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#let them be happy ffs

Just thinking about how Sander tried so fucking hard to keep it together last night because he was so scared of Robbe leaving him, or not loving him for who he is, and how Robbe was so desperate to get to him, but Britt stopped him, and now believes it was all a lie, that Sander never loved him.


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MALEC FIRST DATE OMG I CANT. Awkward Alec! Im so here for that 馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵馃檵


But… But think about it!

Izzy helping Alec with his outfit (”I’m not that useless, Izzy. I can choose a shirt.” “Your t-shirt doesn’t match your pants, shut up Alec!”)

Alec running into Lydia on his way out and Lydia being all “you better not have left me in the altar to fuck this up”. Alec nodding and mumbling a promise while rolling his eyes (which doesn’t help to hide his smile). He barely manages to avoid Maryse by ducking behind a wall and tiptoes the rest of the way out, feeling like a big idiot.

They meet at that Ethiopian restaurant Magnus knows and it’s really awkward cause they’re both nervous about this thing because they don’t want to fuck it up but that’s exactly the reason why they’re fucking it up (I love those two idiots).

At one point, Magnus starts rambling about his travels because he’s desperate to talk about something that isn’t how tasty the food is or the weather or random reports on the Shadow world, and he has all these amazing anecdotes and random facts and all and they end up so caught up in that conversation that their food gets cold.

In exchange, Alec tells him about his family, Max’ shenanigans in Idris and him being so proud of how smart Izzy is and how worried he is about Jace disappearing with Valentine. And even when the conversation gets heavier, Magnus manages to put a smile on his face with his wit. Alec laughs a few times. Like, full laugh, head thrown back, hand over his stomach and all. (I just need Alec to laugh, okay? And it’s bonus point if Magnus is the one making him laugh. Sue me)

When Magnus reaches out to take his hand half-way through a story of how Izzy “accidentally” broke Jace’s nose once, Alec lets him and he even intertwines their fingers together because it feels both private and at the same time bold.

So, they both think it’s not going too bad after all but as soon as they get out of the restaurant…

Their date is being crashed by demons because obviously they can’t have a quiet night to themselves. They end up with dusty ripped clothes and even though it’s kind of a disaster, they decide to have one last drink at Magnus’ place because, indeed, Alec didn’t stop his wedding and Magnus didn’t put his heart on the line for them to give up because of one lousy date.

They get there. They have a drink. Maryse doesn’t call to interrupt (seriously, fuck off Maryse). They move closer to each other, slowly, progressively through the conversation… And then… THEN… WHAT HAPPENS THEN? I’LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS. SECOND KISS.



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A thread with Valen: I love you but I was reckless so I could have killed you

A thread with Casavir: I love you but I was reckless so you could have been killed because of me

A thread with Sand: I love you but I was reckless so I’m going to be killed lol bye

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