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#im kidding gn
sergeantwilson · 2 months ago
im gonna get this photo printed and framed and im gonna tell people its my parents
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solasan · 3 months ago
hey it’s 3am so im going to sleep but someone remind me tomorrow to write adam/june mirror s*x smut. god bless
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luvkeigo · 3 months ago
Alright I lied when I said goodnight earlier 🧍🏻‍♂️ thinking about the fact that in the weeks leading up to his rut, Kei tends to eat a bunch more (cuz instincts telling him to be super healthy and have as much nutrients as possible to make ✨babies✨) n him getting kinda insecure cuz dat means he temporarily loses some of the definition in his abs. You notice, and you can’t help but feel bad because you find it adorable. Adorable because he just kinda sits there with a pout on his face like “b-but babe 🥺 I-” n you immediately shush him, push his shirt up, and start peppering kisses all over his cute pre rut tummy. 
He’s caught completely off guard, face reddening a few shades darker as he starts pawing at your head to get you to stop, all in vain, because you gently lay him down on the couch behind him and push the fabric up and even more out of the way so you have access to more skin.  “This?”, you poke a tiny bit of softened skin right next to his belly button, “this is adorable”. 
You go on, placing kisses all across his abdomen and v lines between each word that comes out of your mouth next. “Shut. The. Hell. Up. Cuz. I. Love. It.” By now, he’s given up trying to remove your head from where it keeps moving in every which way across his torso, and simply sits there with the faintest blush on his cheeks and a small fond smile. You conclude your swift kisses, switching gears to instead run your tongue along the seam of where his sweatpants hang impossibly low on his hips at this point. 
Making a show of coming back up to meet his face, you look up through your lashes as you move in to whisper into the shell of his ear. “Gotta conserve energy so you can fuck me real nice next week, right?”, you purr. 
His pupils suddenly blow wide, fingers dig into the dips of your hips, and he practically snarls, gaining some of his confidence back once more. “Oh, don’t bite off more than you can chew there baby. Be careful or else you might have to sacrifice your week of pre rut downtime.” 
You start untangling yourself from his limbs, standing up to start walking  towards the kitchen, but not without throwing a remark back at him. “Right. So, want me to whip up some of that chicken and rice you asked for now?”  A smirk crosses your face when you hear the growl that erupts from the neighboring room at that. 
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starving4content · 4 months ago
Anyways, goodnight to my fellow tsukihina shippers who are starving for content ♡︎
The rest of you, goodnight ig :/
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bubmyg · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
goodnight to yoonkook the rest of u have a mediocrely wonderful night ig
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abiik · 10 months ago
the thing tho, about neutral jing, is that u cant control people around u. the idea is to wait for ur opponent to come to u. so when applied to the idea of chae yoon and tae gu, she did everything she could, she stepped where she knew she needed to step when she needed to step. but tae gu still made the decision to step further, to escalate the situation, to aggravate it; he evaded her help, and there was nothing chae yoon could have done to get him to come to her bc he had already decided. she had already done everything she could have done on the path she'd taken leading up to that moment. there was nothing more she could do but to stay true to what she'd promised him and hyun ju. i– [clenches fist]
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yumekosjabami · 11 months ago
before I go to sleep I make sure to watch that scene where historia is on her way to punch levi with everyone hyping her up and then after actually punching levi freaking ackerman she is all excited only to be shocked to see levi smile thanking all of them
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iicyhott · a year ago
if i am being completely honest, coming back on tumblr, was a choice that i made for the betterment of my wellbeing. i told myself that i was going to make content to bring entertainment to others and to enjoy myself. but even though its been 48 hours, it feels like a chore. my FAVORITE show, the thing that brought me joy in my darkest days, is starting to feel like an empty abyss. and i hate this feeling. im guessing i got caught up in the hype and forgot why i was doing this. hell, one of my shitposts got ARTWORK, and thats showing me that this does bring joy to my heart. with other factors going on in my life (family, school, friends) this is starting to feel like another thing i have to put on a neutral face for. BUT for the sake of making other people smile i think ill put up with it. what im attempting to say is: thank you for making me happy. thank you for making me wanting to try harder.
