanted to, sweetheart."
Oh god. The nickname had more of an effect on you than you wanted it to. Chris was an extremely attractive man, and all these nicknames very well might be the end of you.
"Do you drink?" you broke the awkwardness with the sudden question, "How about we go out to that bar. Off Yellowstone road? Heard they have good margaritas."
"Hey, as long as you're buying," he put his hands up in defense.
- - - - -
By the time you got to the bar, the sun was setting over the mountains, giving way to the moon and stars. A full moon nonetheless.
"You ever been here before?" he asked, hopping out of the truck.
"No. And I take it you haven't either."
You quickly made your way up next to him, and that was where you realized how much bigger than you he truly was. A single hug could most likely completely if not mostly engulf you, his hands bigger than your face. And god, those fingers-
"You comin' or are ya just gonna stand there?" he smirked, his pearly whites peaking behind his lips.
"Yeah, sorry," you shook your head, this man truly made you a mess.
He pushed the doors open, a soft tune coming from the jukebox in the corner, the old wood floors creaking with every step you and Chris would take.
Pulling up a seat at the bar, the bartender greeted you both with a polite hello.
"I'll have a Blue Moon. What about you, darlin'?"
You squeezed your thighs together subtly once hearing yet another nickname that made you practically preen for him.
"I'll just have a Sex on the Beach please," you managed to rush out, the bartender nodded before disappearing to the other side of the bar.
"Why'd you do it?"
Your voice caught Chris off guard, his head tilting slightly to the side like a confused puppy.
"Do what?"
"Do my stuff. Why'd you do it? If you had gotten caught, you would have lost your job."
Your father was a stern man, this you both knew, and the concept of Christopher risking his livelihood all for an almost silly childhood dream baffled you.
Chris let out a chuckle as a charming smile graced his face, his head shaking from side to side. Of you didn't know any better, you'd say he was embarrassed.
"Because. I used to have the same dream," he admitted.
Your mouth dropped in shock, your eyes growing wide, "You? You wanted to act? Can you imagine that? Chris Evans, an actor?" you laughed out.
"Yeah, yeah. According to the people that saw me act, I wasn't all too bad at it."
"Well what made you quit?" you questioned, now fully intrigued.
"I was planning on going to LA to truly pursue my dream. Become an actor and all. That was until my uh...," he paused, cringing slightly, "My mother got incredibly sick. Had to get a job to support her and medical bills, along with feeding my brother and sisters. Eventually, I got a job at your folk's ranch... and I was too far gone to try and do it again. So now here I am. But I wish more than anything that I could have that chance. And I'd hate for you to lose out on the same opportunity I did."
You paused for a moment, nibbling on the inside of your cheek, your eyes scanning his face. Reading his expression. Maybe he cared for you more than you thought he did.
Finally, you leaned forward, engulfing him in a hug. You had no intentions of letting go once he reciprocated, his big bear arms wrapping would your waist, yours around his neck.
"Thank you, Chris," you whispered, feeling him put his forehead in the crook of your neck.
The sudden clink of glass against the wood of the bar made you both jump, the intimate moment cut short by the bartender setting down a pair of glasses.
With an awkward nod, he disappeared as quickly as he came about, knowing that he was interrupting a seemingly important interaction.
Finally noticing how close you truly were, you pulled away quickly, giving him a shy smile before sitting up straight in your seat, sliding your cocktail over, and taking a small sip.
. . . . .
"No! No, you can't do that, no! Chris!" you laughed, your face lit up with the colored fluorescence of the pinball machine.
Both of you had been drinking quite a bit, and after some constructive and flirty conversation, you decided to use what you had left to try your hand at the Elvis Presley-themed pinball machine in the corner.
Now here the two of you were, Chris looming behind you, his hands resting on top of yours, messing with the pressing of the buttons, trying to screw you up.
"Chris, nooo, please let me get this one! Come on, it's my last ball," you protested, feeling him lean his chin on your shoulder, less tipsy than you were.
"Aww, come on darlin', just trying to have a little fun...," you could hear the smile in his voice as he talked into your ear, the warmth of his chest against your back a little bit more noticeable than it was before.
"Chris-" you began, but before you knew it, it was too late, the ball slipping past the flippers, dropping into the slot below, a disappointing jingle playing from the machine, signifying you lost.
"Aw, I'm sorry, must have distracted you,"
The sexual tension was palpable now, the teasing tone in his voice off-putting. But maybe it was the alcohol in your veins making you think what he was saying was something it wasn't.
But a sudden idea popped into your brain, making you chuckle to yourself.
"I have an idea," you started, turning around in his arms, "You good enough to drive?"
. . . .
"Just to the right," you pointed from the passenger seat to a hardly noticeable turn in the dirt road you were currently on.
Dust clung to the air around it like a vice. The radio softly played what seemed to be Johnny Cash, but the volume was too low to tell.
You felt the car turn and stop over the top of the hill, and Chris almost let out a soft gasp. A hill lifted the two of you over the plains of where you were, giving you a perfect view of the full moon and all the stars. That was the only good thing about living in a rural area, you were too far away from any serious pollution to have it cloud the night sky.
"Holy shit," Chris cursed, looking at the moon ahead of him.
"Come on, let's head to the back, I know you have your blankets in the backseat." you chipped, opening your door and walking around the truck to open the tailgate.
By the time Chris paid down with you, a thick winter blanket protecting the both of you as you huddled together, you were already awestruck by the stars. The glittering lights practically put you in a trance.
Chris watches you as you watch the sky, his arms wrapped around you, so small compared to him. You looked like an angel in the moonlight, your arm draped across his broad chest.
"I think I'm taking you with me."
Your voice shattered the long silence, Chris snapped out of his romanticizing daydream as he raised a brow.
"I'm taking you with me. Once I get famous, I'm gonna take you with me. Live in a house in the hills. Far away from anyone else... quiet, and cozy."
Chris couldn't help but let his thoughts wander thanking about the possibility of a life with you. Getting out of the small town he spent his entire life in and finally living the dream鈥攖he opportunity鈥 he thought he missed.
"You really think so?" he smiled to himself.
You finally met his eyes, and you felt your heart melt as you lost yourself for a second.
鈥淵eah. I do.鈥 Words couldn鈥檛 describe how star-struck you were by him, the feeling of his skin on yours feeling just a bit warmer.
It could have just been the lighting. Or the crickets singing a serenade. Or perhaps it was the full moon reflecting in his baby blues that drew you in.
But before you knew it, your lips met his in a soft, impulsive kiss. Your hands gently traveled up the back of his neck and into his soft tufts of hair, tangling themselves together.
His grip on you shifted, his hands drifting down your soft skin a haze of lust, his large hands gripping onto the supple muscle of your hips, easily helping you straddle him.
The gentle kisses began to morph into something needier-- passionate-- Chris subtly slipped his tongue between your lips, making you let out a barely audible gasp.
After what felt like hours, the two of you released the other, practically gasping for air. You gazed at each other鈥檚 faces, taking in the ethereal sight of the other鈥檚 eyes. A sight neither of you ever wanted to forget.
Love was such a foreign ideology, something you believed in the pages of a book or pictures on a screen. But right here, right now, every love song you had ever heard began to make more sense.
鈥淚 want you,鈥 you would whisper, barely audible over the light breeze of the night.
Chris knew there would be hell to pay in the morning, especially if your parents found out, but the only thing on his mind at the moment were your honeyed lips and how good they tasted on his.
His hands drifted down your body before grasping at handfuls of your ass, squeezing and kneading whatever he could reach. God he wanted you.
You let him unbutton your pants before pulling them off of you, his pants going next. Both of your hands were clawing at each other鈥檚 clothes until there was nothing left but skin on skin.
Straddling him, your clit rubbing up against his bare erection that laid flat against his hips. You ground your hips in hopes of the tension being released, whining in anticipation.
You lifted yourself up, your fingers gently wrapping around his shaft, before positioning it at the gates of your thresh hold, before slowly sinking down on it.
Both of you moaned at the tight fit, his shaft somehow feeling larger than it looked, feeling every ridge and vein as it slipped deeper and deeper inside of you.
Your lungs were gasping for air like you were drowning, Chris' hands flying on your hips as he did his best to keep you balanced. Finally, after what felt like forever, you were completely sat on him, feeling so full that it pained you, waiting until you were comfortable enough to move.
The wait was anything but boring, Chris looking at you on top of him like you were the only girl he could ever love. You were stunning, already taking him so well and he hadn't even started thrusting yet. He couldn't lie about the number of times he thought about this, or at least something like it, late at night when he was sure nobody was around.
He was just thrilled that at long last, his dreams were coming true.
"C-Can I move?" you muttered out, your hands resting on his chest.
"Go on, princess. Make me proud," his words were a low grumble that sparked something inside you, a small smile cracking across your face before you finally lifted your hips and began to move.
You both groaned at the sensation in the most sensitive parts of your bodies, feeling the warmth of each other's touch as you felt yourself bounce up and down on his cock, your movements getting more frantic and hungry.
"Fuck, my needy girl, you feel so good, such a good fucking girl," words of praise spilled from his mouth as he felt your tight cunt drag across his member, his chest feeling hot -- boiling --, a tight knot forming in his groin.
You felt the same feeling, chasing after the euphoric snap of release, getting so close you were almost tasting it as you rode him faster, your mind melted into putty. So this was what it was like to be cockdrunk, you would think.
"Come on, princess, I can feel you getting tighter," he urged, taking his thumb and rubbing tight, quick circles on your puffy clit, "Cum for me baby," he pushed, and you could only nod.
He bent his legs at the knee before positioning himself, hastily starting to fuck himself up into you, chasing his own release.
"You want it?" he asked.
"Yes, Yes, please, I want it, I want you to fill me up," you begged, feeling yourself slip into a pleasured headspace.
You felt yourself let go into orgasm, closing your eyes as all your muscles tensed up, your body shaking as you almost blackout. You felt warmth bloom inside you. Your body fell limp against his, both of you panting, trying to catch your breath like you just ran a mile.
Chris lifted you off of him, placing you softly to the side before wrapping his arms around you, basking in the aftermath.
You gently kissed his chest, before letting your eyes closed, slipping into a gentle sleep.
Chris knew that there would be consequences, but right now, he knew that this is where he wanted to be. Even if he knew you wouldn't stay forever.
Yes, I know it wasn't the best, I might come back and edit it at a later time, sorry for any typos or grammar issues.
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razputin-archetype 2 months ago
What鈥檚 your favourite psychonauts fan fiction? I like 鈥榣ater traitor鈥 on ao3 by burningfox06.
That's a really good one!
I'm going to take this as an opportunity to link a bunch of recs because no matter what the topic I can't just Choose A Favorite.
I tend to gravitate towards angst so a lot of these are going to be Sad, and some of them have heavy/intense subject matter, so uh. just be aware of that.
Listed in no particular order:
Like the Tide by HeadedMints Tags: by relationship i kind of mean lack thereof, raz should've been fucking PISSED listen, "i'll think about it when im not ten" my ass, if you can tackle all these world ending threats, i'm sure you can fucking. feel A Way about this, fucking. God, things would never be the same for them
Summary: Ford had expected some sort of response when he popped the cork on this particular bottle, but surely nothing this intense. Maybe he'd overestimated just how far he could push Razputin's admiration, or maybe he'd underestimated just how much damage he'd done.
Either way, the trouble now stands before him, the cork popped and the bottle foaming white - hot.
You'll Catch More Bees with Honey than Vinegar, Believe Me by CookieCatSU Tags: There isn't a tag for Cassie and Compton's relationship apparently, smh, They are in a loving and caring, Queerplatonic relationship, Razputin Aquato has all the parents, Almost every adult looks at this ten year old and is like, free real estate, Communal circus baby, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Fluff, Food as a Metaphor for Love, Platonic love specifically, Raz has a good cry, tis therapeutic, even if he still has, hydrophobia, Spoilers for Psychonauts 2, Honey, Copius amounts of Honey, and conversations about Honey, and hives, and bees, Post-Canon
Summary: With the Archetypist and the Beekeeper reunited, and the elusive Senior League Membership card obtained, Raz is certain the rest of the mission will be smooth sailing from here on out. After all, how hard can collecting up some shattered shards of glass... or uh, brains, really be?
Piece of cake, right? He just needs to fix Ford, and everything will be okay again.
He is sorely mistaken on both fronts.
Strain by kibasniper Tags: Child Abuse, Violence, Canon Related, Head Injury, Trauma, Unhealthy Family Dynamic
Summary: Eight-year-old Crystal finds out she's psychic in the worst possible way.
True Psychic Tales: The Next Generation by Caligraphunky Tags: Spoilers - Psychonauts 2, minor gore, Mild Blood, Animal Abuse, Zombie attack, Human Experimentation, Drowning imagery
Summary: The Maligula affair is mostly over, but the Psychonauts never have much time before a new nightmare climbs out from the recesses of the subconscious. Someone is doing unauthorized and highly dangerous experiments on Psitanium deposits all over the world, making them go haywire.
Meanwhile, an agent from a non-powered human interest organization arrives for diplomatic purposes, though 鈥渄iplomatic purposes鈥 seems to involve a lot more pointed questioning and reading confidential files than the heads of the Psychonauts are comfortable with.
Oh yeah, and there are seven new Junior Agents that need training and experience and who can鈥檛 seem to stop from falling bass-awkwards into cases that all tie back to one inescapable conclusion: someone out there wants all psychics everywhere depowered or dead and doesn't care which.
Identity Crisis by SandrC Tags: psychonauts 2 spoilers, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Disjointed, POV Second Person, Present Tense
Summary: "Memories are a story we tell ourselves about where we come from. It's how we figure out who we are. And the story I've been telling myself all my life is a lie."
