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spicyicyricy · 6 months ago
All those times we playfully fought
Over who loved who more…
I guess I won.
- rj (@flowoverflowing)
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bakugous-sandbag · 9 months ago
✨Soft Alpha Bakugou✨
Just sum quick fluff here
[ Warnings: Language, Omegaverse AU, Alpha!Bakugou, Omega!Reader ]
Tumblr media
- Alpha Bakugou Katsuki who likes to nuzzle his nose into the crook of your neck. Your scent instantly soothing his big ol’ alpha heart, even on the worst of days. He could be fuming and seething with unbridled rage but as soon as you lock your arms around him in an embrace, he fuckin’ MELTS. Do that shit again, he won’t say it to your face but he loves it
- Anybody else who tries to pull that shit on him, they’re met with a very, very agitated alpha with barred teeth and vicious snarls. The only one who’s allowed to get close to him, is his precious, pretty little omega (you) and he’ll spark explosions from his fingertips just to get the message across
- Expect a lot of him fumbling for your warmth. He might be a bit abrasive and bossy, but the moment he gets a taste of affection (something he’s never really had before) he’s hooked onto it. He’s fuckin’ whipped. You try to say something or tell him you’re busy, and you’re met with a dismissive grunt and Bakugou clinging to you even tighter. If you try to leave the bed, he wraps his arms and legs around you, keeping you locked there until his alpha instincts are satisfied. Hope you have a lot of time on your hands, ‘cause he’s damn near insatiable
- His inner alpha cannot fuckin’ stand it when you don’t smell like him. So expect Bakugou to track you down for a looong cuddle session after you’ve taken a shower, till the most of the shampoo you’ve used is overpowered by his scent of sweat and faint smoke and burnt caramel. Bakugou also smells like black cherries and something spicy. Something that’s just so indescribably his
- He loves cooking for his omega. And he loves it when his omega cooks for him too. Bakugou’s mostly tranquil in the kitchen, calmly and efficiently chopping up vegetables for stew. He likes providing for his omega. Likes providing for the love of his life. He adores you with every fibre of his fuckin’ being and if he doesn’t have the courage to say it, he hopes he can convey the tender emotion through his acts of service and small gifts he leaves out for you
Tumblr media
Reposted from my old account!
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sarcasticsunshine123 · a month ago
Ricky: *steals some of EJ's fries at dinner*
EJ: *quietly puts the engagement ring back in his pocket*
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unmitigatedsuperiority · 4 months ago
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts
Tumblr media
Summary: One particularly cold night, Penelope gets locked out of her motel room. Luckily, Emily is there to keep her warm.
Pairing: Penelope Garcia x Emily Prentiss
Word count: 2.6k
Category: Fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of smoking, referenced alcohol use, getting locked out
Ao3 Link
This fic is for @sweetprentiss' birthday celebration! The prompt is: "Your hands feel good in mine."
Bitter cold nipped at Penelope’s cheeks as she desperately rubbed her hands together, seeking whatever little heat the motion could create for her. Her fingers long since gone red and tingly from the freezing temperatures, making it desperately difficult to feel any iota of warmth. Stupid motel. Stupid winter. Penelope would give anything to time travel back to earlier that morning, hold the cool metal room key in her hands. But time travel wasn’t real. And her key laid solitary on the bedside table just beyond the door she’d given up on trying to break into. Instead, she buckled herself in, mentally preparing for what she could melodramatically declare as the worst night ever.
“Shit,” Penelope mumbled under her breath, succumbing to the bitter cold, resenting freezing temperatures and locked doors. She huddled into herself, trying to retain warmth while thinking up a plan. That lasted all of two seconds before a figure approaching from the right caught her eye. They smelled of jasmine and smoke, an achingly familiar perfume. Penelope knew in her gut exactly who it was before they even came into view.
“What are you doing out here?” Emily asked, crease in her brow, as she stopped before the shivering figure before her. Penelope groaned.
“I left my stupid keys inside.” Emily chuckled and Penelope glared at her in return, which only made her smile widen further. And, well, Penelope couldn’t bring herself to be mad about that. Emily sighed, her exhale visible in the frigid air. After a few moments of comfortable silence, Penelope wrinkled her nose at an acrid scent wafting in from her right. She sniffed once, twice, to be sure her nose wasn’t betraying her. She turned to Emily.
“Emily Prentiss, were you smoking?” Emily grimaced as she sat down on the curb next to her, hardly a breadth of space between them.