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cunningninja · a year ago
varian: it’s always the dumbasses who get ‘chosen’
randy who wishes he was never ‘chosen’ to be the ninja: that kinda hurted
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bittersweetmorality · 2 days ago
hi !! may i please get some cockwarming atsushi nakajima fic/drabble/hcs which ever you are most comfortable with writing!! there are not enough smut about him and i am dying of hornee („• ֊ •„)
HELLO I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE . i will pay you to send in more atsushi reqs </3 i beg </3 he’s my favorite from the show and i agree that his entire nsfw tag is so criminally dry :’)) ANYWAY IM GUNNA KISS U THANK YOU
also hi !! i back :p thank you for sticking around after my mini break ^_^ i love you and i'm so glad to be able to write for you !!! and i hope your day is amazing and i hope you enjoy these shameless self indulgent headcannons :pp
Tumblr media
cockwarming with nakajima atsushi (+ drabble)
Tumblr media
☾ genre: smut, 18+
☾ pairing: nakajima atusushi x gn!reader
☾ warnings: sub!atsushi, cockwarming lol, soft seggs, dom!sub dynamics, mentions of pet play but just a mention, mentions of a lot of other things ??, lots of pet names for atsushi :p, teasing, dacryphilia ??? sorta ?????? kinda ?????
☾ w/c: 890 words <3
Tumblr media
☾ he’s always been so sensitive, so being inside you without being able to move, you clenching down on him, teasing him, caressing his body...
☾ as much as you insist on calling it punishment, oh, he never thinks of it like that
☾ he adores it
☾ ofc you know that, but who are you to deny him that pleasure :p
☾ but telling him that if he came while you were punishing him with cockwarming, saying that it’ll be the last time he does for the rest of the week
☾ oh he loves that
☾ because he's a little bottom bitch <3 we love to see it
☾ ALSO!!!!
☾ always praise him.......... the WHOLE entire time
☾ tell him he’s doing so good for you, that he just has to hold on for a little bit longer, that he’s such a good boy, that he’ll get the reward he earned...
☾ usually he isn’t that vocal during sex, only small mewls and whimpers
☾ but when he’s being cockwarmed.... lord have mercy
☾ he’s so loud
☾ high pitched mewls, his voice breaking every time he attempts to whimper or moan or respond to you
☾ his eyes are always screwed shut, head thrown back against the pillow, hands gripping the sheets below him until his knuckles were white, and his mouth agape in a silent scream
☾ cockwarming is definitely one of his favorites, although not his #1
☾ (heehee his #1 is pet play and i won't take criticism he literally morphs into a tiger hello)
☾ but he never needs much convincing at all when you suggest it
☾ he's so game
☾ even if it’s during movie night with the two of you
☾ don’t hesitate to plop right down on his lap and get him all hot and bothered before suggesting
☾ although the can almost predict it at this point— the moment you shift in the seat next to him on the couch— oh boy...... he knows what’s coming
☾ he doesn’t really like cockwarming in the agency or in public at all
☾ he’s too scared of getting caught for that
☾ if kunikida saw that 😐. he’d die of embarrassment.
☾ or god forbid dazai
☾ he wouldn’t enjoy it overall,,,,, too terrified to even be aroused in that situation
☾ but anyway back to vocal atsushi
☾ because no one is really paying any attention to moving and being precise in said movements, he just likes you to look down at him and caress his cheek
☾ just paying attention on solely him
☾ obviously as a kid he wasn’t given any care... like at all
☾ and he’ll never admit it, but he adores it when you just look at him with eyes full of love
☾ it’s easy to show him a lot of care and attention at that point so
☾ atsushi is not very dominant as it is, so he doesn't need any sort of physical restraints-- and honestly, i hc that he doesn't really like them
☾ but pin his wrists above or beside his head while addressing him... sheesh
☾ he'll listen to everything you command him to do
☾ he also cries sometimes during sex, whether it be the overwhelming emotions, or the sheer amount of pleasure he’s feeling
☾ or even just because of how much he loves you and how much he appreciates you loving him too
☾ so it’s very common for him to cry during cockwarming
☾ he also does NOT mind teasing-- he loves it
☾ when he isn't listening to you, give him a teasing roll of your hips
☾ i guarantee he will listen to you instantly <3
☾ now because i can't express how much he truly loves teasing with cockwarming in headcannon format, please enjoy this drabble <3
Tumblr media
“how are you feeling, baby?” you coo, leaning down to gently stroke away a stray tear that fell across his cheek.
“s-so good...” he whimpered in response, but the way he shuddered and bit his lip showed the evidence of his restraint.
you took notice with a sly raise of your eyebrow, “so good, hm?”
“yes- i- hahhh...” he sighed and his eyes screwed shut with force when you rocked your hips, clenching around him tightly.
“then why can’t i hear you, daring?” you leaned down once again and nipped softly at his earlobe. you reveled in the way his body responded to your warm breath fanning on that sensitive skin.
oh, he was always so sensitive.
"baby, don't you know that good boys get their rewards, don't you?" whispered, and made sure you stayed adjacent to his ear.
"and what to bad boys get?"
he looked up at you, doe-eyed and completely undone, "a punishment..."
"that's right, angel, and what are you?"
"a good boy..."
you bit his ear again, harshly this time as you spoke, "whose good boy?"
"yours! only yours...!" he whimpered out, almost thrashing under you, but restrained himself upon remembering his instructions.