(Or: Augustus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day)
The Cold Shoulder by PresidentStalkeyes Tags: Backstory, Pre-Canon, Angst with a Happy Ending, Sibling drama, Anti-Psychic Prejudice, Psiphobia?, Younger characters, Lizzie and Norma are 10, headcanons, Hurt/Comfort, A little bit of humour, Other canon characters are mentioned - Freeform, CW: School Bullying
Summary: "Now remember, you two: pay attention to where you walk, eat your veggies, when you鈥檙e finished I want to see both of you out here at five-fifteen sharp, and most important, no psychic shenanigans. Understood?"
"Yes, dad."
It鈥檚 Lizzie and Norma鈥檚 first day at junior high, and since they have to commute to the big city to get there, surely no-one鈥檚 gonna be weirded out by their status as psychics here. Not like their quaint little hometown, with dad watching their every move. Right?
The events that follow seriously test the sisters鈥 friendship for the first time in their lives, and sets them on their future path to the Psychonauts.
Lili With An I by SandrC Tags: Character Study, Present Tense
Summary: Her name is Lili with an I. She is not the poster-girl for plant powers. That would go to a pretty little girl with daisy crowns and a soft voice and doe eyes. A psychic who uses her plants for things like making people happy and helping her friends. For uplifting and healing and helping.
People forget that flowers aren鈥檛 the only type of plants. People forget that medicines and poisons are one step away from each other.
Hyacinth by kibasniper Tags: Friendship, Developing Friendships, Acts of Kindness, Bullying, Hurt/Comfort, also could be read as light crystal/lili, Slice of Life, Canon Era
Summary: Hey, Crystal. I just wanted you to know that if you need anything, like to talk to anyone, just let me know.
Stormfall by venialian Tags: Family Feels, Family Issues, Complicated Relationships, Emotions affecting powers, Hydrokinetic Raz
Summary: There is a storm coming. It is healthier to let it out where it's safe.
Sour Citrus series by SneaselXRiolu Tags: Drowning, Mentions of Death, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Dissociation, Mourning of Children (most descriptive tags for the subject matter covered in this series, taken from various entries (because ao3 series don't let you tag them i think?))
Summary: After Raz drowns, things are really down for people around the quarry.
Cavity by BabyCharmander Tags: Angst, Surgery, Lobotomy, Hallucinations, Canonical Child Abuse, everything is terrible and nothing is okay, not graphic
Summary: Just be still, and you'll be fine.
In his footsteps by 2hoots Tags: the rest of the family are there too, but they only get a couple lines, Character Study, kind of angsty but Dion is the pov character so what do you expect, (slaps roof of the aquato family) this bad boy can fit so much trauma in it
Summary: Dion's always taken it for granted that he'd grow up like his father.
Star of the Show by SandrC Tags: Razputin Aquato Gets Therapy, Use of Psycho-Portal for Therapy, Spoilers for Psychonauts 2, Your Honor He is TEN, Chapter count may change, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Post-Game
Summary: "But that aside, one of the big things Donatella and I discussed was this: you are going to submit to a psychiatric evaluation and attend regular therapy for your entire time here among the Psychonauts. This not only means you'll be regularly seeing one of the many therapists employed by the agency, but you also will have to undergo occasional psycho-therapy with one of the Senior Agents."
Raz cocked his head. "Psycho-therapy?"
"Sometimes it's easy to ask for help. Other times it isn't. A lot of the time, what cannot be expressed without, is expressed within." Forsythe placed her hand over her heart, fingers splayed as she spoke. "Which is just a fancy way of saying that sometimes a mental check-in with a Psycho-Portal goes a long way. Whether it's to make sure your brain is properly defended against intruders or to find underlying issues you don't have the vocabulary or energy to express verbally in standard therapy, having someone inside your brain鈥攕omeone you trust鈥攃an bring to light issues you didn't know you had and, in the same trip, help you learn to resolve those same problems."
Liability by SonicZephyr Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Post-Canon
Summary: Morceau Oleander is a liability to the Psychonauts - nothing but dead weight held up by the flimsy thread that his friends' good words bought him. Why should Milla and Sasha waste their efforts on him?
The Worst-Kept Secret by SandrC Tags: Family Bonding, Pre-Canon, Mild Psychonauts 2 Spoilers
Summary: Razputin Aquato is the middle child of five, born and raised in a circus that was always traveling. While he never had the chance to make friends, his family was always there for him.
Even when they found out he was psychic.
(Especially because the Aquatos despised psychics.)
Falling Up by ImaginationBubbles Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Family Feels, Spinal Injury, Injury Recovery, Dion Isn't Psychic, Dion Is Psychic, Trust me it'll make sense, Dion Feels Guilty, Dion Apologizes, Everyone Assumes Dion is Just Fine, Dion Is Not Fine, Dion Needs a Hug, Brotherly Love, Sibling Bonding, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Self-Harm, He Doesn't Realize He's Doing It, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
Summary: Dion is holding himself together as best he can, but with Frazie and Razputin gone to become fortune tel- psychics, he's struggling to shoulder his responsibilities as the eldest. He knows he has to atone for his part in the ruin of their family. He stays out of the way, helps his parents, and never bothers anyone about the doubts, the fear, the pain. He's not psychic after all. He's got no power to fix anything.
An accident changes it all. Maybe... he doesn't have to be left behind.
Is it possible, if you're at your lowest, to fall up?
Water Burial by valety Tags: Post-Canon, Spoilers, Grief/Mourning, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Complicated Relationships
Summary: Grief has a way of interrupting things. Or, Lucrecia has a question for Ford.
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kiridarling 9 months ago
Tumblr media
饾悎饾悕 饾悑饾悎饾悓饾悂饾悗.
thank you so much to @daisy-bakugo for letting me participate in her vice city collab! i had a blast writing this piece, and i鈥檓 terribly sorry this is so long that was a mistake (and congrats on 2k!!) also, the phattest of thank you鈥檚 to @eijishimas for brainstorming/beta-ing :) you saved me 鈽吼煠拆煆
katsuki bakugou and eijirou kirishima | f!reader, time travel sex, guns, prostitute/stripper idrk!reader, tw!blood (non-descriptive), dacryphilia, squirting, spit roasting, d-penn, shower sex, multiple rounds. minors dni!
鈥 5k words (yikes)
"Say, Sweetheart. You wanna get outta here?"
Tumblr media
Las Vegas, Nevada. April 15th, Year 3036.
"You ready?"
Mina shoots you a look through the golden-lit mirror, wiggling her eyebrows. You roll your eyes and finish dusting the powder off your cheeks before rising to your feet and tugging at the belt of your silk robe. "My answer's the same every night."
Vice City. A strip club and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where opposites collide鈥攖he poor and the rich, the beautiful and the ugly, the smart and the stupid. There's no judgment because here, they're all degenerates looking for a good time, and you're just a pretty face with a good body.
As your silk robe hits the floor, it's kicked to the side with a heel, and you saunter through the beaded entrance to your private room and into the vibrating club. Giving your bodyguard a solid pat on the shoulder as you watch the sea of bodies shake, you complete the ritual.
"No creeps?" You demand more than request. He nods curtly.
"No creeps."
You give him a cute little smile and let your hand linger for a little longer than necessary before stepping into the neon red chaos of the strip club. Because what do the rich and the poor have in common?
They're all addicts.
Tumblr media
Surprisingly, humanity doesn鈥檛 kill the planet.
Mother Nature's still standing strong鈥攖hough the sun is a bit swollen鈥攁nd space exploration solved that overpopulation issue. Bill Gates taught us all how to avoid a climate disaster and Tesla put Ford out of business. Humanity is much bigger than earth now; we're no longer people of the planet, but an intergalactic species that still eat Costco pizza rolls for dinner but killed Cable along with cars with wheels. Costco still exists鈥擲tarbucks doesn't.
Still no aliens, though.
"See something you like, Cutie?"
In your defense, he's been standing over here with his friends for ages鈥攁lmost like they're casing the damn place鈥攂ut those ruby red eyes kept floating your way regardless, and you'd rather bag it with someone your age before you're requested by another seventy-year-old. The redhead blinks like he's shocked you came over here in the first place鈥攍ike he didn't watch you sashay yourself to the other side of the club just for him. You suppose the name fits. Cutie.
He looks at you with a strangely giddy look on his face before he's licking his lips and swallowing, eyes flickering to the blondie to his right.
"I'll be back in like, twenty minutes, man."
The blond gives him an exasperated look and groans鈥攈is other two friends don't notice. "Eiji鈥"
"Twenty minutes!" The redhead yells over the music as you not-so-subtly pull him away. Your regular GILF looks your way, and you suppress the queasy feeling in knowing that at least you'll be able to fuck someone from your decade.
"You got a wallet, Cutie?" You purr as you two approach the back room. The redhead winks, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out the fattest black leather wallet you've seen in a long time.
"Don't go anywhere without it," he says, but falters when your bodyguard holds his hand out with a request for fifty bucks. "I鈥攚hoa dude, why am I paying you?"
"Because that's how it goes. The young lady gets her share," your bodyguard clarifies. The redhead looks at you for what seems to be for confirmation. You nod.
"Alright," he resigns with a shrug, stuffing a fifty into your bodyguard's sweaty hand. The man grunts but clears some of the beads guarding the entrance to your private room anyways, giving you two enough space to go inside.
"No door? That seems a little...exposing," the redhead snorts to himself before he's holding his hand out, despite the fact that you鈥檙e already nestling comfortably in his lap. "Eijirou, by the way."
You take his hand apprehensively, and he snorts at your confused frown. Eijirou's big鈥攑ainfully so, and you feel small sat upon his thick thighs because you are in comparison鈥攁nd he has to curve his back a bit so you're at eye-level. "What? No one's introduced themselves to you before?"
You shake your head, "Usually they just throw me onto the bed and get right to it."
Eijirou rolls his eyes at that, and you don't realize he's guiding your hips into a smooth roll until the harsh fabric of his jeans brushes against you in the best way. He moves you in time with the music vibrating the walls, "I guess that makes me more of a gentleman, then."
His lips hover over yours and yet he never advances, doesn't move to kiss you on the lips, nothing鈥攊t nearly has you buzzing. So does the hand he pins you to his lap with. "Are you going to kiss me or what?"
"What's your name, Sweetheart," he asks lowly. You give it to him, and he grins.
"Y/N,鈥 Eijirou tries on his lips before he confirms it with a nod. "A pretty name for a pretty girl."
"Aren't you the flatterer," you purr, coiling your arms around your neck. His hand finds your ass and you're almost positive he's going to close the gap between you two until he says:
"Who were you runnin' from, Y/N?鈥
Years in the business help build a mask and you wear yours well, with that cute little smile as you cock your head to the side and ask, "I'm afraid I'm not following."
"Oh, I think you are," he says, looking you dead in the eyes. The gravity in his face doesn't falter. "Who was it."
As he stares into your soul, your own eyes avert to the sheets. "What's it to you?"
"It's nothing to me, really," he shrugs off his jacket and places it on the bed next to him before returning to his initial position鈥攐r perhaps, closer. "But I happen to find you real cute, and cute things deserve to feel safe, no?"
"In case you haven't checked, this isn't a very safe place," you scoff, removing your arms from his neck to cross them over your chest. "And I don't appreciate idiots like you trying to save someone like me just 'cause you wanna get your dick wet more than once."
Eijirou raises an eyebrow but he never stalls, "Oh? This happens often then?"
"I鈥" you falter, "...No."
"C'mon, Sweetheart," Eijirou tugs you by the waist and you have to press your hands to his chest to keep him from falling forwards. "You don't wanna stay in this place, do you?"
"It's my job," you defend with a huff. The redhead shrugs.
"Sure, but don't you want a little adventure? A little excitement in your life?"
"Like there isn't enough excitement right here?" You snort. Eijirou teeters his head back and forth, though the daring look never fades.
"But something tells me you're bored," he says with a near sarcastic face, clicking his tongue. "Something tells me you find the idea of something new exciting."
You open your mouth to respond but he keeps you from doing so, finally pressing his lips to yours. You nearly squeal in surprise but somehow, you find yourself kissing back with a passion you've never kissed another client with before鈥攁nd maybe, just maybe, the idea of something new doesn't sound too bad.
Eijirou pulls away with a cocky grin like he knew you'd like it. Like he knew that'd be the catalyst for your response to what he says next, and maybe, he's not as much of an idiot as you thought.
And maybe you鈥檙e more of an idiot than you thought.
"Say, Sweetheart. You wanna get outta here?"
"Yes," you breathe, like an idiot, because you were wholly and utterly unprepared for what happens next.
Eijirou gives you the cutest smile, before reaching into his jacket and pulling out a gun.
He sees your expression change and lifts both hands, pointing the black pistol towards the ceiling, "I鈥攈ey wait, you're gonna be fine, okay? I won't shoot you."
You cower and he pouts. Apparently, this wasn't the reaction he was expecting at all.
"I swear! I'm mentally stable, see?" He flips it sideways with a grin, "the safety's on."
You hate it that his comment makes you trust him. Slightly.
"C'mon," Eijirou smiles, reaching his gunless hand out for you to take. You do, albeit reluctantly. "I won't do anything too stupid. Just...shake things up a bit."
Shake things up a bit, Eijirou says, and yet the first thing he does is when you two exit the room is press the pistol to your bodyguard鈥檚 head.
"Eijirou," you hiss. Luckily no one in the club has noticed, yet, but you doubt their ignorance will last for long.
"I'm gonna need my fifty back, buddy," Eijirou pats the man on the back, and it's strange鈥攜ou've always thought your bodyguard to be a big guy, but he looks rather petite next to the redhead. Your bodyguard reaches for his walkie-talkie, but Eijirou tuts, tapping his hand away with the tip of his gun.
"Hey dude, I'm not gonna shoot you. See? The safety's on," He repeats, flashing the barrel. Your bodyguard's eyes widen, and so do yours.
The safety isn't on.
