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"Hey does this belong to you?" -Uncle Woerm
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well I know it wasn’t a big dramatic sequence people wanted but, thankfully they both ended up getting something they wanted 
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look, Rayquaza can fly, even Kyogre can fly, clearly wrongs needed to be righted here
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special thanks again to incorrect quotes and the models for this one XD (the models are a life saver, these guys are so dang complicated)
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What are your thoughts on this?
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bruh Mewtwo knows what’s up 
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TommyInnit Appreciation
So, this is just a spur of the moment post, because I just don’t wanna bully the gremlin (in a fan platonic loving way) just once. I will admit, I only knew Tommy in Wilbur’s SMPEarth and SMPLive, like I acknowledged he was there, but never really payed attention to Tommy.
Then I started to get interested (in a fan platonic way of course) and started to watch some of his videos, then watched his streams. I really started seriously watching him and get into the DSMP at the almost beginning, the disc wars (I can’t really say I’m an OG dsmp fan, but really close).
I saw him at 100k subscribers. Then during quarantine, I, and so many others, saw how much he grew. In subs, and also how he, along with Wilbur and then came along everyone else, the DSMP storyline. It still baffles me how it went from Tommy just messing around, fighting dream for the discs with Tubbo and Sapnap, to now having Tales of the SMP, the egg lore, etc. It just makes me tear up.
Anyways, going back on track, I honestly just wanna pour all of my fan appreciation and affection into this one post. (Because he rarely uses Tumblr, and Twitter, it would be just so long.) Maybe it’s because I don’t look deep enough, but I don’t see more posts, on any social media, on appreciating Tommy enough. Only ones where it’s either bullying him, being indifferent about him, and even worse, just being downright nasty to him.
I can’t tell social cues, much less guessing if any were only lighthearted or actually meaning what they mean, so I’m just throwing my post out here. So. I’m actually so proud of Tommy, for actually blowing up so big, and even having so many viewers watching his streams whenever he does. He has so many subs, (even though Ranboo passed him, having like 30,000+ subs is still incredible) and it it just shows he has supporters. Who like his personality, or at least tolerate him enough, lol. Honestly though, he’s just the one of the funniest people, with such a bright personality, that it’s honestly so exciting and great to watch and support him. He’s such a litle shit, in a good way. He makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, makes me smile every time he goes live. He’s also supportive of the LGBTQ+, and is really nice and caring. Hecks sake, he has color coded subtitles in his videos! And as much as I like his loud and energetic personality, I also like the “real” him. Where we see his calm moments, his rare heartwarming moments, where we actually see how mature and smart he really is, how actually good Tommy is at Minecraft. Only, he would rather just put on his TommyInnit persona and not really try at Minecraft mostly for the content. (And also his good skills get outshine by people like Dream and Technoblade, but in some MCCs, you can see he’s actually pretty good, based on ranks, leadership, support, and overall playing). I’m actually so glad to be a inniter. A fan, a stan (that’s not one of the crazy ones and actually respects a CC’s boundaries and doesn’t intrude nor have the entitlement to believe I can invade their life), for Tommy. He’s incredible, and I can’t wait how he’ll be even bigger and better in the future, how the world isn’t ready for this feral child. I’ll be a fan, every step of the way, until either he decides to retire, or still continue on his journey. :)
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hypocrisyofandrewdobson · a year ago
Dobson's Patreon: An Addendum to His Monument of Sins
(The following is a submission from @soyouareandrewdobson, meant to be an addendum to the multi-post submission @ripsinfest made a while back. Ironically, this one also had issues when being submitted, so I’ll be copypasting it here with all the images and links originally intended.)
In 2018, user @ripsinfest wrote a multipart series of posts for THOAD, recounting Dobson’s attempt to establish a patreon in 2015 and how it resulted in failure on a massive scale, to the point that his patreon is arguably “a monument to all his sins”.
Personally I think the post series is extremely well researched, rather “neutral” in terms of tone (letting the posts provided as evidence speak more for themselves than the opinion of the writer) and gives a detailed but quick rundown on what went wrong. Primarily that Dobson overestimated his own “value” as an artist and did NOT attempt to give his few supporters what they wanted through his artwork posted around the time.
I do however want to use the opportunity to also point out at certain obvious things that in my opinion (and likely the opinions of others) added to the failure of the patreon account, that were not accounted for in detail and are primarily related to how the internet perceives popularity and Dobson’s inability to understand, how to “sell” and make himself look good to the public.
