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#my time at portia

I have completed The Final Battle and the sudden lack of goals and direction is a bit difficult for me. I still have goals I want to achieve, but my quest log is empty and that makes me feel kind of sad.

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Thank you so much!! The mtap fandom is always so nice! 😭 thank you so much for asking me this!! I really appreciate it!!!

Albert marriage HC!

🎩 he will compliment you nonstop! That man loves love and loving you! You will know how perfect but he may not notice small subtle changes when work is stressing him out.

🎩He is super dedicated to work but he will always have time for you! That’s why he tries hard to not bring work back home. He knows you will listen but he doesn’t want to add more stress to you either from competing against Higgins all the time.

🎩 Just so you know sexy time can be anytime for Albert. Because to Albert you always look perfect. Covered in smoke from this furnace? He’ll make a remark about how he has to beat up the smoke for touching you. He doesn’t mind saying anything cheesy if it gets a smile or laugh out of you.

🎩Albert isn’t dumb but he can be a block head. He may say things that may hurt your feelings without meaning to. A big problem he will have is sometimes commenting on how pretty others may look. He doesn’t mean anything ill intent by it! But he will try to stop doing it.

🎩he tries to be romantic but he sometimes may lean on advice from books or other peoples advice. So be prepared for some…. laughable not romantic at all events that someone told him would totally be something romantic.

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Petra head canons!

🔬even though she’s a scientific and science based she won’t ruin your fun or beliefs. She may not believe in ghosts but she will still listen to your talks about it. Your home countries traditions that are 100% scientifically impossible? She’ll still celebrate them with you! And still try to learn about the why and how. A goddess on the moon is still fun and exciting.

🔬she would love if you wanted to learn more about science but sometimes she get stressed out if you don’t understand something she considers simple.

🔬que in the parent that doesn’t yell but you can tell they are internally screaming. “If we have 5 apples and we give 2 away…then how do we have 4 apples? 🤨”

🔬you may sometimes be a part of a experimental experience without knowing it. But know there is always love involved after the scientific curiosity.

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Wooo! NPC OC time!!!!

This is Jefery, an ex Duvos soldier.

He escaped to Portia in order to live a better life, and is trying to leave all the bloodshed he caused behind him.

Being from Duvos, he’s a bit intense, but he’s trying his best to be friendly! His goal is to join the Civil Corps to protect people, which was the reason he joined the Duvos army, ignorant to the fact they were more about “enforcing” than “protecting”.

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“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

I have been standing in the exact same spot for the last hour and fuckin’ Gust walked up to me, crashed into my llama a few times, and then yelled at me for bumping into him.

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Of course I do! I took a break but I’m back! And don’t worry I love being able to try to write different scenarios and I love angst and pain

(灬º 艸º灬). So I’m sorry if my writing isn’t the greatest since I’m bad at writing in general XD.

Albert - my sweet, smart and yet somehow dumb Albert. He panicks that you are hurt! He asks you if it’s okay if you take some rest. He feels more guilty that you Injured yourself, that maybe he made you feel you had to work to help support them when he could support the two of you.

Arlo - He cares that you are injured but he won’t stop you from doing anything. An adventurer never stops fighting even when injured and so he doesn’t mind if you wanna train, fight or work with your non broken arm. He doesn’t want you to get injured more but as a man who fights, kills, protects, and risks his life everyday he knows you understand your boundaries and when you need to stop.

Gust - he babies you to no end! He will try to do everything for you! So much that he will push for you to quit building, or at least take the time off to recover! He will remind you he can take care of all the finances and how scared he is on you being permanently injured. A broken arm this time…but what about next time? With Gust you will be taking some R&R regardless on if you want to or not!

Dr Xu - Xu is a doctor so he has a keen eye in noticing your positioning your arm differently than normal. Any small changes in your posture, expression, normal actions, vocal tones and he is asking questions about you. He is a doctor and medics are some of the saltiest people on the planet and Xu is no different. He cares for you, but he is upset you got hurt. That you pushed yourself so much it hurt you. Any time you try to do something he doesn’t want you to do. Your broken arm will be brought up.

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With one of the Flying Pigs standing watch up above (and since they were camping out here anyway there would ALWAYS be someone watching the entrance) Arlo and the rest of the Civil Corps were free to head down into the facility to help herd the scholars along.  With the power still off they had to drag around the power stone brackets still if they wanted overhead lighting rather than relying on flashlights and lanterns; Arlo was getting pretty practiced at opening up the wall paneling and wiring those up now and was looking forward to having the facility’s lights powered properly so he wouldn’t have to do that every time the scholars moved on to a new room.

Today wasn’t especially exciting; the scholars had picked one of the floors full of the dorm rooms (but free of skeletons) and were carefully examining each room and taking copious amounts of notes on each and every item inside, where it was sitting, and, in the case of the technological gadgets left behind, what its function was (or what they THOUGHT it was - Eli was downstairs with Petra and Mali so she wasn’t available to confirm or correct their guesses).   He wasn’t paying close attention to the scholars or their note-taking - it was very easy to be distracted by the thought that he was standing inside some ancient person’s home; all the other ruins he’d been in previously had all been industrial and manufacturing, not domestic.  It was a strange feeling to catch a glimpse of one way that Old World people had lived, and aside from the technology it…didn’t seem all that different from his own room.
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Christmas decorators.

Gust - super head strong in getting the perfect Christmas look Inside the house and outside the house. This isn’t just for family fun, this is life or death in the jaw dropping, articulate, spectacular, perfection of decorations! He’s all about the aesthetics of the lights, placement of ornaments and colours used. It’s better to just wait for his commands on where something will go because he’ll just move it later. If it doesn’t flow with the beauty of the house then its gone.

Albert - he does Christmas decorations for fun. He’s the one who wants to make it look perfect but at the same time he’s down for some fun in putting it up. Yeah the blue snowman looks so out of place on mantle with the minature village but if you like it, so does he.

Arlo - he straight up doesn’t care about it. You better take the lead on it and order him where you want stuff because he’ll just put it all in one spot and let it be. The tree has all the decorations on one side of the tree. How the tree didn’t topple over was a mystery. Arlo of course decorates because he knows you want it but at the same time if you don’t care to do it…he’s okay with it. He prefers it.

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every time i try to start a new mtap save to romance oaks or gust, i last until the bridge to amber island cut scene and then i see arlo and all my self control goes out the window.

like excuse me mr captain of the civil corps sir can you please stop existing just for a little while until i can manage to woo oaks, i beg of you

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First I was joking with my sister about make Ginger a strawberry dress, then suggested Sonia would look cute in one too, then I thought it be funny to give everyone strawberry clothes. 

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