"So, that fifty," Eijirou purrs, and your bodyguard stuffs the bill into his chest with a grumble. Eijirou hums, satisfied, and gives the crumpled bill to you without a second glance, too busy nodding to his friend on the other side of the strip club. A noirette from across the way nods back.
It's fucking chaos, as anyone would expect when blindly firing into a crowded club. Eijirou keeps a tight hold on your hand as he and his other three boys storm towards the pit bosses working the casinos with guns a-blazing, demanding they fill their pillowcases like a bunch of C-class thugs.
What the fuck did you get yourself into.
"This is not what I meant by excitement," you hiss through grit teeth as a terrified pit boss fills Eijirou's bag like he's a greedy kid with an attitude on Halloween, while your co-workers cower under the bar and pool tables. Eijirou sticks his tongue your way.
"This isn't the exciting part, Little Miss Excitement."
It's the steady sound of sirens that has your eyes widening, and the fact that you're positive they're getting louder. You catch sight of your bodyguard on his walkie-talkie, big body cowering behind the smallest trashcan, and turn back just in time to see Eijirou squint as he aims and shoots bullseye.
"That is."
Tumblr media
The police have lost sight of two vehicles carrying the four armed men who robbed Vice City Casino and Club tonight at roughly 2:53 am. Witnesses say they came in a group of four but left with an exotic dancer named鈥
The moment the blondie from the club sees you walk through the door, he鈥檚 tossing the stack of bills in his hand with a sigh.
"Katsuki, Y/N. Y/N, Katsuki."
Katsuki looks nothing but happy, and refuses to acknowledge your presence as he crosses his arms.
"Ei. What the hell did we say about witnesses."
"Um," the redhead rubs his lips together before wearily looking at you, and you hike his jacket further up your shoulder. At least he was decent enough to give you that. She's an exception?"
"Not a fuckin' thing," the blond grunts, turning to you to flash a tight smile. "Goodbye."
"I鈥攚ait," Eijirou skates until he's stood over the ash-blond, with a hand on his shoulder and the other braced against the table. Speaking in a quieter voice, he says, "C'mon man. The poor thing was practically begging to get outta there."
The ash-blond does nothing but sigh before shoving a palm into a pile of money to push himself into the kitchen鈥攁nd subsequently further away from you.
"She's gonna call the cops," Katsuki grunts wearily from the island, eyes narrowed. Eijirou follows.
"She's not gonna call the cops, dude," the redhead scoffs at the outlandish idea. "You heard the radio! At this point, she's as deep in it as we are."
As they continue to go back and forth over the island, you let your eyes wander. It鈥檚 a penthouse, and rather homely, with near egg yolk lighting, high walls, and big windows. You can't help but think about how you're in a strangely expensive part of the city before remembering this evening's events. No wonder they can afford such a nice place.
You find yourself smiling at a particular corner with a frustrating amount of photos stuffed on a little glass table, one that contains a selfie of the two housemates in high school uniforms. There's a ring sat in front of it, one that glints gold when you hold it up to your face, and if you squint you can see little flecks of green in the red of the ruby. It looks scarily close to an engagement ring.
"Hey, what's this?"
Both of their eyes rocket from the conversation to see you slip the delicate thing onto your ring finger.
"Don't touch it!" Eijirou tenses before realizing it's much too late for that. "Er鈥攁t least don't twist the top."
"The...top?" You ask, lifting your hand until it's at eye level.
"Yeah like, the jewel thingy," the redhead gestures to the ruby鈥攁nd you can't stop thinking about how it's almost the same color as his hair. Waddling into the kitchen with your eye still trained on the thing, you ask:
"What is it?"
"A time-travel device," the ash-blond grunts. Eyes still full of suspicion, he watches you and the redhead interact over the island with arms crossed over his chest and reclining against the sink. You frown.
"Aren't those usually...bigger?" Because even though it's 3036, time-travel is still fairly new (space exploration took a long time, okay) and all the machines you've seen are at least the size of a shower. And yet, this one can sit on your pinky.
"Kats has been working on some stuff," Eijirou beams and it edges on proud; you notice the ash-blond near blushes with a huff as you hop to sit on the marble counter.
"'S nothin'."
You stare at the thing in faint amazement, and Katsuki kicks off the sink to near the island. Lifting an eyebrow, you say, "You know you could get rich off something like this? Instead of robbing strip clubs for a living.鈥
The ash-blond scoffs, and you wonder if someone else has told him that before. "If I gave that to the public, I have no fuckin' clue what they'd do with that shit."
And you shrug, supposing he's right鈥攖ime-travel devices are hard to get your hands on, and that's for a reason. If everyone starts jumping around in the time-space continuum, fucking with shit, the world will promptly and utterly collapse. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
"It doesn't work with a big time range," Katsuki defends with a shrug, sliding his forearms on the counter. "The most it can do is a few hours"
"Not that it makes this any less cool," Eijirou says with a slight bounce. "I personally think it's really fun to play with."
Katsuki rolls his eyes. "That's 'cause you use it to fuck."
You nearly choke.
"W-Well, okay," Eijirou chuckles sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "But also other stuff! Like when I'm really hungry, I might go to the future and take some of my fries. Future me's fries, that is."
"Or you'll try to take future-me鈥檚 goddamn burger," Katsuki growls. You flip the ring over like there's anything left to see.
"How often do you use it?"
"Nightly," Katsuki answers for him. Your eyebrows lift. Oh wow.
"It鈥攊t's not nightly," Eijirou defends weakly, huffing and puffing. "Weekly maybe, but鈥"
"Almost every night," Katsuki sums for him, giving you a little grin. You snort back before your eyes drop to the ring again.
"Uh oh," the redhead almost gasps, fingers thrumming on the island on either side of your being, "She's thinkin' about it."
"I'm not thinking about it," you huff, though your eyes never leave the ring. It's an...interesting prospect.
"Oh, you're totally thinking about it," Katsuki grunts, and you struggle to find where his enthusiasm came from. What happened to goodbye?
"C'mon," Eijirou tempts with a casual toss of the head. He touches your shoulder鈥擪atsuki touches the other. "See what happens."
"What if鈥" you stare at the ring with pursed lips, fingers grabbing the ruby. "What if it's random? Or if we're not where we expect to be in a few hours or something."
Eijirou shrugs. "It's always a gamble, but that's where the fun is, no?"
You look down at the thing with a sigh. You suppose.
In one quick move, you twist the gem and screw your eyes shut. At first, you feel nothing, but then there's a sudden head rush, and you can easily see how someone can get addicted to this.
You hear a faint sound, one that could be excused as a rush of wind past your ears, before you feel your knees against a hard surface and your body in a different position.
"Oh, I like this much better."
You open to your eyes to a much different sight than you closed them to.
Katsuki and Eijirou look gargantuan when you鈥檙e on your knees, your back flush against the refrigerator and eyes watering due to the cock nestled halfway down your throat. You choke in surprise from the sensation, hands rushing to keep Katsuki from cutting your oxygen supply off for good as Eijirou stands impatient, cock hard in his hand and drooling for attention.
"F-Fuck," the ash-blond wheezes, seemingly just as taken aback from the position as you are. "Your mouth is fuckin' heaven."
"C'mon Sweetheart, don't ignore me now," EIjirou purrs, chuckling as the head of his cock hits your cheek with a wet slap. "At least give me a little something."
You grab his cock harder than you would've out of slight indignance, grinning around the other when it makes him hiss; Eijirou joins Katsuki in resting a hand on the fridge door for purchase.
You weren't the best at Vice City for nothing, after all.
"Shit, loosen that grip a little, will ya?" Eijirou wheezes鈥攜ou don't listen, and his chest shudders when you seem to only move faster.
"'M too fuckin' close, where's that ring," Katsuki blabbers more than he grunts, and you lift your hand just in time for him to twist the jewel again, sending you three rocketing into the past.
You cough and splutter atop the kitchen island, chest heaving as you finally get the air Katsuki's cock allows. The head rush definitely doesn't help, and you find yourself getting dizzy enough to grab for someone's hand.
"Breathe, Princess," Katsuki says, and Eijirou lifts your hand to his chest so yours can rise and fall with his.
"So that's," you wheeze once you're able to get some semblance of a breath back. "That's time travel sex, huh?"
"Yeah," Eijirou says, a little breathless himself. "Addictive, right?"
"A little," you giggle, and find yourself looking for the ring again. Katsuki snorts.
"What, you wanna go back or somethin'?"
You flush red, eyes darting to the walls guilty, "A little bi鈥攚ah!"
There's a rush and the room morphs again. You would鈥檝e fallen headfirst into a set of white sheets if it weren鈥檛 for the fact that you鈥檙e sat on Eijirou鈥檚 face.
"Hello beautiful~" the redhead singsongs from below, and you can't help but notice your bra is MIA as Katsuki takes a seat behind
you to run his hands up your sides to put the underside of your breasts.
"Pervert," you snort, though you figure you鈥檙e just as bad as he is with two of Eijirou's fingers deep in your pussy and Katsuki's hand on your clit. The redhead's leaving hickey after hickey on your inner thighs and you just try your damnest to not fall.
"Only for you," Eijirou winks cheekily, scissoring his fingers, and your hips stutter against his face when he slides his tongue in between.
"Fuckin' love the sounds you make," Katsuki grunts, before his other hand finds your neck and tightens. "And fuck you're so goddamn wet鈥攜ou love this, don't you?"
You keen with a nod (and suppress the urge to say no shit, Sherlock), and Katsuki's pinching your clit between his two fingers, licking a fat stripe up your neck and chuckling when you shiver.
"What, your clients don't make you feel this good, Sweetheart?" Eijirou practically moans into your cunt, eyebrows folding when you thread your fingers through his hair and yank. "Bet that fifty was worth it, wasn't it?"
"Y-Yeah I鈥" you whimper, unable to get a sentence past your shuddering chest. "Guys, I'm gonna鈥"
The bedroom melts back into the kitchen, you're back in Eijirou鈥檚 jacket and not sat on his face. Your thighs and neck are hickey-less and yet, you're still so fucking horny.
"I hate you," you seethe, almost immediately, and Eijirou's grin is so wide it bends his eyes.
"Awe, you love me," he giggles and your frown only deepens as you reach for the ring鈥擪atsuki snatches it out of arms way with a tut.
"Ah ah Princess, don't be greedy now," he purrs, but you couldn't give a shit about being greedy, and it shows in the way you quickly grab for it again. Katsuki passes the ring to Eijirou and it easily becomes a game of monkey in the middle.
"Give it鈥"
"I don't think so, Sweetheart," Eijirou says, pressing a big hand to your face to keep you from going any further. With a smirk, the redhead twists the ring, and suddenly you're full of him on the kitchen counter.
"Fuck baby, you're so tight," he curses behind grit teeth, sweat practically dripping off his shoulders in rivulets as he pushes your face into the kitchen island so hard it's numb. So are your knees. "You're so pretty like this鈥攕hit鈥"
You barely have the room to whimper, let alone answer, and you find Katsuki perched on the opposite counter, weeping cock in hand. The redhead chuckles as you struggle to take all of him, hips squirming as he aims for places you've never been able to hit on your own. "I'd stick your tongue back in your mouth if I were you, Sweetheart. The money鈥檚 a little dirty, don't you think?"
And that's when you realize your knees are elevated upon two stacks of green, possibly some of what Katsuki had been counting earlier, and a twenty swims in a pool of drool under your cheek.
"Oh, but I don't think you care," Eijirou grunts, shoving your face deeper into the marble countertop as his hips speed up. "Dirty fuckin' girl. Bet you'd do anything for a fifty."
"I wanna fuck her," Katsuki rushes as if his mouth moves before he can speak. Eijirou wheezes a laugh.
"What, I can't enjoy this?"
"No,鈥 the ash-blond grunts.
"Hmm..." Eijirou debates, though his hips never stop as he gives Katsuki a look and goes, "How about no?"
Katsuki growls at that, and you find your fingers clumsily twisting the ruby on the ring that sits on Eijirou's finger, sending the three of you flinging further into the future.
"This isn't the future I was referring to, but I'm not complainin'," Katsuki grunts with a feral grin. You nearly slip due to all the water in the shower and you're positive that you see the sunrise through the window paint Eijirou's skin gold.
"I gotcha, Sweetheart," Eijirou soothes, rubbing a hand up and down your arms while your nails dig into his shoulders, the red lines jagged from how roughly Katsuki fucks you from behind. "Fuck鈥攜ou're doing so good for us, taking him so well."
You whimper and Katsuki lands a heavy slap on your ass鈥攈eavy to the point where you nearly knocks both you and the redhead into the tile behind him. Eijirou's calloused hands find your clit fairly easily, and that's enough to almost send you over the edge, pussy fluttering around Katsuki's cock.
"She's gonna cum," Katsuki grunts. "Can fuckin' feel it."
"Uh oh," the redhead singsongs, turning to you with a grin. "Were you trying to be slick, Sweetheart?鈥
Though it's difficult, you lift your head, eyes swimming in unshed tears as you choke, "I鈥攏-no, it's jus鈥"
You're in the bedroom again鈥攖his time your back comes in contact with a dresser, metal rattling from the weight Eijirou slams you into it with. The redhead supports you both with two feet planted into the floor and a hand around your waist, grunting into your ear with an exhaustion that implies you've got to be at this for hours.
"I know, Sweetheart," the redhead coos breathlessly, licking up the sweat that runs down your neck. "Just a few more times, okay? Hold on for just a little longer."
You sob, head thunking against the wall as you realize you have no idea where Katsuki is. Though it's only a fleeting thought because before you know it, Eijirou's dropping you to your feet, bending you in half, and railing you into the wall.
"Goddamn," he grunts, sharp teeth digging into his bottom lip, "this is鈥攖his is the best lay I've had in a fat second."
You pant a laugh, hands pressing into the wall to steady yourself, "Good鈥攇ood to know the fifty bucks was worth it."