“Don’t tell Hotch, he thinks I quit,” she answered. Penelope smirked in response. The lingering smell of cigarettes slightly sweet.
“Well, I won’t tell if you won’t,” she quipped. It made Emily smile, a flash of white against the dimly lit night. Emily shoved her hands in her jacket pockets as she settled in. Penelope shifted ever so slightly closer to her. She heard Emily’s coat rustle and convinced herself it was because the other woman was also scooting in close. That’s the reality Penelope had decided on, just for now. Just for this moment.
“I thought you all weren’t supposed to be back yet,” Penelope said, not making any sudden movements. Emily turned to face her.
“What can I say? We caught the bad guy.”
“My hero,” Penelope teased, consciously aware of the redness of her cheeks. It was just cold, that’s all. Not that Emily could say anything, a vibrant pink hue at the tips of her ears.
“Hey, you’re shivering,” Emily pointed out, concern lacing her voice. It was true, Penelope realized. She knew she was cold, but hadn’t realized just how much until that moment. Talking to Emily was like that sometimes. It made everything else, everything unpleasant, fade away.
“It’s more my hands than anything else,” Penelope reassured her. Emily didn’t look swayed. The subtle shivering Penelope was now trying to suppress didn’t help. Emily reached out; a questioning look in her eyes. Penelope cautiously pulled her hands out of her coat pockets, held them out in front of her.
Emily cupped her shaking palms, pressed them together.
“Your hands are cold,” Penelope breathed. Emily smirked, continuing on.
What Penelope didn’t mention was that when Emily’s hands wrapped around hers, Penelope felt time slow down. As though something monumental was happening. Emily glanced up once, unreadable. Slowly, she tilted her face down between the two of them and exhaled hot breaths onto Penelope’s fingers. Heating them up, one by one. The warm air puffed into her hands helped with the cold but sent an entirely different kind of shiver down Penelope’s spine. There were no words to describe what was running through her mind, through her body, at the strangely affectionate gesture. Penelope couldn’t bring it in herself to put a stop to this, though. This sudden intimate moment. Emily kept on, warming up every part of her hands.
After several heated breaths from Emily, bated breath from Penelope, time resumed at its normal pace. Penelope blinked once, twice, willing herself back into reality. Once she did, she found Emily staring at her. Not moving.
“Come back to my room. Please,” Emily softly spoke. “It’s warm there,” she explained. Penelope looked up at her, studying her features. She could never find it in herself to say no to Emily Prentiss, even when she wanted to. Good thing she wasn’t planning on refusing the offer.
“Okay,” Penelope agreed. Emily thinned her lips, a silent agreement as she stood up, Penelope’s hand still in hers. She pulled slightly to help her up. Penelope took in the sight for a second, the light from the overhang basking Emily in an ethereal glow, bringing out the subtle brown highlights in her hair. Penelope then shook her head, pushed herself off the concrete, reluctantly dropped Emily’s hand. Her palm felt empty without the weight of Emily’s in it.
Of course, Penelope was used to this feeling. Well, not this specific physical feeling. But rather the achy loneliness that came after any semi-intimate moment with Emily. If JJ could see her now, she’d be slapping her upside the head for not making a move. And normally, Penelope would. With anyone else, she totally would. She thrived on being in control, hated in-betweens and uncertainty. But that’s where she and Emily were destined to lie. In this vague gray area that Penelope wasn’t even sure the other woman was aware of.
The walk back was short and silent. Penelope could hear the whistling of the wind, feel the cold slicing into her cheek. The icy chill reaffirmed the practical decision to go to Emily’s room with her. It wasn’t just her giant, hopeless crush talking. This was a logical choice. The only choice, really.
Emily stopped in front of a faded green door, dug around in her coat for her key. Penelope felt a pang of jealousy at the flash of silver. Must be nice to have a room key. She couldn’t complain, though. Time with Emily was never a bad thing.
The two of them stamped in, kicking snow off their shoes before shedding their layers, piling coats onto an empty armchair. Penelope settled onto the bed. Full size. Roomier than most government-sanctioned motel rooms provide. Not that she had much experience traveling on cases, but this seemed like best case scenario. Well, up until she locked herself out, of course.
“Do you want to warm up a bit and then talk to the manager about letting you into your room?” Emily offered. Penelope shook her head.
“He’s gone for the night. He’ll be back in the morning,” she explained. Emily hummed. A beat passed.
“That’s kind of a stupid business practice,” Emily pointed out. Penelope laughed, Emily joining in with her.
“Yeah, it kind of is.” Penelope agreed. Emily looked around, as though mulling over options in her mind.