To begin with, let’s just point out a certain truth about making money via Patreon: To do so, depends a lot on your popularity as a content creator online. That is simply because the more popular you are, the bigger your fanbase is and as such the more likely a certain percentage of people may be willing to donate money to you and your work in hopes they get something out of it, even if it is just the altruistic feeling of having helped someone they “like”. It doesn’t take a genius to see, how e.g. internet reviewers such as Linkara or moviebob (around 2800 and 4400$ earnings via patreon each month respectively) can make quite some money, while other, more obscure content creator or artists barely make money to go by, earning essentially pocket money at best.
In addition, popularity is fleeting. A few years ago e.g. internet personality Noah Antweiler aka The SpoonyOne managed to earn 5000$ a month via patreon, just shortly after establishing his account. But his lack of content over the years AND his toxic behavior online resulted in a decline of popularity and with it people jumping off his Patreon. As such, Antweiler only earns nowadays around 290$ a month via Patreon and most of that money is likely form people who have forgotten they donate to him in the first place anyway.
And Noah is not the only one who over the course of the last couple of years lost earnings. Brianna Wu makes barely more than he does, despite having once been the “darling” of the internet when the Gamergate controversy was at its peak. Many Bronies who once made more than 2k via video reviews on a show about little horses at the peak of its popularity (2013-15) earn less than 300-800 on average nowadays because interest on the show as well as people talking about it has declined.
Heck, in preparation of writing this piece I found out, that one of the highest grossing patreons nowadays is “The last podcast on the left”, a podcast that earns more than 67k a month by making recordings on obscure and macabre subjects on a regular basis.
So there you have it folks: As the interests of the internet users change, so does the popularity of certain people online and -in case they have a patreon account or similar plattforms- their chances of making money via their content.
Which now brings us back to Dobson, who was not popular at all at that particular time and managed to become even less popular as the months and years passed by.
Sure, Dobson had his fans via deviantart, people knew who he was. But the later was more because of “infamy” than popularity and the number of fans he had accumulated online were representing people interested in him at least since 2005 and did not quite represent his actual present day numbers of supporters at the time.
And mind you, the number of supporters was less than 100k, most of them likely underaged deviantart users. And if my research indicates something, then that most content creators with a halfway decent patreon earning need at least 100k+ followers in total. Because of those fans, only around 1-3% will on average then spend money on you, if you actually create content they enjoy and on a regular basis.
Which brings up the next major problem: Dobson did not create content people enjoyed and that in more than one meaning of the word.
On one hand, as pointed out by ripsinfest, he barely released any content at all over 2015 after a few initial months, despite the fact that he was obviously active online a lot, as shown by his presence on twitter. On the other hand, the few things he did create were not the stuff people wanted.
As an example: If you go to a restaurant and pay for a pizza, you expect the cook to give you a pizza. If however for some reason he just gives you a soda, you get ripped off and never come back. In Dobson’s case, the thing people wanted was not pizza but comic pages. But what he delivered was mostly bland fanart, such as of Disney and Marvel characters crossing over or KorraSami. Sure, a few strips of “So…you are a cartoonist” were still released at the time, but not really many.
To give an overview: Taking the release dates on Dobson’s official SYAC site into account, he released around 16 strips of it between March and August of 2015, the last two being “No Leia” being titled “Zip line”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Afterwards, the next official strip released was “Anything at all” in October of 2016.
Tumblr media
Now to be fair, there was at least one more strip at the time Dobson released via patreon, that is also save to see on kiwifarms and other plattforms, which has not been uploaded to his official SYAC page. Likely because he simply forgot about it.
But I think that in itself should tell you something about Dobson’s work ethics when it comes to his webcomics. He promoted his patreon in his own video as a way to ensure he can make comics in a timely fashion again for others to enjoy, but in an environment where certain artists are capable to create multiple strips per week at minimum, Dobson could overall not manage to produce more than 16 over a course of six months, which means an average production of 3 strips per month.
For comparison, Tatsuya Ishida of the infamous sinfest webcomic (a garbage fire of epic proportions from a TERF who I think should be put on a watch list) has produced on average 4 strips per week, including full page Sunday strips, for years and nowadays even releases stuff on a daily basis to pass the covid crisis. So a mad man who wants to see trnas people die, has better work ethics than Dobson.