"Oh baby, it was more than worth it," Eijirou hikes your leg up as high as it'll go for a deeper angle and he gets it, his growl melting into a semi-chuckle as you squeal, thighs jumping.
"Fuck Ei!" You scream, and he's tugging your hair to straighten your back out.
"You like it rough, Sweetheart?" He pants into your ear, grabbing your neck for a better grip. You nod as much as you can.
"Y-Yeah鈥擨鈥" Eijirou drops you until you're stood at a perfect 90-degree angle, "I need鈥攏eed'ta cum, p-please鈥"
"Twist the ring, Sweetheart," He pants, resting his hand on the wall next to yours. It still glints gold on his fourth finger in the moonlight, "Get us there together, yeah?"
You don't have to be told twice.
Your knees dig into a mattress again as Katsuki fills your mouth. With his cock down your throat and Eijirou's buried deep in your cunt, there isn't much you can do but take both of them at the same time鈥攖hough you're positive that's what they intended.
"Shit, me too." Eijirou wheezes a chuckle as his hips piston into you, his sweaty chest sticking to your back while he reaches between your thighs to rub your clit. That鈥檚 enough to send you flailing over the edge, moan muffled by Katsuki鈥檚 slowly softening cock. Then, with a devilish grin (and before the redhead can cum) Katsuki reaches for the ring on Eijirou鈥檚 finger and twists it.
鈥淵ou asshole,鈥 Eijirou groans, and suddenly you three are back in the shower, with Katsuki鈥檚 hips battering into yours as the redhead supports your weight from below. Katsuki chuckles before his grip tightens and he鈥檚 filling you with another load.
鈥淐鈥檓on Princess,鈥 Katsuki grunts, reaching for your clit. 鈥淐ome for us again.鈥
You choke again before you鈥檙e digging your head into Eijirou鈥檚 muscled chest with a moan, shaking from the aftershocks Katsuki continues to fuck you through them.
Until the room morphs, and you鈥檙e face down on the kitchen counter.
鈥淔ucking finally,鈥 Eijirou wheezes with a bitter chuckle, casually flipping Katsuki the middle finger as he's sat on the opposing counter. 鈥淔uck, you're shaking baby, you gonna cum with me? Yeah?鈥
Eijirou batters into your cervix and that's the catalyst for your third orgasm. You squeeze so tight you think you may have knocked the wind out of the redhead when his chest crashes into your back, and you open your eyes just in time to see the kitchen melt into the bedroom again鈥攊n a time you all have yet to visit.
Your legs are thrown over Katsuki鈥檚 shoulders as he pushes your back deeper into Eijirou鈥檚 chest, both of their cocks filling you so much and so well it brings tears to your eyes. As your thighs quiver with an impending orgasm, Katsuki鈥檚 the first to fall off the edge, eyebrows furrowing as his nails dig into the meat of your thighs.
鈥淥h fuck,鈥 he groans, voice fucked hoarse and lips bit pink. Eijirou nibbles into your shoulder with a gasp as his sweaty hand finds your clit again, neither of their hips ever stopping.
鈥淐um for us one more time, Sweetheart,鈥 he pants into your neck before adding another hickey to the collection. Your chest shudders.
鈥淚鈥擨 can鈥檛鈥斺
鈥淥h yes you fuckin鈥 can,鈥 Katsuki growls, and you squeal as he tweaks a nipple. 鈥淚 know you got one more in there. Give it.鈥
Your legs kick against his chest with a curse as you orgasm for the final time鈥攖his one much wetter than the last.
鈥淗oly shit,鈥 Eijirou nearly laughs, looking at where the three of you are connected. 鈥淒id you just squirt?鈥
鈥淚鈥斺 your face blends red when you see the absolute and utter mess that sits in Katsuki鈥檚 lap, before looking away with a determination to never see it again. 鈥...Maybe.鈥
鈥淐lean up?鈥 Eijirou asks, eyes flickering to the ash-blond. Katsuki shrugs.
A rush of wind and you鈥檙e sat on the kitchen counter. Eijirou鈥檚 jacket protects you from getting goosebumps due to a drop in temperature and though you do shiver, you find your body much more unscathed than it was.
鈥淗i,鈥 Eijirou chuckles a little breathlessly.
鈥淗i,鈥 you giggle back, a little nervous but in the best way. 鈥淪o um...we do all of that tonight?鈥
鈥淚 guess so,鈥 the redhead says a bit cheekily, raising an eyebrow. And then, with a wink, 鈥淧robably more.鈥
You stare at the ring on his hand in awe. Whoa.
"I fuck鈥攆ine, we can keep her, Shitty Hair," Katsuki grumbles from his spot near the kitchen sink, and despite the sour look on his face, you can't find a hint of it in his voice. Figures.
"Told you he'd say yes," Eijirou beams with a thumbs up.
"Can we...go do that stuff now?" You ask, albeit a bit hesitantly because...well, usually people are asking to have sex with you. Is this how they feel?
"Of course we can, Sweetheart," the redhead beams, before taking the ring off to place it onto the counter. "It was all a part of the future, after all."
Tumblr media
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onyxbird a month ago
I was thinking about @original-missif's "Nate Ford's Home for Criminal Children" (NFHCC) AU, and, while stressful and ethically challenging, I think this AU probably also forces Nate to make some healthier choices, e.g., Nate actually (begrudgingly) acknowledging being an alcoholic and that it's a problem.
He's unprepared, hasn't even thought about this wrinkle of dealing with teenagers the first time Eliot decides to help himself to a beer, but no, no, no, he cannot just let that stand. (It's not even that Sterling would happily pounce on it as ammunition--he doesn't want his kids hooked on alcohol.) But how do you explain to the three teens you've been running criminal heists with all over LA that underage drinking of all things is the law where you're going to draw the line?
Sophie is no help. Being both 1) British and 2) an inveterate rule-breaker, she has zero concerns about a 17-year-old having one beer. Especially when it's Eliot, who has demonstrably excellent self-control. (She might be a little more concerned about their orange-soda and chocolate fiends, but neither of them has shown any real interest in alcohol.)
So Nate, scrambling on the spot to justify this sudden new rule to three skeptical teens whose relationship with arbitrary rules is antagonistic at best, flat-out admits that his drinking getting out of hand did a ton of damage to his life, that he knows how hard it is to break that habit once you get hooked, and that he doesn't want them to go down that path. And fortunately for him, Eliot takes it with good grace, which (in hindsight) probably should have been something that made Nate pay a little more attention, since the crime children do not capitulate that easily on anything they actually want.
But I think 17-year-old Eliot would be a lot less overt about pushing back on Nate about stuff than canon Eliot, even if he's already had some (compressed) experience with the likes of Moreau and is done with blindly following orders. If Parker and Hardison's safety is at stake, sure, he'll go toe-to-toe with Nate, but not over a beverage. So when Nate gives his heartfelt little spiel and announces "...which is why there will be no underage drinking in this house," Eliot puts on his best Good Southern Boy manners with a "Yes, sir. I understand, sir" while quietly making note of the ill-advised "in this house" clause. From then on he makes sure not to give Nate any reasons to wonder what he's consuming outside the house.
All that to say, Nate is completely blind-sided the day he goes to pour himself a drink and realizes the kids have raided his liquor cabinet to make a staggering quantity and variety of chocolate truffles. (Parker wanted interesting chocolate. Hardison went on a research binge. Eliot got carried away playing with different combinations in the kitchen.) They're all baffled as to why he's upset, because 1) his rule was against underage drinking and no one drinks truffles and 2) as Eliot puts it, "You said you didn't want us getting hooked on alcohol, and even Parker isn't going to manage to eat enough of these to get tipsy."
(And now I kind of want a fic riffing off the French Connection Job where it's the Leverage kids dealing alcoholic truffles out of the Home Ec room.)
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maxwell-grant 8 months ago
So, awhile back, I had a conco with someone, who noted that a lot of modern Pulp stuff isn't trying to pastiche the OG pulp stuff, so much as they are trying to pastiche Indiana Jones. Would you agree with this assessment, and do you think it's a positive ot negative?
Tumblr media
Indiana Jones was the last, maybe even the one time if we define blockbuster as something that only began with Jaws, a pulp hero, one clearly intended to be "just" a pulp hero and not a superhero or something else, made it big as a blockbuster megastar, not just big but 80s Steven Spielberg/George Lucas/Harrison Ford in his prime big, the kind of big that's as big as it gets, that inevitably sends massive ripples that everyone tries to catch up to.
The whole reason why we got those pulp revivals in the 90s partially stems from the fact that Indiana Jones became a hit, and right around this period Tim Burton's Batman also became this huge thing, and so you got these movie projects for The Shadow and The Phantom and Dick Tracy and Rocketeer being dusted off and released in the 90s in the hopes that they'll catch on, almost back to back.
Most of pop culture's current perception of pulps and pulp heroes is informed almost exclusively by these films and Indiana Jones. Like how Star Trek's become the window through which most people view "vintage sci-fi", Indiana Jones has become the window through which most people view "pulp fiction/serial".
Which is why you inevitably end up with far, far too many "new" pulp stories that think it's all about snarky dudes in fedoras punching Nazis to plumb Mayan temples to rescue mighty doohickeys of ultimate power. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things individually, but it gets really, really old, especially when it's all mired in either hollow imitation or, worse, "self-aware" parody.
I think a lot of them mistake the fact that Indiana Jones is funny and not afraid to have fun with itself and the material it's pulling from, as a sign that it doesn't take any of it seriously or that it's treating it's usage of them like an in-joke, when it really isn't. I think there's a lot to learn by taking a good, in-depth look at Indiana Jones as it was, the ways it succeeded in repackaging and condensing the adventure serial into blockbusters and created an iconic character timeless and modern at once, but I think a lot of people just take the wrong lessons from Indiana Jones and just copypaste it's basest aspects, which inevitably dooms them.
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thejeweloftheworld 6 months ago
I've seen a lot of posts (and videos and theories and fanfics) explaining how x character is a lot like Bill. Well, I would like to propose that:
Each member of the Zodiac represents a different part of Bill's personality.
Gideon is his greed, power lust, and possessiveness
Pacifica is his superiority complex
Robbie is his persecution complex
McGucket is his avoidance of his past
Soos is his thoughtlessness
Wendy is his facade ("Says he's happy/He's a liar") and irresponsibility
Stan is his apathy and dishonesty
Ford is his ambition
Mabel is his toxic idealism (the world should be this way and anything else is bad)
Dipper is his obsessiveness and scheming
This list isn't perfect as these traits and issues match multiple characters but I like to think of characteristics as things they had to overcome throughout the show.
Gideon began to care about others, respect their autonomy, and live a simple life
Pacifica accepted that she's not a perfect being and started on the road to self-improvement
Robbie trusted the goodwill of others and appreciated the good things in his life
McGucket took accountability for his past
Soos became more self-aware and aware of how his actions affected others
Wendy opened up about her problems and took responsibility for others
Stan expressed his emotions honestly rather than stewing in them
Ford found happiness in the simple things in life, the things he already had
Mabel acknowledged that the world wasn't (and probably shouldn't be) perfect
Dipper loosened up and accepted that even with all the knowledge in the world, he'd never have total control and that was okay
I really like this interpretation because rather than overcoming Bill in some big fight, they each overcame little bits of him in themselves. The Zodiac didn't work because Stan and Ford still hadn't fully worked through their issues. Stan wasn't ready to forgive Ford or acknowledge how important his family was and Ford was still clinging to his glorious purpose of defeating Bill Cipher.
Please feel free to add on or ask questions. This was a little on the spot so it could probably do with a little more fleshing out.
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mythomagically-delicious 3 months ago
Okay so in a better world au ford and fiddleford created the Institute and made up, right? What happened to stan?
The point of that first post about "the twist" was this: what if Stan and Ford switched bodies and stans was sent into the portal with ford inside, and Stan in Ford's body remained behind. Stan immediately tries everything to turn it back on, to no avail. He went thru hundreds of papers and notes trying to understand ANYTHING and he got some general idea that ford had had a research partner out here who knew things- knew ford, knew the portal, he could help!
Stan in Ford's body races to town instead of staying isolated in the cabin for four weeks, and finds fiddleford. Fiddleford looks confused and stranger than the notes suggested but it matches up. He begs fiddleford to help him, and despite the falling out fiddleford has enough fondness for his old friend remaining that he is swayed. He doesn't get his full mind erased by the society bc he isn't abandoned fully and left wandering the town to be targeted by blind Ivan in his power grab.
Fiddleford and Stan (in Ford's body) go back to the shack and stan starts to take him to the basement when fidds starts freaking out, yelling and crying about the world-shattering consequences. About the things he saw, rhe demon, and more. Stan calms him down, takes him back upstairs. He's frustrated to high heaven and back but he knows he could never do this alone.
(He hasn't told fiddleford who he really is. Yet. He will, he just needs some help first. Who would help a loser like stan? But ford has a friend, he can be ford for a little bit to work the angle and get his brother back.)
It takes time. Way too much time, for Stan, but fiddleford slowly recovers enough of his sanity and calms his nerves enough to go down to the basement and not freak out. Stan admits to anything fiddleford asks him about, anything he saw from Ford's notes and makes it convincing that he's asking for a second chance. Maybe they could rebuild it, better? Without demon assistance?
Fiddleford helps tear it to shreds. They mark every part as they dismantle it and fiddleford searches for the reasons it opened a portal to nightmares. He doesn't follow schematics blindly, any more, no more blind trust to his friend. But he does help. Stan is learning on the job. He isn't convincing in the slightest of being a genius but fiddleford is too frazzled to notice. He's got his own shit going on.
They tear it down. Stan is afraid and angry and desperate but he holds his shit together. Fiddleford regains more of himself as they go. Stan learns more about ford and fiddlefords time together as fiddleford recovers memories and tells them to Stan. Stan makes his own notes, of how to Be Stanford Pines.