"that's right~" you croon, tantalizing tilt present, "and you're doing so good, baby. i always knew you were my good boy... only mine."
Tumblr media
BSD masterlist <3
Tumblr media
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lovelysanityfalls · 2 days ago
L.J | Relationship Headcanons
There is only a GN vers. of this, i didn’t feel like rewriting it fdkflw
Me and @bugthegremlin were on the phone and they told me to write this so credits to him!
Taglist- @nuttybeardetective​
Tumblr media
1. Larry and you definitely were friends before you dated, and Larry was definitely always very flirty with you, that led to you catching feelings for him and vise versa.
2. Larry asked you to hang out and you didn't realize it was anything until he tried to kiss you when you left. Of course you let him, you were head over heels for the guy.
3. Then since the kiss you two had pretty much been dating without a label.
4. Finally you got fed up with not having a label so you asked him to be your boyfriend and he agreed of course.
5. Smoking together a lot.
6. High sex >>>>>>
7. Hanging out with the entire gang! You didn't even really have separate friends.
8. When the two of you are 18, the both of you move in together.
9. Neither of you really want kids but cats on the other hand?
10. So many cats.
11. Like five cats.
12. You want more though.
13. Constant cuddles.
14. The cuddles don't stop.
15. And oh my god don't get me started on aftercare with this bitch.
16. After sex he brings you to the bathroom and you two shower or take a bath together, im certain you wash each other's hair.
17. Then you go back to the bed and cuddle before sleeping in each other's arms
18. Just the thought of that>>>
20. Okay so imagine having dinner every night, and one day a week, Todd, Ashly, Neil, and Sal all come over for dinner.
21. (-and if any of them ever have kids they bring their kids)
23. You two are probably really responsible despite smoking all the time.
24. Like yeah you two ARE stoners, but your responsible stoners.
25. Anyways yeah Larry is the best boyfriend prove me wrong ya can't
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googoojeu · 6 days ago
strawberry || yang jungwon x gn!reader
genre: pure fluff
a/n: im in my jungwon feels rn, sorry sunoo 😩
— :: lowercase intended !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
as the hazy orange, purple and pink colors of the sky illuminates your room as the sun sets, you look over at your best friend, jungwon, who was busy reassembling your old lego set from your kid years. you softly chuckle as he sticks his tongue out, a sign that he's focused on something, while you admire his features that was glowing at this hour. "what do you want?", he squeaks, finally pulling a red piece out. "do you know how much i love you, won?". well crap, a lego piece he was trying to pull out snaps and hits his eyes. you chuckled and made your way to him and delicately craddle his face on your hands. he searches your eyes for something, aren't you nervous? cause he is. his hands are trembling, his lips are quivering. oh (name), what are you doing to him? "are you okay won?" the way his name rolls out of your mouth, this moment right now, he doesn't want it to end. "can i kiss you?" your eyes widen at his request and before you can reply, you can feel as his soft lips crash against yours and you can taste the strawberry chapstick you lent him awhile ago. "strawberries," he whispers as he pulled away, "go out with me please," he manages to say as the once orange sky turn to black, signalling for him to go home. you smile, "yeah, see you tomorrow wonnie." yeah, he likes the way his name rolls out of your mouth.
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raggedy-dxctor · 6 days ago
fluff headcannons for Tony Stark
a/n: ha wdym im taking the grieving process badly by writing too msnt4fics in a row dedicated to him? IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS AND IM NOT OVER HIM SHUT UP
pairing: tony stark x gn!reader
this bitch gives the best hugs ever
also gives the cutest kisses
knows how to cheer you up everytime, whether it's a simple smile or a sentimental gift, he always knows the perfect solution
you know the dancing in the rain clichés? yeah. he loves doing that with you
always there for you, whether you need a shoulder to cry or just a distraction, he's always there
definitely made you your own suit to ensure your safety at all times
speaking of suits, he probably takes you out on midnight trips in them, imagine cold nights soaring through the skies of new york with him by your side at all times
writes you lil love notes all the time, either in the form of poems or just straight up letters
it amazes you how every time he manages to find another way to express his love for you
the absolute best at respecting your boundaries. don't wanna be thrown into the public eye? understood, he'll take extra measures to protrct your identity as his partner. he'll never push you to do anything you don't wanna do
marriage is an example of this, he would love to get married and have kids, but if you're not ready then he'll wait until the end of time until you are
and if you don't wanna have kids or get married that's totally fine by him to, as lomg as you promise to stick by his side he doesn't care
even questions from the paparazzi about marriage and kids are banned
massive flirt, but in a playful way
"hey miss, come here often?" "tony, this is our house..."
"hey, you got a husband/boyfriend?" "tony we've been married/together for five years..." (choose which one fits, depending on if you wanna get married or not)
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