“Alright, you can stay with me for the night, then,” Emily said, decisive. Penelope smiled.
“Like a slumber party!”
Emily laughed. “Like a slumber party,” she affirmed, flashing Penelope a wicked smile that made the other woman’s palms sweat. Penelope suddenly felt woefully unprepared. She hated being unprepared.
“You’ll need something to change into,” Emily mentioned. “Uh…” She trailed off. Uncertain. Emily rummaged around in the black duffle before chucking a lump of fabric at Penelope’s face. Penelope chuckled before unfolding the cotton shirt, her throat suddenly dry. As though someone had sucked all the air out of the room.
This was her shirt. In Emily’s bag.
“Do you…” Penelope started, unable to finish the sentence. She wanted to ask if Emily always kept Penelope’s clothes in her go-bag, but the answer was evident here. Penelope’s presence on this case was last minute. This wasn’t planned. This was just something Emily did. Penelope felt her insides thaw out, a tingly kind of warmth creeping in. A floaty feeling. Penelope turned the shirt over in her hands. It was an old one. Oversized. Familiar. Why did Emily have it? Penelope wracked her brain for a few seconds before realization crept in.
“I gave you this when you came over to help paint my apartment,” Penelope spoke, soft. Emily looked down. She looked…sheepish. Penelope nodded, confirming her own story. “So that you wouldn’t get paint on your clothes…” She trailed off. All the memories flooding back to her.
“I’m here, and I come bearing gifts!” Emily yelled out as she let herself into Penelope’s apartment. It was the first time Emily didn’t get lost trying to find it and she was quite proud of that fact. Penelope now peered around the corner, dressed in her most ragged overalls, paintbrush in hand. She huffed a laugh when she saw what Emily was holding.
“Emily Prentiss, you better not get drunk while painting my apartment. I’m trusting you with this paintbrush,” she thrust it towards her, bristles out.
“I’m not going to drunkenly paint your apartment, don’t worry,” Emily reassured the fretting blonde as she set the bottle of wine on the counter. “I’ll only be tipsy. The drunkenness comes after.” She flashed a devilish grin. Penelope rolled her eyes, unable to be frustrated with the woman she’d grown to love. Her best friend.
“Just come help me. I’ve already started…” Penelope trailed off, gave Emily a once-over. “Please tell me you brought other clothes to change into.”
“No, I didn’t have time to stop at my place. I figured I could just borrow something from my incredible, amazing friend.” Emily laid it on thick. That same smile. Penelope could never resist that smile.
“Ugh, anything for you, my incredible, amazing, pain in my butt,” Penelope grinned, already turning around and walking towards her bedroom. She pulled out one of her drawers, rummaged through until she found a ratty old hackathon t-shirt. “Here,” Penelope called, tossing it Emily’s way. Emily just barely caught it, holding the shirt up to inspect the design. Emily laughed at what was printed on, turning it around to face Penelope and reading the saying out loud…
“Hack to the Future,” Penelope mumbled, fingers tracing over the bright blue letters.
“That’s one of my favorite memories,” Emily spoke, quiet. “I’d only been with the BAU for a few months, but you didn’t make me feel like an outsider. You became my best friend.”
Penelope felt the exact same. She’d had the inklings of a crush—since the moment they met, really—but at that point everything was still new and exciting. There was still hope. Until Penelope did something incredibly stupid, of course. She fell in love with her best friend.
“It’s one of my favorite memories, too,” Penelope breathed, clutching the shirt, thinking back to a smiling, laughing, decidedly drunk-not-tipsy Emily Prentiss with paint smeared on her cheek. It was unavoidable, really. Falling in love. But they were already cemented in their friendship by then. Penelope wouldn’t risk it. Couldn’t risk it.
“You know…” Emily started. Sighed. Penelope placed the memento beside her as she listened for her next words. “I’d never do anything to ruin that. Our friendship is too important to me,” Emily whispered. Penelope’s heartbeat pounded in her ears as Emily slowly walked closer to her, a painstaking pace. An unreadable expression. The shivers returned at the impending closeness.
“Em…” She whispered as Emily paused, standing directly in front of her. Penelope remained seated as she looked up into Emily’s eyes, basked in her gaze.
“Just,” Emily spoke. “I’m a hypocrite, okay? But let me try something…” She placed a finger under Penelope’s chin, featherlight. Penelope felt her cheeks burn at the touch. No more worries about being cold, Penelope was burning up under the scrutiny of Emily’s stare.
