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#m'baku x oc

Warnings: Slow burn 

Word Count: 10,079

Pairing: M’Baku x Original Character

M'Baku’s hands painfully clutched the sides of the window, half of its shattered glass scattered around his feet. His eyes were transfixed on the path of smoke slowly dissipating into nothing like he was hypnotized, as if his intense stares alone could bring the woman who flew out the window moments prior back to him. Every second that passed and every mile she traveled farther away from home and him, his frustration and rage at the people left behind grew. It only took moments, barely enough time for the group to catch their breath and truly process everything that transpired, for his rage to boil over. 

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PAIRING: Abraham + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: A UCLA psychology professor takes on a dangerously aggressive tethered as a special case-study, moving him into her home and molding him into what appears to be the perfect man. After her feelings begin to expand beyond the work, she doubts if he could ever truly reciprocate her affections.

WARNINGS: Language

WORD COUNT: ~ 2,200

A/N: Guess who’s back on her bullshit? 😎(It’s me)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: ACT 1 | ACT 2 | ACT 3 | ACT 4 | ACT 5 | ACT 6 | Thanksgiving Interlude





After Thanksgiving, you quickly realized your cousin Gerald wasn’t the only one that had an issue with you taking care of Abraham. Subliminal rants popped up on Facebook and anti-tethered Twitter threads and YouTube videos were forwarded to your email. That was enough to make you lose your holiday spirit. So, in lieu of further family celebrations, you opted to make a private dinner for Christmas. Abraham liked the members of your family that liked him but he didn’t mind spending time with you alone.

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Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

M’baku x Black Reader
: M’baku is a man of many talents, but finding a wife is not one of them. He has run the Jabari Tribe for two years without a Chieftess at his side. But what happens when he suddenly falls ill and has to meet the traditions of producing a rightful heir to the tribe? He begins his search for a bride in hopes to marry for love and not for traditions.
A/N: It’s a little short, but I felt like it was a good place to stop and  I decided to add a little magic power to this. You will see it as you read on through the chapters.

Character Board

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mcu character “Great Gorilla” M’Baku
pairing M’Baku x black!OC
format blurb
warning mainly fluff with a small hint of angst but nothing to be worried about because we already know M’Baku and Isioma are a couple going strong against all odds <3
word count 5.2k

prompt #WithLoveFromWakanda prompt “I’m warning you, nothing too sappy.”

+++ This is the second birthday blurb gift for @sarcastic-sunshines I still owed her. Months overdue, lol, no surprise really, but I’d like to give her a little big shoutout because Sweet Pea, you’re one of the loveliest person I’ve ever met in my life! You let me wallow in my sadness while writing this, giving me advice and a laugh to get this story done in time. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoy it most because this one is dedicated to your kind heart.



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Part 3 of Closer to Heaven (Star Bound): Nothing Good Can Come from This (Nothing)

Pairing: M’Baku x OC

Length: 1.4k + words

Warning: none.


Previously on CTH:

“In the midst of lies resides a truth caught in darkness. There even the light dares not venture.”

She spoke those words so quietly that Mosí barely caught them.

To M’Baku, they echoed in his mind, as though they had been whispered into his own ears. Eyes trained on her lips for quite some time, the Jabari chief could not find the strength to tear his eyes away from the blood drying on the corner of her mouth.

She was taunting him.

She was beckoning him.

He remained in the shadows.

I N A N I S 

The woman gasped inaudibly as she felt her grip on him falter ever so slowly.

The moment passed and yet the three remained incredibly still, the corners of the woman’s lips raising ever so slightly being the only movement perceived.

“I am on a journey.”

“What is your destination?” Mosí asked as quickly as the woman had benevolently disclosed information. If the woman was in a sharing mood, the war chief would surely exploit it.

“Wakanda, the Golden City.”


“What is the goal of this journey?”

“I have crucial information that needs to reach the King of Wakanda.”


The woman had learned long ago that there was no such thing as objective truth or objective lie.  Neither was there such a thing as black and white, simply nuances of grey.


“And what of this information?”

“Now if I were to tell you, what would be the purpose of my arduous adventure?”

The woman saw annoyance flash through the war chief’s eyes and so it was with a small sense of satisfaction that she let her eyes wander once more.

“It would be best for the sake of your wellbeing that you impart all knowledge concerning any threat to the kingdom of Wakanda. I assure you that such information will be guarded and if need be, relayed to the King.”

And send you back to where you came from with little to no supplies, disgraced and worst of all, empty handed.

The woman snorted, while his words were carefully weighted, the man before her was a transparent as the window she knew was above her: marred, dusty, but clear nonetheless.

A feeling of desperation seized her. Time, it was of the essence, yet the woman knew she was in no condition to travel, her side was throbbing and her head probably concussed, she could no longer afford to play games, no matter how entertaining they might be.

Straightening her back as much as her wounds enabled her to and lifting her head up proudly, as her grandmother had once taught her, the woman let it be known that she was not one to be duped.

“My name is Amalah Ibute and I demand to speak to your leader.”

Mosí’s eyes narrowed as Amalah kept her head held high under his gaze. She was in no position to make demands and yet here she was doing just that. The warrior in Mosí applauded such bravery all the while frowning upon such stupidity.

This woman had entered Jabari land and whether she knew it or not, she would not leave unscathed.