In time, they get to a stable place of living in the shack together, Stan trying to learn as much as he can about this science shit, pretending he was hit by the memory gun into forgetting himself when fiddleford questions it. Fidds is afraid to go confront the society, and can't remember where they are anyway. Stan doesn't care about it as long as his cover isn't blown. He hasn't told fiddleford yet. He will! But not yet.
They begin to plan a new, stable trans-dimensional vortex. It takes a whole hell of a lot, but they slowly build it anew. Still in the cursed basement, not even a skeleton of the old machine left after they destroyed it the first time.
Stan is flying less by the seat of his pants. Taking a leaf from Ford's book and staying up to radically terrible hours of the night studying and trying to understand all the science and math shit to make this work, to keep stringing fiddleford into helping him. Fidds takes time for his own projects and Stan doesn't bug him about it, saying if it makes money to split it, and when fiddleford hits a big invention that also happens to patent well and spread? They use the money to help their new portal.
It takes ten years to do it, but they recreate the portal, this time to a place they can control thru careful calibration. Fiddleford writes a scientific paper about it, publishes it with ford as a co-author, and they get international renown. Stan knows how to work a crowd and he uses their leverage to get people invested in investing, so to speak. It's not cheap to fund the energy required to turn it on, so they expand the building and create the Institute of Oddology, given enough time and building and circumstances lining up just right.
Fiddleford runs the teams and the day to day stuff. Stan handles finances and resource allocation and scheduling tours, interested parties, rivals, anything business side. He and fiddleford go to the first stable dimension together , though, and Stan uses all of the science gizmos at their disposal to search for ford while they're there.
He doesn't find him. He still hasn't told fiddleford. Its been too long at this point, right? What if he takes the money and fame and everything and kicks Stan out for lying? He mostly rode fiddlefords genius to get here, there's no way he'd not be mad about this.
They go to many dimensions. Stan takes samples and learns scientific process thru osmosis over the years and contributes to publishibg written works to the greater scientific community.
He looks for Ford. He finds nothing. He tells no one his true purpose for everything he's achieved to that point. He lies and wears Ford's face and shakes hands and is a sham.
One day Fiddleford races to his office, frantic and eyes wide and hands shaking slightly like Stan hasnt seen in years. It's been 30 years since ford was lost to the portal. And fiddleford comes to him and says there's a parallel you, Stanford, in conference room B, we need to send him on his way immediately, you remember what happened to Ernie on that trip 8 years back?
And Stan ignores this, heart pounding, and knocks fiddleford out, locking him in the office, racing to conference room B.
He bursts in, and sees a version of his brother. One he doesnt see in the mirror. A real Stanford Pines, 30 years older than the kids they were when they fought beside the portal. Apparently no universe is fair, if ford ends up inside in multiple dimensions.
Stan is speechless. The portal!ford is on the defensive, but interest is clear in his face. He keeps his distance, cognizant of parallel!fiddlefords warning from before. Of counterparts meeting in a dimension of origin. Annihilation.
Stan cries. Ford looks shocked to see his own self in such a state. He doesn't know what to do. Stan surges forward for a hug and Ford tries to dodge, afraid of the consequences. Stan traps his hands to his sides and sobs on Ford's mysterious black coat, calling him brother. Ford's inner alarm bells go off even as he clenches his eyes shut against the incoming total destruction.
When nothing happens except for a wet patch to grow on Ford's clothes, he opens his eyes and studies himself. They look scarily similar, truth be told. His counterpart heartier than he, an interdimensional fugitive. That makes sense. Parallel ford is apologizing into his jacket and clutching him hard enough to leave bruises.
Ford dodges out of the grapple his counterpart has him in. He demands answers in a clipped tone. Stan does his best to reign it back in as he confesses what transpired in this dimension to this dimension traveling ford. How he hopes his own brother, trapped in stans body, is still out there, still surviving, still where Stan can find him.
Ford starts a fight. Stan defends himself but it gets physical and he doesn't have the same instincts to take down he did when he was younger. He remembers the last fight he had with his brother, and doesn't want that to happen again.
Fiddleford eventually gets free of the office and runs in to see parallel ford beating the shit out of his ford. He stuns ford with a device on his belt and brings things back to some semblance of order, getting a first aid kit out to tend to them both. P!Ford's knuckles, mainly, and stans face.
The truth comes out, ugly and stained and fiddleford forgives Stan immediately. He turns to parallel ford and helps him out of the room, promising help with his weapon and more, later.
Stan is left with the knowledge that all these years later, no matter what he does, his brother hates him.
Fiddleford helps ford with his weapon. If ford can destroy bill cipher, more dimensions will open up to be explored. If his and stans ford is still alive out there, they'll have a better shot if Bill is out of the picture. They send parallel!ford off a few days later. Fiddleford goes to Stan that night and calls him by a name that hasn't been spoken in 30 years. Stan can barely look at him. Fiddleford gives him time and space, but tells him he understands.
A month and a half later, a ripple is felt thru thousands of dimensions at once, the death of Bill cipher in every iteration is making its way thru the multiverse. Celebrations are happening as people cheer and laud thr name of the one who saved them, spread in a cosmic understanding by some greater power. Stanley Pines, shatterer of Bill Cipher.
4 years later, they find Ford. Ford in Stans body is old, ragged. He's missing an eye and an arm and so much more of who he used to be. But they bring him home. He doesn't want to switch bodies back.
Stan feels guilt eat at him, but ford is different than the other traveler they'd met. He's more settled. He thanks Stan for finding him. Doesn't blame him for how long it took. Didn't think he'd be come for anyway.
It's strange and rocky but slowly strides are made to bridge the gap of decades and become people they want to be, again. Brothers, friends, explorers. They never body swap again, but they settle into themselves and own who they are.
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fruitytrollroll 3 months ago
something interesting we learn in psychonauts 2, which imo wasnt entirely apparent in the first game, is that people don't only have one mindscape.
the best example of this is loboto: in RoR, his mindscape is a sailing vessel in a treacherous ocean (bath tub). then in psychonauts 2, it's dental horror all the way down (plus sasha's mental construct).
and, i dunno, whenever I've considered writing fic about loboto's mind, it was always along the lines of, "how would the sailing vessel have changed after loboto finds his moral compass?" it never would have occurred to me to diverge so drastically from what canon establishes, and recognizing that made me realize i was limiting myself to my preconceived notions of psychic power based on their depiction in the first game. as a consequence, i was laboring under the assumption that the mindscape is a relatively static metaphor for the mental wellness of a person's mind.
but psychonauts 2 is adamant on driving home the point that nobody is just one thing. cassie says as much, and her world is another great example: she's at once a money launderer, a writer, and a teacher, all with their own distinct mindscape habitats. cassie has the compartmentalizing librarian and her library as a framework within which these different parts of her mind can exist in a relatively organized fashion, but i think a lot of people maybe aren't that organized about it.
bob's mind comes to mind here, and his mindscape isn't just one thing either! none of us would claim that he defines himself by the haunted greenhouse where his mother died, or the wedding cake tower where he married the love of his life. neither is the barren island, a representation of his loneliness and tendency to push others away, the sum of all that bob is. and this muddier mix of brainspaces is depicted aptly by entering each area via over-sized glass bottles (since alcohol is a psychoactive substance, which can induce -- hah -- different mind states).
and sure, some minds raz returns to stay the same on his second visit. i think this is partially a system limitation, because if you could FULLY CHART the infinitude of the human psyche, the game would just go on forever. but i also think, maybe, we're just returning to that PART of the mindscape, and the rest of the mind goes on being a million things where we can't see it.
it's a little like inception -- every dream within a dream is a different scenario: a heist, a street chase, a death-defying race down a snowy mountain -- BUT, in psychonauts, these scenarios aren't nested neatly inside each other like babushka dolls. they're more like a wide variety of toys big and small, plush and plastic, shoved into a toybox together and competing for space.
(another marked difference between inception and psychonauts is that inception's mindscapes are almost all foreign mental constructs, whereas psychonauts' mindscapes are largely native to the mind in which they're encountered)
so basically it kind of blew my mind when i realized the minds in the first game might not even resemble raz's memory of them, if he were to visit them again. gloria could be more about gardening now so it's all plants, or maybe she could get into soap operas or reality tv, or start training sled dogs, idk. suffice to say her mental landscape would be completely different because of her current interests, passions, motivations, mood, etc!
maybe going into my head when I'm worried about homework drops you into Academia Canyon, but when I'm on a road trip, maybe my mindscape is a campground, or a rainbow road, or a winding tunnel. do you see what I'm saying? i think it's possible that even a simple shift in one's focus from one subject to another would deliver a psychic interloper to a different part of the mind.
i think that was the point i wanted to make an hour ago! I'd say something here about ford, but tbf that bit kind of writes itself lol
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balenciagabucky 8 months ago
mari and the metal-armed masseur
锟紁airing鈥 masseur!bucky x oc!mari
word count鈥 5,513
summary鈥 her friend may have convinced her to enjoy herself but she knew from the start she wanted to fee the cold material on her skin
warnings鈥 cheating, showering, passionate sex, metal arm kink
authors note鈥 this is for rachels challenge 馃槜鉁岎煆 @celestialbarnes this was honestly kind of challenging bc a masseur with a metal arm is like鈥 yeah but hehe i hope you guys like it please reblog and DO NO STEAL MY CONTENT AND MINORS DO NOT INTERACT
Tumblr media
masterlist | discord server | taglist form
Arriving on time at the downtown high-rise, she located his listing and buzzed his apartment. The harsh snap of the door latch unlocking made her jump, but she soon had the presence of mind to push the door open, and walk through. As Mari waited in the lobby for the elevator up to the top floor, she was starting to have second thoughts about this whole adventure.
Her best friend had talked her into having a massage session. June was Mari's closest friend and confidante about all things, including the ups and downs of life, especially their two decades of married life with their respective husbands. It took quite a bit of convincing from June that Mari would be assured a perfectly relaxing, pleasant time. She had already met Bucky at one of June's parties, and had spent quite a bit of time at that party chatting with him. He seemed so open, interesting, and generally great to converse with. She also found him physically attractive for an older man, and he was definitely worth meeting again, although June's arrangement to meet him for a massage was maybe a bit too wild. He had a metal arm that sparked an interest, it was different to her but she was curious how was it possible to be a masseur, with an arm like that. Nevertheless, she resolved, after a lot of convincing by June, that it would be fun.
The elevator opened, and she entered. It started its slow ascent, with Mari its only occupant. The elevator seemed to take forever, giving Mari time to think collectively about troubles at work, with kids, with relatives, so on and so forth
As the door slowly rolled open at the top floor, she sighed deeply, and had resolved she was going to put all those problems aside, and have a good time. June had assured her Bucky was very safe and very skilled, he knew how to use his arm to benefit his work. Besides, Mari knew how nice he was from the first time they met. Mari, being somewhat modest, was however a little concerned about being practically naked in the presence of a strange male, whether he was a professional or not, she consciously chose female physicians wherever possible, because of her modesty.
But June had assured Mari "Everything will be covered." Mari thought it very odd, though, how June said this with a strange smirk on her face. When Mari continued to show some doubt, June said, "Oh go ahead and enjoy your self for goodness' sake! How often to you get to put aside all your troubles for two hours to just enjoy being alive?"
"Two hours!? Isn't that a long time? " Mari asked, even though the thought of being with Bucky again was intriguing to her.
"Believe me, it will go by like no time, and you will find yourself wanting more. I am arranging this for you because I am your friend and I know you need this." Mari recalled these words as she left the elevator, to further reassure her self that June was probably right.
She lightly rapped at Bucky鈥檚 door. Shortly, it quietly opened. He stood half behind the door and said, "Please, come in". His voice sounded warm and inviting, and Mari's impression of him as she walked past him was that he was better looking than she could remember from the party. Mari walked by him, giving him a sideways glance and smile. While passing him in the front hall, she noted the subtle scent of aftershave, possibly Tom Ford, her favorite. She walked to the center of the apartment and gave a quick look around, but wanted badly to turn back to check out Bucky more carefully.
He had been quietly studying her as she made her way into the apartment, and was still holding the door open and studying her when she stopped and turned. As her eyes met his, he slowly shut the door, walked to her, and took her hand. He did not really shake her hand so much as hold it tenderly, as he thanked her for the opportunity to see her again. Mari felt a slight rush as he held her hand for a few extra seconds.
Before she could sit down, he offered her a glass of wine. "Would you like some German white? It鈥檚 not too sweet."
"...Yes, please." Mari was impressed that he seemed to know what she liked in wine. He handed her a fairly large glass, and then invited her to sit on the leather sofa off to one side while he made some preparations.
As he arranged some towels, massage oils, and other items, he spoke with her, asking her more about her job and home life. She was beginning to relax, partly from the wine that seemed to be going down easily, and partly from his seductive sounding voice. She found herself admiring his physique as they talked. Her eyes fixated on the way his flesh covered arm moved compared to the metaled one.
Sometimes, he would ask very specific questions about her hobbies, activities, and work environment, so he could determine where she was likely to benefit most from his touch. He also was interested in the things causing stress or unhappiness in her life, and Mari surprised herself by admitting her marriage was "not all that perfect."
He paused for a moment at that comment, then asked, "Has the passion died in your marriage?" His gaze was piercing, causing Mari to momentarily freeze before she could answer.
"Well ... we still love each other, it's just ..." Her words tailed off, as she looked out the window.
"You make love infrequently, maybe only once a week or less, and it never lasts more than fifteen minutes."
Mari stared back at him with a look of surprise. Then she looked down at her feet in shame. She wondered how he could know that.
Sympathetically, he said, "I'm sorry. I am only asking because it is important for me to know as much about you as possible ... if I am to give you a good massage ... in the short time we have together."
Mari relaxed, realizing she was seeing this guy in a somewhat professional setting, just this one time. As she looked up at him, he gave her a subtle little grin. This relaxed her further, and she confided with a smile, "Ten minutes ... twice a month ... maybe."