Penelope kept her eyes open until the last second, not wanting to forget a thing. Emily did the same, only closing her eyes once she had closed the gap. At that small brush of lips, Penelope thought her heart was going to burst out of her chest, fracturing every piece of her until she was a jagged mess at Emily’s feet. But that didn’t happen. Instead, the slightest spark of static electricity when Emily placed her other hand on Penelope’s leg—for balance—propelled her into motion. Penelope lifted her palms up to cradle Emily’s face, thumbs tracing over her cheekbones as she returned the kiss, eagerly.
Emily tasted like cigarette smoke and the mints she carried to hide the smell on her breath, but Penelope couldn't bring herself to care. The two moved in tandem, finding an easy rhythm. Gentle, slow, desperate. It never progressed any further, but Penelope held on tight, trying to convey every overwhelming, passionate emotion into their kiss. Emily slid her hand from Penelope’s chin down to where her neck met her shoulder. Penelope shivered at the touch, the cold hand on her neck, before moving to grip Emily’s waist. Penelope attempted to drag her down even closer despite the awkward angle. She couldn’t bear the thought of letting Emily go.
Emily held firm on Penelope’s thigh, shaky in her balancing act. It wasn’t enough though, as the kiss was broken by Emily falling on top of Penelope, an ungraceful oof as she landed in the other woman’s lap. Emily caught her gaze, and all was silent for just a moment before the pair burst out into laughter. Uncontrollable, tear-inducing laughter. Penelope helped pull her further onto the bed, so the two sat side by side. She continued giggling at the ridiculousness of the situation, watching Emily’s face light up as she did the same.
Penelope couldn’t help but be in awe of the woman before her, the radiant sense of comfort she felt in Emily’s presence. She thought she was in for a cold, lonely night ahead, but Emily Prentiss defied expectations. She disseminated an easy warmth that melted even the coldest tundras, the largest glaciers. It might just melt Penelope’s heart.
The giggles slowly faded, giddiness with it. Eventually the pair laid down together on the bed, facing each other. Penelope intertwined their hands. She was determined to hold on to this moment. Hold onto Emily. They stayed like this, comfortably quiet, just savoring the moment and each other.
“As much as I would love to keep doing…this,” Emily gestured between the two of them with their linked hands. “We should probably get some sleep. Early start tomorrow. We can ask the manager to let you into your room then.” Emily went to get up, fingers slowly stretching out.
Penelope didn’t let go of Emily, though. Emily sent her a questioning look but didn’t make any further moves to pull away. Penelope looked down, up.
“Your hands feel good in mine,” She mumbled. Emily beamed in response, brought up their joined hands, kissed Penelope’s knuckles. She broke out into a grin.
“Your hands feel good in mine?” Emily teased, no malice in her tone. Penelope let go of one hand to swat her on the arm, playful.
“Yes. And my hands are cold!” Penelope whined.
“So are mine!” Emily laughed, settled back into her space as she squeezed their hands once, twice. Eventually, they’d have to get up. Get ready for bed. Talk about what all of this means. But right now? It could wait. All that mattered were Emily’s hands in Penelope’s. The gleeful expressions on their faces. Penelope was suddenly grateful for locking herself out. Who needed a key to their own motel room when you could share one with your best friend? In this moment, Penelope decided that maybe tonight wasn’t the worst night ever. Cold hands, warm hearts, and maybe—just maybe—it was the start of something beautiful.
taglist: @ropoto @reidactually @dalexandriag16 @honeyreid @reidselle
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some27-url · 12 days ago
give me your unhinged maccready and/or deacon headcanons
Oh man 😆
OK well with Deacon I like to think that Barbara isn't real, the deathclaws weren't real, etc but not that he's willfully lying to you when he tells you about them. When I write Deacon, I think of his existence in the *now* to be pretty solid, like he's got a good handle on himself and on his Railroad operations, but his memories before that are scattered and fuzzy and some are true, others fabricated and he doesn't really have a very good handle on which are which. As far as why? 🤷‍♂️ idk something Hella fucked up must've happened to him. That's also why I write him as being super particular about cleanliness and order, which is a really heavy handed trait in the bunny series and will also be a thing in illusions /Inclusions before long. I just can't not see it. He's a control freak bc there is so much uncertainty about his past and about why he's got such jumbled memories he needs to have his hands all over what he can control.