“Rest assured that you are not in the presence of a mere warrior,” started Mosí only to be cut off abruptly by Amalah herself.

“Will you remain hidden in the shadows?” she called out, it was clear she was not addressing the man she had just interrupted. 

“The Great Gorilla, M’Baku, forgotten and brooding in a corner! With the larger-than-life persona you are given in the tales whispered amongst all tribes, coward is not the first word I would use to describe you, and yet here we are,” Amalah sneered.

A feeling of dread washed over Mosí as his childhood friend and now tribe leader made his way out from where he had casually been observing the woman. M’Baku had grown a great deal along the years, however, his friend knew that when taunted just right, the Jabari chief could be found merciless.

It was therefore with great surprise that Mosí only found a small frown gracing M’Baku’s now moonlit face.

“Leave us.”

Those two words were roughly thrown and so it took the war chief a second to realize that they had been directed to him.

The only thing saving Mosí from drowning in the feeling of embarrassment that threatened to wash over him at this abrupt dismissal was the small crack in Amalah’s armor, the look a fear that quickly appeared on her face only to disappear as he turned his back to her and made his way out of the cell.

He would wait patiently to be briefed by M’Baku later. Mosí could not afford to be troubled by this woman any longer for there was a tribe to help run as well as a warrior to thoroughly punish.


“Amalah Ibute”

M’Baku played with the feeling of her name on his tongue, like wine needing to be savored and tasted with the most peculiar attention.

It was a pleasant taste indeed.

“They are coming.”

Those three words stripped any feeling of amusement from M’Baku whose eyes narrowed at Amalah’s ominous words.

Who is coming?”

“They came. For my home, for my boy and for all I’ve built. It’s only a matter of time before they come for you, your home and the tribe you’ve built.”

That was all, Amalah said to herself. She had already said too much but she hoped that the man before her would not take her words lightly, enough so that he would grant her safe voyage to her destination.

M’Baku grunted. He disliked how each word she uttered echoed in his ear by the cold that had begun to wrap itself tighter and tighter around him. He disliked the way it seemed to run from her, leaving his body constricted. He disliked how she spoke with her eyes piercing into his, unabashedly and without fear.

Maybe not without fear, no. Maybe it was the look of a woman who did not have anything to lose, a woman from which everything had already been taken.  

“I need more,” he replied after giving Amalah a second to clarify her cryptic statement.

“There is no more for me to give, lest you dispose of me and I fail the one who awaits my arrival”

Trust me.

That is what she was truly telling him.

M’Baku almost scoffed until he was stopped by the sound of the strident wind slapping against that small window of the cell, its hold on him got tighter until his breath hitched.

Damn them. Damn her. Damn the cold and the wind. Damn the voices screeching and whispering in his ear, telling him to pull and telling him to push, telling him she would be the one to tear down all he had built all the while saving him from his own ruin.

“It’s the voice that whispers that guides. The others only serve as a distraction.”

His sharp gaze fell from the window down to the woman as her words brought him confusion and shock.

This time, her eyes were set on the ground, not even sparing M’Baku a glance.

“It is not the first time I am in the midst of one that they have chosen,” Amalah trailed off, “No it is not.

M’Baku took it back.

Damn her only. Damn her.

Mosí was going to have his throat.


Amalah is ordered to wait for further instruction as a guard guides her back to what will now become her ‘room’.

She revels in the room’s warmth and yet, at the same time finds that same warmth suffocating. Laying down for some well-deserved rest, the woman cannot help but long for a breeze, one that had tickled the nape of her neck as M’Baku led her outside that wretched cell. 

Maybe. Amalah maybe finds herself missing his breeze. Maybe it wasn’t even his to begin with, but a memory of her boy and the beach and the wind or the cold and the wind and the snow that had clawed at her exposed skin during her journey to the Jabari lands.



What the Jabari warriors lacked in tact they compensated for in valor and strength. What they lacked however, they lacked nonetheless.

Word had therefore spread like wildfire into the very depths of the tribe and into the very depths of the haram: news of a mgeni alongside news of possible danger.

The rumors had started swirling amongst the chosen seven women, the ones who were to closest to the Great Gorilla.

Each rumor grew more and more outrageous until all were filled with an anger that boiled and burned everything in its path.

Talk of a stranger infiltrating their midst, their kingdom, and their tribe?

Scary, yet acceptable.

A woman sneaking her way into their man’s bed?

Unprecedented and simply abhorring.

Where naïve and superficial fear had, at first, been in the hearts of the group of vivacious young women, tongues of vipers had risen when news of a succubus came to light.

A power-hungry seductress is what one had heard while another was told tales of a cunning whore who had corrupted and skewed the tribe leader’s mind enough to gain a room, medical attention, and most importantly M’Baku’s favor.

War was brewing on all sides.

The question was, who would strike first?


A/N: I apologize for the delay y’all. To be quite honest, fear has been holding me back. Fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurity, but damn will I be if I stop writing, mark my words.


Tag list: @elaindeereads @myrikal324 @muse-of-mbaku @drsunshine97@mslaufeyson @theunsweetenedtruth @ultracrii @bidibidibombaclaat @hotthrow @bidibidibombaclaat @lesqui

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(M’Baku x Black!OC)

Word Count: 1.9k

Part 1

A/N:This is a continuation of my Day 24 Fictober prompt.  I recommend going back to that if you want to enjoy this fully!  This will be a short little series, probably five chapters or less.  Let’s just see how it goes!

