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All the info we know from SRTT: Remaster

  • Developed by Sperasoft, published by Deep Silver. Volition had nothing to do with this version.
  • Around 4000 assets reworked (including every weapon and every car).
  • New character, weapons and vehicles models, VFX, and incorporating a new lighting engine.
  • The base game will be identical to its original release. No new content will be added (Ex: Day/night cycle, unused assets, etc.).
  • All DLCs will be included.
  • EGS exclusive for PC until 2021.
  • Pc version is digital only.
  • Console version is capped to 30fps.
  • No plans for new gen consoles release.
  • No official modding support from Volition.
  • Local only character saving to replace My Steelport is not yet confirmed.
  • My Steelport website wont come back.
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Like FULL FUCKING OFFENSE, but there are the same people that left one dude to make a patch to fix a broken game working on it alone, all by himself. While they were applying HD textures to a perfectly fine game they can resell?

What a great way to treat fans, Deep Silver :)

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@occorner replied to your post “BTW to keep you all up to date Saints Row The Third remaster has been…”

Yeah, I probably meant rerelease. I mix terms, sorry. But still why not to work on SR2/SR1 rereleases instead? It would sell out I am sure of it… And SRTT did not have many in game flaws, the real flaws (like storyline and missions) could not be fixed with remaster… So why SRTT?

Like I said, SR1 and SR2 have spaghetti code. They’re in such a terrible state that remastering them takes as much resources as making Saints Row 5, which eliminates a chances of it ever happening (new games bring in a lot more money than remasters/remakes, a fact).

On the other hand, Saints Row The Third and IV has a lot more polished source code. It’s easier to modify, change and adapt it to different platforms. That why we got switch ports for both of these. Deep Silver Fishlabs ported and released both Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV to Switch all while Volition was developing Saints Row 5 (which isn’t even ANNOUNCED yet, mind you).

The only thing possible is a Saints Row 2 Remastered if they decide to use the Saints Row 2 source code which will be polished by Minimaul for the Steam release (which is a free remaster basically). Saints Row 1 is sadly a lost cause (tho that game is aged like milk and simple re-release wouldn’t do it)

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Unfortunately, under the moon and the stars,
We’re all the same.
You, with guns in your hand and prayers on your tongue,
To the Almighty:
Pleading Allah, praising Him
You, who calls upon the death of the innocent,
And I, with spilled ink and seized lips,
With mouths open aghast,
From watching the young die at your feet,
Begging for mercy, begging for life.
Under the moon and the stars,
We’re all the same.
You, with your pretty eyes and perfect hair
With prodigious marvels to your name,
I, just another being,
We may be different but all the same,
Seeking peace and satisfaction, while setting individual goals
Hitherto paving our ways;
Under the moon and the stars,
We’re all the same.
We’re all looked upon with the same Eye.
We’re all heading to oblivion.

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Sweet as honey, 

the memories of those good feelings, 

These tears are acid on my skin,

As laughters turn to pain. 

Always believed in myself, 

In my strength and sensibility, 


something inside of me hurts. 

There’s a void there

Where a heart was,

Memories of bitter feelings

I’ve forgotton their origin

Forgotten in entirety

All I remember now are

All the goodbyes I said time and again


I never truly let go

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Dedicated to my lovely roomie

Already had a sister when I was in my mother’s womb, who, when she came to drop me off at Goa, left me in the good hands of another.
My roommate and I, joined a completely alien world of college together, and somehow hit it off without even trying. There’s much that’s perfect in this imperfect globule of dust and water, and she aligns into my life as exactly that.
We complement each other. I wouldn’t know how to expand myself to half the population in the college which is Marathi, but for her. I’m not an introvert, but I am reserved. In order for me to be able to be sincere to people, I open up to only a few. Then there’s her, one among the sweetest and more genuine and caring of our species, who helps me be a nicer version of myself to others.
Things aren’t all rosy, we’re opposites too. You see, it rains cats and dogs in Goa, and while I adore those pretty creations of God, she’s scared of ‘em both. (doesn’t even let me let Seven in the room *sighs* )
At night, when I’m off to bed without brushing my teeth, she’s the elder sister in charge, telling me to get off my lazy ass and make it to the basin. But then I also see this lil girl, running out of the room screaming but it’s no harlem shake.. and somehow the very girl who woke up the entire house in the dead of the night on seeing cockroaches, becomes the tough girl battling spiders under her desk for her (here, I am the tough girl, tough girl is me).
My own mother would disown me due to my 5 o'clock alarms that woke me up only to get back to another sleep, yet she tolerates them. And me.
You get the idea; we get by alright. Or better than alright.
Ily SJ!

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