I don't have much for unhinged hc for Mac 😆 except that like... and I'm sorry of this is too explicit but I cannot see him as a sub. People write him that way and like, I'm sorry, I get it, I know he's like a scrawny sort of dude and he's definitely got a soft side but this is the guy who forced his way into a position of power ruling over a town of children at? Like 10, right? He ran with the gunners and then fucking LEFT them which takes BALLS and idk I'm not saying subs can't be tough or whatever or that people who are good at strapping on their armor and pushing through life can't be submissive in bed like y'all do y'all but fuckinf Mayor MacCready didn't grow up NOT to keep bossing people around and getting his way. I don't necessarily feel like that's unhinged but it is something I feel like I have to tip-toe around when looking for fics to read bc it's a detail I really struggle to get over. 😂
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adventuresofmeghatron · 24 days ago
Fallout / Fallout 4 | Rated E | Graphic Depictions of Violence
Robert Joseph MacCready/Female Sole Survivor
Notable Tags: Slow Burn | Strangers to Lovers | Friends to Lovers | Mutual Pining | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD | Hurt/Comfort | Angst | Eventual Smut | Canon Divergence| Bittersweet Ending | Angst with a Happy Ending | Battle Couple
“Six months, huh? How much fast talking did you do to get here?”   “Enough to keep me alive.”
“Really? Cause you don’t act like that’s your goal half the time. Hell, you throw yourself at everything like you’re jumping off a cliff.”
Sole survivor Natasha Sokolova is burning through friends faster than she can make them. Robert Joseph MacCready needs all the caps he can get. Problem is, the smooth-talking woman with a pistol and a job offer turns out to be more trouble than he’s counting on. They’re a match made in hell, but their little partnership might be the only thing that can see them through it.
Chapter 25: Process of Elimination, is now posted!
Chapter Summary:  Natasha and MacCready lend their aid to the Railroad in a time of need.
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Chapters: 18/?
Fandom: Fallout 4
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Robert Joseph MacCready/Female Sole Survivor, Robert Joseph MacCready/Sole Survivor, Em Schanda/RJ MacCready
Characters: Robert Joseph MacCready, Deacon (Fallout), John Hancock (Fallout), Female Sole Survivor, Sole Survivor (Fallout), Curie (Fallout), Piper Wright, Paladin Danse (Fallout), Nick Valentine, Dogmeat (Fallout)
Additional Tags: non-canon backstory, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Em and Mac, Eventual Romance, Eventual Relationships, Eventual Smut, I'll tag this as I go, there is no synth Shaun, PCOS mention, Depression, Past Abuse, I will tag at the beginning of chapters for you, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
Series: Part 1 of Em and Mac
Em, a former pre-war medic from the US Army, is thrust into post-apocalypse Boston. As she searches for her missing son, she's pointed in the direction of a mercenary, down on his luck. As they travel together, they learn there's more in common with each other than they think. Can she trust him to teach her about living in the Wasteland, and can he trust her at all?
As Em and Mac start into the Glowing Sea, Mac loses something close to him, and Em resolves to get it back.
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fo4-companions-and-faves · 5 months ago
Platonic Hancock & Maccready reacting to f!sole getting drunk?
Thanks for the prompt!
Hancock finds drunk Sole to be a breath of fresh air! Most people get drunk in the commonwealth to forget their troubles or calm their nerves or even as a way to try and cope with what they've been through. He gets it, he's got plenty to drink about and he's not oblivious to the fact that she does too, but it's rare that he encounters someone who drinks just to loosen up and have FUN!
Sole quickly becomes his favorite drinking partner. Everytime she swings through town to sell stuff off to Daisy or turn in and pick up jobs, he tracks her down and asks her if she'll co-host a shindig with him. Hancock can throw a hell of a party, but Sole's carefree attitude puts a certain lightheartedness on the events that the Commonwealth has been lacking for a loooooong time.
MacCready has never seen such a lightweight. He counts his lucky stars - and Sole's - that he hadn't seen her drunk until several months into their travels bc if she had let her guard down that far when they'd first met he probably would have robbed her blind and taken off before she knew what had hit her. Now he has too much respect for the lady, and for her mission, to take advantage of her that way. 
He decides that it's probably not a good idea for them to both get drunk so he slows down and just lets Sole cut loose for once. As he swats off, like, the tenth sleezeball trying to get into her pants it hits him just how much she must trust him. He's lucky to have a friend like her in the world and he's happy he can be there for her. 
