#omg i love it
andrastes--ass · 2 days ago
I used the Arcane Me app on Wren, and I kind of love it???
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thelilbirdie · 16 days ago
i wkkdksjda I saw on Instagram an artist that made this scene but with percabeth, soooooo ksjdkajdka I made it with solangelo
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c-kiddo · 20 days ago
aaaa oh !!!!1 oh i was waiting to see if there’d be a single from th new aurora album that’d instantly make me lose it (since its taken me a bit to warm up to the others so far) and yes!!! yes th two new ones are So Good 🌟🍂🥀
a dangerous thing !!! wauguughghg !!!! AURORA!!!!!!!!
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link-sans-specs · a month ago
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Crazy Free Stuff on Craigslist (Game)
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chaotic-ism · 28 days ago
Arcane does not have any right to be such A FUCKING GOOD SHOW
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haikyutiehoe · 2 months ago
coming off anon specifically for this-
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beachcutie2 · a year ago
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bubbly-bungee-may · a year ago
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Zoro meets Mihawk in One Piece Stampede
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cybergrozell · 3 months ago
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Thank you for the attention.
my drow
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Lol tiefling of my bro just like
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gwynrielsupremacist · 5 months ago
but balthzar and gwyn shouldn’t be love interests like i wanan see azriel get jealous but like PLS DONT HAVE THEM BE ACTUAL LOVE INTERESTS
I mean, I want to see Balthazar and Gwyn being friends.
And I hc one day these two are conscious of their feelings BUT of that competitive vein they have, they don't want to say anything to the other
and one day, Azriel fucks up with Gwyn ( the usual, I mean ) and Gwyn wants him to realize what he has done, so she meets with Balthazar and says she needs his help to make SOMEONE jealous
but, obviously, he doesn't know the person he's going to make jealous is the freaking Shadowsinger
soo they go one day to Windhaven ( Or whatever state Balthazar lives in ) and Gwyn starts flirting with him
Balthazar freaks up because, holy gods he's the Spymaster why didn't you told me
and Gwyn will be like: omg sorry I didn't thought of that
meanwhile Az feels ready to beat the shit out of Balthazar, but decides not doing it, because Gwyn wouldn't like to ( if it was his choice, my poor boy will be so fucking bad rn )
when the day finishes, Az and Gwyn speaks and Az, afraid he'll lose Gwyn, tells her he likes her
she's like 😳 but tells: omfg me too
and they'll watch the other with 🥺 eyes
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bjorkin · a year ago
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I'm reading this book once again and now I realized why I loved it so much
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lisanamjoon · 25 days ago
Kep1er 케플러 | ‘WA DA DA’ M/V
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deaf-bakugou · 6 months ago
My wife got me a wallet too!!
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peppermintjonas · 8 months ago
Marshmello x Jonas Brothers - Leave Before You Love Me (Lyric Video)
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gallifreyan-heart · 4 months ago
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ethirdil-ia · 8 months ago
🟢 O.M.G. I love it {Gael&Ethirdil}
Ethirdil was bored, which was a dangerous mood for the elf as he leaned back against the wall, hands in his pockets as he had a gaggle of other people around him. Some were sirens and a few elves and one fairy. He smirked as he saw some fresh meat walk around, he was one of the newer kids at the academy and Ethirdil watched him amused.
“Hey there,” he called out but the smirk on his lips promised nothing good as he was looking at the other’s shoes and snorted before looking up “Where did you get those shoes, I love them.” Some of his friends snickered as they nudged Ethirdil to make him stop even though they were laughing too. “What’s your name?” Ethirdil asked as he pushed himself off the wall and walked over to the man, tilting his head slightly as he observed him amused. Silver eyes studying the new kid as he tried to hone in on his weaknesses.
“hm? What’s your name?”
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everyoneseesaghost · a year ago
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these are so beautiful. like,,, WOW
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euesworld · 5 months ago
"HEY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. you are so beautiful, omg!!"
Well, it's true.. just thought you should hear it right now - eUë
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mrsgiovanna · 3 months ago
Random headcanon: Giorno loves watching Bria get ready. He thinks she's so beautiful and finds the effort she puts into herself endearing and even though he feels its unnecessary, he'll still wait and watch without complaints. It brings out his dominant side and strokes his ego which he enjoys.
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Random hc nonnie! I... I don't know what's short circuiting my brain more... The fact that "Bria" and "beautiful" are in the same vicinity or Dom Don Giorno... (not like that). I read something about soft sfw dominance from another fandom and it described my imagining of Giorno so well I just freaked. Awww I love the idea of him being proud to have her on his arm, just adding to that flash of Brando confidence, oooof, irresistible!
Omg this is going to play on my mind forever now... listen, dominant Giorno rules my heart lol
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divlisak · a year ago
Luz: I love you...
Amity: ... you waited till April to tell me this?
Amity: am I a FREAKING JOKE TO YOU???????
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