In other words, people expected Dobson to actually get back into creating comics (with some even expecting a return of Alex ze Pirate), but he got in fact even lazier than before, releasing only SYAC strips and random fanart as a product. Which he then also tried to justify as his choice to make because a) he had mental health issues and b) no one can tell him what to do.
And sure, people do not need to tell you what to do. But when people pay/donate money to you expecting to get a certain product in return, they should get the product. Linkara e.g. by all means doesn’t NEED to review comics to have a fullfilling life, but he got famous for his reviews, people want to see his reviews and they pay him for those reviews. So obviously, he will continue those things.
Then there is also the fact that despite Dobson’s claims how he wants to create comics for everone to enjoy and that he aims to keep his artwork online for free so anyone can view it…(his exact words in his promotional video AND text on his patreon once upon a time)
…the reality was, that he wanted to use patreon as a paywall. Something I actually kinda pointed out at on my own account (shameless self promotion) once, but want now to elaborate a bit. Basically at the time Dobson opened up his patreon, he also was on the verge of leaving deviantart as a platform people could look at his work behind. Which he eventually did.
Tumblr media
Meaning that the only major platforms for people to watch any “new” stuff by him were his patreon or art sites such as the SYAC homepage or andysartwork. Which granted, he did EVENTUALLY put his stuff on.
But unlike other content creators who would put “patreon exclusive” new content up on more public plattforms often within a few days, weeks or a month after making them “patreon only” at first, Dobson waited longer and did barely anything to promote his sites as places to look his stuff up for a public audience. In doing so creating a “bubble” for himself that hurt him more than it helped, as Dobson made himself essentially come off as a snob.
A snob who did not create content for everybody to enjoy, but ONLY for those willing to pay him at least one dollar per month. As evident e.g. by the fact that as time went by, certain content was never released outside of his patreon at all, such as a SYAC strip involving Dobbear screaming at the computer because he saw a piece of art that featured tumblr nose.
Tumblr media
Lastly, there is the issue of his patreon perks and stretch goals.
Tumblr media
See, his perks were essentially non existent. Aside of the beggars reward of “my eternal thank you if you donate 1 dollar”, two other perks that come to my mind were the following: If you donated up to 5$ at minimum, you got your name thrown into a lottery to potentially win buttons and postcards of his artwork. Unsold cheap merch from years prior he failed to sell at conventions basically. There was just a problem with that thing: That lottery thing, which he also was only going to initiate when he reached a stretch goal of 150 dollar a month? It was illegal!
Patreon itself has in their user agreement a rule that forbids people from offering perks that essentially boil down to “earning” something via gambling, which this lottery by Dobson was.
(THOAD chiming in here to add that, in addition to all this, he fully admitted he would be excluding Patrons that he “knew were clearly trolls” from the lottery. Which made the already illegal lottery also fixed, so...yeah.)
The next thing coming to mind was his “discount” on previous books of his he offered online, if you donated at least 10 bucks per month to him. Or to translate it: You would get a bare minimum discount at pdf files of books such as Alex ze Pirate and Formera (you know, the permanently cancelled Dobson comics) if you paid up 50-75% of their original price on Patreon already. And considering the quality of his early works, he should have given you at least a book per month for free if you dared to donate him that much.
As for the stretch goals… lets go through them, shall we:
Tumblr media
100$: A wallpaper per month. Something he did provide with eventually, but barely. And after less than five of those he stopped to make them overall
150$: Monthly Gift basket Lottery, which as I stated, was illegal and almost got him into serious trouble with his account. Also not an initial stretch goal he made up but instead came up with a few months into his accounts existence. Finally it got temporarily replaced by Dobson playing with the idea to use 150$ per month to open up a server and art site where people could upload stuff for free similar to deviantart, but under his administration. Promising a “safe space” for other artists. Which considering Dobson’s ego and inability to accept criticism or delegate responsibilities would have likely ended like this:
Tumblr media
175$: Establishing a Minecraft server for him and his fans to play on. Meaning Dobson would have just wasted time he could spend on creating comics to endulge in his Minecraft obsession.
200$: Writing a Skyrim children book. Aside of the legal nightmare that this could have been (I doubt Valve would have been happy of someone else profiting of their property) I have to ask, who was even interested in Skyrim by 2015 anymore? Sure, Skyrim was a popular game and it had its qualities, but it was also a trend that had passed by that time. So in other words, there was not a market to cater towards here.
