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#small apartment
dum6bunnie · 2 days ago
thinking abt my future last night kept me awake I'm so stressed abt things that I'll have to do idek how I'm gonna land a job or get my license ya kno?? it's so stupid I'm so bad at everything I know what I have to do and how to do it I just need to actually get around to it
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mintbees · 2 days ago
In regards to the dream not paying his animators enough rumor
cool. good to know it probably wasnt dreams fault. Still likely it was the leader of phyre who instead rushed/refused to pay the animators and moddler.
Tumblr media
dream here says they have time, but the company leader INSISTS that they dont have time.
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And this goes back to the workers. Brady Harty (moddled the dream model used in the MV) was allegedly forced to crunch to meet a deadline that dream did not set.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"phyre handled everything else" very likely the lead of phyre held payments over the animators heads until the project was done so they wouldnt drop out, something Harty mentions thinking about several times during the project.
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The "boss" of phyreproductions is also a 16 year old woman who is clearly a big fan of dream. I don't mean to assume anything negative about her due to her age, but its highly likely she was so starstruck that she wanted to make her team deliver as fast as possible to wow a man she clearly admires. This is without a doubt her teams biggest paid project so far, if not their first. Remember crunch time, under/witheld payment, and general mistreatment of workers is pretty much an industry standard within animation. As well as crunch time to get an animation done as fast as possible to please the customer, regardless of how doable the deadline is. As of posting this reply im incredibly exhausted so this is not my best worded reply, nor do i work in the animation industry myself, nevertheless: Remember that when you work in the industry, coming out about mistreatment in the work place is a move that can cost you your carreer. Especially when its about a high profile company or client, something that dream undeniably is. Unless very hard proof comes out otherwise, i doubt Mr Harty would risk his carreer over 70 likes on twitter. Regardless of your own personal opinion on dream, all current proof points to PhyreProduction's boss being the root cause of alleged workers mistreatment and rushed production. Now don't ask me about this any further or use this post in the greater discourse surrounding the MV and its production or dream himself, i dont feel like debating dream stans/dream haters in my inbox.
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