When Gina trotted backstage, wiping her brow elated, her friend Chandra was beaming at her.

“Ok!  We got a full session tonight!  Good job!”  

They shared a high five as she primped her makeup.  “Yeah, and the funny thing is, it was a guy I knew actually.”

Chandra stared at Gina suspiciously.  “Uh-huh, is he gonna be a problem or…”

Gina waves her off.  “No!  At least I don’t think so, I just met him today anyway.”

Chandra scoffs.  “If this don’t sound like some stalker shit, then I don’t know what is!  You meet a guy and a few hours after that he is showing up at your job?”

Gina takes a sip of water, rolling her eyes.  “It’s not like that!  Listen, let me do my rounds out here really quick and I’ll tell you all about it, ok?”

Gina got herself ready to serve patrons out in the lobby drinks and snacks as they played pool and lounged before and after a show.  She could here the raucous crowd as she began to step from behind the curtains of the dressing room and it was a boisterous crowd indeed.  A bunch of well dressed and rowdy Black men scattered about the room with cigars talk to one another in pockets of conversation.  Before Gina could make her way to the bar area, she saw him.  

He was standing by a chair, bent over talking to a friend sitting down who seemed to have had more than he could handle.  Gina scurried back to the other side of the curtain, running into Chandra, heart threatening to pop right out of her chest.

“Damn, Gina!  What the hell is going on?”  She exclaims.

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It’s Cold


Part 1 of 1: It’s Cold

Pairing: M’Baku x OC/Reader/She?

Length: 600 words

Warning: none.

Summary: A little drabble about M’Baku and She having a lover’s quarrel because I absolutely don’t have an entire series waiting to be updated and can afford to daydream 🙄!

They weren’t speaking.

An insignificant fight about something the pair wouldn’t remember days from now had rendered them lonely, bitter and hurt.

She knew it was petty, the object of the quarrel had not been the cause of her silence. It had been the words he had uttered as tensions had risen high enough to drown them both.

He didn’t mean it.

Even though the thought had crossed her mind, she had said some things back too. Words that were spite filled, words meant to hurt and pierce in the places that would pain him most.

A woman scorned is a woman to fear. She had dug a little too deep, had clawed at his deepest insecurities; secrets he had whispered in her ears during those late nights they couldn’t sleep, and the wind was quiet, and the snow fell ever so slowly, and their hearts were heavy, and she held him tight as he held her back.

He had stormed off before she could truly see the hurt in his eyes, before the tears in her eyes fell upon her cheeks.

The anger that had torn her apart to the point of eruption vanished and she was left alone.

He had hurt her too.

She knew he didn’t mean it. She knew how frustrated he got when they raised their voices at each other. She had tough skin, she wasn’t new to this, she knew him, she knew how he never crossed the line.

She hadn’t meant it.

He had tough skin, he was far from new to this, she thought he might know her, truly and honestly know her, she had crossed the line. She feared he didn’t know she didn’t mean it.

Silence reigned alongside pride until he didn’t come to their chambers that same evening . Worry and fear replaced the anger that had lingered.

She waited for him, on the side of the bed, her peach nightgown being the only soft thing bringing her comfort. She yearned to be in his arms like the night he had pooled himself into her and looked at her as though she was the only woman his eyes would fall upon.

When the clock struck midnight she went to search for him. Through the palace halls, around the armoury, and in his throne room.

She fell upon his crouched form in their gardens. It was too cold for her to be out without anything to keep her warm, yet her bare feet stepped into the snow.

He felt her there, her soft breathes and soft steps made him stiffen where he stood.

“Come to bed.”

He stayed where he was, knowing that if he turned to even glance at her he would fall back under her spell.

“You hurt me.”

She had knelt beside him, nightgown dampened by the snow her knees rested on.

“You hurt me, too.”

She grabbed his hands, they were as cold as hers.

“I’m sorry,” the words that had been stuck in her throat were finally uttered, “forgive me?”


“M’Baku- “

“I know you. You hurt me, but I know you and I know you didn’t mean it and I forgave you the moment I left your side.”


“I’m sorry as well.”

The wind picked up as the snow that had settled on the ground swirled around the pair.

There was a moment of silence, this time it was comforting.

“I’m cold,” she whispered

“Let’s go to bed.”

“You love me still?”

A small smile had made its way unto M’Baku’s face as he led his wife back to the warmth of their chambers.


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*PART 1*

Part 2 of 3: Yours and Yours Alone

Pairing: M’Baku x Reader

Length: 2.k + words

Warning: none.

A/N: Another one shot in my tripartite Hurt!M’Baku mini-series because I get off on hurting our favourite thicc daddy. This is not related to the first part, just think of this as M’Baku in another life - it seems he has no luck in the love department. 


It had been all been T’Challa’s idea.

It had all been T’Challa’s fault.

Along with opening Wakanda to the world, T’Challa had decided to pursue yet another initiative: fortify the African continent as a whole starting with creating socioeconomic alliances with the neighbouring countries of Wakanda.

M’Baku, having become somewhat of T’Challa’s right hand man, was declared leader of such an initiative that opened the Jabari lands to outsiders that were soon to become allies.

The head of five African countries and M’Baku met religiously to discuss, debate, concede and argue in the hopes of getting the alliance treaty signed by all members of the conclave.