300$: A strip per week guaranteed.
… are you fucking kidding me? 75$ per strip essentially? Something people expect you to produce anyway if you want to be considered a “prolific” creator worth supporting online? Imagine if certain internet reviewers would do that, telling you that if they do not earn at least a certain amount of money, they will not produce anything, period, or less than usual. And Dobson had already proven that he can release more than just one comic within a few days, if he is motivated by enough spite.
600$: Starting a podcast with his friends to talk about nerd culture. In my opinion could only work under the assumption that people even like the idea of listening to Dobson and his opinions. Which considering how very little people like talking to him sounds doubtful. Also, considering how Dobson tends to be late to the party when it comes to nerd culture, likely tending to be out of date faster than he could upload. Finally... what friends?
700$: Returning the love, as he says it, by donating some of the money patreon users gave him to other content creators. This in my opinion is the most self defeating cause possible. On one hand sure, being generous and all that. But essentially Dobson admits here he would blow the money people give him to support HIS art on others, essentially defeating the purpose of HIS own account. He also does not clarify how much of that money he would donate, meaning there was a high chance that he would spend less than 10% of it on other creators, only creating the illusion of support while putting the actual earnings/donations into his own pocket.
2000$: A massive jump ahead. 2000$ per month would result in him getting better equipment (as in a new computer e.g.) and as such “potentially” make more comics. Mind you, only potentially.
This goal in my opinion is also the most fucked up one. Primarily for the following reasons:
Lets say Dobson would have achieved the goal and actually earned over 2000$ per month for at least a year. His annual earning would have been 24k, minus whatever he had to pay as taxes and payment for using the patreon service. And what would he do with this money? Get himself a better computer and equipment by paying a minor fraction of it once. Then he could use that computer for years to come while still having over 10k in his account, plus his monthly earnings. And he may still just produce 3-4 comics a month of a series that has as much depth to it than Peppa Pig if not less.
Sure, many patreon users have 2k+ as a stretch goal on their accounts to signify that if they could make that much monthly, they could have the necessary financial security to focus their time primarily on their content instead of a regular job. And if the content they create is actually well made, many people would support that or be okay with it.
But 2000 dollars to buy ONE computer and not account for how this money will add up over time? And that in light of such profits people may actually expect you to create more than you barely do already? That is either a case of narcissism, plain stupidity because you can't look further than 5 feet or just shows how Dobson did not understand at all the tool he had at his disposal.
Bottom line: Dobson, like many times before, fucked it up. He overestimated the potential support and resulting profits he could make, he expected that his name alone would be enough to assure gainings instead of creating content to justify support and he was unwilling to really give his supporters anything worthwhile back.
And while I am sure that there were also many other factors guaranteeing his failure, those at least to me, were his "common" mistakes most other people familiar even with the basics of internet popularity would ahve avoided.
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Remember when I got drunk and made that post about a hypothetical situation and it somehow got over 100k notes but mostly from absolutely batshit idiots deliberately misinterpreting it 🤣
If he’s fucking sat there in court being prosecuted, he fucking did it. And you know it. You absolute fucking clowns. You sodden dishrags. You disgusting waste of space misogynist troglodytes.
How dare you project your male worship onto my hypothetical scenario? How dare you assume the hypothetical male in my hypothetical court room is innocent, when all of the evidence in history is to the contrary. It’s MY hypothetical.
He’s guilty. He did it. And I’m saying women should lie in order to not be unfairly struck off jury duty, period, NOT to lie about whether they think he did it. When 99% of accused rapists walk away without a record, do you think when they’re screened for jury duty that they disclose that they’ve raped someone? Or do you think they keep their traps shut?
They’re free to serve on juries in rape trials. And you all pretend they’d be totally unbiased, totally fair and definitely convict the man if there’s evidence against him. There’s no way they would acquit him because they identify with him. No siree. Men are so impartial and fair.
But women have to disclose their trauma and be struck off by default, be denied the chance to convict a definitely fucking guilty rapist? Otherwise they’re evil liars who only want to convict innocent men? Why do you all assume women are hysterical harpies who will convict any and all males for the heck of it, instead of rational people who want to prevent the acquittal of GUILTY RAPISTS by juries of a bunch of males who find the defendant sympathetic?