Without further comment, he came to her, and offered a hand to help her to her feet. He led her over to the table, explaining that he wanted her on her front to begin with. He pointed out where she could deposit her clothes as he walked toward the kitchen. Suddenly, Mari remembered she would have to disrobe. "Umm ... is there somewhere I could get changed?"
"I will be in the kitchen, and I promise not to look or come out until you say it's OK. There is a towel you can use over there." As he said this, he lowered the lights and put on some soft sensuous background music.
"Sorry...I haven't done this before...I mean had a massage...and I guess I am a little nervous..."
"Don't worry... everything will be covered." His last words were very soothing, reassuring, as he disappeared from the room. Mari again recalled June saying those same words to her, and again thought it odd.
She heard him making noises in the kitchen, so she quickly disrobed, folding and stacking her clothes carefully. The towel on the massage table seemed awfully small. She would have to leave something uncovered if she was not lying on her front, but she thought "I better just accept I am going to be somewhat exposed. In fact, the thought of Bucky, such an attractive, articulate, and sensitive man seeing her naked was starting to thrill her. It was a little dangerous, exciting.
She carefully mounted the table, laid a towel Bucky had left over her ass, and stretched out flat. The initial chill of the table against her skin heightened her awareness of her nakedness, but she was also hot from the anticipation of having him lay his hands on her. She lay down for some time, relaxing her body, but allowing her active mind to wander...
"Are you ready?" he called. She was thinking erotic thoughts when his question snapped her back to reality.
"Yes, OK."
He walked in as she lay across the table, facing away from him, with eyes closed. She heard his approach, inhaled his aftershave once again, and sighed quietly as she began to think more nice thoughts about his hands touching her.
His first touch was to her shoulder blades. She was instantly shocked by the warmth of one hand, the coldness of the other and soft strength of his hands. He spoke reassuringly to her about what he was doing, since she had said a massage was something new to her. He kneaded her slowly, carefully with his full hands, making sure he always kept one hand in contact with her smooth skin continuously. The feeling and the subtle scent of the massage oil he had warmed and applied to her was intoxicating, his hands would glide over her and press so perfectly into her muscles.
Bucky found it difficult to concentrate on his task. He had given many massages before, but not to someone as attractive as Mari. He had become enamored of her since they had met at June's party, and June had consented to his request to try to arrange another meeting. He thought himself already incredibly fortunate that Mari had been talked into a massage. Still, he had to try to concentrate on being professional, detached, even though he could already feel the blood collecting in his lower abdomen.
Mari was enjoying herself. To her, Bucky seemed to have a wonderful touch -- firm at times, but just right. Any slight discomfort she felt from his attention to a new area of tense muscles quickly melted into the most pleasant warm feeling of relief. In particular, he found that little painful spot under her shoulder blade, and worked on it starting form her neck downward. He explained how her neck was probably sore from using a telephone and computer workstation most of the day, and how the shoulder blade was the lower terminus of the neck muscle that was over-worked, and in need of some attention.
"Whatever, just don't stop" Mari thought. She was in bliss from his attention, and couldn't help uttering little appreciative sighs as his hands did their magic. He ran his hands over her shoulders, kneading away the tension he found there. Then he ran his hands in little orbits down either side of her back. Occasionally, his hands would turn outward so his fingers would roam over her ribs at the side, and she could tell his fingertips were just reaching around to the sides of her breasts. She wickedly imagined how those lubricated fingers might reach right around to rub her hardening nipples.
His attention continued downwards, down to the small of her back, where he paid particular attention. Surprisingly, she was tender in that area, and winced. He said calmly, "There is some tension and soreness here. Perhaps you have had a past injury?" She admitted to him that she had pulled a muscle in her back once, about four years ago. Bucky鈥's hands were working miracles, and soon she was feeling much better.
His hands only reached to the top of her towel, which he had gently positioned only as low as the top of the cleft in her buttocks. She half wanted him to go lower, but instead he shifted one hand down to the heel of her foot before he released the other from her waist. Now, he concentrated on her leg, beginning with her foot. With one hand holding the top of her foot, he ran his other hand over her heel, pressing into her arch, and up to the ball of her foot. Then, he wrapped his fingers around her toes, giving each one an individual little pull. His hand returned to her arch, and rounded up over its side. He would then take hold of her foot, while his other hand started long broad strokes from around her ankle up her calf. Bucky took the same care with her other foot and lower leg, and Mari eagerly anticipated his next move.
Having done her lower legs, Bucky explained how a massage should progress its way towards the heart. Mari half-hoped he would progress it to somewhere else, but she had to accept the likelihood that he would be too professional to do that. Still, it was fun to think about the possibilities, especially as Bucky positioned his hands around her thigh just above her knee. With probing fingers and thumbs, he massaged her muscles deeply. His hands moved slowly, by inches, up each thigh. Halfway up to the towel, he switched to her other leg.
From his position, Mari thought, he probably had quite a nice view under the bottom edge of the short towel, especially when she had slightly parted her thighs to allow his hand access between them. The thought of him seeing her was exciting, making her horny and wet.
Bucky did indeed catch a glimpse, but then he was really no stranger to this. What was unusual was his less than professional reaction. He was very pleased to see the effect he desired in her, as he could see her lips, puffed and pink, and oozing. He said, very seductively, "We are almost done on this side."
"Oh god it's been wonderful so far," Mari sighed as she shifted her legs a little farther apart. He recognized this as granting permission to go higher on each leg. Slowly, ever so slowly, his hands massaged higher on her thigh, His hand on her inner thigh was gently lifting the towel as it made its way up. As he approached within an inch of the top of her leg he could feel the wet heat radiating from her but he didn't want to touch it, yet. Instead he teasingly kept his hand just short of the goal, while his other hand moved higher up the outside of her thigh, and over her cheek. He ran his palm in an orbit, pressing on her just the right amount to knead her ass. Meanwhile, his other hand lightened its touch, and he even began very slow caresses of her inner thigh.
Mari could not help but moan her approval. His fingertips pressed and circulated around her cheek firmly, while his other hand did a soft teasing dance along the sensitive smooth skin of her inner thigh. He switched to her other side, again starting midway up her thigh, and progressing so very close, then teasing her again, as his other hand kneaded her cheek. It was sweet torture, but Mari loved it anyway. Bucky loved the reaction it was having as well. He loved the way Mari was so excited, and he wanted it to last.
"That is so good!" she said. "Please don't stop." Her state of arousal was made obvious by her pleading between gentle low moans.
He stopped his firm probing with his hand on her cheek, and instead trailed it ever so lightly and slowly up her spine. His metal hand, still between her legs and so close, to touching her most sensitive spots, stayed where it was. As the one hand tickled its way up her spine, he repositioned the other until his thumb gently pressed into the crack between her cheeks. His travels up her spine with the other hand ended with his fingertips making little circles in her hair just above her neck. He stopped, leaned close to her ear, and whispered sensuously, 鈥淓verything, is covered.鈥
"Oh god... " Mari cooed. She understood now why June had looked so strange when she had said those words, and she laughed a little out loud thinking how June had helped make this happen.
Bucky retraced his steps with his hand down her spine, and this time kept going down the cleft in her cheeks until his fingers almost touched her sensitive parts. Moving his other hand around, he got some more oil, dripping it onto her upper crack. He then took the oil, and gently, sensuously, used one hand on each cheek to pull and rub them. Mari could feel the wetness almost dripping from her, and she needed some direct contact soon. She squirmed around, raising her butt now and then as she felt his hands massaging all around.
After a long time, or what seemed so to Mari, Bucky lightened and slowed his touch, until he was using a single extended finger, running down from the small of her back down between her cheeks. His motion was agonizingly slow, and occasionally he would stop, retreat an inch, and move on. He introduced an extra drop of oil between his finger and her cleft, which he gently, slowly ran lower, over and around her, touching her very teasingly, gently, over her entire sensitive area between her legs. By the time his slow stroke reached the joining of her lips at her clit, he had to concentrate hard on maintaining only a teasing light contact against her involuntary undulations of her hips. She wanted more, wanted his fingers to probe her deeper. He could see her opened fully, wet, and inviting, her muscles already having little spasms.
There was only one thing to do. His forefinger of his hand was teasingly flicking from side to side near her clit. Mari could feel herself responding deliciously to his gentle teasing touch, and she knew she was going to cum soon. Without warning, and without stopping the teasing from his forefinger, Bucky repositioned his hand, plunging his metal thumb into her waiting and eager wetness, as deep as it would go. She was entirely caught by surprise, his fingers still being cold, she instantly felt herself contracting around his thumb with orgasmic pulsations. At the same time his fingers pressed harder, circling her clit while he curled the tip of his thumb repeatedly over her G-spot. Impaled and held tight by his hand, she thrashed through orgasm after orgasm. She had never cum so intensely, nor so many times at once. Finally, she could take no more. Sensing her exhaustion, Bucky stopped his hand movements, but kept his hand in her and on her, feeling her spreading relaxation. His other hand gently caressed her cheeks, and up her spine again while she cooed with gratitude.
She sighed deeply, as he slowly withdrew his soaked hand from within her. He silently got a hot washcloth and lovingly applied it all over her excited sex with slow strokes, trying not to irritate her thoroughly satisfied pussy. A gentle pat dry with a towel followed, and he finished by draping a satin sheet over her naked body. She shifted to her side and he propped a pillow under her head, and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. While he gave her hair a few soft strokes, she smiled at him, closed her eyes, and drifted off to a blissful sleep.
Mari stirred from her nap, full of the beautiful afterglow of her intense multiple releases by Bucky鈥檚 hands. Having fallen to sleep on the firm massage table, she awoke feeling a bit oily, but otherwise great. Before she could look around, Bucky spoke to her quietly from the couch, where he had been silently admiring her in her sleep. "You would probably like a shower right about now. Please feel free. I have left a towel in the bathroom for you."
He silently walked out of the room, leaving her somewhat dazed and disoriented. After a short time, she pulled the sheet from over top of her, and descended from the table to her feet. The towel was gone, and she considered using the sheet to wrap around herself, but then she remembered with a smile that he'd already seen just about everything she had to offer. She padded along the hardwood floor, looking for the bathroom, and she found it fairly quickly. Seeing two towels, a selection of three different soaps and some shampoos and body wash, she selected a nice-smelling bar and got in the shower.
Soon, she was enjoying the water splashing over her skin, and the slippery feel of her soapy hands over her body. She noted the showerhead was actually one of the removable types that hung on a bracket high in the shower. She wondered how it might feel to play the water stream under her hand's direction, into all the sensitive spots...when she heard the door open.
In walked Bucky, Surprised, she reflexively covered her breasts as he peeked in and said, "Have you got everything you need?" She remembered she was also naked below the waist, and she quickly moved a hand to cover up, though the effort was futile. Bucky stared for a while, smiled, and said, "You know, you really have a great body, Mari. And there is nothing wrong with your breasts. They are beautiful!"
He pulled back, and started doing something in the bathroom that Mari could not make out behind the shower door. She thought it funny that she has been so modest, but soon resumed her soaping while she studied his clouded silhouette shifting around outside the frosted shower door. Soon, she was thinking more erotic thoughts, and she wanted him to look at her again, to see her naked and wet, maybe see she was exciting herself as she soaped her body all over.
She stopped her personal exploration, and got up her nerve. Calling to Bucky, she said, "Actually, I don't have everything I need. Could you please help me?" she asked in a seductive voice. She could still see his movements behind the frosted glass, but couldn't really tell for sure what he was up to. Suddenly, she thought she could see him lift something off over his head, followed by a slight crouching action, as if he was removing something from below his waist.
Shortly, he appeared at the shower entrance, smiling, naked, and obviously fully excited. His rod was pointing up and throbbing, proudly announcing his own arousal. "I thought I better come in here, if I'm to give you everything you need."
Mari couldn't look him in the eyes, because she was hypnotized by his hardness. As he stepped in, she took it in her soapy hands, and lovingly, slowly stroked it, feeling its heat and its throbbing response to her sweet caresses. Bucky placed his hands on her shoulders and said, "Everything must be covered, and I still haven't massaged your front."
Mari gave him a few slow tugs as he reached over to grab the bar of soap. He took it in both hands and whipped up some lather. He then gently applied it over Mari, starting again at the shoulders, and running his fingertips lightly over her neck and the soft sensitive skin of her upper chest, above her breasts. Putting his hands flat across her chest with fingers pointing inward, he started a long slow circling motion with each hand around the outside of each breast, underneath, and then up through Mari's cleavage. He did this slow circling several times, with each circle getting closer and closer to her nipples.
When he started circling her nipples with his fingertips, he said "Your breasts are very nice, even if you don't think so."
"How did you know?"
"Everyone has a part of them they are not too proud of. I guessed it was your breasts, because that was the first thing you tried to cover up, and the last thing you would let me see." As Bucky was speaking to Mari, he was beginning to lightly roll her hardened nipples in his fingers, and occasionally he would give each a little tug, allowing it to pop free of his gentle grasp. Whatever Mari thought about herself, Bucky certainly knew how to excite her breasts. Somehow it didn't matter any more that she thought them too small, because he clearly loved playing with them, and seeing her reaction to his attention.
She nearly lost her balance when he finally reached down and took a hardened nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. He held a strong arm around her to hold her close, as is free hand roamed over the other breast.
He stopped, applied soap quickly to his whole front while she applied her hands to his chest to help rub the soap in. He took her in his arms, pulled her close, and held her, allowing their bodies to slowly rub against each other as he shifted to one side. She was very aware of his cock, pressed up against her, and she took hold of it when he had finished shifting sideways. He, in turn, played his fingertips over her upper thigh, allowing it to curl its way up between her legs. Again, he so tenderly and softly touched her lips. It was hard for her to stand still, and she felt another powerful orgasm approaching. However, he had other plans.