The first time the six leaders all met, M’Baku gauged each of them, confident that all would go smoothly, that is before his eyes fell on her.

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Fated Instinct Chapter 13: Relax. Breathe. And Jab.


Summary: Sequel to Cabin in the Snow. Akari finds herself in a predicament after an accidental overnight stay in a cabin grants her the title of fiance to the chieftain-to-be M’Baku himself.

Author’s Note: This chapter is a tad longer than the last, usually I’d split them up into two chapters but it just seemed too abrupt to divide it mid-scene. An important note is that a lot of times I will reference things from Cabin in the snow so I do recommend reading it, just or context of things like in the previous chapter. 

Warning: Get’s a little frisky

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11Chapter 12, Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19Chapter 19(2)Chapter 20Chapter 20(2),  Chapter 21 Chapter 22Chapter 23Chapter 24

M’Baku x Akari (OC)

M’Baku watched as Akari and N’Ceba left the room thankfully unscathed, unbloodied, and surprisingly, not hateful. Runi had propped herself up on a chair against the wall watching the small switchblade twirl in her hands, while Kwhezi had long since excused himself. Each of them had a content, mutual understanding in their eyes, but hidden under their smiles he could see a serious resolve. He knew both women well enough to know there was something between them now, something that he wasn’t privy to. But for now he decided not to push it, content enough that they were both on civil terms.

Runi hopped off her chair and watched as N’Ceba left with her minions, peering at her perky backside. “Sooo we ain’t tag-teaming her ass?”

Akari laughed. “Nope, or at least not yet.” Akari knew that if even a morsel of what N’Ceba said was true, then that meant she needed to be on her guard, and that N’Ceba herself may be the least of her worries. It seems that some for her previous fears about this engagement were not entirely unfounded, and she knew that she would have to look into it more. She sighed before turning to her best friend. “You finished for the day?”

Runi shrugged. “You know it.”

“Sweet, I might head back home before going in early. I’ll see you tonight for the session?”

“As if I’d miss an opportunity to whoop Zahkele’s ass.” Runi grinned mischievously as she walked away, leaving Akari with a very apprehensive M’Baku. “Anything I can help with Kari?”

Akari sighed. “Trust me, after the talk I just had? All I need to go do is relax. I’ll probably head to the training centre early tonight, it is Tuesday after all.” M’Baku quirked his head to the side, and Akari endeavoured to elaborate. “Every Tuesday me and my family head to the training centre together to let off steam, to de-stress, and just spend time together as a family.” Akari smiled, before biting her lip and eyeing M’Baku’s curious look. “Would you like to come along?”

“Sure, why not?” M’Baku grinned.


Relax, she said.

THWACK! Zahkele threw a spear at his target, managing to pierce the board itself and the board behind it.

De-stress, she said.

Kaia spindled up the training ropy like a spider to its thread, proceeding to hang upside down from her rope with her dagger in her mouth.

Spending quality time as a family she said.

Watching M’Baku with his mouth open at the spectacle around him, Zahkele decided to offer the newbie a bone. “Baku, c’mere. Lemme give you some advice.” Zahkele gestured, pulling M’Baku into his armpit so he could whisper in his ear. “Look. Here me when I say, you can’t be pulling your punches here. You gotta go full strength no matter who you’re up against, because they’ll do the same to you. And, maybe, just maybe.” Zahkele chuckled as he backed away. “You’ll survive.”

The intensity in the room was unreal. Eshile was watching Zahkele’s form while Akari and Runi were throwing hits using gloves, with . While it was not a menacing aura, M'Baku felt the atmosphere in the room had changed from the happy family dynamic, to a stoic and serious gaze he could only see from the guards.

“Is this a normal night for you guys?”

Akari stopped sparring with Runi and called out to Zahkele to come and swap, as Akari ducked out of the ring to meet M'Baku on the mat. “Well I mean, I mean its normal for us, it keeps our skills sharp,  and lets us get out our aggression healthily.” Akari grunted as she rolled her neck, tightening her boxing pads on her hands before settling into a receiving stance. “Now let’s go.”


Zahkele and Runi kept sparring on the mat until both were upright entangled in each other’s limbs, neither one willing to fall. Wrestling was a favorite past time with these two, having kept score for almost a decade. Runi’s leg was tucked behind Zahkele’s knee, ready to whip his feet out from under him, if only she could untangle his hold on her arm and hip. But she knew as soon as he fatigued, the slightest slip even for a millisecond would cost him his footing. And there was no way he could hold up forever. “Might as well give up Kele.” Runi snarled.

“Or what?” Zahkele grinned, locking eyes with Runi in a mischevious smirk. “You gonna flash me again like you did the other night?”

Runi’s mouth dropped open, and in her shock Zakhele managed to push Runi off balance. Runi landed on her back and growled propping herself on her eyebrows and eyeing her haughty opponent, making a mental note to smack that grin right off of his smug face.

“Oh its on.”


“Akari!” Eshile yelled, walking away from Zahkele and towards the couple, who instantly halted at the sound of the commanding voice. “May I have a turn with M'Baku?”


“I promise I will not break your betrothed, you have my word.” Eshile rose his hand with the other to his breast, Akari’s weary gaze softening but not dissipating. 