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one-boring-person · 4 months ago
Character List
This is the list of characters I will write requests for😁
Those marked (*) are characters I will write smut for
Christoph Waltz (* for all)-
Hans Landa
August Rosenbluth
King Schultz
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Dusan Mirkovic
Ede (Parole Chicago)
Cornelis (Tulip Fever)
August Diehl (* for all)-
Dieter Hellstrom
Franz Sauer
Mike Krause
Moritz de Vries
Hermann Krause
Max (Plan A)
Bernhardt (If Not Us, Who?)
Jan (Furia)
Kurt Russell (*)-
Konstantin Richter (Die Kommenden Tage)
R.J Macready
Stuntman Mike
Snake Plissken
Stephen McCaffrey
Yautja (*)
Skynet (*)
Lyutsifer Safin (*)
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rjmeta · 7 months ago
RJ Does Writing/Editing Commissions Now
Broke aroace agender uni student needs food money, who've thunk? Anyway, I am now offering writing/editing commissions, as you can probably tell from the title of this post.
any fandoms on my AO3 (link in my about page (link in source))
anything on my fandoms list (also in the about page)
angst, hurt/comfort, hurt no comfort, fluff, whump, crack, chatfic, slice of life, or any permutation thereof.
any fandoms on my AO3
any fandoms on my fandoms list
most genres aside from ones on my DON'Ts list
I will edit non-fiction, but only as a base-level editor.
anything on the sexual side of NSFW (i go as far as kissing and maybe some flirtatious touching)
extreme torture (e.g. graphic detail, torture-porn)
sibling/sibling and/or parent/child and/or teacher/student romance
anything /reader
age regression and similar
A/B/O and similar AUs
Real Person Fiction (RPF) of any kind.
I reserve the right to deny a commission; please contact me via email ([email protected]) or message me here on tumblr to discuss potential commissions before sending me any money.
Short Ficlets (500 words and less) - £10
Ficlets (500-1000 words) - £20
Shortfic (1000-2000 words) - £30
Fic (2000-3000 words) - £40
Every 100 words after 3000 - +£5
OCs (I will require a short bio on the OCs in question) - +£5 per OC
Reader-insert - +£10
BASIC LEVEL (essentially just proofreading for grammatical/spelling errors):
Short Ficlets (less than 500 words) - £10
Ficlets (500-1000 words) - £20
Shortfic (1000-2000 words) - £30
Fic (2000-3000 words) - £40
Every 100 words after 3000 words - +£5
HIGHER LEVEL (I poke your plot for holes):
Short Ficlets (less than 500 words) - £15
Ficlets (500-1000 words) - £25
Shortfic (1000-2000 words) - £35
Fic (2000-3000 words) - £45
Every 100 words after 3000 words - +£10
Editing prices are per chapter/oneshot. If you want to hire me to edit a multichapter fic, email me for discussion.
Payment is done through Paypal ([email protected]).
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spicyicyricy · 7 months ago
Does anyone really understand
How blessed they are
To not be a world apart
To see your face
Your eyes and smile
Or to feel your embrace
Or to just know your name
Or what fills your days
Do they really understand
How blessed they are to witness you
I know I do
- rj (@flowoverflowing)
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bakugous-sandbag · 9 months ago
✨Jealous Bakugou Katsuki✨
Nuff said
Warnings: Smut, jealousy, just sum of that good ol’ possessive behaviour
Tumblr media
- Jealous Bakugou Katsuki who can’t stand the way some people are staring at you for too long at the club so he wraps an arm around your shoulder and flips them off when they get too ‘friendly.’ Probably leaves a few kisses over your neck to send them a clear-fuckin’-message. He makes sure to leave it so high and so dark that there’s no way you can hide or cover that hickie of his up
- Jealous Bakugou Katsuki who can’t stand the way some of your work colleagues are trying to get too-damn-close so he stands behind you, practically looming over your shoulder and making a cut-throat motion to get them to ‘Back the fuck off extra. They’re already mine’
- Jealous Bakugou Katsuki who can’t staaand the way you’re paying more attention to your phone than him, so he has you settled over your stomach on the shared king sized bed. He’ll get you to look at him eventually when he’s rocking into you with deep, possessive growls rumbling from his chest. If that doesn’t work, he flips you over onto your back and grabs you by the jaw to force you to look at him. Just fuckin’ look at him dammit
- Jealous Bakugou Katsuki who’s all bared teeth and gruff snarls as he demands your absolute attention. When he goes down on you he’s got your body mapped out perfectly. Knows all of your wants. Knows all of your needs. He knows you better than you ever could when he tears you apart, just to put you back together again
- Jealous Bakugou Katsuki who wraps a hand around that pretty little throat of yours, fingers almost searing to the touch. He can barely control his own quirk because of how you make him feel. He’s nearly exploding with envy. And when he’s got you teetering along the edge, he denies your orgasm as he asks you, “Could they ever fuck you like this? Who do you fuckin’ belong to? Who owns you?” And he demands a semi-coherent, verbal answer before he finally- finally lets you cum with his permission
- Jealous Bakugou Katsuki who makes you scream your voice raw, has you choking out his name, over and over and over again. He has you submitting to that overflowing, glowing hot jealousy of his. He doesn’t stop until he’s absolutely sure he’s claimed you as his, both inside and out
Tumblr media
Reposted from my old account!