Why do you assume women are so fucking stupid that they would hide the fact that they were raped if they’ve already reported it? Obviously I refer to the VAST MAJORITY OF RAPE VICTIMS WHO ARE ALREADY HIDING THEIR ASSAULT FROM THE WORLD out of fear and shame, driven by the complete fucking dearth of rape convictions.
But you imbeciles fucking know exactly what I meant, you just HAVE to misrepresent it the same way you misrepresent the reality of male violence.
Take your fucking implicit male bias and go, all of you.
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fgodestinyawakenings · 3 years ago
Babylonia Section 15~Section 16
Day 2 of the queue with the turning point of the story is here! Definitely a challenging one since this is way before a certain class kicks to deal with Avenger class. Though they are one thing... Another enemy that shows up in the near end is another! Anyway, let’s start!
Tumblr media
Section 15
With Gilgamesh’s soul back to his body along with the people in Uruk, Ana welcomed us back... A new change of look? Guess she finally outgrown her fear of humans a little :)
Oh? Seems like everyone is rejoicing at the return of their king! Third return... Someone been into hell too much back and forth... Oh hey, the Gudas even their model done after saving the King’s soul!
Now that we left 2 days... Time to start the meeting against Gorgon’s attack. Siduri is making sure you’re finishing your work here so that’s a role of king for ya.
100k of hundred beasts marching towards the city tomorrow.. Half a day is given for us to enter Gorgon’s temple, so a limited time to finish her while Uruk is dealing with the beast. Ah, the axe has finally arrived as well! That should take care of the bounded field!
Expected of Quetz to be able to throw that giant axe! But the rules are still in effect by their alliance... That’s a nasty burn to you Gilgamesh from Quetz herself! She has a point of your missing golden armor from your archer counterpart. Good point, Doctor Roman, despite his behavior... It’s amazing how Ozzy and him got along
Oh Merlin will take care of the axe to the temple?! Seems like we need to sneak in there with Merlin... Hm? The red cloth? Guess it’s a way to grab the axe too from Quetz! One last repeat of the procedure, we’ll be facing the King once more for a final warm up battle!
Tumblr media
Geez... I’m thankful the EXP cards but no need for a fight! While Gilgamesh remains in Uruk, Kingu is really an opponent not to be underestimated since he has the grail...
With Merlin bidding farewell to Gilgamesh and us to the people in Uruk, we’ve got one last feast to enjoy before the decisive battle. And... An old lady... Because of Ana’s effort in helping the shop despite her condition... Even keeping her alive knowing what happened in the last 2 chapters previously...
A flower wreath for everyone in Chaldean Embassy... Damn it, I’m about to cry but not yet, because the feels are only the beginning!
One night rest later, time to head to the temple... Bidding farewell one last time to the gatekeeper. Damn Merlin! I don’t know if it’s illusion but that’s one carriage for everyone!
And of course the trip to Northen temple involves bandits trying to kill us all!
Tumblr media
One heck of a ride later, we arrived with all pieces of our body and soul intact. While everyone went to rest.... Looks like we meet up with Ana again, and a little more bonding with her. Also passing to her the flower wreath by the old lady to her... Ouch shit... Her grandchildren... And Ana for her grandchildren...
Seems like we meet Merlin along with Fou kicking his ass as usual. I picked the last one so it turns out he’s the one who sent Beddy back at Camelot Singularity. And well, we also get to learn a bit more about Merlin and his own views of humanity
The day has arrived with the beast finally invading Uruk... Time to head out to the blood fort!
Tumblr media
An hour passed since we fought, Kingu arrived with his army and heading to the Northen wall by Romani’s words. And at the same time there... They are trying their best to withhold the invasion as long as they could. Jaguar Warrior and Quetz engaged with Kingu in combat.... And shark-teeth faced is back!
Buying time to prevent Kingu from finding us, let’s head to the Cedar Forest!
Tumblr media
Looks like we arrived and...... I really wonder how Merlin raised his king at this point with that spell naming! And.... MERLIN THE BIGGEST FUCKING MORON COCK WIZARD OF ALL HISTORY, I’M SO GOING TO KILL YOU WHEN I GET TO AVALON FROM OUR DEATH!!!!!
.......... Bright side, the axe hits the gate..... Yeah Fou, let’s kick his ass after this. And crap, looks like Kingu is coming after us when we defeat Gorgon! I guess he and Gorgon shared something similar, Quetz?
Inside her lair... A demonic lair that really fits with cocoon for the next birth of demonic beasts.... Tch, damn it! At the face with her belly of the lair... She’s finally here!