“Its okay,” M'Baku lightly grabbed Akari’s arm. “I’m sure your family knows my American style pancakes are too good to let me die, or at least good enough to let me keep my limbs,” M'Baku joked, wanting to see Akari’s smile again. She gave him a warm nod, his touch enough to assure him that he would protect himself at all times.

Akari walked away towards Kaia, who had settled on hanging upside down from two of the long ropes hanging from the ceiling. She grinned at the sight of her very nimble sister, before taking a deep breath and starting the climb.


“Does your father know you’re doing this?” Eshile asked, pointing his spear at M'Baku, who tentatively grasped his own with both hands. “No sir, although I have not forgotten your words from the first time we met.”

“And you still think it’s a good idea?”

“No sir. But I’m willing to learn from the best.” M'Baku spread his legs into a horse like stance, tentatively gripping his spear with both hands. “Plus, I thought maybe this would be a good way to impress Akari.” M'Baku joked.

“Son,” Eshile chuckled before snapping into a more flexible wide’ legged stance, tucking his spear under his left armpit and leaving his right arm free to curl his fist. “You picked the wrong opponent for that.”

Within a split second Eshile was in M'Baku’s face, and the younger opponent barely had enough time to bring his spear across his chest in defence. M'Baku ending up sliding a good meter across the dark grey floor. He curled his toes trying to plant his feet, anything to get a good footing against the man in front of him. Finally Eshile stopped advancing, and grinned as he freed his hold and began attacking at close range with no mercy.

Blow after blow he fired at M'Baku, who in his defense was outmatched, but barely managing to hold his own. Eshile was not only fast but dextrous, as each movement seemed to be part of a furious dance, the spear a very extension of his own limb. M'Baku could see the same style when he fought with Akari, a powerful skill that he admired. Once again M'Baku was brought face to face with his father in law, and as the metal from their spears screeched against each other. “You can hold your own. Impressive.” Eshile admitted. “Not as fluid as Akari but you have strength and quick thinking.” Eshile’s eyes shifted to the side, and with a quick glance M'Baku met the sight of Akari advising Kaia on how to throw a spear, and the way her face lit up in pride for her younger sibling. M'Baku’s gaze shifted back, now realizing what this match was.

“You are right sir, but I hope to be one day. In all honesty I am grateful to have her.” M’Baku answered confidently.

In one swift motion Eshile unlocked their spears and the two began circling each other once again. “That is good to hear.” Eshile acknowledged before he crouched low. “I can see my daughter is fond of you. And you treat her well that much I can see. You care for her greatly.”

“I do.” M'Baku gritted his teeth as he tried to wrestle out of Eshile’s grip.

“Then hear me when I say boy that you must keep your guard up, always. Not only for your sake but for hers.” M’Baku fended off several more hits before he worked up the courage to ask a question that had been forming in his mind.

“Then would you ever consider training me?”

Well isn’t this boy just full of surprises.

"And why would I do that?”

“Because I want to have the strength to keep your daughter safe.” Eshile swore he saw something dark flicker in M'Baku’s eyes during his words. “And you have shown me that I have a lot to learn.”

Eshile grunted as he eyed up the boy in front of him. Daluxolo must have told M’Baku of who he was, who he used to be. And judging from the look in the boy’s eyes, he was dead serious.

“Okay then.” Eshile twirled his spear, throwing it up in the air before catching it. “Let’s get to work.”


As the night drew long, Kaia had headed home first, as she had always been an early sleeper. Zahkele had headed off after her, and Runi did the same, although she decided to run back to the house as her cooling down from training. Which left Akari, Eshile and M'Baku.

“A good first day of training your highness.” Eshile grinned, his normal cheery demeanour now settling in as normal. “I hope this won’t be the last time you join us.” 

“That is if my body can move tomorrow.” M'Baku waggled his eyebrow at Eshile, who laughed at his future son-in-law’s wheezing form. Before heading to the changing rooms to grab his things, but not before turning to the former royal guard in gratitude. “Thank you for letting me come and train with your family.”

“Eh, that’s okay, just tell our chieftain that I gave you a good workover eh?” Eshile winked, knowing full well Daluxolo would just be surprised his son came back alive. “Well I best be heading back, I think Akari is still in the changing rooms though…”

“I will wait for her to walk her home.”

“You do that.” Eshile pointed the spear at him before walking away. “Make sure she rests somewhere safe tonight.”


“Kari!” M'Baku called into the changing room as he walked in, looking around to make sure no one else was around. “I brought your gear you left on the mat…”

As M'Baku turned the corner he felt a shift in his pulse as he peeked at his betrothed in her naked form. The ends of her long hair settling into the small of her back, just before her plump ass. He watched as she closed her eyes and let the water run down and caress her body, maneuvering the soap suds this way and that around her skin. Almost immediately M'Baku dropped his back, finally gaining Akari’s attention. Looking back at her lover with a small but subtle smile before turning her back to him. At once M'Baku started undressing, and made his way into the showers, coming up behind Akari and letting his fingers caress her hips, taking the soap from her hands.

“I can help with that, usana.”

Akari let her head fall back and lean on M'Baku as he worked the soap into a thick lather on his hands, before abandoning it to roam free on her body. He first massaged her stomach, moving upwards to grab her breasts, slowly squeezing each one with every contented sigh that came from the woman in his arms. M'Baku moved towards her back, softly massaging her back, moving lower until he gave her a small pat on her ass with a chuckle. Akari turned to M'Baku, bringing her arms around his neck in a slow kiss under the pitter patter of the shower. In this moment all of Akari’s tensions and worries were washed away, all but forgotten. In M’Baku she found her solace. And in Akari’s small smiles between their kisses, her lovingly gentle caresses, and the way her eyes sparkled even under the stream of water as they looked at him with love, M’Baku found his happiness. A happiness that he would vow to protect, no matter what would come their way.


