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lunali-moon · 18 hours ago
Okay, I'm going to drop it all or nothing and either I'm right or I'm wrong. I think I can roughly predict which path the nandermo arc will take. It seems to me that all the released episodes slowly led to the scattering of Nandor's feelings (whether openly in front of Guillermo or just as feelings visible only to the audience). I heard that episode 9 is called "Freddie" and something tells me that something big is going to happen in this episode. This episode already seems important to me, given that this is the penultimate episode of the season and they are very fond of cliffhangers. I think they're going to end the season with a lot of awkwardness and/or drama between Nandor and Guillermo. No matter if it's because Nandor and Guillermo will break loose and do something they won't acknowledge, as many say, the last episode is called "Memories" (in one of the first episodes, we were hinted that the connection of a vampire with a vampire hunter seals the memories of a vampire and I don't think it's just that), but who knows, maybe it's just because Nandor will yearn for Guillermo and reminisce about their times together, but they're going to be left with a metaphorical elephant in the room. And in season 5 they already (after the drama, of course) finally, tired of running from each other, will talk and get together. Maybe that's why we were told that there will be no canon nandermo in the series yet (well, or we were just gaslighted), but I very much doubt that the nandermo will become a couple this season, there are too few episodes left, and they love drama, despite the fact that this is a comedy. I said everything.
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sunnypogue · a day ago
i am going to eat mick schumacher that’s on god
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juliettemygf · 2 days ago
i just had woken up to read sobh’s update and was so sleepy i thought the guy was james and not ty, i found out it was him until i saw other people get excited
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bloodystab · 3 months ago
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yelenadelova · 8 months ago
The fact that MJ is still wearing the broken black dahlia necklace even after forgetting Peter but she won’t remember why she’s wearing it, I-
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tizzymcwizzy · a month ago
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guess what part i just got to in adventure time....
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devils-lover-always · 2 months ago
I don't think you understand or know how hard it is for me not to message you
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nattaphum · 25 days ago
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Can’t believe people got to see this LIVE!!!!!
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loud-whistling-yes · 26 days ago
And for a split second she was the winner. And for a split second she was alone. And for a split second he left so she could stay. And for a split second she forgave him. She forgave him after all.
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ieroism · a month ago
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`I am the master of the wicket.´
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darkverrmin · 2 months ago
Stede expects all kind of reactions from Ed when he sees him again - cursing, hitting, stabbing, throwing him overboard. He promises himself to take it all like a man.
When he does meet Ed again, he looks furious. But he lowers his sword and just stares at Stede for a long minute.
And then he says in a quiet voice - "I don't get it, man. I kissed you. You kissed me back. And then you just left. Why? Was I not good enough for you?" And there are unshed tears in the corners of his eyes.
And Stede wishes that he would just punch him or throw him overboard instead, because seeing Ed like this is one of the most painful things he'd ever experienced in his life.
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chloe-bear · 8 months ago
I am the one who needs you.
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Ngl wanting to be held like this..
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iftheycouldseeusnow · 2 months ago
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originaldouble · 4 months ago
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i'm going to jump off a building
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jaekaicx · 8 months ago
can we talk abt how much of an impact marcy left in newtopia
they talked about christmas so much that they put up whole decorations throughout the castle to celebrate. and triple b all dressed up in elf costumes and gift wrapped andrias a christmas present.
ALSO!! the way the drone and goggle headset was ABSOLUTELY INSPIRED BY MARCYS RANTS ABOUT VIRTUAL REALITY AND DRONES FROM EARTH. i mean come on that was literally a vr headset. and the controller was literally ripped off of a playstation controller. people actually cared enough to listen to marcy
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peachy-nose · a month ago
the sadistic little smirk that appears after vader says “you didnt kill anakin skywalker... i did”. i am unwell. there’s not a single person in the entire galaxy as conflicted and in pain as vader is. both physical and emotional. he so freely admits that he’s the one that killed anakin, as if he’s proud of it, as if he didn’t want kenobi to take the credit. i am chewing glass because this is the central part of vader’s character. this is what makes vader the epitome of self-destruction and incredible self-awareness used for wrong purposes. he knows what’s he done. he revisits the memories of what he’s done. he revisits happy memories to feel the pain of not having that anymore. he is violence and pain and he has carefully crafted the monster he has become and he won’t let anyone take credit for it, not when he hates himself so much that hate spills from him, threatening to drown anyone that’s in his way because god knows he’s already drowned in it years ago. he’s in so much pain and he almost takes pleasure from it, because there is no one in the entire galaxy that he hates more than himself. and yet. he spares obi-wan the guilt of carrying anakin’s death on his shoulders because as much as vader denies it, he’s still anakin. and anakin wouldn’t want obi-wan to carry the guilt of something he hadn’t done, especially if it was vader who did it, proudly, because he sees anakin as a weakness that took everything away from him. god...this man... i am unwell
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devils-lover-always · 3 months ago
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