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#wilbur soot fanart
retroosquared · 7 days ago
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youve been dead for thirteen years and you came back a little bit wrong now what
[ID: One page introspective comic of Wilbur Soot ft. Ranboo. There is a drawing of Ranboo smiling sheepishly in the top right, a panel in the middle of Wilbur looking down and to the side at a Windows XP error message which reads, “ARE YOU ALIVE?” With the two buttons being “YES” and “NO.” There are three broken hearts floating by him. At the bottom right, there is Wilbur again in profile with his hair obscuring his eyes; he is smoking a cigarette. There is text in the image that reads as follows:
“He says, ‘I don’t think you’re a bad person!’ Which is funny for two reasons: 1. It necessitates you be a person first. 2. It’s a fucking lie.” There is also light cracks in the dark background. End ID.]
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moldyhay · 15 days ago
Wanted to try visualizing how I think shapeshifter Quackity would switch forms so I sketched this out :D
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