No point in talking things out here, Mash. Considering by her legends and current motive... And Gorgon, as tempting as your roll is for tomorrow... I’m sticking with no. I’m not becoming your Master to destroy humanity!
And Ana... You’re... No, Medusa Lily... Are you sure? To fight with your older self... Another Shirou vs Archer fight from UBW with the stake of human history. Time to finish her once and for all!
Tumblr media
Unlimited defense only work AOE lasers like her! But definitely trying to outdo her curse damage the moment she fires her NP once!
Pretty much this is a solo Chloe fight with two Mash supporting her ^^;
Story wise, looks like Gorgon isn’t giving up till the end.... Wait Medusa!! Into the hole... And the last smile..... ANAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
............. Damn it... Both Ana and Gorgon died from a suicidal attack... Flower Wreath from a gift becomes an offering for her..... Wait, if Gorgon didn’t hold the grail with her.... Kingu! So he had the grail all this time, not only that... He’s ready for revenge without a doubt. And of course we’re not even happy we’re doing this! Tch... So no longer a Lancer but an Avenger like Gorgon...
Tumblr media
The worst one now without BB here to save the job. Especially RNG luck is praying he doesn’t charge his NP too quickly on this! Berserker still works but... Definitely still basing on RNG luck to deal with his unexpected NP charge!
Even after Gorgon’s defeat, the Singularity remains.... Woah what?! Space-time quake?!! MERLIN?! What... He... Merlin put the real Tiamat to sleep to prevent from awakening...?
As the seas turned black outside the lair, the skies turned dark... Okay, what the fuck DW?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CREEPY LOOKING THING!?!?!! Damn and it’s killing everyone again!
Damn it Merlin stay with us! Merlin!! MERLIN!!!! ............. Damn it so the real Tiamat awaken but.... MEEEERRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Section 16
After escaping from there... Those things already invaded Persian Gulf by Romani’s words. Three hours before 20k of those reached Uruk...  Or 10k since the rest of the cities in Uruk has already been invaded
Merlin disappeared as Romani revealed... And died too since his true body was killed... Damn it after Gorgon’s death it awake her and killed him!
Reuniting with Quetz... Time to head back to Uruk quickly since those things are arriving faster than expected! And Merlin... Haish, one more trouble before his death.
In Ur, looks like they already began attacking... And turning them to their own kind! Benkei! Thank goodness he’s fine and thank god! Ur’s people is temporarily safe for now too. Huh? Benkei?! What the hell is that just now?!
Tch, even Uruk is on fire the moment we’re nearing! Okay you creepy little shits, now who wants a piece of me so you can stay away from the innocent people here!
Tumblr media
Yup... Who’s idea in DW that created this fucking thing! Buff removal is one, but defense down too really?!
I know it’s only fighting 3 times but.... WTF?!
Yup... Definitely endless at this rate! ...  OKay? They left? Well good thing, time for a breather to find Gilgamesh!
Definitely chaotic now with Gilgamesh trying to evacuate his people while fighting against those things... Seems like Gilgamesh knew about what happened too....
One report later... Solomon was the one who had brought forth Tiamat again huh...  Seems like the Evils of Humanity finally revealed here on this seventh Singularity and the purpose for the Grand Servants.
And those things... Okay fuck that, no adult stage please. This isn’t a pokemon isn’t it?! Lahmu who is Tiamat’s first child meaning mud of what they are... Well Ishtar, our Doctor may be an adorable goofball. But he does his job well! Gilgamesh on the other hand... Anyway!
Gilgamesh, where’s Siduri?
........... So, she got kidnapped by the Lahmu from the people she was protecting... I see why Gilgamesh refused to brought that up... BUT YOU FUCKING MORON! WE’RE GOING TO SAVE HER NO MATTER WHAT!! 
Tumblr media
And geez make up your mind, are we your people or what?
Late at night with Kingu... Seems like a certain King of Mages is here in a way to mess things up even more.... And yeah, seems like not only him, but Tiamat’s words and wishes are fishy at this point.
Another human killed before Kingu... Damn it, open yours eyes, Kingu! Tiamat and the Lahmus are really not to be trusted at this point!
I brought to you an important announcement that we’ll end here today. Fighting that disgusting thing questioned my sanity to finish this Singularity. Regardless, tomorrow will be another day with another post!