He took the soap again in his hand, and lathered up. He got on one knee beside and applied his soapy hands up her thighs and around her cheeks in circles that lightly ran up between them. Soon, he was slowly soaping up just about every part of her except her vagina, which he understood could get irritated by the soap. Everything else got attention, and again Mari was dying for some kind of release. She tried pushing his head against her sex, but he gently resisted. Instead, he suggested "Let's get dry, and go somewhere where you won't get hurt if you fall."
They quickly finished rinsing off, enjoying the feeling of sliding against each other as they exchanged places under the showerhead. Then they quickly left the shower and toweled off.
Bucky lovingly dried Mari's back, finishing with a kiss on the back of her neck that caused her to shiver. Soon, they were walking hand in hand to the bedroom. They embraced at the edge of his bed, and he held her in his strong arms. He lowered her gently and walked down to the foot of the bed.
She looked at him with extreme lust as he started crawling his way up her leg, stopping to kiss her ankle, and every inch of her calf up to her knee. He repeated the same on her other leg, only his kisses continued up her thigh. She slowly parted her legs, allowing his kisses to fall on the inside of her thighs as he traveled slowly up.
She couldn't stand the sexual tension he was creating, but she knew if she held on, she would be rewarded. Bucky was enjoying the effect he was having on Mari, and wanted badly to finally taste her, and feast on her lovely wet sex. He, too, was having trouble waiting, but he knew the buildup was well worth it, as he wanted Mari to be excited like never before.
After much teasing with kisses and licks along either side of her pussy, she was fully open, wet, and waiting. He could not wait either, so he started slow, broad licks along the full length of her, from her vagina up over the hood of her clit. Each stroke of his tongue was slow, but covered her complete length. She involuntarily raised her hips as he did this, allowing his tongue to easily reach her lowest tender spots. And as he licked her full length, he would vary each stroke, either by flicking his tongue around her vaginal opening, probing in as deep as he could thrust it, or stopping to apply more pressure over her clit, with a rapid shake of his head from side to side to drive her wild. And she was wild, her body undulating as he licked her, and her moaning urging him on. Finally, he had to use both his hands, wrapped around her thighs, to hold his tongue against her writhing, as orgasm after orgasm started to race through her.
She had lost count of how many orgasms. Rolling onto his back beside Mari, Bucky鈥檚 cock jutting straight up was a clear sign to Mari what she should do next. She squealed in delight, because it was her favorite position, and she never got much chance to try it. She straddled him, sitting her wet lips along his hardness. She rocked back and forth, easily getting him totally lubed and ready for entry.
Then, rising herself up, she positioned his rock hard rod at her entrance, and sat down with a heavy sigh as he easily sank deep, up to her cervix. Bucky felt her grab at his cock as it went in, and could feel more contractions as she bucked up and down, faster and faster while staring into his steel-blue eyes. He took her breasts in his hands, tweaking her nipples as she rode him to several orgasmic waves.
He shifted one hand between her legs, so he could rub her clit with his thumb as she built to a final titanic climax. He, too, was more than ready, and started countering her descent on his cock with his own thrusts upward of his hips. She was absolutely screaming out her last orgasms, and the delicious feeling of her squeezing his rod propelled him to his own.
She finally collapsed on him, panting and sweating hard. His hand slowly caressed her back as they both enjoyed the afterglow. Bucky enjoyed the feel of their sex, slowly running down his balls. Mari was sighing and running her fingers through Bucky鈥檚 hair. Then she shifted a bit, lifted her head to look at him and asked, "Are you still hard?"
"When sex is really good, I stay hard."
"Wow! My turn on the bottom!" Mari climbed off, and turned briefly to stroke his slippery cock in her hand. Then she bent over to suck a while on its hardness. She soon stopped, and said, "That is amazing! Now do me!" She lay on her back, legs wide open and inviting, and Bucky rolled over on top of her.
They kissed again, as he lay over her, slowly running the head of his penis over her wet lips. She moaned in anticipation. Instead of putting it in, he continued to tease her. He ran kisses down her cheek and neck as he slowly descended to suck on her nipples. As he did this, he could run the head of his cock along her wet lips.
When he could tell he was positioned just right, deeply and swiftly he thrust into her, causing her to gasp and clutch at him. He stayed fully buried for a few seconds, and slowly withdrew until just his bulbous tip was in her. Waiting a few seconds, he plunged swiftly into her again. He repeated the slow withdrawals, the long pauses, and the swift thrusts into her, until she was coming again. She could feel the base of his cock slamming into her clit with each thrust, as its length was hitting her G-spot. It was driving her wild, and it had her coming repeatedly. Bucky placed his metal arm around her neck and a loud gasp fell from her mouth. Just what she was looking forward to the most, a smiling forming on her face as she moaned out for him. He could not hold off much longer as she kept contracting and squeezing him as orgasmic waves kept hitting her, so he picked up his pace until he was pounding hard and fast. Grunting like he was lifting five hundred pounds, he came with incredible intensity. He could feel his seed pumping in to her with an orgasm or was it two or three? That seemed to never end.
Finally, they were both completely satisfied. He was still hard when he pulled back, and ran more kisses down her front. He stopped to gently lap and kiss her wetness, soaking his face with their combined juices as he held her tight with his arms around her waist. He was gentle with his licks and kisses, expressing his great appreciation for her. She purred and stroked his hair in appreciation and thanks.
When he had returned to her side, she didn't mind kissing him again, to feel and taste their combined sexual juices. "Everything was covered. Thank you," Mari whispered.
She turned away from Bucky, taking his hand so he would cuddle right up behind her. His arm draped over her, kissing her shoulder, he softly caressed her breasts with a feather touch as she again fell into blissful sleep.
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trianglesimpfordpines 4 months ago
hmm hmmmmmm i'm back on my meta bullshit. the problem with "ford isn't actually smart he just thinks he's smart because he got good grades or whatever" arguments is that they fundamentally misunderstand what "smart" means.
there are many different types of intelligence, but most of it involves the innate ability to process more information at a faster pace than the average person, and to make more (and faster) connections between pieces of information. however, simply being innately intelligent does not necessarily mean you will always make the most objectively logical decisions, as intelligence does not equal knowledge.
even the smartest people alive are limited by the information they have access to, as well as any personal strengths and flaws they have, conscious or unconscious biases, past experiences, etc. someone like ford pines, who is insanely smart but also severely traumatized, paranoid, and naturally reckless and impulsive鈥攁nd on top of that grew up in the 1950s-60s in a very toxic environment with no means of escape besides isolation鈥攊s...not likely to always do things that make perfect logical sense.
and that's without factoring in that he's completely out of touch with society and has been for a long time, and chronically sleep-deprived (which impairs cognitive functioning and in the long term causes brain damage).
let's be real, if ford were really, truly, honest-to-god stupid, there's really no way he would still be alive. what he actually is, is human. human beings are falliable.
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loudlychoppedbread 4 months ago
@iwillbecomealawyer Dialogue story based off of this post.
Sorry, no Lili going apeshit (yet) just her planning on who to burn while listening to her boyfriend vent.
"I was really worried-" Lili tried to start
"I know Lili, you don't have to apologize."
"No, I really need to. I mean, you realized that Meligula was your great aunt who killed your grandma!"
"I mean, that was one of the biggest things that happened, yeah."
"Biggest thing? Wait, what exactly happened during your time as an intern?"
"Well... I mean a lot of agents saw me as a really little kid..."
"I know that feeling, but what else?"
"Uh... should I start from the beginning or did Harold already tell you about how my clothes were stolen?"
"Your clothes were what!?"
"The other interns said I needed to wear a uniform. I just wanted to fit in and... well, Sasha told me it was no big deal and that hazing was natural."
Lili could have gone off and burned all of the Junior Agents' behinds with that (and possibly Agent Nein's as well), but she stayed. Raz needed to tell her everything. "Go on." Her voice was deliberately steady, which Raz picked up on.
"Please don't hurt them. They like me now! Well, most of them."
"Nora still isn't... too big of a fan?"
"The girl who claimed you were the mole and said Meligula was your girlfriend? The same one who basically was responsible for bringing Meligula back because she messed with your mission?"
"Please, Nick was the one trying to bring back Meligula. Nora was just trying to look out for the Psychonauts!"
"By saying that you were the mole?"
"I mean, I think Agent Forsythe thought I was the mole too."
"She what!?"
"Well, she mentioned that both the Aquatos and Meligula were both from Grulovia when I first asked about Meligula..."
"Lili, don't."
"Is there even more to this story!?"
"I mean... there's also my family coming over, and helping the Psychic Six." Maybe distracting Lili with way more of the story would cause her to forget some of the other things that Raz mentioned?
"I think my mom's coming around to the idea that I'm psychic..."
"You think?"
"Well, I know my siblings are taking it worse, so at least my mom is better."
Raz, that's not a good thing. Lili thought.
"It's at least something!" Raz insisted against Lili's thought.
"Please... at least tell me the Psychic Six were fine?"
"Well, most of them. I helped them with their problems...though I'm not sure what to think about Ford Cruller anymore..."
"What do you mean?"
"On the one hand, he's one of my heroes. The founder of the Psychonauts! On the other hand, he gave me and my entire family crippling fear of water. A fear so great that I could swear every time I was near water there was... a giant hand trying to drag me down and... drown me."
So that was the Junior Psychonauts, Agent Nein, Agent Hollis, Raz's family, and Ford Cruller's butts Lili needed to set on fire.
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razputin-archetype 4 months ago
More headcanons for Psychic Dion please??
I'm glad you asked, anon, because I've had a lot more thoughts about it since the last time I talked about it. (I may or may not write a fic about it, I have a lot of ideas about this headcanon.)
So, as mentioned before, Dion repressed his powers to the point where they're extremely weak, and they barely react to severe stimuli (such as intense feelings, thoughts, and instincts) that would normally prompt a psychic reaction in other 'unaware' psychics.
However, I could imagine that there have been occasional and very faint 'flickers' of psychic potential in him, usually presenting in ways that he can easily rationalize away or ignore - that is, until he comes in contact with the psitanium in the Questionable Area.
Earlier, I was thinking about what the possible 'signs of psychic potential' there could be in the Psychonauts world, and came to the conclusion that general 'extrasensory perceptions' is a pretty big one, among various other things. (As a side note, I'm extremely interested in what other people's thoughts on 'signs of psychic potential' could be.)
this post got A Bit Long because, as usual, I started rambling.
Due to his hardcore psychic denial, I imagine Dion has a weak, untrained form of ESP - which includes powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry (the ability to gain otherwise unknown information on an object through touch), and intuition - and because of how weak it is, it was easy for him to pass a lot of his more minor extrasensory perceptions off as just something any non-psychic could do.
A frequent psychic 'flicker' that he has would likely be unnaturally strong intuition. Not quite precognition, but not really an average "gut feeling" either. This intuition probably served him very well in the task of keeping an eye on his younger siblings when he had to.
His intuition made predicting other people's behavior easier for him, at least to a slight degree. It may have given him a sense that he's 'always right,' even when he isn't. It also probably fueled some anxieties of his, because of the ability to predict when something bad might happen.
But his intuition was definitely not perfect, especially due to how weak his powers are. He's definitely not 'always right' and people were occasionally very unpredictable. Raz was probably very particularly unpredictable, and Dion didn't intuit Raz's desire to run away until after it happened.
Another sign of psychic potential, and one that's typically very easy to pass off as something that anyone can have (because it's not a concrete sign, unless paired with other 'more obvious' signs), is heightened senses. Heightened taste, touch, smell, etc.
Dion struck me as a bit of a brooding loner, which is likely due, at least in part, to him being an Angsty Teenager鈩. But if he's a psychic with heightened senses, being a circus performer in a big family can and often does get very overwhelming for him.
Because of this, he probably cherishes his alone time, and although he doesn't enjoy the busywork of setting things up for a performance, he does enjoy the quiet that sometimes comes with it.
Yet another one of those "easy to pass off as no big deal" signs is extremely vivid dreams, that may or may not vaguely predict the future.
Dreams are easy to forget. Even the most vivid dream gets forgotten eventually, unless it gets written down. But I don't feel like Dion would be in the habit of writing a dream journal. If anything, I could imagine that Dion doesn't think much of his dreams at all.
So he may have had infrequent, yet vivid dreams that vaguely predicted events that would occur in the immediate future, but he probably forgot them or didn't think too much about them or what they meant.
In Ford Cruller's own words, exposure to Psitanium can make psychics More Psychic. And once the Aquatos camp out in the Questionable Area, this starts to make Dion's deeply buried psychic abilities resurface.
His ESP starts getting a little stronger, his perceptions expand slightly to include very mild untrained telepathy (a somewhat common early-psychic phenomenon that I call 'telepathic whispers' or 'brain buzzing' - it鈥檚 like a radio picking up faint signals, and doesn鈥檛 really sound like voices at first), and he starts showing other, slightly more well-known signs. He tries to keep it to himself and hopes that when the Aquatos leave the area, everything will go back to normal. He chalks the whole thing up to being stressed out, and this makes him a bit more surly than usual.
After the events of Psychonauts 2, when he starts befriending and talking to Gisu and having his weird beliefs about psychics be dispelled, he might offhandedly mention something about his strong intuition or his weird dreams or his recent 'brain buzzing' situation or something else along those lines, and she's probably like "uh, you realize that's like. a psychic thing, right?"
And he's just like..... "??????? h u h?????"
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fandoms-fanfics-aro-ace 5 months ago
Okay but back when the Science Fair Incident (from now on will be referred to as SFI) first happened, Ford was completely justified in his anger. He was justified to tell at Stan because while we, the audience (that's something a lot of us in many fandoms need to understand is that we are the audience and we will often times understand and know things that others in canon do not) know that it was an accident, Ford does not.