Taglist @skysynclair19 @junesbride @great-neckpectations @muse-of-mbaku @hippiesandpeacesigns  @jackburtonsays  @coonflix @hi-looo12 @bonyg @romanceoftheeveryday @someareblindtoitsbeauty @wheredidallthedreamersgo @msblkshot710 @peaches-bbygrl @theunsweetenedtruth @blackpinup22 @airis-paris14  @macgruberrrsimplyyamberr  @blackpantherreblogs  @wawakanda-btch  @im5ftbutmythroat66 @vanitykocaine @iamrheaspeaks @aykanna @laketaj24 @letsshamelessqueen-m @leahnicole1219   @cutewylie @titty-teetee @babygirlofwakanda @chefjessypooh (Tried my best to fix em tags but I have a feeling half of them still ain’t working >.<)

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mcu character M’Baku
pairing M’Baku x black!OC
format blurb
warning family feverrrr
word count 3.4k (I don’t even think this should count as a blurb but okay lol)

request “Do you do blurbs? If so I would love to know how Isioma and M'Baku are coping with being a family if 5 now. How noisy are dinner times? How do they handle sibling fights? Has M'Akunna come out of her shell a little or is her sister still handling a the fights for the both of them. I know you said we will see them in Stitching your Heart but is their anyway we could get a little sneak peak into how the Great Gorilla’s family be doing.”

“I’m bored,” M’Aijke sighed loud as she sat upside down in the couch.

Her beaded braids brushed against the rug covering the wooden floor of the living room.  As her lips pouted, the little girl’s eyes darted across her family. M’Baku was finishing up braiding out M’Ahunna’s hair while Akin was working on some homework in a faraway corner of the room. His tongue stuck out his mouth, brows in a frown as he stared at the book in front of him.

“Sit straight, M’Aijke,” Isioma said firm as she turned a page of the cooking book she was reading. The tone of her voice mirrored her sentiment since noon. She wasn’t having any nonsense of her daughter today.

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Part 9/11: Quiet As It’s Kept

M’Baku x Redeemed!Erik x T’Challa

Recommended Listening: The Blowback by Giggs, No Security by Sketpta, Regular by Zuse, and Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) by Alicia Keys

Words: 2.6K

CHAPTERS: @sisterwifeudaku  (1), @blackandfair (2), @royallyprincesslilly (3), @eerythingisshaka (4), @katasstrophey  (5), @blublubleu  (6), @dramaqueenamby (7) @kumkaniudaku (8)

A/N: I wanted to give M’Baku the spotlight this chapter because he deserves it. There are still tie-ins to the other chapters as well as some meat for Thicc Daddy to sink his teeth into. Next up is @airis-paris14

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*PART 1*

A/N: I’m thinking of calling this one Closer To Heaven or maybe Star Bound (maybe even both lol).

My reveries have been alluding to a story that while very soft seems riddled in hardships. Here’s a snippet. Let me know if you’re interested in me pursuing this road up the mountains to our beloved Jabari leader.


Originally posted by crystallus

“What do you think the mountains would look like without all this snow?”

He took his time answering her question. The manner in which she spoke always had a way of rendering him defenceless. All of the certainties he had once known crumbled when in her midst (as did he).  

“Empty, void, senseless. A little bit like me without you.”

“You flatter me, M’Baku,” Amalah muttered as a timid smile made its way unto her face.

They both let out a soft laugh. 

There’s a beat of silence as the pair continue to gaze at the stars, their boy between them.

M’Baku was troubled, his soul uneasy. Forever the one to be quick with his tongue, the truth was often concealed through his flirtatious and comedic delivery.

Today there would be no more jokes, no more games, the truth would stand bare and alone.

“And yet, as strangely as it sounds, it couldn’t be too far from the truth.”

His eyes stayed on the stars even when he felt her eyes boring into his frame. 

“You claim to fancy me?” She scoffed, “the outsider? The woman unable to protect her own son? The person that has asked you for her world without being able to give you anything in return?”

(Even when the truth sat naked and alone in front of her she deemed it a lie. It seemed she had been taught all good things were nothing but concealed sources of pain.)

“You mean the woman who has made her place in this tribe?” He retorted, finally turning to look at her, “the person that has risked everything and what was left after that for her son? The woman who made me realize that maybe what I wanted hadn’t been in front of me all along?” 

He paused for a second, only to observe the tears that glistened in her irises, then he let out a beaming smile.


They shone bright that night, the stars- her stars.

They were so close- to the heavens that is.

She could feel them in her bones, she could feel them in the depths of her soul.

She could also feel them in the way his warm hand cupped her left cheek and his lips met hers.

The stars then witnessed the woman they adored weep tears of love for the first time.