Tumblr media
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Shared Discovery: Gaining Momentum as an ISV with SalesforceThis blog post is a follow-up from a live discussion with Mike Davis, Founder of GTM Guides and VP of Sales at TaskRay, and Mike Kreaden, Managing Director of Salesforce Accelerate. Access it here — Shared Discovery — Gaining Momentum as an ISV with Salesforce. I love connecting with people in the ecosystem. There is so much potential for ISVs to gain momentum and create meaningful businesses for themselves, but it doesn’t just happen. In this blog post, I summarize my top three takeaways from the webinar available on-demand. Salesforce acronyms are my second language, but if you are still learning them, check out this helpful blog post to learn to speak Salesforce. Let’s take a closer look at how doing 3 things can help ISVs create meaningful businesses that address and resolve problems for Salesforce customers throughout the ecosystem. Craft Salesforce Specific MessagingPlease, please, please do not think the product marketing you use for your customers will resonate with Salesforce employees. If you haven’t read it, read Dan Dal Degan’s article on LinkedIn. In it, Dan writes, “The message that these partners delivered to Salesforce that resonates best with the Salesforce sales team (AE, RVP, AVP, etc.) focuses on how the partner will do one or more of the following… Source a lead to SalesforceEnlarge the Salesforce deal (as measured in Annual Recurring Revenue)Accelerate the deal progress to closureDe-risk the deal competitively (especially vs. Microsoft)Just about every other message is noise — at least to the Salesforce sales team — understandably and justifiably so.” Connect with your customers and understand what their world looks like through Salesforce’s lens. Develop your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) by spending 30 minutes with your most successful customers. When patterns emerge about industry, geography, market segment, Salesforce products, Salesforce objects, etc. — you’ll be ready to create more thoughtful and impactful materials. From there you can move on from the strategize step. Identify and Measure your KPIsISVs yearn for the day they pass the tipping point of notoriety with Salesforce AEs and SEs, so start acting like this is vital to your business. You already report on MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), Opportunities, and Closed Won revenue for inbound — do the same for Salesforce. Setup a Salesforce account in your internal Salesforce org — This is the building block for the next three items.Create partner and contact roles — Use out of the box Salesforce to set up “Sourced” and “Influenced” partner roles for your opportunities and “AE,” “SE,” “CSM,” and “SI” for the contact roles.Add every @salesforce.com email address that you have a meaningful interaction with to the Salesforce Account — Add them in their appropriate contact role to create a marketing database that’ll grow over time. It’s a labor of love. Eventually, you will want to segment your marketing database and send a different series of emails, shooting for ~1 per month that has Salesforce-specific messaging.Mark partner roles on your deals — Start to measure your pipeline. where you are gaining momentum and where your AEs should align with their counterpart at Salesforce on crucial deals. Once you get a PAM, they can help you with alignment. When you connect with the AE, seek to educate them about the problem you are solving, and approach it with curiosity about what they are working on with this customer. Taking a moment to understand what opportunities they are trying to close this quarter with the customer can establish trust and give you perspective on what is happening in the account.PNR is just the price of admissionSalesforce AEs have large quotas they need to hit and a lot of pressure to meet them. They have Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, CPQ, Mulesoft, Salesforce Field Service, High-Velocity Sales, Pardot, Commerce Cloud, MyTrailhead, Work.com, with Tableau & Slack coming soon. All of these products get them 100% of the ACV (Annual Contract Value) towards their quota vs. the 15% of your ACV that you pay in PNR (Percentage of Net Revenue). One thing I didn’t mention on the webinar, but changes this math is the size of your customer. A SB (Small Business) AE at Salesforce is likely to be a heck of a lot more excited about a $100k ACV deal for you as an ISV in their account than a Large ENTR (Enterprise) AE because their quotas are significantly different. Before you look to engage, determine whether the PNR will be significant for the AE, by considering the size of your deal and the number of employees at the company. So what does matter? Trust and customer success. I can’t overstate the importance of the AE knowing you will act professionally with their customer. Customers see AppExchange solutions and Salesforce as one and the same, so an issue with your solution will impact overall adoption. Trust is established over time and can be broken at a moment’s notice. Be a different type of ISV and start to develop advocates that tell their (work) friends about you. From a customer success standpoint, when you win a customer account, use it to start momentum. Salesforce trains AEs and SEs to think in customer stories about the problems and ROI that customers achieve, so your materials should reflect this. Salesforce offers several benefits for partners to amplify their customer stories. How GTM Guides can HelpGTM Guides helps smart teams with great tech become successful companies in the Salesforce ecosystem. A new type of consulting company, GTM Guides helps with the strategy and execution of go-to-market for ISVs and helps Base, Ridge, and Crest partners work their way toward the Summit level. Check out our Resources page for tips and if you are a founder or GTM professional at an ISV, apply to join the ISV Slack community to connect and learn from others in the ecosystem. You can also listen to How We Got There, our podcast sharing the same type of information from key people in the ecosystem.
