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Good night to… (Rune Factory Edition)

Goodnight to people who’s favorite game is either Frontier or Tides of Destiny

Goodnight to the people who wanted to marry Bado in RF4 seriously y’all are so valid

Goodnight to sapphics who’s favorite Rf5 bachelorettes is either Ludmila or Fuqua

Goodnight to the people who hated the fact that Amber was a marriage candidate but not Illuminata

Leading up on that goodnight to the people who are glad we don’t have another Amber situation in RF5

Goodnight to the people who’s favorite bachelor in RF5 so far is the fox himbo or the old butler dude

Goodnight to the lesbians who love Leon

Goodnight to the people who use dual blades

Goodnight to the people who uses axes or hammers because idk how y’all handle those weapons

Goodnight to the people who fucked up the first time you played a rune factory game so you had to restart it

Goodnight to the people who was obsessed with mermaids so you married Pia in RF3

Goodnight to the Danganronpa fans who are losing their minds over Rune Factory Komaeda

Goodnight to the people who wants a bachelorette like Alicia from RF2 again

Goodnight to the people who’s favorite characters are the De Sainte-Coquille family members

And lastly

Goodnight to the people who wants to slam dunk the doctor from Rf4 because he takes all of our money

Everyone else, goodnight I guess

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So the Winter break is comin’ up for a lot of people and it looks like our Wiki staff is hoping we can recruit some new helpers. With Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town coming up, and plenty of unfinished sections for classic games, any diehard fan of the series interested in helping would be welcome!

Ranch Story Wiki operates a little different compared to most, such as Wikia, as we cooperate and coordinate together as a team to put together sections and try to maintain an even level of quality.

Even if you’ve never edited a wiki before, there’ll be folks who can help ya out with that. We’re also looking to help folks learn Japanese so we can more easily stay on top of news as it happens, as well as translate Japanese articles and books!

If you wanna help out, drop by our Discord (linked on our blog’s main page) and DM one of our members under the Ranch Hand or Librarian role.

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The special editions weren’t the only news today! There’s a new trailer too!

Get a good look at some returning classic features reborn such as a museum, photography, sprinkler systems, and some insight on taming wild creatures for your farm!

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XSEED has announced a Premium Edition for the North American version of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town! The set will include “Buffy,” the plush Buffalo to add to your growing collection of plush friends and a cloth poster featuring the full key illustration! The MSRP of the premium edition will be $59.99, with the regular edition being $49.99.


Fans in Europe don’t have to wait for their own special announcement however, as Marvelous EU has an announcement to make as well!

● STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Nintendo Switch Game
● A5 Notebook containing 140 pages
● 10x Trading Cards featuring marriage candidates
● A3 Poster featuring exclusive artwork from Igusa Matsuyama
● Collector’s Box featuring exclusive artwork from Igusa Matsuyama

Whether or not you order the Deluxe Edition, Buffy the Buffalo will be part of your preorder while supplies last. The RRP of the Deluxe Edition will be £54.99 while the regular edition is £44.99.

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The (base game) bachelorettes from Harvest Moon: Light of Hope!
Jeanne, Elise, Nova, Melanie, Tabitha.

I got this game earlier in the week, and I had low expectations due to the general consensus on the most recent Harvest Moon games, but I have been really pleasantly surprised! It’s helping me get through a tough time right now.

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A little witchy calendar to look forward to next year, since this one was a little bit.. cursed.

This lets you know about the full moons, new moons, wheel of the year celebrations and zodiac entrys, I hope you can use this to aid you on your practice.

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Datura in her wedding gown.
All normal candidates have slightly different wedding gowns, aside from the specials bc they don’t do church weddings. However as a pagan myself not affiliated witht he church I thought we could still treat our special magical cadidates with some wedding gowns bc ykno…handfasting exists :D
So ya anything goes and my bebbe will be extra fancey and their ceremony will be held at her hain under the hawthorn tree u_u

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Just as it states, some headcanon’s that i think compliment the Canon and give it more depth. Based on the game’s lore with things integrated from other harvest moon game’s + Actual folklore bits.

When doing fan oc’s especially for games I’d like to really go in deep and think how they may be seamlessly integrated without disturbing the canon it’s just a fun excersive if nothing else since unlike work i can get lost in this research and focus for once.

Datura is loosely based on the Tuatha the Danann and the Aos Sí as fudamental inspiration since a lot of the creatures in HM are Faery based, like to me the harvest goddess always confused me bc she feels and act way more like a Nymph and in Animal Parade i especially got mad Dryad vibes ykno :/

So ya, it’s just my magical headcanon and for Datura I tried to imagine her as either late game together with the harvest god, or DLC bc I’ve thought about a whole Plot line and Quests so maybe she’d be DLC with added Bonus content other than her just being a +1 NPC :D

Witch n Wizard were the trickiest bc Witches aren’t Fae and at first I thought more so maybe they aquire immortailiy after being taught the craft and sorcery but then they always talk like ‘’humans this humans that’’ and the whole keeping their names secret which is a Fae thing (i mean maybe just general caution bc they work closely with such spirits but they rlly did their best to talk like they another Race entirely) but I just didn’t rlly vibe with them being Fae also or something so they’re an awkward inbetween and maybe perhaps the descendants of Datura’s people so ya.
Enjoy the read :)

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Yesterday I managed to get another game done on my checklist for “Meet my ingame child in every HM/SoS game I own”.

It was The Lost Valley. A little baby girl named Tovia. Despite its flaws, I had quite fun with the ingame year I spent, terraforming the valley is just fun and I love the plant mutations. 

Now it is time to switch over to the next game. 

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