They shone a little brighter that night (just a little)


Forever tag: @elaindeereads @muse-of-mbaku @mslaufeyson @myrikal324


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mcu character M’Baku
pairing M’Baku x black!OC
format blurb
warning little angst, little fluff and family feverrrr
word count 2.2k (this might not be considered a blurb but it’s me so that explains it lol)

request “Do you do blurbs? If so I would love to know how Isioma and M'Baku are coping with being a family if 5 now. How noisy are dinner times? How do they handle sibling fights? Has M'Akunna come out of her shell a little or is her sister still handling a the fights for the both of them. I know you said we will see them in Stitching your Heart but is their anyway we could get a little sneak peak into how the Great Gorilla’s family be doing.”

She crouched in front of her three children with a tightness in her heart.

“Listen to me and listen to me carefully,” she said with a strong voice while her fingers quickly buttoned M’Ahunna’s fur jacket before adjusting the girl’s glasses. “We are going to a very important dinner with very important people which means it’s very important to me and Baba M’Baku that you behave today.”

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My sisterwife @great-neckpectations and I were having a conversation the other night about our Great Gorilla/Thicc Daddy/Our Husband, the one and only M’Baku and we lamented about how often he is made to be comic relief, a sexual beast, a sidekick, or a rebound. While we appreciate him being included, our beautiful man is so much more! I’m sure our third sisterwife @therevolution-willbelive would agree. 

We want to see Artist!M’Baku, SingleDad!M’Baku, more M’Baku AUs, M’Baku as a great negotiator, his intelligence, his rise to power, his nuances, etc. 

While this list is far from exhaustive, because they are A LOT of BP writers on this site, here’s a small list of fics that do our Thicc King justice. Many of these writers have multiple series, one shots, or head cannons about M’Baku so please explore their masterlists! 

Please feel free to add on.  


The M’Baku Sisterwives aka The Queens of Jabari Land

Blood in the Snow by @muse-of-mbaku

M’Baku’s Wives by @great-neckpectations

Honor by @therevolution-willbelive

Untitled Series by @katasstrophey

Fated Instinct by @greennightspider

Years by @imagine-mbaku

Warrior Spirit by @jellybean531

Fever by @mbakusthrone

Have It Your Way by @wakandan-flowerz

The Prince by @madamslayyy

Ngelosi by @pocmarvelworks

Untitled by @marvelpotterlove

Soft and Sharp by @hoopshoney

Heart of Ice by @bartierbakarimobisson

Not Bound by Blood by @writingmarvellousimagines

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Originally posted by blackaestheticsoul

And the flame sparked, and the fire was kindled, and now the blaze ignites.

Summary: Sequel to Cabin in the Snow. Akari finds herself in a predicament after an accidental overnight stay in a cabin grants her the title of fiance to the chieftain-to-be M’Baku himself.

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fairy tales


Pairing: M’Baku x OC - T’Challa x OC - Erik/N’Jadaka x OC

Length: 1.5k + words

Summary: Ayana, Nylami and Saudia are in a relationship that could be no further from a fairy tale. 

Prompt: “And I never wanted anything from you… except everything you had and what was left after that too” Dog Days Are Over x Florence and the Machine

Warning: some slight cursing. 



Jabari Mountains, Wakanda.

“I never wanted or asked anything from you!”

Ayana laughed at M’Baku’s evident lie. She wished right then that all of the feelings she harboured for the man that stood before her would vanish.

Her mother always told her she had ought to stop believing in fairy tales- they aren’t real.

At least in Ayana’s world they weren’t.

“Of course M’Baku. You never wanted anything from me except everything I had and what was left after that too!” the woman yelled back.

“All you ever do is take,” Ayana added dejectedly, “you’ve already taken everything.”

M’Baku’s arms were crossed as he stood in front of the door that led to someplace other than him. He refused to let her go this easily, and yet when she gave him that heartbroken look he conceded and moved aside.

The Jabari tribe leader had no words to say as he watched the woman that had held an enormous part in his heart leave the palace he had sworn to make her Queen of. He could only exude regret; nothing was left for him to say.

She turned to him one last time as her hand grazed the door of the palace she was not to call her home any longer.

“There is no more of me to give.”

M’Baku was left to huff and puff alone.



Golden City, Wakanda.

“What is the meaning of this Naylami?” T’Challa asked incredulously.

The King of Wakanda had just come back exhausted from yet another late night “impromptu” conference only to be met with the sight of his lover packing a couple of her belongings in two small suitcases.

“Where are you going?” he added.

Naylami stood firm and continued to pack as if the Black Panther was not currently fuming in her midst (he would have none of her words tonight).

“Is this because I was held back in a meeting once more?” T’Challa scoffed, “you know very well that I have no control over those type of things.”

His audience remained stoic. Instead of answering, she opted for rummaging in one of their his closet. (Bast knew she couldn’t leave without her satin robe, but where had she placed th-

T’Challa suddenly grabbed Naylami by the arm and spun her towards him. They were finally eye to eye.

“Will you just stop and listen to me woman!” he spat out.

At Naylami’s shocked expression he took a deep breath; yelling at the love of his life was not something that would fare well for him.

“I have duties to my country,” he added more composed, “I have duties to my people and you ought to-”

(She had had enough)

“I ought to what T’Challa? Huh! I ought to understand? I ought to accept it? What about your duties to me? Am I not one of your people?”

“My lov-”

Naylami cut him off once more, she was now shaking with rage.

“Will you really let me rot? Let me rot in this palace alone?”

She could see T’Challa’s resolve crumbling. It made her heart waver for a second before it stilled.

Naylami had spent enough nights alone.