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July 2017 (3) 🌻🌻🌻
So, as now we’re still in July 15th, but i think I gotta post the rest until today (3 more i guess) even though it’ll be short but I’ll edit this post and add the question per day as we go! 
ANYWAYYYYYY, today is July 15th! means! It’s been a year since I came to epilogue on stage live jp edition in ngo! *SCREAMS IN ARABIC* first concert after the storms I got year before that got me back to my sense (gig-wise, and life-wise in general lmao, there I type lmao) I’m gonna edit some of audio sounds which I haven’t posted before because I gotta put: miss right, INU, and whalien live somewhere on the web. they’re total gems *cries* AND THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THAT (if only they care to read this shitty post LMAO)
anyway (9999) lets roll not drool (thafak?)
July 13th:  what you wore today? 
My fav minty green blouse (super light super loose because it’s hot asf i can’t with jp nasty summer hewlp) that i got frm my auntie, i think she bought it at primark lols
Strdivrs’ MOM fitted jeans JUST BECAUSE. Yknow give your thighs a rest :))
Strdivrs’ gucci look a like black loafers bc I am not taetae I couldn’t afford gucci thankyou v much.
My one and only and current fav olivia burton’s black flowery watch that I got from my cuzzy (after threatening him lmao nope jk jk)
With the usual black midi long champ bc i just have one particular bag 🤣🤣 and it has to be black so i don’t have to think how to match (I passed that phase back in uni when I have lotsa coloured FAKE longchamps to match with my omg outfit choices what even 🤣🤣🤣 dark days) at least this one is genuine :)))) because i’m a grown ass woman (really kiki this is how you define grown up?) thats why i just have one. :))).
And i always bring my kuki’s fan in the summer w/ me since last year. (Not something i wear but who cares i just want to mention this important stuff. Ya hear me?) please just deal with my sht
July 14th: how are you creative
UGH. Ok first I’m not good with words let alone writing so I’ll prolly just mess this up while trying to explain my point. Or i’ll miss the point of this question entirely in the middle, or right from the start. My brain though. You’ve been warned. 
Umm, I think I just slightly above of creativity level which the average human being has. I got my own sense of aestheshit (I like to call this one rather than aesthetic bc I AM OBVS NOT) even though it’s not on 10k pins on pinterest or 100k reblogs on tumblr OR 1M likes on instagram level YET. I’d say I could take a good picture bc i love taking picture but it depends on my mood, mostly I focused more on portrait and I think this is just because of my nature on liking human being in general :)). Sometimes I take a decent pict with scenery too :p. Speaking of scenic pict, I love sky the most so I always take beyond extra effort (I guess this is more extra than the average ppl who love the sky as much as me). BUT sadly I still haven’t found the decent rooftop / hills around here to watch the sunset. So mostly I’m channeling my creative ass to take decent pict from my sad sad balcony (BECAUSE IT’S ONLY ON 2nd lvl sad hahah) or in the middle of the sea of jp ppl throwing weird look at this weird af foreigner lifting her phone up just to take the pict of twilight. (but jp has a beautiful twilight in all seasons SIGH I GOTTA ADMIT THS) 
P.S: my creativity lvl in every single aspect of creativity that exists in this world will sky rocket to level 999999 overload in one day before any deadline I have.
P.S.S: I don’t like to use other people picts (like from pinterest or something) to be put in any of my identification (the heck is this? I mean my profile pict or something like that haha, but reblogging is totally a different thing ok bc you TOOK CREDIT FOR THAT) I know this is not related but I just wanna say I respect peoples works (even though they don’t mind, but I’m sure that 85% of em won’t like it) and my works are nothing compare to tons of aestheshit picts out there but at least they are mine and i’m proud of em! :*
July 15th: the best part of summer
full stop. heart eyes. huge grins. and a freaking boom boom heart. 
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