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sarcasticsunshine123 · 2 months ago
maybe a family is you, your boyfriend and the partners you found out about along the way
Pairing: Ricky Bowen/EJ Caswell
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: General Audience
Word Count: 3,539
Or, five times someone in the drama club fake dated Ricky, and one time Ricky noticed.
"We probably have to save him."
Now it was Gina's turn to sigh, "Yeah, probably."
After a few more seconds of watching the train wreck; she turned back to him, a smirk now present on her face. "Rock, paper, scissors you for it? Loser has to help Ricky."
read on ao3
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kittimau · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
home where my love lies
Rating: Explicit
Relationship: Robert Joseph MacCready/Female Sole Survivor
Tags: POV Mac, Pining, Idiots in Love, Canon-Typical Violence, Fluff, Teasing, Sexual Tension, Sharing a Bed, First Kiss, Smut & more
MacCready's in love, but his mouth can't seem to get with the program.
“I just want you to know how much your friendship means to me,” he’d said.
He’s a fucking idiot.
Because whatever they are, they haven’t felt like just friends for a long time. At least not to him. Despite their occasional heated bickering, despite her mad dash back and forth across the Commonwealth to fix everyone else’s problems, despite her terrible habit of steamrolling into damn near every death trap imaginable, he knows he’d follow her to the ends of the earth. He’ll do anything for her.
He loves her. And it’s been tearing him the hell up inside.
Link to Ao3
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unmitigatedsuperiority · 5 months ago
fuck being insecure about your own writing. any time you write a sentence you love, revel in the fact that in that moment you are actually the greatest writer who has ever lived
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some27-url · 29 days ago
Also I've been reading a lot of soulmate au's lately and
Might've indulged my creative brain a bit last night as I was trying to find sleep and maybe am having a hard time not thinking about it now.... 🤭
Anyone down for (yet another) super angsty mac/f!sosu soulmate fic??
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adventuresofmeghatron · a month ago
Chapters: 24/?
Fandom: Fallout 4, Fallout (Video Games)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Robert Joseph MacCready/Female Sole Survivor, Robert Joseph MacCready/Sole Survivor
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Strangers to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Major Character Injury, Angst, Fluff, Humor, Eventual Smut, Canon Divergence, Bittersweet Ending, Angst with a Happy Ending, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Childhood Trauma, Panic Attacks, Human Trafficking, Abduction, Home Invasion, Immigration, Grief/Mourning, Loss, Recovery, Battle Couple, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
“Six months, huh? How much fast talking did you do to get here?” “Enough to keep me alive.”
“Really? Cause you don’t act like that’s your goal half the time. Hell, you throw yourself at everything like you’re jumping off a cliff.”
Sole survivor Natasha Sokolova is burning through friends faster than she can make them. Robert Joseph MacCready needs all the caps he can get. Problem is, the smooth-talking woman with a pistol and a job offer turns out to be more trouble than he’s counting on. They’re a match made in hell, but their little partnership might be the only thing that can see them through it.
Chapter 24: Knock Knock, is now posted!
Chapter Summary:  Natasha and MacCready have unexpected visitors.
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Six Sentence Sunday!!
Holy heck am I active today! But that's okay, I'm getting all/most of the things I was tagged in done today, and I'm here to kick today off!
I got tagged by @nightingaelic , @trashkingnyx , and @valkyriesews for WIP Wednesday, but by then, I was editing Chapter 17 for Stimpacks, so I promised the first two and I would just transfer it to Sunday when I had some new stuff, and I do!
Chapter 18 is starting off almost just as tense as how 17 ended, which is really what I wanted. But they're actually at the place Em "wanted" to be as far as location. It's more than six sentences but I think you'll forgive me. For context on how to start, Em was about to start changing into her hazmat suit by walking around a giant concrete column under the overpass at the edge of the Glowing Sea, and Mac followed her cause he's upset.