After their other interactions about college, Ford assumes that Stan was trying to sabotage his chances of getting into West Coast Tech. It definitely wasn't that unreasonable (especially considering what Stan said after Ford confronted him but that's besides the point).
If the two had spent some time thinking and communicating, then Ford would know that the SFI was an accident, not on purpose. No one gets kicked out, happy ending.
But no.
Filbrick steps in and kicks out Stan before Stan can say his side of the story. Meaning that Stan has no way of telling his brother what happened.
Is Ford justified in carrying out the grudge? Eh. Slightly. If you assume that he still thinks Stanley sabotaged his chances at going to school then yes. But Ford's not stupid. He probably does figure out it was an accident at some point. But why, you may ask, does he continually bring it up?
If you think A) he still assumes Stan sabotaged him, then yeah, he continues to act like a jerk around him because he's still pissed.
But in option B), it could just be that Ford's been telling himself that he's better off without Stan, that Stan's been holding him back, that life's going to be okay ((Spoilers: it's not )), after the SFI that he starts to believe it himself. There isn't too much evidence in canon to support this one but if y'all like this one then by all means choose it.
Personally, I think option B is more likely. The two had a very, very codependent relationship and major self esteem issues. All they needed was to talk. But no. Filbrick stepped in and said "No 馃挅"
I Hate Filbrick Pines :D
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izukudmidoriya 7 months ago
Tumblr media
{ going on a roadtrip with the mha boys }
-headcanons / scenarios-
featuring: izuku midoriya; bakugo katsuki; shinso hitoshi; denki kaminari; eijiro kirishima
sakura rants: i just got home from my trip and had a blast 鈾 i promise i'll work on my requests, but doing this self indulgent headcanon seems like so much fun 鈾 馃グ
also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS BLOG REACH 300 FOLLOWERS?! i'm in awe and feel so happy, so thank you for reading my stories and for the support 馃ズ
general notes: gender neutral reader
/izuku midoriya/
馃尭after you both graduated from u.a., izuku wanted to take you out on a roadtrip with him.
馃尭wanting to explore the different landmarks of japan while creating new memories with you, his s/o, before you dedicated your time to becoming pro-heroes.
馃尭izuku will the type who would be super excited for the road trip!
馃尭marking the places he wanted to go see with you on his map with some notes written all throughout
馃尭-famous takoyaki is served here!-
馃尭-MUST TRY ramen here!-
馃尭-gorgeous beach with beautiful sceneries here!-
馃尭and when you pack all of your belongings before getting into your car as izuku eagerly got into the driver's side
馃尭you knew you were in for an adventure, simply because you were going with the man you loved with all your heart 鈾
/bakugo katsuki/
馃尭listen, just driving with bakugo was a treat in and of itself.
馃尭he's the type of boyfriend who will let you blare music in his brand new car, a sporty ford mustang with an orange gloss
馃尭driving with the windows and roof down as the wind was felt blowing through your hair.
馃尭and while you sang along to all of your favorite songs, catch bakugo joining you
馃尭belting out lyrics with a tiny smile on his face because wow, you just look so beautiful to him
馃尭smiling like that as if there was nowhere else you'd rather be than with him.
馃尭even if bakugo won't admit it, he's a hopeless romantic when it comes to you,
馃尭so he'll most likely take you to places where you can enjoy the scenery
馃尭be it at a beach, or a forest filled with cherry blossoms in bloom, there isn't a place where he wouldn't take you.
馃尭just enjoy your vacation with your man ;) i promise he'll make you the happiest person alive 鈾
/shinso hitoshi/
馃尭he's a man who is all about showing you how beautiful the night can be.
馃尭shinso is the type who will plan late night trips with you, waking you up at midnight as he loaded up your belongings into his car
馃尭a reliable sedan that wasn't too flashy in appearance.
馃尭this man will do his research, taking scenic routes where the moon could shine brightly against the scenery so you could see the trees swaying in the wind, or the way the dark waves lap against the pale sands.
馃尭shinso will teach you how there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the darkness; that theres just as much beauty in the shadows as there is in the light.
馃尭and whenever he finds a particularly good spot that has almost a haunting beauty-
馃尭like being surrounded by a thick mountainous forest at night, he will park at an overlook and step outside of his vehicle
馃尭simply taking you in his arms as he sways with you back and forth, just basking in the way the silver light of the moon painted everything in an ethereal glow...
/denki kaminari/
馃尭being the free-spirited and goofy type, i see denki owning a bright yellow jeep!
馃尭he's the type who will spend his earnings as a pro-hero and take you on a roadtrip to play in all of the amusement parks japan had to offer!
馃尭denki is always gonna be a kid at heart, so of course he wants enjoy riding rollercoasters that are high speed
馃尭and eating all of the delicious junk food such parks had to offer.
馃尭you honestly have so much fun with denki, and just seeing his smile made things all the better.
馃尭and of course, you would buy any souvenirs from each park and made sure to take a picture in the photo booths,
馃尭making funny faces at the camera while decorating your selfies with a bright and colorful frame.
馃尭all while saving such precious and fun photos in a scrapbook just to look back on once you were older
馃尭pls make these amusement park roadtrips an annual event omg it would be so much fun 馃ズ
/eijiro kirishima/
馃尭i see going on roadtrips with kirishima being a mix of all types of activities-
馃尭from eating at well known restaurants to messing around on the beach... kirishima was willing to do it all with you!
馃尭it was just you, him, and his ruby red honda!
馃尭kirishima is very spontaneous, so don't be too surprised if he ends up taking you someplace you didn't plan on going to.
馃尭"babe, i know we were on our way to the beach, but there's a convention going on in the next city! it's about an hour away, so can we check it out?"
馃尭"WHOA, WE GOTTA TRY OUT THIS NEW SEAFOOD RESTAURANT! i heard they served sea bream sashimi and fried lobster!"
馃尭altogether, trips with kirishima was an adventure in and of itself. your man is so happy and carefree that he's willing to take you just about anywhere
馃尭as long as you humor him and go along with him when he gets distracted and wants to check out any interesting places he happens to come across
馃尭but truly, you never minded kirishima's impulsive nature 馃グ that just added to his appeal to you 鈾
Tumblr media
all stories are written by 漏izukudmidoriya; reposts on other websites and edits are not allowed
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agftheorist 8 months ago
Mabel's Bubble Theory
Warning: This post includes spoilers from the movies "Inception" and "Coraline". If you haven't watched those movies and don't want any spoilers, don't read this.
So, let's start the theory.
This theory basically shows the evidences that Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Wendy never managed to left the bubble during the weirdmageddon.
1) The differences
How do you understand that you're dreaming? Probably because there are some stuff against laws of biology and physics. For an example, if you have wings, you're either dreaming or hallucinating. Even with lucid dreaming it is advised to check some stuff so you don't confuse the dream with reality. Inside the bubble, Mabel knows the stuff around her isn't 'real' because there are flying sweaters etc., and she can do probably whatever she wants with clapping her hands. When she 'pops it up' her powers doesn't exist anymore so it's reasonable for them to assume they are in the outside world now. Just like the button eyes of the movie Coraline. But since it is Bill who gave her that power, he can take it back just as easily. And why wouldn't he? This way, he could have them all in a cage, when they don't even know that! Bill says that Mabelland is 'one of the most clever traps he's ever made.' If we assume that this theory is true, then we can agree with Bill. Because if it is true, Mabelland is like an intelligent dream that keeps you asleep by making you think you woke up. Plus, do I need to mention that Bill Cipher is literally labeled as a DREAM DEMON, which means he has a better understanding of our minds and dreams better than anyone else!?
2) The surroundings
If you have watched the movie "Inception" you probably remember one of the most important rules of creating a dream. 'Do not use places from the real world, otherwise you may confuse dreams with reality.' I don't mean the Shack or town in general here, because they already should have been there if Bill wants to make Mabel think she is outside. However, Mabelland also answers Mabel's memories and creativity. With these two pictures, you can have a better understanding of what I mean.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As you see, the shape and locations of trees are almost identical. If we assume these are the same place, still something is not right. Because Mabel ran away from the Shack and couldn't go as far as somewhere near town. In the show, we see the Fearamid rises from somewhere near the town center, because this is where Bill was and it was almost right behind him, and the Pines family was inside it when Bill is 'erased'. (I'll come to that later.) Which means, it is nearly impossible for them to be near the Shack at that moment.
Now let's look at some characters's attitudes before and after the bubble.
Bill Cipher
I mean, after Weirdmageddon, he himself says that he can control time and space now, and proves it by changing Ford's location immediately. So this might be an irrelevant thought but why did he chase after the twins? He could have just snapped his fingers and they would be there? Another thing about Bill is of course Stanley's memories coming back. Because if they're in the bubble, that Stanley is probably not even the real one. The last thing is, of course, how the heck he didn't see the fingers? Stanley in Ford's clothes was wearing gloves so it's understandable but Ford made no attempt to hide his hands so, how?
Preston Northwest
About him, there are two main topics I want to talk about. First one is his face and attitude towards Bill.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In the first picture, he offers Bill his service and has his face 'fixed' according to Bill. After the bubble, his face is somehow normal and more importantly, he, the man who doesn't even talk anyone who is not a millionaire, (and is an asshole) supports Pacifica to hold McGucket's hand. I have a feeling that he would rather death than doing so. Besides, after Weirdmageddon, we see him giving all his money to rebuild of the town, which is again, something he would rather die than to do so.
Stanley Pines
This is not exactly a before after thing but there is something suspicious. In the episode 'Dreamscapers', we see Stan's mind as a labyrinth of doors and memories but when Bill enters there at the finale, there is only one door which means either he is really good at 'clearing his mind' as Bill said, or Ford erased rest of his memories before Bill came back. The second one doesn't make sense that much because that way since he doesn't have many of his memories, Stanley might have ruined the plan. But unlike Ford, Stanley doesn't really understand how minds and memories work, at least not as good as Ford and Bill, and probably Fiddleford. So if they are still in the bubble, it would make more sense. You may think that Mabel didn't know there were such a plan so the bubble wouldn't do that, but it is Bill who is the one really in control there. So if he would want to fake his dead or something like that, Mabel wouldn't know that.
Okay, now let's look at some events that are pretty odd.
The memory gun is first in Soos's bag, but without any other scene we see it move, it is somehow in Ford's lab coat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It is also possible that there more than one of those memory guns, but as far as we know, there is no other. Plus, even if there was another in his lab coat, it probably would have crushed during Ford's torment by Bill.
This is pretty irrelevant but how did Gideon know that the statutes would turn back to normal if they hold Mayor Taylor. Why would Bill tell him (or anyone else, in case he might've overheard) this?
That 'Dream Boys' of Mabel was still out there even after the bubble was destroyed. You may think this is because they were created by Bill, in a way, so they were a part of the weirdness, but the next title may change your mind.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We have never seen Waddles entering the bubble, and he couldn't have had before Dipper, Wendy and Soos because it was locked. But he was inside the bubble when they were, and he escaped to the outside with them. Plus, he was inside the Shacktron, where no weirdness of Bill can enter. How?
Tumblr media
If you still think this may have something to do with Bill's anomalies, I need to show you this picture, which proves something from the "Nightmare Realm" can still stay after the Weirdmageddon. But according to Ford, everything that came with Bill was supposed to be gone?
Tumblr media
Also, I need to add that everything, literally everything after the Weirdmageddon happened the way exactly Mabel would like them to have. Dipper came with her to Piedmont, Candy and Grenda stayed at her birthday even though they said they couldn't have, well, maybe Stan letting her to use the Shack to party would eventually happen but again, Preston giving/losing his money, Pacifica and Gideon trying to be normal children. For the last thing, Soos was inside the bubble with them, we know one of the things Soos wants the most is being mr. Mystery one day and he gets it. Just a little too much coincidence, in my opinion
Now here is why this theory is probably one of the creepiest theories of Gravity Falls. First of all, there is no way to prove if someone can actually manage to get out of the bubble or not once they get in, just like the famous "what if Coraline never left the other world" theory.
Second, if they've never got out of the bubble, this means everyone in the town, and maybe even in the world, might be dead, if Ford gave him the equation. If not, Bill probably kept torturing him until he died, but since he can control time, he can raise him until forever!
This theory had been long enough so I'm leaving it here. If you have any opinion about all those, feel free to write them please.
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lol-jackles 2 months ago
Well, I know Harrison Ford was Hans Solo, but I honestly can鈥檛 tell you the name of the guy who was Luke. Also, did the Luke actor do anything else? Your whole lengthy essay about 鈥減rotagonist 鈥 etc. is like a High English lecture. Dean was the hero and Sam was the damsel in distress. Period. Castiel was just a mess and the story went downhill from there. Boom! Simplist explaination.
It doesn't matter that you didn't know the name of the Luke actor, Luke is still the protagonist of Star Wars. That's how George Lucas wrote him and literally millions of fanboys will tell you the same. Luke had to be rescued by Ben, Han, and Leia, just like countless protagonist have to be rescued before taking control of their fate and changing the story. In Thelma & Louise, the film's protagonist Thelma had to be saved by Louise from being raped, and then Louise killed the would-be-rapist. But Louise doesn't change as a person, Thelma does and drives the plot.
Nobody said Dean isn't the hero, but he's the hero with a little "h" while Sam is the Hero with the capital "H" because he has the greatest arc. A hero isn't always the protagonist if they don't drive the plot and change the story. Let's put it this way, all stories need a protagonist, but not all stories need a hero. The Great Gatbsy Jay Gatsby is the protagonist, a flawed and dishonest man, as seen through the eyes of Nick Carraway, who is an unreliable narrator due to his own dishonest nature.
In Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie is the hero and main character. We want him to win the golden ticket and for good things to happen to him. But Charlie is not the protagonist because he doesn't grow or change over the course of the story. He starts out a nice kid and ends up a nice kid. Willy Wonka is the protagonist because he changes and grow and in the Johnny Depp version, seek out his father for reconciliation.
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