Dejectedly, T’Challa sat on the edge of their bed, his face in his hands as Naylami continued to pack.

The woman was finally done packing and was zipping up the last of her suitcases when T’Challa decided to speak up once more.

“Do you, perhaps, remember our first night together?”

She froze (of course she remembered). Memories of that night were the only thing keeping her warm during the countless nights he was gone.

“You told me that being the lover of both the Black Panther and the ruler of Wakanda was no fairy tale,” Naylami replied softly.

“And you told me that you hadn’t asked anything from me in the first place, and that you hated fairy tales,” he grabbed her hand a pulled it towards his lips. She reveled in his touch for a mere instant; soon that touch would also be a distant memory.

“Then you replied that you would offer me everything you had, and what was left after that too,” Naylami smiled sadly at him, “I guess both of us lied that night.”

She gently pried her hand out of T’Challa’s grasp, grabbed her two suitcases and left.

T’Challa’s grief weighed so heavily upon his shoulders that he found himself unable to run after the woman that had kept his bed warm for the longest while.

Tears flowed heavily on his cheeks; she was long gone by now.

Her cheeks stayed dry. She has already cried enough tears; he had simply not been there to witness them.

She would not be there to witness his either.



California, United States.

“Where the fuck you thing you going?”

Saudia rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. She knew Erik would never let her leave without a fight, but she was ready.

“Nowhere that concerns you Erik, so please move out of my way,” cool, calm and collected: her tone alone was driving him mad.

Saudia tried to bypass him but Erik refused to budge. Grabbing her by the waist Erik pulled her close.

“Is all this fuss ‘cause I got blood stains on the carpet? Hm?” he swayed her to the left and the right, as if trying to engage her in a dance, hypnotize her, distract her like the snake he truly was.

(She knew better).

“Fuck you Erik,” Saudia pulled herself out of his grasp; being that close to him would only cause more pain.

“This isn’t about the stupid carpet. This is about how I can’t trust you and how you can’t seem to trust me either!”

Saudia paced the floor of their his small apartment. She refused to even look in his direction.

Erik had a way of breaking her down with a single look and made her swallow down words with a single touch. Saudia could swallow no longer, she felt like she would choke if she did.

“I don’t know you Erik. At least not the Erik you’ve become!” she yelled out exasperatedly.

“You’re not that kid from Oakland that I met at MIT anymore. You come home at God knows what hour of the night, beat up, secretive as hell, smelling like you came out of a fucking trap house, I don’t even know!”

Saudia was close to tears now. They skewed her vision so she allowed herself to stay still and look at her man in the eye (today he would see the tears).

“You barely even talk to me Erik,” she stressed, “you don’t fucking talk to me! When’s the last time you asked me about how my day went? Huh!”

Erik opened his mouth to respond, but could come up with no answer that would help plead his case.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Saudia let out a dry laugh, “the only times you talk to me is when you want to have sex and I’ve indulged you for long enough! I can’t do this,” she motioned at the both of them, “anymore”.

“We’re strangers now Erik or should I say N’Jadaka?”

She scoffed, “I don’t want to live with a stran-”

In a flash, Erik had Saudia pinned up against the door she was planning on leaving through. His hand was to her throat, painfully gripping at it, but not hard enough for her to be unable to breathe.

Saudia’s heart beat harshly against her chest. This was not what she had had in mind when she cried out to him “choke me daddy” a few weeks back.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” Erik asked, his voice as cold as the deadliest winter.

“Let me go!” Saudia exclaimed, more tears skewing her vision as she struggled against his grip.

“So that’s what you’ve been doing while I was gone huh? You here talking “bout trust and shit when you’re the one snooping through my fucking stuff?” He yelled finally letting her go.

“You need help Erik!” Saudia yelled back. “You left that stupid journal out while you left in a haste after god knows who called you! I’m done with the secrets; I’m done with you- you just fucking choked me! Who the hell does that?” Her hands were to her neck as she sent an incredulous look at Erik.

His fists were clenched. He knew deep down that Saudia was speaking some semblance of the truth, but he was too filled with rage to admit it to himself, yet alone to her.

“Go on then! I told you being with me wasn’t going to be no fairy tale.” He spat motioning to the door (go on and leave me; everybody always leaves).

“I never wanted anything from you anyways!” he added he looked down at Saudia who struggled to pick up her things.

“You act like I asked for everything you have and what’s left after that too!” she cried out frustrated.

“I just wanted something, anything.”

She made her way to the door of the apartment now bags in tow.

Saudia knew deep down that she was going to miss this place, miss him. But he was the most beautiful snake with the deadliest poison; she could no longer concede.

“Don’t bother to call me when you get that help you so desperately need” Saudi spit out.

“Man, just get out,” Erik retorted impatiently his eyes following her every move.

And so Saudia did just that.


A/N: Aight so boom; this is a lil different. So here’s the deal: would you guys rather I continue giving y’all a three in one type of affair (three little snippets of the three men and their ladies) or would you rather me just continue one story line with one of these delectable bachelors? If the latter is the case, LET ME KNOW which one you’re more into the M’Baku, T’Challa or Erik scenario? Hope y’all enjoyed it! 

my prompt for part two: “Only when the door is locked, nobody enters” Cornerstone x Benjamin Clementine. 

(feel free to send me some as well!)

Forever tag: @elaindeereads @myrikal324

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