"Do you mind?" she asked.
"Yes," MacCready replied heatedly. "I do mind. You barely said anything since we left."
"I have nothing of importance to say."
"You also usually hum, or sing to the radio. Or just talk. Something, but there's nothing."
"What do you want me to do, just go back to normal like nothing happened?"
"I was hoping, yeah. I know you said you needed time, but I thought it'd be a few hours, not all day. I already apologized, and if I heard you correctly yesterday, you said you forgave me."
"I'm not a lightswitch, Mac! I can't just say 'I forgive you', and just go back to my happy assed self. 'Cause I'm not. I'm not happy at all."
"Well, is there something I can do to make you happy? Or at least.. something other than borderline silent? Just… just tell me how to fix it."
*sigh*. He's trying, and I think we can give him some credit by wanting to fix it than let it fester.
I'll tag @electricshoebox , @totally-not-deacon and @adventuresofmeghatron No pressure of course! Catching up on tags and sending out the event! Have a wonderful Sunday!
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mtreebeardiles · 5 days ago
WIP Whenever
Got tagged by @tiny-banana-time -- many thanks!  Uh, this is less a WIP and more a bit of voice testing, but I did wind up posting it. Never written in this fandom before so more testing is gonna be needed before I land on the cadence I want, but! Hopefully not too bad for a first effort into the Fallout Universe (and idr if you’re familiar with fallout, but hopefully this’ll be a fun read anyway?)
Let’s see! Tagging @theoriginalladya even though she’s already done it and i swear it has nothing to do with wanting more of a certain AU -- no pressure though! And anyone else who wants to share what they’re playing with!  ----
"Alright, I gotta ask."
 He waited until the other man set down his toolkit on the workbench behind him and peered up at him from where he was still kneeling behind his power armor. A tripped mine had torn through the plating, and RJ tried not to dwell too much on how badly it could've gone had Maks not insisted on wearing the hulking thing in the first place. 
 He doubted even someone with Maks's luck would have limped away from that one. 
 A thick eyebrow arched as Maks waited, the hint of a smile curving that irritatingly distracting mouth. Movie-star handsome, as Piper had put it. Classic good looks, or something adjacent to it, certain features too unique or too imperfect to encapsulate the men of Hollywood's heyday. Eyebrows a touch too thick, nose a touch too strong, the fine line of a scar tracing over the corner of his lips, and RJ hated how much he liked to look at the bast--the ass--the…
 There's no helping this one, Duncan.
 Especially because Maks kept wearing that ridiculous outfit.
 "I get why Preston wears the fancy hat and period clothing, but uh… kinda seems like a bit much, don't you think?"
 And Maks tilted his head, eyebrow arching higher and -- yep, definitely smirking now. 
 RJ wasn't sure if he wanted to wipe that smile off his face with caustic remarks or his own mouth. 
 "Maybe I like fancy hats."
 "You can't be serious."
 "You have a bit of fancy hat yourself, you know."
 "Uhh, okay, no, this is a good hat, alright? Not too eye-catching, not trying to make a statement. Simple."
 "My tri-corner hat isn't simple?"
 "It's a tri-corner hat and you're dressed like a godd-- a gosh darn founding father."
 "Nonsense," Maks scoffed. "I don't have a single powdered wig."
 "Maybe you weren't liked enough to get elected to government," RJ shot back, but this only made Maks laugh. 
 Which was a problem, really, because Maks's laughter had an annoying tendency to vibrate through his chest, warm and rich, like something you'd wanna curl up in on a cold night. 
 "I think," Maks went on after a moment. He hefted himself to his feet, brushing off those completely impractical pants and that equally impractical waistcoat. "The answer is actually pretty obvious."
 RJ scowled, folding his arms over his chest.
 "Yeah? Alright, enlighten me, hotshot."
 Maks straightened, adjusting his hat before turning to him. He widened his eyes for effect.
 "I'm a man out of time."
 RJ stared at him. 
 "I hate you."
 "And yet…" His eyes crinkled in the corners when he smiled like that, and RJ tried his best not to notice. "You're still here."
 "Caps'll make you do weird things like that."
 He clapped RJ on the shoulder as he walked past. RJ fought not to turn around and watch him leave. 
 Certain views weren't going to help his resolve any, and he wasn't about to give Maks the satisfaction of knowing the stupid outfit did, in fact, look good on him. 
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million-golden-drachmas · 2 months ago
I believe there's a Benkai story in the other Bens universe as well.. and if I don't write them, then who freaking will??!?
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